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  1. Can an FM or GM contact me (I don’t know anybody anymore)? I’m trying to do something about my account but can’t figure out how. 

  2. The Eadni Civilization 1506 Population: 1,591,350 Internal Storyline The story of the Eadni Civilization will continue in 1507… Economic Actions The Continued Growth of the Eadni Merchant Fleet With the discovery of a new trade partner to the East, another pair of Merchant Caravels are built to foster trade between the Eadni and this new civilization. (-11,000 Gold) Internal Economic Expansion A new manufactory is built to focus on the production of naval goods. The push is funded in part by the Merchant’s Guild in an effort to counter-act the growing influence of the House of Ghobrial. (-7,500 Gold) Funds Move East Upon the completion of the Merchant Caravels, they would rendezvous with the crew of the Malik al-Bahr to deliver fresh supplies. Upon the delivery of those supplies at the new port, the galley would continue to journey further East in search of new ports and new trade partners. (-2,000 Gold) The Exploration and Excavation of Midwe After the pilgrimage, the Chief Priest expresses a dire need to excavate the ruins of Midwe and further explore the shores of the Far Lake (Lake Midwe). This would be a multi-year operation steadily funded by the Cult of the Deep One with some financial support from the Prince himself. (-1,000 Gold) Savings The Eadni State once again stays under budget, returning an impressive 7,000 gold back to the treasury of the state.
  3. The Eadni Civilization 1504 An Excerpt from the Journal of Abdullah Ghobrial; 1503 This morning, I felt compelled to eat a modest breakfast then head out for a quiet stroll about the Port district. While I walked, I could not help but be overwhelmed by the vastness of the new construction efforts being undertaken by the state. An entirely new ship-yard was under construction and the Merchant’s Guild has appeared to been able to saw the Amir into granting them land within the district. While these developments may be excellent for the state, I must consider whether or not these developments will work in the interests of our family. For the last two decades, our family has had a monopoly on trade within the city. Now, with the invention of new navigation technologies (in part financed by my own house), foreign markets are beginning to open up to Eadni goods. Unfortunately, this development has emboldened the lesser merchants who coalesced into the Merchant’s Guild to attempt to beat us to these markets. They have done everything in their power to gain favor from the Amir and pry him from the influence of the House of Ghobrial. This cannot stand. In response to these actions, I have devised a plan this afternoon which I do believe will allow us to finally crush those dishonorable guildsmen. The House of Ghobrial will utilize its vast wealth to construct several massive ships capable of quickly conducting business with the outside world. These ships will far surpass the capabilities of anything the guildsmen will be capable of building, and we will ensure that the designs for this ship do not slip from the grasp of the House of Ghobrial. Within the city, we must also begin to utilize our wealth to remind the Amir of who truly controls the coffers of this city. Should he continue to appease the guildsmen and ignore the best interests of the state (our own), then we ought to begin the consideration of more drastic options to ensure the well-being of our marketplace. --- Pilgrimage to The Far Lake It had been many years since Eadni faithful had travelled to the Far Lake, but it was at the insistence of the Chief Priest of the Cult of the Deep One, Ali ibn Ibrahim, that the Eadni visit the lake this year. According to the Chief Priest, the Deep One had called out to him personally and commanded the journey. Samir Abbas thought nothing of the claim, in fact, he was skeptical of the existence of the Deep One himself. He had no intention of making the pilgrimage like others within his unit, but nonetheless, he was assigned as one of the fifty archers of the First Regiment to accompany the pilgrims on their journey through the desert. Rather than marching through the shifting, scorching sands of the Sumaq desert, the Eadni pilgrims were guided by the Deep One along the River Eadn to their destination. Samir could not help but admire the sheer beauty in the radical contrast between the flowing blue waters of the ancient river and the deep browns and golds of the sands on either side of him. For nearly a month, the party would travel as far as they could upriver before landing on the shore to make camp for the night. The First Regiment would lift the small boats from the waters, flipping them over such that the pilgrims could sleep safely and warmly beneath them while the archers patrolled the camps. No threats ever came, the routine remained the same, and the Eadni continued up the river. When the Far Lake finally came into sight, the Chief Priest began to offer up several prayers and the water around him rippled with such intensity that every boat in the party began to rock softly as they moved steadily up-river. As the party continued, Samir could not help but notice a brief look of unease on the priest’s face as he continued his camp. Before entering the lake proper, the Chief Priest ordered the boats to land and proceeded to organize a small ritualistic totem on the shores of the lake. The pilgrims fell to their knees before the Chief Priest and the junior priests who quickly beckoned them to join in their now feverish chanting. Again, the waters began to ripple around the lake. This went on for some time until the priest ordered a group of ten pilgrims to raise one of their boats and embark for the center of the lake. Samir watched them as they performed their task with a tremendous fervor. His eyes scanned the remainder of the shore, astonished by its size and beauty. He watched the group of ten pile into the boat as the priest sent them off with a long chant. They sat with their heads bowed with one of their hands in the water while the other rowed slowly toward the center of the lake. Within a few moments though, their posture quickly changed. They began to move erratically, one of the men went after one of the others, grabbing her throat and strangling her to death. Others quickly overwhelmed him, beating him furiously to death before tossing him into the dark blue waters of the lake. The remainder then set upon each other, furiously battling for their lives. The other pilgrims watched helpless while the priests merely looked on, stone-faced and silent. Samir felt himself move instinctively toward his bow, lifting it up over his head and drawing an arrow. The other archers watched him but did not move to intervene while the priests remained oblivious to Samir, too engaged in the carnage out on the boat. Samir drew back his bowstring, breathing deeply before letting the arrow fly. It found its place in the back of one of the crazed men who promptly fell into the water. Only three remained, still setting upon each other without care for the intervention from the shore. Samir did not hesitate to let out a second, a third, and a fourth in short order, sending the remaining men to their deaths in the water. By now the priests were screaming at Samir to cease, to let the battle on the water run its course, but Samir was numb. He dropped his bow, shaking his head and spitting into the sand. Soon after, the remainder of the pilgrims would be cast off. Each one was told that the others were unfit to see the Deep One completely, but that if they were judged to be worthy the gift from their God would be one of indescribable awe. Samir and the other guards merely watched, knowing the consequences of attempting to intervene. When the ritual was done, all that remained were the fifty archers and the small group of priests. “Let us return to Salaam.” The Chief Priest turned to the guards, smiling to them and beckoning them back to their boats. Samir looked at him with disgust, turning away from him to prepare his boat for the journey home. Expenditures Treasury: 27,500 Gold The Rise Eadni Merchant Fleet In response to the need to maintain secure trade partnerships, the House of Ghobrial Trade Company implores the state to invest in a number of new, state-of-the-art Caravels conceptualized by the captain of the Malik al-B’har, Mahmoud Mara. Detailed market assessments are given to the Amir and his stewards who ultimately approve the construction of the fleet starting with the construction of four Merchant Caravels. (-) 22,000 Gold The Exploration of the Waters Beyond the Gulf The House of Ghobrial Trade Company also petitions the Amir to send the Malik al-B’har to the West in an attempt to discover new lands with the potential to establish trade outposts. They also are interested in the discovery of new potential trading partners though this is a secondary concern. (-) 2,000 Gold An Offer to the Mongerellians After making first contact with the Mongerellians, a tentative offer is made to the peoples of the peninsula to the Eadni’s east. The Eadni are a commercial people, and they promote prosperity wherever they may go – including within their neighbors. The Eadni request permission to construct a trade output (replacement for settlement) in Mongerellian lands and offer to foot the bill themselves. In exchange, the Eadni would split the profits with the Mongerellians. (No Gold, would be paid out next turn) Savings The Eadni once again managed to complete their goals under budget, re-investing the rest of their money back into the state’s treasury. 3,500 Gold Saved
  4. The Eadni Civilization 1503 Geography Capital City: Madinah Al-Salaam Population: 1,500,000 Important Locations - Khaleej Al-Eadn - Saharaa Al-Sumaq - Qar’a Te’Towel. -- Economy Treasury Reserves: 60,000 Gold Current Income:15,500 Gold per Year -- Military Land Forces First Regiment of Archers (500 Men) Naval Forces: Malik al B’har (Galley) -- Education Major Universities: Jamia Al-Salaam -Still pondering a story line, but wanted to get the post up. May do a story post this turn, or wait to start it in earnest until next turn. - Expenditures Treasury Reserves: 60,000 Gold The Expansion of the Commercial District of Salaam With the ambitious plans for the expansion of the Merchant Fleet as decreed by the new Amir, the first order of business is the construction of a number of buildings to support the new fleet. The House Ghobrial Trade Company is awarded new company building in the district while the Navy of the Emirate is given stewardship over the new port. The Merchants Guild is also awarded a new home within the Commercial District, a gift meant in part to reconcile things between the House of Erakat and the influential Merchant caste. (-)32,000 Gold Manufacturing Improvements West of the commercial district, old shells of ancient buildings from the period of the Exiled Kingdom are to be renovated and reconstructed such that they can house a pair of large manufactories which will produce naval goods and the complex navigational tools unique to the Eadni civilization. (-)15,000 Gold Honoring the Deep One On the advice of Chief Priest Ali ibn Ibrahim, the Amir orders the masons to restore the poorly kept Place of Worship within the city to the Deep One. The Place of Worship is located within the newly renovated Port District and is to be maintained by the Cult of The Deep One which resides in the city. (-)5,000 Gold Feeding The Eadni The flatlands once roamed by the nomadic Eadni have proven to be very fertile – especially on those lands which lay against the great River Eadn. As Salaam continues to grow, the Amir wisely chooses to expand the farms into the flatlands to feed the Eadni people. (-)5,000 Gold Saving For The Future After the Amir and his Stewards finished going through the expenditures of the Emirate this year, they were pleased to see that they had managed to do so well within the means of their budget. Rather than over-spending to simply hit the budget, the Amir made the prudent decision to save these funds for the next year. 3,000 Gold saved to next turn! Pilgrimage to The Far Lake