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  1. xenenxnennxnx

    The Circle Of Dragur

    Name: Theran Age: 28 Race: Human Intended Topic: Psychology. Thoughts. [[MCname]]: InherentEssence [[Timezone]]: CST
  2. xenenxnennxnx


    Trade Completed.
  3. xenenxnennxnx

    The Nameless

    This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved. If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.
  4. Hey guys, if you have a thread in the Trade forums and your deal/trade/other is complete, would you mind posting on it so I can move it to the completed section? There’s a ton of threads just sitting there. Thanks!

  5. xenenxnennxnx

    [Denied]Stormclank's Trial Gm App

    Stormclank deserves a chance! He's proven to me that he's amiable and willing to help. I enjoy talking to him and he is a genuinely good person. Good luck c: +1
  6. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Looking To Purchase Ferrum

    Trade Completed.
  7. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Selling Large Quantities Of Wood

    Trade Completed.
  8. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]A Tome Of Enchantment

    Trade Completed.
  9. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Purchasing Bounty Monster Samples

    Trade Completed.
  10. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Looking To Sell: 2 Cows

    Trade Completed.
  11. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]A Ancient Ruin.

    Trade Completed.
  12. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Selling 64X Iron Blocks {Auction}

    Trade Completed.
  13. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Tome Of The Blacksmith (Selling)

    Trade Completed.
  14. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Diamond Horse Armor (Selling)

    Trade Completed.
  15. xenenxnennxnx

    [Complete]Buying Spruce Wood Chairs!

    Trade Completed.