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  1. This is a prophetic vision accessible to seers, naztherak, farseer shamans, vivification clairvoyants, and mystics with hexing per Prophecy lore. In a feverish flurry comes warped sights to the third eye and a chant of shrill and thin voices which squeal in a hellish tongue, wracking the mind. Cutting through is the receiver’s own voice uttering an ill portent. Red licking up and weeping down. Howls. Dok unmatar-vuht huk ruth viizr. Khaenor. Rhanor. “What won’t bleed will burn. Wallow. Writhe.” A basalt altar, a pit of blood, a shrieking swarm. Zkrut aka zatar za’Draz-Kulzettar kittaz‘zak “Drink or submit to the Biting Bat’s tithe.” Hills and jungle canopies drenched in gore. Ra’Iiztri daz’thanzar, hanuvna tidak rokka. “The West wilts, awash with flames.” The daunting shape of a horned and eyeless evil. Hrar ukarka dondir. Huk kuul ikzlat daz’duhr. “Four wings wide. Blood and shadow reigns.” A grand black brazier lit with teal fire. Ra’Zevir Thoruuz, ketz kuul narthuz. “The Demon Chalice, boon and bane.” Elves, orcs, and men fall upon one another, many corrupted with fangs and feral while others sling red hellfire flanking demonic warriors. Daldel donothka aka kurav ta’nak tazug. “Marshal men or join his domain.” Scarlet consumes all sight. Screams rattle and fade. The blood of battle drowns you. You jolt back to lucidity briefly choking.
  2. 👀

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    2. Lirinya


      I am, how are you?

    3. Zarsies


      Fabulous! Got a big boy job, a house, general peace of mind, all the good stuff. I'm going to see Spinzir in January, I'll send pics. 🥺

    4. E__V__O


      So this is why the server crashed

  3. Don't mind me, just admiring. 

    1. Zarsies


      'mirin bro 💪😎🤳

  4. What (sub)race have you never played and want to play someday?
  5. Once I run the gamut with my current main I'm debating between a goblin or dwarf character. Suggestions? Nifty ideas? Family tie recommendations? 

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    2. Carson


      DM me if u are interested in a forest dwarf character! Kalehart is super involved with us too and i know you and him are pals

    3. Sorcerio


      Maybe my next character would be a dwarf... @Nooblius

    4. Tentoa


      Play a dwarf with me

  6. Simple but critical. Thank you for putting it to words, I've always felt and understood this but have never seen it written.
  7. Shade takeover. Ruh roh Raggy.
  8. I misclicked and voted for the wrong one Q_Q If possible, full removal please. If compromise is required, no signed items please.
  9. I am trying to transition from a morning coffee ritual to tea. Please recommend me flavors, brands, etc. as I am a filthy uncultured American will little familiarity.

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    2. Rioling


      rooibos :)

    3. deleted111


      A light and luxurious hand-rolled green tea scented with serene jasmine petals.

      warm, rounded, soft, subtle, aromatic, relaxing


    4. Jentos


      I do like some good black tea, with or without milk


      i don't know where you live but I'd heavily suggest going out to a tea-shop if there are any nearby, you might be able to choose a few blends and discuss your tastes to make a more enlightened decision. some tea shops also offer a range of kettles and accessories which really promote a sort of "ritual" behind tea and its consumption. 


      also make the excuse that because its tea, it can be paired with tea-biscuits of some sort (always a tasty excuse for myself to choose tea over coffee sometimes) 

  10. The EXATUTOEXGMOLOTC approves.
  11. where is my money, boy...

    1. Heero


      wiring you dogecoin as we speak 😅

  12. Please submit your LotC Deep State shadow government applications before midnight. Thank you.

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    2. Gemini


      Thank you so much for you interest! I would be more than happy to continue to recruitment process with your company.


      Kind regards, 

      Gemini, MBA, PhD


    3. _Sug


      What kinda security clearance and benefits are offered with the package?

    4. Zarsies


      @_SugAdminCP, server box access, full calendar view, dental and vision (no health, no life, no disability), and you get to come to the annual picnic. This year it will be in Ohio. 💀

  13. Who built Acre? That place is ADORABLE, very inspiring.

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      acre is a state in brazil

    3. Jentos


      acre proof of the qualities of good, small-scale builds and the removal of most OOC interactions 

    4. tilly


      Acre is directly out the back gate of Vienne, just go straight passed the tourney grounds and you'll find it!!!!

  14. I'm on my ambitious divorcee arc.
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