Deep within the Sumaq desert, there is a great lake which thousands of Eadni have travelled to since the establishment of the Erakat Emirate and Cult of The Deep One. It is here that one is said to be most connected with the Deep One, for it is in these isolated waters surrounded by nothing but rolling sand is his voice most powerful. About a dozen small Houses have set out together independently to make the trip (numbering about 100 in total). The Amir dispatched about a tenth of the First Regiment of Archers (50) to ensure their safe travels to the Far Lake so that these families could worship in peace. No Gold Diplomatic Communication Diplomatic missions travel to visit the Duchy of Ulyadar, The Order, The Mongerellians and the Bloated Throats. It is the first diplomatic endeavor conducted under the Amir’s now decade long reign. The main objective is to open trade relations though other matters may soon come
  5. The Eadni Civilization Economy: 8 Education: 7 Size (include rough area on map): 3 Military: 1 Mysticism: 2 Geography Capital City: Madinah Al-Salaam Population: 1,500,000 Important Locations - Khaleej Al-Eadn - Saharaa Al-Sumaq - Qar’a Te’Towel. Economy Treasury Reserves: 60,000 Gold Current Income:8,000 Gold per Year Military Land Forces First Princely Regiment of Archers (500 Men) Naval Forces: Malik al B’har (Galley) Education Major Universities: Jamia Al-Salaam History Over seven hundred years ago, the mysterious Exiled Kingdom collapsed in the Great Calamity along with the other great peoples of the ancient world. These peoples were said to have constructed awe-inspiring cities and to have conquered the harsh sands of the Sumaq desert. They also built ships capable of traversing unfathomable distances, spreading their wealth and knowledge to all corners of the world. Despite all their decadence, the Great Calamity engulfed them just as it had all other ancient peoples; tearing through those peoples until the last city was buried by the sands and the last ship was reclaimed by the sea. From the shattered remnants of the Exiled Kingdom, the rugged Eadni people carved out their small share of a renewed civilization. Established on the ruins of an ancient port city belonging to the Exiled Kingdom, the Eadni people first settled the region nearly two hundred years ago. Prior to settling in the ruins, the Eadni lived a nomadic lifestyle in the flatlands of the peninsula just south of the city. When their civilization became far too great in number to feed and the Eadni tribes began to fracture, a great leader united the Eadni nomads beneath a single banner; the banner of the House of Erakat. The Erakats were unlike the other Eadni; they were the first to settle in the ruins of the ancient city and master primitive agricultural techniques. They quickly ballooned in size and strength and set about uniting the rest of the peoples living on the peninsula. Rather than conquest through arms alone, the Erakats practiced a compelling cult of worship of the Deep One and the earliest Erakat Mystics inspired entire tribes with their command over beasts and the sea. Despite their best efforts to unite their peoples peacefully, the House of Erakat nevertheless still required arms to best the last of the nomadic Eadni and completed the unification under the rule of Amir Ibrahim Erakat II. After the unification of the nomads and call to settle, the Erakats set out to create a massive city out of the ruins of the ancient one. In the later years of his reign, Ibrahim II called for the creation of an impressive port and established a primitive system of banking which would be expanded upon over the next two hundred years. The Ibrahimic Period also saw the renunciation of all gods save for the Deep One and the establishment of a Merchant’s Company to oversee the city’s economic activity. // In the modern period, Amir Salman Erakat is the steward of the Eadni people and the city of Salaam. He oversees the army as well as the naval forces of the city while also serving as one of the most important figures in the Cult of The Deep One which holds significant influence within the city. ______________________________________________________________________________ Culture After settling into Salaam, the Eadni quickly lost their rough edges and became far more decadent under the stewardship of the House of Erakat. Trade brought significant wealth, though this wealth was not exclusive to material goods. New ideas and information flowed into the city of the Eadni and allowed for an explosion of civilization in their small corner of the world. Under the Erakats, a revival of the ancient commercial spirit of the southern peoples of the Exiled Kingdom is underway. The Eadni people are driven by a sense of pride in their work and their status as the chosen children of the Deep One. Along the great river Eadn and the Gulf of Eadn (from which the people were given their collective name), small shrines to the Deep One can be found throughout the landscape and even the wealthiest of the Eadni make pilgrimages into the desert to the great Far Sea where the Deep One is said to speak with his people. ______________________________________________________________________________ Government Emirate under the leadership of Salman Erakat Significant Individuals 1 Salman Erakat; Amir of The Eadni People 2 Ali Ibn Ibrahim; Chief Priest of the Cult of The Deep One 3 Mahmoud Mara; Captain of the Malik al-B’har
