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  1. I suppose this is a step in the right direction for lotc, kind of a rather weak one, but forwards is forwards... however, if this is all that results from Telanirs post where the community was very clear about several major issues, that's really sad.
  2. I'm glad that this post was made, this is a good and positive first step into what I think the server really needs, but I don't think I'm alone in feeling that this might be another post with good intentions and no follow through. From what I want to see moving forwards, and what I think the server needs from this, is heavy community involvment with much of the process moving forwards, and heavy transparency with the steps that the staff is going to be taking from this point. I would like to see another anouncment soon with what the staffs takeaway from this post is, what the list of concerns they are hearing from the community. It does not need to be what steps will be taken, but just that the staff understands there is a problem, and what those problems are. additionally it should include what you are going to do to address those concerns (IE: staff meetings to brainstorm solutions, community meetings, feedback posts, etc...) Again, its good that this is happening, I am very glad that you made this post, and I hope that there is more to come soon. Here is a picture of my dog:
  3. You have to take into account more than just its rp or else its meta, this is a videogame and people are coming here to have fun. In the current conflict between the frostbeards and Norland, both sides agree that there should be a warning system because the frostbeards don't want to have to fight solely rp'ers who are just trying to rp and have fun (but don't want to pvp), and Norland doesn't want to spend 20+ minutes ringing the bell and getting people online to pvp, its boring for everyone. additionally being raided is a very jarring experience for many players, especially people who focus solely on rp who will understandably be very distraught and upset, or newer players who will be very confused and scared of what is happening. by giving notice you are allowing the "guards" to show up to be ready when the raiders arrive, and the people who will not enjoy the experience to get an out (These are good things by the way.) And it should be repeated as often as possible since many people forget, this IS minecraft, its a videogame, and people are coming here for fun, that should take precedent over everything else (Outside safety of course :))
  4. "They missed an excellent opportunity to name it after Myro..." The old elf chuckles, shaking his head.
  5. This is not a joke, I unironically miss the days when the staff were blatantly and openly corrupt, taking bribes from players for rulings and banning people they didn't like, at the very least, the playerbase had confidence that the staff would act consistently. Nowadays it feels like the staff are a bunch of wet fish who do nothing, I have heard it described numerous times as staff is just a higher level of roleplay where you do discord politics to shill for your group, I would trust very few staff members to be: A. Competent B. Consistent C. Unbiased This goes for pretty much any team, but most importantly the Moderation team, and even a lot of the Admin team. Now, there are some exceptions, there are a few moderators that I actively hear people go "Oh yes, this mod is moderating, they'll make a fair ruling." (*Cough* Anna *Cough*) but they are few and far between. Additionally, the community has become more and more toxic, with OOC vendettas and beefing hitting some extreme and unhealthy levels, far more than I have ever seen before, and it is something that needs to be drastically addressed and probably harshly and without tolerance.
  6. "Yeah, dwarves, if you want the services of the pvp god, you're gonna have to pay me -2000 mina too!" Vykk smirks
  7. Vykk smiles at another common Norlandic W
  8. "Here's to Hilda the Long limbed!" Vykk says raising a mug and feasting on the Norlandic spicy stew!
  9. Vykk shouts wildly, swinging his sword at the fleeing dwarf, however the sword passes through air where dwarf should be, confused, he looks around to find the dwarf has completely dissapeared "What sorcery is this?" he shouts to his comrades as they arrive shortly behind him on the shore, they search for any sign, however he seems to have vanished with no trace nor track. "We still have their marshal, we don't need this clown." he frustratedly exacerbates.
  10. "Can't believe she wants to marry her uncle!" Billy cries "That's some oren shit!"
  11. Vykk takes a moment to remind everyone of the Ashen Auction upcoming in one Ashen day!
  12. Vykk applies for the uncountable time...
  13. "The Weakness and cowardice of Haense knows no bounds, they would rather sit in their towers pretending to be daddy oren rather then condemn Urguan for their aggressions against their own citizens and those of their supposed allies." The old elf chuckles "I don't think i've ever seen Haense so timid."
  14. "Surely the dwarves do nay believe this?" Vykk furrows his brow, confused at the logic presented by the dwarven representative "Demands of the dwarves?" Vykk says reading the document "More reasonable then I would have imagined, in fact, they are beyond reasonable, surely Balon is a just and righteous man."
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