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  1. Peasant.

    1. VonAulus


      lol when i saw ctap ur darkelf skin came into my mind

  2. you ever cry to a song man?

  3. You have to follow your intuitive nature.
  4. RP Name: Dibbo9MC Name: orlo silverstoneVoted: Yes
  5. I've been seeing the server hit new peaks lately and this video really helps sell why. Well done.
  6. Name - Simon Basrid Age - 105 Association Member? - Yes. Describe your level of ability and experience playing badminton - An amateur!
  7. RP Name: dibbo9MC Name: Orlo SilverstoneVoted: Yes :)
  8. This is a different perspective
  9. In a distant realm known for its dancing dunes and brilliant skies, an old sorcerer in red smokes aside a stout dark dwarf to the honor of the great James II, an undisputed colossus of faith and reason and eminent figure in the chronicles of man. Recollecting their friendship was a fond mental voyage for the man, who reminisced over how the pious glazier brought unity and stability to a faith and people long in discord - a saint in life, and hero for humanity.
  10. The Courtship of Sarai is my new favorite!

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    2. Urahra


      well, lemme know when you're back into it cuz I love RPing with ur chars man


      need to get simon b back onstage one of these days

    3. Cracker


      Will do boss o7 

    4. MunaZaldrizoti


      we miss you 😢 @Cracker

  11. To His Excellency, Mr. Halcourt, I graciously accept the opportunity to revive and deliberate this tradition. Send a time and place for our assembly. Regards, Simon Basrid KCS PL
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