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  1. first bump in 4 years




  2. I really hope you reconsider coming back, now more than never man........

  3. You know what happened to Brum? I wanna speak to him again (langstondog)

  4. I was coming here to say i'm overjoyed that you had returned, but then the first thing I hear is some conflict where you've decided to leave again (this time non-forced) over it.

    I admit the world hasn't been the same without you, and when I scanned the old news posts and saw that, I was briefly bolstered.

    I wish you all the luck, but hope you would consider co...

  5. D: We need you, please come back

  6. We miss you, man. :c

  7. I see your back online. PLEASE STAY!

  8. Don't mean to bother you, but you truly seem like what lotc needs. Never met you back in Aegis, but from seeing your conduct recently I've been very impressed. At the least, you gave people hope. Would love to see you come back.

  9. Mm, yea smells sooo good

  10. baby come back and help us improve the community~

  11. Yes you're heeeeeerrreeee! :D

  12. Please don't do this again.

  13. Don't go man. Think of the nice times on LoTC. :

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