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  1. My negative fact has been updated to one negative trait
  2. Admiral_Ackbarf


    ((Quick Note: I have been playing on this server since 2011. I made a new Minecraft account due to the fact that I have been inactive for some time now and can’t for the life of me remember my old account information besides the username (UncleUnicorn). I was VERY involved with the server then and still am now. This is that new account. In this biography I will mention a character named Goldbeard Irongut. He was my very first character I made when this server was still new and has a lore tied to him.)) Varian was born some 22 years ago on a small farm miles from the nearest city, Renatus. Throughout his childhood, Varian dreamed of exploration throughout the beloved world of Arcas, observing all its wonders and beauties that are contained within it. As a child, Varian’s father struggled to provide food for both him and his brother Marcus as his mother was killed during a heist on the family home in search of loot. Varian was just 3 years old. In response, Varian started helping his father at the age of 5 while also perusing an education with the help of local townsfolk. As a teenager Varian would read many novels of great Kings, Queens, and Warriors before his time. One of his favorite novels however happened to be that of a Dwarven lad by the name of Goldbeard Irongut who during his time, was a noble and prestigious warrior from the Kingdom of Kal’Urguan in the time of Aegis. Varian would read hours at a time, immersed in the logs and entries the Dwarf would present in his novels with valiant claims of victories and conquerings. Varian knew the Dwarf fought for the good of the order which is why he looked to the books for guidance to ensure his success as human being in his world of Arcas. When Varian turned 18 he was hired with a customer who dealt in the trade of precious metals and weapons. Varian’s role was safeguarding the goods from bandits who wished to seize the loot. Since age 3, Varian never forgot the day his mother died which is why he made an oath to avenge her till the day he was put into the grave. This being said, Varian is skillful with most weapons but preferably a sword or hammer and can barter his way into most things successfully. Varian seeks only that which brings honor to himself and those who he represents. ((Thanks for reading my bio))
  3. I joined this server back in 2011. almost 9 years ago!! I wanted to stop in and say hi and see if anyone joined around then.
  4. First member added via in-game rp.
  5. The guild name has been updated. Please only post things related to the guild itself such as applications and not your opinion of the guild as it stands. Appreciate it.
  6. The Axis The Lore It is said that The Axis spawned out of the gates of hell itself when time began. Some say it took century’s of evolution to get to the point where they became big within our world. Wherever the Axis hailed from, it was clearly evident that they were not sane. They were outcasts in the world, bringing torture and death to those who failed to abide by their teachings. They captured innocent men, woman, and children and held them as slaves. Mostly, they would hold victims as slaves or kill them out of the pure thrill of it. They were not normal in the eyes of humanity and decided that the shadows would be their only light and hope. The Axis, as they called themselves consisted of those who were truly loyal to one another and would put their life on the line to get what the Axis required. They were skillful assassins, sneaking in and sneaking out without being spotted by the public. They were vicious killers who sought only vengeance upon their counterparts and would kill to get the blood upon their lips. Many have feared them however, very few have actually seen them in person. It was only a matter of time before they showed their faces again... The Order Of The Axis The Axis is an organization of pure trust and strength. The Axis recruits only those they see fit that make their criteria. Trust is required, not asked of. They seek no remorse and will recruit even the youngest of those they see willing to provide their assistance. Honor will be given to those who prove their worth and persistence within the organization. Nothing is earned rather rewarded to those who truly can be given the name of “brother.” Alone they are strong but in groups they are unstoppable and will stop at nothing to do their job and bring honor to the Axis once again. The Levels Of Assassins Initiate- A new member's rank. In this rank the Master views the Initiates progress and attitude towards the Axis. He can and will be taken away if the Master chooses so if he sees him not fit. He must abide by the rules just like every other member of the Axis and will be disposed of if not worthy enough. Neophyte Assassin [Neophyte Sicarius] - After being promoted from Initiate, it is now the Neophytes role to keep his honor alive. He gives protection to his brothers and them alone. The Neophyte is to be treated as a blood brother and be there when in need. The Neophyte will be given temporary shelter however he/she must prove their worth and be able to provide for and keep the Axis alive. Secondary Assassin [Anapora Sicarius] – After gaining trust within the Axis the Neophyte may be given the opportunity to be allowed the position of Secondary Assassin. This rank shows others that you are able to truly be a part of the blood and ash of the Axis, however you must continue to show your honor to the group and set down your life for your kin. Giving your honor and blade will prepare you for the path ahead. Prime Assassin [Primus Sicarius] – He has shown his worth continuously and has provided for the family. He is now to be respected as a leader among those below him. Anything he says to towards those under him goes unless told off by a higher official. He is also given immense honor within the eyes of The Father and will continue to do so until they day he dies. Elite Assassin [Mors Sicarius] – His