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  1. war aint fair lemme just delete my enemies off the face of the earth
  2. a million years ago u used to get these really fancy colors on your name for having a high number of posts so I posted a lot of junk posts to get the fancy colors then they removed said fancy colors, and here we are yuru camp is epic ok sure hmu later ig had a calculus teacher named gleb irl thought u were a cool gamer to rp with in cstat but never really interacted w u that much after the maps changed. do not recall my interactions w u from before then n yea I was ok done posting now
  3. what test released its results today

    1. Wrynn


      The British A-Level results we’re announced today, so a lot of people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland found out wether they got into University or not

  4. so I just hit 4443 posts, u know what that means? my next post puts me at 4,444 posts so idk ask me a bunch of stuff, I will reply once, then I’ll start using my other forum account because I can
  5. in 3 posts i will make a forum alt account so I can remain at 4444 posts

  6. can u come back n take puns job ever
  7. No recuerdo que donde fuera los españoles en este servidor
  8. think everyone sleeping on the fact that victims are often just as degenerate as bandits, stalling out the banditos until their friends can pull up or otherwise. this doesnt make bandits instagibbing people correct but its why they do it. the meta of banditry has been refined over the years to smth that isnt rp friendly. tho, removing robbery would be really regressive and dumb, there’s certainly a better solution.
  9. boom boom boom open the door, ATF the reason gamers kill gamers is because on a few levels there are perverse incentives to not dying on both sides dependent on a few factors. often it is in the interest of the person being bandited to die on the spot vs suffer thru capture rp, this has been the case for years (iirc truthseeker83 dying upon being captured by dwarven authorities is the earliest example I recall). maybe legislate that? idk.
  10. as a fellow elf i apologize should have said dark mage or something
  11. u werent a gm when that happened bro hes talking abt a whole war ago when the gms wouldnt give trende a timeout ban for going to ves twice a day and screaming at their gates i suggested we make a rule preventing this idrc if it went thru, dont think it did tho this is like that, but the defending party has prepared literally no static defenses so they’re getting uberfucked due to unreadiness.
  12. what about 2 mans bro still pretty sleepy to slap a 2d cooldown but waa cant anger the elves too much
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