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    a d d m e p l e a s e
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    A good boy. Give him a treat.
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    The Lord of his Craft, short poem by Ggt

    watch what you say or I might enslave and sell you
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    An Agony Filled Heart

    A witch of the sprawling veld dredges her hands through a pit of wretched gore and spilt, et animal carcasses. Hands passing over ivory bone ribs and swollen, turgid intestines, the woman submerged herself into the murmuring pool of carnage and raises up something large and scorned. She spared him death but not torment.
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    [CA] dogwolf goes emo

  10. A thin, markedly pale woman with sharp elven features crept through the veld, her cloak meekly billowing in the dull, salty breeze of the Dominion forest. Legs of metallic make carried her through the dim, twilit knolls and bled with low whirring and faint hums, her artificial limbs betraying her stealth. As she strayed from the beaten path and blazed a trail of shallow footprints she made her way up along a staggering cliff face, predatory eyes locked onto the mouth of a cave carved into its sheer side as if it held her next meal within. She adjusted her cloak and drew into the cavern, her attire marked with a glyph near and dear to her, a symbol of befitting where she tred; conquest, supremacy, dominion. Brimstone. What screams came from that cave were quickly drowned, mere bubbling and gurgles replacing cries of anguish and woe. Only wickedness emerged from that pit.
  11. Naztherak community feedback edited! Rough list of changes: -Boons/Banes require striith rakir -Existing inferis with Naztherak may become pact-bound -Zar'rokul are a breed of Zentherak -Rakir inscriptions of any sort may be purged by holy magic -New Boons/Banes may be made with MArts -Boons/Banes function on objects held -Striith may communicate to their prince if in whispering range (if the Naztherak's eyes are closed)
  12. A cabal of Naztherak preparing for the Communion of the Serpent ⛧ Gifts of the Red Prince ⛧ Also known amongst the occult as “Therak-Rokar,” the Red Prince is an enigmatic manipulator glimpsed only by the oldest of Naztherak who visits to this day, his schemes and plots shrouded in mystery and so deeply convoluted and intricate the zar’akal merely vaguely speculate at his motives. Steeped in obscurity, the Red Prince presents himself to the Naztherak only to stir the pot of turmoil amongst themselves and with his most recent appearance a host of new boons have been granted, the gifts of the Red Prince. Among these endowments by Therak-Rokar is the chaotic tongue Ilzakarn, knowledge of the Zar’rokul Pentacle, the tools for Communion, the products of pacts. Ilzakarn The Zar’rokul Pentacle Communion of the Zar’rokul Rokodra Forging Boons and Banes Pact Familiars Pact Malices References: Naztherak Inferis [Ilzakarn] Credits (in alphabetical order): Alex/ChronicFever - Ilzakarn Word Base Corvoo - Consultation Elrith - Consultation Frott - Consultation Jelonny - Consultation Kalehart - Consultation Lackless - Consultation Perrin - Consultation and Primer Zarsies - Author and Editor Art Sources: