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  1. Is this actually what you get yourself up to?
  2. On one hand, you have a track record of terrible behavior, leaping to conclusions, and lashing out at others unnecessarily. And on the other, I've seen just about none of this exhibited during your tenure so far on the Event Team. I'm pleasantly surprised and think you deserve a shot. You're also an international popstar.
  3. i literally cannot connect to this heap of trash im moving to crowfall when that drops
  4. freema is crying, somebody call him

  5. its 2017 people do we really still need to be getting mad about minecraft

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    2. Gusano Arentonio
    3. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Charlie Day, my main man!

    4. ski_king3


      @Perrin can you ask @Disco if the bookshelves are fixed?

  6. Let's just make it clear that it's not as if we're "running out of room" for new lore, or anything. Even if there was one active Striga, who cares? That just makes it a neat and rare experience if you do ever meet them. The lore systems we have in place are in themselves socialist-- sure, there's some staff bureaucracy mixed in, but the means to achieve is in your hands so long as you're willing to work and cooperate, even towards things you might deem inaccessible or locked within a clique.
  7. "Daddy gives me his rosies."
  8. This is cool. Write something for it.
  9. Why am I the most prolific recruit the LT has seen in two decades?
  10. i miss you brother
  11. A dead Renatian is proud.
  12. It is a curse that affects physiology regardless of its magical origin-- this is the same for all the races. Orcs and dwarves get their own physical compulsions (much like the effect addictions have on the body). However, elves are unique in that their curse affects something directly related to the physiology of their sexes. You can't simply just say "magic", we have to hold ourselves to the same standard we do for our other magics in detailing their effects. In order to rationalize the idea of "infertility", do I need to bring everyone to Elven Sex Ed? I can break out the diagrams and charts if you all want. Maybe even get the druids to make me something I can demonstrate putting a sheepskin condom on. I think we can agree LadyRebecca made it clear: the males have impotent sperm and the females have problems biologically producing the babies that often, most likely because of their eggs. For the laymen or others who don't want to read: Men: Sometimes your sauce just isn't boss. Females: Don't get knocked down if you can't get knocked up.
  13. Note: Your poll is misleading. The concrete issue being presented is that the "Once Every 15 Years" rule doesn't apply to males as it does females. The infertility is a curse that strikes both genders, but manifests itself in different corporeal ways. You should change your poll.
  14. As Ski said. If you'd really like, I bet we could get into unneeded biological detail and explanations. Maybe we could throw ovulation cycles into the mix. But I don't think anyone really wants that. And let's both be honest, if a male elf is going around bending over and knocking up piles of women, the fertility lore isn't really the problem at hand.