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  1. An antagonist who has a clear build up and backstory, one that helps build up the antagonist as a character and makes the whole storyline worth enjoying. Many times, there have been antagonists who bore no backstory - they were just thrown in there as an antagonistic force. We need an antagonist who has a backstory and build up that keeps people engaged with the eventline, as well as provide entertainment for the users involved. We have had an Aengudaemonic antagonists or supernatural antagonists for a while now: Iblees, Orgon, etc. What I want to see is an antagonist who is mortal, a character who can be interacted with on a daily basis. Completely normal and relateable, bearing personality traits that we, oocly, can relate to and understand. They have strengths, they have flaws. A mortal character who starts off wanting and desiring something, before ultimately taking a path that will bring harm to others, in order to gain what they want, but what they want must be relateable to people. Like wanting to avoid death because they are afraid, or wanting to bring back a loved one long gone but will cost the lives of many to bring back... even then, the loved one may not be the person the antagonist once knew. There are a lot of stories and paths that an antagonist can take, such as Solas from Dragon Age Inquistion, etc. An antagonist hidden in plain sight, an antagonist you can meet and perhaps befriend and either help or be betrayed by. It's antagonists who hold a backstory and interact with player who help develope the characters, and make roleplay more fun. Here's a few guidelines that I follow when I write books, and should hopefully assist the ET here. http://blog.janicehardy.com/2013/07/10-traits-of-strong-antagonist.html - This guide is very useful and simple.
  2. The Prime Adherent of the clerics would be within the crowd, showing her support and respect for the two new oracles.
  3. We're not actually a new cleric guild, since this order was reformed during the start of Axios, it's the successor the official Clerical Order, which has always existed since the first Clerics of Tahariae lore was released until it fell during Vailor. We do have a crafting area but we do not have anyone managing the quarters, it's most just either the Prime Adherent, Chief Adherent, or one of the Masters who give a room to an Initiate. Although having someone assist with crafting and is a non-cleric would be quite useful. However, we aren't currently accepting non-clerics into the order In-character for the sake of keeping our current location a secret. The clerics in the order want to maintain their base's location as a secret to allow them time to regrow and teach the initiates and apprentices. Furthermore, non-clerics may be a little harder to trust as they are not bounded to Tahariae as the clerics are, and can freely hand out such information. Hence why the order is not accepting any non-clerics into the order. OOCly, I have not worked on a rank for non-clerics, as well as rules aimed towards them yet. Hence why we are not accepting any yet.
  4. The Adherents of Tahariae ~~~ We are those sworn to one. The Judges against the dark, The Healers of the Grey, The Wardens of the sun. The Guides to all, Sworn to one noble goal: In land, no darkness, In body, no wounds, And show worship to the light. For in all, only purity. For Tahariae, our lord. ~~~ ~~~ Overview On the 12th of The Amber Cold 1571, a small band of the fallen Clerical order, the Curatrix, gathered together. There, they joined together in arms to bring back the clerical order, but under a new name and title. Long since had the name cleric been tainted with crimes of past clerics and shame, dishonour, and failure. These individuals sought out to change that, they wanted to bring out the true side of the followers of Tahariae, to make His name known across the land, and that purity strides across the lands. They desired for a new start for the clerics, and thus this order was formed from the ashes of the Clerical Order. The Adherents of Tahariae determined to do succeed where the other past orders failed. The Adherents of Tahariae is an order devoted to the Aengul of Purity, Tahariae. It is the official Clerical Order under a different name, to represent change and a new beginning for the order. The order consists of clerics who have sworn their lives to Tahariae's Mission: Bringing Purity to the realm through healing the wounds of descendants, and ridding the living darkness that sweeps the lands in the form of undead and unnatural beings. Wielding Tahariae's power in the form of light, the clerics can perform miracles by healing away even the worse of injuries and bringing forth light within the darkest of places. Aside from healing and fighting, the clerics also offer prayers and worship to the Aengul of Purity, Tahariae, the one who has gifted the clerics with His gift. The path of the cleric is a path not recommended for the weakest of hearts or those too devoted to their normal life, for many sacrifices and decisions must be made. Those who accept the path have thrown away their old life, relinquishing themselves from family and friends for the necessity of purity. They must uphold the Tenets and Utterings of Tahariae, rules far strict and must be kept to at all cost. Failure to keep to such rules will result in disconnection: the loss of Tahariae's gift and banishment from the order. Those who have taken the mantle of cleric must keep to their duty to the very end... even if it means turning the blade on a friend who has become impure and dark. ~~~ Order's Ranks The Prime Adherent The Chief Adherent The Masters Adherents Apprentices Initiates ~~~ The Rules The Adherents follow three sets of rules: The Tenets, the Utterings, and the Order Rules. The Tenets and Utterings apply to all clerics whenever they are apart of the Adherents or not, for they are the very laws Tahariae has placed upon them. Breaking such rules upon being connected will result in the cleric being disconnected, their very soul fractured and