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  1. Farryn

    One last saga [PK]

    Elvira would stand amongst those at the ceremony, a soft look on her face. She did not know Wulffery well but she knew his suffering, his pain, and his grief. It was just the same as hers, having to bear too many burdens on ther shoulder because no other would take them. As she watched the boat burn, from one warrior to another, the Ascended swore to do all she can for Wulffery's sake and ensure this all ends in the best way possible.
  2. Farryn

    Torky's FM App

    Best girl 100% Known Torkoal for a while now, and definitely someone I believe who will help out the Forum Team. She's friendly and someone who is devoted in the roles they take on. So accept her or the British shall RIOT!
  3. Farryn

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    Elvira couldn't help but break into a wide smile, remembering her clerical days within the Cleric Temple within the Caliphate within Vailor. It was a time of peace and restoration for the clerics after the loss of Destati Isle. "The Caliphate offered the Clerics of Tahariae a home within their walls and welcomed us with opened arms during the era of Vailor. If it was not for the Caliphate, we would have lacked a base and been unable to grow and prosper. Yet when the clerics were forced to leave by Dralazar and his forces, we did such knowing that we could ensure the good people of the Caliphate were not caught in the fight between us, though it was an unwilling choice as we did not want to leave our home. When the Caliphate fell, I grieved as it was truly a place that was welcoming to all and held an atmosphere I would never forget. Oh those were good days, indeed. So to see that such nation has risen once more, with men and women determined to ensure the Caliphate lives on... heh... it makes this old woman's heart full of warmth and my lips form into a smile. May the Aenguls guide you all to years of wealth and peace!"
  4. On my way back from London - raided the Harry Potter shop  at King's Cross and got a Ravenclaw scarf. #RavenclawRepresent. 😄

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      You are so lucky! I wish I could do that! 😄 

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      Woop woop. Ravenclaw superiority.

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  5. Farryn

    Mourning a King, 1679

    Within the crowds, a half-elf Ascended would give a full salute and a soft prayer in Flexio, showing complete respect and honour from one peacekeeper to another. "May your soul be guided safely through the Soulstream and into the great beyond, noble king of the elves," Elvira would state softly before throwing up her hood and departing from the city with silent grace.
  6. Farryn

    dOmInIoN tRiUmPhAnT

    I got a chuckle out of this. XD
  7. Farryn

    Alchemy: Core

    ^^^ This. Lard is used for the creation of oils, such as Frost and Flame oil, so can you potientally include it also, @Dunstan
  8. Farryn

    Red Eyes, White Eyes

    The news of the war would reach Elvira, but the woman would not blink an eye in surprise. She knew the war was coming before it had even begun, and how it was going to affect Atlas and those involved. She herself had been affected, though small in comparison to others. It still surprised her that two of those deeply involved desired her help, despite what her order had done to them, and showed her compassion and comradeship. They were willing to share her information and show an immense amount of trust in her, thus she showed it back and kept her oaths to them. They became a group of three and have since worked on uncovering things and ensuring the safety of the Descendants and that Atlas remained standing just a little longer. Now, the Ascended was left wondering over two questions - what will happen when the war reaches its peak? And what will happen once the Vaeyl War was over?
  9. Farryn

    Stasis Lock (Character PK)

    Elvira would read the letter and she frowns softly, going to make her way to her small altar. There, she would light a candle in memory to Karren, muttering a few gentle words in Flexio. She only knew him for a short while but he was certainly a soul that flared brightly with confidence. "May your soul be at peace within Aeriel's grand city of Sacellum, my friend."
  10. Farryn

    Teachers Wanted!

    Application: Mc Name: Farryn Discord: You got it Timezone (EST,GMT,etc): GMT RP Name: Elvira Naromis Race: Half Elf Age: 130s New Subject Idea (If none, simply write N/A): Defense Against the Dark Forces - DADF for short. A series of lessons devoted to teaching about the Dark Forces and how to defend yourself and others against them. Lessons will include learning how to identify a dark being or mage, how to combat them, as well as what effects such will cause to those who accept such force. Subject: DADF Prior Experience (If none, write N/A): [O] 100 years experience in facing the dark forces. [O] Tahariaen Cleric between Vailor and Axios - - War Cleric specialised [O] Previous Clerical Leader during Late Vailor and nearly all of Axios [O] Ascended of Aeriel + Former Sage of Ruin - Ruin Sect specialised. [O] Teacher of Clericalism and Ascended Magics - Experienced in teaching students.
  11. I need to see more of your writing god dammit! It's been too long!

    Also if you ever need help with anything or need help with a project you know how to contact me 😉


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      It's not much but there's two stories uploaded, one being an expert and one with two chapters done (and just so happens will be around 40 chapters long.)

