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  1. Well you sure got me.
  2. Pretty cool dude, I'm sure he'd do wonderful on the team.
  3. He needs to get beat up in college with a thesaurus or he needs to not try to use elusive and obscure words to pretty up his writing. Good head though.
  4. Betwixt tenebrous ebon visage gaunt gauntlet digits ELDRITCH
  5. Why isn't he accepted yet???
  6. Minecraft Account Name(s): Begotten Skype: Zarsies How long have you played on LotC?: Some time before June 27, 2011, that’s just when I had to remake my forum account after a large wipe. Time zone and availability: EST; 3-10pm M-F in game and sometimes earlier while I’m at school (7am-10pm I’m on skype with blips of not). 10am-10pm+ on weekends. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: -Dark Elves -”Humans” (Really just Easterners) -Evocations / Conjuration -Necromancy -Blood Magic -Mysticism (I wrote it) -Ascended -World lore / history. General knowledge / history; I’ve been here since the start of the server and know just about anything there is (implying I can remember). Things I know that aren’t in a very broad term (within the catchall): -Aengudaemons (Iblees, Aeriel, Dragur, Eshtael, Gazardiael, Malchediael, Yyr) -Undead -Glurtzfolok (gen 1) and Black Scourge (gen 2) -Ghosts -Gravens -Apparitions -Paleknights -Wights -Rasmot/Outvoker -Voidal Horrors -Liches -Darkstalkers -Ghouls -Wraiths (new and old) -Planar law (plane history/purpose and locomotion) -Everything Swgrclan has ever written (regrettably) -Xionist history (Four Lords) Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: ET actor: I did events from when I was first added in Asulon in the second wave of the ET under Viper and did so until I left when I got SM under Freema(?). Most notable roles were: Lysistratian pyromancer for shiftnative’s Lysistratians, Kaazli the Fashot for Chaqery’s Glurtzfolok, Mortum’Vherzix the Hiishtgul for the same Glurtzfolok and later on the Harbingers, and the Outvoker for my own eventline. ET builder: I became a builder a week after I became an actor and built for every role I played and more. I was trusted with voxel and worldedit for multiple years and made things like the Lysistratia clan halls, multiple assorted caves and dens, the tentacles and taint breach of the North Wall (Glurtzfolok) including the tainting of the Teutonic land, Lover’s Leap from Anthos, and more I’m sure but cannot recall. I’ve also made almost the whole of the nether for the Undead and their witching tower in Athera but I was more so ET-GM than ET. I have helped in the building of new maps since Anthos and onward. Server Moderator: SM aka modreq slaves of Anthos, I and four others (Sparrow, Ski, Cruz, and I want to say BNK but I’m not sure) were to be the spin-offs of forum moderators but for the server while GMs would focus on their ‘global’ role and work on the server, forums, TS, and so on. This consisted of the SMs gobbling up every modreq as quick as we could and essentially being trial GMs for a month before all but Sparrow became GMs and the role was removed. This was the most time consuming role I’ve taken because if I wasn’t at school or asleep then I was online doing modreqs. Lore Master: I approached Alan / rittsy when I became a SM on if I could join the LT and the day after I asked he added me in. Since then I’ve been a LM save for the 4 month hiatus I had earlier two years ago (and Tsu’s team wipe) and I’ve been writing and judging lore. I’ve written majorly for antagonists as they fell in with my ET building and acting work but I eventually took on to my own content. My notable pieces are Palatial Aphidylte 3.0 region lore (plays into the Qi anthology), Rasmot, the Outvoker, almost all of the Undead 2.0 writing (lore/descriptions), Mysticism, Arcane Displacement, a soul shadow and Apparition addition, Vocomancy (rip joe blackman), “time is an illusion” Gap Theory, and arguably my most prominent anthology is still in the works (refer to my project list in the LT subforum!). Global Moderator: I became a GM in Anthos in late 2013 left some time late last year. I stepped down during a 4 month hiatus earlier last year but I returned afterwards and now I’m extremely disillusioned with the position since I stepped down again.I remained as a GM nigh solely because it was my means to perform events with the best tools there are; I would evade player conflict like ban reports or extensive modreqs with powergaming and metagaming and couldn’t handle disputes or bans because I’d become greatly avoidant and couldn’t handle the mental fatigue of those jobs -- this rework of the LM role suits me well because it’s minimizing the extreme confrontational (bans, kicking and warning players, etc) actions I have to endure and the revision under Tsu’s administration to LMs makes them what they should have been all along: mediators between lore and players who work with players. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): My project list - relevant to future lore. Palatial Aphidylytes - the event line with this is not elaborated on. The Planar Dictate - the event line with this is not elaborated on. This also isn’t the tome lore itself, that’s with the rest of the tomes of power lore. Apparition / Soul Stream addition Mysticism Mysticism addition 1 - Hindering, tykes, and sapping. Mysticism addition 2 - Paleknights and hexing. Spectral Codex - this includes minor rewrites of every listed phantom race. Arcane Displacement Soul Shadow revision Rasmot the Mad The Outvoker The Onyx Trinity - Poetry The Slumbering Trine- Poetry Wherewithal of Sparks - Poetry Quelling Hoarfrost - Poetry Harbinger extension - Swgr later did a piece on top of this. Black Craft worm - The events with this are over. Courage of the Black Sky and Vocomancy - this was self-denied after bad responses. Undead Hub - Includes Plugin Magic (descriptions), Native Materials (nether alchemy), /Undead System Workings (descriptions), The Forge (descriptions and lore), Alchemy (descriptions), Permadeath and Taint (lore), Spell List (descriptions and lore), Subdrauch (lore), Skins, Hierarchy (descriptions and lore), Magic-Magic (lore), Members, Apprentice List, Guidelines, Info Page, and ET Involvement (descriptions). The Archdaemon‘s Call - Undead-related Cult of the Infernal Eye - Undead-related Abdicated Sanctity - Undead-related Black Scripture - Undead-related The Dwindling Flame - Undead-related The Sprouting Branches of Conflict - Undead-related Gap Theory SoB buffs and debuffs - this was the precursor to the present day racial buffs and debuffs for SoBs (state of being, aka non-classical races) Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: I was banned in Aegis for killing a wolf in Dawn’s Bakery which I was framed for by Meman32 (I was unbanned the following day) and I have been banned on request. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: N/A, there is no team besides the management left and I am at least fair acquaintances those I’m not friends with.
  7. MC name: Begotten List in Question: Water Evocation Error in Question: I am a teacher but not listed as one. Link to Magic Application:
  8. Daddy is so proud :']
  9. "And then there were five."
  10. *signs* redlines might be needed but that can be a later edit
  11. Brilliant example of stellar RP drawn from a single wound. I agree, Eve, considering my character cut off your character's and a few other's fingers/hands, but as the one amputating and making general villainous RP I try my best in making it personal to the characters, detailed, lengthy, and minor as possible. I think people who are afraid of altering their characters at all can or should start with digits: fingers and toes aren't critical to your RP (unless you're a mage or some sort of artisan) and losing some or just bits of them or even one is enough to get some history and details in your character that A: you didn't run off to have healed to negate the RP that brought it about and B: there's always that air of mystery when someone emotes something about their character having scars or missing parts of them; it brings up questions. Good stuff.
  12. If a wight powergames they'll get to catch my hands. As for lore virginity; everyone has their own preference with background knowledge and supporting information. Some go in blind, most I can think of prefer to have context. Neat thought though, albeit I don't think this argument will change anyone's mind. Some people are just unbearably curious.
  13. Fair point.
  14. We have /sit. I believe it creates an invisible boat facing where you are facing where you are standing. Could /lie (/lay alternative) be made to create an invisible bed with its lower half where the player's feat are and its upper half laid behind them? This would be very useful in RP situations. To avoid abuse /lie (/lay) could be denied if there are not open blocks (ignore things like grass, vines, flowers, redstone , etc) so people don't lay with their upper body inside a block or something silly.