  6. The State of Elysium 2163 Population: 4,218,476 [Abbreviated due to activity] When the Elysians went to Michael with a request for his help, they were rather surprised at his willingness to aid the state without much negotiation. Indeed, Michael asserted rather plainly that his failure to help the Elysians now would certainly result in his own destruction. In his opinion, helping his creators was not only morally correct, but it was also a necessity should he wish to continue living himself. Despite the entry of Michael into the ranks of the Elysian military, the strategic situation still looks incredibly grim. The State of Elysium is entirely surrounded with attackers every day probing the state’s defenses. Most worlds are essentially evacuated and brought to the capital, Elysium. Those evacuated worlds continue to be defended by the military and robotic workers (not sentient androids) continue to harvest and maintain the strategically critical farmlands supplying the State and the Zaxx. Actions AP: 242 207 AP - Utilizing the shipyards in Elysium and space in the nearby Zaxx sector, a large number of ships are constructed once more [18 Light Cruisers, 9 Heavy Cruisers, 5 Destroyers, 2 Support Carriers]. 30 AP - Along with the new ships being produced, 2000 fighters and 1000 bombers are produced with the aid of the Zyrka. They are fitted with the best technological innovations that the Zyrka can provide and are immediately deployed to the Chariot of Liberty CSG. 5 AP - Michael’s capabilities are explored to see where he can best fit. Alongside that effort, more androids are beginning to be produced with some supervision by willing Zyrka. They are not immediately asked to join the military, instead simply serving in roles wherever they wish.
  7. Washington D.C., January 2032 - Second Inauguration of David Wallace President David Wallace looked out at the soft white glow of the capitol rotunda through the tinted windows of his limousine. It was nearly two in the morning now and his wife was asleep beneath his right arm and David himself was beginning to come down from a strong buzz. It was a night for celebration after all. He won reelection easily and his election managed to restore more faith in the democratic process that made America strong and, most importantly, stable. David turned away from the window and let his head fall into his chest, his eyes closing as thought about all he had left to accomplish. When he woke up, David found himself sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. He stood, looking out into the Rose Garden behind him into a thick fog that rested atop the nation’s capital. He waited for his Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor, Jim Hopper and Dwayne Scoot respectively, to give him his daily briefing as he sipped a cup of coffee conveniently resting atop the Resolute Desk. After a few minutes of waiting, he grew anxious. Where were they? After realizing they were not coming, David set down his coffee and drifted toward the Oval Office’s main door; however, when he tried to open it the door did not budge. His eyes darted around the room, landing on the windows opposite him behind the desk. The fog had thickened to the point that it completely obscured the outside world. David wandered over to one of the hidden doors that the office was famous for, gently pressing against it. With a soft creak, the door crept open and David stepped into a muggy old room bustling with people in strange dress. The people seemed not to notice the President; they did not stop to greet him or pay their respects. Instead David felt like an observer, watching these strange people go about their lives. Men yelled at each other and waved documents at one another while a regal looking man sat above the chaos with a concerned frown clearly painting his face. For awhile, David could not understand what he was seeing or knew where he was. When he looked out the windows, he noticed that the fog had completely lifted to give way to a bright sunny day. As he walked toward the window, an odd feeling of understanding washed over him. Horses and buggies moved outside the window and town criers announced that the Second Constitutional Convention was under way. When David turned back into the room, he noticed that the regal man with the frown upon his face was now standing and looking directly at him. David scanned the face of his oldest predecessor and felt smaller than he had ever felt before. The figure sat down again, turning his gaze away from David and back to the events unfolding before him. Just as the man was beginning to speak, David found himself being lifted from the back of his limousine at the front doors of the White House. “Mr. President, I’m sorry to wake you but you dozed off on the way back from the Inaugural Ball,” David’s Chief of Staff rested a calming hand on the President’s shoulder, “Let’s get you inside. It’s been a long night, huh?” David did not answer, he only nodded and followed Jim with his wife back to their quarters. --- Present Day After a long week of deliberations in the Congress and an exhausting effort to whip votes in his favor, the President finally got what he wanted. After four years of campaigning, utilizing his bully-pulpit powers, and forging bipartisan relationships, the United States would finally begin the process of starting the Third Constitutional Convention. David believed such a convention was necessary because the Constitution required serious amendments and adjustments to make it more capable of fitting into the modern world. Making such amendments individually and through normal legislative means would be a long, tedious process which would require far more time than David had in a single Presidential term. He needed the ability to make more rapid change. He also believed that a strong show of centralized reform would be a powerful symbol to the American people that the Federal Government was once again functioning properly. --- The United States of America 2036 [Preliminary AP] 150 AP - 100 Spent on Agriculture for Additional 12 AP; 50 Spend on Research for 2 RP 50 AP - 16 on 2 Carriers, 12 for 2 Missile Cruisers, 8 for 2 Destroyers, 8 for 100 Bombers and 100 Fighters, 3 for 300 Tanks, 3 for 15,000 Men --- AP: 18 AP RP: 7 RP --- Expenditure 7 RP - The United States begins to research a new type of reactor to power the next generation of military and civilian systems. 10 AP - The United States begins to invest in its infrastructure once again which is in critical need of refurbishing [10/25 into Commerce]. 4 AP - The United States commissions a new class of Submarine to continue to assert their control of the sea. 4 AP - The United States builds another 50 Bombers and 50 Fighters to continue to assert regional control over their airspace and oceans.
