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  1. unlikely, do your best gamers, have fun & be nice to each other.
  2. extremely cursed image do not open
  3. October, eh? That’s cute. 😏 Memes aside: Favorite event? Favorite singular character? Favorite build? Whether it be a city, monument, etc.
  4. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... pass?
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      @Ever I follow nug on snapchat and he's a blessing of a memelord but idk if he's around much still

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  6. Nope, not one bit. If I somehow went back in time & was involved in LoTC from the earlier stages, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. The only thing I regret is how I handled my... err, ‘me time’? Whenever I was free and did something other than LoTC I felt massively guilty about it, something I touched on in my going-away thread I believe. Towards the end I’d catch myself not logging in for a day or two... or sometimes I’d log in for only thirty minutes, do a few chores, then log off for another three days. It wasn’t so much me trying to keep up appearances of being a busy bee still but more that I felt so crushed. There was always work to be done and I had to log in and do it but there were other things demanding my attention... I wasn’t really paying the proper respect to my college workload, I felt guilty & sick whenever I tried to enjoy a different game... it just wasn’t a healthy situation. Roleplay really changed in 2.0. Things got more serious. My friend group splintered, either people moved on from the server, got banned, or were moving towards other roleplay groups so we didn’t get to interact much. That, alongside other issues 2.0 brought really killed things for me. I kind of stopped roleplaying altogether come 3.0, I really just treated the server as a 3D chat room. I’d sit in some cozy tavern in a city somewhere, enjoying the idle chatter and chatting on /ooc with friends whilst helping the occasional noob. I helped with the guide team, then GM, left, came back, GM, admin, left, back again... I think where I’m going with this is that for most people, they love the people here and their roleplay experience. I don’t really care about my own, personal roleplay. That kind of died back in early 2.0. But I found that I had the chance to nurture a fun roleplay experience for others. And that, I don’t regret a single moment. I met so many awesome people here, made so many strong friendships, and worked with a lot of cool (and some un-cool 😛) people. Even though most of the time I’ve been here I’ve been doing work, or working to ensure others enjoyed RP as much as they would, I’ve still enjoyed almost every second of it. I think the way I always put it was- “I want others to enjoy the server as much as I enjoyed playing in 1.0/Aegis”. I have never enjoyed a game/gaming experience as much as I did then and I doubt I ever will again. It was just the perfect storm of adolescence, a fun new experience (minecraft multiplayer), roleplay, and a lot of cool people I met along the way. I remember watching you build a lot... I probably did a lot of annoying stuff like shocking you with lightning and I can almost guarantee I locked you in an obsidian cube once or twice. That one is always funny. IDK – I’ve heard lots of good stuff about it but I’m lazy with watching TV shows. Heard lots of good stuff though. !_! Why are you people putting me to work... I think that if there’s any chance I stick around long term then I’d probably pursue some sort of staff position again, my above paragraph probably explaining why. Right now I’m kind of just running around & exploring the map whilst thinking about all the crazy stuff I’ve done on here over the years and all the friendships come and gone- who knows what I’ll do once I burn up nostalgia fumes lol. I definitely want to see the new map though, I’m very interested in seeing new dwarf cities.
  7. That’s not a question but hi Hit me with the realest real question s
  8. I really liked the show when I was younger, it had such a pretty art style and I love how french/french-english accent sounds. It may have influenced some choices later in life !_! Rebecca Guay & Terese Nielsen are my two favorite all-time artists. Guay’s works are all beautiful. Modern day favorite art is probably Growth Spiral because it reminds me a lot of Guay’s work. Favorite actual card gameplay wise would be harder, but probably Jeskai Ascendancy. I’ve got a foil, artist-signed playset and they are the treasure of my collection. Maybe. I’ll definitely poke around 7.0 a bit. Humm... Maybe some sort of Asian food? I’d miss cheese though. IKR lmao? I pop in for a visit and I’m already being put to work !_! It’s impossible to narrow it down, I’ve had so many awesome/awful experiences over the years. I cherish almost all of my early time (early Aegis) in LoTC, I think about all those people & moments often. Really bittersweet nostalgia. If I had to pick something for best I’d probably just default to something like the Aegis battle of Galahar. I was thinking about that specifically last night and it blew my mind thinking about how that was quite literally 7~ish? years ago. I don’t really remember the specifics, I just know that I & a lot of people had fun. I guess that’s the best memory? You don’t really remember the details but you fondly remember how the whole event made you feel. Worst moment would probably be having to ban people I really liked or cleaning up after people. People going PEACE I’M OUT then trying to harm the server/playerbase as much as possible on their way out was always a massive headache (and made me sad, especially if we were friends or acquaintances). Yeah, quack. I’ll probably poke around 7.0. Me checking back here was totally random but I guess I timed it right to see the new map go live. Gosh there’s a lot I’m happy about doing... I was very proud to get GM status way back in like... holy crap, 2014? I’m guessing. You’ll probably remember how I was a total stubborn butt trying to force through things I thought the playerbase would like or need (namely freebuild 😉 ). I was always happy to put up a new announcement thread like “yo guys, you know that one feature/rule change/thing you’ve wanted implemented for weeks/months? OKAY HERE IT IS! GO WILD! I loved that feeling so much. Giving players what (I thought) they needed was such a great feeling. I’m not sure what I’m proudest of though, since most of my “work” was pestering different people into doing stuff... (sorry coders!) As for favorite RP... again, I could go on for hours about all the best RP moments I’ve had but I’ll just give a cop out answer and go with early Aegis memories again. Those days after school where I’d rush home to see what was up with my friends are really some of my fondest memories. There’s a high chance I’ll run around the new map but IDK how much I’ll be around. !_! If I stay too long I’ll probably get put to work again. DDG obviously, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. !_! Why are you trying to put me to work I’ve been out of the game too long to really know what’s what. I just hope it’s well received by the players and there’s lots of cool stuff to explore (and plenty of areas for players to build in 😃 )
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  10. I just found this what the heck ask me stuff boys, assuming any of you guys even remember me
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