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  1. Regardless of if it gets accepted or not, you did a great job writing this lore, @WhiteKnight_19 and I hope the clerics do see better days than what came before. Only one thing to say here....
  2. *Remembers the books Kary and co found that hinted towards this* *Then reads this* But really though, brilliant writing as always, Xarkly! Go forth, you glorious writer, go forth and weave a brilliant story! (Yes, came back to LotC briefly to read this and comment)
  3. The highest peak in Arcas towered above as the Ascended made her way up. The cold winds brushing against her form, threatening to send her back. Yet she stood steadfast as she continued on. Night had since fallen and the full moon lingered up above, lighting her path. The woman wore her usual leathered coat and tunic, her teal sash slung around her waist. Her sabre strapped firmly to her side. On her back, she carried a simple bag of all she wanted to bring with her. Yet most noticeable - the polished slayer steel Arm of Aeriel was strapped to its usual place on her left hand. The astral crystals forged into the metal pulsing ever so lightly. Finally, she came to a halt ontop the peak, overlooking the vast lands of Arcas. Elvira was no stranger to this peak, she had visited it many times to reflect or to take time away from the worries of the world. From the many fights with the dark, the light, and the void, to the concerns of the many in the lands below. There was a calm peacefulness that only this place could bear and keep - a silence so welcoming it could grant even an Aengudaemon a moment’s peace. Though shadows have since fallen the land with the night - specks of light made out the many settlements. The many lives that have continued to strive, even now. Yet she knew this would be her last visit here, or anywhere in Arcas. The woman sat down at her usual rock, placing her sabre down by her feet. A gentle puff of breath escaped from her lips as she gazed over at the sight. Her ever-glowing teal eye filled with a knowing sadness. Everything she did, she often questioned if it was worth it. From the lives she spared to the lives she took. The people she befriended and the people she hated. The many journies to the extraordinary of locations and to the very depth of danger. Everything she gained and everything she lost. What was it all for? For the many who call these lands home? For herself? For the hope that everything would be different this time? For a peace that may never be truly gained? All that Elvira knew was that she did what she could for all here - she had helped stopped many threats, brought new life into the world, and brought many lives to an end. She served the light and sought alternatives when dealing with the dark. She lived many lives within just one, went by many names and witnessed many moments. The woman saw the worst in the world - those who turned to dark and used it to do harm to others, while those of light did just the same despite the oaths they took. She saw once innocent and cheerful lives either ended or changed due to the actions of others, many falling to their grief and pain. The anger of many by her actions, the friends and family she had lost. Too many times she saw one land end as they fled to another, the spinning cycle that never seemed to end still going. Yet where there was worst, there was good - those who used their powers, regardless of light or dark, to protect and help others. Men and women who did ill now strived for redemption and stood back up after they fell. Times where many of different races stood together as one to protect their home. The smiles and joy that many found in the smallest of situations. The many friends and family she had, even when she had lost hope. The world, the Ascended knew, needed both sides. Both light and dark, good and bad, life and death, joy and pain. No matter how many times someone tried to remove one side or avoid it, it’ll always be there. From the lich that tries to avoid death to the innocent man who tried to avoid doing bad. There was always a time where they cannot avoid it, no matter how many times they tried. That was the true balance of nature - of life in general. That was why she did everything she did. To simply live, and so that others could experience life as well. And she did such well, a good life she had but one she knew was finally up. Afterall - even immortals die eventually, it was just a matter of when and not if. Not even she, regardless of what everyone thought, was immune to death. The Ascended leaned back and watched the sky, the moon above seemly glowing brighter than usual. She felt herself weakening and glanced down to her hand. Already, her skin was beginning