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  1. Shalom. May your forests burn viciously and may you abolish protectionism. 


    All hail Skippy!

  2. i miss you my boy. every day is so empty without you

    1. Dreek


      hes not dead tho

  3. amazing fite blad

  4. APPLICATION MCNAME: Aandie RPNAME: Alek PROFESSION(IF ANY): Alek and farming RACE: Alek dwed WHY DO YOU WISH TO JOIN?: Bekuz mi am Alek SKYPE: Alek and you've got it.
  5. Hey yo! Stop removing statuses bcs yo we want to speak.

    1. ShameJax


      Removed and banned.

    2. Friendly Guy

      Friendly Guy

      13. Do not personally attack any person or group of persons of the community, no matter what positions or ranks they may hold. We’re all here for the same reason and we’re a community! Let’s just have fun!

    3. Friendly Guy

      Friendly Guy

      Tdlr No name and shame or the FM's attack

  6. Damn, Supremacy.

  7. Mc Name: Aandie Rp Name: Alek Profession(If any): Farmer Race: Dwed Why do you wish to join: Dwed in need of money. Skype: Think you have it already, if not then I'll PM it to you.
  8. Praise William Blake and his 'songs'

  9. Feeling a lot of lag in MC, makes me sad :(

  10. suomi powa

  11. -=OOC=- MC Name: Aandie Relevent Skill Levels: I know some blacksmithing, some about how to swing swords, some about how to aim properly with a bow, alright? Link to Va if you have one: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/31801-accepted-aleksis-kivis-villain-app/ -=RP=- Name: Aleksis Kivi Grandaxe What positions have you held in the past?: Positions eh.. Ah was part ov th legion back in th days ov Karrik, lead by Goimbar Doomcrusher. Oh und ah was part ov th blacksmithing guild in Kal'urguan. Was e merchant fer sum time, travelling from town ta town
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