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  1. tanith asking very big, important, hard-hitting questions in her diary


    1. Chorale__


      she's still alive?? omg

    2. Urahra


      yeah I'm updating her diary again for funsies. not really planning to be active on the server again but I missed her and wanted to write something to wrap up her narrative arc. 

  2. OOC: Continued from Part 4 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 here. You may notice that parts of the screenshots have been covered up with black boxes. I did this to edit out LOOC conversations, DMs, server notices, server announcements, troll RP, irrelevant RP, etc. Warning for some romantic dialogue, etc. No kissy emotes or FTBs though. Even so, if romance RP grosses you out, you've been warned. Recap: EPISODE 17 The Razing of Vanaheim EPISODE 18 Duke of the North EPISODE 19 Staunton Suspicions EPISODE 20 Escape from Oren EPILOGUE
  3. OOC: Continued from Part 3. Part 1 and Part 2 here. Recap: Portions of the screenshots are blacked out and/or otherwise edited. I did this to edit out OOC messages, troll RP, server notices, irrelevant RP, etc. This was done for ease of reading, so you could enjoy the RP without trying to figure out who was saying what. Also, there's some romantic scenes/dialogue. No FTBs or emotes - just dialogue. I decided not to show the screenshots with intense romantic RP because those feel a bit too personal to me. Instead, for romantic roleplay scenes, I just briefly described them instead. Still, if that makes you feel icky, look out for it. EPISODE 13: The Lord Chancellor's Bargain EPISODE 14: Hope EPISODE 15: Asher EPISODE 16: Freedom Part 5
  4. OOC: Continued from Part 2 Part 1 here. Recap: As always, the blacked-out parts of the screenshots are OOC conversation, DMs, server notices, troll roleplay. EPISODE 9: Prelude to War EPISODE 10: Refugees in Vanaheim! EPISODE 11: The Ducal Coalition Formed EPISODE 12: Captured! Part 4
  5. OOC: Tons of 'em. If you want a specific character, though, just DM me and I'll take a look. Though I'm kinda busy with school rn so it may take some time.
  6. in case y'all like some LOTC ancient history:





    1. Rilath


      nice read, was a nice blast of nostalgia to see your name pop up on my screen :) Hope all has been well for you two!

  7. OOC: If you were in Oren during this time, tell me what your character's name was. I might just have screenshots of you. When I say this is a tiny, tiny fraction of the screenshots I have, I'm being very real lmao. There's almost 7000 of them, so I got screencaps of a LOT of characters.
  8. OOC: Continued from Part 1. Recap: Our story begins in the throes of the Schism War - a titanic struggle between the Canonist League and the Mardonic League. On the side of Canonism fought the nations of Akovia, Adria, and Savoy. On the side of the Mardonic League were the forces of Storm King Maric, Aesterwald, Urguan, the Elves, and the War Uzg. Into this fateful conflict arrived Jace Evans ( @Ludulo) , a migrant farm laborer wandering in search of work. He arrived, unsuspecting, in Karovia - the capital of Akovia under King Andrik Vydra. Jace wanted only the simple life of a farmer, but soon found himself conscripted into the war effort alongside the soldiers of the Canonist League. He fought alongside Andrik Vydra to conquer Oren's fallen capital of Petrus and secure a future for the Reformed Kingdom of Oren. Having cut his teeth as a soldier, Jace joined the 2nd Akovian Regiment and moved to the city of Petrus. His devotion and intelligence impressed his superiors and he began quickly rising through the ranks. However, his ascent came to an abrupt halt when King Andrik fell to an assassination plot by the High Elves of Haelun'or. Infuriated by the King's cruel and senseless death, Jace worked with Duke Vasili Vanir to found the Sons of Vydra, a military organization devoted to avenging the King. Once King Andrik's death was avenged and the High Elves were made to pay for their treachery, Jace - now in his 40's - retired from military life. He was offered an esquireship by Duke Vasili Vanir. The lands of Karovia, now under control of the Vanirs, had become abandoned and overgrown following the Schism War. If Jace could build a township atop the ruins and draw in new residents, he would be raised from his commoner status to the nobility and be endowed with the title of Baron. He looked forward to a peaceful retirement serving the new King of Oren, Olivier de Savoie. Along the way, he had many chance encounters with an intriguing young lady by the name of Lorina Carrion. She was the last surviving descendant of Emperor Tuvya Carrion, who was deposed violently by Storm King Maric of the Mardonic League. With Storm King Maric defeated, Lorina sought to join the clergy as a nun. Lorina and Jace had many things in common. For one, they both loved the green hills, quiet streams, dark forests, and steep cliffs of Karovia. Karovia was where Jace found his calling in life, fighting for Canonism and the will of King Andrik. Lorina, for her part, had spent much of her childhood and adolescence living in Karovia with the Vanirs, who watched over her. Jace and Lorina's mutual connection to the land brought them both back to those gentle hills and forests, where they would soon begin to care for one another as much as they cared for Karovia. Warning: romance RP imminent. No kissing emotes or FTBs, just romantic dialogue. If that icks you out, though, you've been warned. You may notice that there's blacked-out sections in the screenshots. I edited out OOC messages, DMs, server notices, "your friend has come online" notices, and other non-roleplay things for ease of reading. EPISODE 5: Vanhall EPISODE 6: The Lady Carrion EPISODE 7: Lorina's Proposal EPISODE 8: Disappointment Part 3
  9. OOC: I met my husband Thorten (now @Ludulo) while playing LOTC in 2015. We got married in 2018. Back in 2015, Thorten decided that he was going to screenshot all of his character's roleplay. He played his character Jace for a little over a year, resulting in 6000+ screenshots. He gave me a thumbdrive containing all 6000+ screenshots. I've looked back on them fondly over the years and I thought it might be nice to share some of them with the LOTC community. It's a really fun trip down memory lane for those of us who played in Oren during 2015-2016. You may notice I've covered some text up with black. I edited out OOC conversations, direct messages, server notices, troll RP, and stuff like that. I did this for ease of reading so that you all could enjoy focusing on the story and the roleplay. Without further ado, I present... The Ballad of Jace Evans, pt. 1 EPISODE 1 "Karovian Peasant" EPISODE 2 "Man at Arms" EPISODE 3 "Ensign" EPISODE 4 "Sons of Vydra" Part 2 here.
  10. Hi, dropping in to leave this message for those who visit my profile:


