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  1. [Updated] The Fasciculus Order

    Elvira, an Alchemist herself, raises an eyebrow at the letter. "...seriously? There's no such thing as a Demigod. No race or group has the blood of an Aengudaemon in them so they'll be leading people on a wild goose chase.... unless they mean people who are the descendants of an Aengudaemon that was turned into a mortal due to staying in the mortal realm for too long, then yeah. Good fricking luck trying to find out who is a descendant of such."
  2. Character Art Raffle

    *waves hands frantically*
  3. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    Fury. You used the wrong link to the Tahariae lore - the one you linked is the old version. Please link the updated version so that things are up to scratch and if this lore is accepted, any clerics or people reading the lore will be able to access the updated version of Tahariae. The newest version is here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157049-✓-tahariae-aengul-of-purity-updated/ Secondly. ...No credit for me for writing the Vailor part of the Clerical History? I wrote the Codex Historia II document. Ventusyr wrote the first. XD Also, I'll give feedback once I have time to read the lore fully.
  4. Magic charging emote counts

    When it comes to me emoting charging up Ascended magic - or any other magic I use - this is what I tend to do when it comes to summoning/charging up the magic from no magic being active to activating the magic. First charging emote: Elvira activating her soul fire and bringing out her soul lines, which is just glowing lines over her body. Basically, aesthetic emoting and giving a general visualisation of the charging. At the end of this emote, I mention teal embers coming forth over her palm. Second charging emote: The embers grow in number and begin to manifest into brilliant teal soulfire, once again - she cannot use an attacking spell during this point else the attack will be weak due to not having time to charge up. I throw in some more description to make the emoting more interesting. Charged emote: This is when Elvira now has her soulfire fully out and charged up, which can now be used to strike opponents and cause trouble. Or aid another person. If someone faces me in combat RP, then they have two chances to get Elvira down before she fully summons her soulfire out and can dish out attacks - between the first and second charging emote, and the second charging and the release emote. Also, if I'm using a tier 4 or tier 5 spell, then the charging would take at least three charging emotes before releasing the attack from the very beginning - meaning that if Elvira is going in for a heavy attack from the moment she first starts channelling her soulfire, then I will have to do four emotes in total and the opponent has three chances to stop her before she's all set up. However, this only depends on if she is summoning her soulfire to begin with. Once she has her soulfire out and surrounding her hands, my emoting (regardless of spell tier) will take two emotes: One charging up the spell, then the releasing emote. This is so I can keep track of what I'm doing, as well as not overloading people with a three emote charging up full of descriptions, despite the fact Elvira still has her soulfire out, since combat roleplay really rushes by and I do not want to flood the chat with charging emotes. But there is still the break between the charging and releasing emote for a character to stop Elvira from using this spell - the opponent must actually be willing to take the strike before she can get the spell ready. Not sure if this is relevant but that's just how I do magic charging emotes but I do try and ensure it's fair for those I combat.
  5. The Creature Index [2017]

