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  1. “Last visited Sunday” ...how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man...

    1. Apostate


      he can't bear it Eric


      he has to check.........

    2. James


      I think about how attractive you are and I can’t resist clicking the webpage @Zarsies @Apostate


      But I mean hey at least I don’t play the server  :) 

  2. a78e83a3dab3a048df6da62dbe20603c.png



    I miss you babe. Never Forget. -Undead Wrath

  3. ur kinda cute pls dont delete l8ter

  4. @Rickson you have my blessing so long as you include the original artwork ❤️
  5. Sincerely don’t mean to be rude, apologies if so, but was this intentionally written to be stereotypical, LotC-archaic, or one dimensional?
  6. May I please place an order for mangekyo sharingan please thank you
  7. think we forgot to put that; pls put PK on death or death timer or something
  8. What’s your favorite episode of Madeline (1993-)? What is your favorite Magic the Gathering artwork(s) or card(s)? Are you interested in roleplay on LotC still? If you had to eat one culture’s food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Ex: Italian = pizza, pasta, etc)
  9. holla holla bill y’all @mitto @Lukariatias @Spinzir
  10. Because there is no beauty In the policeman’s duty To help the lifesquad pry your pallid corpse from your parents’ hands. Because like loose threads When the news spreads Others will unravel and create tangles of their own. Because there is no rest But agony coalesced In the black void you’ll fester in while the rest of us weep. Because the trauma you spawn Will never be gone And when Anubis weighs their hearts they will be found wanting; you. Don’t you ever dare Submit to despair For the pain is a delusion wrapped in delusions and there are reasons to live. But this is just an ode I thought I owed To the people who don’t realize madness cannot be defeated by logic and debate.
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