to crystallize, specks of light drifting off the teal surface and to the sky above. The crystals slowly spread up her arm, as same as the other and her legs. A clear sign of an Ascended about to die. Elvira led a good life - she went from a frightened young child that had grown up with nothing but abuse and harm, to an Alchemist who strived to help many and eventually overcame her past. Then, a cleric of Tahariae who strived to do good but at the cost of ending innocent lives to see that impurity and purity did not matter. She became a leader, someone to guide others through the dark. Then, an Ascended who walked the path of grey - aiding both sides of light and dark to ensure balance was kept. So many trials and so many people lost. Nearly, she had lost herself many times but always found a way to keep herself going, even if it meant suffering more. She finally knew she reached the end. Had she told anyone about her end, they would do all they could to stop her. Many didn’t want to see her go or accept the fact she was ready to move on. So many she had guided with her advice and wisdom, or stood side by side with on the battlefield, to the point where they relied on her too much. Many did not wish to accept her eventual death but deep down, they all knew it would happen. Thus, she decided to venture up to this peak and silently leave the world, with only the moon and stars as her witnesses. The crystallization kept on spreading up her arms and over her body. A tear ran down her cheek before she chuckled softly - she had faith in them all. In the mortals to overcome the next threats that came their way. For someone to rise up in her place and guide those who need such. For another leader that truly understood the meaning of their actions. For a child to find a home and grow up once more. That was her final wish. What the Ascended saw last before her vision faded was the many who had passed before her: her parents, her grandfather, Daniel Nodal, Beth, Beros, Izier, Aliyra, Guarger, Ramza, Heshakomeu, many clerics of old, Nienna, Blundermore, Heial, the previous Master Sages, Victoria… and many more. All waiting for her, smiling softly as they stood there. A gentle smile formed on her lips and she nodded. Her eye falling shut. The crystals finally overcame her body and shattered, her form splintering into many small aspects of light. The teal light that was once Elvira drifted up into the sky, towards the moon while a Borealis of teal colour formed around the peaks. One by one, the specks of lights vanished away into nothing. Just like that, the last Master Sage and the woman who guided many was gone. [Elvira Naromis. 2014 - 2020] [!] Many letters would find their way to the addressed individuals [!] Rickard Lefkos Vailoen Eris Naromis Andriel Arik Hiren Meta El and Neci Solaray Steven Shagarath Beranabus Hareven Kyral Vas The Ascended of Aeriel The Paladins of Xan OOC It’s been a good run for both myself and Elvira, but I think it’s time I moved on from LotC and began focusing more on my life. There’s just too many issues with this server that have been raised but have never been fixed despite how many people raised them. I’ve been let down by many people fo simple things that could have been done easily, but it seems things won’t be sorted out any time soon. Sometimes its better to just move on than keep clinging to something in hopes it’ll get better. Thank you all for everything, even if many times have caused immense stress for me and also caused me to lose friends. As said by Elvira: Live and enjoy life the fullest. We do only have one life and it should be spent more on the world outside of LotC than in here. Elvira has had her fill of life and it’s about time for her to rest after six years of playing as her. As fo me, I got a life ahead of me and I should spend it more on something worth living for, such as my dream of becoming a Cinematographer and the real life. I’ll be contactable on discord but I hopefully won’t be returning here ever again. I hope you all have a great time and that you all stay safe! Sincerely, Farryn.
  4. RP Name::Elvira Naromis MC Username: Farryn Discord: Farryn#1306 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: N/A – not really directly afflicated with a nation. Why Do You Wish To Come?: My character started in Athera and she was invited by the Paladins to assist them in their task in Athera. Also, I may intend on PKing Elvira in Athera if I really consider it. What Skills Can You Bring?: Alchemical skills, fighting, and medical skills. As well as knowledge on Athera and on a range of subjects.
  5. *checks in on server to see if its still burning*
    *sees server is burning up even more*
    *leaves to go do better things for the time being.*

