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  1. "The Adherents of Tahariae stand in support for the Ascendeds. Azoth has committed far too much negativity to his own comrades. Yet to publicially lie and make them appear in the wrong is too cruel, how and why he do such to his own fellow comrades is too disgusting to describe," Elvira mutters to her clerics.
  2. "...Aengul damn it, Azoth," Elvira grumbles. "They were your allies and you just backstab them with lies and slander!"
  3. farryn is my dad

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      Last time I checked, I was your mother.


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  4. Good news everyone! This Brit finally has a laptop!




    But the bad news: Internet decided to die on me.

    .....theres a god out there that hates me.

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      british empire 2.0?

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      thank Xan...or the Aspects...or w/e my chars worship ;D


  5. The system I have worked on was made out of feedback from a post I made a while back, which included feedback from dark users. I have been reviewing the new clerical ward system and it is more balanced for both sides. However I am sorry, Tsu, but I am going to turn down adding the new ward system to this. The reasons why is: I want the wards in the clerical revamp to remain unique only to the clerics. As said by many, your lore does indeed blankets the holy groups who use holy alternation into one - the complete opposite to when you wanted holy magic to be different. Lastly, I want the ward system on the clerical revamp when it is released so that it is easy to access with the rest of the lore and saves people time trying to find it on the revamp, then having to be directed here.
  6. The reveal wards have not been implemented yet due to the revamp I am doing is not put yet. If they did use the reveal wards now, it would be out pf the current lore written by Ventusyr and may get them in trouble. Currently the clerics are following the old ward system that does not benefit both holy users and dark users, while I have a new ward system tjat fixs the errors of the previous system.
  7. Um.. little concerned here about the clerical revamp and this lore potientally colliding as I have reworked the ward system and holy alteration for the clerics. Do not want to spoil much but I am uneased about this lore and how it may impact the ward systems tjat focus on revealling disguises of spooks, blocking the spread of land taint, and ceasing dark magic in a certain amount of blocks. As well as how this may affect the new blessing systems. (The Clerical Revamp is going well btw - got war cleric, and the Holy Alteration systems fleshed out so I just need to add them to the new lore doc)
  8. Elvira hears the news and smiles softly, nodding in approval. She glances to her clerics, who wwre sat with her. "This is why I do enjoy being a cleric. We can heal those from death's door and allow them another chance to see their families and friends. To help and show apprication to one another truly bring forth light into the darkness that linger in our lives."
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  10. Elvira Naromis (Farryn) -Yep. STILL AROUND!-
  11. Without a doubt, one of the best canidates for becoming a teacher in my order. A joy to teach both in character and out of character, both his enthusiasm and dedication towards clericalism is what I admire most about Alex. Although he has struggled when I lost my laptop, he kept going and managed to get here despite his main teacher being inactive. He still has a long way to go in some areas but I definately show support towards Alex being made a teacher for the clerics. Major 1+!
  12. And now I depart off the server as my brother returns home and I need to uninstall Minecraft from his laptop. ;-; Adios until my laptop is fixed or I get a new one.

  13. Managed to snag my brother's laptop and checked out the server...the server has changed since the last 2-3 months I was last on..

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  14. "Oh do tell me, little cleric, why did you try and disconnect that cleric I saw in that memory just now?" She stayed silent, gritting her teeth. Arms pinned behind her back and the skin long peeled and raw from the metal. "Pity. Was hoping that she did something wrong," her captor replied smugly. "Was it because she apparently abused a spell? Or was it because you actually allowed your agressive and zealous nature get to you? The latter seems more fitting, dont you think?" No reply. Her captor merely scoffed and pulled his hand away from her head, his lips locked in a disgusted twist. He spat at the ground and stalked off, locking the door behind him with both keys and bolts. Now she was alone, in her cell where she had been for the past five or seven years. '...it should have been me..' was what she thought, recovering from the mind mage's assault. '...It should have been me who was threatened with disconnection... not her...' She still remembered those moments, those momemts she threatened Lilyana with disconnection. All because she was a nation leader and a cleric. All because she went against old traditions. The very attempt she made in the library kept replaying in her head; she had allowed her hatred and fury impact another fellow cleric negatively... and she had dishonoured herself as a cleric. For the first time, Elvira would not care if she would face a horrific punishment for what she tried to do. She would accept it, even a disconnection if she had no order to return to and was ready to die. Yet for now. Elvira knew what to do: escape and fix her errors. Thats what she was going to do. She had spent too long with these maniacs and she needed to get free. Escape and reach her order. Then find Lilyana and apologise... and face judgement like she should have done all those years ago. Even if Lilyana still despises her, Elvira will at least do all she can to aid another clerical leader. With newfound strength, the Arm of Tahariae began to think and plan. 'Tahariae guide me... and protect all the clerics, especially Lilyana..' ((Ooc: Just decided to throw in an Elvira response(?)in here. A nicely written post, Squirt, with a lot of meanings in it. I recommemd you all read back and consider what this post means. Apologise if vague, I am typing from my phone and just woke up.))