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  1. A young Freysson glances over the missive with a curious gaze "That's...unexpected. But certainly not unwelcome." he chuckles, folding the missive up and placing it on his desk "I'm excited to pay them a visit."
  2. Harvest Festivities A letter on a new Harvest Festival. Brothers and Sisters, The trees around our kingdom are beginning to shed their leaves, and with them, the arrival of the harvest season. All across Solheim, the Harvest spirit lives on, despite the troubling times we have found ourselves in. And so, it is with a smile that I announce this year’s Harvest Home Decorating Contest! Allow me to outline the rules: The contest will run for one Ashen week, and within that time frame you will be free to decorate the inside and outside of your house as much as you wish! Your decorations cannot block the street, however. We have to keep things running smoothly, after all! When the time comes to finally judge the houses, our judging team will visit each house and grade them personally. If you have decorations on the inside, please specify such in your registration. Once the scores have all been tallied up, we will announce the winners! The prizes will be hand crafted traditional Norlandic sweets, with the grand prize being the Golden Pumpkin Trophy! I also would like to state that a new situation has begun to develop. It appears that even our old foes have begun to be infected by the Harvest Spirit! Some of you might remember the mimic situation we were dealing with a while back: well, color me surprised when I saw one of them mimicking a plush form of Io! Instinctively, I drew my sword, but this plush instead gave me a piece of hardened Ashwood Sap Candy. How it got its hands on it, I’ll never know, but for now, if you see a plush form of one of our friends acting strangely, don’t be afraid! If you approach them, they will give you candy! Something might even happen if you find them all, who knows? I encourage you all to not only welcome our new Neveahlen friends to the festivities, but also these friendly mimics! They’re here to have fun, so let’s all give them a warm welcome! Until I next speak to you again, please enjoy the Harvest Festivities to your heart’s delight! Indulge yourself in all the candy you can find, and truly get into the spirit of the Harvest! Sincerely,
  3. #FreeFishacus free my mans

  4. Grimm lets out a soft chuckle "Really? That's all they wanted?" Styx once again does not care in the slightest about anything other than their animals (expectedly). Váli shrugs upon reading the missive "Peace in our time?"
  5. Grimm immediately gets to writing a letter for Medea. Styx is busy catching platypi Váli gazes over the document "I hope the Vikelans are able to stand on their own like this."
  6. A Message for My Kinsmen To my brothers and sisters within the Flame, You may very well not know my name, I am a fledgling member of the Red Faith, and one that I doubt many of you will find reason to listen to, however I feel that for those few out there who may find guidance somewhere within my web of words, I must say my piece. When the High Keeper asked of me and my sister our paragon choices, I struggled to choose. I had always admired the Wordsmith, and I feel that now, I may be able to see for certain whether the path of the quill is the correct one for me. So to any and all who desire to hear me out, listen well, and with an open mind. Though this may be my first writing, I have been ruminating the ideas in my head for quite longer than I frankly should have. I would like to begin by bringing forth a prior interpretation of events under the teachings of the Faith. Penned by my very own cousin, this passage attempts to rationalize the suffering and indignations inflicted upon our people by the Mori’Quessir. While I bore no witness to the bloodshed and havoc they had wrought, I believe my perspective as a fresh set of eyes may be invaluable to such an outlook. I believe that if we shift our viewpoints slightly, we may be able to truly stand tall, and our glorious nation may attain a life everlasting for eons to come. “The All Father’s Warning” makes the claim that the period of darkness in which we were forced to stand against the Mori alone, without the Father’s Flame, was a warning. That we had grown too weak and unworthy of the Dawnlord’s grace, and that in his eternal struggle against the forces of the dark, we had all but abandoned our savior in our own complacency. My brothers and sisters, I would like to bring you back to the first descension of the All-Father. When all hope had seemingly died, Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk was visited by the Father himself, carrying his ever burning flame, shining brightly in the night. He guided Thoromir out of the snowstorm, and into a new age for his