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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Erakat Caliphate Year 2152 Population: 1,350,000 Shipyards: 7, 4 Cleaning house. Paranoia seeps into the upper-levels of Eadni government, especially in the chambers of the Caliph. In a sweeping decree, the Caliph orders every clone to register their serial numbers with the government. At birth, every Eadni clone is issued a serial number that identifies them. A practice since the Sultan’s government in the old Eadni homeworld, it was to ensure outsiders never seeped into the heart of government. The Caliph continued this practice believing it to be one of the few prudent practices that the Sultan ever implemented. In 2152, it was time to actually perform the first real checks since the Exodus. In addition to updated security measures on the ground, the entirety of the fleet is recalled to Amal. All Sixty-Four ships of the Eadni fleet are stationed in the Amal system and begin intense exercises in that space. In between these exercises, fleetwide upgrades are made as well. AP Expenditures & Actions Available AP: 64 The First Leviathan Class Ship is churned out of the Eadni Shipyard, it is dubbed the Dabbat Al-Ard [15 AP] [Details on specs on document, slight modifications w/ new tech acquisitions and creations] Work continues on the Heya Power Plant with contributions from the rest of the U.L.C. [30 AP; 15 from Eadn and 15 from Malta]. Another dormant project receives a new round of funding along with a new name, Almawt [15 AP; 5 from Malta, 10 from Eadn]. Work begins on integrating some Maltese weapons systems on all Eadni vessels over the course of the year. It is an extensive effort, but is considered well worth it by the time it is finished in 2153 [Czar, you know what I'm talking about I think] [5 AP]. Eadni scientists are sent to Maltese space to begin contributing to Project Sicily, a long-term Maltese project [5 AP]. Another carrier is constructed to supplement the buildup of new fighters and bombers [6 AP]. - 500 Aircraft are constructed, 250 Saqr II’s and 250 X8’s [5 AP]. A massive check of the registers begins. If any false serial ID’s are found, an attempt is made to take these imposters into custody. If they cannot be taken into custody, they are executed [2 AP]. Preparations are made for the assault on Yugou [1 AP]. An Eadni diplomatic corp makes an interesting couple of visits further to the south [0 AP]. In general, the perception of clones in the galaxy has not been very good as of late. Through a series of advertisements and attempts to open Amal, very cautiously, to contact with the galactic community at large, the Erakat Caliph hopes to smooth the perception of his people on the galactic stage. He makes several appeals to the freedom that the Eadni people possess and invites debate on the subject, not shying away from his beliefs but instead openly defending the position of his people [0 AP] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act I In 2142, the Kingdom of Eadn was assaulted by barbarous mercenaries hired by the vermin who call the planet Yugou home. These mercenaries sacked our holy planet and brought about the calamity that sent our people fleeing. The Han failed, however, to finish their mission and allowed us to survive. They should have finished the job. Today, my sons and daughters, you set off on a mission that will be our first step in avenging that terrible calamity. The infidel shall now pay for their transgressions against us. You are the first children of Allah to serve in the defense of our homeland. We fight not out of a desire for conquest, but out of necessity. We fight today for our survival for we know that as long as these filth remain, they threaten our existence, our way of life. We wish to live in peace with our fellow humans, no longer does the Sultan reign and no longer to we seek dominion over our fellow man as we once did and the Han do now May the word of Allah and the might of our Caliphate survive for all of eternity. - Address before the crew and pilots of the Eadni Task force headed for the home system of the Han Dominion.
  2. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    A Declaration from the Caliph 2151 “It has come to my attention that the vermin of Yugou claim lordship over mankind. The Eadni bow only to Allah for he is the only Lord of Man. Inshallah, the blasphemers shall be struck down by His wrath.”
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Erakat Caliphate Year 2151 Population: 1,204,500 Shipyards: 7, 4 AP Expenditures & Actions Available AP: 58 - The Bank of Armathawaite receives the remainder of their loan [40]. - Another massive push is made on the Leviathan-class ship this year, focusing on schematics and designing a digital prototype from which they can work to build the first real prototype when more resources can be allocated in 2152 [5]. - The idea presented by the scientist to implement a sort of instant-repair ship is wonderfully received, however Eadni scientists want to take it a step further. An idea is proposed wherein rather than an entire class of ship, small drones could be deployed from any class of ship and hover around the hull, making quick repairs as damage is done. The concept would go under extensive testing this year with the goal of being able to deploy prototypes to the fleet in 2152 [5]. - Research begins on the construction and implementation of a next-generation power plant, specifically to compliment the new Leviathan research and the ever-growing Eadni fleet [8]. - All four colony ships built in the previous year embark on their journey with the intent to set up shop close to one another in a remote part of space.
