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  1. Wars and Raid Conflicts promoting ooc toxicity and non-rp pvp-goon recruitment.
  2. Body Glue | Common (Tier 1) is already covered by several methods and is redundant Spülen Poultice | Common (Tier 3) is covered by fervor concentrate Blutverdunner | Common (Tier 1) is covered by an herb (forget the name) Blutstau Tincture | Common (Tier 2) simply too powerful. If it were upped to an ST signature or at least uncommon knowledge, maybe. There are a lot of ways you can stop the internal bleeding though, and a simple "shot" shouldn't be the end to a medical treatment that severe. I like the thought process though, so keep on keeping on!
  3. Knox silently wonders why so many leaders have been pushed out by the new Norlandic Regime. "They change the army three times and give no funding to their teachers- hell, I haven't seen a single mina offered to go buy books, and I'm the head librarian! What is the world coming to..." Liam cannot read. Lofi already forgot.
  4. Knox reads the massive giving a slight chuckle "Never in my life have I seen such anger and hatred for a nation defending itself. Its seems that they are having difficulty coping with reality. They send bandits to kidnap a king, and they take his hands? Perhaps we start doing the same to them. Every dwarfs under their rule shall be shaven and both their hands chopped off. Maybe then they will see the error of their ways." He continues sorting through the various books of the Norlandic Library "Eventually they will realize they are nothing. Their citizens are criminals. Their allies are few. Their craftsmanship is mundane at best. When will they realize that? Maybe after they are all shaven and crippled? Or will they continue allowing their own to die in these meaningless raids? I remember a nose with one of their commander's name on it- er- Vithor Frostbeard was the name if I remember correctly. One we captured and killed fairly easily in one of their banditing attempts. I wonder who leads them now that he is dead..."
  5. Liam5232


    L + bozo + no axe + no build tools + nerd
  6. *continues to have normal dreams as he isnt a nerd boi


    Screenshot 2023-07-12 001230.png

  8. A large man overhears someone reading off the note "Was this man not the center of attention when their leader died? Perhaps Vaalkhos attempted to practice some dark, and, while saying aloud he was dead, secretly kept trying to revive him, while demanding this unwilling participant he now calls a 'cult' pay up, but them being people of morals, wouldn't give him a single mina" he pauses a second "Or maybe I am thinking too far into this and he is just another crooked man trying to stir up conflict and sell some weapons. Either way, perhaps a small bounty would do him some good..."
  9. Odin the Peacemaker shall enjoy his long awaited retirement! Longest NL in all of Norlandic History!
  10. Are mods not required to tell you why you get banned? I'm not in trouble or anything, but I keep hearing stories of people having to wait weeks after their ban to know what they were banned for. I'm not sure if they are just trying to get sympathy, but it seems to be a widespread thing


    1. JoanOfArc


      The average person, you will get told why you get banned but there are cases called “investigation bans”, “TOS ban”, and “community guidelines strike”.

      Investigation bans is an admin or mod suspicious about something so preemptively banning you. For example, maybe they think you assisted an alt or maybe they think you are an alt. It’s a kinda shoot first move. This usually lasts for a day or two but it can be upwards to a week where it turns into a regular ban and they tell you.


      TOS bans are for you breaking the terms of service. It’s basically code word for pedophile but it’s never specified by one it’s a terms of service break.


      Community Guidelines is usually just done for bad players with terrible behavior. I THINK, they don’t need to disclose why you’re banned beyond you’re a bad player but they usually do from what I’ve seen.


      I think there has been a case I saw where someone just was never told of why they’re banned but Alex and the mods currently are pretty open about something if they ban.

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