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  1. Full Name: Alan Remmer Age: I honestly don’t remember off the top of my head but it’s like 40-something. Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Citizen of Sutica, Guardsman, member of a holy order way back when Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: dabrander Discord: yaknow Timezone: Mountain
  2. I think the rewrite looks great! Everything seems pretty well explained and thought out. Don’t see why the Ascended can’t continue on if they’re willing to change with the times.
  3. Alright, thank you much, Zach. I'll poke around. >.> Did I say somethin' wrong?
  4. Hello everyone! Lordy, it has been *quite* a while since I've taken a look at this website. I was pleasantly surprised to see y'all were still up and running! A friend of mine has just recently gotten me back into Minecraft, and I've been stuck in World of Warcraft RP for...just about four years now, so I figured it'd be fun to get back at the thing that got me into RP in the first place! If you look back at my post history (from five years ago, Christ), you can see that I asked back then about a big lore update! Apparently about a hundred and fifty years passed in the two year absence there, so I can only imagine I've missed about a millennia of history. That should be interesting. On another note, please don't look too hard at my post history. I was kinda...yanno...incompetent? I blame the fact that I was pretty damn young. You know, I don't remember if you need to be an adult to join this server, so it's entirely possible I lied about my age to get in here. Hopefully that doesn't completely muck me up now! So I was hoping one of you kind folks would fill me in on the gist of what I've missed. Probably a heck of a lot, like I said, so I don't expect anything comprehensive. And how's the server doing other than that? Still getting lots of people, still have populated factions? P.S. I remember a gal who applied to join the admins a bit before I left. I RPed with her a bit and she was just a lovely person, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if she's still around. I don't actually remember her name (I think it was something like Freya?), but she played a blind character who could sense people as differing shades of color, and she had some sort of ailment in real life that rendered her mute. I remember her mentioning that on the forums here. Thanks in advance for any info! P.P.S Oh! I'm perfectly happy to reapply to the whitelisting process if I've been delisted! I'm sure I probably have by now.
  5. Ah! Thanks! Thats all my questions answered. I guess Ill see you guys inside the world! Thanks again for all the help.
  6. Ah. Thank you guys for your responses. Erm. There wouldn't happen to be a place where I could find the IP would there? I cant remember if it was messaged to me, or if it was in a public place. Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or message me the IP?
  7. Damn! The Undead WON that war? Jeez! Guess my service in the FOA was all in vain. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. One other question, am I still the same character? Or has like a few hundred years past or something? Heh. guess I should fix my signature then...
  8. Hey everyone. I decided to come back to LOTC since it was one of the highest quality and most enjoyable role-play experiences I've ever had. The only problem is, is that I haven't played for at least a year and a half. When I left, the world was still called Aegis, and I have no clue what any of this new world stuff is. Any of the old guard mind either telling me some of the major points or pointing me towards a timeline or something? Thanks for any assistance, and I hope to be making a comeback to the world ASAP.
  9. Greetings all FOA members. This is Alan Remmer and I just wanted to say that I will stay with the guild in a way.We should stay as the peace-keepers of Aegis and still spread the word of Aeriel. But I am going to do it in a free-lance way. I will keep my uniform and wander Aegis helping where I can. I won't participate in the sorts of normal army warfare, but I will wander Aegis and work in the lands to assist the people. I hope to see the rest of you around some day.
  10. Oh yes, excuse me Commander, but I was promoted by... bloody hell I don't remember his name. But He promoted me to Private, and I was wondering if it was legit or not. By the way, he was an Ascended Acolyte. OOC: So can you change the list thingy?
  11. Also, (I'm not being greedy) but is there some sort of compensation if you die in battle? Because I defended Sanhar and died while doing it. I lost a diamond sword, Iron Armor, and some other things. I can understand if you don't want to give me any gear, as I'm just a recruit and can't really be trusted in your eyes.
  12. Excuse me Blaedr, I just have a quick question. I've been hanging around the Alkazar guildhouse and was wondering if we have a main base or if the Alkazar branch is the main spot. I just wanted to be with other F.O.A. members, as I've been alone for a while now.
  13. Brief Character History: Alan's life has been very rigorous for a long time. He had always wanted to do good, and thought that The Trisian Guild would be a good start. That was until it fell apart once the leaders left. Wandering the city of Alkazar, he overheard a lieutenant of the guard recruiting new soldiers. He immediately signed up. He believed that he could serve Aegis by fighting the undead and any others standing against the good people of the realm. Then he received gate duty. For months. His sense of duty kept him in his place for a while, a long while, longer than near anyone else. He gained friends and lost them the next day in the guard due to resignations. The primary reason was the lack of pay, for weeks no one received a coin. There was barely enough for him to eat and live.The recruits were dropping like flies. This was not his dream! He wasn't serving Aegis to the best of his abilities guarding a gate for days that enemies could bypass in minutes. He resigned, and went looking for a guild where he could put his sword to the best use. Slaying the horrors of Aegis. Character Name (I.C.): Alan Remmer Character name (O.C.) dabrander Race: Human Northerner IC Age: 36 Will you be a FOA soldier, or s preacher?(Preachers are allowed to fight, but not their main focus): I would serve the FOA with my blade! (Soldier) Goals in the FOA?: To serve Aegis and destroy those who would tarnish it. Good deeds you have done?: I have slain bandits in my freelancer days, and in my time in the Trisians. I also escorted a couple of people for no charge to the north. I also gave my friend 700 minas to cover the costs of his items being stolen. Have you done any bad deeds?: I once got in a quarrel with another guard after he assaulted a man I thought innocent, when he turned out to be a bandit. I developed a grudge against him, when I shouldn't have. (No one's perfect.) How did you hear of us?: I heard of this guild when I was in the guard. I let in a man who said he was a member of the FOA. I then asked him what exactly that was. He then informed me of it and it's purpose. Are you against the Undead? Please explain why.:Of course I am. What living man wouldn't? They are the antithesis of our lives we are living and breathing! If we don't fight, we die! Can you wield a blade?: I live by the blade, its the only way i've ever made any honest coin, (Not that I've made dishonest coin...) Are you a capable builder?:I have never been a particularly good builder, but can and will build what I'm told to. Are you an archer?:I've never used a bow and arrow outside of the training range. Any special skills?:I have a fairly good sense of direction and pathfinding, and I can be a bit sneaky if need be. Do you have faith in the Ascendeds return and will you tell of this to others? Please explain why.: I do believe in the return of the Ascended. They are essentially the children of God. God will not abandon his people. And he will not abandon his world. However I do tend to not inform others of my faith. But I will to further the cause. Explain how you will help to serve the FOA, and through us, the Ascended and Aeriel: I will serve the FOA and the Ascended and Aeriel by serving in their battle line, never faltering, and purging the wicked of Aegis.
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