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  1. Vaktismo’Azog would let loose a lowly growl at the news, tossing his pimp hat down into the dirt of his cave, “Ah twiggie zhuld nebur rule da urukz, Phaedruz wuz skah’n weak juzt lyke da rezt uhv der rayze. Agh tew top id all uff, he wuz a snaga? Hurhurhurhur... he iz bold, mi wyll giv him dat.” He would then proceed to take up his blade, moving out of the entrance of his cave to assist in defending the orcs against the foreigner.
  2. Full Name (+MC Name): Franz Vladov- Galendar_Aveere Age: 25 Race: Human, Highlander City of Residence (+Discord name): None, grant#7914
  3. what’s an inferi 

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    2. Nug


      demon but sexy

    3. Galendar


      6 hours ago, Fireheart said:

      def ur mom

      need something more original outta u

    4. Fireheart


      you got it boss

      ur mum

  4. “Latz hab mi axe” the ancient orc would thunder as he moved for their war camp
  5. An old orc’s nostrils flared as he read the declaration of war by the dwarves “Id zoundz lyk idz tik to kall dah clan bak togedur.”
  6. Whats good widdit

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    2. rukio


      Sometimes i miss how things were my dude, I’ve changed too much @aron. but glad to see old people occasionally

    3. aron.


      Always gonna miss how things were. If you're still riding 100k a day on your bike then nothing has changed all that much ?

    4. rukio


      cant bike anymore between my lungs and knee, but its all good

  7. An ancient orc nods his head at the news.
  8. Just the other day I was wondering where my two favorite roleplayers (Benbo and Zarsies) had gone off to after seeing so many old faces come back. I’ll never forget the fun I had roleplay fighting with you as your harbinger and carry that as one of my fondest memories of LOTC to this day. I hope that book turns out well and I really hope you do find a way to make time and come back. For now (I hope), take care of yourself
  9. watch this be what kills lotc... not the **** server... not lack of direction...  not uninterested administration... but merging with a high school rp server 

  10. ((mcname:o_grant_o ((discord: I don’t know I miss skype Name: Aleksandr Vladov Age: 78 Relevant experience: Has looked at the sky from time to time with relative interest.
  11. A young rapscallion of Helena picks his teeth as his senile grandfather tells him the tale for the sixth time.
  12. Aleksandr gives his two thumbs of approval as he’s merc’d.
  13. ((This is so well done and so cool, huge +1))
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