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  1. Alexandra, once an investor in Klan Krap, kicks her legs up onto her desk, and pushes back her hair. “Pfft. Perhaps I didn’t waste that money.”
  2. y’all mind if i
    blame technical failures on the staff

  3. wtf bro where’s the personalized messages to your clique buddies ?!?!? how else are they going to feel special from the fact that you’re freeing yourself e
  4. jasper comes back right when big human war starts is jasper dewper ?
  5. you are powerful

  6. Alexandra chuckles, as she’d kick her legs up onto her desk. “This has to be like... the eighth call to action against them. It’s honestly a waste of time.” She’d remark, reminiscing on her personal investigations into them.
  7. Now we just need to get TheDragonsRoost back and everything will be balanced
  8. can i get a lizard in my mouth stat please i’d like to die

    1. KiausT


      I love lizards

  9. Just making it clear, This Is an April Fools Thread. (It’s literally called a Hate thread) If it were something I wanted to be taken seriously, I would’ve put it in Feedback. That being said, the opinions being put out are valued, and I’m glad that through a shitty 10 second bait meme that I made we got some opinions out. anyways, for those that got tricked, even though it did cause some discussion...
  10. Hey all, Whiplash here for an actually serious thing. New Players are problematic, and I propose that we do something about it. Thoughts?
  11. these ******* cinematic universes are all over the place who asked for a ******* sequel to wraiths dude those stupid libtards will buy anything these days
  12. RIP the Curon parody post

    1. Bluee


      pun no likey 

    2. Jaeden


      Actually I sniped it; poof.

    3. KiausT


      just u wait

  13. ”y’know if you really want the coochie just fuckin’ be a normal human being and get it, ****” alexandra would blow her nose on the note, throwing it away carelessly. ”god”
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