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  1. A wind blows the notice into the wilderness and into the face of the famous Halfling Civil War researcher and Former Royal Consort of Sutica, Utaria Helenson-Anarion as she pulls it off and reads it she mumbles under her breath staring out East as her wife Lily looks on. Dramatically, she utters, “Mein Gott, what have they done?”
  2. Clad in full armour adorned with colors of silver, blue, and green, Utaria Helenson-Anarion kept watch over the Trade Princess as they received news. Upon hearing of the elf’s death a quick snort would resonate from under the helmet though her lips turned downward. Her left arm moved across her torso taking hold of the flask at her hip. She opened up her helmet to take a drink revealing battle-scarred face and eyes which stared past the messenger bringing the news. The sip she took was long, and as she finished she wiped her fingers across her lips. “So t’e bastard is dead ya know? Figures ‘e’d get out t’e easy way. Shoulda been me who killed ‘im!” She shouted as her hand clenched around her flask tight soon after launching it across the room. The Trade Princess continued her usual state of uneasy cheerfulness despite Utaria’s outburst. Utaria aggressively shunted her helmet closed once again. Remaining silent from that point on.
  3. It’s War Wednesday here at Lord of the Craft.

  4. Ya’ll ever get a dm from a mystery in a cold sweat about a certain admin? Well I have.
  5. “So to show how much you wanted to have a non-aggression pact you decided t’ declare war on a pacifistic state,” said Utaria Helenson-Anarion legal analyst of Turning Point Sutica.
  6. Honestly why do you people care if we use Predator Drones? You don’t rp in Sutica so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back aight. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games is done.

  7. RP Name:: Utaria Grandaxe Helenson-Anarion MC Username: Utaria Discord: Sky#5928 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Renatus-Marna Why Do You Wish To Come?: Because the paladins are forcing me to come. What Skills Can You Bring?: Martial training, Paladin Connection, Diplomacy
  8. [!] This Note is posted at the entrance of the Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei, and it is written in a neat but slightly excessive handwriting. TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE LUNAR DOMAIN OF ASIMU’LEI I write this in regard to the incident involving myself several Saints days ago, and I write in an effort to apologize in full for my attempts to apprehend the citizen known as Maya for investigation which undeniably violated the sovereignty of the Lunar Domain. I was found guilty of this action by the Paladin Order which is run under Lefkos. Thusly I have received punishment accordingly for my actions. Furthermore, apologize for associating with the criminal known as Xavis. Due to my own ignorance, I was not aware of his status as a banished criminal in your lands. Lastly, I wish that you hold no ill-will to my Paladin brothers and sisters as their actions do not reflect my actions. I acted without thought, without reason towards future consequences. However, I will continue to defend that no harm was intended to be caused, but I understand that outside of that defense my actions were still not acceptable. Sincerely, Utaria Grandaxe Helenson-Anarion
  9. Utaria Helenson-Anarion pinches the bridge of her nose as she exhales. “Ah aye t’at’s what Sutica needed anot’er person t’ ignore our ‘istory because t’ey t’ink t’e guard force is why we are a laughing stalk.”
  10. Utaria Helenson-Anarion reads the letter in her spare time noting, “This is very similar to my wife’s writing style. I wonder where they got their inspiration.”
  11. Back in my day we got harassed by GMs to keep OOC agreements.

