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  1. Me not that kind of orc!

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      >:: Hello, inquisitor. I hath come for thee. 

    2. Avacyn


      >:: Lord de Sarkozy. You have disrespected Lady Toov for the last time.

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      he’s dead and gone

  3. im autistic and generally avoid using this word but are you ******* retarded anyways glad -call them empyreals
  4. fly eagles fly 

  5. whose 4th grader made that apply banner in computer class

  6. literally dont care if plant people make plant babies, its just absolutely munted that a plant person can make regular ones that's all that needs to be fixed lol
  7. this is basically the most telling part of this situation i dont really care about the existence of bryophites, i have a very lore liberal stance when it comes to what exists but the fact this was supposedly passed without the current LT even knowing it was a thing just leads me to assume negligence and not paying attention to the lore being submitted on multiple counts the fact of the matter is it actually makes no sense at all for this to be possible, it's contradictory to every single lore standard currently in place on the matter of making babies: no other creatures of a similar nature are capable of it and bryophites have absolutely no reason to be an exception to that. this shouldn't be an amendment in any formal sense at all, even, this should be an admission of a mistake on the part of the people who reviewed this piece of lore and allowed something like this to pass
  8. How on earth did Bryophites, literal plant people, being able to carry and sustain regular babies to full term get passed through the LT?

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      i still have a problem with soul trees bearing ******* children jesus ******* christ @_Jandy_ it's some of the dumbest ******* ****, and I play one.

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      Also if they go from elf -> byro/soul tree do they keep the infertility curse?

    4. Corvoo


      Not for soul trees, no. There's only a 10% chance of failure, if any chance at all

