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  1. hahhaHAHAHAHAHAH urasept was probably the singlehandedly most inane, inept, and inactive administrator i think the server's ever seen, let's NOT R E M E M B E R T H E 9 0 ' S with him
  2. It's *RAPID FIRE you ******* MONG
  3. nice blog post
  4. T A K E A S H I L L P I L L in all reality grats man, not an easy industry to break into
  5. meme
  6. I just laugh at previous conversations and memories and funny things that I play back through my head, I do it at work too just me sitting at my desk laughing at nothing in quiet
  7. (( Can you please link me the lore allowing this to occur? @the 1 bow ))
  8. somebody cue Vitamin C
  9. @Tsuyose