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  1. "Hmm.. I still need to make my way there," Azariah notes.
  2. Elvira closes her eye. "...so it begins." ((OMG YOU USED MY ARTWORK :D))
  3. As a fellow Brit, I really hope Kings/Chase will make it back to his home and family as soon as possible. I've personally never been stranded in another country but given from what I read, it is a really scary situation, especially with the many scenarios that can happen but I'm glad he is safe and sound. Plus, seeing the community working together to make sure Kings is safe, has somewhere to stay, etc really warms up the heart. Sure LotC members may be memers and there are times we do act like fools but we are real people and we do care about our own when there is a real life situation like this. I honestly cannot do much to assist Kings but the least myself (and anyone who is unable to give money or give Kings a temporary place of residence) can do is offer moral support and prayers. Godspeed, Kings!
  4. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: TheClassyBritish What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: Farryn Have you logged in as a wandering soul on the account you're applying for? (you have to): Can't due to alt account previously owned by Zeeer0, meaning that it has been banned. Zero has since given such account to me and holds no access to using it. Do you agree to follow the server rules on your new account?: Yep. Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yep. Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yep. How long have you been on LotC?: Nearly four years now (joined October 27th 2014) How many accounts do you currently have white-listed (including main)?: TheClassyBritish and Farryn
  5. "...While a Fi mage did take away my magic, the ones shown here are not a threat," Elvira would say softly as she reads such. "The one who took my magic was allies with the Xionists, yet these ones are are Fi mages who specifically target the dark forces and render them null of their magic, they mean no harm... and they are not dark creatures. If they were, my magic would have affected them but it heals them like any other descendant."
  6. @garretta706
  7. She was back in the room. Dry blood and frost caked her skin, hardened by the coldness produced by the thanium within the room. Her body had long since gone numb, yet the pain kept tightening like the chains on her arms and legs. The woman could not move, bound down by ice, chain, and agony. The walls and floor were submerged in snow and ice, frozen corpses hanging from hooks dangling from the wall. Briefly, she wondered if she would soon join them, the hook impaled clean through her chest. She was better off dead but the darkness did not desire such. A foot emerged in front of her but she did not lift her head, the floor providing more peaceful sights than the one before her. "Finally..." the figure groaned. The woman remained silent as a spine tingling crack fills the thanium freezer. She felt hands proceeding to find their way to either side of her center mass: left pressed between her breasts, right planted firmly on her back as mists would flood into her body. No… not this! Do not force me to witness it again! At first, nothing. Then, she felt her connection weakening. It always flared bright like a beacon, the silver bridge tethering her soul to her patron. The fire that gives her warmth, that made her who she was. Yet it was fading, her connection fading away. Warmth vanishing. Light vanishing. Her eye widened as fear begins to creep up through the calmness. "W... What are you doing?" No! Get away! Stop him! STOP HIM! The mists continued to flood into her, she could feel each and every one sapping at the connection. Mind and body alike screamed out as the woman’s form began to tremble, beginning to thrash against the hands. Yet they held her firm in place. "I am ridding the realm of unholy mages such as yourself." From behind, another spoke. "We're freeing you from your slavery. Be overjoyed. The New Sun smiles upon your person, 'Vira; there is a new dawn on the horizon, and new.. opportunities available." Flashbacks flared into her mind Blinding light. Soul tearing in two. Every part of her body flaring in agony. Andriel dying, his lips smiling wide as he died. NO! "No... no! Y-You can't! I-I cannot lose this connection!" Her voice broke, unmistakable panic and fear entering her mind. Her blood rushed faster, her mind entering a state of hysteria as the flashbacks flooded faster through her. The calmness she held up for so long finally slipped and her true despair was now emerging. "I cannot go through disconnection again! Please... I beg of you! MERCY!" The