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  1. *As he receives his letter Sam starts mumbling stories he heard through tails of his grandfather* "Seventis ... will rize again."
  2. *Posters giving information about the Blackscars are now set up in various human cities, as well as some Elven and Dwarven cities*
  3. *Sam, sitting quietly at his home receives the letter. He then takes out a piece of paper and a quill and starts writing* "Congratulations, mate. You are now part of the Order. I've heard good things about you. You will be initiated shortly." *Finishes writing his letter, signs it with his name and seals it. *You can read at the end of the letter "Sam Dracaena"*
  4. ((I'm actually dumb, thanks for telling me. I'll fix that and put a location.))
  5. *Sam walks by the poster, smiling as he see's the purposes of this Order.* Perhaps, one day we shall be allied. *He say's while walking off, leaving the poster behind him.*
  6. *Sam would rip the 'application' to pieces* ((This is not a poster or a flyer that's hanging in cities. This is just for people to join OOCly first. The real joining is done through RP. Plus, the only way you can hear about this Order is through rumors. The ones applying under here are the ones who RPlly are certain of our existance. So your little note is irrelevant.))
  7. *As you walk to various human cities, a few elven and dwarven cities, you see this poster. On this poster seems to be information about a guild or a group of men women. You can read on this poster:* |The Blackscars | The Blackscars are a group of men fighting for the oppressed and for the innocent living beings of Anthos who are attacked by notorious bandits or others. This is NOT a Vigilante group, but more a group fighting against the oppression of stronger Orders on innocent living beings of this world. The members of this group are, most of the time, people who have themselves been assaulted with no reasons. They are highly trained men and extremely loyal to their cause. The Blackscars will never interfere with Royal or Imperial affairs. | Ancient History | This Order started off in Asulon under another name. It was once named The Black Fraternity, but it's name quickly changed to The Fraternity. The members of this Order were living in almost every city around Asulon, making sure the citizens were safe. Unfortunately, this Order was quickly deemed illegal by Oren due to their interventions in the cities. Many members of The Fraternity were arrested and hung in Oren. Every time a man from the Order died, two extra members were recruited. The Fraternity was lead and disbanded by Symodimi Dracaena. Most of the members of this Order were trained to become skilled-assassins. Some were trained to become Scouts or Spies. Every member of the Order had their own tasks to fill. Failure to accomplish these tasks would bring severe consequences. The Fraternity was disbanded in Ellysium, where it's leader, Symodimi Dracaena died. His son's, Tavon and Sam heading to Anthos and moving on with their lives. Sam, kept the books of his father to be able to one day, revive his fathers legacy and reform The Fraternity once again. | Modern History | After passing a couple of years on Anthos, Sam Dracaena is still wondering around Anthos, moving from one residence to another. On the other side, Tavon joined the Teutonic Order and became a Sariant, he also became the Head of the Dracaena Family. One day, while going through his fathers book, Sam saw the name "Allison" and remembered she was probably the only ex-member of the Fraternity still alive. He began his search of this "Allison" and after a few weeks, he found her. They had a long discussion and decided that it was time to bring back the Order, but under a different name. This time, it will be The Blackscars. They then started building the Mansion where the members of the Order would be stationed. When the main base was done, they started looking around for ex-members of the Fraternity but it vain, all of them are dead. Both of them then decided to look around for actual people willing to join the Order and fight for their cause. This is where the Blackscars' history begins. | Ranks | Grand Master: This man is the one leading the Order and taking every single important decisions. Master-at-Arms: These are the men or women leading the different sections of The Blackscars Order. They are stationed in various cities with they're separate groups. They are highly trained soldiers and they are responsible of the training of their men. Followers: These are the men or women fighting on the field, they are the infantry of the Order. They are separated in different groups stationed in many cities. They are lead and trained by their Master-at-Arms. Scouts: These men or women, usually have basic training on how to defend themselves, they do not have the same training as the Followers. They do not fight on the field as they training is basic, but effective. They spy and scout out possible target areas. They are also separated into groups, lead and trained by their Master-at-Arms. These men and women are specialists at hiding and escaping. They are usually not the as much built as the Followers but they are much quicker on their feet. | How to join | Simply send a letter directly to Sam Dracaena, he will reply. | OOC | MCName: Forum Account: How much time can you be active during the week?: Timezone: | IC | Your name: You're place of residency: Previous jobs, or Orders you were in: Will you be loyal and always respect your the other Followers?: Are you ready to swear the Oath?: If answered yes to the last question. I___swear to always be loyal to the Blackscars Order and to never betray it. I swear to always be loyal and respectful to my fellow Followers, my Master and the Grand Master. I swear to also protect whoever is in need or assaulted wrongfully. *The poster is signed Sam Dracaena*
  8. MC Name: simidimi12 Skype Username: simidimi1234 TeamSpeak [Yes/No]: Yes RP Name: Sam "Blue Eagle" Dracaena Age: 20 years old Race: Human Weapon Specialty: Sam is really good with his sword. He also has a hidden retractable dagger inside his sleeve which he only uses when does not have his sword in his sheath or when was disarmed. Reason for Joining: Sam wants to join an Order based on the principles of Loyalty and Justice since he is himself, a very loyal man.
  9. OOC Mc Name: simidimi12 Age: 16 Gender: Male Rp Skill: I've been RPing on Lord of the Craft for the past year and half. I've also been RPing on San Andreas Multiplayer's server on the side. But nothing comes near the RP experience Lord of the Craft provided me ! :D IC Name: Sam Dracaena Age: 20 Race: Human Gender: Male Are you good in Speech or are you good in a Fight?:I have thought how to fight like Knight and how to kill like an assassin by my father. I haves also been thought how to use the power of the words to get out of trouble or persuaded people to believe me So I am good in both. How will you show your faith: By my devotion and everlasting loyalty to the Prophet and the members of the Brotherhood. Will you be willing to die for the Prophet: If the Prophet wishes for me to die, I will follow his orders and die with no regrets. So yes, I would be willing to die for the Prophet.
  10. *Symodimi sends a note back to Garret* I am disappointing at the fact that, to convince me, you have to threaten me of revealing to the world where I reside. Well friend, I'd prefer taking this "argument" to another level, instead of sending birds to each other. I'd like to meet you, hopefully we will reach an agreement. Oh, you can bring whatever guards you have if you are, that scared of me. I will bring none, I do not need any since we are "friends". Farewell for now friend, the next time we will speak, will be face-to-face. I will be waiting for your respond. *The note is signed -A friend, or an enemy-.*
  11. *Symodimi walks by the note and looks at it with a wide smile and pins a note bellow the one left by "The Tyrant".* I see, you have created an Order that has the same purposes has mine. Now the only thing we can do, is set up an alliance or destroy you. Anyways lad, the second option is quite more, interesting as I don't like seeing copies of what I have created. Unless you give me good reasons not to, I will be destroying your little Brotherhood as well. I will be waiting for your respond. *The note is signed, -A friend or an enemy-. As you look at the end of the note, you see more writing.* My small yellow pigeon will be flying around where I left you this note, all you have to do is whistle for it, and it will come.
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