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  1. stop this right now you slug
  2. speak english, freak
  3. i've already started killing hostages
  4. At what level does Yasuo powerspike?
  5. What did Tahmas mean by this?
  6. There's no 'nod' to arcane puppetry. In fact, as far as I'm aware, this was carefully crafted to avoid the glaring and prevalent issues with puppetry and the powergaming that's occurred with it in the past. To place yourself in the 'mind of an atronach' isn't a difficult feat. They're artificial. They have rather base functions. While it is said they develop a degree of free will, that is all within the relatively narrow context of their mental capabilities and how their """brains""" work isn't difficult to understand and is even a sort of pre-requisite to the higher tiers of atronach creation. This ability is limited entirely to telekinesis-made atronachs and is moreso a linking of the physical and mental through the willpower of the telekinetic and is by no means a stretch of the possibilities of telekinesis and atronachs.
  7. I mean, I suppose that makes a degree of sense-- your biological parts and those organs degenerating into your new... wood-y sappy-ness over a period of time. If given a rational timeframe, that's something I'd agree with.
  8. That would, in my opinion, be the best way to go about it. I'm just saying that moving forward a lot of wires are being crossed to a confusing point if soul-tree'd people can make babies.
  9. There is a point, because there's a standard to uphold on the rationale behind these sorts of things occurring. Just because RP in the past occurred unmonitored and unregulated doesn't excuse it continuing to happen. An explanation could be devised for past children but I won't sit easily with it continuing to.
  10. I for one hate the "it's been allowed in the past" precedent because former iterations of the team have had much more irrational and slackened standards about how the laws of the world we RP in function. It's already something that'll be brought into discussion when voting happens, regardless, so if the writers of the lore are adamant about keeping it that way it'll be taken into consideration accordingly.
  11. But fertility like that isn't something you can just 'install' into a fake body or artificial descendant. Every other comparable 'endgame' cannot have children. Keepers are actually VERY similar in that their body is made by a deific figure like an Aengul but they're infertile themselves for this reason. The miraculous gift of having children and allowing a soul to be born from nothing isn't something easily replicated.
  12. Here I am again, back to debate the semantics of our mineman reproductive biology, unfortunately. Magically conceived children, the sorcery of the Aspects or whoever popping new souls and babies out of nowhere, is just about out of the question-- so with that being said, if Soul Tree users are made of wood, where's their """"sap"""" coming from, so to speak?
  13. Darth Tirenas... You can do it.
  14. The more you learn the more you earn
  15. are you gonna flake again