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  1. Zarsies

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  2. Zarsies

    [PK] A Twisted End

    May I please place an order for mangekyo sharingan please thank you
  3. Zarsies

    yooo lmao what is this sub-forum ama

    What’s your favorite episode of Madeline (1993-)? What is your favorite Magic the Gathering artwork(s) or card(s)? Are you interested in roleplay on LotC still? If you had to eat one culture’s food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Ex: Italian = pizza, pasta, etc)
  4. Zarsies

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    preface: sorry for the tumblr-speak (lowercase, heavy use of voice/style), it just kind of happened. don’t do drugs, kids on a couple fronts: community- same old same old; it’s the internet and people are churned in and out and sometimes people stick around for longer, sometimes people stay for good (case in point i’ve been here since the start of aegis when i was ******* 12 years old and i’m still here. yikers) but it is what it is because, in the end, the community (with varying degrees of success, mostly lack of success but still) wants roleplay, wants fun, wants a relaxing and engaging hobby, and wants a crowd to hang out with and we all work towards that in some way. because there’s that want lotc won’t die for good since there are some who are too invested or are simply unwilling to let go. that isn’t necessarily good but it just means we’ll persist until the fbi shut us down for harboring a disproportionately high percentage of child-grooming pedophiles. ****’s hard, my dudes. the community is dense and rich with its own subcultures and, for example, i don’t relate or associate with some communities because there’s only so much of me to spread or i don’t hang out with some groups because they as a community (oocly) have traits i don’t care for or simply dislike and have their own way of acting amongst one another and it can be cringey, unsavory, unwelcoming, or boring and don’t hold my attention in a positive way. there’s not a lot attracting me to certain cultures (oocly speaking) because like the internet it’s not always swell and dandy. however just because i don’t interact directly with every group we are a community as a whole albeit moderately disconnected from one another and we’re all wanting and doing the same thing. we’re just lacking the patience and camaraderie for one another which, as a reality, will never be completely solved due to human flaws. i’d like to think i’ve seen the worst. nearing 8 years, i’ve beheld lotc in every regard. i’ve been groomed, i’ve been betrayed, i’ve lost friends and some have lost their lives (rest well watyll and belyn), i’ve met and known genuine pedophiles (why is this such a common ******* issue jesus), i’ve seen manipulation and treachery and the absolute worst of people’s character/aspects. this terrible **** persists, there’s still wickedness here that hides in the shadows and only circles as gossip or is just forgotten. BUT there’s also been beauty and there always will be. i’d like to think i’ve seen the best too; i know people who became roommates, who started relationships, who got married, even had children together (legit). i’ve seen wholesome friendships blossom and genuine camaraderie. hell, my first physical relationship was with an lotcer from an hour away. good things happen here and the community isn’t all bad. it’s just a matter of finding people here and there, vetting them, and keeping the good ones close as best you can. the most relevant tool people use to combat things (which isn’t the best but it works) is apathy which lets THEM survive everything without it weighing on their conscience but it goes build up and lotc can break people but so too can it make people. regardless, we need to care about each other. just because i, for example, am not super into the sutican crowd or the empire or orcs or whatever/whoever i do have compassion for what we all stand for and i want to better that. i can’t and won’t be friends with everyone but at the very least i can work on lore and rules to make things fair and interesting for everyone. everyone should try to get a little perspective and try to work together. all it takes is some openness and a will to talk things out the community will improve bit my bit. can’t speak for the f word hard t’s who ddos and threaten people but those kids need help and sometimes people are just helpless or don’t want to be helped but that’s a whole other discussion. and, most importantly, i can verify that since the start of the server to now it’s been a constant, slow improvement. sure we’ve gotten a hell of a lot more complex and have our scars but we’re learning bit by bit. just takes some sympathy, patience, and a dash of love :] small shout out to the people who represent groups and labor away to improve the community in what ways they do. we all play our part but when you’re a leader and a face you have the power to influence others – use it for the better. server (roleplay)- similar premise as above. i don’t rp with everyone, i avoid some people and groups because i don’t have a huge tolerance for attitudes, agendas, and shenanigans, but overall i appreciate that everyone is here regardless of what they do. there are DEFINITELY unhealthy influences on rp such as communities who beget poor rp by fueling it with bad rp but that’s just a matter of people without extensive writing ability and perspective slowing learning (with lots of bumps and bruises). i’ve said to a few people that lotc is best enjoyed in a clique which is sort of true but you just have to be careful and cater to your own preferred style and genre just be sure to accommodate the stories of others while you write your own. stop taking rp into ooc. STOP BRINGING OOC INTO RP. there are many levels to those statements but i’m too high to elaborate much at this point but p much just chill, let the story flow, and please value the ends of stories and be open to PKing. maybe watch some D&D videos on how to be a good rper although they don’t directly apply but they usually have understandable points. rp outside your central group from time to time and bring people in, try to teach people how to better their writing but be gentle, and overall give people chances. roleplay has overall been on the upswing since the server started so that’s good.
  5. Zarsies

    i was told to do this

    if you had to have an artist / band playing in your head 24/7 for the rest of your life who would it be? mine would be $uicideboy$ tbh, dunstan corrupted me
  6. Zarsies

