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  1. RIP Stan Lee – an icon to all writers, film makers, and comic book lovers out there. ;-;

  2. Farryn

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Elvira would read the missive and she sighs deeply, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “Kary... you fool. I had warned you time and time again to remove yourself from the darkness before you endanger yourself, yet your constant need for a power to aid you and your own foolish ways have just damned you. If only you had heeded my warnings...” She’d make her way over to a display cabinet and opens it, where a familiar black ferrum steel blade lays asleep. The woman picks up the blade and examines it carefully. “...sorry Quill. It seems you and I may clash afterall...” Elvira would state mournfully. “I pray you forgive me for what I will do...”
  3. Even the usually calm and relaxed Ascended that Elvira is would crack up in laughter at such. “Oh my... I have not laughed at something like this in a very long time!” ((1000/20 comedy))
  4. Farryn

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    To add on from Suxal’s post, the Ascended’s focus in terms of enemies is now on a more broad scale than focusing on dark vs light rp. The Ascended will also focus more on handling major threats that seek to harm, enslave, corrupt, or destroy the mortals (such as September Prince, Setherein, etc – mostly ET major and minor antagonists, and even player antagonists, that can be mortal, natural, voidal, dark, and even other Aengudaemons), given they are the major threats in harming souls and ceasing them from living normally, as well as cause major soul corruption. So this will include faint aspects of fighting, but being more focused on utility and support to aid the descendants against these threats. Of course. When it comes to threats, they can take the form of major beings of mass destruction, but also in the form of powerful relics that when in the wrong hands, can wreck the lives of many people. So it was decided that the Ascended will also focus on researching these threats and devoting their lives on protecting and containing them, making sure that any threats are not unleashed on the mortals before they are even unleashed, or being there to assist in stopping them. The bigger point is that the Ascended will hopefully focus on being there to re-seal or contain them to buy time to prepare the mortal, as sometimes, fighting a threat head-on with little resources can be difficult, thus more time is needed but is hard to get when more and more lives are being lost. Thus, I can confirm that I am working on a ritualistic spell that will give 5-10 ascended a chance to seal away a major/minor ET antagonist, but the spell in question will be heavily redlined and following roughly the same redlines the ET follows and being temporary. This new focus was decided to give the Ascended a stronger goal that can include descendants and the Ascended actively working with different groups on taking down or sealing away a threat. Furthermore, it ’ll give forth to a range of unique roleplay in terms of utility and support – two areas that aren’t really focused on within the deific magic side – and make the Ascended the support of the group, and having a support-based class that can enhance other party members and debuff opponents. Dark VS light RP will still occur, given that we’re still against soul corruption and whatnot, but it is no longer the major goal and focuses for the Ascended. The overall aim is not to make the Ascended come across as the heroes who save the day, we’re aiming at avoiding that part completely. Instead, the Ascended will serve as the supporting magic that can help change the tides of a battle into the favour of the Descendants, but this tipping of the scales won’t always happen and an Ascended can still be taken down. I am very aware that many did not enjoy how the Ascended’s current lore did not give many purposes and they were basically just like the paladins and cleric, and this is why both myself, Suxals, and Jallen worked heavily with the LT to change the Ascended away from that and give them a clear purpose that doesn’t just benefit us as a playerbase, but also many other groups. Since you mentioned the Azdrazi, I feel as though I should mention this. In regards to souls that have been altered, such as Azdrazi or any magic or being that requires the soul to be altered to obtain such – I’ll check the base lore and see what’s described there. But if there’s nothing explaining how the magic affects different soul alterations, I’m hopefully going to aim towards the magic not inflicting any harm on such when using any support/utility based abilities, unless it’s a debuff, and that all alerted based souls will be impacted by the offensive abilities the same way that they affect descendants and any other beings. That way, there’s a more equal balance and also prevents Ascended from being Light VS Dark based by having a magic that affects just dark beings, given that we’re now also focusing on threats that can take on a more natural, voidal, or Aengudaemonic form. Myself and Suxal are currently the ones editing this lore, given that Jallentime has left for the server a bit, and we’re aiming on ensuring that there are no loopholes within the lore, as well as that the Ascended are no longer just sitting around and doing nothing – but they are out there, helping descendants, standing by their sides against major antagonistic threats, and being the supports in major fights. I hope this answers any concerns you and anyone else has.
  5. Farryn

