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  1. Elvira signs with an approving nod.
  2. Farryn

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Elvira casually signs her name up.
  3. Farryn

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    Me when I realised it was clickbait: Right. Er... How are you doing? 😄
  4. CHANGELOG 2# [21st February 2019] Regarding Other Magics - Semi return of Demi-Ascended system Each time an Ascended learns a new magic outside of Ascended magic, they lose the ability to advance to the next tier. Ascended magic and one other magic - Tier 4 max Ascended magic and two other magic - Tier 3 max Ascended magic and three other magic - Tier 2 max Ascended magic and four other magic - Tier 1 / 2 max (if they have mastered every other magic in their arsenal - reached tier 5/max tier) An Ascended now will suffer from magical drawbacks, should the magic they know expresses such drawbacks (e.g: voidal weakness) Highlighting - Beam me up scottie! Highlight now takes the form of a 1 block in diameter beam of light that comes from the Tearstone Shard and can be directed at the target, following the Agent's gaze. It can now be avoided. Highlight takes two emotes to become effective - The Ascended summons the beam and directs it to their target, the target then has the chance to emote moving away from the beam or accepting the highlight. If the target accepts, they are highlighted. The beam has a 20 block range and cannot exceed this length. Targets must be within this range to be struck with Highlight Should it strike the target they will become highlighted. Two people at once can be highlighted, though they can dodge the beam. Afterwards, if the targets have been struck, the Ascended in question may buff or debuff them for 10 astra. Trial of the Damned - Dream Projection Edition The Desert of the Damned is no longer the real DotD - it is now a dream projection made by Aeriel that functions similarly as the DoTD but is endless and the city of Sacellum cannot be seen. Enemies and lost souls are now projections of themselves, similar to the Ascended who partake in Trial of the Damned. A projected ruined city of Haven is placed within the DotD’s projection, allowing for a change in environment and new RP scenarios. There are no items, books, or any forms of information to be gained from here. This is to provide hiding places, temporary shelters, and encounters. Astral Sanctuaries must be the only place where the Trial of the Damned can be roleplayed out on the server, through the use of /q and /w chat. This is so no roleplay isn’t disturbed on both ends, and fits with Astral Dream - which can only be initiated within Astral Sanctuaries. CHANGELOG 1# [7th February 2019] Backstory Changed story a bit so that Ascended return their soulfire to Aeriel to defeat the voidal being, this being the sacrifice made. Aeriel proceeds to cry for their sacrifice and Tearstone Shards and Astra is formed. Ascended gain Tearstone Shards. Added additional areas to make the story flow more. Covenants Covenants have been edited - Soul Covenant on Major Threats have been removed and re-edited into Soul Covenant 1. Soul Covenant 4 (now 5) remains - stands as an official reminder to an Ascended and that they must not abandon their duty. Heart Covenants have been removed - Heart Covenant 5 moved to Soul Covenants. Tearstone Shards Mysticism now does not affect Tearstone Shards due to how it affects the Soulstream and Aeriel seeking to protect her followers. Tearstone Shard’s Fracturing rates have decreased. Tier 1 - 2 Tier 2 - 3 Tier 3 - 4 Tier 4 - 5 Tier 5 - 6 The Crystal Soul Ascended can now learn the following magics: Arcane Alteration Transfiguration Telekinesis Voidal Translocation Voidal Shifting Atronach Forging Household Evocation (earth, wind, fire, and lightning) Arcanism Celestialism Conjuration Illusion Sensory Illusion Mental Magic Cognatism Rune Smithing Golemancy (with the exception of soulbound cores) Kani Any other magic that may appear in the future that does not tie with a deity or does a significant alteration of the body and soul. Ascended can no longer learn Water Evocation - those with knowledge and power of the magic prior will no longer be able to use it, but can still teach said magic. Added section on Ascended learning other magics. Ascended now lose 5 gallons of Astra storage per magic slot taken (with exception of Ascended magic slot) Highlight Highlight now can only focus on two people max. Highlight now requires a direct line of sight and focus, which can break if the person highlighting moves out of sight via walls cover etc. Focus can be broken by being struck or losing the focus similar to a voidal mage. Moonlight Radiance Moonlight Radiance cannot be placed upon any enchanted weapons, including voidal, deity, and dark magic. Crystallize The cloud of Astra that makes up Crystallize must be visible now. Up to two targets may be affected by Crystallize. Crystallize wears off after five emotes (excluding the 3 builds up emotes) It will take three full emotes/turns in an RP instance for someone to be under the full effects of Crystallize and can move out of the way of the cloud. Astral Mirror When an enchanted weapon hits the mirror - the mirror breaks entirely and the enchantment on the weapon is neutralised for one emote, rendering the weapon’s hit as purely mundane. The enchantment returns to the weapon. Astral Armor Astral Armor can go over armour, but not any armour that has been enchanted by any other magic, minus Ascended. Like Astral Mirror, if an enchanted weapon hits the armour - the armour will shatter fully and the weapon’s enchantment is nullified for one emote. Astra armour can no longer be replenished, meaning if it breaks in a RP instance Astral Quickening Astral Quickening has been removed. Stasis Using stasis on a person now requires OOC consent from the person being casted on. Stasis will only last one elven hour (an hour IRL), the spell breaking without any exceptions should this time pass. Chemical Continuity CC has been removed. Astral Communion An Ascended now becomes exhausted upon feeding their Astra into others. The longer they contribute to the spell being cast, the more fatigued they will become. Astral Sanctuary Druids can now hear the animals and trees within these sanctuaries as they normally do, but can also faintly hear the Sounds of Silence in the background. They can also sense the calmness but it would feel eerie and chilling to them, as if something isn’t right. If an animal’s lore specifically states they cannot be tamed, they cannot be tamed regardless of the effect of the sanctuary - though they will be less aggressive. Astral Dream Added paragraph explaining what happens to an Ascended and a non-Ascended during this time. Ascended have the increased regenerative factor of the Astra and can also have their limbs reattached, as long as one OOC week has not passed. Non-Ascended will face a small appearance change and will have a normal regenerative rate. Non-Ascended cannot enter another Astral Dream until three IRL months after waking up from their last one. (prevents people from using it as a means of avoiding ageing and age deaths). A person, regardless if Ascended or not, can be in an Astral dream for up to one IRL month. OOC consent is required to put a character within this state, along with the amount of time they wish to have their character within such a state. Soul Shattering Now a Teacher only spell - an Ascended must have an accepted TA in order to be able to know and learn this spell. The Trial of the Damned The Trial of the Damned now must happen strictly in-game and within the Astral Sanctuary. An Ascended cannot learn any major information that can dramatically affect the Mortal Realm - such as character deaths, learning unknown or shelved magic, etc. They can hold simple conversations about the past and general knowledge, but not major areas. All necessary edits have been made, and forum thread has been updated also. @Delmodan @FlamboyantNewEra
  5. Farryn