  12. Utaria laughs and says, "Sorry, I forgot to add the serial killer section ya fuckwit."
  13. [!] This Document would be found in the Sutican Library for all to read. TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE FOR THE FREE STATE Despite being the 200th anniversary of the Independence of the Free State of Sutica, I have found the lack of knowledge of this any many other historical events extremely distressing to the future of the nation. As the old saying goes, “those who don’t study history are bound to repeat it.” Therefore, I have found it of utmost importance to write this retelling of the events which transpired so long ago on the 16th of the First Seed, 1543. I hope this provides important information for many years to come. -Dame Utaria Helenson-Anarion Head Librarian of the Free State of Sutica As merchants prepared their goods for the day, and as scholars went about their work in the small City of Sutica, an uneasy peace had overcome the citizenry. The cries of gulls and the crash of waves against the platform from which the residents had created a city would soon be cut short with the clatter of armour and the galloping of horses through the streets. With haste they made their way to surround the Town Hall demanding audience with the Trade Princess who ruled the city. Trade Princess Lilyana sighed as she headed from her balcony to the town hall below. This wasn’t the first time Oren had arrived seeking to get Sutica to bend the knee. Since the start of the Eighteen Year War, since Vandoria merged with the dwarves to create the Empire of Vanderguan the State of Sutica had been met with attack after attack. Despite the continued raids no aid would come. The Trade Princess and her citizenry sent out letter after letter to their representative government of Vandoria, but it failed to bring help. The only tangible reply was, “Build walls.” As their letters continued to increasingly absent replies, the government sought the dwarven side of the government for aid, but the city was told to contact their own representatives. Luckily with the aid of Dunamis, they were able to rise a small defense and keep Sutica from being fully destroyed under the heels of the war. Yet, Lilyana remained loyal. The nation mined stone which would be sent to capital of Vanderguan while Sutica remained under assault. They had remained loyal in these new lands despite the hardship that they had faced from the Kharajyr and the Orcs from over the mountain before the war. She, along with the other founders David Enrique, Silv’ar Vanguard, Shyns, and many others had built Sutica from the ground up. They were refugees fleeing the from Salvus after the Ruby Down and Hightower Rebellions. They were wary of warfare, wary of an uncaring government like that of the Republic of Salvus which forced its people to pay taxes while abandoning them to hordes outside. Lilyana herself had lost a child to the endless conflict the early Sutican people rejected. A land for peace, that is what they created Sutica to be. These memories must have flown through the young Trade Princess as she made her way to the Orenian’s downstairs. The Baron who led the raid informed the Princess of the deal. Much like earlier times the Trade Princess attempted to refuse. She sought to buy more time for the City, but the Orenians didn’t wish for it. They sought for the immediate annexation of the City of Sutica into the Holy Oreninan Empire, but with some fast thinking Lilyana resisted. She sought an independent Sutica which was under protection of Oren. Trying to bring true peace to Sutica once and for all. With that, she signed the Treaty of Sutica thus creating the Principality of Sutica, soon to be Isles of Sutica. Under the protection of Oren, Sutica found peace that it had never seen before. Other refugees who sought an end to conflict would join in the everlasting endeavour to find solace. With its peace has come to be known as the safe haven from taxes and unnecessary wars. Many people have come to destroy that peace we know, but Sutica has always prevailed. We will never forget our history for once we lose our history and why we remain at peace we will forget who we are to the core. I dedicate this history to the women and men who have made Sutica thrive through the years, To Silv’ar Vanguard: Our first leader and the one who designed many of our early cities, and went to serve many years as minister after abdicating. To David Enrique: Although removed from power early, served as a leader of this great nation. To Lilyana Faroe: Our nation should never forget their 119 years of service. Without Lilyana there would be no Sutica as it stands today. She formed the foundation and the life blood of the nation. Her many accomplishments are too great to list. To Alem’shun Vanguard: While not known for being the most memorable, he stood in place when the nation needed stability. Ensuring Sutica would not die, and he continued to serve as a minister like his father after abdicating. To Cyrene Riel: A controversial leader, who brought life back to the city and brought it back to the success of the Age of Lilyana. To Lilith Helenson-Anarion: My greatest love, the second longest leader of Sutica who ended hostilities with the Empire of Man and saw many reforms put in place to protect the continued freedom of the people of Sutica. To Mika Uialben: Yet another controversial leader, who tried his best to protect the nation from harm. To Mylas La Terra Amant Carrington: The late husband of Trade Princess Lilyana who served the nation as a merchant and formulated the first law codex of the nation. To Karyssmov Faroe: Though largely disavowed in the history of the nation due to actions near the end of his service which led to his exile and disconnection, his service as a Cleric and as Husband to Trade Princes Lilyana to the protection of Sutica cannot be forgotten. To Gray Kellian: One of the first Knights of Sutica and the Cleric which took Lilyana under his wing. To Archrim Elmoran: The closest Sutica came to their own Dragon Knight. He served for life and defended Sutica until his last dying breath as Captain of the Guard. To Thain Elmoran: Served alongside her husband for many years defending Sutica as Minister of Defense. To the Nevermore Family: A family of Human Merchants since the days of the Third City who have provided many of the necessary funds needed to keep the nation running. To Jon Snowell: A long serving steward and Minister of Interior who has remained steadfast in service since outlasting most Trade Monarchs. To the Avern Family: A family which has stood by the Nation for a long time providing a critical look throughout the history of the Fifth and Sixth City. Jan Ritter Von Alstreim: Righteous defender during the Siege of Sutica during the Fourth City. Though would temporarily be disavowed following the events of the Alstreim Rebellion.
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