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  1. Farryn

    Enough is Enough.

    Even if they are staff - that does not define them as being above the rules and able to go "Sure, this nation can have an area outside of their nation, but this nation can't." Is this truly where LotC is going? Staff members breaking rules because they believe they can, bias behaviour and not making things fair? And now they can't even take some form of critism without unleashing a mass ban on people? I know critism can come across as harsh at times, given how it's worded... but is it truly necessary to escalate this far? Seriously, what the actual frick? At this rate, we may as well purge all of the teams completely and get in people who can actually keep unbias and not break rules for their won benefits. I'm with Leo on this one. Enough is enough.
  2. Farryn

    Looking for Books!

    Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan, if you're into Low fantasy with a great element of vampires and modernism. Demonata by Darren Shan. The Power of Five Series by Anthony Horowitz (Raven's Gate. Evil Star, Nightrise, Necropolios, and Oblivion). That book series got me into writing and its still an all time personal favourite. The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance)
  3. Farryn

    Farryn's Art Stall {Closed}

    Shop has been closed for the time being - any commissions being worked on will still be drawn and the same pay as posted on here will be charged.
  4. I can confirm that there was a high elven sect of Tahariaen clerics within the high elven city, but they've since fallen inactive. Also, my character is an Ascended but she lives at the city, and many are fine with it. I think the high elves are completely fine with many magics (dark magic being border-lined since dark magic) and it shouldn't be outlined as a dislike. Also. I don't think there should be a likes and dislikes, since every character has their own unique sets of likes and dislikes and new players reading this will feel that it's necessary to include those dislikes else they aren't RPing the race correctly. You could describe the traditions and overall culture but don't make it seem as though it is utterly necessary for any characters to hold these likes and dislikes.
  5. Farryn

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Jallen is referring to the rewrite that we currently have on standby because of an upcoming announcement by the LT that corrolates to do with Holy Magic. All the errors that the LT gave to us have been fixed within said rewrite and we're currently waiting for the announcement before we continue working on the rewrite. We don't know what said announcement is but we've been told to put the rewrite on standby until the announcement is out. Plus it's better to wait and see how the announcement will affect for the Ascended before we continue with the rewrite, else we'll likely write something that could go against said announcement and cause us to overhaul an idea we have already fleshed out. The current Ascended magic, the active one as of now, does have flaws but the one in the rewrite has been fixed. We're just waiting on this announcement from the LT. Furthermore, the most recent thread regarding the Ascended came out shortly after we were told to put the rewrite in standby but all the posts have been taken into consideration - although a majority have outlined issues that have been fixed within the rewrite alright. In regards to Ascended regenerating time, I meant the hours in OOC time. I apologise for not elaborating if its IC or not, but a majority of the Ascended leave their wounds to regenerate for an OOC hour or two. Jallentime went as far as to have his character's eye slowly regenerate over a 2-4 OOC Day period. Furthermore, don't forget there will be moments where an Ascended is wounded and leaves an area, and will not receive any roleplay. How do you expect an Ascended player to roleplay out their wounds healing when no one is present? An Ascended will leave the server to focus on other things and by then, yes their wounds will heal and time would have passed if you put into consideration how time works on the server. Furthermore, it depends on the severity of the wounds and it's hard for me to put into perspective how long it will take for a wound to heal due to the different sizes, depths, and other factors that need to be considered in regards to wounds. Minor wounds would take a few minutes OOC, whereas more major wounds would take a few OOC hours... but where is the line between a minor wound and a major wound, and there's the moderate wounds also. However, should an Ascended be instant-regenerating and it's clearly unfair, do report it to a staff member or another Ascended player so that we can at least talk to the person and get them to quit the instant-regeneration, else they will be let off the hook and may continue with such.
  6. Farryn

