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  1. Full Name (+MC Name): Franz Vladov- Galendar_Aveere Age: 25 Race: Human, Highlander City of Residence (+Discord name): None, grant#7914
  2. what’s an inferi 

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    2. Nug


      demon but sexy

    3. Galendar


      6 hours ago, Fireheart said:

      def ur mom

      need something more original outta u

    4. Fireheart


      you got it boss

      ur mum

  3. Whats good widdit

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    2. rukio


      Sometimes i miss how things were my dude, I’ve changed too much @aron. but glad to see old people occasionally

    3. aron.


      Always gonna miss how things were. If you're still riding 100k a day on your bike then nothing has changed all that much ?

    4. rukio


      cant bike anymore between my lungs and knee, but its all good

  4. Just the other day I was wondering where my two favorite roleplayers (Benbo and Zarsies) had gone off to after seeing so many old faces come back. I’ll never forget the fun I had roleplay fighting with you as your harbinger and carry that as one of my fondest memories of LOTC to this day. I hope that book turns out well and I really hope you do find a way to make time and come back. For now (I hope), take care of yourself
  5. watch this be what kills lotc... not the **** server... not lack of direction...  not uninterested administration... but merging with a high school rp server 

  6. ((mcname:o_grant_o ((discord: I don’t know I miss skype Name: Aleksandr Vladov Age: 78 Relevant experience: Has looked at the sky from time to time with relative interest.
  7. ((This is so well done and so cool, huge +1))
  8. @StarGazzer don’t deny @Dark_knight47 he made the changes be reasonable 

    1. StarGazzer


      it was a fault in the system, either on my part or the other system itself, he should be good now, if not have him msg overdiscord.

  9. Long time no see my dude.

    1. Galendar


      Wassup broheim ?

  10. do you like crying at graves

    1. Galendar


      heroes never die

  11. Anyone have a map of Atlas yet?

    1. DevoutChorale_


      I do not believe we have on as of yet.

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