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  1. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    let me make secret alliances!!!
  2. so can i make secret alliances to bait people into warclaiming me before cascading them under the full force of world war 6?

  3. [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    why cant i pike n shot?!?!?!11/!?1/
  4. Attachment Limit

    leave while you can
  5. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    tbh banditry is just the same ****, banning banditry is prob not a good move. tho if nerds die nerds gotta stay out of ur lands i feel that ****.
  6. Elheial'thilln Election of 1647

    Okarir'maehr: Odessa Visaj [ ] Abstain [ X ] Okarir'sil: Esgalwathion [ ] Ne'las Sharondalan [ ] Abstain [ X ]
  7. what happened to dreek

  8. its not like i care, baka

    ok yea fair, sometimes u just get a big fat antag shoved down ur throat. should be at least some sorta opt-out method, like an antag that can be negotiated with :hmm:
  9. its not like i care, baka

    so uh there's a whole hoopla about antagonists in lord of the craft recently I guess, so gotta toss my -.02 cents in. tbqh antags don't seem like that big of a deal unless done completely terribly. if u don't like the antag then u don't engage w the antag or at least minimize contact, seems simple to me. but lotc's antags have never been written well, because lotc's antags are binary evil, with a binary good faction made/contrived to counteract it. most people don't want the old tolkienesque binary good and evil stories anymore. the majority of the playerbase plays this server to interact with other players, who are usually better at crafting nuanced characters or at least provide a better fight than a bunch of mc zombies. even the spooks aren't necessarily pure evil, merely evil as a contrivance of their being but not necessarily wanting to always commit evil. a lich who isn't necessarily 100% evil is actually quite interesting to me, as opposed to a 'maim kill burn' tier character which flatly exists to be a killer. that sort of character is expected of a pvp bandit, not of a server-spanning opponent to the playerbase, yet it always seems that we get something like that. people seem to want an antag that they can fight. fighting literal gods is cool and all, but gods are gods and players won't be allowed to kill these gods obviously, or they'd be really shitty gods. although gazardiel's motivations aren't necessarily terrible, the fact that gazardiel is a god turns him/her/it from a character into a plot contrivance and railroad to force the playerbase through the setpiece storybook. if any of u people behind writing/planning the storyline have ever played a tabletop rpg, you'd know that to be uninteresting. so uh, guess what I'd like to see in an antag is some personality. I think we've done aboriginals before, but I feel like that would be the best thing to do if we really want/need an antagonist. as I said before gods are too much of a contrivance to really be worth mentioning, and godly minions are essentially the same thing. spook evils are a trope at this point, and a tired one at that, disincentivizing yet another undead-based antagonist. tbh the whole player-run undead thing could have been really cool if the participants were vetted better. imo there isn't a good way to do an antagonist on this server that I've devised yet, but there's certainly a better way besides throwing more spooks, tsunamis, and aengudaemonic minions at the playerbase. most importantly, please don't be super vague with the storyline. sometimes I like to know why these characters do what they do. some secrets are ok but lotc antags have a really bad habit of making all the info that could be interesting "secret lore" that needs to be found. nobody's going to like an antagonist which they literally know nothing about.
  10. @sporadic some1 i know alleges u work at cern?

  11. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    drfate just just stop
  12. Raid Rules Feedback

    increase vuln windows to like 2d or some ****, or make a consequence for letting ur town get ******* raided if u have a coordinated logout 2hrs or some dumb **** like
  13. [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    medesculors were a wand reskin that ppl like me memed w tbh this is like a gun
  14. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    aint happenin hoss cus muh freedom of rp! (pls do it ive already been cucked by ressurected nls too many times)
  15. that was the skyfish............ it was used to get into places where u were not necessarily wanted like conclave on a white llama