    I am inactive with currently no intent to return to LOTC for the foreseeable future. This may change, but I am currently very busy with my real life career and education.


    I have had some people message me in regards to LOTC things, so here's my response to all of that:


    1. If you want to unlock a chest that I locked and need my permission, here it is. You may unlock any of my chests. 


    2. If I made a change to the Oren family tree that you disagree with - feel free to ask another person to change it back. Several months ago, when I was active, I would occasionally edit the tree if people asked me politely to do so. I never edited the tree out of malice or ill intent, but rather because I was asked politely and I wanted to be nice and helpful. If a mistake was made or it's inaccurate, I am very sorry. Feel free to request that someone else edit it and change it back.


    EDIT: It has come to my attention that someone was impersonating me in order to make more recent edits to the family tree. These were NOT my doing and I have requested them to be removed as an editor. For whoever is out there trying to impersonate me... **** you, sincerely. :)


    3. Please do not contact me in regards to anything LOTC-related. If you just want to hang out as friends, that's cool and I would love that, but I'm not interested in discussing LOTC things at this time.


    Thank you all and have fun RPing!


    Your friend, Urara / Urahra

  11. taking a break. peace y'all.

    1. Telanir


      quite deserving of a break. :)

      Hope to see you back soon!

    2. 𝙻𝚞𝚟 XO

      𝙻𝚞𝚟 XO

      💖 this game can be stressful af. take as much time as you need, but hope to see you back soon!

  12. IGN: Urahra Character's Name: Tanith Vursur Bow or/and arrows needed? Yes, please.
  13. To my sister, Catherine, I don't understand why, but I can't stop thinking about what I saw. Since then, I've quaffed down enough liquor to wipe my memory clean, yet - in the quiet hours of the night - I still see those images burnt into my mind's eye. Imagine staring at the sun. How, even after you close your eyes, you still see the red sphere on the inside of your eyelids. It's like that, Catherine. When I close my eyes, I see the mutilated corpse of that little boy. He was so small, Catherine. No taller than my knee. Two, maybe three years old. They sliced him open from groin to sternum and rearranged his insides. They cleaned him like a fish. They smashed his teeth, carved up his face. Dressed him up with strings like a marionette. How could anyone do that to a child? All I can think about are the hours, perhaps days, of agony that little boy endured before he died. I didn't even know his name, but I've shed a thousand tears for him. For him - and every other victim of those heinous, disgusting perverts. How can I return to normal life, Catherine? I can't work any longer. That's why I resigned my job. My heart is broken. When I look around me, everything seems fake and hollow. It's a whitewashed façade plastered over a corrupt and broken society. I can't sit here and write trite, propagandistic articles for that insipid newspaper. I can't act out cutesy theater shows on a stage where five people were systematically tortured and murdered. These 'Noble Titans' haven't been brought to justice - and I doubt they ever will be. They're still walking around free, even as I write this. Living ordinary lives among ordinary people. How can I trust anyone? How can I believe in the goodness of the Empire when something like this is allowed to happen? I truly believed in Oren, but now we have corpses lying in the streets -filling the air with their moldering. We have murderers running rampant and anonymous among us. And nobody cares. Nobody cares that a toddler was kidnapped, tortured, mutilated, and murdered. I know that other men will laugh at me. They'll call me soft-hearted and say "I've seen worse!" But someone has to mourn for these lost, unmourned victims. If no one else will weep over their graves, then let it be me. Let mine be the heart that bears this burden. I feel no shame for the tears I've shed. And may GOD damn this Empire full of uncaring people who merely clean up the dead, throw them in a pit, cover them up, and forget them - allowing them to fester away in injustice, silence, and anonymity. I love you very much, Catherine. I'm proud of you for becoming a holy knight and I think the role suits you. You've found the place you need to be. As for me, I'm still searching. It's been a long time since I've visited home, so... I daresay that's where I'll be going next. Maybe I'll find some healing there. Take care, Catherine. Please give Geoff and John my best. I'll miss them. They've been good friends. Anthony P.S. I'm putting James in charge of the theater. Pass the word along to him, if you could. We've finished rehearsing Courtship of Sarai. It's an important play, so make sure it gets staged properly. I wish I could have seen it, but I can't remain in Oren a moment longer.
  14. "find out irp :)" 


    no thanks I dont really want to

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    2. ydegirl


      i get it to certain questions like "is ur character a vampire/frost witch/mage/some sort of spook/magical being" but half the time ppl know not to ask that. then u ask a question like "where does ur character live since we're meeting irply" and they're like "find out irp!" like what the hell

    3. Shorsand


      fidn uto irp :6

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      @monkeypoachersorry I exclusively metagame. I have ascended beyond mere mortal RP

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