breathing becomes quicker and short as she feels herself unable to reach her connection. She tried to reach out for the light but found none. Her heartbeat increasing to the point it hurt. "Do not fear, little elf, you'll fade into slumber soon." the mage taunted, the swirling mist akin in color to his uniform's purple sash worked through every fabric of her being, scouring for mana, and sapping it. No! No! PLEASE! STOP! Her eyelids begun to fall heavy, tiredness sweeping over her. All that was left of the connection was gone. The light was gone. She could not feel it. Where was it? Where was her connection!? The darkness zoned in fast, swallowing her whole. The woman felt herself falling, rapidly spinning faster and faster. Until…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elvira Naromis bolted up in her bed, a pained scream escaping from her. Sweat coated her skin. Her whole form shook, uncontrolled and chaotic. The Prime Adherent stared ahead of her for a few moments, breathing deeply as she caught her breath. Slowly, she recovered and glanced around, gone was the cell she was imprisoned in. Her room within her small abode in Haense was grim and small, yet more reassuring than ever. The creaking of the water wheel and the pouring of the waterfall eased her mind. The cleric leader closed her eye, covering her face with her hand. “...Another nightmare, Elvi… just another nightmare…” she murmured to herself. No one replied, she expected that well, but her own voice was at least comforting despite sounding so shaken. The cleric got up from her worn bed and approached the mirror and water basin, going to spray her face with the cool liquid. It ran down her face, cooling down her hot flesh and cleaning the sweat away. With a sigh, she looked down at the water, examining her pale expression. The wounds she gained had since been healed but the mental and emotional damage remained. She could feel herself longing, longing for what she had lost - her connection and the relic ‘The Arm of Tahariae’ had been stolen from her, leaving the spaces where they belonged only with phantoms. All she felt was coldness, nothing more. Her lips could not form into their usual grin, even if she forced them to. Her own mind shattered into fragments, the memories of what happened repeating over and over in her mind. All she felt… was emptiness. ‘Tahariae help me… my mind is broken and my light is gone…’ Elvira closed her eye as she prayed. ‘..Please… let me regain what was stolen so that I may continue on with your duty…’ ‘He never responded to you, so why expect the response now?’ Her own voice replied back in her mind. ‘He never would abandon me… not now, not ever,” Elvira retorted, looking up into the mirror. Her pale reflection stared back, just as white, yet her lips locked in a malicious parted smile, revealing teeth rather sharper than her own. ‘Yet where is He now? He reconnected you before, yet why hasn’t he reconnected you now? Where is He now?’ ‘He is here and I know it,’ the Prime Adherent snarled back, gripping the basin tightly. Her knuckles going white. Yet as she uttered such, her shoulders sagged down. ‘..He… he is here…’ The voice multiplied, as if many were speaking to her. The questions never-ending, whispering following. Some took voices of her own, others that of friends and allies. Elvira’s body shook, teeth cutting into her lips and bringing up flesh blood. ‘Where is He now?’ You never were His follower,’ Ashanaak... ‘Is He here? I do not see him’ ‘The dark still lingers in your heart,’ ‘You’re not the person I knew anymore’ Andriel... You sure He is here?’ 'Tahariae wants to end mankind, like all the rest...!' ‘Accept who you are to be!’ ‘You will always be weak, Elvira…’ Ramza... ‘Oh where oh where is He?’ ‘They will never accept you as light,’ ‘...You’re not Ellie…’ Delaselva... “ENOUGH!” Her eye snapped open and the cleric shot the now unarmoured right hand towards the mirror. The glass shattered into shards, cutting into her flesh. Blood dripped into the water, staining it crimson. However the pain brought her back to reality, the voices vanished from her mind. She was alone once more and lowered her head, tears beginning to swell up into her eye. Thus she remained there for minutes or an hour, tears rolling down her cheeks as she stood there. “...I will not become dark… I am light and I always have been…” the clerical leader murmurs to herself slowly, raising her head to the shattered mirror. “...I am Elvira Naromis, leader of the clerics and descendant of light… I may have lost my light and relic… but I am still me...” She lowered her fist from the broken mirror and inspected her blooded hand. “I will not become darker than what I was before…”
