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  1. ((This is so well done and so cool, huge +1))
  2. @StarGazzer don’t deny @Dark_knight47 he made the changes be reasonable 

    1. StarGazzer


      it was a fault in the system, either on my part or the other system itself, he should be good now, if not have him msg overdiscord.

  3. The news would reach the aging bear as he sat over dinner in the tavern of Reza, causing him to lean back in his chair and return the cigar he’d rolled back to his mouth. Aleksandr Vladov would let a cool sigh escape his mouth which would be filled with a thick miasma of green and tobacco. “And so... my Great Uncle’s duchy falls. May GOD protect my Adrian kin, there is much to be done.” He would state in a sorrowful tone, taking another drag from the hand-rolled cigar before flicking his ashes onto his half-eaten meal, sickened at the thought of his family’s legacy falling so low.
  4. Long time no see my dude.

    1. Galendar


      Wassup broheim 😄

  5. do you like crying at graves

    1. Galendar


      heroes never die

  6. Anyone have a map of Atlas yet?

    1. PiousChorale_


      I do not believe we have on as of yet.

  7. the staff on this server still haven't changed. Love it. 

  8. Basic Information: Name: Grant Baelish/Kamura Age: 234 Race: High Elf/Wood Elf mix Allegiance (Current nation of residence): N/A Past Military Experience: Orenian Soldier under my father, rose from the rank of Scout Brudder to Sariant Adjutant in the previous generation of the order before Mirtok's disbandment. None-Military Experience/Skills: ((Unassigned skills, hmu)) OOC Information: MC Name: Galendar_Aveere Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information): You have it Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order.: I have it Have you been in the Order before?: Yes, a year and a half with Mirtok and a year in Slic3man's order. Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: It'll be the only character I play.
  9. Ooc: MC Name: galendar_aveere Do you have skype?: Yes Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes Are you a GM alt spying on us? No IC: Name: Grant Place of Residence: Nomad How many fruit carts do you squat?: I am athletic. Do you have battle experience?: I am joe's son. Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: Always
  10. ((One of the better cultures on this server, definitely excited to see them come back.
  11. im pretty powerful...

    1. Dr. Ducky-D

      Dr. Ducky-D

      I'm pretty pretty

  12. -Paleknights

    +Dread Knights

    1. BrandNewKitten


      +pale knights

      +dread knights 


      cuz if you need to make the RP of another not exist for you to exist then you are doing it wrong.

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