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  1. I fell for this trap a couple times. S m h
  2. Nothing will be different that we know of. Waste of a sacrifice unless a new liturgy is made to utilize it. No reason to have more than one.
  3. There is no functional advantage of having this arm, it would be rule breaking anyways to have lore allow that too. It is metaphysical and therefore ethereal, as if mist. As said, nothing can pass except for ectoplasmic entities because of the degree of investment in just making a wall. No. Still exist. The shield will make it roll off. Having a way to drill past the barrier. It is meant to be the epitome of an a defense; defensive magical art, permanent character sacrifice to use it, etc means it should have more of an effect -- something defensive -- over offensive attempts to foil it. -- I understand.
  4. It is implied no physical means can bypass the wall.
  5. With processed ectoplasm -- taking two spell slots instead of one -- and a sacrifice of amputating an arm the benefits assumed from those costs nothing but very strong holy magic or time can defeat such a shield.
  6. I meant whichever is the greatest of the two. I'll edit that now.
  7. Note: This lore is a collaborative piece of writing between knghtArtorias (Phil), _Sug (Sug), Angmarzku (Ang), and Begotten (Zarsies). Amputation - Phantom Limbs Walling - Invisible Barriers Feeding - Granted Augments Draining - Reaping Augments
  8. cease and desist
  9. First they say too much black, then they say too much white. I'm done for boys.
  10. MC Name: Begotten (formally Zarsies, rest in peace sweet prince) Character's Name: Kozilek Character's Age: Unknown, character started first day of Aegis. Character's Race: Wight (formally Dark Elf) Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/134419-dark-arts-ma-zarsies/ What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Necromancy Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): From the Banks of Life and the Creator’s breath, as said by the Four Heralds who stole ancient necromancy from Iblees said, lifeforce is the beat in one’s heart, the heat in one’s breath, and the vitality in one’s veins. Necromancy corrupts one’s yoresigil, the inner fire of one’s self, and extinguishes it to replace the flame of life with a ravenous, all-consuming hole that threatens to swallow all which comprises a person. This corrupted yoresigil, a darkhollow, is the stuff of necromancers. It curses them with an eternal hunger for lifeforce, something that must be sated as a second thirst for the rest of the necromancer’s enfeebled life; draining satisfies this thirst but only temporarily before it eats away further at the user. A necromancer’s darkhollow lays upon them a gaunt and scrawny appearance, weakness, lethargy, gnawing madness, and numerous other effects of bodily degradations for as long as the necromancer goes without refueling or the longer they practice. Masterful necromancers may be mistaken as anorexics or bulimics for their extreme thinness and brittleness that the art brings. However, once sated, a necromancer can forego their thirst and ebb and manipulate lifeforce to bring the paired flow and gifts; reverse tethers grant lifeforce, resurrection feeds lifeforce into corpses to reactivate their muscles and puppeteer their bones, tainting may create a vile disease of lifeforce that eats away at anything living, and above all through elaborate rituals with excessive amounts of lifeforce -- requiring multiple necromancers or sacrifices of the living -- may liches and darkstalkers be raised, permanent life bound to solidified manifestations of lifeforce as black gems; phylacteries. Necromancy is a careful balancing act between satisfying a bodily hunger, utilizing the various tools of the magic, and keeping oneself sane among all the mingling with the dead. The dark sorcery of the dead is a volatile art, a dual edged sword indeed. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: “No,” resonated an abyssal, unfathomably deep voice choked with the sound of weeping and a tone as grave as the yard the pairing lurked in. The moon shimmered above and pale light illuminated a bramble-encircled, forgotten cemetery in the foothills of Arbrek. Amongst the gravestones levitated a shadow of the Dark, a translucent and blue-green knight who dripped perpetually and rippled like disturbed pond water inked by a squid. A guttural moan coarsed out from this phantasmal image and with a turn of its light-siphoning, gloaming headdress was a skeletal face revealed. Kozilek, in all his sad glory, lunged towards a woman in brilliant, golden armor and milky-blue drapes. He chattered to her with slaps of his ghostly teeth, “You must suffer. The pain of the living compares naught to the pain of the dead. To know necromancy you must know lifeforce, and to know lifeforce you must be starved.” The woman have a heavy sigh and her shoulders slumped, huffing, “And here I thought I’d be raising zombies from these graves.” The wight let out a geyser-like spout of chuckling and harsh coughs before he faced a nearby coffin and an open grave, murmuring, “Nay, you shall join them.” “Have you done as instructed?” wheezed the watery mirage of Kozilek to which the woman prompted, “Aye, no food for three days and no water for one… Why, Kozilek? I’m exhausted,” he muttered, shivering in the cold moonlight of the quiet and overgrown graveyard. “Lifeforce, it is external. The smallest of things grant you it, lively things; basking in the sun, eating food, drinking water, exercising, they all grant you minute portions of what you require to live. Go without one or multiple and you begin to fade… you shall feel that soon.” He thrust a talon towards the coffin, nodding. The woman shook for a time, wallowing in the stale silence of the cemetery. She eventually nodded to the wight and sank down into the grave, sliding neatly into the coffin armor and all. It was enough to fit her but not enough to comfortably move. “How long will I be in here?” she asked as, wordlessly, the lid to her coffin slid over its top and a volley of dirt and upturned grass followed. Kozilek solidified into a more physical shape, stooped down to the grave, and layed on a mild foot of dirt. He followed up by picking up and dropping heaps with his arms of already placed dirt to facilitate the sound of more being added on. With a weak babbling of incoherent words and whispers he sat upon the dirt, above the coffin, and weighted it with himself. He sat in silence. Hours past. Sounds bled from the earth below, hollow and shrill, but he did not move. Panicked screams, whimpering, crying, fierce punches and bangs all permeated the earth as the moon swam through the stars but he remained. A worm slithered past him and, perhaps five hours later, Kozilek had collected a handful of the wriggling creatures. He began to excavate the coffin with his hands and some long moments later the coffin was uncovered. The wight graced his hand to the left, the lid opened, a worn and bruised woman lay within panting, and Kozilek threw the worms into the bed before immediately closing the casket. He kneeled upon its surface and called into the wood, “Learn to suck out their life or they will suck out yours. You’ve got to want to live enough to kill,” and not a word more. The following morning and just before dawn did two figures depart, one floating and the other limping, from the Arbrek cemetery. Left behind was an open, busted grave and half a coffin full of dried, juiceless, stiff earthworms and pale, life-drained maggots. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  11. You're not forgotten.

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Imagine if he replied to this topic

  12. And here we thought only bad things would come from the blood mage coup
  14. Props to anyone who recognizes older CTs in the new one. :c Tried to incorporate parts of every previous one.