  4. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Erakat Caliphate Year 2150 Population: 1,059,500 Shipyards: 7, 4 Shadows surrounded Nassef Erakat. The Ar’Gakari, the Xenos, the Infidel… his own family. Regardless, the Caliph knew he had a nation to run and saw these efforts through in 2150. In the Grand Shipyard, he oversaw the construction of and completion of a grouping of four colony ships. Once again, the Caliph found himself preparing for the worst. 100,000 Eadni were conscripted to fill out these colony ships and prepare for a journey. This core group of Eadni would form the backbone of a new state, should something go awry. Salman Erakat is tasked with leading this new force and is appointed Sultan of the Kingdom of Amal, a new Eadni client state composed of the people of these four ships. The ships are given a designated area relatively out of the way and, to much ceremony, are sent off. They are celebrated as the guarantee that no matter what happens on Amal, Eadni culture would live on. Though the journey would begin in 2151, much of the resources are allocated now for the journey. The Eadni knew war well. They also knew war’s consequences. Their last great conflict left them defenseless and without hope. This new effort would ensure their continued survival. AP Expenditures & Actions Available AP: 58 - Given the massive increase in population combined with the loss of a colony ship to the Ar’Gakari, four new colony ships are produced this year[16]. - The construction of four new destroyers are completed this year in the Grand Shipyard to supplement the growing fleet. [12] - The first Carrier in the Reformed Navy is completed this year and is supplemented by the construction of a new bomber wing consisting of 200 Bombers [8]. - A down payment is made on the loan this year to the Silver Knights with the remainder to be paid next year. This is simply a declaration of intent to pay the rest in good faith [10]. - Research continues on an entirely new class of ship, the Leviathan. Commander Hussein Al Noor heads the engineering team developing the project, and right now the chief focus is on integrating various new and innovative technologies into a ship of such a scale [6]. - To supplement the new class of ship and a reformed navy, research begins on practically applying ribalite. As of right now, the resource appears rather… useless. The Eadni hope to change that - quickly [5]. - 100 Fighters are produced [1] The Ar’Gakari are made an enticing offer, if they’d even be willing to hear it.
  5. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Republic of Venice 1493 Treasury: 43,250 Income: 14,900 Navy: 20 Galleys, 10 Carracks, 9 Galleons Army: 15,000 Infantrymen; 20 Cannons --- The year of 1493 for Venice is a rather dull one with the Doge choosing a year of build up rather than activity. Plans were laid out for a more ambitious year, but alas, the Doge chose to hold off rather than risk potentially losing newly acquired territory. In more exciting news though, the Venetian explorer Maximiliano Aquilero sets out to explore the New World beneath a Venetian Banner. He is instructed to establish a colony there upon arrival. His expedition starts in Venice, but takes a brief stop in Porto, Portugal for a few months to retool and relax before actually embarking on the transatlantic journey toward the West Indies. Military Actions The posturing along the Bosnian border ends. It was hoped that some gains might come out of harassing them, but seeing as they did not back down, the Venetians instead back off after a year of empty threats. Purchases and Investment 2000 - Venetian Bureaucrats are deployed en masse to the newly acquired Italian provinces. Much is made about the reunification of Italian peoples and by all means the Venetians are benevolent overlords. Several local families are recruited to help lead the new Venetian efforts. 3000 - Continued improvements are made in Navigation. This year, a focus is made on establishing a school in Venice proper. It will be the Barbarigo School of Navigation. 3000 - Continued investment is made into integrating a small group of infantry with the navy in the form of soldiers who specialize in fighting right off a naval landing. Practice battles are staged along the Croatian coast for the sake of these improvements. 5000 - Another pair of mines are prospected and established in the mountains of Friuli along the Austrian border. 5000 - 5,000 more infantrymen are recruited to the Venetian Army. 6000 - Maximilliano Aquilero is hired to follow the path of Columbus and to claim land for the Republic of Venice. 8500 - 5 Galleys are added to the Venetian Navy 32,500 TOTAL SPENT - Diplomatic Actions Ties with the Roman Empire are strengthened with a full Venetian delegation setting out for Constantinople near the end of the year. A similar action occurs in Portugal. Custom Technologies - Venetian Naval Innovations [2 Invested] - Improved Navigation [1 Points; 2,000 Invested]
