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  1. i can't believe i use to play on this game and server... its the saddest thing i've ever seen in my life

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    2. Tigergamer
    3. Benny_Fool


      Lol, at least we got a ******* education. Good job with the lack of capitalization and the use of and.

    4. Benny_Fool


      Also, some of us know how to balance a life and recreation, so please take your dim-witted arguments elsewhere.

  2. Prototype live action trailer :O

    1. Ever


      LA trailers for videogames. Because this has ALWAYS vbeen a good idea.


  4. woop i has VA! Now i can demand tribute! And when i get to a high enough rank....i can lead raid parties! Yay!

    1. dyehu


      Join da VA club.

    2. Eledyr


      If you abuse it I wil kill you...xD

    3. Lugmak
  5. 2 more posts and i think im a diamond miner XD and also nearly 2000 profile views! woop! :D

  6. if anyone would like to support my VA that would be great! only support it if you think its good! http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/50006-unreadlugmaks-villain-app-minime126/#entry381513

  7. if anyone has RPed with me before and thought i was good/mature, or if you know me from teams speak or chatting oocly on the forums, i humbly ask you to read and +1 my VA. I dont mind if you dont! just asking people that have RPed with me before :D http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/50006-unreadlugmaks-villain-app-minime126/

  8. arg....so...boring...i have to cut down like EVERY tree surrounding the orc capital on the valley....but i might get a promotion so hell yea!

  9. I think this server sucks.........APRIL FOOLS ;D

  10. would it be alright to make a samurai character? i really want to but im not sure if i can or if i have to put it on ideas and lore topic thingy :P

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    2. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      Lore would help, as you'd need some backstory as to why your character developed his fighting style, culture and habits. Most of that can be covered in your biography though, and I guess distant lands are frowned upon and/or not allowed.

    3. Austin


      Lugmak stay orc brah

    4. Lugmak


      i will its just i thought i might have like an alt character or something :P

  11. IM BACK!!!! most of you wont know me, but i have been away for so long! missed LOTC so much :(

    1. Austin



      (I gave away yo' house bro)

    2. Lugmak


      aww shiz lol its fine ill get a new one :P

  12. wants some snow......right......now

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    2. JoakimVonAnka


      Lugmak, you can have some from Sweden. We have more than enough.

    3. realslimshady


      NY feels like spring already D:



      Ohio has been spring the whole winter...

  13. wooot its snowing where i live :D

  14. server down :( :( :( :(