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  1. Destroyer_Bravo

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    top and bottom 5 magic/creature lores and why which subrace most deserves the gas
  2. why is everyone screeching into their updates about an inconsequential battle on a literally EOL map


    nothing you do matters

  3. Destroyer_Bravo

    September Prince, Feedback!

    dude why dont we just build an icbm silo on top of haelunor's mana fountain and send bombs at this september prince guy o wait
  4. Destroyer_Bravo

    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    o word ok, shows how much I play this server. but more to the spirit of what I asked I guess, what is "unneeded" harm? can a cleric harm a guy for murder? what if he killed a bandit? what if he executed a criminal? who decides what is morally correct? tahariae doesn't step down and presidential alert the boys abt what is and is not "unneeded" right?
  5. Destroyer_Bravo

    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    so wait clerics are greenlit to smack literally every individual who has ever served in a military? also if 1 irl month is still 1 ingame year doesn't an M.D. irl take like 8 years to earn including premed, maybe 6 or 7 of you really hustle or smth?
  6. Destroyer_Bravo

    A Missive to the Haelun'orian Refugees, 1684

    "Wait what who destroyed my home from like two cataclysms ago? Where my country gone?" mutters some high elf
  7. Destroyer_Bravo

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    wow they **** on cavalry pvp this map innit
  8. volcanos popping off in lotc its the end times dudes shut it down

    1. The Transcendent

      The Transcendent

      Turn those lights off.

  9. Destroyer_Bravo

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    so can i summon an angel to this realm or whatever and if i can what stops me from killing it by exploding an ice rink while singing the elven national anthem
  10. brother can i have my ghook back


    i must meme elves

  11. nexus is back? can I ride my turbo hayabusa again

  12. Destroyer_Bravo

    [Community Review] Raids

    you know I can build a wall that cant be laddered up period with stairs hell I could just make the wall extend out by 1 block from where it is at the surface also can the settlement choose to drop its raid cooldown voluntarily>
  13. not that i have any skin in the game but the hms hodir is just the uss monitor right?

    1. ryno2


      i mean hey it could be, not like they gave med a chance to edit his posts to be more lore-friendly

  14. Destroyer_Bravo

    A Declaration of Naval Blockade

    actually worth pointing out that they could have just the uss monitor lmao would do the same **** and not get whined at. its just a low freeboard ironclad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Monitor
  15. Destroyer_Bravo

    Seeking Players for House Horen

    ill join but ill need to play thru my eve online dreadnought alt