  6. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Republic of Venice Treasury: 90,000 Income: 9,000 Navy: 20 Galleys, 10 Carracks, 9 Galleons Army: 10,000 Infantrymen; 20 Cannons --- The discovery of the New World sent the Venetian Republic into a frenzy. Concerned members of the aristocracy immediately moved to advise the Doge, offering opinions as far ranging as one might imagine. Some pressed him to ignore the discovery completely, instead focusing on consolidating trade in the Eastern Mediterranean that already aptly filled the coffers of the Venetians. Others advised taking far more direction action on these new developments. These men especially stressed the importance of not lagging behind in these developments lest Venice fall to the wayside in global affairs. The Doge ultimately decided in favor with the latter, choosing to pursue these new developments. Criers were sent out across Western Europe in an attempt to bring explorers to the Venetian fold. Not neglecting the concerns of the other patricians though, the Doge took rather decisive actions during the year 1492. Acting upon the naval superiority of the Republic, the Venetians began conducting exercises in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, harassing Neopolitan and Aragonese vessels and seizing [small amounts] resources from them as ‘taxation’. These acts are meant to begin to emphasize the competence of the Venetian Navy and ensure their readiness in the case of conflict. In a similar act, a large portion of the Venetian Army is sent to the border with Bosnia. In a blatant act of militarism, the Bosnians are threatened with war and are offered the opportunity to retain a fair amount of independence should they submit to the will of the Doge in Venice. The parts of the Venetian Navy not engaged in the Adriatic and Ionian seas raid the Bosnian coastline as well. Military Actions The Venetian Navy conducts exercises off the coast of Naples, avoiding any direct confrontation but making their presence known. [15 Galleys, 8 Carracks, 7 Galleons] The Venetian Navy begins raiding Bosnian ports and trading posts. [5 Galleys, 2 Carracks, 2 Galleons]. Along the border with Bosnia, the Venetian Army is preparing for a coordinated assault. War is threatened with the Bosnians. [12,000 Infantry, 15 Cannons] A formal military alliance is extended to the Roman Empire. A formal military alliance is extended to the Kingdom of Portugal. Purchases and Investment 1,000 - Training and funding Venetian Exercises in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, ensuring combat Readiness 1,000 - Training and readiness exercises for both new and veteran Venetian troops while exercising along the Bosnian border 2,000 - Increased integration between the Venetian Army and Navy are explored, namely a force specializing in amphibious invasions. A great amount of research is done on this tactic [Marine Specialization]. 5,000 - Infantrymen are recruited and deployed 5,000 - Two mines are constructed along the Coast of Friuli. 2,000 - More research into the concept of Improved Navigation is conducted 20,000 - The construction of a Grand Shipyard [The Venetian Arsenal] [Conditional 1,000] - Gold is offered to willing explorers who might be interested in conducting exploration in the New World on behalf of Venice. Diplomatic Actions The following nations are offered Trade Partnerships: The Roman Empire The Kingdom of Aragon The Kingdom of Portugal The Duchy of Milan The Papal State The Kingdom of Aragon is offered the opportunity to negotiate, without conflict, for the transfer of provinces in the Kingdom of Naples in exchange for Gold or conditional resources later on. Military exercises continue along the coast of Naples though. A relationship is offered to the Kingdom of Hungary [mod]. Most of it is contingent on the division of the North-West Balkans between the two powers, as well as a way to check the Habsburgs in Austria. The Kingdom of Portugal is approached regarding the purchase of a space from which they can base Venetian vessels and crews in Porto in the north of the country. The Venetians are interested in using this port as a hub for potential expeditions into the New World. Custom Technologies - Venetian Naval Innovations [2 Invested] - Improved Navigation [1 Invested]
  7. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Venice - “A quest for gold” Venice gains 1 additional trade partner. 2 / 7 / 9 / 3 Nation: The Republic of Venice Ruler: Doge Agostino Barbarigo Army: 10,000 Infantry, 20 Cannons Navy: 20 Caravels/Galleys, 10 Carracks, 9 Galleons Desired technology from investment: "Venetian Naval Innovations" [Investment of 2] - Improved speed and range on all ships of the Venetian Fleet. Recognizing the need for Venice to continue expansion in order to move out of the shrinking Mediterranean Market, ships are being designed to go faster, farther, and take more from the elements than ever before. "Improved Navigation" [Investment of 1] - Investing into improving maps, hiring explorers, and significantly bolstering research into increasing the capabilities of Stargazers and navigators, complimenting the innovations being made to the physical capabilities of the Venetian fleet. Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): Doge Agostino Barbarigo grew more and more concerned with his legacy with each passing year. As time beat ceaselessly onwards, the Doge could not help but wonder what the discovery of the New World meant for his Republic. The opportunities for trade and wealth there were vast, but would pursuing new interests there hinder the already fragile state of Venetian trade in the Mediterranean? The critical question of the Doge's reign was whether or not he could balance both of these interests, or if he would abandon one in favor of the other. In 1492 though, all Doge Barbarigo was concerned with was growth. Having acquired Cyprus in 1489, Barbarigo recognized the need for a relationship of some kind with the Turks or otherwise he may find his interests in the Eastern Mediterranean in jeopardy. The Byzantines intrigued the Doge, but he had no interest in disrupting the Greek territories he already held.
