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  1. Vanus

    The Order Of The Black Swan

    Username: Jubro RP Name: Vanus Skype Name: (I'm already in the chat). Reason for joining: Vanus is seeking a honourable cause against injustice and crime. He also seeks a great lord who can can be a guardian of the realm, and finds that Percival Staunton be that man.
  2. Vanus

    We Need Training.

    I was wondering if you guys ever did train other people to become better. I' saw a video from "DevilDogGamer" where he learned to train people and he had his own sqaud. United Operations. Here he is training soldiers, tho in Arma 2 training them for kinda operations in Day Z.
  3. Vanus

    Koto's Fm Application

    My words go from the same. Indeed someone from the country of Serbia.
  4. Stop posting and wait for a GM, to handle this. Please.
  5. Vanus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    ^ I'm scared, i like scared. 8/10
  6. Vanus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 Because you sound swedish.
  7. Vanus

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    8/10. I like kitties.
  8. Vanus

    Official Desktop Wallpapers

    Very nice.
  9. Vanus

    Firespirit44's Fm App

    Woah.. I fully support this man. I'm sorry that i have no big words, but you derserve it. *Salutes*
  10. Vanus

    Religious_Pie's Ban Appeal.

    I'm not sure, if i'm allowed to support this without being in the situation.. ? Religious_Pie. Your the most calm person, i'd never you see you'd use a "Client". Or neither hack, or x-ray anything. Your a man of honour and i hope you to get un-banned. I support.
  11. Vanus

    [Accepted] Danny's Game Moderator Application

    I normally don't +1 GM apps. You seem, like a wonderful member of the community! I've heard, good things about you indeed. I will support. +1.
  12. Vanus

    Alectriciti's Ban Appeal

    I truely, do support this appeal! Alethion, has been one of the great person to the community. He truely deserves to be unbanned.