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  1. Within the dream replica of the Desert of the Damned, a lone Ascended felt a moment of gratitude and peace as she recalled her actions in the September Wars.
  2. Each day, the Tearstone Shard blackened and the nightmares worsened. After a week, it had blackened completely and she could barely sleep. The shard’s owner watched the floating shard from where she sat within the clock tower workshop. Her shoulders slumped while her lips formed into a straight line. It was a ghastly sight - completely black and void of all colour, its usual teal and red vanished completely. No light shined from it and those lacking knowledge of the Tearstone Shards could easily proclaim it to be of darkened nature. The calming aura it once radiated had vanished completely. Depressed and sorrowful, much like her. The Ascended leaned back in her chair and sighed deeply. The nights for her had not been favourable, even when the moon lit up the skies. Only nightmares and terrors greeted her in her sleep, reminders of darker days and deep regrets. Memories flooding back to her, reminding her of crimes of old that she committed. Steven was there to ease her each time she awoke, yet the terrors remained clear in her mind as she leaned against him for comfort. Paranoia followed her wherever she went, unsure who she could trust or would betray her at the last moment. Her skin was pale and ill, while her eye was black and screamed for sleep. It had not been easy on her and she knew why they were reappearing. The mental protection Aeriel once offered vanished along with their soulfire, no longer preventing them from feeling depression or any mental effects. It was what saved her from her own madness all those years ago, one of the reasons why she became an Ascended. The madness reminded to her it was still there, lingering in her mind but unable to harm her. Yet the protection was gone - vanishing away when they received the Tearstone Shards, and the madness could finally harm her again. That what led to her harming Mayan. All the restless nights, all the torment and growing anger, all the stress from recent events. It all built up and burst with that one talk with her friend - she barely registered what happened until she found time to calm herself. By then, the damage was done, both physically and mentally. She blamed herself for allowing it to happen, for her to harm one of her own friends. She broke a covenant, allowing for her Tearstone Shard to blacken. Even though she had apologised, the pain still lingered whenever she saw Mayan. The self-blaming and doubt only grew worse once Rickard found out, furious that she did not utter such to him. She couldn’t take the Trial when the accident happened, given they had to destroy the one in Sutica due to news of folks aiming to destroy the sanctuary and rob the base. A risk they did not wish to take, given two ordinary people were in the Astral Dream. They couldn’t risk potential harm being brought forth to the two and the sanctuary being abused. Thus she waited, bearing a blackened Tearstone Shard from the eyes of many. The Ascended closed her eye and sighed. Her waiting was over, however. A new Astral Sanctuary was built and she aimed to undergo the Trial of the Damned tomorrow, the first Ascended to undergo such. She knew what it involved and where she would go, though she couldn’t guess what she will face and do within there. After all, whoever enters the trial walks within the dream projection of the Desert of the Damned for a whole year, with only the corrupted souls to keep them company. Anything could happen, yet Elvira wasn’t afraid of her trial. She was afraid of being alone with herself in the desert’s night. The next day, she said her farewells and tended to any errands she had to finish. Paperwork was filed and finished. Each person close to her offered her words of comfort and hugs, wishing her the best and that they’ll see her soon. She managed to smile, her heart feeling better and at ease. They all asked her for the same thing, the one thing she would not do in this trial - don’t fail and let them all down. The Ascended did not intend on failing. Yet as she went about, she began to remember a song she once knew during her youth