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  1. Destroyer_Bravo

    <=> Reiter's Run Rampant <=>

    "Can I get a quality steed yet or are we stuck with trotters?" complains a dismounted horseman
  2. Destroyer_Bravo


    "Wow, that's metal as hell" says an ex-militant elf.
  3. Destroyer_Bravo

    Your View: Siege Plugin Trebuchets

    well made siege engines shouldn't tear themselves apart. if there must be a self-destruct mechanism it should rise from 0 as the device is used and experiences the rigor of use, but even then the chance should be extremely low.
  4. Maybe adding examples of (hypothetical) situations where guidelines have been violated would improve transparency? There needs to be some sort of objectivity, else a guidelines violation can be basically whatever you decided when you woke up.
  5. Destroyer_Bravo

    Suggestion - Better wars & a System to Surrender

    issue w that is minas are effectively completely worthless. in nearly every wc minas requested are an afterthought, and payment is usually officiated in iron or diamond (when diamond kit was a thing), which can be immediately converted into more **** to use for war instead of into some stupid worthless fiat currency which exists solely to pay off gms.
  6. Destroyer_Bravo

    Suggestion - Better wars & a System to Surrender

    what about if i want them to pay the (mc) iron price? can I demand multiple dubs of iron or some ****?
  7. Destroyer_Bravo

    LotC 6.2: *notices minas pouch* owo what's this?

    ok does dying cost anything yet
  8. Destroyer_Bravo

    Recent Rule Change

    there's no reason to resolve conflicts in mineman because dying has no consequence, and is, in fact, better than surviving almost dead just to get picked up by the bobby or whatever and sent to jail. o wait now that doesn't matter either huh. I remember this time in 3.0 where elements of the Dwarven Legion led a multi-week manhunt to dismantle a cult of sorts which resided in one of the dwarven vassal cities, which culminated in nearly every member of this cult being slain or rendered disfigured (such as the 1 elven torso with 4 druidic limbs, she started with 2). However, the ultimate conclusion ended up being successfully arresting the cult leader before she bled out and resurrected to never face justice in Dwarven court. This feels like what every conflict will end up being, an anticlimax signifying nothing, and a set of meaningless resolutions which effectively create a status quo ante bellum.
  9. what the **** why is it blue

  10. Destroyer_Bravo

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    gatecamp protocol initiated
  11. Destroyer_Bravo

    Changes in the Raid Rules!

    people know u dont need buttons to ladderproof a wall right
  12. Destroyer_Bravo

    Ladders and Raids.

    so what happens when I build a band of stairs into my wall
  13. Destroyer_Bravo

    Iron door roll [Raiding]

    no need to be a condescending asshat tbh I expect better from """"forum moderators"""" and who said time is of the essence, lets say I just sacked a city, who cares if everyone around notices me removing a wall, they dont care, but I still have to roll the doorframe can be removed from the wall it is put into if time isnt of the essence, or if I can hold and defend my door removal operation not everything is a smash and grab lol
  14. Destroyer_Bravo

    Iron door roll [Raiding]

    why do i need to roll to throw a rock through a window and walk through it what stops me from taking the time to remove the door by dismantling it what stops me from taking a pickaxe to the wall
  15. Destroyer_Bravo

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    tbh this is prob complete ass