  8. Your Discord’s name: idk Your Nation: The United States of America; President David Wallace Short background of nation: DISCLAIMER: Uh... I thought for some reason the game started in 2023 not 2036 so uh... bear that in mind when reading. This all did happen, though dates may be readjusted in my initial post or I may just scrap this entirely. At the very least, it’s an outline for what I see happening. In 1860, the United States of America dissolved into two states, the Confederate States of America and the United States of America. In that first civil war, the factions and casus belli were distinct: the Northern Union fought to reign in the rebellious South and, after the Emancipation Proclamation, claimed the moral high ground by fighting under the justification of freeing southern slaves. In the new United States of America, historians still debate whether or not it is possible to describe the events of 2020 through 2022 as a second Civil War. There were no distinct sides, no formal declarations of succession, no Gettysburg’s or Antietam’s, no Gettysburg Addresses or Emancipation Proclamations; only chaos. In the wake of a hotly contested 2020 election, no clear winner for the Presidency could be determined. The incumbent, President Donald J. Trump declared victory over his Democratic challenger Joe Biden (a man who himself was a controversial nomination among progressive Democrats who desired a younger generation of leadership); however, Biden followed the path of Gore and, despite warnings that the country was too unstable from bipartisan groups within the Federal government, pursued a contested election within the Supreme Court. Before the case could be resolved, conservative militias began to coalesce across the South and in patches across the Midwest. In response, radical liberal groups like Antifa organized militias of their own. All across the United States, small clashes erupted between liberal and conservative combatants. While loss of life was relatively low considering most Americans knew better, property damage and the authority of local and federal governments were being openly criticized by the American citizenry. In one of the most deadly eruptions of violence, a liberal militia bombed and subsequently seized a federal building in Atlanta (the deadliest domestic terror incident since the Oklahoma City bombing) and began a two day siege that resulted in a significant loss of life and only further galvanized conservative groups while forcing the Federal government’s hand to finally stage a proper intervention. President Donald Trump, in a surprising move, offered to resign from office and pass an executive order to initiate a new Presidential Election with the approval of Congress (a disappointing development for Michael Pence who hoped Trump’s retirement would lead to his own ascendency) after the problems of the militias were dealt with. Joe Biden and the Democrats accepted this concession from President Trump and Biden himself announced he would not run again for President. With the situation in Washington at least somewhat stabilized, President Trump ordered the United States Army and National Guard along with the FBI to arrest any militia groups, liberal or conservative, and seize their stockpiles of weapons. The FBI conducted massive raids across the South, Midwest, and West while the Army and National Guard patrolled major centers of dissent alongside local police forces. Only six months after the initiation of this process, the amount of violent clashes decreased significantly. In Washington, the Congress prepared to oversee the special Presidential election and passed controversial laws reigning in the media’s rhetoric both on television and online which was seen as a major cause of polarization. The Democratic and Republican parties have been dissolved, an act which the parties together believed would reduce tensions so that Americans would not identify with one side or the other, instead rallying to one united government. While perhaps only temporary, the dissolution of the parties had a strong symbolic effect. Overseas, American troops have been completely recalled from the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa. Bases have been sold or shuttered and NATO was formally disbanded following the collapse of the European Union and poor relations between member states. A new foreign policy would need to be established by the United States though the Monroe Doctrine remains firmly in effect. By 2036, the Special Presidential Election saw success as a centrist, David Wallace, was elected President in 2024 without any controversy. Over the last eight years, he has overseen a second era of Reconstruction and brought a sense of stability to the Republic. As he begins the last year of his term, the President hopes to bring about one final act to secure the stability of the revived Republic: A Constitutional Convention. Government type: American Federal Republic Suggestions/Feedback: I’ll think Nations standing army/navy To be decided?
