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  1. so glad you aren't lm anymore

  2. Not gonna make this long or melodramatic. I'll just lay some stuff on the table before I go. Why am I going? A few reasons. It's astonishing how quickly, after losing any desire to log in, one grows up and gets the **** over this place. It's an escapist timesink. Grindier and more drama-riddled than an MMO and even less meaningful. I enjoyed my run as staff, it was the highest I'd ever been able to (and probably ever will have been able to) climb here. The LT is great, it was fun. But the fun stops when an ******* wants to start parroting the Telanir-Bot rhetoric in a goofily incorrect manner and acting like the server is his personal game dev project that he's throwing to the ******* sharks a la the dev team behind No Man's Sky. It's funny-- administrators are just consistently shitty people with shitty ideas. I don't know if it's just coincidentally the people who get picked for the role, or maybe they just lose perspective on what's good to do when they get the red tag. Dunno. Maybe the answer'll be clear to somebody else some day, because I'm gonna stop thinking about it now because there's really no point in letting these thoughts and questions linger because they don't have any meaning to my life anymore. And I don't mean to devalue this place. I've had my fun, met some great people, grown the **** up and learned some valuable stuff, but I'm 21 and I just got promoted into the upper echelon of my department here at work and I think I just don't have the time or energy for **** like this now. I think LotC and escapes like this have a great time and place in people's lives and it's never just been "mineman" or "that minecraft game" but it can't be something forever, because I think everyone needs to move on at some point. And I do just want to say, too, to the people who work and provide **** to keep this unholy abomination going-- put your time somewhere else. Do you code for this server? Code a game. Do you write lore? Write a book. Homebrew some **** for D&D. Do you draw? Draw for people who ******* deserve it. Just about everything you do here, you could do somewhere else if you wanna put the time and effort into creating something beautiful. You don't need to use this place as the 'easiest option', because taking the easy way out gets you nowhere. That's all. I don't like most of you, enjoy a good portion of you, and love one of you. P.S. @LT If you don't ******* deny my lore I'm going to chimp out
  3. hahhaHAHAHAHAHAH urasept was probably the singlehandedly most inane, inept, and inactive administrator i think the server's ever seen, let's NOT R E M E M B E R T H E 9 0 ' S with him
  4. nice blog post
  5. meme
  6. somebody cue Vitamin C
  7. @Tsuyose
  8. It's a Dark Art. 'Dark Arts' on the server don't specifically refer to anything evil, Dark Arts are all common with one another in that they function by manipulating the present material forces of the world around us. Lifeforce, blood, the soul, etc. This is opposed to Voidal and Deific magics which rely entirely upon the influence of a power outside of the material world.