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  1. Oh my lord. A year ago from today I applied to be a diplomat of Oren. You accepted me, even know I had been drinking. What a colorful occasion that was.

  2. Damien Glaft

    The Purge

    Damien swears, As he knows he can not attend the meeting. (( I know this is ooc but it is absolutely essential and I have no other way of communicating. Aryon please clear your private, message folder. I need to send you an Important message and it isnt posssible with your full inventory
  3. Damien Glaft

    The Purge

    * A letter held in the hands of a hooded figure. his lips curl as the scars on his face throb. "Finally" he says. " I can have my revenge." He sends the letter to the Aegis keep, and waits, hoping for a reply* MC Name - tnfccrew RP Name - Damien Glaft Combat Skills - 50swords (more of a stealth player) Non Combat Skills - 100 Stealth Are you willing to fight - I am willing to fight to the end, for Oren has wronged me in unspeakable ways. The anger inside has welled up to the point of blind rage, I will tear through Arethor and give it the scars and bruises it has given me.
  4. You have caught an FM!

  5. A wild FM appears...

  6. Wow...How lazy am I! I am still jobless in Asulon :/

  7. Sigh, I need a new member title, FM's Suprise me pwease! :P

    1. Lym


      Done and done :3

  8. Ugh....just found someone with the name "Dalien" Either my name is VERY common, or it has been stolen :/

    1. Damien Glaft

      Damien Glaft

      Ha, this matter has been cleared. turns out he misspelled his name, it is really Daleian! :)

  9. Damn You Undead! You take my City! ;)

    1. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      What city would that be? I have been off for a few days. . .

  10. Damien Glaft

    Alan's (Darrian's) Fm Application

    What do you think? Of course it's a +1. Darrian is one of the most dedicated players and definitely would be a great edition to our team! :)
  11. Damien Glaft

    visualjaw/Fust's FM Application.

    Great app! You seem very helpful and can be found on the forums often! +1 for me! (nothing for me to give feedback on :))
  12. Damien Glaft

    Enor's FM App ( WildeBoy98 )

    Me Three! Anyways, congrats Enor! ( My boss) Welcome to the Team! :)
  13. Damien Glaft

    Damien_Glaft's FM Application/ Please give feedback

    I guess this can be My first lock! ;)