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  1. My absolute favorite reference for DM insight is the brilliant Matt Colville’s series Running The Game (yes it’s very long, pick and choose if you like) which covers numerous broad and specific areas of DMing and is chock-full of helpful wisdom; I taught a friend and my brother to DM through Matt’s series and occasional reference of Web DM, a similar channel. BNK (❤️) covered a lot of things that came to mind but some additional threads could include: -The rise of necromancy, the first resurgence of some kind of dark magic after Iblees’ fall in Aegis (not counting Asulon’s event-grade blood magic) which is therein unrelated to Iblees and is far less fiery and much more gritty and black. Its appearance quickly sparks conflict with the Tahariae clerics and over time their arms race leads to the creation of necrotic wraiths (nazgul-esque) and itharel (Diablo-esque angels, i.e. Tyrael) who clash repeatedly for centuries to come. Eventually ghouls (player zombies essentially) are engineered as better undead than truly mindless temporarily raised zombies and grow in numbers while liches (note that at the time liches couldn’t be necromancers so they were always highly potent Void mages) become somewhat more popular as well. Both served under the wraiths and the necro-cleric conflict leads to a large increase in tension and damage in Malinor since the necromancers were hidden in a barrow east of the northernmost tip of Malinor. -The Perfectionist, a deeply mysterious mute mime murderer (unintentional alliteration) terrorizes various human settlements before disappearing for a time and resurfacing as the first user of newfound necromancy and leader of the necromancer coven. By strange pact-like terms he is ‘friends’/allies with the aforementioned Knox as well as a small handful of other deeply insidious murderers in an underworld society called ‘the tea party’ rooted in Abresi. -Apparitions are discovered, those being incredibly powerful ghost-like entities comprised of many souls formed from a single mass death event such as a cave in, battle, ritual suicide, etc, who lay still in dark places near their place of death like a crypt or cave and attack those who disturb their peace. The most intelligent yet encountered has its residing pillar destroyed and in the night it flees north wherein the Black Scourge (maybe Glurtzfolok at the time, hard to remember: the antagonists) commune with it and it enters their ranks. -At one point the Black Scourge take their flying citadel and seat it over Cloud Temple and kill monks and Descendants and eventually push them out, destroying the temple which is then relocated eastward by the main road. The citadel gets chained to the ground and from it the Harbingers and various minions descend from it to dredge out a mine underneath the temple to find the Door of Eternity, the path to the Fringe. There’s plenty more but I can’t recall it all at this moment.
  2. I have to >really< cut the cord and log out so I stop checking the forums. All this isolation is tempting bad habits 💀

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  3. I tried to be as succinct as possible but it’s a bit of a ramble, apologies. TL;DR thanks for all the fish, I’m outtie It’s been a blessing and a curse. Lord of the Craft has been one of the few constants in my adolescent life and from the last 8+ years my playtime is easily in the thousands of hours. It has served many purposes, some constructive and some less so. First it was a creative outlet to enjoy Minecraft and build, hone my digital art skills with skinning and character art, and refine a then-nonexistent writing ability. It became a social hub, then a social replacement, then the epitome of an escapism medium. For years I lived, breathed, and slept by Lord of the Craft to avoid the slightest of stressors and worst of daunting traumas; my friends were here and they, our characters, and an endless feed of connection was all I needed. I have repeatedly been deeply embedded in player groups and staff teams and poured my time, sweat, and tears into them beyond exhaustion. My favorite pastime has sometimes been a painful labor of love and like an addiction it has often taken from me far more than it gave. But while this place (and the internet) corrupted me it also enlightened me. I joined young and malleable and Lord of the Craft gave me my passion for writing. It enabled me to build connections I wasn’t ready for in real life. It introduced me to people and events that would shape me as a person and help me discover myself. It - and in turn you - showed me love, camaraderie, compassion, and community. I’ve been shaped by this place and its people and judging by the final product I am forever grateful. I appreciate everyone I’ve met, from old hats from the first week of Aegis (flex the gold boots) to the ever present noobs, as this whole journey has been a vital learning experience and what an experience it has been. I feel like I could write a screenplay for a documentary on Lord of the Craft 2011-2018. I’ve seen it all, inside and out, and yet everything is both all too familiar and eerily alien. There’s still all the same types: the lethargic, apathetic, and jaded, the outraged and rambunctious, the supportive guides, the heinously snide, the ooey gooey cute and cuddly, the virtuous altruists, the blithe casuals, the power hungry, the empathetic and insightful, the manipulative, the skulking predators, and on and on yet they all cycle out with new faces. There are always issues with the server and its plugins. There is always nepotism and elitism. There is always PEX abuse, tribalism, cybering, DDoSing, predation, and scandal. There are always people playing to ‘win’, fulfill fantasies, or play just to play mechanical Minecraft. There is always incompetence and people who don’t care about the game or others. Friend groups are always cropping up and falling apart. Admins shuffle in and out, teams are purged and reformed and reformatted and rebranded, playerbases rise or crumble, or something blows up. Every year more happens and new people plug into this world and perpetuate cycles, not always for ill but only seldom in a better direction than before. I’ve been in nearly every seat in every situation. I’ve been both the jaded, elitist, and lethargic staff member and the cheerful, insightful, free-minded staff member. I’ve been cute and I’ve been wretchedly sour. I’ve played to win and played for drama. Helped and hurt. Led and followed. Instigated and pacified. I’m tired. Nothing is fulfilling or new here and I barely know anyone nowadays. I felt like I’ve always owed this place and stuck around as a commitment to helping better it and give people the best possible experience but the longer I held onto that the less I have been getting out of my time. The final nail in the coffin was my realization that, albeit cliche, life is too short. I want to at least die with something to leave behind, ideally a damn good book, and Lord of the Craft saps away my passion for personal writing in a way no other hobby of mine can. I’ve dwelled on that thought since a friend’s suicide but it wasn’t until I saw that their parents wanted to see a final piece stitched together from their writing that I realized I’ve squandered so much on sitting around on LotC that I haven’t done anything for myself, only this place, and I have no money and not much satisfaction to show for it. I’ve taken this place far, far too seriously and burdened myself with far, far too much pressure for far, far too long. I’ve let it get in the way of much higher priorities, even ******* up a chance to get personal work published which will not happen again. LotC served its purpose and helped me when I needed it but there’s nothing left for me here anymore and it’s time to move on. I’ve got a new house, new job, and new life awaiting me and I’m ready to become a fully actualized adult; 2020 is the year. Besides, I lost the Zarsies account in 2015 and I’ve felt like an imposter since. Vadenl. Gug’ye. Yankar. Vulahk. van’ayla. Sa’vi. Happy roleplaying.
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  6. Thread or forum PMs preferably.
  7. If you’re into Void magic please check out this thread. The more submissions the better.