    The Academic Union

    ~Application~ OOC Username: Farryn Discord: you have it RP Name: Elvira Naromis Age: 140s Race: Half Elf [Ascended] Place of Residence: Alchemist’s Bay (main residence), Holm, and Sutica Department: The Researchers of Incognita – focusing on Aengudaemonology (The study of Aengudaemons) and Alchemy Other Guilds: Is a part of the Ascended Order
  6. Farryn

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    To those stating that Dragon is posting his lore for his own gain - pause for a moment and think; are you actually correct there? Do you genuinely believe you are in the right? Because where you see someone apparently wanting a new fancy magic for himself, I see a writer who seeks to try and incorporate an interesting factor onto the server by thinking out of the box and also to share his writing with everyone else. TheDragonRoost has worked hard on this lore since the day I met him a few months ago, and honestly - he has never come across as someone wanting power or an advantage for his character. I'm a writer and TheDragonRoost's passion for writing, whenever it be short story writing or lore writing, is something I truly admire. So who are all of you to judge that he's in it for the power and comment on this post, especially when some of you openly admitted you didn't read the lore and barely provided any criticism or feedback in a more professional manner? Yes, his concept may sound stupid to you, but does that give you the right to simply skip it and go "You're in it for the power and self-gain!" To simply put it - get a grip and provide some actual criticism and read the lore TheDragonRoost actually went out of his way to write this post yet there are those of you who think "Eh, don't give a flick" and just post a comment that holds no relevance or feedback. The posts I'm seeing haven't been providing feedback and have just been flat out disgusting with the insulting and lack of care. So keep any unnecessary comments out of here if they're providing no feedback to the writer, positive or negative alike. Right now, you're just being disgraceful for taking it on yourselves to completely disregard posting any feedback on a lore submission, where players give their personal feedback to the lore writers. Hyena - I'm calling you out. No one cares about your comment about how this lore is none other than that it's TheDragonRoost's apparent attempt to claim power or magic. As well as anyone else who's considering writing what something along those lines. If you believe this lore is not worth reading but still want to be a hypocritical disrespecting individual, then kindly do not even comment on this post at all and allow those who actually want to give feedback to do it. ---- Now. @TheDragonsRoost - I read your lore and I've got both positive and negative feedback to give to you (seeing how folks so far haven't gone out of their way to read the lore and back up their claims). A unique intake in dark magic as it's providing a more morally-okayish magic, compared to the all out or near dark magics. Furthermore, an Aengudaemon that revolves around dark magic? I know we have Iblees and the Ithuzuki (can't remember the spelling correctly) patron, but it does create a form of balance between the more light/good based Aengudaemons and the more darker ones. Plus, the lore itself does expand into more interesting areas that aren't really explored upon in LotC. Lastly, the lore itself is very well written, neat to read, and simple and to the point, but also provides enough necessary details regarding the Aengudaemon, how they think and act, and what they seek to do by influencing the mortal realm. Feedback points Now. I am a bit curious if you've been told by the LT, but you do need to post the full lore. Not just a bit here and leave the rest on a google doc. It's so that the lore is fully on the forums and cannot be edited, preventing any lore writers from making sudden edits to their lore without the LT knowing. Plus, the google doc is rather easy to miss, meaning many who read this may not read the full extension of the lore. It really helps people out if things are more organised. I am also curious about Zarelek's realm - how does it appear? I know you briefly mentioned it but having a paragraph in detail explaining the realm would provide more insight to the Aengudaemon, and does help out builders if this lore is accepted and the Aengudaemon becomes used. Lastly, I recommend looking up and reading more on lore in general. It'll really help you out in writing lore further, as well as help you to keep a sense of continuity with the server's basic lores. This includes the Aengudaemonic lore, magic lore, etc, etc. I can say that there are some areas that do need fixing so that this Aengudaemon is more suitable for the server, though that's pretty much the feedback I have to offer. Hopefully this helps! And good work on the writing!
  7. Farryn