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    This. This right here is something I want to highlight on as important and I advise everyone to read up on it. Elvira use to be a cleric and before she became a cleric, she was trained by Jistuma's character about alchemy. So when it came to healing someone, I literally used both alchemy and magic to heal, and it actually makes things easier from a RP perspective. I even taught multiple clerical students about using mundane and alchemical healing, as well as heavily advising them to balance out using mundane methods and magic. I'll use a scenario here to outline how a holy mage knowing mundane / alchemical healing can greatly change the situation. Your patient has a fatal wound that is bleeding heavily, as well as causing extreme pain to them. There are two options: Immediately summon your light and heal the whole wound, including pain and bleeding. Or you can use alchemical / mundane healing before you heal. Magic alone: By the time the cleric has brought out their light, the patient would have lost a fair amount of blood if the wound has not been pressured, resulting in the patient suffering from bloodloss (as clerics cannot restore back the blood within someone - only remove the effects temporarily until the effects come back an hour later, as the patient is still missing blood). Even more, should the patient be bleeding in multiple areas or has already lost a large amount of blood before the cleric arrived - the chances of them dying increase at each second passing, so by the time a cleric has their light summoned, the patient may die. With Alchemical / mundane healing assisting: Place a liquified version of Tippen's root on the wound(s) that are bleeding, which near-instantly ceases the bleeding and allows a more effective view of the wound. Should the cleric also have this: Press some Blissfoil on the wound to cease the pain and make the patient more comfortable as you get ready to summon your light. Should neither be avaliable, a cleric can apply pressure to the wound or have someone else do such, there's also the method of a tourniquet (Essentially: Wrap a rag tightly above the wound in order to cut off blood flow in the veins, to stop the bleeding and buy time. By using this method, there's a heightened chance that the patient will survive and will not bleed to death, as the dangers have been treated (or at least reduced) and the cleric has enough time to close the wound before any further damage is done. As you can see, the latter option is more suited, but it does depend on if the healer knows the regents or has the knowledge on how to treat particular wounds and injuries. Which in turn encourages the healer to learn about Alchemy and Healing, and can provide more roleplay than just relying on magic. Furthermore, a cleric's light heavily tires them which can be extremely serious if there are multiple injured but only one cleric at the scene, so being able to balance out both mundane healing and magical healing is extremely vital and useful. Use mundane / alchemical for smaller wounds, but use a combination of both mundane and magical to handle more severe and life threatening wounds. I still do it for Ascended magic, given that I'm now taking a wound onto myself - may as well at least treat the wound and ensure its in a better condition than just immediately taking the wound on as its bleeding. So I can vouch in stating that using mundane methods and holy magic - whenever it be cleric, paladin, ascended, etc - is really effective and I love to see many using Alchemy and Mundane more. Personally to me - holy healing should not be heavily nerfed, as a majority of the healing do have consenquences if you consider how a lack of fatigue, or having to slowly wait for a wound to regenerate can impact scenarios and endanger the healers. But instead, we should be encouraging holy healers to think outside of just using their magic, as it should not always be a first call... since even magic has it flaws and time can be a healer's worse enemy.
  7. Farryn

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Just posting an FYI here regarding Ascended Healing. Ascended don't even heal the wound - they take it on themselves, meaning that said Ascended will face the consequences of having that wound for 1-2 hours, where a lot can happen and essentially **** up said Ascended. Example: Elvira takes someone's broken leg and she now needs to relax or move herself to somewhere safe for a few hours due to how badly wounded the bones are. An enemy comes in while she's regenerating - Elvira = Easy target due to hindering to leg movement and the fact she can still cause damage to her own leg as its regenerating + regeneration ceases when in a battle scenario, so my character is stuck with a semi-healed leg until I die or I get out of that scenarion === Ascended can take on curses that is binded to an Descendant's soul, which in turn places the Ascended in the scenario where they will face to suffer the curses effects for a decent amount of hours. So we still face the side effects of a curse until the regeneration destroys the curse completely. Example: Elvira takes a Soul Puppetry curse from someone and onto her soul template. The Soul Puppeter can now manipulate Elvira for an hour or two, essentially meaning they can still cause a great amount of damage to my character or those around her. In the space of that period - all hell can break lose if the Soul Puppeter decides to do something. TL:DR Yes we can regenerate but depending on the severity, a small wound would take minutes, a more severe wound would take a fair amount of hours. Severe wounds never take a couple of minutes to heal, and furthermore - an Ascended's regeneration shuts down completely during a combat scenario, so we can't just heal as we fight and we can still get our backsides handed to us. Therefore the Ascended already hold a set of consequences.
  8. Living with a disability can be hard, whenever it is physical or mental, and it can impact someone's ability to roleplay and how they interact with people. I can say that from my own experiences and I could relate to your story in some instances. It's hard and the struggles can be tough but hey, we all have to overcome boundaries and walls in order to live and become the people we're meant to be. So seeing you be open to everyone on here and explain about your disability is truly something I can respect and admire. I play an Ascended named Elvira, who has faced her own fair share of struggles, and if I see you around - I'll be sure to drop a hello and RP with you! I raise my glass to you and wish you a wonderful welcome to the server.
  9. Farryn

    Ragnio's Wiki Team Application

    Definitely certain that you are blacklisted from joining any staff teams after what occurred with you and Media team, Ragnio.
  10. Farryn

    Farryn's Art Stall {Closed}

    ;-; I can't get the necessary writing programns and editors I need with minas, sadly. If I could, I literally would charge minas over rl money but I can't. ;-; I'm so sorry
  11. Farryn