    (Art by me) The Tonitrua Habitat: Savannah and Forests - They live within forests but venture to savannahs during dry season to absorb electricity from the thunderstorms that occur there. Size: The Tonitrua tend to be around 40 – 65 cm in terms of length when fully grown, with their long tails adding up most of their length. Their main wingspan are roughly 74 – 120 cm while their secondary wingspan are roughly ( for an adult). It takes at least a year (one OOC week) for a newborn Tonitrua to become fully grown. [To compare them to other birds: the Tonitura is roughly the same size as a peregrine falcon]. Diet: Tonitruas are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and fruits, although their diet is leaning more on meats. They tend to hunt down smaller mammals, birds, and insects through the use of their ability to generate small electric shocks to paralyse their prey and sustain themselves. These birds also tend to eat berries once in a while should they be unable to gain any meat. However, the most curious part of their diet is their need to consume electricity from the sky during storms, to keep themselves energised and alive. A Tonitrua can hold up enough electricity that can last it up to three months before running out and needing more. Temperament: Tonitruas are notoriously shy and timid birds, avoiding Descendants and larger creatures the best they can when they are out hunting alone. This is likely due to these birds holding the ability to recognise and understand emotions, understanding when someone is upset or angry so they do their best to avoid them. Yet when with their coven, these birds become braver against larger foes who dare to come too close to a Tonitura nest. The birds will lash out in a blinding fury to defend their home and their young with their lives. If tamed, a Tonitura loses its shyness to larger beings and can develop its own personality. This bird will hold undying loyalty towards the person who tamed or befriended it. If their companion is under attack, the bird will strike the enemy with simple shocks (which to a normal descendant will only be like an annoying pinch on the skin). However, this bird will still take care of itself, even if tamed. Brief summary of the creature A Tonitrua is a small golden bird that bears four wings and a very long tail. It holds darker mane-like feathers running along its neck and down its spine, giving it a rather lion-esque look to it. Gold only appears to be the single colour a Tonitrua takes, although its eye colour can vary from yellow to green to blue, and even red in some cases. However, this bird loses these colours and become white if its ill or lacking electricity in its body, signifying that its life is in danger and needs help. A fully charged up Tonitrua tends to gain a blue tint to its feathers when it’s charging up the electricity within it for an attack through using its tail. The bird’s feathers and skin are resistant to lightning, and the bird holds a special organ that allows the creature to absorb and unleash very small jolts of electricity throughout its body. Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food) A Tonitrua tends to stay with a group of Tonitruas, which is referred to as a ‘Thundering of Tonituras”, within forests located near savannahs. A Thundering is led by the alpha of the group but every member is expected to play their part in taking care of each other, whenever it’s by ensuring chicks are taken care of and given simple jolts of electricity to sustain themselves, or by defending the nest from enemies. If a Tonitrua is unable to gain enough electricity to keep itself energized, the Thundering will send shocks into the bird to help it gain the amount it needs. Sometimes a Tonitrua Fledging that can fly will leave its nest to start a new Thundering, going to the Savannahs to gain a mate and start a new group. This is quite common as there are many Thunderings located in large forests near to the Savannahs. During spring, when violent thunderstorms occur within the nearby Savannah, this begins the breeding season where males compete for a female in the Thundering. While older Tonitruas remain behind to tend to eggs that have not hatched, the more younger Tonitura adults migrate to the Savannah. Male Tonituras try to get a female’s attention through who can take in the most electricity during the storm season. The more vibrant and blue a Tonitrua is due to how much electricity is absorbed by it, the more likely that bird will win the female’s attention. The two birds soon get together and an egg is brought forth into the world. However, males are also common to fight each other should one get the female another wanted, often battling the other in the sky until one of them is knocked out and the victor gains the female. When it comes to gathering food, a Tonitrua goes alone to hunt but uses its unique ability to generate shocks to its advantage. The bird can lash out with its tail and strike smaller opponents, using its ability to generate a shock from the tail and into its prey, causing them to become paralysed temporarily and fall to the ground. This shock does not kill, but instead allows the Tonitrua time to swoop in and kill its prey. However, the Tonitrua needs to be careful as generating too much electricity will gradually weaken it and will cause it to need another boost of electricity. To tame or befriend a Tonitrua, there are two simple methods: The first is to take an egg from the Thundering’s nest and raise the bird yourself, although this is risky as while a single Tonitrua’s shock is harmless, multiple shocks from many of the birds can leave you with some serious burns and scratches. The second method is by befriending or aiding a lone Tonitrua fledling, who had just let its parental Thundering to head off on its own. If the bird is helped or treated from any injuries, the bird will form a bond with the person who aided it and will deem them a member of its Thundering. Sometimes the bird may not recognise its companion as the leader, but instead itself, but is still loyal to the person who aided it. When it comes to taking care of a Tonitrua, it is important to remember these birds require electricity to keep themselves sustained. Newly hatched Tonitruas are often fed a soft mix between berries and meat, before later being moved up to solids. To keep the baby sustained on electricity, the owner can simply place the hatchlings outside during a thunderstorm and keep the bird company while the little bird’s system will begin absorbing in the electricity in the air. Tonitruas who are kept in cages are more likely to die due to being unable to fly in thunderstorms and gain the energy they need, resulting in their majestic golden colours fading and then death. It is always crucial to allow the bird free roam but those who are friends with the bird do not have to worry about it flying away - the bird will not leave them unless asked to stay in a location or runs away due to being mistreated. Origin: No one knows for certain how these birds came to be or how they gained their secondary wings or electrical abilities. Some estimate that the Aspects gave these birds these traits to make them well equip to their surroundings, other say it happened when a small bird was struck by lightning and was changed into a Tonitrua. Weaknesses: A Tonitrua needs electricity from thunderstorms to keep itself alive every three months (three ooc days) and if it doesn’t gain enough electricity or is prevented from gaining such, the bird slowly loses its golden colour and falls ill. Within another month, the bird will die. Due to its small size, a Tonitrua can be easily taken down by a much larger opponent and its shocks will not harm larger enemies. Due to a Tonitrua’s feather being noticeably beautiful and golden, they are hunted down for these feathers which are sold at high prices. These feathers are often fashioned into quills or accessories. If a Tonitrua loses its tail, it also loses its ability to send out shocks as the tail serves as the main conduct for sending shocks out. However, the bird can still absorb electricity normally. LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines? A Tonitrua’s electrical shock cannot cause any damage to any other characters, its shock is only strong enough to cause a simple pinching pain wherever the person is struck. A Tonitrua will need electricity to keep itself sustained, this can include normal electricity from thunderstorms. Voidal electricity will not sustain the bird as the electricity will need to return to the void once the connection is closed. If you mistreat your Tonitrua (such as harming it, locking it up, not giving it electricity, not feeding it, etc) - your bird will fly away and will not return to you. If you want a Tonitrua, simply contact me (Farryn) and we can arrange a little event for you to get a Tonitrua.
  6. The Day of Remembrance Festival

