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  1. Skyrunner

    ultimate actor application

    Goosey is the best. +1
  2. Skyrunner

    Payment of Past Crimes [PK]

    Utaria Helenson-Anarion first heard the news in the Sutican square. She balled her hands into fists and closed her eyes tight trying to fight back tears, but eventually they flowed freely. These tears were not only because she had come to respect Richard as a staple of Sutica life, but also because his death was a direct result of her failures. The incident had already replayed in her mind several times prior, but she let different scenes flash up in her mind at different times. She saw the gatehouse, the bell, and the first gate of the city all clearly. She was made a Guard Officer only one and a half year prior to that day. The dwed sat under the memo tree protecting her most treasured possession when she heard Richard cry out for help. For those outside of Sutica, they wouldn’t know that these cries were usual affairs. However this time, Utaria could clearly see the trio break into his stall, and she moved to the bell. Her first goal was to ring it so that she may get all the guards she could. Her second goal was to get the trio to leave without blood shed. “How naive” her present self thought as the visions flashed by, “believing all my problems could be solved by peace.” It was clear, however, to her past self that the situation was getting out of hand so she decided an alternate solution was in order. Lure them into the gatehouse so that she may trap them. Unfortunately, this would never happen. Richard was attacked an dragged out of the city before she could even respond. “Failure,” she thought to herself. She’d watch from the gates while they stripped his body. She only watched. She made no attempt to dissuade them after they had left the city. She had made no attempt to recover Richard’s body. She kept silent and watched. As they left, she shook her head. She had no idea were the bandits were going but she had it solid that couldn’t have been from Belvitz or Imperials of any kind. They had acted undignified. They had not recognized cultural aspects of the Empire. Nor did they seem to care. Even if Utaria at this point searched through the records, she wouldn’t find anything as the trial was under a fake name. Present day Utaria left the square sniffling and crying, though able to let out a small laugh, though it wouldn’t be recognized through the tears. “Goodnight Dress-Man“
  3. Skyrunner

    [Accepted] Unwillingly's Event Team Actor application

    I’m biased because I’m pretty sure that all of my events on this servers for a long time were either run by Unwillingly or D4nna until about a month ago. Unwills primary events are driven around Monster of the Week style events, despite this they are very high quality and the events which lasted longer than a single event were some of my favorite on the server and drove tons of RP (See Plague Beast and Cake Golem) past the event itself. On the other hand, I did feel the quality began to drop off before they quit, but I have high hopes and expectations that they’ll probably charge back into ETship with a renewed vigor. +1
  4. Skyrunner

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    Won’t PK IRL +0
  5. [!] A declaration has been tacked to different message boards throughout Sutica and on the Memo Tree. The Handwriting is decisively neat if not a bit excessive Sutican Library Audit of 1695 History of the Sutican Library The Sutican Library has been institution at the forefront of the Sutican identity. Sutica has been a land full of scholars rather than fighters. It is a land of patrons of the arts rather than laborers of the soil. The library has endured besides Sutica for ages. Formerly known as the Lubba Antheneum during its formative years. The institution brought together scholars from all around Sutica free from the persecution and strife which afflicted the outside world, and would make research more difficult. During Axios the Library would see many changes including being renamed The Grand Library of Sutica. Curator Gallidron Elindrow, was handed the library after a theft of many books, but she endured. She brought the Library back to being the jewel of the institutions of Sutica. However, during it’s time in Atlas the Grand Library of Sutica slipped back into a state of shambles. While the Library was open it was almost devoid of any books, but the Library would soon be closed and even cease to exist entirely. Several librarians tried and failed to restart the Library. This is when Lily Anarion the Minister of Law offered me a position of Head Librarian. I took it without any hesitation as books and reading had been a long time passion of mine. As a kid in Adria, you could usually find me in The Library of Dragur reading on the history of humanity. My first job was to get a building to house the books in. With the help of my friend Silveress we worked tirelessly on a humble design which took less focus away from grand architecture and more on the books themselves. Second step was to establish an initial audit and collecting new books. We had 15 books which were either books about Druids, Alchemy, or Herbs, so I set about collecting books. I talked to many citizens about getting books. A special thanks must be given to Laethesia who donated one of the first and largest collections to the Library. Recovery efforts also were sent forth with cooperation from the Stewards and other governmental agencies. Large collections were discovered in an old clerical temple, abandoned houses, and in the vault of Sutica. My last step, was to transform the Library from a institution merely conserving the knowledge of Sutica to the proliferation of knowledge. It therefore became necessary to take a second audit of the books and publish it, so that many may request books from the Library. [!] This would be pinned underneath the initial message, and it would remain and be updated after the initial sheet had been removed. Sutican Library Inventory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eml_sXnVR32HUOkSYUSnBEmsyZWewT3p_zUlYfDjoL4/edit?usp=sharing To Request a Book: Refer to the Inventory to see if a book is available for copying. Blue means it is easily available, Orange means the Head Librarian must copy it, and Red is completely unavailable for copying. Drop a book in the Donation bin outside of the Library labeled “Book Request.” Inside put your name, address/contact info, and the books you would like. If the request is especially large, it might be better to talk to a librarian in person. Final Note: Thank you for taking the time to read this, and enjoy your time reading and studying. Sutica Eternal, Head Librarian Utaria Helenson-Anarion Guard Officer, Royal Consort, and Steward of the Federation of Sutica [!] At the bottom of the page would be a hand drawn chibi sketch of Trade Princess Lily and Head Librarian Utaria organizing books in the Library.
  6. Skyrunner

