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  1. It would not take long for Simon Basrid to consume the account entirely. Enchanted by the tales of old Aegis, he would go to the Holy Father and request a deeper investigation of these documents. @Hunwald
  2. There was no shame in a failed cantrip, the mage recanted to himself. And yet as the life of a sickly flame hissed into oblivion, Simon Basrid could only curse himself. The man had been humbled before, countless times, but only at the undoing of others. Magic was a hard lesson to the proud scion of Rhen who suffered failure with as much grace as a fat squire. “Your papers, m’lord!” The Rhenyari’s serving boy, a flaxen haired youth by the name of Adam who he could never quite scrub the slums from, barged into the quiet study with letters piled high over his head. Simon still could not decipher his true age. The Sutican street rat the fledgling sorcerer found in his travels had the frame of an eight year old boy, but proved able at all manners of minor errands with the finesse of a true squire. It never occurred to the Rhenyari to be thankful, though – one dose of praise and Simon feared that the boy find another patron, one ‘more worthy’ than a Farlander of Ba’as. Yet while the Chancellor of Rubern, Procurator of Kaedrin, Wolfcatcher Royal of the Empire and Monsignor of the Curia stumbled through the great tower of parchment in muddled reflection, he noticed the seal of that great drunk of Helena. ‘Another treaty?‘ he’d ponder. As he lifted and sifted through its contents, the cold brew of envy and empathy that defined his relationship with the merry d’Balain muted for a time. Simon was in better spirits as of late, and as he looked to the boy, he muttered behind the parchment. “Give the Archchancellor my regards. A bushel of figs, blood oranges, and pitaya from the gardens, a vial of black absinthe, and a pouch of winesalt. Red Chrysanthemum for his lady wife.” And so the young boy bowed once and rushed his way, and the Basridi kept to his study. The other letters Adam brought made fine fuel for a masquerade of shadows as the mage set work to his craft once more.
  3. add me on discord you vile ****

  4. hey message us on skype/disc if you ever see this

  5. So they asked the crowd if 2 adults wanted to play to make it 5 on 5 🤩 He threw his jacket off and ran down the bleachers. Then some white guy volunteered to play for the opposing team. Groo honestly went in there with the intent to not shoot and just set the kids up to score. But them boyz was down 23-4 after the 1st quarter. After that, he just started isolating and takin kids to goal. Grool scored 32 pts in the 2nd quarter. He was in that zone the greats talk about. He would hear parents in the crowd yelling "PASS THE DAMN BALL" he paid that shyt no mind though. And on the last possession of the game one of the kids on his team had a chance to take the ball to the hoop for an easy layup, but he caught up with him at the free throw line, stopped the kid like , pointed at the scoreboard and told him to just walk it out Grool ended up winnin the game 97-59. I doubt that pale orc even go to anymore games if he has to sit in the crowd with them angry ass parents. Grool know he was wrong, but when he stepped on that court and saw them lights, he had to get his shyt off...@VonAulus was cut from his middle school team and he never really got over that.
  6. I think this clause is key to understanding the new rules. Staff should not deny warclaims solely on the premise that one nation leader may be uncomfortable with the consequences of legitimate roleplay – where the consensual nature of the new rules arises is in determining consequences. If the two parties cannot agree on adequate consequences, the team assigned to the war will review and dole a reasonable set of outcomes. Defenders should not be able to refuse staff-delivered consequences in these cases. The goal here is to avoid conflicts made solely for conflicts sake that act as a detriment and disincentive in community building. Fundamentally there also should be, at the start of each war, a review of what is at stake and the scope of the conflict. That discourse has not existed which has lead to dismal results as conditions are flip-flopped midwar. There’s little reason to build up an active hub if you know that you’re at the mercy of sweeping raids and conquest at the flick of a thumb, and in order to foster stronger roleplay communities, I think the rules do a good job of making sure the conflict stays within the realm of roleplay without rewarding toxic and uncooperative behavior.
  7. Urist Drumm drinks to the successful tourney.
  8. “A clean justice. The good act of abdication does not wash out the bad – let us hope future Pontiffs show restraint after they witness the proceedings of this investigation.”
  9. Yo Ever

  10. Theobalt Rolnik is blessed with the vigor of Holy Hunwald....he readies the Abresi stewards to defend the council.
  11. Mortified to hear one of these incidents was adjacent to a roleplay community I was involved with. Thank you for speaking up and let’s hope these conversations make LotC a safer place.
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