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  1. Elwrick turned the letter over in his hand to see if anything was on the back. "..... What."
  2. A reply would be nailed to Rafiel's door, with roughly ten nails hammered all the way into the wood. "Dearest Rafiel, No. -E. Albright"
  3. [!] A banner is posted outside the gates of the grand library of Dragur. A small, black spider is drawn at the top of it. O r b - w e a v e r ’ s T a i l o r i n g Greetings to those who read this. This message goes out to all who require the services of an experienced tailor, whether you find yourself in need of functional everyday clothes, dashing formal attire, or old clothing modified and mended. However, I am not a metalworker or a leatherworker, so I will not manufacture suits of armor. (However, clothing may include pieces of metal such as buttons, buckles, and possibly pauldrons.) Expansions, contractions, and patch jobs are done entirely seamlessly. P r i c i n g Patch jobs begin at a minimum of 20 mina, based on magnitude of the blemish or tear, and whether or not matching material was provided. Expansions and contractions begin at a minimum of 100 mina based on how much the clothing is to be expanded or contracted. And for expansions, whether or not matching material was provided. (With contractions, the fabric that had been taken out of the clothing will be returned to you.) Tailor-made clothing begins at a minimum of 600 mina based on complexity of clothing, quality of material, amount of material, and whether or not the material was provided. Prices and pricing criteria are subject to change over time as I see fit. Pricing terms shall be decided after we meet in person to discuss your commission. You are welcome to propose a trade as well. I will only take on one commission at a time, at least for now. Contact through Dragur Library | Elwrick Albright OOC:
  4. It's been a while since I've read any of these, but I remember them fondly and I don't think they're especially well known. A cool sci-fi book that pays tons of attention to the laws of physics, so much so that I'd say it's one of its most interesting features. A very very big cylinder is spotted hurdling into the solar system, definitely extraterrestrial, and they send an expedition out to investigate. It seems abandoned, but while they're there, the whole place begins to awaken. Very mysterious! Another cool sci-fi book about aliens. Chapters alternated between viewpoints of the aliens and the human that had been marooned on their planet, since their ways of communicating were so different. Really shows both sides of a first contact story, and the aliens have a pretty interesting culture.
  5. esxtremely proper would ne ver wear shoes and even owns a summer home in the villadge great guy veryr sociable and p r o p e r knows the law like the abck of his hand hes the deptuy we need not the depuyt we desevre vote arming +1 I wanna die
  6. He's got pretty substantial experience in teaching/advising IC and OOC, knows his stuff, and won't shy away from the dedication it takes to be on a staff team. Cmon accept him already. +1
  7. MC name: Vezzin Character's name and age: Elwrick Albright, 60 Character’s Race: Halfling What magic(s) will you be learning?: Cognatism Who will be teaching you (MC Name)?: MrTahmnus Who will be teaching you (RP Name)?: Crumena Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: (nope) Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: (nope)
  8. {OOC: ign: Vezzin} Name: Elwrick Albright Age: 59 Race (if Keeper, Ascended, or Archon, please state so): Halfling What Magics do you have [State any and all. To hide Magic is to hide a great power, and will be treated as a crime]? Telekinesis Arcane Evocation Transfiguration (so far, only transmutation within this) Letter Address: 1 Pumpkin Perelin, Reedsborough
  9. yo this looks h e l l a cool sign me up boi
  10. that's what you're supposed to do in a contest boi
  11. Frick, I'm finally done oh boyo-- Art Piece: (I guess I should include a link too since you can't zoom in on the one hereee http://tinyurl.com/oom8yyb warning! The one in the forums looks blurry; it's just because I used a ridiculously giant canvas.) How it's LOTC related: Since everyone was drawing Knox and necrolytes n stuff, I decided to draw an alchemy lesson scene. Both characters are from LOTC, (the halfling on the left taking notes is my dood Elwrick, and the 'ame on the right is Beordan's Rafe). In case the label is hard to read when looking at the picture this small, Rafe is opening a jar of coyote ticks (symbolizing Earth: fortitude and resilience) to dump into their work-in-progress stoneskin potion. The potions, lab equipment and reagents on the shelves are as follows (left to right) Top-left shelf: Regeneration potion, (buried in the back of the shelf, you can see the cork) thinning potion, sleeping potion*, the infamous thickening (fat) potion, alchemist's fire. Top-right shelf: Strength potion, stoneskin potion, water-breathing potion. Bottom-left shelf: Goblin's ivy, celerity potion, mending potion, smoke whispers potion, Nims' babbling unction, a funnel, aqua vitae. Bottom-right shelf: Glass graduated cylinder, clutcher's straw, human liver, golden apple. *I drew the sleeping potion not completely full because Rafe has been trying to correct his sleep schedule with sleeping potions lately. It was so much fun making this and filling it with as much detail as I could! ♡ I can hardly remember a time when I've put this much effort into one piece lmao
  12. MC name: Vezzin Character's name and age: Elwrick Albright, 58 Character’s Race: Halfling What magic(s) will you be learning?: Transfiguration Who will be teaching you (MC Name)?: Toxzero Who will be teaching you (RP Name)?: Sarrion Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: (nope) Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: (nope)
  13. Just commenting to say I'm gonna do this for sure! Reeee I'm so hype and sugared right now
  14. Elwrick signs the charter.
  15. Beordan is one chill dude and great to talk to, and I go to him for every question I've ever had about alchemy. He's a really Beor-dandy guy haa +1