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  1. Utaria stares at the map for several seconds, before rubbing her eyes. “That’s gotta be a mistake. Sutica has a non-aggression pact with the Orcs and the Empire, ya know. Just because we wanna get them off our backs for five seconds, we wanna just bend the knee? I swear to Gott this journalism is getting worse by the day.” She proceeds to ball up the paper and toss it in a nearby trashbin.
  2. Skyrunner

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    Utaria Helenson turns to her wife-fiance, “Nay, no way t’e Emperor will let t’is blizzard come. T’e Emperor protects ya know?” She pauses for a moment as the smile fades from her face “T’ough, per’aps I should do some study on watercraft... And prepare t’e FMG’s stocks t’e best I can.”
  3. Skyrunner


    Utaria Helenson ran to her house post-haste, preparing for a trip to an expedited trip to the Cloud Temple. She paused for a moment to write into her journal open on her desk. “Heretics like Jan Ritter von Alstreim deserve to hang on a cross”
  4. Skyrunner

    I need female elf char

    Don’t we all?
  5. Skyrunner

    Mystery_Uialben, Known_Fenfir's Event Team Actor application

    Mystery has provided event lines already for Markev and Senntisten in the past which were both greatly received, as well as providing rp which has significantly effected large swaths of players over a long period of time. +1
  6. Skyrunner


    When will the supposed Trade Princess Cyrene apologize to the INNOCENT Minster of Law Lily Anarion-- beautiful wife of famed librarian Utaria Helenson-- for trying to kill her as punishment for a prank?
  7. Skyrunner

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    I am alright, at least, with the idea behind these. Since, it seems weird how law codes on this server go straight from 2 hour imprisonments to execution in no time. And, while people may use alts to avoid jail time, at least their other character is inoperable for the time being.
  8. Skyrunner


    Utaria Helenson, upon hearing the news, yells, "The Emperor Protects!"
  9. Skyrunner

    Year 1

    Utaria sat quietly in the dinning room of the FMG. It was here almost a year ago in this room that Mystery had attacked her. Her memory of the room had been tarnished. Times of revelry and friendship had been interlaced with anguish and the spilling of blood. As she continued to sit, her eyes would be drawn to her right wrist and to the scar that was left. Slowly, she flexed her fingers up and down to insure that they stilled worked. Finally after a year of healing and retraining, her hand could once again be used, although not with the same precision. During this her mind drifted into thinking about her assailant. "Why?" she asked herself, but she already knew the answer. Ever since moving to Senttisten, she had seen him as a threat and acted accordingly. While he was being investigated, she distanced herself from him in hope that her friend may be spared. Her eyes would then turn towards her left arm. Small minor scars and bumps dotted the surface of this arm. It had been burned as an act of desperation by Mystery. Again, it had healed greatly and unlike her wrist it caused her little issues in daily life. Her mind moved past the memories of Marna. She thought of Mystery's increasing hostility to herself. For someone who Mystery once said looked like she was 10 at most, his actions didn't reflect it. To his supposed Olog child he had once called her, "Maybe food." That was likely the final turning point that had led to the events of a year ago. These bad memories, caused Utaria to run her hand through her hair, much shorter than usual. Not enough to put it up in her usual ponytail. Any burn marks from the fight had healed. The cut along her forehead, caused by the breaking of her friends teapot upon her head, had also healed a long time ago, leaving nearly no scar. Speaking of the teapot, her mind raced to Silveress. She was a long time friend of Utaria's, being friends for more than half of her life. Her greatest concern she thought was, "Is Silv alright." She thought, "Silv has always been good at hiding her emotions. She's always cheerful, but what if she isn't. She never spoke much about him before she dragged me along, but she seemed to be close." Her mind flashed back to the images of the fight she had with Silver, when she stormed off with Elyra. It would quickly flash to the trial where Silver actively testified against him. "What changed?" she mused. Thinking her eyes would look down to what was her greatest injury from the fight. Hidden underneath her tunic and under her pants, was a massive scar. The scar was as physical as it was emotional. For this one had been caused by her own dagger, sheathed only inches from the scar itself. The blade had previously been her guide in times of trouble, but now it just brought up more bad memories. Something that Utaria didn't need at this point. She would stare at the blade intensely, before finally sighing. She remembered that Mystery was in jail and was to be banished from Sutica, and as long as her friend was alright, she would be alright. "Perhaps some toast will make me feel better" she asked out loud. As soon as the words left her mouth, she had already jumped up and gone to make toast.
  10. Skyrunner

    The Issues of Raiding

    If only the raiders actually used the reason of Pillaging for their raid. Most of the time it's the latter which wasn't the reason for the Viking Raids. The Vikings wanted to increase their wealth, so they would come with the threat of raiding as a way to sweeten any trade deal they could get, but if they didn't get their trade deal they would raid. Which if mirrored on the server would further RP and the dynamic nature of the RP.
  11. Skyrunner

    Masquerade At The Uialben Estate

    Utaria Helenson would look at Mystery while he explains this to her. She would snicker, but it would quickly rolling into a chuckle. Suddenly, she would pause. "Ya are being serious aren't ya? The 'Castello's alone are gonna skewer ya like ya are a roast. Not t' mention getting Orcs and Elves in the same room. Ya are crazy!" With her final declaration, she hangs her jaw open. Her eyes would then shift downward as she slowly closes her mouth. Stating simply, "Though, a dance would be nice ya know..."
  12. Skyrunner

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION  OOC MC Username: Utaria Discord Username: Sky Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: No How active are you?: Just started on the Server IC Name: Utaria Surname: Helenson Title: N/A Liege Lord: King Aruelius Horen Gender: Female Date of Birth: 1674 Race: Dwarf Subrace: Mountain and Forest Culture: Forest PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 4"5' Weight: 75ibs Eye Color: Green Skin Color: Fair Hair Color: Brown Markings: N/A PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Pictorus Square 6 Occupation: None CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Utaria Helenson, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  13. Skyrunner


    Born to a Mountain Dwarf father and a Forest Dwarf mother, Utaria Helenson was the youngest of five and the only daughter. Her family lived on the very outskirts of Southwood. They are a family which is proud of both of their heritages, and in Southwood they made a living making weapons and other armaments for whoever so desired them. Unlike the rest of her family, who enjoyed much of the rougher aspects of Dwarven life, Utaria had been drawn to the Dwarven epics and stories, collecting as many books as she could for her own very small library. Despite this, adventure still called Utaria, and so she joined a local defense force. Tragedy would strike when Utaria and her band were out on a patrol, several bandits would attack and kill all of her band except for her. She was left alone and lost. Since that day, Utaria has been wandering through the kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah (And the surrounding area) looking for a place to call her home.