  9. Where is your Midi-Chlorians lore, George?
  10. It's time you swallowed the truth, downs-facers @Brandles gets oc credit for this one
  11. Below are a set of clarifications and amendments to the Naztherak magic intended to give clarity and detail to a few things that were overlooked in the initial post, as well as add a few needed things to help keep the magic prosperous and stable. Apologies, this is less lore and flavor heavy than other posts, and mostly functional adjustments. This has already been processed through the Naztherak community and has its entire consent. Additions I. The Infernal Climb Artist credit to Peter Mohrbacher. Ambition does not drive only the Princes, but the beasts of their Court as well. It is known that Greater Inferis, Zar’kiel, are not made so great: they are born as lowly as any other, and must bite and claw their way to power in order to rise amongst their discordant kin. It is a rare thing that a Zar’ei live so long as to be able to prove themselves, but when they do manage to, the rewards are resplendent. It is believed that a Zar’ei must consume the fresh essence of fifteen souls, making their life’s purpose one of hunger and excited ambition as they seek out victims to devour. This is not done explicitly through violence, however. It is rather within the toolbelt of the Inferis and their dark master to make business with mortalkind and barter for a chance to feed upon their souls. Contracts and deals are surprisingly common methods of peacefully earning a healthy feeding of essence for the growing Zar’ei. A mortal who agrees and offers their soul up for consumption will end up rather drained for the next elven year as their essence regenerates slowly. With each soul consumed, the Zar'ei does gain a bit of change: their power does not grow, but they do slowly inch outward in stature, their essence and body developing and mutating. Once they fully consume their quarry, they find new strength in their chaotic, Infernal soul: They are able to learn and practice a single sorcery of dark nature, their wretched spirit gaining the potential it once lacked and they also gain a new Malice that affects their personality and their Malflame. Redlines - Once the Zar’ei has eaten enough they and the Prince controlling them may approach a Magic Team member with their proof. If valid, their initial CA may be adjusted to make them Zar’kiel. - Thorough screenshot evidence of each ‘kill’ or 'earning' must be provided. Not just the death emote, but context around it, to give some semblance of validity. - The newly-made Zar’kiel can learn one Dark magic up to T5. Nothing more. This can only take up 1 magic slot. They cannot be made Fjarriauga, Shades, Liches, Wights, Wraiths, or any other sort of new creature. Their Infernal souls are incompatible. They are still afflicted by any sort of physical or mental ailments that learning the magic may induce upon them. II. Severance There come times when a student of an Archprince may prove problematic during their training, and their ambition and dedication come into question. If deemed unfit to continue on their path as a Prince, it takes the combined efforts of two Archprinces to sever their soul from its Infernal ties. This is known simply as Severance, and all that is needed is the ill-fated Naztherak’s soul: present in their body or in some sort of phylactery, it matters not. The Archprinces devour their bond to the Infernal Courts, leaving their collected Maleus dull and grey and their Grimoire just a simple, useless book. This is a punishment reserved only for the most grave of betrayals or the faintest of heart who do not belong on the Prince’s path. Redlines - Necessitates two Archprinces (Naztherak with TA’s and the Zar’akal CA) to complete. - Any player Inferis within the disconnected Naztherak’s court are immediately permanently killed and their apps are denied. - The disconnected Naztherak may never practice the magic again. Archprinces cannot be Severed. III. Naz’kuthun Image credit to WoTC, LLC As masters and rulers of the Inferis, none know their foul hearts and beings as well as the Naztherak themselves. The weavings and chaotic essence of the Infernal Soul is their expertise, and with enough time in their studies a Prince is able to learn how to warp an entire soul into an Infernal one through a dark ritual known as Naz’kuthun. It is simple in practice; a sacred bath is prepared, large enough to contain the entirety of the victim’s body, and then filled with the collected blood and gore of any variety of beasts, monsters, and animalia. The creatures’ lifeblood poured into the bath will alter the resulting Inferis’ appearance accordingly: traits will be inherited in twisted and vile ways, wretched reflections seen within the newborn creature’s form. Once this is accomplished, the Naztherak must submerge the subject within the concoction and then simply add an entire souls’ worth of their Maleus from their Cistern to the bath. It is unclear exactly how painful the transformation is, but the agonizing screams that have been noted as a result speak loud enough for themselves. Once warped, the Inferis is rather drained and an easy target to be bound to a Prince’s Court. Redlines - Becoming an Inferis is irreversible. Any other ‘transformations’ are useless, not functioning with their discordant souls. - A player-character transformed will result in them becoming a Zar’ei and a CA must be posted. - Animals can be transformed this way. - A player-character that becomes a Zar’ei will lose all their magical ability. If they so happen to become a Zar’kiel later on, and happened to know any Dark magics up to T5, they may regain their - use of that single magic. - Having a body is necessary for this. Liches, Darkstalkers, Wraiths are all ineligible. Clarifications 1. Malflame cannot be used in other magics akin to Transfiguration: It cannot be enchanted or bound to anything to any effect. It is lawless and discordant, resistant to the orderly nature attemptedly imbued on it. 2. A Prince is able to ‘steal’ an Inferis from another by simply binding it themselves. This also enables ‘trades’ of the creatures for bartering between Princes. 3. Inferis are in fact able to roam around on their own. If they are killed, they must wait 2 weeks before their spirits manage to recollect themselves. A Zar’ei will lose their ‘progress’ towards ascending to become a Zar’kiel if killed. 4. One must be a Zar’akal to be eligible for a TA.
  12. o.o ..... <.< .... O.o... Hold on, lady. You... are a.. girl gamer? Shifts in chair, tugging at collar >.> A fine, alluring lady such as yourself... Also has an intellectual side? With your ravishing, simply bewitching beauty, you pull me in...And then you penetrate my level of understanding of perfection..By informing me that you, are indeed, a girl gamer, who plays Minecraft!!! O.O My beautiful lady. I will treat you right forever, I will cherish and treasure you, I will mine you diamonds and protect you from Endermen. My lady.. be my player two....

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      As an FM, I want to see more of this behaviour. k and thx

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