    The Memoirs of a Shorewalker

    Elvira would read the letters, given to her by allies and friends who had discovered them and had grown concerned. It was a usual occurrence, and the woman did not mind. It had since become a routine. The one-eyed Ascended would be in her usual state of calmness; her face relaxed and its usual pale, while her glowing eye seems to shimmer in both curiosity and calmness. Her whole body at ease as she reads the letter. By her side, a young mortal agent would be clearly fuming, cheeks puffed and face a glistening red in fury. Their arms crossed over their chest and their feet stomping the ground. "How could this person speak ill of Aeriel! They act as though they know what exactly goes on and that they know full well Aeriel is a tyrant! That's untrue! If she is as every bit as cruel as this writer makes her be, then why did she even help the mortals in the first place when Iblees cursed us! Why-" It only took one click of her quartz fingers and the student fell immediately quite. Elvira turned to them with a firm expression, yet the serene calmness would still pulse from her eye. "Do not focus on allowing your rage to fuel your actions, my student. That is how one can make a mistake when blinded by anger. Calm yourself and ease your body, else you will not be able to think straight." "But... aren't you mad? I mean, they are insulting our very patron! You of all people should be mad and wanting their heads!" Elvira would chuckle softly, a warm smile forming over her lips. "One would assume such of me but... such is not the way of a Flowing Sun Follower. The writer has spoken his mind and beliefs, such I cannot argue nor be against. If anything, these letters and the ideology of the Shorewalkers are fascinating and do provide an interesting concept. Of course... in this world, one must ensure they are not blinded by their own beliefs and acknowledge that every ideology can be both right and wrong, their own included. This writer believes firmly they are right, such is natural. Yes, they speak ill of Aeriel but that is what the writer believes and follows. I do not seek to cause arguments nor harm because of such." "So... you won't harm the writer if you see them?" the agent asked, tilting their head a bit. The older Ascended folded the paper up and tucked it away into her pocket. Her smile remained as she turns back to the student. " Would you strike a man down because he disagreed with your opinion?" The student immediately froze and spluttered out. "I... what!? No! I would never do such thing!" "Indeed. To do such is to be ignorant and unaccepting that there are different viewpoints than your own, and that you allow someone's own words get to you. I am not like those who seek out someone for writing something I disagree with and aim to drive my blade clean into their hearts. There are more ways to sort out an issue or handle a threat than using violence and death. I am no cold-blooded killer, as such action of cold slaughter is not the way of the Flowing Sun." Yet, her smile would fade and her expression grew sharpened, the glow of her eye heightening and made the candles around them seem dim. "However - should the writer and those who follow the path of the Shorewalker decide that physical force is a necessary way to project their ideology, resulting in the potential harm of my brethren and the mortals... then that is where my blade shall be drawn and ready. Afterall, I will defend those that may be in danger if this writer and those who follow truly decides violence is the answer." The student shuddered at Elvira's words but knew full well what she meant: Peaceful when words are spoken, yet willing to strike down when agressive action is taken.
  8. Farryn

    Does anyone have the Axios map for download?

    https://files.lordofthecraft.net/maps/ - @Tofuus, bless him, is hosting a site that has the Ceru and Tahn maps on them, but not Asul that made up Axios - likely because he doesn't have the map file for that island. However, I hope this helps! It will take a while to download the two files but they're there!
  9. Farryn

    [CRISIS] Political Assassination, Despot Inauguration

    Elvira puts down the paper and sighs, having been the one to take the poison out of the system and did her best to ensure Dimlin remained safe. The Ascended rubbed her brow before deciding to settle the paper down and go up to the palace, going to check on the dwarf's health. She had hoped the ball would be peaceful, but alas - it wasn't.
  10. Farryn

    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    You mad kids actually done it. This grandma is proud and can finally rest easily!
  11. Farryn