    Farryn's Art Stall {Closed}

    ~ Farryn’s Art Stall ~ ~CLOSED~ Hey guys! Farryn here and back at it with the commissions! I’ve developed since the last art stall I did and this time, I’m better with my work and ready to step up my game a bit. The commission's I am willing to take on are primarily busts and half-bodies (see examples). However, be aware that I am permitted to deny a commission and not take up requests, and that payment will be accepted AFTER the artwork is drawn. My artwork will come out as detailed, since I don’t really want to over complicate things by charging different prices depending on if you choose lineart, base colours, or detailed. So what you will receive will be detailed busts and half-bodies. My discord is Farryn#1306 if you have any questions. My DA if you want to see more work: https://elviranaromis.deviantart.com/ Prices - Busts (Head to shoulder) = $5 - - Half-bodies (Head to chest)= $10 - - Additional character: $2 per character added - - Background: £2 - My work Noteworthy information What I do with the money earned? For those curious but with the money I earn with commissions, I aim to use such in order to save up on buying particular writing programs that can assist me in my writing career, as well as hopefully be able to pay for an editor that can look over my work when it is done (I actually suck at proofreading). Who knows - may even end up getting one of my in-progress novels published. Whatever is left will help me a little in life. Format MC Name: Discord: Number of characters: Drawing Type: (Bust or Half-body?) Character(s) name: Character(s) race: Character(s) age: Hair and eye appearances: (what length and style is the hair, as well as hair colour and eye colour?) Accessories: (Scars? Tattoos? Piercings? Jewellery? Hats? Magic? Etc?) References: (This can be from face-claims to artwork by other artists on the server, as well as the character skin.) Background: (if you want a background, explain what you want. If not, just put a N/A and it’ll be transparent). You agree to pay within 24 hours of finishing the product: (Y/N) Posted on Deviantart after being made: (Y/N) Final price: (Be aware that I will be calculating up the total to make sure it is right) ~~~ The Waiting List 1. Jallentime 2. N/A 3. N/A 4. N/A ~~~
  12. Farryn

    A Year and an explination. And a AMA.

    Opinions of me as a person Opinions of Eithne and Elvira. But you've been through a lot, mate, and that's something to take pride in - knowing you've got through all of those troubles and made it to here. I raise my mug of coffee to you.
  13. Farryn

    The Death of an Old man

    Elvira would frown softly at the news, bowing her head. "May your soul have safe passage through the soulstream and be forevermore at rest within the seven skies, my friend." The battleworn Ascended would then light a candle in honour of the man she met during the Axios Exodus.
  14. Farryn

    Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I did not want to get into this but given by the level of bickering and the fact there's no middle ground, I'm grudgingly writing this. Instead of arguing on who is right or wrong here and tearing at each others throats, we instead focus on the future. The Ascended lore is being rewritten and it will be up to the LT and MT to decide if said rewrite is to be passed. Every group has its bad eggs, there's no denying that. We all do the wrong actions, based on what we perceive as right. Yes, perhaps some members of the Ascended order can be idiotic at times, but from my view, their actions were relatively just compared to what another sect of Ascended were planning. I know Fid and his group are decent people and they wanted to try something new, but by the rules the Ascended follow in RP, what they wanted could not be achieved without facing disconnection. We can't always get what we want and even if we try, there are consequences that will need to be faced. Also, if any person powergame or clearly does something wrong on the server and you see them doing it - it is your responsibility to alert the staff and raise the matter at hand. Don't just wait for a forum post like this to come so that you can post it on here. You wonder why the matter of powergaming, being overpowered, or whatever is rulebreaking is not getting resolved and is causing more issues - consider the fact that by not alerting the staff, that is exactly how a person gets away with that stuff. By default, you are second-hand assisting that person in getting away with the rule breaking by allowing them to. So those not alerting the staff are just as responsible than the person actually breaking the rules. Instead of just stating 'remove Ascended' like the staff will literally do it, because at this rate - those who keep posting the topics and the status about it won't actually get it and are just making an idiot of themselves, how about we all focus on what we really need to focus on and let the Ascended do their own thing. Because at this point, something is being done, but just having these votes, status, and posts about removing isn't doing anyone any good and is only causing more drama than it is of solving it. So let's all just take a deep breath and just move on from this. The past is in the past but learn from it, and let's focus ahead and ensure we don't mess around on anything else. I've had enough of this Ascended drama and I want to just get back to roleplaying with people, no more being gank-squadded, being talked about behind my back purely because of what Ascended group my character is a part of and who I OOCly associate myself with, and so on. IC targetting? That's fine, it's RP - Just have a proper good and interesting excuse for coming after my character. But OOC reasons and you using IC as a way to rub the salt into my apparent wounds? That's just being salt. This is to both sides of this, not one or the other. Both of you. Also: I didn't hold any direct involvement with whatever issues were going on and only wanted to just roleplay as my character, but with the constant drama between both sides - God help me so when the stress kicked in from that and the constant "we hate Ascended", "Vote yay or nay for Ascended magic" shittery stuff going around. Farryn out!
  15. Farryn

    Dunshire is slaughtered once again

    "...this is what happens when you declare war on all nations and groups, there's those that actually takes such declaration seriously and as an excuse to cause harm... and will not stop," Elvira would state softly, sipping her mocha. "I should visit, perhaps provide some medical care and aid to the Halflings."