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    I dont have many spiders but there may be some in the attic

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    I am fairly interesting
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    3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9 3 2 3 8 4 6 2 6 4 3 3 8 3 2 7 9 5 0 2 8 8 4 1 9 7 1 6 9 3 9 9 3 7 5 1 0 5 8 2 0 9 7 4 9 4 4 5 9 2 3 0 7 8 1 6 4 0 6 2 8 6 2 0 8 9 9 8 6 2 8 0 3 4 8 2 5 3 4 2 1 1 7 0 6 7 9 8 2 1 4 8 0 8 6 5 1 3 2 8 2 3 0 6 6 4 7 0 9 3 8 4 4

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    Liam + Nel + Knox
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    Human + Human + Dark Elf

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  1. *follows grimm grimm*

  2. image.png is this you or am I crazy




    Why am I a good fit for ST?

    1- I love removing lore. In fact, I think LOTC needs a complete overhaul and revert back to natural vanilla Minecraft rp. Human only! I'm so done with having weird things like orcs. It's just plain unnatural!

    2- Favoritism is my favorite pastime. In fact, my favorite pastime is favoring favoritism! I will set up a PayPal so you have have all the magics! 24 hour shipping guarantied!

    3- I'll have back problems in a few years anyway! I'm finishing up my fire academy and won't be able to lay down without immense pain anyhow! May as well help LOTC too!

    4-May as well add Anxiety to the list! I sure do love having all emotions at the same time and other times feeling nothing! Maybe a bit of unrelenting panic would be good to spice things up!

    Do you want to support me and my trip to hell? I have an app below so you can help shove me into the fiery depths of eternal damnation! The_Ran_Tan's Story Team Application

    1. _Hexe_


      great optics dude

  4. Well, todays the final stand. Everyone is either working frivolously or nervously chatting, well, I’m writing, but that doesn’t exactly count. I’ve grown changed, a lot lately. First with the bear trial where I had to kill the poor thing. Now, we’ve abandoned Alisgrad and joined up with Valians and Hansani alike just to stay on Nyrheim. I just hope I can help people. How do I help people in this? We’re set outside the gate so I won’t have time. Unless I drag them, but I’ll figure something out. “I had to kill the poor thing” Leon sets down the period-appropriate-writing-utensil and tucked away the page as a Norland soldier approacted him. As he looked up the soldier shoved a dull sword and small round shield at him. “I-I don’t fight. I’m the me-” The gruff man looked down at Leon “You get one sword and one shield. Don’t die.” he would then walk off as Leon stood up looking for his medical bag. “Where on ear-” suddenly the sky darkened and a war horn sounded. No time. He rushed to Loys, a fellow Kitraven, and was told he would load the powder and pack the shot. Without time to stop and think, he just- did. No thought behind it as he went as fast as he could. Powder Pack BOOM Powder Pack BOOM Powder Pack AGH Leon is suddenly thrown back as his position is overrun by attackers. Some draw swords to fight in melee but most scramble to their feet trying to get to the walls. That’s where they would take their next position. In the panic, many would simply run without regard as to what or who they may trample… “No! Please!” As people rush to get to the walls, Leon is pelted by armored boots and dropped weapons. He tries to shelter himself the best he can, but there was just too much. Several blows were dealt to his body and head. As the crowd lightened, he would drag himself up to the walls letting out a sigh before he there was a sudden, sharp pain in his neck and the world went dark “I think he’ll make it, but only time will tell” Leon wakes up in some new land. Around him nurses tend to other injured as he looks around, as he does so, one comes up to him “Quite the nap that was Mister… Leon” He would look at the lady puzzled “Wrong”. The nurse, visibly confused, would look at him “Wrong? Mister Leon I can ass-” “Nepareizs.” There is a moment of silence between the two before Nepareizs would stand up and head to leave “Sorry lass, but to stay is to pay, and I” he turns out his pockets “Have no money!” he would give an exaggerated bow before running out of the room leaving the occupants confused -Nepareizs-
  5. Have some mark on LOTC with some lore, a build, a group, etc PK someone who taught my character, a disabled person, and a NL Join ST Have a entire good week (on or off LOTC) Play a halfling Redeem my Hogo tickets Get banned from every nation on one character Leave LOTC Cause a war
  6. "The fact that people are all calling the person who is couping Petra a cuck irp speaks volumes as to how shit this server is now"
    "Unban me, NOW! I haven't played in like 3 months and now im banned??!? Great server #gobacktotiktok"

    Personally, I would vote to unban you, but when you post this kind of stuff, it makes me wonder if it would be good to let you back in. 

    EDIT: I had misunderstood the context of the messages, and after talking to him, he seems like a cool dude!

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    2. AnonymousAlexa


      Crazy, we’re not allowed to critique the server anymore

    3. Liam5232


      @DeusVult That makes more sense. I see that you're getting a bunch of upvotes on your unban app, and I can see why! I am with you on the better communication on any bans. Good luck on joining back! LMK if you need anything!

      @AnonymousAlexa There is a way to properly critique things. A critique is supposed to be constructive, and in my personal opinion, neither of the quotes were worded in a way to where they seemed to be wanting to fix or improve something. Maybe I was being a bit harsh, but I believe criticism is supposed to be a bit more friendly. That is all my opinion though.

    4. DeusVult


      TBH I wasn't even crticizing the server, i was just commenting about the misuse of the word lol

  7. Bit of a vent about real life stuff so readers beware!



    Well, after reading the entire history textbook, cramming for every quiz and test, and countess hours of sleep lost, I failed DuelCredit History. For those who may not know, at some schools, you are able to take a collage class while still in highschool for credit for both schools. No one tells you how much time it actually takes to study. I did so much and still came out with a 68. Most people in my class are with me on the grades, but I just wish someone would have said more than "It's a harder class." Of course it will be harder! It's collage! I wish someone would have told me that it would take upwards of 2 hours to study what the professor doesn't teach you each week to prepare for the 8 tests that determine if you are fit to breath.  


  8. Worst thing to happen to you through LOTC? (Not trying to bring down the mood, but I think it'd be cool to know)
  9. Dungrimm comes for those that lurk in the deep.
  10. You might want to link your last appeal below to your new attempt...


    1. farwell


      appreciate the concern.

  11. If you have been following my posts, you'd know I had applied for moderator a month to-the-day ago. I have been feeling around the community more and been talking to quite a few people who had suggested I should apply for Story Team instead. I did some thinking, and I think that I would be a much better fit for Story Team than Moderation. Specifically, I am hoping to be in the lore section for alchemy and general item-creations. If you have any suggestions or comments, I will link my app below for anyone to visit. Thank you to everyone who suggested I look into changing it, and I hope to be back in not too long as a new member of ST! 


  12. Knox, sitting in his elf-cave within Ironguard reads the parchment. "Hopefully he'll be alive to claim it" he chuckles, thinking of Orin. Liam cannot read Leon gives a smile in his room and lets out a small sigh. A thoughtful break from what happened to the poor bear...
  13. taking a break or might be gone forever. idk what to do anymore.  Had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. It was nothing with lotc. Im sorry for those who were concerned, but i am ok now.

    1. Jaxothy


      if rp got you this pressed- please do take a break. This is supposed to be an escape.

    2. Cloakedsphere
    3. Liam5232


      @JaxothyI had some issues oocly yesterday. Nothing irp

      @Cloakedspherethx lol

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