    Taking a risk for all

    [Image belongs to its original source, not me] This is a fool's errand… but it’s best this burden is on my shoulders than a non-Ascended. Such was the statement Elvira kept reminding herself as she followed Zatanaes to her home. Was she truly a fool for accepting this or not? The Ascended knew full well she wasn’t, mostly because she was perhaps the most capable to get it done. Especially given the devastating effects that Ruibrium can do to a person. It was Zatanaes’s plan - she found a mine that held a fair amount of Ruibrium and decided to have it harvested by her golem, all for the sole purpose of using its dark abilities to end the September Prince. A ballista bolt made or containing the destructive crystals, capable of piercing the Prince’s form and draining away at his energy. A wonderful plan, yet one full of risks. The Tahariaen cleric needed someone who knew how to create ballista bolts, and also could withstand the Ruibrium effects better than most Descendants. That was where Elvira came in. “Alright, come on in, Elvi. The Ruibrium is just downstairs, in my vault,” Elvira merely bobbed her head and followed the Tahariaen cleric into the cabin, down the stairs that faintly creaked. She did not bother looking around the home and its features, she was here for one thing after all. The Ascended and Cleric made their way further downstairs, reaching a set of two doors that were heavily reinforced. “The Ruibrium is in there, the box you have will be enough to hold it, right?” “I do,” Elvira replied. In both her hands, she was carrying a thick box made of iron, three locks on the front and the container looked sturdy. She ensured that the box had multiple layers inside, keeping the Ruibrium’s aura within the box. Though, holding the box was a pain in the arms. Zatanaes nodded and opened the two doors, allowing Elvira inside. The doors closed behind her and Elvira took a deep breath, making her way over to the box that held the Ruibirum. It was there that the Ascended slipped on a mask and a pair of thick leather gloves, not wanting to risk her life so swiftly. With a deep breath, she lifted the lid of the chest and peered inside. She worked with many crystals and gemstones in blacksmithing - rubies, sapphires, emeralds, lightstone, and more. Before all this, she never heard of Ruibrium, but now she knew all of the blasted crystal from constant research. How it worked, how it affected the living within radius by slowly absorbing their lifeforce, and the effects it has on the Descendants. So as she took hold of the Ruibirum and held it up to her level, the clutch faintly flared red as it began to take her lifeforce very slowly. Yet the aura did not affect her mentally, an Ascended’s mind was fortified against a range of mental effects so she was safe. This was a great risk she was taking, one that could take her life if she wasn’t careful enough. Yet this was one she was willing to accept - if a normal descendant took this task, they would risk losing themselves to the mental effects or mess up immensely. She had to do this. --- --- --- Elvira began her work as soon as the ruibrium was secure within her vault. The Ascended swiftly made her notes on her blackboard, planning out all of the necessary information that she needed. First, she needed to form the most easiest part of all - forging the ballista bolts themselves, given that it was harmless compared to the Ruibrium. Then would come the trickiest part with the Ruibrium, but she’ll worry about that part when it comes. Thus she flexed her shoulders and went to gather the necessary materials she needed for the process. As Elvira got to work, she muttered to herself once or twice. The woman knew that she would have to stay up all day and night in order to ensure the progress is swiftly done. Afterall, the siege was close and she needed the weapons done by then. Thus she worked through the night, the hours stretching out as she worked on the base of the ballista bolts. Not once did she drift off, keeping her spirits high by many cups of mocha and the fact this was all for the sake of the Descendants. The heat was intense, as were the heavy slams of her hammer against metal, the flames roaring with undying life. Yet none of them matched the determination that flowed through the woman. Three days later, Elvira finished making the poles and the points were done, attached firmly onto each other. She polished the ballista bolts down, her fingers running along the smoothened bluesteel. Elvira bobbed her head in contentment and relief. Now came the part she did not like but she decided to save it for later. She needed to let people know that she was, after all, still alive after spending three whole days in her workshop. --- --- --- The next day, Elvira began her work with the dreaded Ruibrium. She decided to give herself one hour to get the crystal, else the Ruibrium would truly begin to have an effect on her. Even now as she chipped away at the crystal, she could feel her lifeforce slowly draining, the aura grabbing onto her hungrily. The Ascended was thankful that bearing Aeriel’s connection would protect her mind from insanity and the mental effects, she did not enjoy her first experience with madness, she did not want to feel it again. Yet that was another reason why she agreed to Zatanaes’ plan - any other descendant would feel the full force of the effects, be driven crazed by the Ruibrium, or perhaps suffer a series of mental illnesses from such. She agreed to do this so that no one else had to, for the sake of their own mind and body. By the time the one hour mark came, Elvira managed to extract a hand-sized chunk of Rubrium and went to insert it into the ballista bolt. Her body felt immensely weaker, with her head pounding with a slight headache. Bits of her skin felt itchy but she shrugged it off, going to put the Ruibrium chunk away with the bolt also. She wanted to sleep badly, thus she called it a day and made her way out of the lab to rest herself up. ---- --- --- Her body did feel a little better the next day, but not as much as normal. In fact, she felt worse; the headaches grew more violent and at times, her vision blurred here and there. Yet Elvira shrugged them off - her regeneration will kick in soon so she will be fine, plus she had a major issue to focus on. She fell into the same routine once more - one hour to remove a hand sized chunk of Ruibrium and insert it into the ballista bolt. Elvira remained firm and focused as she gently tapped away at the crystal, yet the headaches and dizziness sometimes made it hard for her to focus. Parts of her arm and the right side of her face had begun to blister, hints of blackness forming from where specks of Ruibrium dust had formed. The whites of her eye containing hints of red veins. It took her a little longer to finally get the crystal out but she got there and inserted it into the second ballista bolt, which joined its brother within the vault. A pained cough or two came from Elvira and she felt too tired to move after lifting the heavy objects. Thus she cleaned her desk and settled to resting there. She truly needed it. --- --- --- She went over the one hour mark and managed to complete the remaining three bolts on the sixth day. Yet in doing so, she suffered immensely. Elvira didn’t know why she did it but she did it, after she had accidentally broke one crystal part she was trying to chip out. It turned into red dust and she swiftly scooped it up and chucked it into the fire. She could barely think, barely know what she was doing, thus she settled on continuing on and on. It was as if she was trapped in a loop, chipping out a crystal and placing it into the bolt, then chipping out another. The effects of the Ruibrium grew worse, she could barely even move after she had moved the bolts, with immense struggle, to the vault, and all of the Ruibrium had been used up. The Ascended was in an extremely cruel state - her usually elegantly tied up birdnest of a hair now rather knotted and hung behind her loosely, and her skin was a deathly pale. The whites of her eye now a pale red, crimson veins pulsing within and the teal glow of her eye seemed to have gained a red hue to it, taking over the beautiful glow and making it one of dread. Even worse, the blackened spots on her face and arm had increased, her cheek nearly black with dead skin and speaks of red crystals were beginning to emerge from her flesh. She could feel them, tearing through her muscle and skin. It stung and burned, causing her to collapse a few times from the sheer pain. If she was mortal… well… Elvira knew she would be messed up in body and mind, even worse than this current state. Perhaps even dead. Her regeneration had reduced some of the damage and healed, but now it was constantly battling the Ruibrium growing on her. Yet it wasn’t enough, both forces kept clashing but neither could overcome the other. The Ruibrium weakened Elvira and was strong enough to fight the regeneration. Meanwhile, her regeneration kept the Ruibrium back from spreading further and causing further damage, as well as ensuring Elvira remained alive. Yet with each passing hour and day, Elvira felt herself gradually weakening, the regeneration gave her time but it was slowly crippling away. Elvira had managed to create five bolts that could potientally put the war with September into the Descendants’ favour, but at the grave cost of risking her own life and body being brutally torn. She risked it so that no Descendant would suffer more than her, and that the bolts would be done in time. She did it to ensure the Descendants would win this war, though she had to make a sacrifice. Aenguls damn it, I was a fool… I should have been careful! But… I… accepted this burden and knew of the costs… I am glad I took such upon my shoulders, but I do not know how long I can last… I need to recover… I need... The Ascended only had one final goal in mind and forced herself to walk. A letter would take too long and she needed to get herself help, fast. A pained tear flooding down her face as she took each step. With each step, she reminded herself she had faced worse. I faced Gazadriael twice and survived him… I survived being nearly burned alive… I survived blades and weapons of many against me… I fought the darkness time and time again… I fought in countless wars… This will not be what will finally send you to the Soulstream…! By the time she was out of the lab, her Ker’wolf had sprinted forth and immediately knew something was wrong. The Ascended managed to haul herself onto the great wolf’s back and softly muttered. “To.. Sutica… Zatanaes... Quickly...” The wolf did not heistate and the two were gone within seconds. [OOC]
  12. Farryn

