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  1. Herilissa scolds her youngest son for his calendar prank, turning to see when the celebration actually is. She’s delighted she didn’t miss it!
  2. Lissa grins as she reads the invitation. “This will be perfect!” She’s already making plans. There’s much to do to get her family ready. “Hopefully Sindri won’t be too busy to attend!”
  3. [!] She signed the document with a grin. This would be a wonderful feast! Better get to work on the meal prep!
  4. Lissa wasn’t sure how they managed to get hold of the parchment. She read it over, sighing relief. She’d been worried about Basil after he was swept into the chaos of the day’s events. He had been kind, and it would be heartbreaking for something to happen to him.
  5. Lissa looked very uneasy as she read the declaration. Well, it was finally happening.
  6. Lissa shifted the wheat she just harvested to one arm, using the other hand to pull the parchment closer. She was smiling before she even finished reading it. Finally!
  7. Herilissa “Lissa” Seillean (heh-rih-LISS-ah SHEH-len) was born into a family of farmers in the Kingdom of Norland. She was an only child, as her mother previously had difficulty conceiving and nearly died in childbirth. She never minded being alone, since she was busy helping around her family's farm the moment she could walk on her own. Her father's family had been working their land for generations, and she was groomed to take it over when it was her time. Her mother was originally from Hanseti-Ruska, but rarely spoke of her home. Nothing about her upbringing was particularly exciting, as it consisted mostly of chores and lessons on how to keep their animals and crops. Young Lissa, however, longed for adventure. She spent any spare time she had playing with the other local children and reading the copy of "The Lands Beyond" her father gifted to her, imagining how thrilling her life would be if she were to go on an epic journey like in her book. When she was nine, Lissa was playing with some other children in the woods, pretending to be one of the heroes of their little adventure. One of the older children climbed a tall tree, acting as the great dragon they were meant to slay. It only took one wrong move for the boy to slip from his branch and fall to his death in front of their little group. The experience left Lissa traumatized, terrified to leave the safety of her family's farm. She gave up her dreams of adventure and instead focused on the farm and her ordinary life. When Lissa was 17 her mother died after falling mysteriously ill, and at 20 her father was killed in a farming accident. This left Lissa to run the farm on her own, with only a few neighbors helping when they could. She rarely makes trips outside of her home, but will on occasion to acquire supplies or new livestock. Lissa is also currently trying to figure out a way to efficiently cultivate Tippens Root, hoping to create a steady supply for local healers, apothecaries, and alchemists.
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