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  1. Papers are scattered, detailing the desperate pleas of Demitri Bez, a wondering hobo, known by most for his odd, but harmless nature. The handwriting leans on the verge of illegible, but if one were to persist, they may make out a message within the scribbles... Out dere by Veletz, when sun gone bye, me, Domni, hobo just driftin', lokin' for shep that don't moo. Ain't smart, didn't know town ain't sing-along; more like mezs, folks in Veletz playin' some twisted game. Went to Veletz lady, smirkin', grabed gave me fake ded shep, lame friend. She laughed, best joke, mesin' with feelins, makin' me sad like a lone stick wailin' in the night. Then Bluue men, strutin', fancy Bluue cloze, owns al. Made fun, in beatin', felin' like aley cats dancin' on my soul. Cuts, bruzies, seng of Veletz's cruelty kut into my skin. Veletz, light in dark, sneakier mean. Showed stolen shep, big win. Town love c me down, trash blown in by wind. Veletz ain't just a town; it's a heartles creature, fedin' on the strugles of folks like me. In dim Veletz lights, sat alone, fixin' wounds with whatever find. Town, warmth, ice-cold. Windy howls, fire in eyes, flamez ain't dyin'. Hurts, letdownz, getin' up guts, swearin', rise from dirt like bird, takin' back stolen zhep, resuhpekt, warmth Veletz yank from wanderin' fela. Why Veletz hurt me? Why Veletz men shep? Why Veletz, playin' its wicked games with a hobo just lokin' for fun? Durin' the beatin', time felt like molazes in winter. Bluue men fists, like sledgehamers on a beat-up drum, each hit throwin' a diferent kinda hurt my way. Tozed around like an old rag, soak up al the misery. In the mid of the mes, a weird numbnes tok over. Nat the tough calm of a wanderer, but like I didn't have it in me to care no more. Was it survival or just realizin' Veletz out to crush more than bones? When the beatin' stoped, left sprawled out on the hard ground. Town's laughter ztil ringin' in my ears, cruel reminder how they enjoyed c-in' me go down. Even with pain stabin' through, fight in me like a dim light in a real dark rom. With every painful breth, muter empty werd 'bout getin' back up. Felt like tryin' to start a fare with weted wud. Bluue men might've thrown hiz worst, but fight in my eyes hanging by a thread. Veletz didn't just want flesh; it wanted to chew up whatever spirit left.
  2. Knox would ponder over the missive "Is there even a decent political response to this? The only course of action I could see would be denying the event or denouncing those involved as rogues..."
  3. Knox smiles as he personally delivers the bound words to the Krugmar gates. "Hopefully one of them can sound it out - I'd hate to waste such fine print".
  4. Bro got framed xD

