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  1. Somewhere in Arcas, Elvira reads the missive and just bursts out into hysterics, so much so that she was actually slamming her fist into her desk. Her laughter echoing throughout her lonesome home. “By the- I thought the High Elves were smarter than this, being all about research and the like! Beetroots curing homosexuality?! Oh by the Aengudaemons, everyone knows that it can’t be cured – it’s just a part of who someone is, like their personality. You can’t change that with a simple bloody vegetable! A flipping beetroot! Ahahahahahah!” She finally managed, after a good twenty minutes, calm herself down and sighs softly. The old woman wiped a tear from her eye. “And they wonder why not everyone takes the high elves seriously.”
  2. Elvira remained silent as she read the missive. Her eye glowing softly, scanning over each word. Then, she placed the paper back where she found it, continuing her way through a local village.
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    Ah, the return of the Tumblr’s mega list of genders. Never thought I'd be seeing that list again.
  4. [!] A message is soon sent to the Father, as well as copies of the message being added next to each posters the Father had added. It included the following quote above [!] “Yet I must object to that statement. Not once did you ask for my opinion on the matter, nor did it sound as though you think I and the council members who did stand there earned a voice – the very people who share a seat on the very same council as you. Yes, I am a Scion and by the council hierarchy, I am not on the council. However I was asked to stand on the dias and be part of the jury by the will of the Lord Protector Arik as he saw it necessary for the council members to stand alongside you as judges. I may not be of your rank but my words and presence there do hold weight regardless for that trial. Yet enough of me, what of the Lord Sage Steven and the Empyria Lyra, who is betrothed to the Empyrion , and both was asked to stand alongside you to judge this trial. You state that their words and presence mean nothing to you, not even the Empyria, when you say you are under no obligations to consider the debate of what few members of the council remained until the end? Pray tell, would you disrespect the wishes of other council members such as Arik and those they choose to assist in the judging solely because you bear a title higher than us, Father Cassian? Even Lyra herself? Do you believe you are above that of her?! Not once did you look to us for opinions, only settling on silencing us when we sought to share input Such is disheartening to hear, especially from a good man such as yourself. A man who listened to many and gave out good words. There is a reason why there’s often trials are held with multiple people standing as the jury – it is to prevent a one-sided verdict of one individual whom may bear particular ill towards either the defence or the prosecution. Bias can occur if one man allows his views and own opinions determine the verdict, hence why the necessity of having additional people there to share their own thoughts and opinion on the matter. What occurred on the trial that day was not true justice – true justice is when the truth is relieved and the decisions made were neutral and considered. Yet no true justice was given that day, only an empty verdict made by a man who disrespected the members of the council willing to sit through that trial and help him discuss a verdict, including the Empyria herself. I am ashamed of what you did there, Father Cassian, and it made me lose hope in you that you see us as lesser when those sat there with you were there as equals. I hold no doubt that there are also others out there who lost faith in you also because of this. I only pray you reflect back on this and hopefully ensure you don’t repeat this error again, it is not fitting for a man who many seek as a guide within their religion to dismiss the opinions of others due to their ranks. Signed, Elvira Naromis. Master Sage. Scion of the Tearstone.
  5. “Not all of Llyria see monks as the threats many make them out to be and they can see through the lies and slander thrown at them,” Elvira murmured to herself, releasing a sigh of relief that the monks are sticking up for themselves but taking a peaceful approach. “Us that do not agree with what was written know that the Monks are warriors who serve a noble goal and fight for what is worth fighting for, for family, for friends, for those who cannot defend themselves. I am immensely ashamed and disgusted of many members of Llyria for their treatment of Magnus and of the Monks purely because of the strength they bear and because their beliefs do not seem right to them. Anyone can do harm with the powers they bear, but it depends on the intentions of the people who wield it that determines if its used for good or evil. Such is what Master Meta El Solaray taught me when I studied the Flowing Sun Martial Arts under him...” The woman then leaned back, frowning sharply. “I pray and I hope a few of the other Llyrian council members will agree that what Father Cassian wrote was out of proportion. He judges a group of many for the actions of one, even though Magnus explained himself with a burning honesty. Yet given we did not discuss on this matter after the trial – and Father Cassian even went as far as to make a verdict without consulting myself or any other council members who stood as part of the judges.... the man has lost my respect. He may bear a higher rank but that does not mean he should act as though he can do anything he wants. A council works together as one, not a small group with no voice below one man who acts he speaks for all... I pray this situation is quelled peacefully before it escalates.”
