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  1. bro as i’ve said previously you better get this job man you can finally arrest the lord of the craft best of luck my dude!
  2. What’s good? If you’re reading this, let’s take a breather real quick, and let’s say something positive that’s going on in our lives, because that’s some therapeutic **** right there. I’ll go first. I’m pretty sure I’m in a good place stress-wise and I’m happy that some of my LOTC pals have helped me get there. So thanks to you guys, you know who you are.
  3. man this is because I wouldn’t erp with you Kiaus isn’t it sorry bro the spark isn’t there anymore, ever since you punched my mom
  4. THE LLYRIAN LIGHT ISSUE 2.5 - The Light’s on break! Editor-in-Chief - Mara Janssen GAP WEEK ANNOUNCEMENT The official headquarters of the Llyrian Light is currently being constructed! This, however, stalls the printing of a larger-scale newsprint, so a simple notice could only be created. The Llyrian Light is now looking for reporters. Mail this application into the Editor-In-Chief, Mara Janssen ((Whiplash#1815)), and you will receive a reply soon. Name: Age: Gender: Why do you wish to apply to The Llyrian Light? (ANSWER HERE) Do you have any previous writing experience? (ANSWER HERE) If so, list it here! (ANSWER HERE)
  5. Alexandra finishes up a pint of that good **** on her extended booze-cruise. She orders another. ”This one’s for you, big guy.” The redhead poured one out for the realest motherfucker she’s ever met.
  6. Mera finds the issue on the ground. “Looks like someone missed the night.”
  7. THE LLYRIAN LIGHT ISSUE TWO - BALL EDITION Editor-in-Chief - Mara Janssen A NIGHT NONE COULD MISS! On the evening of the 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1724, the Llyrian Consul held the first of possibly many balls, in commemoration of our massive growth over the recent years. The ball, known as The Dance of the Ancient’s Recall, was a massive success. Boundless merriment was held throughout the newly-opened common hall of the Maelstrom, as the commonfolk, foreigners, and the lords and ladies of Llyria finally celebrated the grandiose progression of our once-small city state into a prospering land. After the events of the night, Ithrendas was then brought out to the beaches outside of Llyria, and baptized by His Lordship, Father Cassian, an unexpected move which surprised many. Perhaps this means a new beginning for the Church of the Canon within the lands of the Concord? Time will tell.* Happy Birthday, Ithrendas! A small sketch of the Empyrion. The Ball wasn’t just for the city’s growth! In a surprising move, the ball’s secondary intentions were revealed, as a surprise gift to the Empyrion for his Two-Hundredth birthday! The Llyrian Light and all affiliated properties would like to wish him a happy two-hundredth, and hopes for many, many more for the big man. While you’re out and about in Omeryn, and you see him, be sure to wish him the same! The Concord gains a Vassal** The Llyrian colors sat printed above the following text. After the prior festivities, more news had come out of the Llyrian consulate on the next elven day. The Principality of Vira’ker has come to join the Concord as the first of perhaps many vassals, where their co-operation can henceforth further the development of both groups, now under the single Llyrian banner. The Llyrian Light and all affiliated properties would like to extend its warmest welcome and it’s best wishes during the transition towards the people of Vira’ker. Coming soon --- The Frond Society’s Greenhouse An artist’s depiction of a greenhouse was laid upon the page. One of the newer groups being formulated in the Llyrian Concord is His Lordship, Father Cassian’s Frond Society. Dedicated to the preservation and study of the natural world, and to a re-introduction of Arcas’ flora and fauna into the tried and true city structure. Recently, the Frond Society had set out to build it’s first structure in the Concord, a greenhouse which would act as a gate into a world of untouched and protected nature. This greenhouse will be found behind the Chapel of Saint Amyas, also to be completed soon. --- In the coming days --- > The expansion and growth of the city as a whole... > An all-new branch of a magic school enters the Concord! -=-YOUR VIEW-=- At the end of every issue, a question will be issued out. Mail them into the Office of the E-I-C ((Whiplash#1815)) with your answer! How do you feel about the vassalization of Vira’ker under the Llyrian Concord? -=+=- SOURCES CITED -=+=-
  8. hey its me ur favorite joke
    i hate my life


  9. THE LLYRIAN LIGHT ISSUE ONE Editor-in-Chief - Mara Janssen THE DANCING DRAKE’S REMODEL With the next stage of citywide development comes the growth and remodeling of the Dancing Drake Tavern, comes a new period of growth of kinship between Llyrians. The business in the tavern is booming, and I, your totally unbiased editor, love coming there for a stiff drink. The drinks are good, the bartenders are sweet, and you can always bet on some kind of activity when you enter the newly remodeled Dancing Drake!* The Dancing Drake will also, around the time of this publication, gain a fresh shipment of drinks and new hot foods! Come on down to try it before anyone else! Coming Soon: The Maelstrom A sketch of the front face of a massive government building. The Government doesn’t have a building, does it? Well, it will soon! The Maelstrom, the massive, planned government headquarters, will be built soon. The building contains a massive hall, meant for meetings, balls, feasts, et cetera. It also contains the main headquarters for most of the government, and housing for the Lordly Consul. Look forward to this brand new monument to Llyrian prosperity! An interview with the city’s favorite JOAN ! A strangely well-colored image of a teenaged girl was printed here. Llyria contains a grand amount of colorful people, so to start our weekly interviews, the Llyrian Light would first like to go into one of those folks. Joan Augusta Gallic Alabaster is one of the more energetic and open members of our little society. I had a chance to interview her one-on-one. >Do you have any family in Llyria? > “Yeah, my dad! His name is Magnus Alabaster! He’s the best.” >”I bet. What’s the story behind the hat that you wear so often? Everyone sees you wearing it.” >”My friend Rosey gave it to me! She was wearing it… I used to have a hat like it. Mister Arik gave me that one.” >”Do you like it here? What are some of your favorite things to do in Llyria?” >”Oh! I love it here in Llyria, I train with Magnus and I like to speak with all the people. I do a lot of exercising for fun.” >”Very interesting! One final question, do you have any advice to give to the readers? In general?” >“Don’t be un-emotional… A lot of people in this town are, and they seem sad. So be… gentle and sensitive, and you’ll be more alive!” And that’s all for now! As the inaugural first issue of The Llyrian Light, this issue is mostly meant to be a test to understand the public reception of Llyria’s public newspaper. More issues will follow, filled with more articles and content for you to read. -=-YOUR VIEW-=- At the end of every issue, a question will be issued out. Mail them into the Office of the E-I-C ((Whiplash#1815)) with your answer! What is your current opinion of Llyria, as a whole? *The Dancing Drake did not pay the Llyrian Light or any affiliated properties for this mentioning.*
  10. I have an additional story to tell about the thomas clique he wanted to play lotc right and like when he fought me on lotc right he sent me my credit card number??? how does he have it ? ? ? ? ??
  12. Alexandra chuckles as Llyrians brigade the missive, somehow.
  13. ”So it goes.” Alexandra would let out a sigh, stepping into the room she entered so often. She pulled the chainwhip off of her body, and struck a dummy found in the center of the room with it. Over, and over. ”So it goes.” ”So it goes.” ”So. it. goes.” Alexandra whispered a word, and the chains ignited into a mighty flame soon after. The simple training item turned to a strewn-apart ashen pile only a few moments later. She turned on her heel, stepping into the corner and pulling another one out. ”This is for you.”
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