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    Sometimes you must move away from the past and develop into something new to keep up with things. Nothing can ever remain the same while everything else changes. The past of the Ascended will be held in high regard still, in terms of history and traditions, and still will be taught to some degree but the magic itself has changed. It's a **** move to just abandon all of that history and the efforts of those in the past. Both In Character and Out of Character - We won't be forgetting how our magic worked in the past, nor abandon our previous history or traditions. So rest assure, no history or the efforts of previous Ascended will be forgotten, we've only changed the magic and a few aspects but we hold no intentions on changing the history or past. A majority of the Aegis Ascended have moved on now, and there's no real reason for us to revert back to those days when we want to move forward. Plus, a majority of the Ascended voted in favour for this change, and this was what we as the player base that this lore caters around wanted to see. We wanted something new from the past, and one that made the Ascended different from the Paladins and the Clerics, something that provided a better roleplay experience than the "Light VS Dark" or "Holy = fire/light" areas. We wanted to give something new, focusing on an area that no other holy magic focused on and that's the use of crystals and being in a full-on supportive role. Not to mention, having to kill members of the dark community gets boring as hell for me and the dark community, and I actually enjoy interacting with them in a more sociable way than just fighting constantly. So this lore does give forth some freedom that we didn't have in the past. As for this lore not fitting in with what's occurring right now - yes, nothing is occurring that ties with this new lore, but I believe there is something planned that involves a smooth transition to the new lore if it gets accepted. Plus, infusions will be dealt with accordingly, as they will all become nullified when the lore is released (aka - no longer can anyone activate a soulfire infusion)
  13. Farryn