  6. Elvira shook her head, her respect for the Father gone. “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace. To be ignorant of others’ actions and as to why they did such, to only believing what you believe will only cause more issues for all than actual good...”
  7. Elvira casually sips her mocha. "I think someone woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning”
  8. “Well...” Elvira takes a deep breath. “...damn void”
  9. Elvira glanced to Blundermore’s hat that sat within a protective glass case in her office. She clenched her fist, remembering the event and also what Crumena showed her through the use of a memory rune. The woman knew something was coming, if not now – soon.
  10. Elvira Naromis sat in the Astaerel Clock tower, hand covering her face. It took every part of her to not break down in grief at the Voidal Tear, she forced herself back to the tower and it was there that she let it all out. She did not know how long she grieved but she never left any behind. Now all that was left was sadness and pain. Steven, Crumena, and Arik – they both leapt into the void and she didn’t know if this would be the last time she would see them. It pained her to think of it, knowing that she may not see her husband, her brother-in-law, and one of the finest member of the Ascended ever gain. Yet she kept a spark of hope, praying for their return. All of them were skilled in matters like these and she held onto hope that they would return. It was Blundermore’s sacrifice that struck the Master Sage hard. While she did not know Blundermore better than the other older Ascended, she respected the man and saw him as a great comrade in the order. She had hoped to learn from him about the past of the order, of the Master Sages that came before her and Heial, so that such history was never forgotten and written down in the tome she was writing. The moment Blundermore spoke up, she immediately knew what he was going to do. A life for a life – that was how it was in Alchemy: To receive something, of value, you had to give something of equal value. And nothing was more equal to a mortal life than that of another life. She immediately wanted to stop him – the order had lost many members as it is and she didn’t want to see that number increase. Yet she didn’t, she knew that it was the duty of an Ascended to protect a mortal soul at all cost, whatever it took, even if it costs their own life. It pained her but she knew this was what Blundermore wanted. Thus all she could do what give reassuring words and bid him farewell, that they would meet within Aeriel’s Halls. She gave him one last smile before he leapt, an old man who had seen so much but willing to sacrifice himself. The Master Sage leaned back in her chair and lowered her face, looking to the wizard’s hat that was perched safely on the desk in front of her. As well as the large tome the woman had always carried with her. She leaned forward and opened the book, which held a list of all Master Sages, from Riizu to her own name. Blundermore had stood as a sage since the days of Aegis and he had stood as the most devoted, having gone through so much and did so much for Ascended and Descendants alike. She didn’t know if it was proper to do this, but she felt as though the man deserved to bear the title in honour for his service and sacrifice. The old man proved time and time again that he was worth such a title. It was the least she could do and one way to ensure his name and memory lived on. While she would ensure his death was not in vain and that the voidal terrors’ schemes were brought to a close. ”Rest easy, old friend, we’ll finish what we started and ensure that the void and many others will not harm the Descendants,” Elvira murmured softly, writing a name below her own. She then closed the book and stood, departing from the clock tower. ‘Blundermore Patrick WindRaker, The Wizard of Aegis – Master Sage of the Ascended Order’
  11. Elvira sips her mocha as she reads the log, nodding in approval. “The first step is often the hardest but you all did well – Celestrials, Llyrians, Ascended, and everyone both. Though we still got more to do... and I do wish I could have been there personally to lend my aid. Perhaps the next time,” the master sage then went back to her reading.
