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  1. All right, thanks king. Could you tell me the names of some of the people I can message?
  2. Nostalgia 3 electric boogalee

  3. Yoyo, I used to play on here back in 2012 and like to log in every once in a while for the nostalgia factor. However there are a couple of posts that I’d like to nuke into oblivion to save myself from the cringe, any way to do that? I’ve looked on forum posts but can’t find a delete button anywhere. Anyways thanks a bunch, nice to see that this server is still up and at least somewhat active.
  4. Man this site looks a lot better than it did a couple of years ago, still really good nostalgia to come on here and look at everything

    1. Zezimus


      Always a place here if you ever feel like hopping on, Blackaxes still going strong six years on. ;D

  5. Haven't been on here for a while ~~

  6. Congratz On VAT already said that in a PM but wanted to say it agian Congratz

  7. ((im going to make a villian application and application for this guild when i get my new computer))
  8. (Bazian now that you own the Blackaxe can i be a Runevill and Blackaxe?))

  9. ((can you send me a pm with the cape mod link))

  10. Runevill skin i am talking to TEEbrown about being in Runevill and the black axe and then i will have my mother a Runevill and Father a Black axe

  11. ((Bazian with The Runevill Blackaxe thing i might have it my mom was a Runevill and my dad was Blackaxe and if that does not work maybe they can be brother Guild/Family's

  12. ((TEEbrown can you tell the Black axe brewer to give me my obsidian back i was showing him that i had 60 obsidian and he just said they are mine now and took them :C ))

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