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  1. Me not that kind of orc!

    1. Esterlen


      >:: Hello, inquisitor. I hath come for thee. 

    2. Avacyn


      >:: Lord de Sarkozy. You have disrespected Lady Toov for the last time.

  2. yooooooooooooo

    1. _Hexe_


      he’s dead and gone

  3. im autistic and generally avoid using this word but are you ******* retarded anyways glad -call them empyreals
  4. well whoever explained things to you is wrong
  5. yeah yeah okay now we're back to the "b-but if enough people BELIEVE and RP it that way it m-MUST be true" it's really misleading and confusing to anyone reading lore if they're reading through and they see something named Daemon of Dreams and somebody says "no actually not really a daemon people just b-believe it :3" people already ***** enough about server lore being complicated, better to stick to our guns with generalizations and stop making stupid exceptions
  6. things don't get elevated to aengudaemon status it's a very, very particular classification and 'power level' attributed to a group of entities made of parts of the creator's soul
  7. like i said in disc, if this were canon lyes wouldnt be a daemon aengudaemons dont get made on the fly or from scratch
  8. fly eagles fly 

  9. whose 4th grader made that apply banner in computer class

  10. literally dont care if plant people make plant babies, its just absolutely munted that a plant person can make regular ones that's all that needs to be fixed lol
  11. this is basically the most telling part of this situation i dont really care about the existence of bryophites, i have a very lore liberal stance when it comes to what exists but the fact this was supposedly passed without the current LT even knowing it was a thing just leads me to assume negligence and not paying attention to the lore being submitted on multiple counts the fact of the matter is it actually makes no sense at all for this to be possible, it's contradictory to every single lore standard currently in place on the matter of making babies: no other creatures of a similar nature are capable of it and bryophites have absolutely no reason to be an exception to that. this shouldn't be an amendment in any formal sense at all, even, this should be an admission of a mistake on the part of the people who reviewed this piece of lore and allowed something like this to pass
  12. How on earth did Bryophites, literal plant people, being able to carry and sustain regular babies to full term get passed through the LT?

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    2. Corvoo


      i still have a problem with soul trees bearing ******* children jesus ******* christ @_Jandy_ it's some of the dumbest ******* ****, and I play one.

    3. _Jandy_


      Also if they go from elf -> byro/soul tree do they keep the infertility curse?

    4. Corvoo


      Not for soul trees, no. There's only a 10% chance of failure, if any chance at all

  13. Where is your Midi-Chlorians lore, George?
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