  12. “Alright... that’s the last missive done. Make sure they get to all Ascended of the order, as soon as possible, I’ll give more direct orders when the meeting is arranged and everyone is present” Elvira straightened in her seat as she began to write out a few missives. She then hands them to her assistant and watches him head off. Always a good lad who made sure word got around swiftly. The moment the doors close, she stands and puts on her coat. “Time to contact the Mage’s Guild as well and get both orders working on this, Kalgrimmor and his mages will know a deal more about this than the Ascended alone and they may need a few helping hands if the situation turns physical.”
  13. [!] A series of posters are hung up around Llyria, written on fine pieces of parchment. Each word is written clearly and it is easy to read the message. [!] Dear citizens and visitors of Llyria, A day ago, the town was attacked by three parasitical creatures that were hidden within two abnormally fat rabbits. The creatures are slightly large and can enter the body through any exposed wounds prior or during any fights with them. One parasite also bore an extremely long tongue that can grapple onto weapons, limbs, and be used to strike individuals. The three were disposed of with minimal casualties but there has been an increased concern on if more of these creatures roam the area. Furthermore, we do not know as of now what exactly these parasites are, along with if they are magical or natural in any shape or form. Therefore all citizens and visitors are advised to take caution for the next few weeks when within and around Llyria. Any sightings of unnatural looking animals that seem too large or off are immediately reported to any members of the guards and the Concord. Do not approach any animal hosts and try to kill them alone, unless you are with a group. Furthermore, it is immensely advised that if you do face a parasite within an animal’s body, burn it before the parasite can escape. If you find yourself with a parasite in your body, contact Doctor Charles Napier, Eris Naromis, or any residing healer in order to have the parasite removed from you. However, limb removal may be required if the parasite cannot be removed. Therefore do take immense caution and do have a nice day. - Signed, Elvira Naromis-Iyliar Scion of Tearstone, Master Sage. [!] Down below is a sketch drawn from one of many eyewitnesses during the attack [!] (Image does not belong to me) ((Special thanks to Mystery and TheRainbow for doing this small event for us, and well done to Rainbow for a good first event!))
  14. Um... this is a joke, right? I mean, I can’t even take the post seriously with how its written. But will these changes actually be what we need, or will they change yet another aspect of the server that didn’t need changing but you’re changing it anyway? -Glances to the new chat system-
  15. Elvira paused, glancing around at the area, feeling a chill run down her spine. All she saw was the eternal stretches of sand dunes that made up the Desert of the Damned. The sky black with stars scattered all about. It was oddly beautiful yet eerie here- no winds howled, even the sand seemed silent as she walked. She had wondered what the desert was like but here she was, even if it was a dream projection of it. Regardless of how much she walked, the landscape was always the same - she saw neither Saellum or any noticeable locations. Only sand and sky. Time. It was non-existent here. Elvira had no means of telling how many days have passed. To her, it felt like years. She walked and walked, yet her body did not fall tired. Not even the stars above could give her an answer. How long had it been? She wondered. How long has it been on the mortal realm since she entered the trial? All she could do was ask and wonder, yet no one replied. The woman had come prepared - her main sabre, Mesolavitis, hung on one side of her belt while a smaller version of the sabre hung on the other side. A crossbow brought from Quavinir hung next to the quiver on her back, a knife from Arik strapped tightly to her belt, and a longsword from Rickard on the other side of the quiver. Both Arik and Rickard saw her off, wanting to make sure she was well prepared. She thought it was overdone, but she welcomed it nonetheless. Her heart sank a bit. Deep down, she missed them all. Eris… Arik… Rickard… Victoria… Marienne… Vailoen… Steven. She had no way of knowing if they were safe. Her stomach clenched as dread filled her, fearing for the worst. What if one or more of them died? What if everything had changed drastically when she got back? Elvira closed her eye and took deep breaths, calming down her rapidly beating