    "Well... I would love to go and spend time with family and friends peacefully, perhaps even run my mocha and ramen stand..." Elvira mutters to herself in the manor, sipping mocha. "But... I don't want anyone to see me get practically killed and explode into embers because I'm a kill on sight in the city for purely being an Ascended."
  7. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    [!] Another post would soon arrive, pinned against all of the posters, written for all to see and clear as day. [!] "Azoth. Do not dare make lies and make this worse. Don't you bloody dare make this as worse as it is now. Do not say you are not, you are lying to the descendants by exaggerating the situation. You are not keeping the peace, you are tearing it for all who did not want this madness. Yet if you are going to lie, I am going to tell the truth for the people you lie to with your papers. "After years of idle threats and crass insults against our High Prince, the Ascended decided that their duty was no longer to the people of these lands. Marching upon the gates of Caras Eldar like the Flays of old, the Ascended came fully armored and ready to engage in combat with our fair nation; however, the gate opened and allowed them to walk headfirst into the High Prince Belestram Sylvaeri and his righteous, revered protectors of the Dominion. Insults and poison dripped from the Master Sage’s own lips as he slithered across the stone with his goons to confront our line of defenders." Only three Ascended came, armoured and ready for combat because of the paths leading to the city being reknown for bandit attacks. All who come to the city are armed and ready in some form to protect themselves from those who take advantage of the long distance between the Cloud Temple and the Dominion. Many others came to the Dominion armed and armoured, whenever they be guards or simple travellers visiting the city. The Ascended came upon the very request of Belestram who desired to meet with the Master Sage peacefully. This meeting was meant to be of peaceful intent to settle the conflict. The gates were closed, from many accounts of allies of mine who were there, but were opened by a guard upon request of the High Prince. There was no forcing, no ready to engage in combat from either side - a meeting seeking to resolve things peacefully for both sides. Heial spoke with words that had to be spoken, regardless of if they were ones that wanted to be hear or not. "Drawing upon some necrotic art given to him by Aeriel (or perhaps Iblees. The Ascended are not known for being able to distinguish visions correctly in the past), Heial sucked the life and burning ember of the ArchAengul Herself from the beating chest of our fair High Prince. But Belestram stood his ground: the pride of the Dominion washing over his features to drown out any pain from the Dark Arts being used by the Fallen Sage." What you all witnessed was not the necrotic arts - but instead how an Ascended is disconnected. The ember was used to nulify Belestram's ember and fully extinguish it, removing his connection from Aeriel. The disconnection art has changed since you was last with the order, Azoth, but I can confirm it is not such. As an Ascended is unable to use the necrotic arts to begin with as their soulfire prevents such ability forming, and even if it was possible - soulfire burns at what is tainted, Belestram's soulfire would have protected him from the taint. While I understand the dark fog would give the impression of necromancy, that was instead a Null Ember - the necessary mean to disconnect an Ascended by snuffing out the soulfire around the soul. And this was not forced - Belestram openly arranged such meeting with Dwalin, my second in command, and expressed his willingness to be disconnected. To end the conflict before lives are taken. This was the option both sides hoped for, yet it was Belestram and the Dominion who stabbed the knife clean through the back. "It was then that the rest of the Cult attacked with their blades drawn high. Shields raised from the line of valiant defenders to block the incoming slaughter. Citizens scattered and ran as Ascended and hired thugs rampaged after them. I myself had to avoid one or two as I attempted to safeguard a small elven child whom the Master Sage took a wild swing at. Perhaps if Aeriel had seen the mali I saw then she would realize her mistake." Three Ascended, willingly came into the city, within your own grounds where you held the upper ground and surrounded by enough guards and citizens that could easily eliminate a horde of armies. The three all knowing what was at stake but were willing to come in anyway to end this peacefully and allow this conflict to end. They knew that fighting when outnumbered is a risky move, any trained warrior know that to walk clean into a dangerous territory, outnumbered and surrounded, is the worst situation to be in. The three sent were very aware of the matter. Yet why do you describe them as lashing out, prepared to slaughter all there when in fact... it was the guards and those watching who lashed out at the Ascended the second the disconnection was done? Why do you make it seem as though this was a murder attempt by the Ascended when this was a peace meeting but the guards lashed out? Those who were willing to protect the Ascended did