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  1. "...this definitely cannot be the work of the Paladins of Xan - there is no way they would step that low," Athanas murmured after hearing the news in his new home. The high elf placing down the newspaper onto his desk and rubbed his chin. "Yet, Zann - Xan. No doubt the Descendants who despise the latter will take this as a chance to hunt down the Paladins of Xan, an excuse per say. Surely those with bright minds know that this may be the cultists attempting to shift the blame onto the Paladins of Xan or have people think they are responsible... no matter, I should discuss this matter with Eld
  2. Athanas Naromis stares at the missive in his hand, the one-arm high elf's expression a mix of disgust and amusement. A chuckle escaping from his lips. "...for a moment, I thought this was from Sutica, not from Haelun'or... you'd expect them to at least be more discreet or relatively sensible in their descriptions..."
  3. Athanas writes up his letter and sends it off to the building. "Hello, I am Athanas Naromis - I am quite new to Vaelya. I have a fondness for books, so perhaps book regarding Vaeyla's culture or of any topic would be most welcomed!" He then looks over the other letters, thinking. He then decides to take Seonaidh's request. "Let's see what I can get for this fellow."
  4. I heard what happened and I just have to say - ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME GAZADRIAEL DIED. A little sad Elvira wasn't there to personally see it, given she was there when he first came back - and felt slightly responsible for it. But she's proud of everyone who helped bring him down. All the Ascended are. So from me to the ST and all the players involved - Good job and I'm proud.

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      Heya Farryn 🙂 long time no see 

  5. I just pop in to see how this place is going...


    Holy heck, this place is a bigger garbage fire than the last time I saw it.

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      Can’t wait for when fellas see what Vortex actually looks like and it gives everyone Nexus PTSD.

  6. Within the Soulstream, an old yet familiar face would greet Azoth. A glowing teal eye filled with warmth yet small sadness. “...took you long enough, old friend. I was beginning to think we would not meet again,” Elvira smiled at him.
  7. Somewhere within the Soulstream, Elvira waits patiently for her son to arrive.
  8. Regardless of if it gets accepted or not, you did a great job writing this lore, @WhiteKnight_19 and I hope the clerics do see better days than what came before. Only one thing to say here....
  9. *Remembers the books Kary and co found that hinted towards this* *Then reads this* But really though, brilliant writing as always, Xarkly! Go forth, you glorious writer, go forth and weave a brilliant story! (Yes, came back to LotC briefly to read this and comment)
  10. The highest peak in Arcas towered above as the Ascended made her way up. The cold winds brushing against her form, threatening to send her back. Yet she stood steadfast as she continued on. Night had since fallen and the full moon lingered up above, lighting her path. The woman wore her usual leathered coat and tunic, her teal sash slung around her waist. Her sabre strapped firmly to her side. On her back, she carried a simple bag of all she wanted to bring with her. Yet most noticeable - the polished slayer steel Arm of Aeriel was strapped to its usual place on her left hand. The astral cryst
  11. RP Name::Elvira Naromis MC Username: Farryn Discord: Farryn#1306 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: N/A – not really directly afflicated with a nation. Why Do You Wish To Come?: My character started in Athera and she was invited by the Paladins to assist them in their task in Athera. Also, I may intend on PKing Elvira in Athera if I really consider it. What Skills Can You Bring?: Alchemical skills, fighting, and medical skills. As well as knowledge on Athera and on a range of subjects.
  12. *checks in on server to see if its still burning*
    *sees server is burning up even more*
    *leaves to go do better things for the time being.*

  13. A lone Ascended looked up from her research the moment a bird came through her window, bearing a message. The woman read it silently before rising to her feet, a sigh escaping from her lips. “...It seems something is amiss at the Temple. Were it anywhere else, I’d be less concerned but due to the nature of the temple – I am concerned,” And at that, she made her departure.
  14. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you put a target on your back by angering just about every nation and group in Arcas. especially the more zealous ones... hopefully some of them know its a joke and won’t consider going for Lily and Sutica. If they do, well... that’s Lily and Mystery’s fault,” Elvira shrugs before going back to sipping some mocha.
  15. Elvira just reads the parchment with a simple stare, her eye still hurting from reading the language at the front of the envelope. “...Really? Using the Black Language on the front? Whoever wrote this is aware that the language hurts the eyes of those unable to read it, meaning chances are – some folks may not read it due to their eyes hurting and those more familiar with it will know a dark user wrote this and may become reluctant to read it... it’s like they are not even trying to conceal who they are...” She then sighs. “...I think now may be the time for me to come out of retir
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