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  1. This is my official goodbye, maybe I'll be back one day. Who knows, cya! ^-^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lima


      Kowaman is going to cry, his biggest crush crushing his crush.

    3. Tsuyose
    4. Stephensj
  2. Oh, forgot, a new bar opening up and it will have pet foxes and bunnys for sale!

    1. Nug


      hoppy is not pleased

  3. Thank you Ura! Plagerism is a bad bad thing ^=^

  4. Updated art post, I'm going to start drawing atleast one thing daily!

  5. T_T that moment you spend 3 hours working on a picture because someone offered to pay for it T_T

  6. T_T that moment you spend 3 hours working on a picture because someone offered to pay for it T_T

    1. Kim


      h a a a........

    2. Kitten


      T_T I'm not use to it, but they offered between 20-40 dollars for 4 chibis T_T

    3. Kim


      I don't think I'll ever get used to it LOL. I look at the clock after I'm done and I'm like.... f*ck

  7. That moment someone acts just like they did before they apologized to you for being a puntz >.

    1. VampsWillDie


      That moment where you m ake a facebookesque super vague status that can apply to a rediculous amount of situations so it devalues your own experience greatly thus making your statement subject to imagination.

    2. mitto


      that moment when... ah **** it

    3. leave me alone

      leave me alone

      you should all just stfu

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    2. Dyn


      I was actually thinking the other day that it'd be neat to get a fox pet. But I mean, are you showing magic foxes or something?

    3. Heff


      Don't really need lore to play with a pet fox

    4. MamaBearJade


      you dont need lore for foxes, unless she plans to make them a "special" breed.

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