  8. Are you certain that he said clerics? Not paladins or another group?
  9. If you mean in regards to certain war cleric spells?, I will add onto what Lynxy said. It's mostly because the light in terms of Orb of Light and Chains of Damned are relatively physical and can still cause harm to people and the surrounding environment. A near solid orb of light will still cause a knockback on descendants but it will not cause pure harm - the amount of damage it would cause is just a few scratches and the descendant having the breath knocked out of them. Palm of Light is a blinding spell that sends forth a powerful flash of light - eyes cannot withstand flashes of light and they can leave us stunned as it is a natural reaction from the eye and the flash, despite coming from a descendant friendly magic, will still be a side effect from the spell being used. The brightness will still harm those who are facing the cleric when they use this spell. This is perfectly natural. Chains of Damned may be an attack but with its ability to grapple around people, clerics can also use it to rescue descendants who have fallen down a hole and struggle to get up, or help bind down an attacking descendant till the guards arrive. Orb of light can help blow apart a structure that is blocking a pathway or rubble that has a descendant underneath. However, clerics are advised not to use the spells to harm the descendants unless utmost necessary - out of self defence, if the descendant is clearly aligned with the enemy, or if it is to assist a descendant (using Chains of Damned to get a descendant to safety). Another thing - clerics do not fully focus on dark beings alone, we still need to focus on dark mages who are complete descendants who know a form of magic that is dark. The clerics will still need to be able to combat both the mage and the dark magic itself, especially when it comes to a scenario where the cleric has lost their physical weapon and needs another tool at their disposal - the cleric will be heavily at a disadvantage when it comes to facing a dark mage if their magic cannot do at least some form of effects that can help turn the tides. So if some of the spells just phrase through the descendants, these spells would lose the mundane purposes and be fully combat, unable to be used just as creatively here and prevents clerics from defending themself in a scenario where a certain war cleric spell will be needed to stop a dark mage. This lore is still going by what Ventusyr has wrote within the current clerical lore. Within the War Clerical section, just before the spells, Ventusyr wrote this following paragraph: This lore was accepted and this is how war clericalism has always been roleplayed. The spells do harm the descendants but the worse they can do are a series of scratches, minor pains, and temporary blindness. Whereas with those tainted, the harm would be much worse. ------------------------------ I will add on for everyone that the War Clericalism set here is not focused 100% on combat. Yes, I know it is called 'WAR Clericalism' for the exact reason of disposing taint and 'spooks' but I want to give the clerics the ability to use war cleric spells in a more interesting way. Some of the spells can be used in more mundane means such as assisting and ensuring the rescue of descendants when faced with the scenarios I listed above. War Clericalism is still combat majorly, but some of the spells now hold other roles should the cleric be able to use such spells creatively and so that they can co-op with clerics who know Priest Healing instead of just being unable to heal if they do not take up the healing subtype. War Clerics now also hold the ability to save lives with their spells, not just having to be in a fight but in a situation where one of the spells will help when nature strikes, when a descendant is trapped and cannot get out. A war cleric can now aid in using their spells to rescue, instead of fully fighting. But if there is one thing I do want to make clear, it's this: War Clericalism, or any combat magic, should not be fully relied on in a fight - especially given the clerical exhaustion and how long the cleric can keep going. Yes, we can send orbs of light from range and The clerics need to consider the use of their magic carefully and use it to gain an advantage point in a fight, not expect themselves to immediately win because they have the type advantage. We should not fully rely on the magic and expect the clerics to be powerful combat mages like the paladins. The paladins are fine - that is what they are based around, but the clerics are not the best combat mages. You may be saying: "Farryn, we'll be weak against the dark though" - "Farryn, it's our duty to depose of dark beings and mages" - you are right. The clerics do have the role of fighting the darkness, it is the duty of the clerics to stop the darkness spreading and to keep purity. We should be stronger in combat... but we're not as strong as the paladins for one reason. Combating the dark is only half of our duty - there is still another part of the duty that the clerics have and one that is VERY important given that the paladins and ascended are weak in this area. The paladins are made for combat as they are devoted more to fighting living threats such as the drakaars, undead, etc. The Ascended are made to ensure the protection of souls and that all the souls are protected from. So where does that leave the clerics? To restore purity? There is something I will say: The Paladins and the Ascended lack one faction that the clerics are truly the best in, one factor that is very important when it comes to fighting- Clerics are the best magical healers, tied with the monks. We are utterly powerful when it comes to healing, compared to the paladins and Ascended. The paladins can heal some wounds but not all of them - the Ascended can take the wounds upon themselves but the wounds still take a good amount of hours to naturally heal. As for the clerics? We only face exhaustion but we can