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  1. RP Name Olaf Freysson Minecraft Username _pr0fit Nation Snoreland ZZZ
  2. Vykk shakes his head "Ridiculous that we have to clarify this point." he sighs deeply before muttering to himself "You think everyone would know by now, magic is illegal in Norland..."
  3. Vykk sit before the altar in the square of Varhelm, praying to his paragon before standing up, adjusting his axe at his waist. "I've nay fought the uruk for quite some time, perhaps I shall receive a trophy this time..." he muses "regardles, IRON FROM ICE!" he belts out
  4. "I hope you find your family!" Billy says as he sweeps the snow from the floor
  5. 11 ST's online, need 1 ST for a 1 emote event, been waiting nearly 5 hours...

    1. _pr0fit
    2. ScreamingDingo


      That'd break the economy, sorry

    3. ImCookiie


      I'm just a poor builder sir

  6. I lost in pvp and now I hate Vortex

  7. Day 2 of demanding a pony from santa claus

  8. What a despicable man I am Edit: pretty sure that last post flew over someones head...
  9. How come all these armors are the same colors?
  10. Why didn't my boy NathanBarnett write the guide, he was an alpha tester
  11. Day 1 of demanding a pony from Santa Claus

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