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  1. Player is banned for other offenses, but until some conclusive verdict is made about the lobby slayings w.r.t. mcthornz and cooper this can stay.
  2. that is the video, and it’s acceptable evidence which was used to ban the alt
  3. I’ve changed my mind about this a few times over the past few days. Although Fort Loches was pretty stupid, it really should have resulted in a delay of the warclaim. Pushing ahead with it was a mistake, the first mistake, and it truly only got worse from there. No matter what the management says now, one side will feel screwed over and there’s really nothing to be done about that.

    1. Dtrik


      Iron Throne < Wooden Wheelchair

  5. can i make treqs still? also pls let parties status
  6. forum smugging zzz

    1. Potts244


      I’ll smug deez forumz all over your chin

  7. No appeal is necessary and no appeal will be considered. You will be unbanned in a week.
  8. didnt we try sun elves already?
  9. As per our discussions you have served your ban time and will be unbanned.
  10. I believe today marks one and a half months since your ban, give or take a few days because February lmao, and I believe technically your ban is for two months, but I’ll accept your appeal now as you have served your time and understand what went wrong.
  11. As much of an amazing meme making enchanted to the gills magic supersoldiers would be, it really should be stopped before I decide to do it and prove why it’s terrible to permit.
  12. Maly ponders what utterly horrific tragedies Pale Pot plans to propagate among the poor proletariat potato plantation farmers
  13. An old woman could be heard uttering the words "Yikes”
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