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    Merry womb escape day!
  7. Zarsies

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    holla holla bill y’all @mitto @Lukariatias @Spinzir
  8. Zarsies


    Because there is no beauty In the policeman’s duty To help the lifesquad pry your pallid corpse from your parents’ hands. Because like loose threads When the news spreads Others will unravel and create tangles of their own. Because there is no rest But agony coalesced In the black void you’ll fester in while the rest of us weep. Because the trauma you spawn Will never be gone And when Anubis weighs their hearts they will be found wanting; you. Don’t you ever dare Submit to despair For the pain is a delusion wrapped in delusions and there are reasons to live. But this is just an ode I thought I owed To the people who don’t realize madness cannot be defeated by logic and debate.
  9. LotC Trivia of the Day: Name this enigmatic dragaar; rarely walking in a mortal form and horned when doing so, this crimson-scaled, fire-wreathed matron of dragons usually kept to a lone island in Asulon.

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    2. Luv
    3. excitedly
    4. Heero


      Xandraza, Matriarch of the Dragonkin. She had an isle deep off the coast of the Elves where her guardian withered away and turned to stone.

  10. Zarsies

    Tonight's the Night

    Tonight’s the night I take a bite Of one hundred and fifteen grams of lead. Suffocating dread, Eternal bed; No light ahead. Tonight’s the night I turn white And ruin the lives of everyone around me. Set me free Into the black sea And hear the wailing banshee. Tonight’s the night I end the blight That is my existence upon this plane. Splatter my brain, Dry every vein, Flush me down the drain. Tonight’s the night I recite Your wicked name for the last time. Toxic slime, Your war crime. You stole me at my prime. Tonight’s the night I write My grievances on my skin. Bloody chin, Never win; Null and void within. Tonight’s the night I fight The instinct of self preservation for good. Ruined boyhood. “Never would.” Always misunderstood. Tonight’s the night, You parasite, I release the pain you filled me with. Feeble wordsmith, Black pith, Forgotten with myth. Shrink. Hide. Disappear. Weak little *****. You stole my flesh, left me bare. A skeleton wrapped in skin; a tragic affair. Emaciated. Starving. Thin. Dark and unforgivable sin. So much pain the vomit spilled. Innocence crushed. Unfulfilled. Like glass shards in every flexing muscle, A fight was useless. You knew how to tussle. Stop. Please stop. Crushing. On top. Shame. Shame. Shame. The family name… Shame of the bloodline. Burden; weight; Never say. Silence is my fate. My gut is a hungry abyss Ready to be filled by your kiss Of punches, thrusts, and slaps So I can digest your pain. Thought traps Lock me in my wretched body That you defiled. Please, somebody Hear me. Help me. I can’t go on I’d rather starve. Woebegone. Every scar and forgotten bruise Were masked by lies to keep the ruse That I was fine. I’m fine. Peachy. Great. Cloud Nine. Can an eight year old ask for it? Was it what I wore? How I submit? You filled me with your suffering And left my brain buffering, Trying to process the thought That I was just meat you liked a lot. So now I plead; “sleep take me, Let me flee.” The sleep, baby, Dreamless, maybe? Or will your haunt me there too? Will it be nothing new? Night terrors and sweat, Dripping wet, I fret, “Please take me from this place.” I am a disgrace. Shrink. Hide. Disappear. Weak little *****.
  11. LotC Trivia of the Day: What Aegis-born group had the rule that no member may have a gingerbread allergy? (Should be difficult unless you just use the wiki you dastardly point fairies...)

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    2. Hobbs_Burrows


      Not Undead, our only rule was that you weren’t allowed to pick flowers. It’s Nawari Gypsies but I had to look it up

    3. Heero


      The Nawari gypsies always had a bias with these trivia questions.......................

    4. Zarsies


      Nawari Gypsies is correct!

  12. LotC Trivia of the Day: What nation in Aegis was the target of pugsy’s infamous killing spree? Hint: This nation’s last attempt at revival was (roughly) during the Fringe.

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    2. von_Aesterwald


      Fun fact, for a long time there was an Alras-like build-in-progress owned by MediocreGamer in Axios to the east of Johannesburg. I think it lasted nearly the entirety of the map unmolested.


      Not sure if it was meant to be an Alras reboot. MediocreGamer was a king, no?

      Edited by von_Aesterwald
    3. Jenny_Bobbs


      Will do in our next stellaris game @Heero 😘

    4. Navin_


      @Heerooh jesus, I watched pugsy go off that day, lmao I remember it like yesterday. and we had alras in 4.0 because I built it but I was like the only one living there just like in asulon T.T