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  3. Thread or forum PMs preferably.
  4. If you’re into Void magic please check out this thread. The more submissions the better.


  5. We’re asking for input on what players would like to see for the gods and their patrons e.g. if someone thinks Malchediael should be a patron rather than an aengul they voice such to us and we consider it in the rewrite.
  6. No I mean your time to give input is now. After this input period, final writing, and ST review (because we don’t pass stuff without checking ourselves first) the lore will be implemented.
  7. No retconning. As I said in the thread there’s a story to explain everything. There’s a format for “non-aengudaemonic deity-class” submissions (which you can find here) but there are none at the moment (besides some Voidal behemoths from event use / eluded to IC). That topic is kind of murky because it stretches the definition of deity in the normal aengul and daemon context but yes, it could be a thing. She’s still alive just imprisoned, this just kills her off for good.
  8. Lol yeah as soon as I saw your notification my first thought was “I don’t think I answered his question.” Kms sorry. You can always give input on anything. I don’t know who you or the others have been trying to contact but can you relay who? Nothing has come up in the general, manager, or project chats (and if it’s Flam that’s probably why, his PMs are a black hole). I suggest directing them towards myself or @Killmatronix, the other lore manager and we would gladly hear your thoughts on new deities and their patrons being addressed as listed in the OP. The fates of the 6 kills aren’t necessarily negotiable though albeit like how we’ve been treating the other deities with cults we do want to hear people’s ideas for them and see what broader horizons there may be i.e. Aeriel’s successor likely be a fleshed out and expanded Sokar and her 3 bells will become her patrons so if the Ascended have insights or thoughts on, say, the behavior and distinctions of Astaerel, Kibeth, and Saraneth.
  9. Now accepting applications for the shadow council. 

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  10. As I said they are cut out of the equation after the lore is made. Staff position has no bearing on it and I doubt someone trying to weasel their way into such a situation could get far in today’s climate; it’s not 2011 anymore.
  11. As aforementioned in the post killing deities is for putting lore to bed and (in most cases) starting over. The reasons vary between them but overall it’s for giving deities who could not be salvaged a conclusion and end it there (Asura and Valaen) or use it as a vehicle for a dramatic rewrite from the ground up. In the case of Gazardiael, Aeriel, and Iblees (Metztli to a lesser degree) we wanted to wipe the slate because of extensive histories saturated in abuse and garbage-tier writing that tainted their lore and reputations. Gazardiael was embroiled in a (very old) highly contentious project called the Mathic Age which never got anywhere and his repeated misuse culminating in the Harvester event line to therein be abandoned and forgotten made him a prime target for a complete restart. Aeriel is in a similar boat in that her long history of lowbrow events, an outdated protagonist mentality, and gaunt lore – and figurehead of LotC’s first days – made her a good candidate for a dramatic change in the universe. The same can be said for Iblees in that his use as a server sponsored antagonist has repeatedly failed and never held nuance or a refined concept; we are leaving behind antiquated notions of good versus evil and light versus dark so deities at the core of that cliche conflict are being succeeded by new faces with new concepts. Their general core concepts will still be present however, as the successors of these dead deities are taking their same mantle (but not necessarily the ‘arch’ prefix which is its own long topic) and will have similar themes but will be distinct from their previous holder. They are all under one covenant. The act involves an irreversible PK; it just lets a player have precedence in the theme and ‘character’ of a patron’s lore. It’s goes under normal deity rules wherein IG use has a list of prerequisites for it to happen and the given player is at that point cut from the equation. If I had to guess it will happen once, maybe twice in the next two years albeit I won’t be shocked if it never happens does.
