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  1. Skyrunner

    Mother's Fall

    Utaria Helenson-Anarion collapsed in the bed of the Haelun’or clinic after dragging her allies all the way back from the battle. The girl’s mind who was already broken was only going to get worse.
  2. Utaria Helenson-Anarion wonders if they are going to kill a certain councilor “A-Ave Renatia?”
  3. [!] A note reaches Lily by gecko. The letter was tear stained and the writing clearly sloppy. Dear Lily, Your bastardization of our name like a common wood elf woman of the night has hurt me beyond all measures. It is for that that I must request a singular divorce. Sincerely, Utaria Helenson-Anarion [!] At the bottom of the letter a broken heart is drawn.
  4. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes reads through the document by candlelight underlining with his quill pen in several spots and making notes. “A good document, though I wonder how he got his reasoning that the legal right to petition in the Empire extends to that of the Church. I’d figure if that would explained better it would make a much stronger legal argument.”
  5. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes prepared his arms for the first time in his life “Justice shall prevail. Ave Oren!”
  6. Yenut Bogbelly nods her head “A woise decision. Else weh want t’ repeat t’e mistakes ov Frostie leadership.”
  7. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes commented with wide eyes, clutching his chest “I wanted to join the ministry. Hopefully, Oren shall secure victory in this coming war. GOD save Oren.” A Famed Former Sutican Diplomat eyes lit up with fire as she read the missive, gritting her teeth as she spoke through her teeth. “No, doubt t’ese elves will contort t’e events so t’at Oren is attacking t’eir poor defenseless kingdom.”
  8. Benefiting from OOC constructs is a pretty small brained play.
  9. Utaria Helenson-Anarion tore the message from the Sutican message tree, balling into her rucksack. "No clue who t'is Dung man is but if anyone lays a 'and on Lefkos and aids t'ese enemies of all descendent kind, t'en I shall 'ave no qualms like wit' Alfius and Ascanius t' execute ya personally.
  10. Utaria Helenson-Anarion watched as the crates rolled out of Haelun’or, her brow raised “Ah, lovely free beets for Sutica.”
  11. Utaria Helenson-Anarion glanced up and smiled at the homecoming of the Renatian people “GOTT bless Renatus”
  12. Utaria Helenson-Anarion sat with her body broken in the tavern, which was being used currently as a makeshift clinic. She stared out into the street in a haze as person after person was brought in. They were brought in beaten, bloodied, and battered. Elves, Humans, and Dwarves. Footmen, mages, and druids. All were brought in. All bled just the same and all that blood fell upon the ground on which the paladin sat, mixing together in an undistinguishable mess. The doctors, so few in number for the amount of injured, were a similar hodgepodge of experiences, and yet there were no questions of purity, of nationality, of blood, of alligence. Victory would come but at such a high cost.
  13. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes took up a pen, holding it tight against his breast. “I shall serve to the best of my ability to preserve the Talraen name through these changing times. For several generations and emperors we have served, I am not the first and I shan’t be the last. GOD save Oren.” With that, he sat down and began work on several documents laid out before him.
  14. [!] A note would arrive to the Sohaer by way of courier. To the Sohaer, It has been for the past few years that the nation of Sutica is to be refered to as the Free State of Sutica [Writ of Sutican Governance, Title VI, Article I, Line 1]. While previous titles are allowed as designations for the Free State in reference to previous laws and treaties, we would wish our allies to use a name which better reflects the nature of Sutican Governance in future public notifications. Sutica Eternal, Dame Utaria “The Unwavering” Grandaxe Helenson-Anarion, Head Librarian of the Free State of Sutica, and Paladin of the Assembly of Xan.
  15. Skyrunner


    As the riders passed through Sutica, Dame Utaria Helenson-Anarion ran back home and armoured up. She ripped an old halberd from it’s hold on the wall, wobbling as it was not built for a dwed. “So that innocents may never know strife.” She whispered as finally she left a note on the bedside.
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