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  1. [ARCANISM][ST] Szezket

    bnk idk if you saw what my reply originally said: "A Horror must witness a magic in order to begin the self teaching process and a mere book describing the magic is not sufficient. You need to see it be cast." and then tahmas hmu on discord with a screenshot of the lore showing how what I said was wrong and, as it states, he can do this. I was promptly p-ed off and started rambling about how the old post needs the amendments made added into it like how Broods were clarified, moonspeak was clarified, reading books to get magic was removed, and the avenue for lessers to become greaters was added. It's all a hot mess i am sorry
  2. There's much to be thought but not much to be said. Grim belongs more than most on the GM team.
  3. [ARCANISM][ST] Szezket

    -the amendments have not been made to disallow books as being a possible avenue of learning for horrors-
  4. [CA][Voidal Horror] Ghouly goes tentacle thing

    I have to approve new horrors which didn't happen here and the trial is in limbo currently. Hit me up in PMs if you're interested.
  5. Erythian Stars: Adduces Of Afar

    Lowkey raging that I am so slow, I had a rewrite draft in my doc for two years Fiter. TWO YEARS AND I DIDN'T FINISH THAT **** AND NOW YOU BEAT ME TO IT. Rage. Also crippling depression. On another note, when this was first accepted in Anthos Ever, Viper, and myself volunteered to run the visions and take care of its implementation. They forgot about it so I was the only one to do so and it was a blast. I gave the writer and his acolyte (I think?) five or six visions about varying things and it was incredibly impactful RP. Erythian Stars are great and I'm lowkey salt. On another note, the Palantir inspiration is yucky imo. Find better art :P
  6. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    yeah that's fair and well put, I might ask to take down the Voidal Horror trial although there are a loose few (1 or 2 can't remember) characters who have done a quite good job at being the desirable Horror sort while also maintaining activity (rest in peace Tentoa). What a world we live in. Anyways, on the lore my thoughts are quite basically and without any helpful criticism: "neat".
  7. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    lol thanks ford
  8. [Dark Arts][MA] Marradak

  9. Alchemical Legends

    Qi Jiguang Ishikawa shakes his fist.
  10. [ST] [Feat] Gukdab

  11. Tahmas' MT Application

    I can get behind you serving again in this position. Good on you for trying to better yourself.
  12. The Temple of Xion

    A withered woman garbed in plant fibers, leaves, and leather wraps awaits the eager and unsure within the shrine to Widukind, her knotted shillelagh laid across her lap.