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  1. Wow so much work being done! I hope more people are quickly accepted into the World builder team so they can help too!
  2. “A united Empire,” He smiles, holding his hand flatly against his chest.
  3. Was there any video of the Undead nether finale event in Aegis? I’ve been looking for ages and found nothing 😕

    1. Hobbs_Burrows


      I remember it was livestreamed, whether all the old Aegis livestreams still exist is a mystery though

  4. 👀👀🤭🤭🤫🤫

    Update on the deadmau5 question...


  5. Is it true that back in Aegis (2012) when we had spoutcraft we asked deadmau5 for music??? and he said no??

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      What even is Spoutcraft?

    3. SpookyLean


      Spoutcraft is literally the only risk lotc took in its lifetime. Its another launcher that hosted mainstream mods. Ngl I loved it personally but it was removed over a small trial period.

    4. Heero


      it also failed as a development project due to the Bukkit exodus and DMCA situation. It also had a lot of internal errors involving resource management to my understanding. It probably could work in 2018

  6. Finally got my gold tag!

  7.  Yo whats your discord tag, brother. Im tryna get you in the studio ???

  8. They can see it in my eyes

  9. *A courier is sent out to deliver a letter of approval. The letters contain the Teutonic Order's seal of approval and the personal details that applicant has filled out.*
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