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      Excellent! Finally something koala tea

  12. Farryn

    We MUST Be Better Than This

    Normally, I would avoid writing a post like this... since I don't want any backlash or hatred to be thrown at me... but with this being LotC, and especially given that we're right into the hellfire that is the recent scenario on the Forums, I know full well I will get backlash, but that's okay. I want to share these words with the community as a whole. I write this because I'm concerned... truly afraid... of what will happen to the server if we continue to act how we are right now. What will happen to every user I know that has been fuelling this situation with hate and the burning fury they have. So, I would really and truly appreciate if you all took a moment of your time to read what I have to say, maybe take my words into consideration, or show it to people who you feel as though needs to hear my words, or just ensure you do not fall into using hatred as a means to get an issue resolved. I know this may be a bit late into the situation but I was mentally exhausted when the scenario was in full swing, so now I'm ready to state my opinion on the matter. Forum Moderators - I would personally ask on this very post that you ensure that not one argument breaks out. This thread is not about arguing or sharing opinions in a hateful manner. It's a thread that speaks my concerns about the server on this scenario, and the fact I discourage any forms of hatred. So if an argument does break out, I ask you remove the posts so that we get none of that hatred in here. ========== A year or two ago, I've faced a similar situation where a close friend of mine was accused of pedophila and sexual harassment and.. well... I got lucky compared to others that sought to defend the one being accused. I did not receive the backlash many of them did. I defended my friend, actually spent the whole night in the voice call with my friend to ensure they did nothing reckless and that they received the support they needed. I was heavily tired in the end and was ready to collapse, but it was worth it if it meant being there for that one person. I've had my share of people going "Oh but you don't really know them!" "It was likely a facade!", so on so forth. The thing is - you are right, I probably didn't really know them and it may have been a facade. But the thing is - I knew them through how I saw them. I've seen their face, heard their voice, that same person went as far as to help me through so many issues, especially my inability to socialise in voice chats at the time. I even met one member of their own family who welcomed me and I felt a part of that family whenever I got to interact with them. That same family member stated to me this person would never do such thing when I brought it up to them, and promised me they would ensure my friend received the support I couldn't give because I was in the UK. So I knew that person was innocent, but I got bashed for simply wanting to state my opinion. It was tough to see my friend leave, but deep down - I knew it was for the best. If anything, their lives grew better and I got to relax, knowing they would not face any hatred or pain from this server and its community... though I still face times when someone reminds me of what happened. However - I am not going to address who is responsible for this current issue, nor will I state my own opinion regarding the staff, the people being accused, or go about blatantly attacking or accusing people. This thread isn't about targeting or being aggressive No, instead, I want to address the community as a whole and the fact I do not see the outbursts, the attacking, and the accusing as the way to resolve this. Why? Because this is something everyone needs to hear and consider as a whole, not just about this scenario. Words have power and we all must use that power responsibly. At times, words can help raise an issue or a concern, something that has clearly gone wrong and needs to be done about it. When done right, it can bring forth a wonderful change that can help many and ensure the issue is not repeat again. It shows unity, strength, and understanding amongst us all and that we can ensure we do not make the same mistake as we did in the past. It shows someone's willingness to speak out about what they feel as though is wrong and what they want to see improved on the matter. Though, it depends on what is being spoken about and how it is worded. As words that come forth as wanting to raise an issue can change into something that becomes the issue, and can ho horribly wrong. When it comes to physically harming someone, such act can cause wounds on the body, but wounds do heal over time... but they can also leave scars, a reminder of what happened and what a person went through. The same is when it comes to words - our words have the potential to harm someone, to cause damage and affect their health and mental state, and that damage can remain with them for the rest of their lives. Sure, they are just words... but words can certainly hurt, especially if they are severe as being accused of something like this. When information is released, there is a very high chance that information can change, be warped, or perceived. We all have our own way of perceiving things and it's different from others, and should that information very clearly put someone in a bad light and stirs hatred in others, that information will then go onto another person and raise hatred in them. So on so forth until you have many people with this information. It causes what I call 'The Mob Effect', which can get extremely out of hand when it involves a large group of people - especially given the size of our community. Plus, with many more information being spread around, it leaves people with this big glump of information mashed up into some form of mess that no one can get full answers from, which can lead to different views and thoughts on the matter, some of which not true and can harm the wrong people than the ones actually doing these crimes. Why did I stay up with my friend all through the night? Because I've heard of stories of people being falsely accused of this crime and sometimes they don't end happily for the person in question, worse in fact, and even if my friend truly did these things - I still didn't want them to suffer immensely and perhaps escalate to extreme measures. I don't want this to happen to any of the accused. No human being must have their life ruined or even opting to taking it because of accusations, whenever they be true or not Instead, I want those who have truly committed these crimes to accept they have done wrong and