scarred for betraying their deity's laws. Whereas, the Order Rules apply only to clerics within the Adherents. The Tenets The Utterings The Order Rules ~~~ Becoming an Adherent To become a member, just state in here if you are interested or PM the following people on either the forums or on the server itself. ~ (Farryn) Elvira Naromis (Prime Adherent / Trine Master) ~ (Hettty) - Aerin (Curative Master) ~ (North_) - Katar Aureon (Trine Master) ~ (Nekkore) - Seyer Reesye (Curative Master) We’ll try and set up a RP scenario for you to join our ranks. There's no need for an application as we'll be testing you by your true roleplay skills than how good you are at writing an application and will ask for contact information when we've officially met. We will just require your username, skype username, and then we can arrange a meeting. You won’t be accepted immediately and connected on the spot, you will be made an initiate of the order and will have to go through four trials in order to join this order. These trials will help you understand the different areas a cleric must be experienced in before having to take the trial itself with the new skills you’ve learnt. Also, it is a good way for your characters to learn new skills and improve your roleplay, even if you fail to join the order and become a cleric. There are a series of links that I do advise reading first before considering joining the order. They are listed below, so do take your time reading them. The Official Clerical lore (for now) Tahariae Lore However. If you are not keen on religious RP, or you do not like the restrictions being a cleric has, or if you don't have a lot of free time then I do not recommend becoming a cleric as this role does require a lot of time, effort, and patience . There are some aspects that may hinder or reduce what your character can do at times. Be warned that if your character does break the tenets or uttering, they will go through disconnection which will greatly affect them Just adding that here now.
  5. Good luck and do good!
  6. The orders have tried to be in one keep together (Trinity Keep - was good while it lasted), but eventually the orders will have a clash due to the different ideologies of Tahariae, Xan, and Aeriell, as well as how each order operates. Here is an example: A dark being has been captured and is held captive at Trinity Keep, the clerics want to destroy the dark being immediately out of concern that it go free and release vital information it overhears. Furthermore, the clerics have to kill the dark being regardless of if it gives vital information or not, else they are at risk of dishonouring Tahariae. The Ascended meanwhile want to keep that dark being alive to heal them, even if their souls cannot be healed, and have the dark being under their protection. Lastly, the paladins want to keep the dark being alive for information. and may let it go as a thank you for such information. This here is some of the conflict that occurs when the orders are in one place at once, because of the different ideologies of the orders, conflict tends to flare up from time to time and may lead to an order breaking away from the keep. The benefits really is that: The orders are closer together, therefore meaning that they can work more effectively when needed to. Additionally, the orders are able to know and learn about each other more, such as understanding their views more and about the magic the other orders use. The orders can also help defend each other when necessary and set up easier patrols. Lastly, it means more roleplay between the orders and mixed patrols between them. However, the cons are: The orders are more likely to conflict and argue when an order does something that conflicts with another order. Furthermore, the place the order is based at may not be suitable to hold three orders at once and is likely of overcrowding. As well as that having all three orders based in one area will mean the dark community can target the keep more and the orders themselves are placed at risk of full on attacks. The orders, if based within a nation, are more likely to aid just that nation than just go out, where if they were more spread out: you could have the clerics assisting Sutica, the Ascended aiding the dwarves, and the paladins assisting the Wood elves, etc. Lastly, one or two orders may be pushed aside or be given a smaller area by the order that owns the region, who holds a majority of the base. In my opinion, having the three holy orders placed into one base is good but there are still the cons to consider, I did enjoy Trinity Keep but the many arguments and issues we had there were hair tearing worthy. However, the orders are free to decide if they want to share a base with another or both orders, or not. The clerics do have our own base now, called Lucerna Temple, but we have been inviting the Paladins and Ascended over, as well as having meetings and lessons there. I do dislike loitering around at the temple but thankfully the members of my order have been out patrolling and handling situations than being cooped up at the temple. The only time the members of my order are all in the temple is during major lessons and meetings. Perhaps the holy order can live close to each other within a nation or region but with their own bases, but frankly, its up to the orders and how they feel about where they want to go. Each order has their own preferences on where they want to be in the world and sometimes it does matter on where they are. The Adherents, my order, are in a more isolated and secure location because we need to focus on training our initiates and apprentices, as well as get ourselves more organised. We can't exactly get organised if we are facing constant attacks and having to aid the other orders within the base. But that's just what I have to say on it.
  7. The Prime Adherent of the clerics would applaud from where she stood before passing a respectful nod to Aenor.
  8. Can someone give me a list of all the dark beings and dark magic on the server? Need a list for the clerical revamp and decide some things. Thank you.

