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  1. I'm implying that the original iteration of magic was superior and that there being different types of mages -- those with completely sound minds compared to the first being nutcrackers -- is bad in an ironic and sarcastic tone for comedic effect; the joke is lost. Sorry. I'm just tryna gave a good time.
  2. I'll start off by saying this idea was originally Phil's, the writer of the original lore. He always intended for Archons to be burdened in the mind over their "mistake" (as he'd say) of becoming an Archon. He supports the theme and consented to have this addition. :v Can you cite such occurrences? Between all the Archons -- Phil, Perrin, Cablam, Elad, Jax, Tox, and I -- the only 'dark' characters have been sort of Perrin and my own and the only lore ever touching their theme is this lore; no one or thing previous has really done much to the majority. While yes the origin of the change is dark -- taint is specifically a varied substance of multiple definitions among dark and deity groups -- the effect is very similar to the madness of Revenants (the step above Archons, ET/LT entities), the madness around Voidal Horrors, or the madness in red golems. Insanity does not equate to darkness. Since the inception of Voidal magic in Aegis (based slayer, tehlulu, and gaiusmarius) there's always been a pin in the trope of magic inducing mental distortions including imbalances, disorders, and general strife or lunacy. This isn't a stretch to apply such a theme to the supposed embodying race. I think major influence here is that I colored everything red and used dark art. This is ~2 hours of writing, I didn't make it very fashionable, I just slapped in aesthetics. Apologies if I've made things seem off compared to the idea I was trying to convey, not everything sticks when you throw spaghetti at the wall.
  3. Sporadic, I blame you for my crippling dyslexia. I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say. Can you elaborate or reiterate?
  4. The thought here is akin to a golem going red, minus the literal coloration. There's not an intention to be spooky here, just unstable and troubled greatly. If an Archon wants to be spooky they will but this doesn't enable that by matter of choice. This is a forced weakness any Archon can befall; any non-masochist or non-suicidal character would desperately try to avoid this fate because it's not at all beneficial and only serves to hurt. I hope that makes sense, I'm sleep deprived ;-;
  5. Azdrazi and kind of Striga are as well. Also, this lends no "power" to any "side". Corrupted Archons hold no allegiance or inherent synergy with a "side". This lore's effect is solely to the point of allowing for roleplay-inducing weaknesses to Archons.
  6. “Sometimes insanity comes knocking. Other times, it tears down the walls.” -The ravings of an Archon as it descended into madness. Corrupted Archons Vulnerability lies in eternity; the eternal, susceptible. For Time may wear one calloused and grim. Endless and unfathomable like the Void they embody, an Archon is susceptible to falling to the throes of madness for their existence is a paradox and can be made right by the ways of the world. Archons are mortals, things born of order, who have been scarred by the epitome of chaos and change and thus are a living contradiction, order and chaos bound in one; therefore, they walk a tightrope, and to fall into the great power that looms is to fall into true, raving, berserk madness and insanity. All that is needed is a little push. An Archon may be throttled into the mania and madness inherent in their source of power that is as well mirrored in that which pushes them into it; taint. Corrupted Archons are made from an Archon in their transcendent form who becomes tainted with darkness and shadow, a product of Shade taint, Necromancy taint, or Iblees taint. Effects of Corruption The invasion of madness first infects the transcendent form by planting a seed of corruption into its heart. Over the course of a year the seed will slowly bud, causing distortions in the mind and personality of transcendent form respective to the ailments of the taint source; a shadefather’s taint gives the Archon shade-like mental traits, a necromancer’s taint gives the Archon necromancer-like mental traits, and so on with Ibleesian taint and the agent which implants it. As the bud sprouts more madness ensues until the transcendent form has its own unique personality which antagonizes and disassociates with the coil form. This can, for example, include a violent, abusive transcendent form or a depressive, self harming transcendent form. Slowly the transcendent form will seek to take over the coil form, causing a rift between the two with a struggle for control where the coil will progressively weaken until they break and the transcendent form steals control and the coil personality is given a passenger seat, the transcendent personality controlling both forms; this follows the premise of a shade-like twisting of the transcendent personality where it becomes antagonizing. Signs of a corrupted Archon include first a shift in the transcendent form’s aura wherein it is darkened, perverted, and the opposite color or drastically changed compared to its normal aura as well as occultist features including bags under the eyes, paling, twitching, lighter hair, and so on. Once the transcendent personality has overtaken the coil personality, usually, the course of 3 years, their transcendent’s aura shifts into the coil’s aura, both becoming one, as well as an equal shift in intense eye color and glowing veins. Veins around the eyes of corrupted Archons in the final stage, the takeover, are more vibrant and intense. Purging Corruption To purge an Archon is to drain it of its mana through alteration or Fi’ magic or have it purged by cleansing or holy magics which can remove diseases or sicknesses. Demanifesting does not stop or remove an Archon’s corruption. Red Lines -Corrupted Archons are no stronger in any fashion than normal Archons. Corruption is solely a disadvantage to the character and turn in roleplay motive for the sake of inciting change and conflict. -An aura change must be made to be drastically different than the normal Archon aura. Inspirational Art THANK YOU DADDY PHIL FOR YOUR ADVICE AND CONSENT FOR MY HOT GARBAGE WRITING
  7. [Feat][TA]Vraska