back in Athera. A song that she thought she had all but forgotten. Her grandfather, Dorian Naromis, sang it to her while she travelled with him throughout the Athera lands. Fear not this night. You will not go astray. Though shadows fall still the stars… find their way. Awaken from a quiet sleep. Hear the whispering of the wind. Awaken as the silence grows in the solitude of the night. By the time evening fell, Elvira met with Arik within the Llyria square, in front of the Astaerel clock tower. The other Ascended did not offer any greetings or friendly remarks, only a simple nod of her head. “It’s time,” Elvira indicated him to follow and led him to where the Astral Sanctuary was. Her nerves were starting to rise up, her body trembling. She swallowed them down and kept on walking, one foot after the other. The moon above lit the path for them as if Aeriel herself was guiding them to their destination. In her head, she kept repeating the song, which grew louder in her ears. Her own footsteps growing stronger and she lifted her head up with each word. Sunsets have forsaken all and must open their eyes now. Nightmares come when shadows grow... Ice glows and heartbeats slow. Fear not this night. You will not go astray. Though Shadows fall still the stars find their way. And you can always be strong. Lift your voice with the first light of dawn. Once they reached the sanctuary, Elvira entered her armour and strapped her weapons to her - two sabres and a crossbow, with a quiver full of bolts. She told Arik how to initiate the trial and what to expect from an outsider’s point of view. Rickard came and joined them in the sanctuary, offering his own longsword for her to use. Arik did the same by offering his knife. Both of which she accepted with her lips forming a warm smile. A few jokes soared between them here and there, lighting up the moment. She watched them both carefully, wanting to pull them both into a tight hug. Yet she didn’t - they had lingered for too long. Elvira slid her mask on and pulled her hood up. She paused then she slipped the wedding ring from her finger, placing it upon the runestone necklace Steven gave her. Her heart ached for a moment before she nodded to herself. With such done, the Ascended went to one of the pools and laid down within, allowing the Astra inside to surround her whole form but her head. She left the two her parting message and that she would see them in a year. Then, her head fell under the surface. The Astra filled up her lungs, but she resisted the urge to break through the surface for aid. Instead, she grasped the runestone and ring close to her chest and closed her eye. She will return with the trial completed, for them and herself. She will not fear this night, and she kept repeating the song over and over in her head as the deep sleep came to claim her. Dawn is just a heartbeat away. Hope is just a sunrise away. Distant song of melody scoring through the night to your heart. Auroras make… Fear not this night. You will not go astray. You will not go astray… Not go astray… Astray… ((Had to include my favourite song from Guild Wars 2. Don’t blame me for it, it’s a good song! But anyway, won’t be playing Elvira for a week due to her taking part in the Trial of the Damned, which Assassinofawsome will be dming for me. If you’re wondering what the Trial of the Damned is - read the lore: So expect her back on the 25th of May.))
  3. This. But really – as a lore holder myself, this is what I hope to see. But what annoys me is that when I asked about if a particular lore myself and a community I wrote will be asked to take part in the lore game (despite our rewrite came out within the two months). Story team wasn’t sure themselves, Delmodan tried to get us an answer (appreciate it big time) and still no reply from Flammy Boy since I sent a message his way on the 22th of April. It’s kinda hard as a lore holder to work with the Story Team and its admin if you’re not getting any direct answers to a question you need an answer of or if there’s a strong lack of communications between the lore holders and Story Team.
  4. Hold the ******* phone.
    Does this myself and the Ascendec community have to rewrite our lore again, after the rewrite lore we did for 6 months got accepted a month ago!?

