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  1. is it really a big deal to give halflings and orcs land, lotc maps are fuckin’ big. Orcs are a descendant race and Halflings are literally just peaceful rp, it’d hurt the server not to

    but whatever zzzzz

  2. Whiplash

    ultimate actor application

    🚬🗿 +1
  3. Whiplash

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    The woman knew she was in over her head. “Hopefully This one doesn’t capitulate, like last time.” Alexandra Bradshawe would scoff, slowly opening up a chest, pulling out an antique, blue and white Global Assembly Banner, a contentedness adorned upon her lips.
  4. Whiplash

    Roast Thread

    e-excuse me sir... spare coochie?
  5. Whiplash

    the flamboyant rant

  6. Whiplash

    the flamboyant rant

    @FlamboyantNewEra flamboyant you fuckin’ serious bro? is LOTC some joke to you? you just tryna ruin how people exist on this server? i don’t wanna get my hacker friend to go sicko mode on you but damn it seems like that’s a possibility 😎 resign now or face my minecraft gamer wrath, you will not mess with my time on a minecraft rp server. 😎 have a good new years bud might be ur last !!!!
  7. @FlamboyantNewEra

    actually resign now you literal scumbag

    (love u bud)

  8. Whiplash

    It was good.

    seeya gamer but really if you want to leave just do it, all leaving posts are are usually circlejerks of people saying “bye bye fellow minecrafter” and others saying “ 😎 heh, see you next week ! 😎“. no doubt people’ll piece together that you left from your offline time in /seen. anyways keep in touch fellow gamer you got my disc and ****
  9. Whiplash

    [Denied]L1L_PLugg13's Game Moderator Application

    shut up stuart little +1
  10. extreme hot take inbound: hacking... bad

  11. Whiplash

    [Denied] Brazilianski's Application Team Application

    look man i’d do a fortnite joke but you’d expect it so just like sure man whatevs he’s cool
  12. Cara’s a pretty great guy, I joke around with him a lot but he’s consistently been a good friend for a long time, and that’s really the most I can ask of him as a person. He seems apt for the job, just give him the chance.
  13. Whiplash

    The Struggles of Moderation