    MC Name: Vraska Character's Name: Uldrivt Character's Age: Way too old. Character's Race: Archon - Dark Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Feat - Seer Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Vaasek, elusive creeper spymaster that it is, started putting 'lenses' in the blind so they may see but also so it may view through their eyes and be offered a newfound inner perspective to the world it observes that the kabalees cannot; a first person view rather than third person. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Cosi instructs in a low register, voice a soft growl as though metal lined his throat, "Lay upon the altar and I shall cure your blindness." Dolmar lays upon the stone slab, pale and blanched eyes staring up at the ceiling, never blinking. He settles in, listening intently to the aquatic ambiance in the sunken chamber. Cosi leans forward and positions his head just above Dolmar's face. He removes his mauve blindfold with gaunt and spindly hands, laying it upon the altar beside Dolmar. Cosi twitches and shivers faintly as he holds himself above the man, face slightly contorting and twisting as though he grappled with troubling thoughts or fought off pain. Soon after, a tear buds from his eyes, and it slowly trails down his face until it falls onto Dolmar's face. Then another. And another. He weeps over the man, tears dropping onto his face, some into his eyes. He weeps ceaselessly, begotten with some ill episode. Dolmar flinches slightly as he lays upon the slab, wordless as he is cried upon. Confusion crawls up his face, digging deeper into his features the longer the ritual goes. Cosi suddenly rears back, hand covering his eyeless face. He pats around for his blindfold, wraps it around his head once found, and then looks to Dolmar with a semblance of mixed grief and calm. He draws forth a grey blindfold, slowly moving to wind it around the man's head and cover his milky stare. Dolmar, silent, suddenly jerks up once the wrap is tied to his head. He gasps, covering his mouth as he snaps his head in all directions. He begins panting as his blindfold wets, tears soaking into the cloth. He lurches over and pulls Cosi into an embrace; sight returned. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  8. [Feat][ST]Vraska

    MC Name: Vraska Character's Name: Uldrivt Character's Age: Way too old. Character's Race: Archon - Dark Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Feat - Seer Link a MA of a magic your character already uses that is in the same archetype as the magic you are self teaching: N/A How did you learn this magic(s)?: I wrote it. He was blind, craven, and begging so Vaasek slapped some ethereal eyes into his sockets. MC name of OOC overseer (Note: they must either have a TA in this magic on any character or be a member of the MT): Vraska Offer an explanation of the magic(s) you are learning: Vaasek, elusive creeper spymaster that it is, started putting 'lenses' in the blind so they may see but also so it may view through their eyes and be offered a newfound inner perspective to the world it observes that the kabalees cannot; a first person view rather than third person. Provide evidence you've a proper means of learning this magic(s): No eyes. Insane. Begged the shadows to give him sight. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  9. [Rewrite] ~*~Fairy Rings~*~

    sorry delmo i had to
  10. [MArt] Astraeaus, The Spear of Order

    xan is the archaengul
  11. Soulstrung [ST] Water Evo

    I'll oversee this boy.
  12. [✓] Seers - Eyes of Vaasek

    Ngl I wrote this once I got the idea that a widespread(ish) blind aesthetic would be nice, but my character is also off the wall capital K crazy and I'd like him to pluck out his eyes and give them to two of his blood magic students soon, albeit I'd also like to not utterly cripple my character's roleplay through a self inflicted punishment (which would serve to work well for a time but I know I'm the kind of person to be quickly frustrated with being both inept and magicless due to a want for an aesthetic) and I love the blind seer look (hah). So, in a way yes, but only because I want that for my character because I enjoy the look and weaknesses / disadvantages.
  13. [✓] Seers - Eyes of Vaasek

