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  1. Come on down to My DMs™ for the magic trading opportunity of a lifetime! We've got it all; rare and dead Further Alchemy, obscure and overpowered martial arts, even TWO TYPES of vampirism! Do you want to flex your pixel power to let all those e-girls know how cool your brooding and misunderstood character is? Do you want them to simp after you for Minecraft magic? How about a chance to manipulate and cheat others by dangling your new TA over them? Well now's your chance! Come on down to My DMs™, where OOC back alley deals aren't just sad, they're certified quid pro quo!

    Warning: Zarsies LTD is not liable for dangerous side effects which may include communal disappointment, instant paralysis, fake friends, magic simps, explosive blood farts, numbing of the hands and feet, MA/CA revoking, blacklists, bans, loss of appetite, stroke, brain damage, widespread infamy, crushing guilt and a furthered deterioration of self esteem, death, projectile vomiting, scornful gossip, and/or the shelfing of lore. Ask your doctor if OOC Magic Trading is right for you.

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      good job

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      hello im interested........

  2. *shaking* 😳👉👈 W-wanna read th-the Gospel of Judas so-..metime ha maybe.. ? hah. .... jk, .. u-unless? 🥺😭*cryning*

    1. Zarsies


      *blows snot gnosticly*

  3. *This edict circulates the realm to find its home on notice boards and through the bellow of criers. Its moldered parchment bears the torn sigil of the Alimar coat of arms, the stamped image cut thrice.* The Revolution and Deposition of Rubern 6th of the Grand Harvest, 16 SA To the realms of Haense, Haelun'or, and the wider world: I announce that on this day the false Prince of Rubern and pretender of the Alimar line, Lothar Vladislav Alimar, is dead. So too is his bastardized resurrection of the Principality of Rubern.
  4. The roaring cry of Froki's final words rung in Tiwa's mind as she sat in Lothar's dim bedchamber and smeared the orc's blood off her leg with one of the prince's bedsheets. She picked through his desk and sorted through a collection of legal papers, past edicts, and state declarations before fishing out his copy of the Alimar coat of arms. She wrinkled her nose and carved into it with a nearby quill, pondering the orc's iron will to serve. His commitment and poetic death alongside his master brought a smile to her dark features but the sentiment quickly faded as she began to draft an appropria
  5. Treshure I'll probably follow up another time / in PMs if I can rope some people into a scheme but I believe I speak for a sizeable host of players, particularly old hats, who keenly appreciate and even ADORE you. Media content like this is rarely good and you honestly have popped off, your videos are clean and professional and easily stand out as GOLD. I and surely others will gladly support you in this endeavor, this is the true road to 500. Keep up the good work.
  6. I appreciate Tentoa championing this revival, Al’tahrn-Durngo has needed a breath of fresh air and an extensive addition of vocabulary for years. It fell behind Ilzakarn and never received the love it deserved to stand on its own. Personally speaking, Watyll will forever be a tender subject but this piece satisfies my sensitivities and I appreciate that Tentoa honored his original work and ran with the established ideas. I’ll gladly edgepost with this vile keyboard-spam grunt-speak once more :’ )
  7. A particularly devious investor hurriedly gathers funds to support this Aeldinic business venture.
  8. I bid 60 for the backpack boy, TOTALLY not just driving up the price for your prosperity........
  9. Best of luck out there my dude. I resonate with the constant relapsing but I think I'm too far gone and hooked for good. LotC is a huge timesink and is only worth it when you spend a minimal amount of time on it with high enjoyment. Fly free.
  10. Verily, it's a broad and complex topic. You can read more of the specifics in this subforum: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/573-magic-lore/
  11. Lose your emote? Fed up with crashes and go to bed? Please inbox @Heero with your eloquently composed complaint. :)

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