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  1. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    drfate just just stop
  2. Raid Rules Feedback

    increase vuln windows to like 2d or some ****, or make a consequence for letting ur town get ******* raided if u have a coordinated logout 2hrs or some dumb **** like
  3. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    medesculors were a wand reskin that ppl like me memed w tbh this is like a gun
  4. Your skins may have been stolen!

    man literally asks for money for stolen skins
  5. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    aint happenin hoss cus muh freedom of rp! (pls do it ive already been cucked by ressurected nls too many times)
  6. that was the skyfish............ it was used to get into places where u were not necessarily wanted like conclave on a white llama
  7. Lore Submission: Lugandans

  8. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    get the weed whacker and roundup already holy ****
  9. so exactly why does war suck on mineman

    hes chillin p much
  10. idk maybe no perma waterbreathing and hunger never goes below 7 so no constant regen? or no creature buffs at all but think we're beyond that now that someone coded it
  11. so exactly why does war suck on mineman

    Yeah ykw I made it too complicated. Here's the tldr I shoulda put in Attacker does narthoks freeform thing consecutively Needs to control points to take the clay Once clay is taken they can press the attack on next slice of clay Siege not required unless city Or hold area around city if you really dont want to siege Ideally, the gm team would allow instantaneous movement to the next territory slice but that would never happen for being "too hard". alternative conquest method can work, but preferably something that focuses on land not castles and can be sequenced to move wars fast over a weekend. That was my goal, to permit a warfront to move over a weekend and mitigate the importance of stop forts without making all forts completely irrelevant.
  12. so exactly why does war suck on mineman

    yea I'm rehashing narthok's post but he was more concerned with presenting a solution. I agree with his conclusion in how war should be conducted, but some still believe that war as it is now is better. I'm writing this because I have nothing better to do than to explain why warclaims are not only bad, but objectively inferior to Narthok's suggested "freeflow system", or as I will call it "entosis warfare" because I know more about spaceships. 1: Dude what the **** is entosis warfare? Glad you asked, hypothetical reader who more likely than not won't give a ****. Entosis warfare is a sovereignty warfare system in a video game called EVE Online, which handles moderation-free warfare where items and territory of consequence are on the line in an objectively better way than LOTC does as of now. So how does it work? If an attacking force wishes to initiate a conquest, it sends a ship with an entosis module fit to reinforce (contest) the structure. A timer is initiated, which the defending force can preset to favor their timezone, which declares a three hour window in which the offense and defense get to contest the system. When the timer is up, the three hour window opens and the two forces compete to capture more nodes (by using the entosis module on them) across an entire group of starsystems. The group with the most percentage wins. It's somewhat like a hardpoint match of (shooter game) if you will. 1.1: I heard fozziesov was dogshit! Yes, but LOTC doesn't have interceptor gangs. There isn't any real equivalent to claw gangs, as horsemen no longer obliterate infantry, let alone outrun them from what I hear. Forbid horsemen from initiating and holding territory and you've already done better than CCP. Otherwise, if you don't know what a fozziesov is, disregard. 2: So wait, how would you port a space war system to mineman? Essentially this would be Narthok's described freeflow system, but slightly different. In order to capture a specific block of territory, after initiating the war (through GM parties because we're not ready for such a lasseiz-faire system of murder), the attacking force then has to hold some "rally points" which the defense can contest for X amount of time. Multiple rally points will be active at any given moment, forcing a choice on how and what to commit. The side which has taken the most rally points thereby wins the land, and the conflict can advance to its next stage. Fights can take place over the course of one or two hours, and can (should) be conducted consecutively. 2.1: That doesn't even make RP sense! Not a lot of things about war do. In fact what makes least RP sense is two forces committing to large setpiece battles all the time, with no variation. To be fair this skirmish system also doesn't make a lot of RP or tactical sense on some levels, but it has some key advantages over the current way of doing things. 3: Like what? This system allows player skill to shine through in conflict. As forces are necessarily split to be able to effectively engage, if one side has superior PVPers then their force can engage targets where numbers are less overwhelming. Likewise, players of lesser skill are still able to blob up, at loss of versatility. There's an actual decision to be made, and consequences. The individual now matters in the conduction of warfare, as opposed to who blobs harder. Furthermore, it makes forts not necessarily required to attack in order to advance a campaign, diminishing the value of "dwarf mode" stopgap defensive setpieces. However, the conquest of the land does not necessarily entail the conquest of the structures within, meaning that a structure within can still pose a threat (until it runs out of supplies), but does not necessarily have to be dealt with unless other factors require it. 4: Wait, so how does a siege work then? Mostly as they do now. However, any fortress which isn't built to resonably be able to be resupplied once cut off will be put on a 'timer' of maybe a week or two in which it can be staged from. Any unsieged forts in enemy territory add one extra war raid that the side which owns the fort can perform against the other side. Forts with farms behind their proper walls (necessarily a larger fort) can maintain for a month before they too are rendered ineffective. Cities (a settlement with a green pillar that maintains a steady population) must either be besieged in order to be conquested or can be completely surrounded for three (irl) months. Cities can request a breakout skirmish once a week, but breakouts cannot occur from forts. Sieges would otherwise be conducted the same way, but with potentially improved hitrates on siege weaponry to accelerate the siege. 5: What's the point? What else? These changes would ideally make warfare swifter, and more engaging for the foot soldier. In addition to these changes, I'd recommend some increase in the costs required to engage in warfare, and a respawn amount numbered at maybe two or three per fighter, or some monetary costs incurred by the state at war. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    nobody will trade in reichmarks because minas cant be stolen
  14. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    I mean I'm a psychopath eve online player at this point but just because you lost everything doesn't mean you need to remain subjugated and can't keep going, or you can't have fun while going down. Although in lotc war is cheap and land isn't, so warring factions seek to take all the land they can because staff enforces wilderness. War should be way more expensive, but war shouldn't have kid gloves on it if so.