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  1. Totally newb question, but what's the current status on VAs?

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    2. Telanir


      The cultural revolution has forever changed the face of LotC. :D

    3. Aislin


      I carried on your prophecy and they're dead. you are welcome.

    4. Mumkey



  2. Is there a guide for starting out in the Fringe? Commands, etc? So far it's very confusing and offputting.

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    2. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      Nah, all I know is oldschool jar swapping.

    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      I feel like it must be 7.4 screwing up the plugins to where I can't read the help info.

    4. Birdwhisperer
  3. What's the current IP? Keeping getting can't resolve host name.

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    2. Drak3


      Try 1.lotc.co

    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      Thanks, it finally worked with that one.

    4. Space


      You can downgrade with the launcher.

  4. When will the server update to 7.4?

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    2. argonian


      1.7.4 works with LOTC.

    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      For some reason I haven't been able to log on last two days. What's the address again?

    4. Jistuma


      You can play on 7.4

  5. What version of MC are we running?

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    2. iMattyz


      I'm not sure of the exact version, but 1.7.2 is the version with all the working mods.

    3. Ned Lud
    4. Aislin


      we dont take kindly to old folk

  6. Hope all is well with everyone. Peeking in after another one of those long hunts.

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    2. Telanir


      Hey Ned Lud, hope things are doing well for you too. :)

      Your cultural revolution has shaped the server to be a different place, for the better or worse!


    3. Goldrim
    4. Raptorious
  7. This is the Support and Assistance section, not the Debate section, so we're answering the questions. If this were a debate, then I would say that to compare a game to a dictatorship is laughable and ignorant.
  8. The server and forum host can freely do everything covered under the terms of service, which includes spying on perverts and removing access from anyone that's a threat or an *******. This has nothing to do with the laws and liberties of a nation, it's about terms defined and enforced by those hosting a service which is provided to users as a privilege. If you don't honor your agreement to the established terms, the service is removed. You have no right to access another man's work that is freely offered for entertainment purposes.
  9. Is there a rough ETA on the new map?

  10. How many years since we arrived in Anthos?

    1. Tethras


      According to the Wiki. 1426 - The dwarves settle into the grand city of Kal'Azgoth, hoping for a peace never before seen in dwarven history. With an alliance with Oren, prospects look higher than ever.

  11. Hey guys, remember to update your status.

  12. What's the current height limitation on orcs? Last I recall, several months back, it was nine feet.

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    2. knightly11 | lotc_fox

      knightly11 | lotc_fox

      I thought it was anything below 12 feet...

    3. VonAulus


      7-9 feet

      ologs up to 12 at the max

    4. Ned Lud
  13. This would require plug-in support and I'm not even sure if it would be doable, but perhaps if you're caught committing a crime, imprisoned, tortured, beaten and/or executed, etc. you are then released into the wilderness or resurrected at the Cloud Temple, but for a certain length of time, perhaps it could be 24 hours, perhaps only a few hours, an assortment of the following takes place: - Your health is reduced. - Your strength is reduced. - Your speed is reduced. - You are poisoned. - You are blinded. - You are starved. - You can't jump. - You can't swim. These ailments could be limited and selected by the communities. Durations could increase based on the frequency of offenses. The role-play reasoning for all of this would be that if you survived imprisonment and were released, you're so badly beaten and mistreated that you have to stagger around for a few days to recover. If you were executed, perhaps the Cloud Temple monks withhold certain healing luxuries from criminals, applying basic resurrection and then forcing you to rough it. Rough idea, not necessarily doable, but a plug-in option would certainly deter players from bullshitting around, especially if they had to either limp around like Reek for a while or log off and wait it out. You would think twice before returning to attempt petty crimes and random murders, but you could still role-play until the effects wore off, much better then sitting in a jail cell.
  14. What's the craft for saddles?

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    2. Mithradites


      Ned Lud's the kind of guy who doesn't take too kindly to that thur minecraft-wiki. Too much knowledge for one man, I says.

    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      I checked the wiki and it said it was still uncraftable. Lmao, oh well, thanks.

    4. Kitten


      We use craftbook

  15. Anyone have a link to the current, most recent, official Cloud Temple monk lore?

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