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  1. "IRON FROM ICE" Vykk yells out from atop the wall as he awaits a retinue of Imperial soldiers that would never come to rescue their commander
  2. "That was the seventh Nordling war actually." Vykk says slightly confused at the odd war naming convention "The sutican war was the eighth nordling war, which of course brings us now to the tenth nordling war, y'know, how all normal people count." Vykk says counting aloud "Seven, Eight, Ten"
  3. Vane smiles proudly upon hearing the success of the raid "And nay a single child slain, oren makes it seem much harder, but I guess nay killing kids turned out to be really easy, ye just look at 'em, and when ye figure out they nay be an adult, ye just... and hear me out, this be the complicated bit, nay swing a sword at 'em!" He says sarcastically to Donovan @Orlanth "Real proud of ye uncle, ye proved once again, to be more intelligent than the orenians."
  4. its snoreland cause we were taking a nap that last battle waiting for oren to come out.

  5. "IRON FROM ICE!" Wulfrey calls out, having just won a resounding victory in the Battle of Luciensburg "We welcome our brothers in Talons Port, and I personally will lend my sword to slay those would come at their women and children."
  6. "Thats not where the rimeveld trolls live..." Vane says, looking behind Norland where the Rimeveld trolls live
  7. Vykk looks around wondering where that voice came from inside his clan home. "By the Father, they really do have demon magic."
  8. Double U's? we take those!

  9. Vykk looks around at the rally that had saved him, knowing full well that if he wanted, he could have easily defeated the feeble Orenian army "What are they talkin' about, I was the only person they captured and I was rescued..."
  10. "HERE HERE!" Vane cheers for his good friend Antonyus Horen "Congratulations buddy, I knew you could do it!"
  11. "Norland has already adopted doctrine and law against the harming of civilians and clergy, and the well treatment of prisoners taken from war." Vane says handing out a copy of the Norlandic law "In fact, the penalty for harming a child in any way is death, unfortunately it seems that within oren, the penalty is a medal and increased pay."
  12. "Hopefully justice will be found, for as much as the Kingdom of Oren decries us savages who want nothing more than to destroy their way of life, we would never dare to harm a child, moreso an infant babe." Vane states disgusted by the events that had unfolded naught a month ago.
  13. "I suppose the infant carried in their mothers arms as she fled from the rabid men, frothing at the mouth, looking to kill her and her child, or worse had raised a blade against them, and when she fled into the supposed safety of her own home, and the men began bashing at the door, looking to rip the babe from her bosom and toss it unto the pyre, it was her own fault for hiding from them as they assuredly did not wish to do what had dispicably happened to Liluth Solros under Orenian care." Vane spits out, disgusted at the lie perpetrated by the Captain "Aye, a babe not even able to walk, how a
  14. Vane grits his teeth, shaking his head at the news "A shameful display beyond all measure, first the murder of our children, and then abusing a prisoner within their own custody, I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is why we fight..." Vane stands up straight, slamming his fist into his armored chest, sending out a resounding clank "IRON FROM ICE!" he shouts out
  15. "This didn't age well..." Vane says snickering
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