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Just saying here: Xarkly didn’t even intend for the event to go like this. The higher ups planned this out on the fly.
  6. Farryn

    Transition Mishap

    In other words, instead of just having us make the journey to the wall and open the door, and just go in and wait for tomorrow for Xarly – some people decided it was a lovely time for a PVE event and the spawning of Vaeyl mobs that would take at least 8 players to take down 1 Vaeyl mob, and the mass spawning caused the lagging and disconnection. Then have multiple disconnections during the transfer to the Serrimor Transition map and leave us there with no equipment and food, and our characters now trapped in a frozen wasteland. As someone who actively took part in the Vaeyl Eventline. So much lore was broken, so much bloody lore! The Red Vaeyl shouldn’t have even attacked, they would be waiting at Serrimor for us. The mists shouldn’t have been mists, they were meant to be the smokes of the smoke drake, Avendal. ET wasn’t aware? Then they should have got in contact with Xarkly when he was awake and asked for the details of how he wanted to go. Not take the reins and go – sure, lets just do what we want. SO congratulations – you messed up one of the amazing eventlines I got to take part in and I feel so sorry for Xarkly when he wakes up and sees this.
  7. Farryn

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    I’m no orc player but I think it’s great that Hedge is opening up a different RP path for the Orcs, one that isn’t focused solely on warfare but on other areas such as spirituality. Sure, it may not be like the other clans, but it does allow the exploration of another area tied with the orcs without relying on warfare. I think that this clan is great for orc players who may not be keen or comfortable on the fighting aspect but more on the spiritual side of things. It’s not restricting and no one should feel as though they should be limited to one tradition. No shame in trying something new. That aside. Brilliant work, Hedge! I can’t wait to interact with this clan as Elvira, and perhaps even join as an orc (though woe is me – my Blah isn’t good). It's great to see all of the development Shagarath gained is now being put forth into forming a clan-based around such experiences.
  8. Happy Birthday to @Unwillingly and myself!