  8. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Reserved for Venice
  9. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Respectfully; 1 & 2) That's your mistake. The Australians are literally more ass backwards than the Mayans, their civilizations is not much past sticks and stones. For them to advance to the point of island hopping is... ridiculous. 3) Sounds like laziness on your end. There are competing Mayan cities, I didn't take "Mayans" broadly, but a single city state. You can fight back against all you want. 4) I have no intention of staying on just my continent :)
  10. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    if ur gonna let australian **** tribes in, might as well lemme run around central america. aborigines literally so much less civilized then the maya. ur missing out dawg
  11. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: The City of Chichen Itza Leader: Tlayolotl Itzamatul [Heart of The Earth who has The Grace of the Skies] Population: 120,000 History: A bustling city in the Northern Maya lowlands, the city of Chichen Itza has become a sprawling metropolis for a dying civilization. As Mayan civilization continues to decline further to the south, Chichen Itza is continuing its rise in the relatively peaceful North. It currently borders two neighbors, Yaxauna and Coba, both of which have been struggling as of late. Chichen Itza has become quite the multi-cultural hub as of late with immigrants from both Central Mexico and refuges from Southern Mexico continue to move toward it with the hope of finding better lives there. Do you have Discord?: Yeah, but I ain't gonna use that so just add me on Skype or something.
  12. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Nah bruh if people can be Australian tribes I want to be fuckin mayans The mayans are DOPE
  13. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    can i be the mayans
  14. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Erakat Caliphate Year 2149 Population: 754,500 Shipyards: 7, 3 Fahd Erakat leaned against the soft cushion jutting out from the otherwise rough mahogany surface in front of him. He wagged his finger in the air, motioning to the Maltese-human bartender on the other side of the dim room on the Maltese homeworld. The man moved briskly over to the Crown Prince of the Erakat Caliphate, “What’ll it be this time?” “Another one of those Manhattan Ice Teas…” The Crown Prince mumbled. It was one of his first times drinking alcohol; a banned substance in Eadni space. Fahd needed it though, the death of his lover at the hands of his father affected him far more than he let on publicly and this new substance seemed like an effective way to cope, or at least that’s what the Maltese manservant said. ---- Salman Erakat once again found himself in that lonely golden corvette, zipping through the void to do more of his decrepit father’s business. He couldn’t help but lament his time in the infidel’s space, their vile haram and incompetence disgusted him. This trip at least partially excited him though - it was his first time traveling outside the Milky Way. ---- A junior officer stumbled into Commander Hussein Al Noor’s office only to find the engineer’s head resting softly atop his desk, his right cheek pressed against a stack of mechanical blueprints. Behind him through a massive window, the Grand Shipyard hummed with activity in the bustling orbit over Amal. This wasn’t a new sight to the junior officer, Ezedeen Reem. Without ceremony, the young officer exited the room and prepared the Commander’s typical morning meal: Arabian Coffee with dates, Shakshuka, and Nan with chocolate and honey. The coffee’s aroma coaxed the exhausted Commander out of his napping but not before he subconsciously began to drool over the first paper in the massive stack. Seeing moisture gather over his sketches, Hussein jolted back in his chair, roughly thumbing over the wet spot in an effort to preserve the geometric equations, images, and technical readouts. “Sabah al Khair, Commander...” Midshipman Ezedeen nodded respectfully before setting down the tray in front of the Commander and beside the stack of papers. “Ahlan, Ezedeen.” Hussein sighed, scooting his seat up closer to the edge of the table to avoid spilling any of the chocolate on his already filthy uniform. “What time is it?” “Ahhh….” The junior officer quickly checked his wrist implant, “It’s 6am, Commander.” Ezedeen paused, stepping closer over the desk and looking over the documents. “Why do you insist on doing your work on paper Commander?” “It keeps me focused, I get too distracted otherwise Ezedeen. You’d be prudent to do the same.” Hussein took a long sip from the coffee, looking over his work from the previous evening. “I made a lot of progress last night on the reactor core of the Leviathan, I’m interested