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  1. [MArt] The Eyeless One

  2. nice forum profile picture dude 

  3. The Buchteln

    Thanks friendo
  4. The Buchteln

    I needed this. Thank you.
  5. The Buchteln

    Good. I really appreciate you guys commenting though. I took the legitimate complaints and made edits where I thought it was necessary. The rest really just consisted of "I ran out of things to whinge about so I took quotes out of context or simply didn't take the time to read it in my rage", "My headcanon spirits don't act like this, why did he give her complex emotions?", and "This is similar to my magic so I'm upset". And yes, I should've consulted a shaman player or someone that's well versed in spirit lore, but with such aggressive responses as these, is it really a wonder I didn't? All in all I feel you've increased the chances of it being accepted in the first place, so thank you.
  6. The Buchteln

    #Notallspirits ?
  7. The Buchteln

    Cleric was essentially an example. I suppose you would've said the same if I used Izkuthii as an example instead.
  8. The Buchteln

    Getting an Aengul or Daemon passed is apparently very difficult these days. I wanted to save myself some trouble and try this first.
  9. The Buchteln

    Because spooks are still effected by illusions like everyone else It really depends on the creature. Regardless, the mimicking abilities are all illusion. They can't cause any physical damage to a person past making them feel pain, in the case of the resonant knight cleric ball thing.
  10. The Buchteln

    There's the part in the lore where it specifies that the knight would have to consume a fairly large amount of the creature, an arm or a leg's worth. A fingernail or hair wouldn't cut it.
  11. The Buchteln

    Regardless, I'll make minor tweaks here and there where I can to make it work better.
  12. The Buchteln

    You seem very aggressive, but I understand your concern. I enjoy the concept, and if it's denied I'll tweak it to make it work within the current premise. Without allowing shamans to control who gets the magic.
  13. The Buchteln

  14. The Buchteln

    How any specific thing looks is really up to the player but I'd do it I was thinking of Overlord the entire time