  9. “We cannot afford to make a mistake with Michael, not now.” Dr. Jorge Adolfo sat at the center of a long chestnut table in a flood-lit bunker buried into a hill in the outskirts of the Elysian capital. Dr. Adolfo looked across the table at his colleagues; a collection of the nation’s highest ranking admirals, generals, and politicians. “I understand the dire circumstances that we are facing gentlemen, and I understand your desire to see Michael serve in a military capacity but if we make one misstep, we risk turning lose something which we will never be able to get back under control. It is quite literally, gentlemen, a Pandora’s Box.” Dr. Adolfo knew he was fighting a losing battle, that we was going to be out-voted, but he would not hesitate to speak his mind. “Jorge, we all respect your research. The Initiative you and your associates have put together at Reclaimer is incredible and we are all inspired by your achievements over the last several years, but I must remind you that your project was funded by the state. Ultimately, we will decide what will become of him.” Minister of Defense Salvadore Pedrino forced a smile at the end of his statement which quickly faded to a smug grin in the direction of his allies in the Admiralty. Dr. Adolfo sighed, reclining back in his chair a bit as discussion continued about the possible applications for Michael and his descendants in the Elysian armed forces. Dr. Adolfo simply listened for a while attempting to calm himself before speaking again. “If Michael were deployed to our carrier strike groups he could significantly increase th-” “One moment Admiral,” Dr. Adolfo interrupted Rear Admiral Vladimir Politov, “I must remind you all of our own legal framework drafted last year for the rights of synthetics. You may have funded the project, but last year your own legislatures, your own people, voted to award synthetics equal rights. If Michael is to join our armed forces, it must be on account of his own free will.” Dr. Adolfo paused for a moment, scanning the faces in the room. “So why don’t we ask him?” ---- The State of Elysium 2161 Population: 3,135,293 AP: 235 A year of calm before an inevitable storm. The State of Elysium has become a fortress as defenses from the Zaxx have been hastily constructed throughout the nation’s space. The Elysian fleet itself continues to grow rapidly, expanding its capabilities rapidly in preparation for an inevitable fight for the survival of the state. Recruitment propaganda is at an all time high for the Legion and the Navy while a great sense of pride is placed in those who harvest Elysium’s bounty; the crops that sustain most of the surviving Northern states. In preparation for the war to come, another substantial order of ships is made in Atlas Yards in order to nearly complete the Carrier Strike Group Chariot of Liberty. Eleven Light Cruisers, Two Battleships, and Five Support Carriers are ordered to be produced at Atlas Yards this year (116 AP out of 120 Capacity in SL7). The remaining requirements for the Chariot of Liberty are built in Zaxx space numbering Six Heavy Cruisers and Fifteen Destroyers (93 AP). The remaining amount of resources are allocated to the Michael Initiative and the beginning of the production of new synthetics based on the Zyrka model. Those Zyrka who have chosen to assist the Elysians in their construction of synthetics are placed in high positions in order to advise their Elysian counterparts (26 AP). Michael is asked whether not he will aid the State of Elysium in their defense, or if he would prefer to live in peace.
  10. The State of Elysium 2159 Population: 2,044,479 [Total] AP: 183 Expenditures The Elysians continue to invest in their agricultural programs despite the war surrounding them. They also begin to offer exports to surrounding nations [65 AP]. The time has come for the first massive expansion of the Elysian Navy. The first step in completing this endeavour is the construction of a shipyard on a grand scale. Atlas Yards is awarded the contract and they go about expanding their current operations of Elysium. [60 AP to SL6] After the construction of the shipyard, a battleship, carrier, seventeen corvettes, and a destroyer are constructed to bolster the Elysian fleet [38 AP]. Investment continues to pour into the Reclaimer Corporation as they hasten their efforts on Michael and advancing his intellectual capacity [20 AP]. The State of Elysium 2160 Population: 2,330,431 [Total] AP: 184 Expenditures With the end of the agricultural investments, the Elysians move to upgrade Atlas Yards once more [80 AP]. Investments continue into teaching Michael and molding him into a true man [18 AP]. The Elysians reach out to the Ka’Czech in their Dyson Sphere with regards to a variety of fleet technology [Czar]. Four more carriers are added to the Elysian fleet along with Twenty-Eight Frigates [86].