  12. Howdy! (This will firstly be an info dump and an input opportunity at the end.) As touched on here by Flam, the ST has working on a large overhaul of the pantheon canon to update, refine, and add depth to each deity and their patrons to replace poor writing and correct bad use of the past all within the wider narrative. This will set the aenguls and daemons further back in the scene and bring their patrons closer to the front; deities can and will still bestow magic but they will no longer be able to be directly contacted or interacted with and their patrons will act as their emissaries. The wider front for deities will take the form of shrines and boons for their covenants. Covenants are the five ‘factions’ or groups in which the aenguls and daemons cluster within made of like-minded/complementary deities. There is a deeper scheme of intraparty and interparty politics and conflict but the covenants act as moderate alliances between those most conceptually related on a cosmic scale, exemplified in their names*; the houses of mercy, tears, scales, smoke, and lore. While all deities have their own goals and aspirations, the covenants have a unified and general goal which they peddle which takes form with shrines and boons. (* subject to change) Shrines and boons are the locations/objects whereupon prayer and rituals are performed and their rewards respectively. Shrines vary in shape from covenant to covenant but can either be committed to a general covenant or a particular few or single deity within them (meaning existing places or objects of worship needn’t change). Boons are household magic style feats the covenants grant to those who dedicate themselves to the mortal goals that respective covenant promotes, be it spreading camaraderie or supporting growth for the House of Mercy or propagating deception or acts of thievery for the House of Smoke. A character can only benefit from one boon at a time and changing them is difficult and infrequent (as they’re intended to promote their given sphere of roleplay from character faith and not be minmaxed / flavor of the month). Excessive completion/fulfillment of a covenant or singular deity’s mortal goals, usually repeatedly in groups, will allow the given party to reach out and contact a patron (sometimes selected by choice, sometimes by chance) which can end up doing various things of various difficulty and frequency such as providing assistance for something physical, giving advice, or giving information. Through the same manner worshippers can support a patron to succeed their deity or in some events even have a player character ascend to patronhood (and, potentially, godhood through the previous method). Note that boons will widely exist merely as feats and the events are much harder to come by. All of the changes presented in the pantheon project’s overhaul of the lore is justified by a story to support it (as well as the Void project’s changes). The team decided the fates of each deity between 4 categories: to keep the deity as-is for the vast majority and merely update their lore to the new format and consolidate multiple threads into one, to rework the deity by retaining their main original concept and making small changes, to rewrite the deity and redress them head to toe with elements of their original lore but have large changes, or to kill the deity and thereby axe them completely and put their lore to bed and, depending on the case, replace them with a successor as both an end-of-an-era event to justify drastic changes. As to not pull any overwhelming surprises on anyone down the line I’ll start by share it now: The current kill list includes Gazardiel, Asura, Metztli, Valaen, Aeriel, and Iblees. Four new deities (two aenguls, two daemons) will also be introduced, three of which will be directly imposed successors to the killed gods (Gazardiel, Aeriel, and Iblees). In Metztli’s case later events will decide which of her patrons end up succeeding her but Asura and Valaen will not have replacements. The rest of the lists look like this: Here is the input part. Mostly regarding those slated to be reworked and rewritten, if you have any thoughts or insights to how you believe those deities ought to be written this thread’s comments, my forum inbox, and Discord PMs (Zarsies#6396) are open channels for you to express them. If you are seeking discussion please opt for forum or Discord PMs. All of the given deities already have directions we want to take them but your input is gladly heard to be considered and incorporated.
  13. Howdy! As aforementioned in past lore announcements the ST has been working on a ‘rewrite’ of the Void and its player interaction, namely the core pieces like Voidal weakness, casting implements, concentration, etc while also focusing on enriching and adding depth to first-time Void connection, teaching and learning, practice, and general out-of-combat Void magic use. This takes the form - for the most part - of reagents and bonds. Reagents are physical materials that can be used for minor and usually temporary non-combative or minimally combative effects. Reagents can be relevant to all of Void magic, certain archetypes (‘evocation’), or certain magics (‘sensory illusion’). They exist within heaths, areas of Voidal corruption not elaborated on much in this post, and usually take the form of naturally occurring objects as seen in the reagent examples below. Bonds are long term and sometimes permanent effects between a teacher and student. These relationships provide minor yet flavorful abilities or qualities that aid in the teaching, learning, and/or practice of magic and aim to lie outside combat. Bonds can be relevant to all of Void magic, certain archetypes (‘evocation’), or certain magics (‘sensory illusion’). They are created when a teacher has their student connect for the first time in their first lesson for their given magic of which examples are provided below. While some Story members have created their own bond/reagent ideas, we also will be holding a contest so we can receive player submissions. This contest will be two-fold, one part based on usability of the submission with the second part being best overall submissions. Everyone will have a chance at winning the first part, so long as their submission is viable and meets the criteria. Those that turn in submissions that pass (or are tweaked and passed) will receive a small prize (choice between minas or an item reward). The overall best submission part will be our top 5 picks for the reagents/bonds (it may split into two separate categories depending on how many entries we receive), and the prizes will vary dependent on the rank. Higher quality submissions may also be used as a reference if you are looking to join Story, and those that prove themselves here will be given priority in the interview process. Example reagents: Example bonds: Follow the following format for submissions: Magic - Name Full description -Mechanics -Red lines If a reagent, elaborate in the description on the reagent’s rarity (common being easily accessible, uncommon requiring some insight to its finding, rare being accessible only through events or intentional release), where or how it might be found (or made; most reagents are previously naturally occurring things that have become tainted/influenced by the Void in a heath like a flower, rock, bug, etc), what it looks like, and what it’s used for. If a bond, elaborate in the description if it is an active or passive bond (if something triggers it or if it is always in effect) and what it does. The first few heaths introduced to the map will focus on the illusion archetype, water + earth evocation and conjuration, and fire + earth + air evocation, therefore submissions for those magics are what we’re looking for most but all types are welcome. If needed here is a list of all Void magics: Lastly, if you have any ideas for how a first-time Void connection for a magic ought to be initiated please add your thoughts at the end of your submission e.g. how fire evocation (sacrificial fire rite, burn something of personal importance) or transfiguration (cook meat or burn something to ash or melt ice) should be first learned (the more broad / more options the better).
  14. Ngl it was at its best as a construct of staff abuse rather than a Cloud Temple sanctioned hub. Copy all the books and put them somewhere in the build world and let players take it over from here on out; no more CT protection, no more staff assistance.
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