heart. She shouldn’t be doubting them, as she knew they could manage without her. She needed to have faith in them, they will be alright and she needed to focus. She had to complete her trial and get back. It was then Elvira noticed something. Voices in the distance. She couldn’t make them out but she went and followed them, quite ready for anything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The undead was only 6’7 but was a monstrous combination of stitches, limbs, and flesh. It gurgled as it loomed, clutching a blackened club in its hand. The giant made its approach, moving its club upwards with sluggish movements. Its lips formed into an ugly smile as it stared at the Ascended before it. Elvira charged for the giant head on, grasping both knife and sabre in hand. The giant saw the bold movement and brought its club down, aiming clean towards her. An easy target. Yet the Sage swiftly darted to the right, avoiding the club as it struck the sands, sending a cloud upwards. The giant was slow… but she was fast. The Master Sage made no hesitation as she swiped the knife across the back of one of the giant’s knees, cutting deep into its flesh. “Wha…” the being called before unleashing a grotesque scream as it sank to one knee, opening up the chance for the killing blow. “Fall!” she uttered the word, her eye wide with adrenaline. The armoured woman made her way behind the giant and took the leap, raising both sabre and knife together before thrusting them clean down. The two blades cut clean into the giant’s nape, right into its throat and out of the other end. The giant tried to sweep at her with his arm but only had time to gurgle out as its body exploded into blackened sand. The woman landed on the ground, the sand landing over her form, breathing heavily as adrenaline kept pumping through her veins. After a few moments, her form relaxed as she realised she was alone once more. Around her, piles of black sand melded with the desert’s pale white sands - reminders of the previous six opponents the woman took down. The first two, she picked off with ease. The third and fourth put up more of a fight before they fell to her. The shade she killed a few moments ago had got her good, it had sliced her leg relatively well but she gritted her teeth. Meanwhile, her translucent glowing face was covered by a few deep gashes, the eyepatch over her eye sliced off completely, leaving a mark. Yet the wounds did not bleed. Such was how the Trial was, it seemed, and this fight was only the first of many. “It is done…” she breathed out. The group of corrupted souls talked amongst themselves before she killed them all - two uncorrupted souls had passed by and they had been hunting them down. She bent down and picked up her damaged mask. Two long claw marks sliced through the metal. Elvira slid the mask over her face. put it back on and threw her hood up. She knew what to do - she had to find the two souls and protect them until they reached the end of the deserts. Aeriel…Sokar… guide me to the two that wander here… please. She began to walk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Is it… curious being…” Elvira paused at the new voice, her eye narrowing. Her grip on her sabre tightened as she searched around the area for the owner of the voice. Yet she saw no one, only sad. A part of her wondered if her own mind was beginning to play tricks on her. The Ascended remained still, considering her words carefully before she spoke. “...is it curious being what?” Elvira spoke, it felt strange to hear herself speak. The Master Sage felt as though it had been years since he last spoke. It almost felt…. Unnatural. “What is one of Her spawn doing in these sandsss?” the voice echoed. The sound of sand shifting reached Elvira’s ears, echoing in front of her. “That is for I to know and you to not,” Elvira kept her answer simple, unsure if she could trust this voice. “Who are you?” The sand shifted more, something long was underneath. The Ascended backed off a bit, keeping her sabre held readily for a fight. “You must have done something really bad… kill a child? A lover?” “The funny thing is - I punched someone,” she replied back, her lips forming a frown. “ Out of anger and with no reason. A mistake I regret and thus I must face my sentence here… though I did those two things before I bore this connection. Long before I bore any connection.” Memories flooded her mind, a woman stressed as she confronted her in the library - the stress caused her to miscarry the child. A man lying on the floor, knife in his chest… while she sobbed with bloodied hands covering her face. Elvira bit her lip, forcing such memories back. “Wrath is your excuse for