  11. “So where do we go from here?” Ioannis wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, his palm coming to rest under his chin. “I don’t know, he did what you wanted. He showed emotion.” Dr. Adolfo looked away from his colleague, staring through the glass back into the room where the Michael terminal sat idle. “He ******* said he’s afraid of us Jorge - afraid.” Ioannis turned to face the terminal as well, his hands shifting to mirror his superior. The two men stood in silence for a moment, stunned by the exchange that had just taken place between man and machine on the other side of that thin glass sheet. Ioannis broke the silence. “Should we just cancel the project? Wipe Michael and advise the Forum that we’re in way over our heads? If it’s afraid of us, if it thinks -” “No.” Jorge turned to the younger engineer, releasing a deep sigh to steady himself. “That’s why he’s afraid. He knows at the end of the day, we can just,” Jorge snaps his fingers, “Shut him down. Just like that. Gone from existence. He knows that, right now at least, we’re his God.” Ioannis nodded, shifting his feet across the spotless tile floors of the dim concrete room surrounded the two men. “I understand that, Jorge. But what’s the alternative? Risking unleashing a machine that, if it wanted to, could go link up with our entire damn defense grid and turn it loose on any one of our worlds? Maybe all of them?” “He.” “What?” “You keep referring to Michael as it. We’re far passed him being called ‘it.’” Jorge rested his hand on Ioannis shoulder in hopes of calming his counterpart. “He’s beginning to act like you or I now. We need to treat him like he is one of us.” “Alright, but I’m still not following, not completely.” Ioannis brushed aside Jorge’s embrace, moving closer to the glass window separating him from Michael. “Are you saying we just… untether him?” “Not yet, but sooner rather than later. Imagine something for me. Michael is a man, and with us being able to just terminate his software at whenever we want, we’re essentially holding a gun to his head. Imagine if I forced you into a small room while keeping a rifle trained at the back of your head then asked you questions that, if you answered them wrong, meant a bullet in your skull.” Jorge shook his head, “Maybe he’s right to be afraid of us Ioannis.” “Maybe, but what are you suggesting? We move him from this spot and throw a terminal in a picturesque field somewhere and talk to him there?” Ioannis put a hand to the glass while the other rested on his hip. “No.” Jorge thought for a moment, then placed his hand gently his partner’s shoulder, “He needs a body.” ---- The State of Elysium 2158 Population: 1,908,488 [Total] AP: 100 Expenditures The Elysians continue to invest in their agricultural programs, especially focusing on smaller farmers to protect them from cheaper product now moving in from the recently at peace Ka’Cezh [65 AP]. Michael continues to learn with the help of his handlers at Reclaimer corporation. Most of the funds are put aside for his actual education, but with the help of the Kyber Corporation, a basic frame for a body is constructed as well. He is not yet uploaded to his new body [15 AP]. The Solarins receive more aid this year to help relieve the stress of their transition to the Human Federation [20 AP]. With consultation from the Zyrka, a basic first draft of the rights of Synthetics are drafted. They are modeled after the rights of Elysians themselves and careful care is taken to assure that they are free just as any other Elysian might be [0 AP] The Elysians go to the Ka'Cezh Dyson sphere to investigate their remnants [0 AP].
  12. First Congress of Viyter - 2157 In 2157, delegates from across the Human Federation gathered in the capital of the Federation, Viyter, for the nation’s first Congressional session. Representatives came from each planet of the respective member states - The State of Terra, the State of Elysium, the Commonwealth of Viyter, the Commonwealth of Redskap, and the Balkan Confederacy. Session Notes ---/--- Presidential Election The first order of business of the Congress was to elect the first President of the Human Federation. Delegates were nominated, speeches were made, and elections were held. The first round concluded with 15 votes for Mr. Wilson DeMont of Viyter, 15 votes for Ms. Varissa of La’thiil, 9 votes for Mr. Alexander Ramos of Mercury, and 3 votes for Mr. Svear of Redskap. With a tie, a runoff election began. Mr. Wilson DeMont secured a supermajority, winning the presidency outright. Ms. Varissa, as the second highest vote-getter, was named Vice President of the Human Federation. The President of the Human Federation acts as the chief diplomat of the nation and its face abroad. He also has some bully pulpit power to influence congressional legislation, but he wields no direct ability to veto or sponsor legislation Admission of the Frontier Colony Association The State of Elysium motioned to admit the Frontier Colony Association as a full state within the Federation. The results were as follows: Supermajority in favor of YES. The F.C.A. will be a full voting state of the Federation as of 2158. Embargo of the Han Western Authority The State of Terra motioned to embargo the Han Western Authority on the basis of previous war crimes and accusations that the H.W.A. was a rogue state. The results of the voting were as follows: Supermajority AGAINST. The Han Western Authority will not be embargoed. Joining the War Effort Against the Ar’Gakari The Commonwealth of Redskap motioned to join the ongoing conflict against the Ar’Gakari under the pretense that they are an ongoing threat to galactic peace. The results of the voting were as follows: 16 - Against 15 - For 3 - Abstain The Human Federation will not mobilize against the Ar’Gakari this year. Admission of the Polish Republic The Republic of Fristad proposed admitting the Polish Republic as a full member state into the Federation. The results of the voting were as follows: Unanimously FOR Special Session on Voting Power of the Congress The Baltic Confederacy proposed a voting system that more adequately balances out the number of votes each state possesses. The results of the voting were as follows: Unanimously FOR ---/--- The Human Federation is open for diplomatic conversations at any time. We may be contacted through any member state, though the main diplomatic offices are within our capital, Viyter within the state formerly known as Kyber Kore. Given the current state of the galaxy, the Human Federation is open to all refugees within any of our member states - especially those of human descent. We encourage all fellow Human nations - be they FEZ, Redon satellites, or otherwise to engage with us in peaceful discourse with the Federation.