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      I joined this team for a very good reason. The Guardians of the Ebritaes shall unite. Ghost maker and ghost buster shall be one.

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      And what if we want to remain seperate?

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      you cannot escape

  5. Elvira sighs in relief, glad that the former Ascended who willingly asked for disconnection had not gone astray and that Quavinir was alright.
  6. Elvira closed her eye, taking in a moment of silence. Then, she opened her eye and smiled softly, though her expression was pained. “Aye, and I will make sure such knowledge spreads in your name. Though, I had not known you were one who caused the Orgon plague... though it is through great mistakes, that a man learns his errors and aims to do better.” She inhales sharply and leans back in her chair. “I pray the Spirits to treat you well and you gain the peaceful rest you need. Though, I will miss you, my old friend, and the talks we had...”
  7. Such was the face of Elvira when she woke up to this. “...**** this. I don’t have time for a Jester’s Fool day prank...” The old woman proceeds to go back to sleep.
  8. Elvira casually signs her name up.
  9. Me when I realised it was clickbait: Right. Er... How are you doing? 😄
  10. CHANGELOG 2# [21st February 2019] Regarding Other Magics - Semi return of Demi-Ascended system Each time an Ascended learns a new magic outside of Ascended magic, they lose the ability to advance to the next tier. Ascended magic and one other magic - Tier 4 max Ascended magic and two other magic - Tier 3 max Ascended magic and three other magic - Tier 2 max Ascended magic and four other magic - Tier 1 / 2 max (if they have mastered every other magic in their arsenal - reached tier 5/max tier) An Ascended now will suffer from magical drawbacks, should the magic they know expresses such drawbacks (e.g: voidal weakness) Highlighting - Beam me up scottie! Highlight now takes the form of a 1 block in diameter beam of light that comes from the Tearstone Shard and can be directed at the target, following the Agent's gaze. It can now be avoided. Highlight takes two emotes to become effective - The Ascended summons the beam and directs it to their target, the target then has the chance to emote moving away from the beam or accepting the highlight. If the target accepts, they are highlighted. The beam has a 20 block range and cannot exceed this length. Targets must be within this range to be struck with Highlight Should it strike the target they will become highlighted. Two people at once can be highlighted, though they can dodge the beam. Afterwards, if the targets have been struck, the Ascended in question may buff or debuff them for 10 astra. Trial of the Damned - Dream Projection Edition The Desert of the Damned is no longer the real DotD - it is now a dream projection made by Aeriel that functions similarly as the DoTD but is endless and the city of Sacellum cannot be seen. Enemies and lost souls are now projections of themselves, similar to the Ascended who partake in Trial of the Damned. A projected ruined city of Haven is placed within the DotD’s projection, allowing for a change in environment and new RP scenarios. There are no items, books, or any forms of information to be gained from here. This is to provide hiding places, temporary shelters, and encounters. Astral Sanctuaries must be the only place where the Trial of the Damned can be roleplayed out on the server, through the use of /q and /w chat. This is so no roleplay isn’t disturbed on both ends, and fits with Astral Dream - which can only be initiated within Astral Sanctuaries. CHANGELOG 1# [7th February 2019] Backstory Changed story a bit so that Ascended return their soulfire to Aeriel to defeat the voidal being, this being the sacrifice made. Aeriel proceeds to cry for their sacrifice and Tearstone Shards and Astra is formed. Ascended gain Tearstone Shards. Added additional areas to make the story flow more. Covenants Covenants have been edited - Soul Covenant on Major Threats have been removed and re-edited into Soul Covenant 1. Soul Covenant 4 (now 5) remains - stands as an official reminder to an Ascended and that they must not abandon their duty. Heart Covenants have been removed - Heart Covenant 5 moved to Soul Covenants. Tearstone Shards Mysticism now does not affect Tearstone Shards due to how it affects the Soulstream and Aeriel seeking to protect her followers. Tearstone Shard’s Fracturing rates have decreased. Tier 1 - 2 Tier 2 - 3 Tier 3 - 4 Tier 4 - 5 Tier 5 - 6 The Crystal Soul Ascended can now learn the following magics: Arcane Alteration Transfiguration Telekinesis Voidal Translocation Voidal Shifting Atronach Forging Household Evocation (earth, wind, fire, and lightning) Arcanism Celestialism Conjuration Illusion Sensory Illusion Mental Magic Cognatism Rune Smithing Golemancy (with the exception of soulbound cores) Kani Any other magic that may appear in the future that does not tie with a deity or does a significant alteration of the body and soul. Ascended can no longer learn Water Evocation - those with knowledge and power of the magic prior will no longer be able to use it, but can