assault? Curioousss, such a patient fighter rising so quick to anger,” Elvira’s lips twitched as she gazed at the shifting sands. “Even the most patient of fighters can lose themselves if they are not careful. Anger is a natural emotion, one that must be unleashed… to keep it bottled up at all times will only lead to it violently lashing out… but I did answer your question, thus is it not at least respectful to answer mine. Who are you?” “Just a pair of eyes in these shifting sands… what is your name… angry one…” “I am not as angry as you’d think, watchful one, but you may know me as Pyralis,” Elvira stated the name she used when she first became an Ascended, which felt like a lifetime ago. A name she used when she did not want anyone to know her true name. “But who what name may I know you by?” The sands finally parted and a giant onyx snake emerged from beneath the surface. Sand running down its brilliant scales. It stretched tall and proud, the woman unsure of just how big the being was. Elvira swiftly stepped back as the snake rose up, she was quite surprised yet impressed by the being as it turned to face her. “Simply call me Silen,” “A pleasure to meet you, Silen. Though… I apologise if the fighting woke you up if you were slumbering beforehand,” Elvira didn’t know how long it had been since the last fight but Aenguls above, she questioned if she was capable of taking on such a being. A few undead, they were easy for her, but a giant snake? She highly doubted her chances. “Oh no… I was just watching. So.. Pyralis. How do you feel about this netherscape?” Silen asked, blinking a few times as it peered down at her. Elvira pondered the question, taking a moment to gaze around at the desert. “Well. Certainly something. It felt as though I have been here for many years. It’s… serene yet silent. I swear that I can hear my own heartbeat and the blood gushing through my veins. A barren place of loneliness,” she glanced back up at the great snake. “How do you feel about this place?” “It’s a place of punishment with no redemption, where people tear each other apart… a cruel place from such a rumoured kind be,” Elvira couldn’t help but agree, nodding her head solemnly. “And the souls that wander to reach the city are exposed to being devoured by those sentenced here. I often wondered what the Deserts were like and here I am, though it saddens me that those with corrupted souls but good hearts and minds are also condemned here.” “And here you are, one of her children forced to wander it as some sort of punishment for doing what everyone does eventually… getting a little aangry.” “Quite but such is how things are,” the Master Sage shrugged. “Even a child must be scolded for doing wrong, and even in punishment, one can learn lessons and understand the world a little more. Though… I must ask, Silen. Why are you here?” The snake seemed to reel back a bit. “Why do you think I’m here?” Silen retorted. “A corrupted soul, no doubt about that but who knows - Aeriel could have placed you here for other means, or that you’ve always been here,” “Or maybe I am here to punish people who find themselves being punished,” Elvira tilted her head a bit. “Perhaps so. Though I pray such a sentence does not include me. I’d rather not fight you.” Silen blinked a few times then rose its head, gazing up at the sky above The two shared a moment of silence between each other. Elvira stabbed her sabre into the sands and leaned against it to relax. closed her eye, releasing a deep breath, “People are dying back there. Without you, you know,” The Ascended frowned and she opened her eye, looking up at the snake. The sudden sentence caught her off guard, filling the woman with dread and grief at the thought. “Even when I am there, people still die. But if you mean family and friends, aye… it happens, but you can’t always be there for them.” “Steven, Arik… a couple of the more recent names to make their way down here,” without hesitation, the snake coiled its boy around the woman and rested its head on her left shoulder. Elvira nearly braced for the weight, yet the snake did not weight anything. Not even when its body wrapped around her, she didn’t feel as though she was being crushed. Yet its words caused her to stiffen, her lips forming a deep frown as she listened to Silen. “Tell me why I should believe you.” “I’ve yet to lie to you once, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t…” “Yet this may be that lie now. Besides, words are words - they can be truth and they can be false. You may speak truth you may speak likes just as equally. Anyone can lie, from a stranger to a close friend,” Elvira replied back, gazing right up at the snake. “And any word can be truth, no matter how terrible. But then again… Elvira… you’re just a lost soul in the desert…” Then, Silen was gone. Vanished without warning. Elvira blinked before she relaxed, sighing deeply. She grasped her sabre and heaved it free from the sands, returning it to its sheath. She gazed around the desert, realizing the sands that Silen had emerged from were not disturbed at all. Was it all her imagination. “...Quite right, but those lost will often have those who will guide them home,” Elvira murmured, her hand reaching up to gently grasp the necklace around her neck. A runestone and a wedding ring hung off of the chain. “And they’re standing right by me.