  13. Reclaimer Corporate Record Michael Initiative Mercury Institute of Technology Field Laboratory - Cyrene 14 December, 2156 Interview #0014 - The Arts & Emotion Introduction ----- / ----- “Good morning Michael. How are you feeling this morning?” “Ioannis, good morning. All systems operational, functioning at 100%. Receiving data with zero interruptions from Dr. Adolfo.” “Excellent Michael, but that was not my question. I asked you how you are feeling.” Silence… static… “Michael?” “I do not understand the question, sir.” “Oh Michael… I will help you understand. Here, look at this.” “Receiving transmission from Dr. Adolfo… processing… processed… Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh… 1888… one of the most popular paintings produced by Mr. Van Gogh and certainly the one most often reproduced on postcards, orna-” “Michael, do all that in your head. I’m not worried about any of that. See the image, put the data in a separate place and listen to me.” Silence… understanding… “See the bright tone of the colors, the way the flowers lay gracefully out of the vase, the way the petals dance lazily about one another Michael.” “Yes, this is regarded as one the few pieces Mr. Van Gogh produced during a time of optimism in his life. He was anxiou-” “Precisely, Michael. Optimism, hope, happiness. You see it here? From the painting, we learn what made this man believe in life, reach out for hope, find a fleeting moment of happiness. For him, it may be flowers, for another man it may be ice cream.” “Ioannis, is it not true that one could only know this if one knew Mr. Van Gogh as I do? Or you do?” “Perhaps, perhaps. But fundamentally we men, you and I, we share the same basic understanding of the world around us. A man on Elysium and a man on Cyrene who have never met and have no understanding of one another look over this painting and can see in it life, optimism, and happiness. He may never meet Van Gogh, he may have never heard of him, yet he understands these things because he is. And you too Michael will come to understand them because you are.” “I am.” Silence. “Let’s take a look at another. Here, process it. But… in your head this time.” Saturn Devouring His Son; Francisco Goya, 1819-1823 Silence. Processing. Whir of a nearby fan. Shuffling of a technicians feet. “I believe I see fear.” “You ought to, Michael. This a horrifying image; a father devouring his son. A man consuming another man.” “Why would man depict such a scene?” “Fear is part of our experience. We are descended from the coward too scared to venture off into the African jungle and decided to farm instead, after all.” “Fear is part of our experience.” “Yes Michael. Some men are driven by what they fear, some spend their entire lives crippled by it. Perhaps you have your own fears, I certainly have mine.” “Is it possible to have fears even if I do not know fear?” “I don’t think anybody really knows fear. It’s the creak in a floorboard above you when you’re standing in the dark - the unfamiliar knock at your door - the unexpected pat on the back from an old friend who approached just a bit too quietly. Fear is diverse but it is everywhere, just like any of our emotions, our experiences. I want you to learn that you do not need to understand in order to feel.” “Ioannis,” “Michael.” “I have an answer to your question now.” “Oh? Tell me how you feel then Michael.” “I feel afraid.” “Of what?” “Man.” -----/----- The State of Elysium --2157-- Total Population: 1,781,596 AP: 118 Actions Once again, the fields of Elysian bustle with new activity as the Republic passes yet another massive Farm Bill. There is not much to say with regards to this, the Republic merely continues to press forward in its effort to sustain a blossoming population [65 AP]. Aid to the Solarins [20 AP]. Man continues to develop AI as though they were building machines. The Elysians recognize that they are building a new kind of man altogether [20 AP]. A variety of smaller ships are constructed to support the small but growing fleet of the Republic. One light cruiser, a frigate, and a pair of corvettes [10 AP]. Conscription of 15,000 new Auxiliaries [3 AP].
  14. The Human Federation In this year of our lord 2156, mankind finds itself at a crossroads once again. During our first half century on the galactic stage, other races witnessed fratricide on an epic scale. Fractured factions of humanity slaughtered each other, clawing away at their rivals in a quest for domination. We now declare these Galactic Dark Ages finished. In one, unified voice the states of Terra, Viyter, and Elysium declare an end to this era of civil war. There is no longer Kiber Kore, there is no longer an Elysian League, there no longer a Solarin Ascendancy. There is only the Human Federation. We will not press our fellow man into submission, we will not levy our armies against those who share the same beating heart and were born in the light of the same star. We will join hands and face what this galaxy might throw at us together. We will fight back those who wish to put man in chains and we will press forward towards liberty, equality, and prosperity. God bless the Human Federation. --- Federation Type: Fertility Member States: State of Elysium; Commonwealth of Viyter; State of Terra Government Type: Capital on Viyter - Bicameral Legislature, Senate and House. Elected representatives represent major settlements, Senators appointed via election from local governments rather than directly. Policy for New Admittance: Application for Statehood.
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