  6. Farryn

    A Tremor in Aedvang

    A lone Ascended looked up from her research the moment a bird came through her window, bearing a message. The woman read it silently before rising to her feet, a sigh escaping from her lips. “...It seems something is amiss at the Temple. Were it anywhere else, I’d be less concerned but due to the nature of the temple – I am concerned,” And at that, she made her departure.
  7. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you put a target on your back by angering just about every nation and group in Arcas. especially the more zealous ones... hopefully some of them know its a joke and won’t consider going for Lily and Sutica. If they do, well... that’s Lily and Mystery’s fault,” Elvira shrugs before going back to sipping some mocha.
  8. Elvira sighed deeply as she rolled up her sleeves. The look of clear annoyance forming in her eye. “Right... time to have a word to Elnirth and Jude. While I may not have current relations with the dwarves, I still respect them for their craftsmanship and from past encounters. Those two are going to get an earful if they’ve been attacking dwarves for being dwarves. By the Archaengul, I expected better from both of them...”
  9. Elvira just reads the parchment with a simple stare, her eye still hurting from reading the language at the front of the envelope. “...Really? Using the Black Language on the front? Whoever wrote this is aware that the language hurts the eyes of those unable to read it, meaning chances are – some folks may not read it due to their eyes hurting and those more familiar with it will know a dark user wrote this and may become reluctant to read it... it’s like they are not even trying to conceal who they are...” She then sighs. “...I think now may be the time for me to come out of retirement... I have a feeling some of the darkness may need to be put down if they decide to harm my allies...”
  10. Somewhere in Arcas, Elvira reads the missive and just bursts out into hysterics, so much so that she was actually slamming her fist into her desk. Her laughter echoing throughout her lonesome home. “By the- I thought the High Elves were smarter than this, being all about research and the like! Beetroots curing homosexuality?! Oh by the Aengudaemons, everyone knows that it can’t be cured – it’s just a part of who someone is, like their personality. You can’t change that with a simple bloody vegetable! A flipping beetroot! Ahahahahahah!” She finally managed, after a good twenty minutes, calm herself down and sighs softly. The old woman wiped a tear from her eye. “And they wonder why not everyone takes the high elves seriously.”
  11. Elvira remained silent as she read the missive. Her eye glowing softly, scanning over each word. Then, she placed the paper back where she found it, continuing her way through a local village.
  12. Farryn

    [World Lore] Gender

    Ah, the return of the Tumblr’s mega list of genders. Never thought I'd be seeing that list again.
  13. [!] A message is soon sent to the Father, as well as copies of the message being added next to each posters the Father had added. It included the following quote above [!] “Yet I must object to that statement. Not once did you ask for my opinion on the matter, nor did it sound as though you think I and the council members who did stand there earned a voice – the very people who share a seat on the very same council as you. Yes, I am a Scion and by the council hierarchy, I am not on the council. However I was asked to stand on the dias and be part of the jury by the will of the Lord Protector Arik as he saw it necessary for the council members to stand alongside you as judges. I may not be of your rank but my words and presence there do hold weight regardless for that trial. Yet enough of me, what of the Lord Sage Steven and the Empyria Lyra, who is betrothed to the Empyrion , and both was asked to stand alongside you to judge this trial. You state that their words and presence mean nothing to you, not even the Empyria, when you say you are under no obligations to consider the debate of what few members of the council remained until the end? Pray tell, would you disrespect the wishes of other council members such as Arik and those they choose to assist in the judging solely because you bear a title higher than us, Father Cassian? Even Lyra herself? Do you believe you are above that of her?! Not once did you look to us for opinions, only settling on silencing us when we sought to share input Such is disheartening to hear, especially from a good man such as yourself. A man who listened to many and gave out good words. There is a reason why there’s often trials are held with multiple people standing as the jury – it is to prevent a one-sided verdict of one individual whom may bear particular ill towards either the defence or the prosecution. Bias can occur if one man allows his views and own opinions determine the verdict, hence why the necessity of having additional people there to share their own thoughts and opinion on the matter. What occurred on the trial that day was not true justice – true justice is when the truth is relieved and the decisions made were neutral and considered. Yet no true justice was given that day, only an empty verdict made by a man who disrespected the members of the council willing to sit through that trial and help him discuss a verdict, including the Empyria herself. I am ashamed of what you did there, Father Cassian, and it made me lose hope in you that you see us as lesser when those sat there with you were there as equals. I hold no doubt that there are also others out there who lost faith in you also because of this. I only pray you reflect back on this and hopefully ensure you don’t repeat this error again, it is not fitting for a man who many seek as a guide within their religion to dismiss the opinions of others due to their ranks. Signed, Elvira Naromis. Master Sage. Scion of the Tearstone.
  14. “Well...” Elvira takes a deep breath. “...damn void”
  15. Elvira glanced to Blundermore’s hat that sat within a protective glass case in her office. She clenched her fist, remembering the event and also what Crumena showed her through the use of a memory rune. The woman knew something was coming, if not now – soon.
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