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  1. I know that the extent of our interactions was when I yelled at you and the other mod managers in the staff discord for being incredibly wrong about the bans and infractions given during that skirm that ended up traveling through the east hub, however you are probably the only mod manager in there at the time who was present, open minded, and cordial, and I respected that, staff management lost a rare good one today.
  2. Vane tries to count on his hand the number of Svarlings he killed that day, counting more than ten he looks over "Mind if I borrow this?" he says grabbing a dismembered hand from one of the numerous bodies littering the ground in Varhelm. Vane lets out a long drawn sigh "That's a lot." he drops the hand on the ground as he watches Aedan wheel around in his new wheelchair yelling at the children of Varhelm.
  3. Vane stood in the square before the great Ashwood tree, as he began to stroll through the square he noticed the smoke was not from the venerated and smoldering tree, but far off in the distance, he knew not the source, only that such was a sign of something terrible to come. Clasping his hands behind his back Vane walked briskly to Lee who was in the middle of training new Northguard recruits "There appears to be a matter that requires our attention."
  4. Vane rests uneasily in his throne, an attendant changes the bandage wrapped around his face, peeling it off to reveal the hollow socket where his left eye used to be. "It will be good to have a distraction." he groans as the attendant wrapped a new bandage around his head.
  5. Vane turns to look at Aeden Aidan Aedan with his one good eye, "You know, you and me put together now... we make one whole head." He says offering a pained chuckle that turns into coughing fit. "Ohhh..." He groans "It was good to fight alongside all of our betheren in the north, perhaps one day we can become a united force for the defense of the realm." He says idly bringing his hand up to where his left eye used to be. "Knowing these svarlings, it may be the only thing that can save us all." The injured king lets out a strained sigh trying to think of what could be done, if anything to stifle these Northlander Barbarians "This must be what those Southlanders think of us..." he chuckles silently to himself "Except in our case it true."
  6. IGN: Gordon0 RP NAME: Tyrone Greengrow Tyrone takes a ticket from his good friend at the mareno keep, looking for good loot he smiles "I hope ah win!"
  7. As a frequent smith of Daemonsteel, i've gotta say, current Daemonsteel makes literally zero sense, this brings Daemonsteel up from a joke to something realistic. +1
  8. It should probably be noted that most if not all of the rimetrolls left the rimeveld and moved just northwest of Varhelm, the capital city of Norland to make a new city under Norlands protection.
  9. "By the Father when is this happening, this sounds funny as ****." Vane says throwing all the papers off his desk onto the floor in his hurried sprint to Rozania.
  10. Can't wait for the balance update where they balance crafting requirments!
  11. King Vane yawns, going to take a nap in the Kitchen in the tavern, as per his tight napping schedule "I guess they were so mad they lost the other day that they had to cope about lying about my leading a force of norlanders against them."
  12. Vane takes the purse of mina happily "I like money" he states simply
  13. King Vane jumps off the table "Just built different." he nods heading to the tavern for a cold brew and to give his homies a kiss goodnight.
  14. Vane smiles giving a thumbs up "Now this is epic"
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