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  1. Honestly, Lark, seeing how today's events have affected you is pretty damn depressing. I only hope for the best in feeling better, I understand how constant pressure from all these sources can really hurt a person and I just want you to know that if you ever need someone to vent to, I'm here, my dude.
  2. lmao just ban the pedo already I think the general consensus of those who've posted is that pedophilia is ******* disgusting and whoever does it should be banned and further legal action be taken, no need to extend this affair beyond that general consensus
  3. but jasper, you don't realize... all staff defend pedophile...
  4. Sometimes my sister asks me about why I still play minecraft. yep she's not getting that answer anymore
  5. Whiplash


    -[!] COURIERS NEEDED [!]- As time turns forth, a man seeks those willing to find themselves in a place of fortune and despair. Those who find themselves with their eyes on adventure, or those who simply wish to discover the world we live in. That man is the Fallen Host. Anyone can be a Courier. The hunt for a certain set of items is to occur, and the Host seeks out those who wish to accompany and assist him in such. Threats from far and wide see to it that such items of Power are to be held in the wrong hands. The Fallen Host is not one of those men. He wishes to dispose and destroy them, and requires Couriers to do such. Therefore, an open letter is sent across the land, found in multiple cities and villages, on small leaflets of paper, dropped by Ravens... "People of Atlas, I seek the assistance of those who wish to assist me in furthering the destiny of Atlas as a whole. Those who wish to brave through thick and thin to deliver my regards to those who have stolen my property. I stand alone in the fact that the peopling of this continent stand at danger when faced with the abilities one can gain from them. Therefore I am opening my hunt for these items to you. I seek adventurers, glory-seekers, and explorers for my grand task. Come to me, at the Academy of Holm, on the set date, and I shall bring to you my objective, and what you will be paid. An application will be presented below, the birds know where to find me. Sincerely, The Fallen Host" ====================OOC==================== For a while, I've been planning this whole eventline, and I've been trying to softly launch it as time passed, but I decided that the best way to do such is to write a post and make the idea public and to speak of it's occurrence. If you're willing to have fun with high-difficulty events and such, feel free to apply. The “application” follows, and those who apply will be contacted and put into the discord I've made for it. There's a limited window for acceptance. APPLICATION RP Name: Occupation: Age: Race: Skills?: OOC: MC Name: Discord: Time Zone: -Whiplash- ((Whiplash#1815))
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  7. Whiplash

    [Arcane] [Voidal] Water Evocation

    You spelled "Puddlemancy" wrong, bud.
  8. Whiplash

    Kinslayer AMA

    is your mom gay
  9. Whiplash

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    This gives me serious Quantum Break vibes and I love this. +1
  10. Whiplash

    Add back money top

  11. At least this staff drama isn’t extending over to the Event Team

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    2. Whiplash


      13 minutes ago, GrimReaper98 said:

      we just gonna forget that a subpar ET/LT event is the main subject of a ban report

      forgot about that about 30 minutes after reading it
      the entire cluster-**** should just be voided as to stop the whole mess

    3. Ougi


      you're next

    4. Whiplash


      yes i need my lotc experience to get spicier