  8. We’re asking for input on what players would like to see for the gods and their patrons e.g. if someone thinks Malchediael should be a patron rather than an aengul they voice such to us and we consider it in the rewrite.
  9. No I mean your time to give input is now. After this input period, final writing, and ST review (because we don’t pass stuff without checking ourselves first) the lore will be implemented.
  10. No retconning. As I said in the thread there’s a story to explain everything. There’s a format for “non-aengudaemonic deity-class” submissions (which you can find here) but there are none at the moment (besides some Voidal behemoths from event use / eluded to IC). That topic is kind of murky because it stretches the definition of deity in the normal aengul and daemon context but yes, it could be a thing. She’s still alive just imprisoned, this just kills her off for good.
  11. Lol yeah as soon as I saw your notification my first thought was “I don’t think I answered his question.” Kms sorry. You can always give input on anything. I don’t know who you or the others have been trying to contact but can you relay who? Nothing has come up in the general, manager, or project chats (and if it’s Flam that’s probably why, his PMs are a black hole). I suggest directing them towards myself or @Killmatronix, the other lore manager and we would gladly hear your thoughts on new deities and their patrons being addressed as listed in the OP. The fates of the 6 kills aren’t necessarily negotiable though albeit like how we’ve been treating the other deities with cults we do want to hear people’s ideas for them and see what broader horizons there may be i.e. Aeriel’s successor likely be a fleshed out and expanded Sokar and her 3 bells will become her patrons so if the Ascended have insights or thoughts on, say, the behavior and distinctions of Astaerel, Kibeth, and Saraneth.
  12. Now accepting applications for the shadow council. 

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  13. As I said they are cut out of the equation after the lore is made. Staff position has no bearing on it and I doubt someone trying to weasel their way into such a situation could get far in today’s climate; it’s not 2011 anymore.
  14. As aforementioned in the post killing deities is for putting lore to bed and (in most cases) starting over. The reasons vary between them but overall it’s for giving deities who could not be salvaged a conclusion and end it there (Asura and Valaen) or use it as a vehicle for a dramatic rewrite from the ground up. In the case of Gazardiael, Aeriel, and Iblees (Metztli to a lesser degree) we wanted to wipe the slate because of extensive histories saturated in abuse and garbage-tier writing that tainted their lore and reputations. Gazardiael was embroiled in a (very old) highly contentious project called the Mathic Age which never got anywhere and his repeated misuse culminating in the Harvester event line to therein be abandoned and forgotten made him a prime target for a complete restart. Aeriel is in a similar boat in that her long history of lowbrow events, an outdated protagonist mentality, and gaunt lore – and figurehead of LotC’s first days – made her a good candidate for a dramatic change in the universe. The same can be said for Iblees in that his use as a server sponsored antagonist has repeatedly failed and never held nuance or a refined concept; we are leaving behind antiquated notions of good versus evil and light versus dark so deities at the core of that cliche conflict are being succeeded by new faces with new concepts. Their general core concepts will still be present however, as the successors of these dead deities are taking their same mantle (but not necessarily the ‘arch’ prefix which is its own long topic) and will have similar themes but will be distinct from their previous holder. They are all under one covenant. The act involves an irreversible PK; it just lets a player have precedence in the theme and ‘character’ of a patron’s lore. It’s goes under normal deity rules wherein IG use has a list of prerequisites for it to happen and the given player is at that point cut from the equation. If I had to guess it will happen once, maybe twice in the next two years albeit I won’t be shocked if it never happens does.
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