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  1. **MC Names of all involved** Utaria **Description** When using ./evict on double sized blocks (Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Double Chests) it will sometimes only work on a certain block of the door or chest **Date of occurance** 5/23/19 9:22PM EST **In game specifications** RO removing locks in the Sutican Region on my Utaria Persona **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Approach a locked door or chest using ./evict 2. Right click on the block and be told the block is not protected 3. Click on the chest again and see it is locked 4. Current work around is to use ./evict on the other side **Expected Behavior** Block should unlock regardless of block clicked **Actual Behavior** Block does not unlock **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** <!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, →
  2. If they are redoing this wc they should have redone the seige of the Krag
  3. “Hero of Helena would have been a better title” Utaria notes to herself.
  4. Hi there and welcome back to the server. I’m, infact, the second-in-command of Sutica, but I wouldn’t actually recommend rping here if you want to get into human rp. The city seems to stay away from politics in general, so you wouldn’t learn much and would be highly susceptible to lack of information about human rp in this nation (There was a tendancy before this war to paint every vassal as the Empire and even the Church as the Empire). Esspecially during the war as anyone who is invested in human politics (besides my character) is over in the human nations.Also it is a completely different RP experience which is based less aroudn trying to provide a gritty-realism depiction of medieval politics and more light-hearted slice of life stuff with the occasional edge-lord thrown in the mix. I would recommend to RP here though as a starter city with a character not related to going to the Human side of rp just yet. You can use it to travel to the different nations and areas and just pick up what style RP you want to be in, and also just sit back and watch the **** fling on the forums between Renatus and Oren. In conclusion, either just pick a place to go at random or just avoid entering into human rp in the first place for a bit.
  5. We are truely in the darkest timeline
  6. Utaria Helenson-Anarion on one of her strolls through Brandybrook reaches out to touch the the sigil but ends up getting a splinter “Ow, I cut myself on t’e edge of t’at splinter.”
  7. Utaria Helenson-Anarion squeezed her wife's hand a bit to hard when she first heard the name. "S-sorrry I just got reminded of a strange place" She said immediatly unsqueezing her hand and would be sure to post something later
  8. A sudden chill overcame Yenut Helenson when she heard of the death of Bjor, and she grew suddenly still. “And so fells anot’er bret’ern. Oi’ll be sure t’ make t’ose Alar bastards paeh fer t’is.” She proceeded to go to the archery range and sharpen her bolts to continue her hunt against these creatures.
  9. A certain Sutican Captain of the Watch debates taking off her armband. “May little blood be shed by my homeland in the coming future.”
  10. Skyrunner

    News of Arcas!

    “Such is the hard way of life in Sutican Savannah” a dwed comments
  11. [!] A letter returns Dear Felice, I am sorry but I am going to have to deny your application. While I appreciate your desire to join and help defend this great nation. An 11 year old is a bit too young to be fighting. I may have been 16 when I fought in the Bandit War, but 16 and 11 are very different ages. Perhaps you will reapply when you are older Sutica Eternal Her Highness Captain of the Watch Utaria Grandaxe Helenson-Anarion Royal Consort, Head Librarian, and Steward of the Federation of Sutica.
  12. [!] A letter returns: “Dear Lotha, I have looked over your application. I am over-joyed to see you are willing to aid us. You have been accepted. Please contact a Watch Officer about orientation. -Captain of the Watch Utaria Helenson-Anarion Royal Consort, Head Librarian, and Steward of the Federation of Sutica” 
  13. Utaria balls up and tosses the missive at her wife’s head “Look I’m a Renatian, but I think your vater’s people have officially lost it.”
  14. [!] A letter returns: “Dear Connor, I have looked over your application and it checks out. You have been accepted. Please contact a Watch Officer about orientation. -Captain of the Watch Utaria Helenson-Anarion Royal Consort, Head Librarian, and Steward of the Federation of Sutica” 
  15. Utaria Helenson-Anarion’s Sky-Daemon wonders how values of Fascism and Nationalism could exist in a pre-liberal medieval society which still existed on divine-right of the Emperor. Utaria Helenson-Anarion however says the following from her office space after reading the response, “Nationalism is belief in the nation not the state. A nation is the people who share a common history, and the people of the Empire of Man, of many different races, have shared a common history of uniting the lands. Or, do they wish to tell me I did not have a hand in my own people in Renatus-Marna because it was a human nation? That my friends who died in the Bandit War were not a part of this nation, and that my time serving in the Third Atlas Coalition War, prior to my appointment in Sutica, does not make me a member of this nation because of my race? No, I am a proud Renatian Dwedmar, and a proud Renatian Dwedmar I’ll be till my death.”
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