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  1. Froggies were never meant to be. RIP
  2. You've been instrumental in my development and I genuinely love you (much less begrudgingly than Heero to be fair). 2013 was an especially turbulent year and Viper and his ET were my people. It was hard to see him go, as a kid I didn't properly grasp how LotC may have meant different things to other people compared to what it meant to me so I was sorry to lose him. When you stepped in what worries I had were quickly soothed, you've always been attentive, compassionate, present, insightful, and gentle, and strong and it was immediately apparent; those qualities are still with you given when I'v
  3. I invoke the powers of Rilath Ilwindor, Lucas Black, and Salamandra. May your house perish.
  4. Who have been the greatest friends you've made through LotC? What kind of RP have you not done that you would like to (e.g. a type of character, theme, whatever)? when and why did you choose to be gay? where's mY MONEY In your mind what has happened to the infamously, grossly cheerful Esther Lesther? What is a value you feel the wider playerbase lacks (and needs)?
  5. I appreciate how dry some jokes are but otherwise I've subscribed just to boost you fam. Best of luck i-influencer...
  6. There seems to be no way to sort by rep so this is the best I could find, I have a feeling I've gotten more over some old Undead announcements or something but idk, couldn't find much. Top is tied with 37, one being siliti lore (because the internet is full of edgelords like me and like vampires) and the other being meanking's homelessness situation (we're a community and hinge on the ideals of camaraderie and support). I swear I have a higher countfrom something though.
  7. Zarsies

    Stray Text

    An odd loose leaf parchment finds its way in the scripts of plays, historical records, and tomes of art and thought. Its paper is moldered and yellow from age and stains, each a rare find but all scrawled with the same strange poem. To come upon it is to find strangeness, something to be dismissed and discarded or perhaps speculated on. It reads thus. Its Sign No gentleman, no sir, no cavalier; Long ago I was a hunter of fallow deer. Til one strange dusk my tracking was off, When I heard a bark like whooping cough. The wood is reticent, no place for hacking, So I froze,
  8. Specifically culimancy's enhancement ability (haunted by the throes of a broken vow? have some magic soup :]) I'll reconsider catalepsy's exact numbers, I see how the each of those elements make for a powerful spell I did not intend to be powerful. As for the rest of your comment I haven't much to say other than what I said to Lhindir; given there will be a wipe of users new users will only come so fast and those who prove problematic tend to show themselves quickly and I trust the team presently and in the future will be able to maintain the rules and spirit of the lore. If
  9. I AM the LORD of the CRAFT Based though
  10. I entirely agree that this, more than other magics, requires attentive and heavy-handed policing. That said, people who break magic rules tend to reveal themself rather quickly and given the speed at which magics spread I don't think the assumed influx of mentalism abusers will be unmanageable nor will complaints about them fall on deaf ears given the explicit inclusion of the clause, something not said on other potentially volatile magics. There's not much else to say other than to put trust in the team, something I understand anyone would be hesitant of knowing LotC's history; however, the t
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