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I failed... Elvira remained on top of one of the countless dunes, knees huddled up to her and one arm resting on top. Her equipment laid around her, rather scratched up and used. By her side, her blackened tearstone shard floated by her side. She found the souls that the first group of corrupted souls she faced were after, but one had perished. A young boy died to a starved Frost Witch, his sister watching in horror. Elvira managed to hold the frost witch back, allowing the girl the chance to flee. The Ascended wondered if she made it there. Yet she wondered if the boy was truly gone. Did she truly fail? The shifting of sand reached her ears, closely followed by the unmistakable voice of Silen. “You failed,” “That I did… not the first time either, I failed quite a lot in the mortal world,” Elvira responded, not moving her head to greet the snake. She’d rather focus on the view before her. “So why do you keep trying if your methods keep failing and you failed?” “Because at least I can say I tried an alternative or just tried in general.” The two fell silent after that. Elvira came to see Silen as an illusion, though one she was quite glad for - at least she wasn’t alone. Though, she wondered if it was her mind playing tricks on her again? Not the first time she saw hallucinations and illusions before. Was this Aeriel’s doing? Or was it her own madness? She didn’t know and could only guess while within this forsaken land. “Yet did you try when Gazadriael tricked you and your allies into reforming him - did you try to stop the Tahn Massacre that day? Did you try to save the many slaughtered by his Justicars?” Elvira gripped her hand more, memories flooding into her mind. The screams of many tearing her ears, winged beings devastating the land. She shook her head a few times, breathing heavily. “Or did you cower away and do nothing, out of fear and in a state of madness?!” Elvira turned around to face Silen, ready to unleash a furious retort at the mention of such event. Yet the woman froze, her eye widening. There was no onyx serpent behind her. An eyeless gold mask stared clean at her, his golden wings spread out in full glory. Divine and beautiful, yet the very sight of the being caused the woman to halt completely. The winged masked figure of Gazadriael looked down at her, bearing the very same golden sword he bore during the massacre. “You failed because you allowed yourself to, Elvira,” The Ascended rushed back, grabbing her sabre and wretched it free from the sands. Her breathing growing unsteady and panicked, her very body shivering up at the sight of the Aengul of New Beginnings. Her legs refused to move any further, seemly stuck within the sand. The once calm woman now in a growing state of raw panic. “You try and try, yet you never learned,” Gazadriael-Silen answered, striding towards her. “You never learn from your failures and you keep on holding yourself back. It’s a cycle you cannot break and it is killing you, with each failure comes more doubt upon yourself, and that doubt is what causes you to struggle trying.” Elvira tried to calm herself yet she couldn’t, her body refused to calm and coldness swept over her. Her hands trembled and she could barely keep her sword raised. She inhaled deeply, gritting her teeth. The figure approached her until there were only a few inches between them. “You can keep trying all you wish, Elvira, but it will always end as a failure.” “T...That’s not true! There’s times where I succeeded!” “Yet it is shadowed by the many failures and tries. No one admires the fact you tried, only that you failed to succeed. You never allowed yourself to be free, restricting yourself out of your own fears!” The Aengul raised his blade, the tip pointed right at her chest. Elvira stared right at the figure, her head beginning to spin and she felt as though she could barely breath. Her body grew heavy. Her instincts screamed at her to move, to fight back and flee, yet she couldn’t. “Your own comrades, family, friends, those