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  1. The Order Of The Black Swan

    Username: Jubro RP Name: Vanus Skype Name: (I'm already in the chat). Reason for joining: Vanus is seeking a honourable cause against injustice and crime. He also seeks a great lord who can can be a guardian of the realm, and finds that Percival Staunton be that man.
  2. I'm always back.

  3. You said your back. But I havent seen you yet :[

  4. I'm bacckkkkk <3

  5. Sup' Vanus

  6. See you in 2 weeks.

  7. We Need Training.

    I was wondering if you guys ever did train other people to become better. I' saw a video from "DevilDogGamer" where he learned to train people and he had his own sqaud. United Operations. Here he is training soldiers, tho in Arma 2 training them for kinda operations in Day Z.
  8. Cmon get on..

  9. Teamspeak?

  10. Skaipe please