accept punishment for their actions with full awareness they committed wrong and never have that punishment revoked or changed. But everyone on here needs to know that pointing fingers at people, stating accusations, stating someone is harassing someone despite that they aren't... it's only going to make things worse for everyone, the accused... the accuser... those affected by this issue, everyone will be affected and not in the best way. When it comes to something like this - it's something that should never EVER be taken lightly, nor solved by a Mob Effect. It will only make it harder to actually solve the matter at hand and ensure those who did wrong are handled correctly. With what's been going on within the past day and hours, I'm not even sure if I can decide whenever the accused is innocent or guilty, based on the information being spread, whenever the staff are to blame or not, and so on. But what I do know, what I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, is this - this isn't how we should resolve this matter. Everyone needs to stop with the targeting, the outcries, and such. I understand full well the crime being mentioned is utmost severe and the fact it has occurred on this server sickens me both as a user and as a fellow adult. But must we truly come to this?! Targeting people left, right, and centre, going out of our way to release outburst after outburst? Spreading rumours and potentially misunderstood information that can potentially result in innocent users becoming the accused? Because at this rate - no issues will be solved, only more issues will pile up... and no one will benefit from it. People will be hurt, mentally and emotionally... and sometimes that hurt will remain with them for the rest of their lives. This may be a Minecraft server, but the bigger picture is that it involves real people with real lives and real emotions. We need to calm down and think more rationally, within reason and in a way that does not harm people. A way that can truly end the matter at hand and protect members of our community. I use to be like this, I had times where I targeted people in a mad rage and managed to stir up many others to my cause. I made LotC hell for some people because I didn't like them, I despised them because of a simple matter. It was hell and in the end, I can openly admit that I am ashamed of myself for such. I am truly ashamed that I used hatred and fuelling people as a mean of resolving an issue, and I regret it now as I can see there were other ways to handle that matter. If there is one thing that I've learnt while playing as Elvira Naromis on here, and in my own personal experiences in real life and interacting with people - it's this. Hatred only breeds more hatred, and it will blind people to the chances of a more peaceful resolve to an issue. I can see it happening here - many users resorting to being fulled by the hate of others to spread more hatred around the server, whenever it be intentionally or not to spread such. Soon, they'll be unable to realise that perhaps there's a more peaceful way to resolve things like this, to ensure that this does not happen again and that we can keep our fellow users safe from people who truly intend to do the most despicable acts such as this. They'll become blind from how their words will be impacting the server as a whole and of many of the players around them... and the damage they are all causing. Both staff and the playerbase alike can think of ways to ensure our community is better than this, we're all capable of it. Not just staff because they're staff. All of us. In the end, we're all LotC users and we all hold the exact responsibility in ensuring that our community is one of safety and of understanding. We all came for this server to roleplay, to live different lives that we'd never experience in the real world, to share the same love of fantasy as many others. Not... this. Lashing out and going to blame a person or two because of personal dislikes or issues, or going as far as to unleash a full hell storm on the forums... this server full of hatred, slander, and aggression is not the LotC we all wanted to play on. This is not the LotC I wanted to be on. In the end, I just came to LotC so that I could roleplay, escape from real life and experience new stories and characters with many other people who shared the same passion for fantasy as me. Perhaps even learn more about how to develop a character by actually playing a character that has gone through change (which actually really worked and helped me out). As both a writer and as a human being, I truly got to appreciate and admire the creativity of others, whenever it be how to handle a situation, the lore they wrote, the characters they created, and so on. Yet, to see those very same people I admired begin to resort to hatred and fulled anger without the moment's hesitation. It... truly makes me ashamed to be a part of this community so fulled by hatred and desperation to win or to share their anger. I did not come to the server to see this... and writing this now has really made me realise how much everyone has fallen. So if there is one thing I can say and leave off on to everyone reading this. It would be this and I hope you all consider my words, even if I am just one person and one little voice amongst the many. We are better than this. We must be better than this. Only then, can we actually become a better community and truly handle the issues at hand. (This post came about after reading Leorabbit99's thread- please read his post also)
  13. At this rate, I question why do I even bother with this server. The more smaller RP communities look far much interesting compared to LotC...
  14. Farryn

    Storm Clouds Gather

    Elvira would take a deep breath as the reports regarding the Wall and the surrounding areas came in. Her expression firm and calm as she read each report, each stating the same thing in different handwriting. The repeated sentences sending chills up the half elf's spine. A shadow.... ...fell over Halsworthy... ...from the Wall... The Wall... The worn out Ascended sighed deeply, closing her single eye as she rubs her forehead. "First the September Prince awakening... now the wall is stirring..." She leaned back, knowing exactly who to contact. Hopefully they had answers, and good news. Deep down, she prayed there were ways to prevent the incoming crisis at hand, yet a part of her knew that she was only one mortal person and it would be much harder than one would think. "...this is going to be a pain..."
  15. Farryn

    I'm Building a Team

    You need a script writer and someone to help generate ideas? I'm happy to help out! [Hit me up at Farryn#1306]