so because they witnessed a group of three being struck down because they did what they were summoned there to do: To disconnect Belestram and leave it at that. "As our soldiers fought back against the dirty, abhorrent massacre which the Order of the Mongoose intended to unleash… Belestram pushed forward. Soldiers fell in line as we pushed the murderers back into the iron gates. They gnashed their grotesque mandibles and screeched profanity against the citizens who ran. This was when the last of their kind fell. Heial - the Fallen Sage of the Corrupted Order of Aegis. He sat there on the ground, laughing maniacally in his apparent madness. I could only frown. Only think back to when he was a good soul. I do not kill, readers, nor did I have the will to do so then. That is when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The High Prince stepped past me and kneeled down to his fallen friend. He seemed… sad. A man whom he had loved once, sat here in his insanity and raved about nonsense. The High Prince said his final words. Then ended the Master Sage’s life. I can almost admit there was a calmness over the Fallen Sage’s face before his form quickly faded away. High Prince Belestram Sylvaeri stood from the ashy floor and inhaled deeply. Today we had fought back an attack on not just our leader, but our home. And we had done so justly." There was no massacre that was caused by the Ascended, your men struck at the three Ascended whom were there to meet with Belestram in peaceful terms to perform a willing connection. Belestram agreed and permitted the three entry into the city and allowed himself to be disconnected, only for the guards to strike down the three while those who understood what was happening sought to aid the three. Where was the justice in killing three people who did nothing but grant Belestram his wish to be disconnected? Was this truly an attack made by the Ascended, or was this a trap for you to write this? Tell me, Azoth. Why? Why is it that you seek to lie to the Descendants? What do you gain by lying about a situation and worsen it by permitting your guards to strike down three Ascended in a willing disconnection that was promised to be peaceful? Is it the desire to continue the conflict? Gain amusement at seeing my own lover struck down after he had to disconnect his own adopted son? Settle the score? Revenge? Or for the sickening thrill to see others suffer? This did not have to end in bloodshed but the Dominion deemed it so, you all saw it necessary to kill the three because of a simple willed disconnection that only caused momentary harm. The High Prince broke his word by permitting bloodshed when it was not necessary - he remains alive and well, a clear sign the disconnection only took away his connection to Aeriel. He now stands free to lead and goven the Dominion, while the Ascended were set to leave him be and alone now that his connection is gone. You clearly told me you didn't want it to end this way and the peaceful route was right in front of us. Yet you, Azoth Hawksong, wanted this to happen and this is the last straw. I helf hope that you were perhaps true with your stories and the time we did spend together as friends, despite the fact I knew that you was a man bearing a silver tounge and was capable of manipulating. I held the hope that perhaps you truly did care and that you was going to end the lies, stay away from the order for your own sake and finally move on from the past. Even if you held resentment to the order, I still saw you for a charming and sociable person and truly hoped to to truly accept you as a friend. I held that hope but now... that speck is gone. You believed you had me under your strings... but all along, this puppet bore no strings for you to control. To those reading this - I do not care what you think of me. That I am an Ascended trying to save my order's back, a simple woman who should keep her mouth closed, a ragged dog who should be muzzled and put down. Go ahead and insult me, hunt me, kill me - I will accept your blade with my own, even if it means being chased to my days. Yet I will not stand by as lies are fed and threatening more lives than any of the darkness running amongst us. I will speak my voice, even when many want me to be silenced. I do not care but I will fight for what I believe, even if it means being seeing as the most despicable, disgraceful, and foulest of beings on the planet for just being me. I ask that you all at least consider things from different angles than what you know, that there's more to this than just one story. There's more sides and more pieces of the story. So no more lies, Azoth, no more trying to cover your tracks and place the blame on others. You and many others are just as to blame for this massacre than the Ascended alone. So be actual men and grow enough balls to admit that you did kill the Ascended in a peaceful meeting when Heial was disconnecting Belestram, whom willing accepted such. Just know I will not be killing any of you for I am a woman of my oaths and honour, even if you have caused more pain to me within my hundred years alive. Death will only be a swift mercy, thus I will leave you all be to your own downfalls when the time comes for such. I hope you take sincere enjoyment in lying to your own people. - Elvira Naromis.
  8. xX_KitHasAKat_Xx