heal more wounds than the paladins can ever heal and the wound will be permanently gone without a scar, the cleric will not face the exact pain or bear the wounds like the ascended do. The clerics hold the most important role, they actually save lives from death's doors - a cleric can save someone from the most severe of wounds that mundane and alchemical means cannot heal, we can heal diseases, rejoin limbs that have been cut off, even restore eyesight should a cleric be that powerful. Neither paladins or ascended can do what the clerics can, and that is a role that all the clerics should truly be proud of and be a little more focused on. The paladins and ascended have sacrificed something to become powerful in an area. The paladins are powerful in combat but at the cost, they had to sacrifice their healing to become better warriors, while the ascended have sacrificed their wards so that they can become stronger in a different area. They had to give up some power within an area to become stronger within another and the same applies to the clerics: We are strong in healing but not the best at combat. That has always been a common fact - we can still fight but we cannot bring full destruction to a dark being we are facing alone, a cleric can still take down a dark being or dark mage with proper use of their magic and understanding of the creature before us. However we will struggle a little more than the paladins, who’s spell roster is made for combat. If multiple clerics work together then yes, but clerics have always been naturally weaker. Else, clerics would be powerful in both healing, warding, and combat and would become extremely unbalanced - the complete opposite to what this revamp intended to do. This revamp was not to make the clerics combat heavy - it was part of a major project to make the holy magics more defined with their roles. The paladins willingly gave up their healing to make the clerics better healers, the Ascended willingly gave up their warding to make the clerics better warders. They disliked doing this but they did it so that our community of clerics would have more strengths. Therefore we had to give up something in return - and that was being powerful fighters. Delmodan and Jallentime made their order’s lores weaker in healing and warding so that we could become strong in them, therefore I want to do the same through making clerics weaker in combat (not too weak of course) so that the clerics are balanced and that we aren’t giving the middle finger to the other two. “We aren’t the best healers”, I apologise Squirtgun, Seventh, and everyone who disagrees but you are wrong. The clerics come out as the strongest healers out of the paladins, ascended, and all over magics. The monks may be stronger but they are not active, their magic has been shelved. The clerics are the strongest active healers on the server and we will never be powerful in combat. The clerics will never harm the Ascended or Keepers because of canon lore and the fact the clerics were never once told by LT or Tahariae RPly to go after them ever since the first clerical lore was written back in Anthos-Asulon. It will make no sense for Tahariae to decide such after 4-5 realms where the Ascended and Keepers have been around. I know you all want change but what you want is the change that none of us want, nor ever need. I respect that you want to make the clerics strong but you must understand that the clerics of Tahariae never were the powerful combat users. Our great healing comes at a cost but I have made war clericalism different and more helpful. We can fight but we are not the paladins, but we are clerics and aiding people for purity is what we strive to do This is for the sake of keeping the clerics balanced, just like how the paladins and ascended are now balanced. The Ascended and Keepers are not impure and they will never be affected negatively by the clerical light. This is not because they are my friends… it’s because this is canon lore and I would rather not break it and cause more loopholes in the paladin, ascended, and clerical lores after the lore writers, both now and old, put so much effort into writing them and to not suddenly mess up any roleplay between the orders over something that has never happened for 3-4 years. I am sorry but… that’s what I have to say. Any mistakes that need to be fixed will be fixed, such as errors in spelling, grammar, changelog, etc. However, I appreciate all of the feedback that was given.
  10. OOC Name: Jin Zhu Xinya Race: Fei-Zhu Age: 21 Backstory: Jin Zhu Xinya was born to two Hou-zi named Jin Zedong (father) and Zhu Cui (Mother), where he inherited his father's fur and eyes, yet the skin colour of his mother. His father Jin Zedong was a noble warrior of the Jin family, assisting the Hou'zi with his swift and agile strength yet also focused on searching for Hou-Shen, the immortal king who went missing countless years ago. Xinya admired his father for what he was doing, aiming to follow in his father's footsteps. However, the Fei-Zhu always had a knack of getting himself into trouble, especially when he attempted to follow his father's scout group when he was only six - where a tiger in the jungle nearly ate him if it was not for his father. However, this left his father in a badly wounded state before passing away. Since then, Xinya constantly seeks to grow into the warrior and seeker his father was, but holds himself back due to doubt and guilt. His mother Zhu Cui was known to remain at the settlement, using herbs and medical knowledge to assist wounded Hou'zi. Yet not even she could save Jin Zedong. For the next fifteen years, Xinya grew up with his mother but grew up as a troublesome Hou-zi, one who performed harmless pranks on his fellow kin to distract and amuse himself. However, he has grown determined to step out and seek out Hou-Shen to bring honour to his family name and free himself from his guilt by completing his father's mission. Now that he is an adult, Jin Zhu Xinya is ready to face the world.