people, choosing him to be his prophet and the first Keeper of the Red Faith. I ask you, my fellow kinsmen, to compare this situation with that of the Mori’Quessir. My cousin believed that the flame did not appear for us because we were not worthy of it, however, I believe it to be a different reason. The Herald was not visited by the Dawnlord until the time was right, and he was on the brink of death and defeat. He intervened to save his chosen prophet, and to guide him out of the night and into the heat of day. Our people were not yet close enough for him to intervene, I do not believe this to have been a warning, no…I believe it to have been a test. The question of worthiness was raised within this ruling interpretation, and it’s one I’d like to revisit, and offer my opinion of. I believe that, to be truly worthy of the respect of the All-Father, you must be able to stand tall without his help. Only when you become a force able to stand against the Long Dark, will you be worthy of the greatest ally above all. I believe that, in an effort to test our own worthiness of his grace, the Father decided not to intervene until the situation was desperate. I believe he desired a certain outcome, one that we had accomplished to his liking. He desired us to demonstrate our ability to band together, all descendants, under the shared goal of stopping this encroaching threat. He desired us to cultivate our own Flame, one borne not from his intervention, rather born from our camaraderie and the strength within each and every one of us. A flame that would burn so brightly one might mistake it for the Dawnlord himself. And I believe that we succeeded, and were granted our second chance, a life anew on the land of Solheim. And that is why we named it Solheim, is it not? After so long under the dark caves underneath Nyrheim, we were granted a new land on the surface again, a new home; a brand new light. Brothers and sisters, I will not ask you to place your faith within my interpretation of events. After all, I am but a simple Norlander taking note of the things around me. I am not a great man, like my father, nor a stunning intellectual, like my mother. However I ask that you consider my words, for their mere existence may bring some of you to look at the will of the Father in your own ways, and perhaps ignite some of you to bring about your own interpretations as well. Until that time in which I speak with you yet again, take care my brothers and sisters.
  7. Grimm blinks a couple times while reading the missive "A-am I reading this right?" He briefly laughs to himself "Your stupidity knows no bounds-as if this conflict wasn't stupid enough now you're selling people?" Styx simply considers buying an elf so they can finally have a pretty lady to talk to that doesn't end up trying to kill them.
  8. Grimm scoffs at the text "Really now? Balon, a criminal? Maybe Bakir should have learned to keep his hands to himself-then again, Urguan seems to think that other nation's laws don't apply to their people...strange. It's the mentality you'd associate with children." he shakes his head while muttering "To think a nation could fall so far..." Styx ignores the rage of the stump people, instead opting to play with their pet platypus Bobr.
  9. Grimm cracks a grin while reading over the missive "I would give a witty retort about the dwedmar, but frankly I don't think they'd understand it." Styx gazes in awe at Io's collection of loot "How many did you kill?" they ask in amazement
  10. Styx nods, clutching a platypus to their chest "Mhm! Me and Bobr like to look up at them! He likes...that one!" they say while pointing at a cluster of around five to six different stars "I named it the Bobr star!"
  11. Grimm reads over the missive, eyeing his new spiffy armor in the corner. “I’m excited to see where this leads-though I should probably work on my spear skills!” He then realizes he forgot to fill out the form! (IRP information) Name: Grimm Halfaway-Sturmstrike Race: Highlander Experience: around 27 years. Siege of the Shattered Sky, Defense against the Mori Invaders-and too many hours of mundane servitude to count. (OOC information) Username: simpleglitchbro Discord: simpleglitchbro Timezone: EST
  12. Grimm tosses a spare set of keys to a certain red-headed person. @Lunan_EXE "Get these to him if you can. He's already been here before-might as well be invited this time." He proceeds to make sure the couch is clean enough for Andrei to crash on if he needs it.
  13. Relyr lore is based as hell-total +1
  14. MC Name: simpleglitchbro Discord: simpleglitchbro#4662 Image: Description of Image: Coat Of Arms for Clan Sturmstrike Dimensions: 1x1
  15. Grimm scoffs "Betraying your own sister when it benefits you, huh? Maybe the apple didn't fall too far from the tree after all..."
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