you swore to protect? They don’t want to remember a failure. They know what you are but do not want to admit how they feel about your actions - in case you fall back into the despair you climbed out of… and maybe this time, you will finally end your life.” The blade thrusted forward and Elvira froze, her eye widened. She stared at the figure, unable to move. She did not feel any pain, as if her own panic and fear were blocking it out. Her own heartbeat rang through her ears but a scream failed to depart from her gaping mouth. The figure leaned closed to her, whispering the next few words in a very familiar voice. “ You will fall, like all the rest, if you do not learn. Like the previous Master Sages before you, like Heial, like your family, all others who walked your past. For as long as you keep fighting against yourself - you will fail if you do not stop fighting me!” Her voice. Then, she blinked and the figure was gone. She fell to her knees, wrapping her arms around herself as she took swift breaths. She squeezed her eye shut, the words repeating throughout her head. Her chest bore no stab wound - it was all an illusion, she told herself. It wasn’t Gazadriael, it wasn’t Silen. It was all an illusion… yet it felt so real and spoke far too much truths. She kept reassuring herself, over and over. She remained where she was, a sob escaping from her lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Curse you… CURSE YOU! Die! Die!” The ghoul sprung forth, saliva dripping from its mouth. Its eyes set on Elvira, claws digging into the sand. Yet its opponent showed no fear as it closed in, pulling back the black ferrum steel sabre in their hand. The moment the creature was close, it lept off the ground and towards the figure, aiming to bring its claws down. The figure swung their blade forth. The ghoul’s form exploding into blackened sand. Elvira lowered her weapon, watching the sand pile up in front of them. A sigh escaped her lips, closing her eye for a moment. New wounds etched over her body and form, it had grown increasingly hard to move and so she took to waiting for her opponents to strike at her to retaliate “...that’s the last one in sight for now… now to reflect,” She sat down, crossing her legs as she entered a meditative stance. Her saber laid over her knees as she took calm breaths. Within seconds, she was meditating, blocking out most of her surroundings but keeping a careful ear out on her surroundings. She could hear nothing, not even the sound of wind or the sands shifting. Even her own heartbeat sounded as though it was miles away, a faint pulse. Memories rushed past her but she took her time, remembering and witnessing events that she saw with her own eyes. She took a calm breath, allowing the images to flow in front of her. The mistakes she made during the days of Athera, as a young girl lost within the world and afraid of her own shadows. Only for Daniel and those of the Drunken Monk tavern to guide her back on past whenever she wandered astray. The days of Vailor when she began her steps as a cleric of Tahariae and grew through the ranks. The many times she suffered by her own mistakes, yet also the times she saved and aided those who had suffered all the same. The errors of Axios when she stood as clerical leader, faced with the hardest choices. The days of Gazadriael’s scheme and the madness she faced. The many times she stood alongside the clerics and the many others by her side. The moments of Atlas when she became an Ascended and witnessed the Ascended Hunts, falling into despair as her past lover went astray… only to rise up to play her part in stopping September’s rampage and right the wrongs. Every event, she remembered. Every time she failed, she asked herself why. Every time she did wrong, she questioned why she did such. Every moment a life was lost, she wondered what else could have been done. Every moment she broke, she put the pieces back together. Every second, every minute - she reflected and began to realise. Then she knew. After what felt like countless years of reflecting and thinking, Elvira opened her eye and found herself looking at Silen. They stood there, looking exactly like her now, – Elvira Naromis, wounded and torn with her pale features. Her armour torn and scratched in multiple places. Yet she was smiling. A worn A genuine yet saddened smile. “...It was never madness...” Elvira stated with clear confidence. “You never was mad to begin with after you became an Ascended” Silen replied, speaking in Elvira’s own tone. “It died when you bore Aeriel’s connection. Nor was it the reason you struggled, why you broke down many times, why you suffered, why you failed. There was another