    With love, from Knox.

    From one Brit to another. Keep being classy, my friend, and hats off to you
  14. Farryn

    Drivewriter Annoucement and Guide

    As someone who writes in-character books on google docs. HELL. YES.
  15. Farryn

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    Elvira would sigh deeply within the comfort of her home within Holm, rubbing her forehead. She would pull out a series of parchments and she begins to write, her quill moving swiftly like a sparrow gliding through the morning skies. Determination flooding through her as she writes down each word. Soon, these notes would be pinned to each and every poster regarding surrendering to September throughout Atlas, placed there by many couriers. The writing clear to read for all. "To ask us to neglect our civilisation and our buildings is to tell a rabbit to abandon its burrow and its instincts, to leave it's home behind and change its behaviour because of a single individual does not see it as natural. Living as a civilisation is as natural to us mortals as the worms dwelling underground - it is our nature to do such. It is how we live and our nature as mortals. We work with nature more than any would expect, we rely on it as much as it relies on us. We may cut down trees and forge homes from stone, but we still hold appreciation and respect for nature, as many replant the trees they cut down and the ruins of old cities soon become the homes of many animals and plants. That is the way of life. There may be those who neglect it but is it right to condemn those who do not neglect it? We destroy but also we create, just as nature destroys but also creates. That is the cycle. To state that we must strip away from our cities because one person said such is to undo the development and change that our ancestors created in their time, and also to take away the future of those yet to come. The September Prince is no Will of the Aspects. If the Aspects willed it for us all to 'return' to nature, then the Druids themselves would be focused on this goal, they would seek to ensure it and have tenets and laws focusing around casting us out of civilisation and return to our roots. The druids of Aegis would have heard the Aspects cry for civilisation to end, and that would continue as Aengudaemons will do all they can to achieve their goals, never straying from it. Yet - the Aspects do not demand this. They accept that living as we are now is the nature of us mortals and that we do assist nature in more ways than one can expect. They ask the druids to watch over nature and ensure balance is kept, that the taint of Iblees is healed away from the lands the darkness taints, and that the Descendants live without threat from those who seek to overturn the balance. September is not what you say he is - nor will many accept to bow to him. He holds no right to demand how we live our lives, to take away our cultures, our home, our very nature. He is no Prince, nor will any of us let him have his way. I may not be a druid but even I understand that impact us Descendants have on nature is both good and bad, creation and destruction, and that this is not the right answer. This is not saving nature, this is going to dismantle one of the aspects that helps keep balance and very much so holds the right to be a part of it. I will not back down and I will fight September's forces if it means ensuring a future for the children to come. I recommended not underestimating the capabilities of the Descendants either. Long story short: **** September and his ideals, he ain't getting jack all and he isn't the one who decides how we all must live. So screw you and keep your little thoughts to your ******* self. Yours sincerely, one very annoyed one-eyed Ascended. "