    Changed Status to Denied
  9. xX_KitHasAKat_Xx

    Hello there, xx_kithaskat_xx, I am afraid that there are some edits that you need to make on your application. I have listed them below so that you can make the required changes. Be aware that you have 24 hours to make these application, otherwise your application will be denied. Edits required: Definitions: You need to explain powergaming and metagaming in a bit more detail than just one sentence. I suggest including an example of powergaming and metagaming through the use of a roleplay scenario so that I know you understand these definitions clearly, along with an explanation of how it doesn't benefit RP. A sentence alone does not fully explain. Race: A halfling is not a half human, half elf. he halflings are in fact a race of very small people who focus on a very laidback and peaceful life and focus more on farming and having fun. Think of the Halflings from Lord of the Rings. I believe the proper term you are looking for is Half Elf, not halfling. Therefore either change your character's race to Half Elf, or perhaps make them into a halfling. Biography: You need to expand more on your character's biography, such as where she was born, what certain events happened to him, etc. This is where you flesh out your character and explain how they became the person they are the moment you start playing them on the server. I also suggest explaining where her parents are, what her goals are, and what skills he acquired - such as if he's most skilled in one area or weak in another. Be aware you will need to include one or more piece of LotC lore within your biography, such as city names, etc, and a few sentences will not work so do try and write at least a paragraph about your character's backstory. Skin: Just curious but why does your character wear a green monster hat? I advise explaining the reason why in the backstory, since it is a very unique trait and would certainly be a tale worth explaining to other characters if your application is accepted. Aside from that, you got the basics of the application down. Remember, you have 24 hours to make the requested changes on your application. When you are done with the edits, simply post a comment on your application and tag me through @farryn or by PMs - that way, I will know you have made the edits and want the application reviewed again.
  10. Omehr_Plays

    Changed Status to Denied
  11. Omehr_Plays

    While you did make the edits to an extent, they weren't long enough to give a clear backstory of your character and your definitions of metagaming and powergaming are still hard to read. You can reapply within three hours.
  12. Omehr_Plays

    You still need to expand more on your definitions and biography a bit, such as explaining what skills he has, along with any strengths and weaknesses he has. And once again, can you please use full stops, commas, and fix some spelling errors as reading your application is really hard. You have an additional 24 hours to correct this application.
  13. Omehr_Plays

    You have not made all of the necessary changes - please read the edits and make the changes.
  14. ItzJust4Funz

    Hello there, I am afraid that there are some edits that you need to make on your application. Due to your application being made and submitted before you made a forum account, I have to automatically deny your application. However, I have listed down the edits that you need to make on your application below so that you can make the required changes for your next application. Edits required: Definitions: You need to explain powergaming and metagaming. I suggest using an example of powergaming and metagaming with the explaination also through the use of a roleplay scenario so that I know you understand these definitions clearly, along with an explanation of how it doesn't benefit RP. Character Name: Your username is not a vaild name for your character, please choose a more suitable name for your character which fits their race. There are many online name generators that you can use to get a unique name. I highly, highly doubt Jade would call your character an extremely weird name that includes a number in it. Biography: I highly recommend you do not use the 'village was attacked by orcs' scenario, as many applications in the past have used this scenario and it has become extremely cliche on the server, therefore think of a different scenario for your character. Your character cannot have or be influenced by any form of magic - meaning you cannot have your character starting off with using magic, radiating a magical aura, or being majorly influenced by magic. Furthermore, there is no form of runes that can change your character's race, meaning your character must stick to the race that they were born as. There are many plotholes with your character's biography - there is no explaination as to what happened to his family, how he lost his memories, where he was born, how he aquired his combat skills, and so forth. Furthermore, why is his birthday marked on his body? That to me just seems to be written in just so the character knows his birthday. Please fix the biography so that it makes sense and goes in depth regarding how your character grew up, what they learnt in terms of skills, and what happened to them which made them the person they are now. You must include one or more piece of LotC lore within your biography. This can include names of cities, cultures, etc. Facts Your character cannot radiate a demonic aura - it is not allowed. Please avoid making your character an assassin - there is no indication in his biography which explains why he's an assassin, how he is trained to be an assassin, and so forth. It has become very cliche for new players to apply for an assassin based character, therefore please avoid in making your character such. Once again - your character cannot be a human who is turned into a halfling. You can reapply within three hours.