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Trading and providing materials during a war should not be nearly at the same level as providing military support. As trade during war has commonly taken place between both neutral powers and belligerents and even between belligerent nations at war. Most notably during World War I: "the British responded when it turned out they had a drastic shortage of binoculars, which at that time were very important for fighting the war. They turned to the world’s leading manufacturer of “precision optics,” namely Germany. The German War Office immediately supplied 8,000 to 10,000 binoculars to Britain, directly intended and designed for military use. Further orders consisted of many thousands more and the Germans told the British to examine the equipment they had been capturing, to figure out which orders they wished to place. The Germans in turn demanded rubber from the British, which was needed for their war effort. It was delivered to Germany at the Swiss border." Further more, in the history of the world there has been no war explictly declared because of trading with a belligerent alone. Hostile actions have been taken such as attacks on Merchants during the Quasi-War and during World War I and II. However these were limited actions to stop trading and not overt military campaigns meant at waring the trading nation. (NOTE: I am talking about wars with pitched battles between two sides, not Trade Wars, diplomatic actions, or convoy raiding/raiding merchants/etc) With the current Casus Belli system trading with a nation is however held at the same level as attacking a leader, outright military cooperation. All of these others have documented wars that have been declared in both recent history and the past. My suggestion is either to make Economic Aid into a separate category rewarding 5 war points or to add it to one of the demands of the Subjugation casus Belli.
  7. Skyrunner

    War traitors

    Any posted notes within Sutica would have the following nailed to it: “When we have died the only thing you have left is your glory... For Urguan... We fight for Honor... And for glory... We don’t fear our enemies...” -Baldin Frostbeard “Glory” The dwedmar who fought against the usurping kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah portrayed the values of being Dwed more than the combined values of those who fought for Kaz’Ulrah. My father was one of the ones who fought, and he fought to restore the glory which was stolen from him when the leadership of Urguan surrendered prior to a last stand. For years he lived among the Humans and watched how they tore themselves apart only a year after he had arrived, and he has watched with ever close eye as they have reunited. He fought today to show Humanity how much Glory he could earn and to repair the Kingdom of Urguan which had been destroyed by the degenerates of Kaz’Ulrah. To reunite the kin once more and reclaim the honor which had once been the pride of the Dwedmar race. We are not traitors, we are heroes and should be rightfully held as such. -Avalon
  8. Skyrunner

    Words of Peace

    Utaria counted the Sutican stocks several times over, becoming increasingly distraught. Comparing the numbers to the number of citizens, she purses her lips and says, “We’ve done so much will it be enough?”
  9. Skyrunner


    Although Utaria’s wife-fiance was enjoying her time in the cafe, the storm outside reflected upon the inner conflict of Utaria. Every blink sent her through a cascade of emotions. Thoughts of her wife and her love of Sutica mixed with much thoughts. Politics was never Utaria’s game. Rather, she left that sphere to be handled by her father and oldest brother, but however it happened, she now stood beside her wife which was at the forefront of her nations politics. When she lived in Renatus-Marna as a kid, she had never dreamed of being this close to the decision making of a nation. The closest she ever wished was to be a legionnaire, but now, she rested into the side of Lily, one of the most important figures in the nation. For a moment she thought about Cyrene, the woman who stood even higher than her wife-fiance. While her wife-fiance loved her so much that she made her the maid-of-honor for their second marriage, Utaria never was able to shake one policy in particular, and while she understood the reason why she did it, she couldn’t help but shake the voice of her father echoing from the far past “Death before dishonor.” The basic principal from which she raised was not so easy to shake, so much like the waves crashing against the rocks in the harbour, Utaria’s love of her wife, and her love of Sutica and the princess, crashed up against her basic beliefs and understandings. She also thought to the one time the princess’ boyfriend had shot a crossbow bold at her wife’s head. For a moment however, her thoughts cleared as she caught a glimpse of her wife’s face. A smile beamed out as she said “Have ya seen that guy around Cyrene? I tried to talk to him but all he did was repeat the word new, weirdly. I didn’t even get his name ya know? Do ya think she’s cheating on Evan?” she giggles closing her eyes with more pleasant thoughts “Wouldn’t that be neat”
  10. Utaria stares at the map for several seconds, before rubbing her eyes. “That’s gotta be a mistake. Sutica has a non-aggression pact with the Orcs and the Empire, ya know. Just because we wanna get them off our backs for five seconds, we wanna just bend the knee? I swear to Gott this journalism is getting worse by the day.” She proceeds to ball up the paper and toss it in a nearby trashbin.
  11. Skyrunner

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    Utaria Helenson turns to her wife-fiance, “Nay, no way t’e Emperor will let t’is blizzard come. T’e Emperor protects ya know?” She pauses for a moment as the smile fades from her face “T’ough, per’aps I should do some study on watercraft... And prepare t’e FMG’s stocks t’e best I can.”
  12. Skyrunner


    Utaria Helenson ran to her house post-haste, preparing for a trip to an expedited trip to the Cloud Temple. She paused for a moment to write into her journal open on her desk. “Heretics like Jan Ritter von Alstreim deserve to hang on a cross”
  13. Skyrunner

    I need female elf char

    Don’t we all?
  14. Mystery has provided event lines already for Markev and Senntisten in the past which were both greatly received, as well as providing rp which has significantly effected large swaths of players over a long period of time. +1
  15. Skyrunner


    When will the supposed Trade Princess Cyrene apologize to the INNOCENT Minster of Law Lily Anarion-- beautiful wife of famed librarian Utaria Helenson-- for trying to kill her as punishment for a prank?