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  1. T H I S W H A T T H E Y T R I E D T O T A K E F R O M Y O U I like this
  2. It’s War Wednesday here at Lord of the Craft.

  3. Ya’ll ever get a dm from a mystery in a cold sweat about a certain admin? Well I have.
  4. “So to show how much you wanted to have a non-aggression pact you decided t’ declare war on a pacifistic state,” said Utaria Helenson-Anarion legal analyst of Turning Point Sutica.
  5. Honestly why do you people care if we use Predator Drones? You don’t rp in Sutica so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back aight. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games is done.

  6. RP Name:: Utaria Grandaxe Helenson-Anarion MC Username: Utaria Discord: Sky#5928 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Renatus-Marna Why Do You Wish To Come?: Because the paladins are forcing me to come. What Skills Can You Bring?: Martial training, Paladin Connection, Diplomacy
  7. Back in my day we got harassed by GMs to keep OOC agreements.

  8. Bad magic rpers stem from the same branch which breeds PVP goons. A desire to win above all rather than story telling becomes overly important. This leads to the individual not respecting the RP behind the magic, immediately being perfect in casting, using magic to it’s greatest extent, collecting meta-magics, constant talk of “I should be able to do this because X and Y therefore I am,” and a general attitude of having a magic meaning you are better than other individuals. I don’t think it needs to go any further stated that these are issues which can crop up in mundane RPers, and we usually identify these traits with newer players. They are ideas of building a character who is the story rather than a part of a story. If you are at an event and get hit by an event creature, you aren’t getting up from it immediately and running back to where the creature is in one emote. Actually consider the effects which occur and get some great RP out of that.
  9. Utaria Helenson-Anarion thought back fondly to the last time the capital had been under martial law, and how she snuck around at night despite the curfew. Owyn Talraen de Rennes made his way with all due haste towards the war office.
  10. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes reads through the document by candlelight underlining with his quill pen in several spots and making notes. “A good document, though I wonder how he got his reasoning that the legal right to petition in the Empire extends to that of the Church. I’d figure if that would explained better it would make a much stronger legal argument.”
  11. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes commented with wide eyes, clutching his chest “I wanted to join the ministry. Hopefully, Oren shall secure victory in this coming war. GOD save Oren.” A Famed Former Sutican Diplomat eyes lit up with fire as she read the missive, gritting her teeth as she spoke through her teeth. “No, doubt t’ese elves will contort t’e events so t’at Oren is attacking t’eir poor defenseless kingdom.”
  12. Utaria Helenson-Anarion tore the message from the Sutican message tree, balling into her rucksack. "No clue who t'is Dung man is but if anyone lays a 'and on Lefkos and aids t'ese enemies of all descendent kind, t'en I shall 'ave no qualms like wit' Alfius and Ascanius t' execute ya personally.
  13. Owyn Adrian Talraen de Rennes took up a pen, holding it tight against his breast. “I shall serve to the best of my ability to preserve the Talraen name through these changing times. For several generations and emperors we have served, I am not the first and I shan’t be the last. GOD save Oren.” With that, he sat down and began work on several documents laid out before him.
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