still teach said magic. Added section on Ascended learning other magics. Ascended now lose 5 gallons of Astra storage per magic slot taken (with exception of Ascended magic slot) Highlight Highlight now can only focus on two people max. Highlight now requires a direct line of sight and focus, which can break if the person highlighting moves out of sight via walls cover etc. Focus can be broken by being struck or losing the focus similar to a voidal mage. Moonlight Radiance Moonlight Radiance cannot be placed upon any enchanted weapons, including voidal, deity, and dark magic. Crystallize The cloud of Astra that makes up Crystallize must be visible now. Up to two targets may be affected by Crystallize. Crystallize wears off after five emotes (excluding the 3 builds up emotes) It will take three full emotes/turns in an RP instance for someone to be under the full effects of Crystallize and can move out of the way of the cloud. Astral Mirror When an enchanted weapon hits the mirror - the mirror breaks entirely and the enchantment on the weapon is neutralised for one emote, rendering the weapon’s hit as purely mundane. The enchantment returns to the weapon. Astral Armor Astral Armor can go over armour, but not any armour that has been enchanted by any other magic, minus Ascended. Like Astral Mirror, if an enchanted weapon hits the armour - the armour will shatter fully and the weapon’s enchantment is nullified for one emote. Astra armour can no longer be replenished, meaning if it breaks in a RP instance Astral Quickening Astral Quickening has been removed. Stasis Using stasis on a person now requires OOC consent from the person being casted on. Stasis will only last one elven hour (an hour IRL), the spell breaking without any exceptions should this time pass. Chemical Continuity CC has been removed. Astral Communion An Ascended now becomes exhausted upon feeding their Astra into others. The longer they contribute to the spell being cast, the more fatigued they will become. Astral Sanctuary Druids can now hear the animals and trees within these sanctuaries as they normally do, but can also faintly hear the Sounds of Silence in the background. They can also sense the calmness but it would feel eerie and chilling to them, as if something isn’t right. If an animal’s lore specifically states they cannot be tamed, they cannot be tamed regardless of the effect of the sanctuary - though they will be less aggressive. Astral Dream Added paragraph explaining what happens to an Ascended and a non-Ascended during this time. Ascended have the increased regenerative factor of the Astra and can also have their limbs reattached, as long as one OOC week has not passed. Non-Ascended will face a small appearance change and will have a normal regenerative rate. Non-Ascended cannot enter another Astral Dream until three IRL months after waking up from their last one. (prevents people from using it as a means of avoiding ageing and age deaths). A person, regardless if Ascended or not, can be in an Astral dream for up to one IRL month. OOC consent is required to put a character within this state, along with the amount of time they wish to have their character within such a state. Soul Shattering Now a Teacher only spell - an Ascended must have an accepted TA in order to be able to know and learn this spell. The Trial of the Damned The Trial of the Damned now must happen strictly in-game and within the Astral Sanctuary. An Ascended cannot learn any major information that can dramatically affect the Mortal Realm - such as character deaths, learning unknown or shelved magic, etc. They can hold simple conversations about the past and general knowledge, but not major areas. All necessary edits have been made, and forum thread has been updated also. @Delmodan @FlamboyantNewEra
  11. Happy Birthday to @Unwillingly and myself!

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      Happy happy HAPPY Birthday to the two of you! One year older and one year wiser. 

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      hap birf

  12. Just letting you guys know, if anyone does need me - will be slightly away this week as I am spending a small holiday with my fiance in Manchester. Will be on discord from time to time but time will be limited. So no burning the place down while I am gone.

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      Have a wonderful time out Farryn! I hope it will be a completely uplifting and positive experience for you ❤️ 

  13. Farryn

    A Summons to Endmoor

    Elvira took a deep breath and looked to the sky, a grave expression forming on her face. “The actions and words of the many who attend will decide the outcome to this struggle. I pray that each sees fit to take the choice that ensures the least death... though I know such prayer will be feeble, knowing how some of the nations are with this matter...” She looked back down and adjusted her coat a bit, making her departure. “I best see what the Musketeers have planned for this...”
  14. Elvira wonders if she should come along and visit and if they welcome travellers from outside the desert. ((will definitely pop by at one point for a visit, I like seeing new settlements and whatnot))
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