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  1. Hi Chump, hope you’re doing well!! We miss you on the Craft. Tell me more about your business venture with Mr. Bacon and why I ought to invest
  2. Viros you are definitely one of the lords of the craft

  3. May the 4th be with you!

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    2. Urahra


      I would classify it as science-fantasy with a heavy leaning on the fantasy elements.


      You could set it in a fantasy world and you wouldn't have to change a dang thing about the story

    3. devvy


      omg its my reddit cake day

    4. AndrewTech



  4. On this blessed day... we are ALL lords of the craft...
  5. hmu if you're a female char and want my poet boy character to write you some simpy poems

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    2. Urahra


      man I can't simp for a married woman!! that's not v canonist.

    3. TotallyTayto


      that doesn't stop anyone in the server lmao


    4. Urahra


      i'm a good hearted canonist young man, ma'am. i'm afraid i must resist your womanly temptations

  6. hope you like! Will send skin file over DMs.
  7. Gave Mr. Percy a receding hairline, a touch of grey, and some muttonchops!
  8. Cav, I've told you this a bunch already, but I'm putting it on the forums for posterity. I'm a huge fan of all the creative work you've been doing for LOTC and especially for Oren. You've only been on the server for a few months, but your output has been genuinely so fantastic. This is cool as hell. I'll definitely be using it.
  9. what dark internet ritual must I do to bring about a return of Chumpchump?
  10. Anthony Bentarus clutched his copy of Natural Wealth close as Henry debuted the gorgeous original song. Even he, a youth who had never yet fallen in love, was moved to tears by the beautiful melody and lyrics.
  11. Anthony Bentarus happens across the advertisement for Penton's new book, published in the local paper. He frowns, thinking back to the party he attended at his new favorite author's house. How he had been embarrassed and shamed in front of Sir Penton... Anthony felt himself lost and adrift in the labyrinthine streets of Providence. It had been his hope to attend the party and maybe strike up a friendship with the author whom he so admired. Counting out the small amount of pocket change he has, he resolves to head to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Penton's latest. In hopes that
  12. Anthony Bentarus fretfully reviewed his lines in front of the mirror in his inn room. Rehearsing in the basement with James and Olaurae was one thing... but soon he'd be standing in front of an audience. What would they think of him? What if they laughed at him? The thought turned his blood icy and made sweat bead up on his brow. "Of course they'll love me!" Anthony said as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. "I'm me!" The statement did not inspire him with the confidence he'd hoped. The sight of his own face reflected in the glass made him grimace.
  13. Absolutely! Just send whenever.
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