    1. exogens


      Nah man I’m just too badass like that

  5. Flint the Arsonist looks up from hell, nodding in approval "Fire"
  6. Edit suggested by @PestyWarlock Creation of the spell-slot interactions and its interaction with spell-slot-oriented magics.
  7. Woah! That's neat! You should teach me Kani so I can review it! I really want Kani! Please? I will be really cool! I promise! Teach me kani please! Why aren't you responding? Hello? I'm sorry for asking too much, but if you want, I am still up to learning. Please? Pretty Please? *Learns Kani and gets a TA before disappearing, never to be seen again.*
  8. Bit of an update Removed ST Signage requirement ( @creamynoteblock ) Looked at a few other potions, and realized this would not need ST signage protection nor verification. This is anti-combative, and you cannot unwillingly give it to someone, so I don't think it is even possible to abuse now. Added creatures of mana reaction fairly self-explanatory. Added their interaction with it... yeah... Added "All urges and emotions may be ignored..." redline This pushes it farther away from being any sort of poison and ensures that all effects are willful.
  9. I was basing the rare and ST signed parts because of the odd preparations and because it is fairly powerful allowing someone (as long as they aren't in combat) to partially ignore the effects of heavy mana usage. I may remove the ST signing as it isn't combative or affecting other players, but I'd like to see what others think Idk why I didn't just say ooc days xD I will be editing that shortly! I was actually talking about this with another dude, but the main difference is that while Constraint Concoction does increase your casting abilities, it still allows for combative actions to take place where Manic Stimulant would be embracing the "good nature" of mana. Along with the usage of mana's nature, in the redlines of Constraint Concoction, it specifically states "The potion only focuses voidal magic, therefore the potion does not work with other magics." This eliminates bardmancy, housemagery, kani, and all deific magics. I understand that most of the playerbase uses voidal magics, but this would be a way to try and encourage diversity in magics. Again, in the Constraint Concoction redlines, it says "The potion only works upon the person who’s mana was used." Manic Stimulant allows people to sell, teach students, and otherwise diversify who can use the potion. With the tradeoff of it's uselessness in any sort of combat or intimidation, and its rarer nature.
  10. Manic Stimulant(Rare | T3) Background/Description After years of continued manic study, a young dark elf by the name of Knox would find himself tired of being… well tired. As one casts magic, it consumes mana - be it from the self or the ever-consuming void. This can leave the mage exhausted after a single performance, causing those who practice the arts to space out their studies or risk injuring themself from overdraw. With this in mind, the elf would consult his students who, though they may not have as intimate alchemical knowledge, provided support and feedback. After careful study and testing, Knox would have created the first of many batches of Manic Stimulant Recipe Base: Fresh Liquid Mana Mundane | Order x2 Aether | Clarity x2 Aether | Endurance x3 Aether | Life x 2 Creation Add one-half draw of Liquid Mana, and to that, add 2 part Aether Clarity and 2 part Aether Life. Gently stir, careful not to set off any reaction. In a second container, mix two part Mundane Order and 3 part Aether Endurance with no base. Once thoroughly combined, slowly add a half-draw of Liquid Mana to the mix, one or two splashes at a time. The alchemist should now have 2 mixtures. Slowly pour them into a vial while trying to keep their concentrations roughly equal. Try to create as little disturbance as possible, and do not stir. Effects Upon consumption, the mage would start to feel more antsy and outgoing than what may be usual. Voidal hiccups and small, aura-colored sparks may jump off them or their wand. The mana’s natural draw against doing harm would be strengthened during the duration of the effects causing a mage to be unable to cast any combative spell types. Doing so would cause the potion to immediately fade, and leave the mage drained for the next 15 OOC minutes, and unable to cast any spells at or above tier 3 for an OOC day. Under its effects, one would be able to cast a near endless amount of non-combative magic. So long as the user is able to concentrate one what they are doing, they are able to continue this euphoric experience for up to 1 and a half OOC hours. After the potion fades naturally, the mage would be filled with a final surge of excitement before a small jolt of mana would almost pop within them. This would cause no harm, but would tire the user, making them unable to cast any tier 5 spells for the next 30 OOC minutes. Creatures of mana would feel the effects stronger than their descendent counterparts. Though it would not give any greater advantage to casting, when consumed, they would have a much stronger urge to interact with others, and cast their magic. It could work to calm them to a small extent, but by no means reliably. Additionally, it would free one spell slot from any magic that utilizes them such as bardmancy. If the user has more than one magic that utilizes spell-slots, only one magic's slot may be refreshed. If the user has used no used spell slots, one non-combative slot may be utilized for an hour after its effects have worn off (up to 2 hours after initial consumption). No slots my be utilized until the potion's effects have worn off, but if one uses a combative magic before utilizing the slot, it would disappear and be unable to be used. Redlines -T3 Alchemy required. -Does NOT require ST signage. -This potion is ‘rare’ and must be taught through sufficient roleplay. -Cannot be used in any malicious way including, but not limited to: Sneaking away or towards someone for malicious means, fleeing combat, entering combat, hurting someone, forcing someone to do something against their will, antagonization, ect. Moderators/ST may use their own judgement to include anything not specifically mentioned. -Dark mages/innate-evils are unable to utilize the potion, and would, at most, feel a small shiver. -Requires IRP willingness to be administered, and cannot be forced upon a user. If someone drinks the potion unknowingly or against their will, it's effects would be null, and the potion wasted. -During combat, so long as the mage casts no magic, the potion's effects would fade after 5 emotes, leaving the user unable to cast any tier 5 spell during the encounter plus an OOC hour after -If a mage makes use of the potion three times or more within an OOC day, the user may suffer overdose effects. This would cause their magic to become more erratic, and fuzzy, and leave them overdrawn and unable to utilize their mana for no less than 2 OOC days. -All urges and emotions may be ignored completely. This will not change the potions effects, but an emote must include the resistance towards such. I would like to thank the following people for their contributions and support PestyWarlock, SimpleGlitchBro, creamynoteblock,
  11. Years of Isolation Does Wonders to the Soul and Mind Knox stands before an inferno. The heat scorches his skin as he staggers backwards. He would stagger around, screaming into a void. The only sound reaching his ears being the flames whipping the air around him. His confusion would grow into anger, and just as he thought he had reached the pinnacle of suffering, his vision would suddenly resurge - if by vision, one the brightness of a thousand suns embalmed directly into one’s pupil. None May Truly be Taught Through Pity The bright light would send the dark elf into a rage as he clawed at his still-empty sockets until, almost like trying to tune a guitar, the light would dim, and brighten until Knox was left with a clear view of a single, floating torch So Let my Spirit Guide me A commanding voice envelops the young elf “What guides you?’’ Knox would try to answer, but as if the world around him was swallowing his words, the echo of silence would overwhelm his reply. Then Shall I See Knox would feel as if his head was being crushed as images started to fly through his eyes, each punctuated by a thunderous No More. A small dark elf showing a dwarven smith a small silver ring - No More. The young elf first learning the complexities of alchemy - No More. A library filled with every study, play, poem, song, and factoid - No More. All That is With a final flash, Knox would awaken, still covered in his blood soaked rags. He would pause for a moment before carefully tearing off what little remained of his once elegant dressing, and carefully placing it over his eyes True
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