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  1. A meek and moderate barkeep squints at the missive in the dim torchlight with three fingers drumming erratically on her knee. She reads it for a long beat before springing to a stand, making her way behind the bar to an unlit closet and stows the paper away between the pages of an empty journal; the umber-skinned woman mumbles to herself, “I wonder if they pay.”
  2. kinna a larp goon though

  3. Stray, forgettable parcels lay strewn about the human lands, notably around Kaedrin, Johnstown, Haense, Aldemar, and Helena. Some parchments are nailed to trees near byways, some litter ditches and beneath bridges, a minor few others seemingly discarded in alleys; the missives all read the same. Mortal Man mustn’t forget the power in its veins. Spurn the divine warlords who exploit our souls. Invoke the Widow: draw her Mark in your home. Dream of emancipation and She will guide ye. The symbol at the bottom of the bizarre message conjures peculiar meaning; to most it somehow conveys thoughts of people, their family, their race, fauna, or broadly life in general whereas others of esoteric study might recognize it as something more occult.
  4. haha 😳👉👈 do you wanna... ha, hang out, bro? haha jk... unless??

  5. Event-related and not creepy I swear. If you know a character who is willing to send me feet pics, please PM me on discord. 

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      It this how I get #canceled 

  6. Event-related and not creepy I swear. If you know a character who is currently single and ready to mingle, please PM me on discord.

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      I regret this so much

  7. Event-related and not creepy I swear: If you know a character who is currently pregnant, please PM me on Discord.

  8. Couriers and young hirelings circulate and nail a simple, handwritten paper to numerous local wanted boards. Hiring Pay negotiable. Preference for humans but not required. Expect long term employment. Bodyguard: physically fit, experienced or eager to learn, stress-tolerant, acquiescent, strong stomach. Herbalist: amicable, insightful, knowledgeable of pigments and dyes, punctual, tolerance for danger. Bard: jaunty, quick-witted, instrumentally and vocally skilled, open-minded, able to memorize ballads. Deliver offers to the aviary in Malin’s Rest, Aldemar. Address to Lady Luckshine.
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    @_Hexe_ Damn girl u fuckin THICC, you **** with that ass??
  10. selling twilight vampirism & naruto sharingan, hmu, srs inquiries only

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      @Nug will you be the sasuke to my orochimaru 🥺

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      if you are not my enemy you are my friend

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      how did you know that I was watching twilight....

  11. This is a cursed relic of the past

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      hunwald.... look at yourself

  12. All seers across the realm share in a frightful vision in the dead of night, thrusting them awake if not already restless and stirring. Dreamy mists fold and coalesce before parting to reveal a strange scene. Overheard arcs a grand, vaulting ceiling which cascades down into pillars and vacant halls comprised of rectangular, iridescent bismuth as green and misty as jade; no doors, no windows, no furniture, no one. The alien architecture ripples as though it were melting yet it stands magnificent and tall. Centered in this palace lays some legged serpent, a pitiful and meek thing, coiled with its eyes closed. It shifts in its sleep as what cradles it struggles to come into focus. A bizarre, dark mass coddles the little thing, something like a nest of worms undulating and slick yet it is veiled with an obscuring blur, shimmering and speckled like a dirty reflection. The edges of the visual flicker and cloud as the scene shifts to the worm-thing’s view over the resting runt, gaze transfixed on its dull, raised scales, its long, coiled body, its sad little legs, its strange snout. A stray, segmented tentacle strokes the babe’s tiny forehead, a peace to its lulling. The stillness breaks like glass as a hulking shadow stretches out towards the blurry entity from ahead; it looks up and the shadow twinkles like a night sky and from where the vision began looms a ghastly, beastly brute. Beneath its pale fur it abounds with thick, rippling muscles but its eyes demand attention first. The towering creature is topped by a slack-jawed head of a boar with great, protruding ivory tusks. Worst are its eyes, dull and glazed yet fractals of starlight spill from their infinitesimal pupils and tear through the palace, waves of black starfields cutting against the emerald structure. It steps closer. Terror wells in your stomach. The serpent falls out of view, dropped as the dark mass writhes and recoils at the creature’s approach. The vision fixates on the boar’s foul, muscular face and wrinkled skin, eyes piercing and annihilating. Abject horror steals your breath and agonizing panic numbs your thoughts as the worm-thing, your perspective, violently draws backwards. The jade palace is cast away and fades as the tentacled entity flies backwards with smooth yet gut wrenching force and the image of the beast is quickly lost but its milky starlight stare lingers, embedded in your mind. It still sees you, into you, through you. Dread sinks in as the dreamy mists slide in and envelop your vision, cast out into a starry abyss. You cannot forget its gaze, penetrated by its dead starlight eyes.
  13. A pale woman smeared with mud and shame has her heart skip a beat upon reading the notice before realizing it is professional rather than romantic to which she cries. If only husbands were easier to come by.
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