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  1. I'm giving you my 69th post I hope that shows how much I think you'd be a great addition to the gm team boi +1 Edit: Well at the time it was my 69th post :^ )
  2. Still haven't changed my mind yet about him being a good staff member with a personality that's easy to get along with! +1
  3. Elwrick struggles in fright but eventually complies.
  4. ((OOC)) MCName: Vezzin ((RP)) Name: Elwrick Albright Reason to Join: I was previously a member of the guild. Please list your Magi Standard (Journeyman, Evoker, Etc): Conjurer, nearly Master. Have you read and understood the Codex: Yes.
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. You booger you forgot the picture of the 'rang
  7. He is wholesome and reliable and committed to throwing away his teen years on the server +1
  8. Why don't the halflings just
    come back to Reedsborough where we've generously been given a huge amount of free land with a beach 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Heff


      Big land doesn't make a halfling village. A cozy community does and the community of Reeds was clearly exhuasted beyond aid, especially with the splitting of playerbases. To unify the playerbases, we're convening on Pendlemere. Certainly not as large, but size often causes inactivity due to vast swathes of unused land and a decentralization of RP. 

    3. Данстан
    4. Vezzin


      @Heff Good point there actually, man.

      My character still probably isn't moving to Pendlemere though just due to his preference for general solitude and quiet. For a while Reeds had a huge boom of new players and the land had helped with that, but now that people have moved elsewhere I suppose a land reduction would be good so that someone else could use what's currently inactive. If everyone else really is coming together around Pendlemere and it's helping the halfling playerbase, then that's great. I'd recommend that new players join Pendlemere instead of Reedsborough so that the split between the two villages doesn't pose a problem to that, but I guess I don't see a few older characters sticking to Reeds as a big issue so long as the land is resized to be more reasonable as SquirtGun was saying.

  9. bcf.jpg

    dont spin it frodo

  10. schools could make more money selling nap time to students than actually teaching them

    1. Rissing


      Quite true. Is going to school enforced past your 18 over there in America? Here we are free to follow courses but we are not required to show up for every lesson. ;)

      Things schools really could make money from is selling: TLDRs from every course. XD

    2. Vezzin


      @Rissing We're expected to go to college after highschool is finish when we're 18, but you could choose not to if you've got one hell of a good alternative plan you can count on, like maybe being a successful entrepreneur. Taking a gap year is risky too because colleges read that as laziness aaa

      And yeah lol
      I'd love some TLDRs for world history especially

    3. Rissing


      Haha, I'm currently studying for my exams. And I honestly just buy the summaries that other students made. I never go to school besides the Practicums (which are test days, different from exams). The time put in actually going to every lesson comes nowhere near to being the best method of studying. Gain / time-wise. (For me at least.)
      Not to mention that I save about 200 euros by not buying the books, which are horribly overpriced btw.


    It's not a proper rp pub without a margarita volcano

  12. I want some ocean diving rp