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  1. What is love

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ethan the epic

      Ethan the epic

      Don't hurt me, no more

    3. Jarkarll


      We get ahead, yup, she give me head, damn right

      you know it ain't right if she ain't by my side

    4. Ducklingator


      Skittles are love



      skittles are life

  2. Join CMUNION M&B server rn for peasant wars! Game Mode is Battle

  3. Hey, saw you active. I wanted to genuinely apologize for Asulon, man. I was a spiteful prick, and intentionally OOCly harassed you and the Volsung into leaving me and me inactive little island alone. Not sure if you remember, but since I saw you post on ski_kings status, I felt comepelled to apologize. So yeah.

  4. Coming up, how the White Rose did it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Galendar
    3. Jarkarll


      You're actually autistic, UrTrollingBuddy

    4. Free The Hobbits

      Free The Hobbits

      Don't say that. It's awful to call someone autistic especially when you live next to someone who has it

  5. ChumpChump. Has it been done?

    1. ChumpChump


      dam son i aint a genie hold your horses

    2. Jarkarll


      I'm rubbing my lamp.

  6. I've deduced Riolan is from Brisbane. Explains why he's survived for so long.

  7. Skyyobee you better be on in three hours

    1. ski_king3


      Oui oui oui, she best

    2. SkyyoBee


      1am is so early :(

  8. Gabe Newell, now the worlds richest man.

    1. gingernut97


      He was already rich. Rich with the love and adoration of his fans.

  9. If anyone else shall be leaving, just leave lol. The whole leaving post is frivolous at best.

    1. V0idsoldier


      Jarkarll for Forum Mod!

    2. Mini Mordie - Mafia

      Mini Mordie - Mafia

      No. I like the leaving post. Makes me happy. HAW HAW HAW!

    3. Jarkarll


      Ok, Mordie.

  10. Popularity contests.

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    2. Jarkarll


      I haven't lost a thing. 8) But you have.

    3. Volutional


      Still ain't The Red Keep guise.

    4. Esterlen


      I feel you brother

  11. I have the dead body.

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