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  1. taking a break. peace y'all.

    1. Telanir


      quite deserving of a break. :)

      Hope to see you back soon!

    2. Luv


      💖 this game can be stressful af. take as much time as you need, but hope to see you back soon!

  2. IGN: Urahra Character's Name: Tanith Vursur Bow or/and arrows needed? Yes, please.
  3. To my sister, Catherine, I don't understand why, but I can't stop thinking about what I saw. Since then, I've quaffed down enough liquor to wipe my memory clean, yet - in the quiet hours of the night - I still see those images burnt into my mind's eye. Imagine staring at the sun. How, even after you close your eyes, you still see the red sphere on the inside of your eyelids. It's like that, Catherine. When I close my eyes, I see the mutilated corpse of that little boy. He was so small, Catherine. No taller than my knee. Two, maybe three years old. They sliced him open from groin to sternum and rearranged his insides. They cleaned him like a fish. They smashed his teeth, carved up his face. Dressed him up with strings like a marionette. How could anyone do that to a child? All I can think about are the hours, perhaps days, of agony that little boy endured before he died. I didn't even know his name, but I've shed a thousand tears for him. For him - and every other victim of those heinous, disgusting perverts. How can I return to normal life, Catherine? I can't work any longer. That's why I resigned my job. My heart is broken. When I look around me, everything seems fake and hollow. It's a whitewashed façade plastered over a corrupt and broken society. I can't sit here and write trite, propagandistic articles for that insipid newspaper. I can't act out cutesy theater shows on a stage where five people were systematically tortured and murdered. These 'Noble Titans' haven't been brought to justice - and I doubt they ever will be. They're still walking around free, even as I write this. Living ordinary lives among ordinary people. How can I trust anyone? How can I believe in the goodness of the Empire when something like this is allowed to happen? I truly believed in Oren, but now we have corpses lying in the streets -filling the air with their moldering. We have murderers running rampant and anonymous among us. And nobody cares. Nobody cares that a toddler was kidnapped, tortured, mutilated, and murdered. I know that other men will laugh at me. They'll call me soft-hearted and say "I've seen worse!" But someone has to mourn for these lost, unmourned victims. If no one else will weep over their graves, then let it be me. Let mine be the heart that bears this burden. I feel no shame for the tears I've shed. And may GOD damn this Empire full of uncaring people who merely clean up the dead, throw them in a pit, cover them up, and forget them - allowing them to fester away in injustice, silence, and anonymity. I love you very much, Catherine. I'm proud of you for becoming a holy knight and I think the role suits you. You've found the place you need to be. As for me, I'm still searching. It's been a long time since I've visited home, so... I daresay that's where I'll be going next. Maybe I'll find some healing there. Take care, Catherine. Please give Geoff and John my best. I'll miss them. They've been good friends. Anthony P.S. I'm putting James in charge of the theater. Pass the word along to him, if you could. We've finished rehearsing Courtship of Sarai. It's an important play, so make sure it gets staged properly. I wish I could have seen it, but I can't remain in Oren a moment longer.
  4. "find out irp :)" 


    no thanks I dont really want to

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MissAnneDrey


      i get it to certain questions like "is ur character a vampire/frost witch/mage/some sort of spook/magical being" but half the time ppl know not to ask that. then u ask a question like "where does ur character live since we're meeting irply" and they're like "find out irp!" like what the hell

    3. Shorsand


      fidn uto irp :6

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      @monkeypoachersorry I exclusively metagame. I have ascended beyond mere mortal RP

  5. Aw, thanks, Viros! I'll work on your skin this weekend!
  6. Gragmar Napier collects shells on a foreign beach while her lifemate, Edward Napier, throws a ball for their dog Sir Cheddar XI. She flings the shells with all her strength into the tide, watching with pleasure as they skip across the waves. She and her lifemate have not lived in Oren for years at this point and she's very happy in the place where she is. If she knew about these foolish dress-clad humans who were trying to prosecute her lifemate, she didn't let it bother her... seeing as they were trying to exile him from a place he no longer lived and hadn't lived for over a decade. Honestly, she would think they're just making themselves look stupid at this point.
  7. Thank you for your interest, but I am offering skins only right now!
  8. Hello, friends! There's a certain special thing I want to buy, but it's kind of expensive and I'd like to raise some extra money. So I'm taking skin commissions! Skins I've Made: I can do girls, guys, humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, monsters, armor - whatever! You name it, I'll skin it. This shop is Pay-What-You-Want, meaning you can pay me anything. Whatever the skin is worth to you, that's what you pay. It has to be in USD, though. That's United States Dollars. I am not taking minas at this time, sorry. I accept payment through my ko-fi. https://ko-fi.com/urara Would you like to commission me? Just post on this thread with a description and reference images of what you want. I'll start making your skin once you've paid. Commission List: 1. VIROS - paid
  9. Update! https://tanithsdiary.xyz/comic/entry-144/ Tanith fails.
  10. Gragmar Napier neither knows nor cares about this proclamation since she has never given a single **** about human religion, being an orc and all. She continues living happily in retirement with her lifemate, not caring one bit about what any of these weird dress-wearing human men have to think about her. If she were to find out about the church's declaration, she would find it mightily stupid since she and her lifemate have been together faithfully for over 60 years. She would be amazed they're still so obsessed with her after all this time, despite the fact that she and Edward haven't lived in Oren for decades.
  11. Anthony Bentarus picks up a copy of Her Highness’s rebuttal from his local print shoppe. He goes to his favorite cafe to read it over a cup of coffee. ”Utterly inspired!” he declares, slapping the paper onto the table with such vigor that it nearly toppled his coffee cup. “Her Highness has the right of it. If women, Adunians, and nonhumans are so inferior… then why are these people so terrified of them that they must encode their inferiority into law? No, the source of exclusionary policy is cowardice, just as the good princess said!” A few of the cafe patrons eye this strange man talking to himself, but decline to comment - as talking to one’s self in public appears to be an Orenian pastime.
  12. Update! https://tanithsdiary.xyz/comic/entry-143/ Tanith makes a decision.
  13. Update! https://tanithsdiary.xyz/comic/entry-142/ The "Tanith gets her law degree" arc begins!
  14. A ruling has been issued on this case. Thank you.
  15. RULING ON THE PETITION for the LEGAL DEATH of VARON DRASKOVIC To the Members of House Draskovic - This letter is to inform you that the Imperial Courts have judged the Right Honorable Baron Draskovic, Varon Draskovic, to be declared dead in absentia. As a missing person for over a decade, precedence demands such. However, it was established in the Imperial Letters for the Barony of Draskovic, issued in 1813 by His Imperial Majesty Joseph II, that the succession of the Barony is non-hereditary. Therefore, with Baron Varon Draskovic's death, the title will revert to the possession of the Crown. Signed, The Rt. Honorable Judge of the Circuit Court, Tanith Vursur
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