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  1. Fire blazed through the wild eyes of a dwarf who climbed out of the tear itself. Bloodied and beaten, she made her way back. She would return to seek revenge as it had taken her friend and her mentor, but she would ensure their death would not be in vain.
  2. “Ah ****, I don’t know Elven.” A new resident of the city mentioned to herself.
  3. For a server which is about social relationships, man do we have problems with communication. Really simple to keep your IC and OOC separate and talk to your SO about it.
  4. Utaria rolls her eyes at yet another missive coming to disturb her peace when her peace had already been disturbed this year. “Can’t these groups just work together to put all their declarations in one missive rather than plastering them everywhere? If there is a problem ******* handle it. Gott, I swear some Consort needs to get kidnapped to end this feud.” She says before thinking fondly back to how she first became a potato farmer, and how she single handedly made Potatoes Sutica’s best export and herself Sutica’s best import.
  5. A dwarven paladin knelt in front of the Lorraine Cross in her back yard before offering up veneration to Saint Godwein “May Gott ensure that the truth is heard and that the wicked forces which try to twist and turn the words of honest people be punished.”
  6. A certain Cannonistic Paladin comments outloud “I knew somet’ing smelled funky ‘bout t’at whole affair.”
  7. Utaria, despite her best interests to stay out of politics and her hatred of Mystery, had begun to agree with his assessment. Thinking to herself “Strange to see these same people travel from Sutica, Ves, and now Llyria with no desire to defend themselves. Rather they wish for them to take all they want from the State but never give back. You would never see this behavior from Renatians.”
  8. A lone Bogbelly shimmies up a tree on the ridgeline facing Llyria. As she loaded her crossbow with malicious intent, she was ready to be the first line of defense for Urguan. On the other hand, a dwed with short hair continued to harvest her potatoes with not a care in the world about geopolitics as she had Paladin lessons to study for.
  9. Utaria rolled her eyes at the missive from the comfort of her own bed, stifling a yawn with her hand. She cast a glance back to Lily who was laying beside her before saying, “Meine Schatz, ya know I’m having the strangest sense of deja vu.”
  10. Utaria was harvesting potatoes in bliss away from politics.
  11. I know you’ve been working on bridging the NL to Staff and I appreciate it greatly. Vilta’s goodbye in the chat says pretty clearly my opinion on the matter. As for the pocket staff issue, I don’t think the problem will be one easily fixed or even fixed in a short time as it is very ingrained in the culture of the server. First, removal of NLs, CLs, or whatever (Or even more radically Council Members/ROs) from staff team and then give these leaders formalized power in representing their playerbase to the staff teams. Even if you can prove there is no corruption with a Staff Team member being a leader many people will still perceive it as such. Second, make staff teams even more transparent. If a staff team is transparent it will be easier to see where clear instances of pocket staff lay. This could be made through forcing decisions to be posted publicly unless in a case where privacy is paramount. Thirdly, add in horizontal checks somehow between the teams. Having pocket staff is going to be less effective if you have to hold multiple staff across the teams. This sort of exists already with Moderation and Lore Team in which they have overlapping jurisdiction and can act as checks to one another, but right now that isn’t formalized and it just leads to conflict. Fourthly, disallowing pocket staff privileges through strict guideline creation and use. The amount of times I’ve seen a staff member breach a guideline which was created by their team for their personal gain or a group they rp withs personal gain is more than I can count. However, most of the time there was little to no punishment for this breach. This is across multiple teams as well that I’ve seen this. A lore team member who holds lore shouldn’t be allowed to make a decision on the lore. A wiki team member who is part of a charter shouldn’t be allowed to make a wiki page on the charter. A moderator shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions in which their group is involved. Managers shouldn’t be allowed to handling the applications of people they are friends with or people they have a beef with. Fifthly, actually enforce proper standards in the application procedure. When I applied to moderation team the person who was chosen from my group (Side note: putting people into application purgatory instead of just denying them is poor practice) tried to tell me that they couldn’t pursue OOC arguments taken into RP because it was just too hard to investigate, and therefore, they couldn’t figure out if there was OOC agendas. A couple weeks later Knox was put into the team who after leaving the team would go on to try and bully a new player into giving default after his charecter had been the one to attack theirs, and when called out on how that wasn’t the rules he proceeded to insult the person involved. I think a basic standard that should exists is maybe reading and understanding the rules considering Moderation will be the ones enforcing them. Failure to enforce these standards will lead to people only using the rules when relevant to their group.
  12. I said it once and I’ll say it again the situation will never be fixed if the staff teams remain internal hierarchical structures with little horizontal checking. Community Leaders are becoming more popular in the eyes of people because they are the only leaders on the server who aren’t accountable to an upper level moderator but rather to the players they lead. This would lead to better management if teams responded to NLs complaints with something more than, “If you don’t like how we run the team apply yourself.” The hierarchical nature of the Staff team leads heavily to patron-client relationships and the inherent unironic talk about having pocket staff.
  13. As Mystery’s lawyer he has contacted me about this defamation. This comment is totally a cease and desist and any further action shall have you sued to the fullest extent of the laws of Mainstreet. Thank you for your time.
  14. A short-haired dwarf picks up a invitation off the ground squinting hard at it and rubbing her chin, “Almost looks like Silv... Speaking of Silv whatever ‘appened t’ ‘er?”
  15. A dwarf aggressively flips through several tomes on Imperial History “Crap, which one is this?”
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