allegiance has been incredibly displayed. He has proven himself trustworthy, honorable, and a leader among his brothers. He now has power within the Axis and can help make decisions along with the Councillors and Magister if he is called upon. The Mors can make decisions for the rest of the group below him as long as it's in his power. He has reached the highest and most honorable ranking within the assassin title. To have himself obtain greater responsibilities, he must prove himself beyond all belief and make his allegiance continue to show. Councillor [synedrus] – Those who are given the rank of Councillor have leadership qualities and can be trusted to the point where there decisions will impact the entire Axis itself. They are there to aid the Magister on events and provide contracts for the entire group. The contracts must be reviewed within the council and be accepted or denied under the the councils jurisdiction. To obtain this rank one must be chosen. High Councillor [Altum Synedrus] – Very few have been named High Councillor within the Axis. The High Councillor only answers to the Magister and can be honored as his right-hand-man. He may conduct decisions for the Axis under the rule of the Magister and be named his permanent adviser. The rank of High Councillor is kept throughout life and has the most power of those under his rank. This is the final and most sacred of rankings in the Axis and should be considered an honor to be a part of. If for any reason something happens to the High Councillor a new one is chosen under the Master's decision. Dark Friar [Caligo Frater] - He is the one who binds the Axis together. He is the one who conducts prayer throughout the group and hands outs the last rites among those being held captive and killed. He is knowledgeable and wise and will stop at nothing to make sure the group stays together. The position of Dark Frair is nor elite, nor weak. A soul of knowledge and wisdom would only deserve such a rank. Grand Master/The Father [Magister]- The supreme leader of the Axis. He and he alone listens to no one but himself. He will sometimes take advice from the High Council when he feels the need to. He has the power to banish and put down those who try and bring the group down. He is more than a brother, rather a father within the organization. Anything he says goes without question. Additionally, the Grand Master may call upon the council or any member he sees fit and may execute tasks for them. Outsider [Peregrini] – Outsiders are those who have no connection to the Axis. They have no rights and are merely called Peregrinis within the Axis. If one Peregrini decideds to challenge a brother, a contract will be placed on his life. Allies [sociis] – Sociis are friendly towards the Axis however they are not directly associated with the Axis' plans and procedures. They sometimes may be called upon by The Grand Master during times of need. The Council Consisting of only four seats (including the Father) the Council is an honorable spot to be a part of. Few are ever chosen to be part of the council but once one is, they are there for life. No one within the Axis knows of the contents that are presented within the council besides the chosen three councilors. The three are sworn to secrecy and will abide by the oath under all circumstances. The information they posses is vital and will do whatever it takes to keep it locked away and stored for eternity. The only exception to viewing the councils proceedings is the High Councillor himself. All others are cut off from any information contained within the meetings. Who we recruit We look those with a violet personality and brute strength. We seek cold blooded killers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. We don't seek those looking to make peace, rather we find those who wish to make chaos within the world. If you seek us looking for a chance we may consider you. If you seek us looking for power we will dismiss you and if you seek us for vengeance, we will kill you. If your lover has left you for another person, if your king has banished you out of your homeland, and if all is lost in the world, seek us out. We possibly could make you one of our own. We take only the willed in this organization and if you don't think you have the will, don't even think about calling upon us. We would much rather have those who truly care about the brotherhood's ideals than those are in it for the thrill of the game. Become a member today and leave a life full of despair and anguish behind you. You will not be disappointed. Rules: Application: Who we are We offer several services within the Axis. We offer assassination contracts to those willing to pay the mina to provide us with a hit. We also enslave those we seek are corrupt in our eyes and will continue to torture them until we get what we are looking for. We offer many other services, however they are classified and kept secretly within the group itself making sure none of the information is leaked. Axis members who betray their own are outcasted from the group leaving behind everything they worked for. If a brother leaves due to banishment, there will be a contract put upon his or her head as they contains information the brotherhood doesn't wish being shared with the public. Those who are banished within the Axis are no longer trusted within the organization and may never return. (More Coming Soon)
  7. Name: Varian Drake Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 32 Why would you like to attend our school?: I would like to attend the school to gain knowledge about the history and other important information regarding our past, present, and future. Will you be able to pay our entry fee of 150(+50 if you want a dorm): Yes, I will be able to.
  8. Another Boston Brotha! x) Latsi, Devmo, Haelphon, you and I. We all live around Boston. Just had to let you know ^-^


  10. Your signature! http://imgur.com/Aq8s5

    It was most definitely not my best, but I thought it was alright. I'll keep working on it though!

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