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  1. Vaidar -Never Forget-

  2. Maaateee? :( Where are yoou, everything alriiight? :

  3. I am so sorry everyone i derped :) The cords are reversed. x-250 z1800. Now that there is a map on the main page you can see the realm of Hanseti at the bottom.
  4. Head south to renatus. From there head south west until you reach the snow peaked mts. At around [ooc meta supporting coordinates] are two gian statues. They stand at the start of a great valley of ice. Continue on to "the maw". You can get directions there.)) Canadianwarrior
  5. Huuki Commented On Your Topic "Workers Needed In The South"

  6. Aye follow the old south road till you reach the ruins of Renatus. From there head south west [coordinates are removed, do not meta]. Two statues of the ancestors stand guard to a great valley of ice and snow. Along the valley you will come to the boarder keep known as "The Maw". Ask there for directions. Bring food, armor and weapons or ask for an escort. The road is dangerous especially through the ice caves. The Monk in Black
  7. Aye we have just surveyed an area for forestry and have plotted an area for cabins. Make your way to the city and seek out myself or the hochmister. Several shops have just completed construction but are not being sold yet. I would be interested in founding a library. Draft a plan and let me know your intentions The Monk in Black
  8. Ney there are not to be any guilds established at this time. **** We are in need of a skilled farmer to keep a reed farm. Terms, land and payment negotiable. ((Reply in this thread or via pm)) **** The Monk in Black
  9. Aye let me consult our head miner Praxidous on the state of thr mines.
  10. At this time the mines are closed, too many deaths in the dark. We will be opening a forest and Mill soon however if you wish to try your hand at an ax and some trees.
  11. The Realm of Hanseti will soon be able to accept many new workers of all professions. Ours crops have yielded many bountiful harvests and our lands are rich in the great redwood trees. I won't lie, the winters are cold and the air biting. All form of beast stalks the land and the journey is dangerous. But great opportunity exists! Join us in the realm of Hanseti and seek your fortune! Travel south as far as the great snow capped mountains. Look for two statues of the ancients and you have found your way. The Monk in Black
  12. Huuki Commented On Your Tpic "Realm of Hanseti Calling All Able Workers"

  13. Huuki Commented On Your Tpic "Realm of Hanseti Calling All Able Workers"

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