in seeing how these designs will perform in today’s simulation experiments.” AP Expenditures & Actions Available AP: 112 - An expansion to the Western Shipyard on the frontier of Eadni space is made this year, bolstering the production capacity of the Eadni once more. This is another prong of the massive rearmament project commissioned by the Admiralty in 2146 [10]. - In accordance with that same rearmament project, a massive fleet order is put in to the Grand Shipyard at Amal. Two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, seven destroyers, eleven Frigates, and twelve corvettes are built and commissioned into the fleet by the end of the year. Manpower is produced in droves to supplement such another massive increase in fleet capabilities [89]. - Already scheduled for an upgrade since its inception, resources are spent to upgrade the B4-M3 “Sandstorm” bomber to a far more capable variant [5]. - Research continues on an entirely new class of ship, the Leviathan. Commander Hussein Al Noor heads the engineering team developing the project, and right now the chief focus is on integrating various new and innovative technologies into a ship of such a scale [5]. - To supplement the new class of ship and a reformed navy, research begins on practically applying ribalite. As of right now, the resource appears rather… useless. The Eadni hope to change that - quickly [3]. - A joint Union diplomatic mission is sent to the Slavic Federation (encounter please). - The Erakat Caliphate announces its existence to the rest of the galaxy and declares that it will no longer associate itself, or the Union of the Lily of the Crescent at large, with the Human Coalition. They shall be considered a neutral party and invite all alien nations to trade and interact with them. - L.S.A.A., a large private corporation based out of Amal, continues to sell its goods while finally acknowledging its true origins. Business as usual for the fake clones. The Darkul are once again contacted to continue sales as well as the Backhatta. Given the effectiveness of LSAA bombers against the Ymorians, the Ymorians are contacted and asked if they would be interested in buying their own bombers and fighters to counter the Darkul, and vice versa. So continues the life of a merchant of death. - Eadn colonizes a new system, this one to the southwest, near the edge of the galactic frontier. - Exploration takes place (encounter please).
  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Union of the Lily & The Crescent Anno Domini MMCXLVIII سنة ٢١٤٨ As the Erakat Caliphate prepares to once again embrace the galactic community, it finds a friend in the Maltese Holy Reign. In the days prior to the fall of the Holy Kingdom, collaboration between the Eadni and Maltese made possible various diplomatic and technological advances impossible for either nation, or any other human state for that matter, to complete on their own. Because of the incredible bond forged between these two peoples through both war and peace, the Erakat’s saw fit to select the Maltese as the Caliphate’s chief partner in introducing themselves once again to humanity, and with the collapse of relations with the rest of the Interstellar Accord, the Habsburgs turned to the Caliphate to become its greatest ally once again. --- Pillars of the Union I. Mutual Defense Both nations pledge to defend one another in the case of conflict whether the threat human or alien. The full naval forces of both nations stand primed to strike in defense of the new Union. II. Trade Partnership For the first time since the collapse of the Holy Kingdom, the Caliphate will begin openly trading with a human nation. Maltese ships will be given access to Caliphate controlled regions and transport goods freely between the Caliphate and Maltese space, and vice versa. III. Research Collaboration While no requirements shall be decreed about technology sharing, projects between Maltese and Eadni researchers are encouraged and will be well funded by both governments. This research spans all fields with no special focus given to any sector. IV. Religious Dialogue Despite doctrinal differences between the state religions of Malta and Eadn, religious leaders from both nations decided to maintain strong dialogue and education on the respective religions of their peoples. This includes frequent conferences, open religious debate, and thorough discussion about Abrahamic religion’s place in the twenty-second century. V. Commitment to Combat With the knowledge that past conflicts could have been won with a heavier focus on discipline and acting in accordance with naval doctrine, the Eadni and Maltese jointly agree that any retreats from battle are to be ordered only, and by all, admiral or general level commanders present at the engagement. “...a sacrilegious union of the lily and the crescent”