    1. animu






      Dread Knights

      Pale Knights

      Perrin's Siren People

      Demon people



    2. Dtrik



  9. "Better late than never. May have taken them a while but at least they apologised regardless... and now that is over with, we can finally begin working on the larger areas," Elvira mutters with a mug of Mocha in hand.
  10. Hell yea! I'd do the same! Gotta love Greggs and their sausage rolls!
  11. A note returns. "The Prime Adherent and the Adherents of Tahariae will be honoured to attend. Signed Prime Adherent Elvira Naromis"
  12. The swords do not one shot: Manifested weapons break after 2-3 hits and are more or less useless in battle - they were literally only added by the previous lore maker as a fancy finisher, they are also getting removed in the clerical revamp. Blessing weapons add an additional effectiveness and pain when used on dark beings. Paladins evoke mist, not light and their spell does not one shot. I believe the Ascended has fixed such. Flames of Reckoning does grow stronger within the presence of taint but does not lock a dark being in place - A tainted being can easily move out of the way of a Flames of Reckoning. Furthermore, when a tainted being does move away from the jet, the flames will not follow as Flames of Reckoning cannot seperate out from the person channelling it. If you actually seen the holy members in RP and OOC, and actually spoke to them of their views and why they became holy users - you'll find that we did not become holy users to be heroes. This is not about being superheroes. We are here for the experience. Our spells have limits just as you, and many of us have indeed been emoting the magic properly. Those who have not, especially those in my order, I confront and I give them hell for being too overpowered or powergaming, but I do try ans guide them on how to do things properly. Also, my clerical order only has at least ten to eleven active members, but I am aware the spooks have been low as well so we are both struggling in quantity. But just know what a lot of holy users do try and consider the opposite side and not powergame against you guys, and we ask for you to do the same. What I believe a dark being needs to consider is how to use their strengths against the holy users. If a pale knight is slow - they should reply more on defence and carry a shield at least to parry any holy attacks: Get the holy user to use more of their light so they grow more exhausted, or try and catch them off guard. If you are a shade and you use tendrils, try and go for feints with the tendrils or use the tendrils to distract. What I have seen spooks do is just slice and slice, or bash and tackle. Be considerate and smart - try and outwit us, like we try and outwit you. I would love to see more spooks acting clever against holy users.
  13. ^^^ Lilyana literally did write an addition that was good for the clerics but it got declined for a vary of reasons.
  14. Clerics only use the tiers for teaching purposes, to keep the spells in separate categories that can be learnt upon a certain amount of time. Plus we use the tiers to have an understanding of what so spells a cleric may know (Say a cleric was a tier 3 Priest healer, I would know that cleric understands all the spells up to tier three and no spells above that). I dislike using the tiers in combat means, as by going by the system, I can destroy a dark being who is tier one but is an expert at fighting. It does not balance light and dark out, rather makes it even more unfair. Myself and my clerics go by how we have developed both in magic and combat, and we do not fight based on who has the higher tier - rather who is the most logical and tactical in a fight. Plus it is extremely unfair to both sides, especially if you are just starting out as a holy user / dark user but you keep getting wrecked by the other side. Sure, holy users are to hunt dark users but we still want to be fair on them on an OOC level. I just cannot agree to this system. Also, clerics have been doing more hunts on dark beings. Just because you may not see us doing such in one location, does not mean we aren't hunting down spooks in another area. I have been teaching them than patrolling since many of them still need to learn war clericalism so they can go out hunting. But there are clerics still out there hunting, you just do not know who exactly is a cleric. :>
  15. Within Lucerna Temple, home of the Adherents of Tahariae. "OH FINALLY THEY NOTICE! I warned the nations of this dwarf and none of them listened to the posters I wrote! Some even called me a mad cleric seeking out attention! Yet now they finally take notice!" Elvira, the woman who wrote a poster regarding the deranged dwarf, cries out.