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  1. Feeling nostalgic for minecraft... I might just get back in February if I manage to remember, after YMUN and other school-relating things.

  2. Your profile pic is the best

  3. Looks like I have 20% warning status. How do I decrease this?

  4. Gosh I go inactive for too long. I'll probably start back avidly, uhhh... early June maybe? At the latest I guess.

  5. Sooooo once I make a VA for Toldor once he gets settled into Krugmar, he'll be da 'elix rex, a bandit king, walking around with a giant sword... although I'll make sure he'll have some hilarious flaws~

    1. Distuth


      Scared of blood, perhaps?

  6. Zaspar shall hopefully return to LotC tonight, depending on workload and if Darrian will fix my skins eyes :/

  7. Ban Appeal For Salmeer

    You don't belong here? why?
  8. Ban Appeal For Salmeer

    @Salmeer It's kinda hard to tell whether you are your brother or not. I suggest hopping on TS with a GM or two.
  9. Appeal For Username 459Pm

    I don't think the staff is supposed to big brother you if you hack your account just to change the username. He said his account, not mods. Edit: Derick, just buy another minecraft account. It's a clean history, name it whatever you want, only for 26 dollars.
  10. Ban Appeal For Salmeer

    His brother made an account as Derick, apparently he's more interested in LOTC than Salmeer himself, who according to this "Derick" is engrossed in Portal 2. Anyway, due to negative feedback from everyone, I think at least an essay would be necessary to get you back in.
  11. my math teacher is making puns... loling atm

  12. Well, I received no blackscreen but I was getting INCREDIBLE fps lag, only to realize I still had my server list up on my vanilla launcher. Didn't know a server list would cause that much lag :/

  13. lovin' the new avatar hahaha

  14. If my char wants to join this cult somehow (in Aegis 2.0)... would there be an RPed post on the forums for joining?