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  1. punch minecraft

  2. i can’t wait until there are like 50 people with the trademark “blown up hands” maybe with the surplus in hook hands we can also have pirates with the shitty self-destructive boomy boom guns
  3. Name (IGN): Whiplashist Discord: Whiplash#1815 Request Information: Discussed in RP ! ! !
  4. old izkuthii here i’ll support the old gang as much as i can but **** i’m never going back i love you all, good lore here +1
  5. ow i kicked a wall so hard minecraft got me on that crazy ****

    1. ExcitedEXE


      stay violent king 

    2. Ug


      ur status comments give me actual aneurysm

  6. minekino bro

  7. dont worry guys i was only pretending to be retarded

    1. Unwillingly


      haha! bro u got us good! we got baited!

  8. you know it’s april fools day when this server gets my hopes up
  9. Alexandra, while long-past her time in the Trade City, still followed Sutican politics, mulling over this announcement before earmarking the missive, and dropping it into her big box of prior Sutican abdications, power-changes, etc. ”Mmh, I hope this actually spells progress for that place. I’d enjoy seeing some actual shifts in the status-quo that aren’t just who the leader is.” She makes sure to somehow send the red man a postcard from Helena. It includes a sketch of a gray-furred cat, his favorite.
  10. top 10 lotc harassment moments

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected please please whiplash inhale me just inhale me whiplash breath me in and cough me out get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected get infected 

    2. Whiplash


      i already am alphamoist shut up
      infected by cumbrain virus from you; gonna harass you off the server

  11. tbh if it’s accepted it’s only a matter of time that being said i’m in the credits for this lore so i mean yeah it’s pretty cool and archi’s passion for it is pretty wonderful
  12. guys what if mandalorian on lotc

    1. Spoons


      doing your mom

  13. lotc rage
    punch wall

  14. i quit for like a day and this happens
    fuckin poggers

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