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      DSKJJDSKDSJS Thank you everyone else and farryn aaaa! !!

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      Happy happy HAPPY Birthday to the two of you! One year older and one year wiser. 

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  9. Farryn


    She remembered that day too well. Seeing him trying to tell the guards to lower their weapons, trying to tell them he is trying to move on. Her rushing forth to stop the guards from harming him. The pain of being blasted back by a shaman who lost control, only for the very person the guards wanted to kill to pick her up and support her dazed form. He kept her steady and made sure her bleeding was not heavy. As he tried to explain the situation to their leader, a spear surged forth to strike at the back of his neck as the guard tried to take him down against the will of their leader. Yet Elvira Naromis was no fool – she kept her arm over his shoulder, not just for support but to defend the one area she knew any warrior would aim for. Her quick thinking saved his life that day... but also was what broke him. Even when she looked at her hand, she remembered how broken he became. All of the effort, all of the time he put into trying to move away from his past. Only for those who doubted he wanted moved on to ruin it through trying to kill him, turn others against him. The many times she nursed his wounds and reassured him, remained by his side and stopped him from making the worst mistakes. At first, it was to gain information and to ensure the lives he would potientally kill in the future were saved. Yet she stood by his side to help him directly, to help him when many see him as lost. Elvira remembered the day he pleaded for her aid in redemption, and the many scenarios that he faced. Many scorned her for trying to help him: They wanted her to kill him, the usual and easy method that only encourages more violence. The method that never solves anything and never stops attacks – especially if one held the will to live. That was not how she went about her duty, she does not kill those who try to gain redemption. Not on her life. Despite the fact she was suffering just as much as he, she needed to keep on fighting to keep him away from becoming the monster people see him to be. No matter the cost and what may happen to her, swearing to both Aeriel and Sokar alike... She will do what she can to save her son from himself and everything else.
  10. Just letting you guys know, if anyone does need me - will be slightly away this week as I am spending a small holiday with my fiance in Manchester. Will be on discord from time to time but time will be limited. So no burning the place down while I am gone.

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      Have a wonderful time out Farryn! I hope it will be a completely uplifting and positive experience for you ❤️ 

  11. Farryn

    A Summons to Endmoor

    Elvira took a deep breath and looked to the sky, a grave expression forming on her face. “The actions and words of the many who attend will decide the outcome to this struggle. I pray that each sees fit to take the choice that ensures the least death... though I know such prayer will be feeble, knowing how some of the nations are with this matter...” She looked back down and adjusted her coat a bit, making her departure. “I best see what the Musketeers have planned for this...”
  12. Farryn

    Healing by the will of Anbella

    “Hmm, I should pay a visit to both Aegrothad and Agnarum at some point,” Elvira wondered, smiling at the formation of the hospital and the encouragement of healing. Despite being able to heal with magic, she always preferred the mundane way. “If they ever need a supply of healing potions and salve, or a temporary healer, I’m happy to offer such to them. It’s good to see mundane healing is being improved and encouraged.”
  13. Farryn

    Settling Above the Sands

    Elvira wonders if she should come along and visit and if they welcome travellers from outside the desert. ((will definitely pop by at one point for a visit, I like seeing new settlements and whatnot))
  14. Farryn

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Farryn Meteorite Shard (totally not going to make a meteor sword) Minortaur Leather (New coat, here I come!)
  15. Makes me wonder what is more important to define activity – OOC nation activity checks of players being in one location or IC nation activity throughout roleplay via on server and on the forums. If you ask me, the latter is vastly important here and the fact this playerbase threw out so much evidence of activity, and are being polite about the situation. It definitely speaks volume. Being active as a nation isn’t just about being in one location all the time and having to have said nation checked up to see if people are roleplaying there. Instead, it should be checking to see if a nation has actually been a noticeable asset to the server through the roleplay they have produced and took part in (such as forum posts, guard training, warclaims, wars, etc, etc, etc). Quality over quantity people! So to simply put it. Give these players land! *inserts plus 1 here since plus button on keyboard is broken*