    (On my phone) The idea here is total inclusion, so to answer your questions respectively: Yes. No. I suppose it's deific but it has no altering effect on a person so anyone, from Azdrazi to Striga to Draughted Liches to a paladin to a dark shaman, may. Feat app, so no.
  14. A kabalee watching over a scholar’s work. Seers, Eyes of Vaasek “Ignorance is bliss, they say, to only know darkness; pray, to never be sobered by truth; Stay blind, never sleuth; Yet I open my eyes and look, to see but cannot be mistook, that I gaze into my eyelids. I live a dark, fever dream; An onyx and unseen sunbeam; Light felt but not observed, a cruel fate undeserved; Where I see black they see white, they see dawn but I, midnight; Sight is my enlightenment.” -The sad ravings of a blindman. Where an opportunity presents itself, the swift and keen take it. Thus the most observant of the Daemons did so; Vaasek, Daemon of Manipulation and herald of the clandestine, took either pity upon or advantage of a vulnerable man. He wept into the shadows of his waking world, mourned the fate which stole his vision, and called into the abyss that stared back; his white eyes, blind and clouded, gazing into the mere darkness outside his cabin window. He knew not what stared back, what evils his mind used to conjure when he’d look into shadow and dark alleys, but he remembered the fear, the anxiety, and the paranoia of what now surrounded him. He was broken. Desperate. To know sight for a lifetime and then go bereft left him forlorn. Weak. Vulnerable; an opportunity for what gazed back from beyond. Seen through the eyes of an alien observer, an agent of the invisible and obscure Vaasek, the Daemon saw and was ready to strike. The man wept to himself as he crawled into his bed of dilapidated linens and broken spring and promptly slept, a rare thing to a distraught mind. There, Vaasek came and placed a semblance of kabalee eyes within the man, lenses to view through, and it faded back. A fever dream struck the man, sick with mania and depression. Wild and twisting, the final key struck a chord deep in his heart; a jet black raven with too many feathers whispered to him, “Cov’r your eyes.” He awoke with a stir, a dreary moan bleeding from him as reality slowly set in where his sight was lost. Pearly marbles strained, he sat up, and with nothing but a sense of hopeless desperation and self defeating apathy he sighed. He tore a strip of cloth from his arm; what had he to lose? He held it flat in both hands; the dream was fresh, he best do it before he forgot. He lifted it; was he a fool? And, when the brown cloth laid over his blanched and strained eyes, he gulped. Seers As a method of gaining additional screens wherein Vaasek may see through, the Daemon granted ethereal eyes and the knowledge to replicate them. These individuals are known as seers and, in many cultures, are thought to be clairvoyants or oracles but they are little more than disadvantaged folk. Seers possess vision analogous to a usual mortal’s 20/20 sight but their sight fades and blurs into unintelligible fuzz and static past twenty meters in any direction, however they can only ‘see’ if their eyes or eye sockets are covered. Their vision is another lens for Vaasek to scry through like its many kabalees, thus its allowance of their sight. The return of their sight is but a semblance, an illusion of reality and thus it is flawed. Seers are prone to experiencing episodes of lack of focus in vision, eye floaters, black spots, nearsightedness, farsightedness, double-vision, and other such visual anomalies. Seers need not be magic users, a specific race, or even worshippers of this reclusive Daemon. Anyone may become a seer through a simple ritual wherein a seer may shed a tear into the eye or eye socket of another to mark them for a visitation by Vaasek to grant them eyes or, as the first man did, become so vulnerable and hopeless over their loss of sight that Vaasek may glimpse their misery and grant them eyes. Redlines: -Cannot see past 20 blocks in any direction. -Cannot see better or more than a normal person. -To have the covering removed from a seer is to return them to blindness. To go without a covering is to be returned to blindness until a covering is worn. -Only those who have no level of vision at all may become seers. -No seer or individual otherwise knows of Vaasek’s involvement. Lore References Inspirational Artwork Thank you to Phil, Aelesh, and Ambduscias for allowing me to bounce ideas off of them. The idea behind this lore is twofold; to allow an inclusive piece of lore that involves an underappreciated Daemon, and a method for characters to gain that mystical seer aesthetic fantasy so dearly loves without crippling roleplay through a life altering disability. There is no advantage to being a seer, although I am interested in perhaps writing some kind of possible oracle / clairvoyance lore to replace the Erythian Stars of Anthos that may allow characters to perceive interpretations of future events (for the sake of storytelling). This is intended to act as a Feat that any character, no matter their circumstance, may use.