  11. "Well... ****" would be all Elvira would say
  12. MC Name: Farryn Character's Name: Zhu Xinya (Fei-Zhu) Character's Age: 21 years old Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: N/A Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Hou'zi are a race of monkey people who were created by Metzil, who was looking to create a worthy race that would worship and serve her. Originally, they were once normal monkeys with primitive nature, but were gifted intelligence by Metzil. The Daemon approached the leader of the pack. and she unlocked this monkey’s mind, opening it to sentience. This monkey would become known as Hou-Shen, the Monkey King. The Daemon performed all kinds of arts and magic upon Hou-Shen, transforming both soul, body, and mind alike. The Hou'zi expanded and grew over many years, forming empires and culture, with Hou-Shen leading their people. However, the Hou'zi sought to expand further within the world of Axios and this soon led to the two great wars against the elves. This conflict lasted for a great deal of time, with the Hou'zi losing twice. The first was when their eternal king fell, killed during the Malinor City. The Hou'zi fled to Jing-Taiyun which was the first, and now last city of the monkey-men, deep in the heart of the Asul Jungle. However it was there that a mysterious being known as 'Poison'. It was said that red mist seeped into the jade halls and golden palaces of Jing-Taiyun, causing the structures to collapse. The palace became unliveable and the the Hou-zi fled into the surrounding forests and were not seen since. The second the Elves took place years later. Metzil sent Hou-Shen back with a new body to help rebuild his people. Encouraged by the return of their eternal king, the Hou'zi rebuilt themselves and regrew into a threat. Eventually, they went back to war with the elves, desiring to reclaim what they lost and take advantage over the elves who had become fractured and separated. Yet despite this, the elves had developed more in terms of magic and combat, and the unification of rivals against the common enemy. The elves banded together and they battled against the Hou'zi together. Hou-Shen's three sons were slain in the major battle and the Hou'zi lost the battle. Hou-Shen surrendered and settled to rule his people peacefully, although countless of Hou-zi were killed and his people began to conflict with each other. Eventually, the mysterious being known as 'Poison' returned, working slower as it eroded at the temples and palaces of the city. Hou-Shen finally had enough and he vanished into the jungle, leaving behind his people. The Hou'zi were left abandoned by Metzli and their home left in ruins. Yet they kept hope, believing that Hou-Shen will return and guide them into a third war with the elves, one that they will win. The Hou'zi are split into three sub-races: Laobai-Zhu, Fei-Zhu, and Hei-Zhu. The Laobai-Zhu are the most common of the sub-races. They are usually in shades of brown and come in all shapes and sizes. This subrace is essentially the more versatile and adaptable of the Hou-zi. They tend to live up to 80 to 100 years. The Fei-Zhu are Hou-zei that closely resemble the form of baboons and are the most colourful of the Hou-Zi. Fei-Zi are the smallest but most nimble of the Hou-Zi, being lithe in body, and around 5’ to 6’ feet in height. Fei-Zhu enjoy slight longevity, living a lifespan of 150 to 250 years. Lastly, the Hei-Zhu are Hou-zei that closely resemble the form of silverback gorrillas, meaning they are always black of fur and the burliest, strongest of the Hou-Zi subraces. They range from 6’5 to 7’ feet tall. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yep Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  13. I have said this time and time again: Ascended, Keepers, and Soultrees will never be affected by a clerical light. I have told you this a good amount of times. Keepers are not what Taharie would deem impure by any means. They are actual brings of pure holy light. Filled with divine ichor. Tah literally gave such blueprints to Xan to have Xan's versions made. Why would Tahariae suddenly go against Xan, the Aengul that Tahariae is closest to, and kill his creations which he helped make in the first place? It is utterly pointless and just wastes a lot of lore. With Soul Trees - they are completely nature. Their souls and body are not corrupted by taint, they are just a soul in a tree and have a body made out of natural wood and natural products. If Tahariae's light did affect soul trees - our magic may as well harm every tree, flower, and grass since they are with the Aspects. Our magic never harms or impact nature. Tahariae and the Aspects are on good terms and has accepted what the druids are doing - this coming from the Tahariae lore writer. With the Ascended - yes, they are immortal but Tahariae does not care that they are immortal. They still have a biological body and they wield the power of light through the form of holy flames. The Ascended heal what the clerics cannot heal, they heal the very soul from taint and curses that the clerics cannot remove else we'll damage the soul. Why would Tahariae get rid of the Ascended because they are just immortal and can help souls? The issue here is that you believe firmly that Tahariae is full on "PURGE EVERYTHING UNNATURAL AT ONCE". However, Tahariae is not that blinded by his views. He is a powerful and logical entity that can see full well that the soul trees do not defy what he wants in the realm - because they are natural, made of trees within the mortal realm. The Keepers were personally created through Tahariae's help and aid his war brother - Xan - in keeping order within the realm. The Ascended heal impurity where the clerics cannot because of how sensitive the souls are. And both the keepers and Ascended follow a similar mission to the clerics - eradicate the darkness. All three groups are not even false life like the Homunculi or unnatural life: Their bodies have been modified to suit the needs of their deity and their duty, which help towards bringing forth purity. They are still mortals in the sense they have a natural made body. Tahariae would rather have these three groups around, assisting in eradicating the major impurity (dark beings and dark mages), rather than have the clerics focus entirely on eradicating these minor groups instead of focusing on the major impurity. The clerics have always followed and accepted that these three groups are not impure, long before you became a cleric. If they wanted this, then action would have been taken way before I became a cleric. Therefore I am not changing this lore from how it has always been because of two people - I am staying true to lore and what the majority wants.
  14. Pls give support and reviews ;-;