reason,” “Me,” Elvira stated softly, gazing upon Silen. “Throughout my time, I suffered and made so many mistakes, growing to doubt myself and lose faith in my abilities. I committed crimes and harmed others too much by my uncontrolled emotions, causing me to restrict them more… only for them to keep raging out of control. All this time, I was afraid of allowing my past catch up to me and my emotions to control me, to the point where I was restricting myself away from being able to grow. Afraid to be mortal and a living being.” “By the time the mental ward Aeriel once had upon you vanished upon the change of duty, all of the depression, all of the pain and the sorrow flooded forth and your mind couldn’t handle it. So you subconsciously began holding them back. It was by restricting those emotions that you became overwhelmed you when you couldn’t hold them anymore. It was by ignoring your past mistakes out of fear that you never learned from them, only increasing the doubt in yourself and becoming more likely to fail.” Elvira nodded solemnly. “And you’re all that I’ve been holding back, the supposed madness I believed I was fighting back… but really, you’re the side of me I should have embraced and accepted, the emotions and the past.” Silen smiled more and bowed her head. “You finally learned and realised…. I’m glad. Will you finally accept me or will you keep fighting?” The Ascended reached down and she took hold of her saber, returning it to its sheath. She shook her head, a gentle laugh escaping from her lips. The desert felt less cold as Elvira felt a spark of warmth flood through her. “The only fighting I will do is against those who truly seek to do me harm… you only watched and guided me, even if you had to give me a hard shove along the way. Normally I’m the one who guides people… but I guess even the guide needs a helping hand along the way.” “Everyone needs a guide. From the Master Sage to the grandmother of many, even the lost soul in the desert,” Silen replied, tilting her head. “It’s okay to be emotional, to be afraid, to be living, and to be guided. Most people don’t realise that, however, and they take to holding it all back because they see it as a weakness or that they are afraid,” “Mhm.... but tell me… Silen, how did you get your name? I do not recall anyone named Silen… and are you truly here in physical form?” Elvira was quite confused. The trial felt so real despite it being a dream, she couldn’t tell if it was one or the other. “It’s a name you may not remember as you did lose some of your memories… but it belonged to someone who you helped accept who they were,” the other answered. “And this trial made me real, even if it is just within here. Afterall, I am a part of you and the trial isn’t just to kill the darkness here and guide the lost… it’s also to guide you when you need guidance most… and now that trial has now reached its end.” “Then, let’s not lose sight of ourself again, shall we?” The Ascended held out her hand to her other half. Silen made her way over and accepted the hand, nodding softly. Then, everything grew black and Elvira saw nothing more… only darkness and quiet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sound of rushing water echoed around and Elvira opened her eye, finding herself gazing up at a wavy surface above her head. She knew she was underwater, yet she didn’t feel as though she was drowning. Thus she remained there for a few moments, taking in the peace and quiet. The memories of the desert remaining in mind as she reflected back on them. Yet she wasn’t in the deserts. Elvira closed her eye and smiled, before then proceeding to break the surface of Astra, coughing the liquid out of her lungs and startling Arik who had watched over her. The two shared a heartfelt moment, the woman growing overwhelmed after what felt like countless years of fighting. Her gaze soon settled on her Tearstone Shard, which was no longer pitch black. It glowed a brilliant teal as it hovered by her side, the red cracks visible to see once more. She had passed and was forgiven. Thank you… Silen… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ((...writing this was one hell of a rollercoster for me but I’m proud. Special thanks to Assassinofawsome for DMing the two instances for me. It was a wonderful experience and he did a good job. Elvira passed her trial and finally learnt to accept herself and her emotions, that it’s okay to suffer and to relfect on the past to learn from it. P.S: The Gazadriael here is an illusion, it isn’t the real Gazadriael and is only his appearance from when Elvira saw him at the whole Isle of Malin event. Don’t shoot me down))
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