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  1. Smithy!!! Come back!!!!

  2. You should come back to LOTC!

  3. Hail my freind! Is there a date on my edited signature? Ide be willing to pay ye more to have it done by tomorrow, (Conorb)

  4. Ah! Smith you aren't the only Hooded Guard!

  5. Ah! Smith you aren't the only Hooded Guard!

  6. ((can you send me a pm with the cape mod link))

  7. This is fair enough,

  8. Runevill skin i am talking to TEEbrown about being in Runevill and the black axe and then i will have my mother a Runevill and Father a Black axe

  9. Weed be needing to talk (( IG ))

  10. Hea broski I'm making signatures ye want one

  11. Dude, yer a full guard now

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