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  1. Destroyer_Bravo


    Postponed due to ban of player, will resume on 3/30/19 and persist for the remaining length of the vbl
  2. petition to change ‘skygod’ to ‘god man’, big brain idea, even has the acronym GM

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    2. | ZipZapMan |
    3. Destroyer_Bravo
    4. Travista


      wtf you’re a mod now?


      You’ve lived long enough to become the villain 

  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/SnciXG3


    last night took an L but tonight i bounce back

  4. the totally expected happened


  5. Destroyer_Bravo

    Tech Update February / 7.0 / 1.13

    craftable chainmail? craftable saddles?
  6. Destroyer_Bravo

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    gat gat
  7. Destroyer_Bravo

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    horses at ct?
  8. Destroyer_Bravo

    Transition Mishap

    yike just one yike gonna lower it to 0 shortly
  9. I have a gm signed item which I forgot about converting, fc what do

  10. Destroyer_Bravo


    there have been airship attempts dating back to 2.0 and none of them really panned out, hell I built part of a balloon back in the day. guarantee u that it wont pass unless someone decides to alter techlock (or gas it entirely)
  11. Destroyer_Bravo

    Nostalgic Redemption

    youre permanently sworn off the actual mineman correct?
  12. Destroyer_Bravo

    The Vollain Black-neverlost Mercenary Company

    Maly bites into a pretzel, lamenting the illegible black text as he ponders exactly why groups like Romstun were feared
  13. Destroyer_Bravo


    i’ve always been an advocate for a minimum of restrictions in conflict for wars and ****, and have been relatively supportive of the ability for nations to annihilate other nations in the past. however lotc isn't mature enough for that, we all know this, we as a community can’t handle the ability to destroy each other like that.
  14. Destroyer_Bravo


    Full Name: Gleb Prefecture: Belvitz Political Party: UFP/Calculus
  15. Destroyer_Bravo

    An Inspirational Letter to the Guards of Sutica

    Maly’thill raises an eyebrow as he watches someone nail a letter to a tree as he departs Sutica. He thinks to himself as he leaves how fortunate it would be for more resistance to be raised to raiders, so that said excess resistance can be slain.