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  1. Cracker

    im having a birthday party

    wii sports juice boxes thanks yea ther'll be pissa
  2. Cracker

    im having a birthday party

    at game trade july 10 so if u in the dallas texas area come on through. were going playing video games and alot more stuff
  3. Cracker

    Orcs Among the Grain

    I do these shitposts to honor the tradition. Still my favorite war on the server and a war we can all learn from.
  4. Cracker

    Orcs Among the Grain

    Conquest Warclaim Conquest is the act of military subjugation of an enemy by force of arms. In other words it is the de jure incorporation of some territory into another geo-political entity (either adjacent or non-contiguous). Usually, it is implied that the territory and population being annexed is the smaller, more peripheral, and weaker of the two merging entities, barring physical size. Opposing Faction: The Empire of Urguan and Allies Defending Faction: The War Uzg and Allies Name of the battle: Orcs Among the Grain Location: Alras East Time(atleast 5 days warning.): Sunday, July 29th, 6pm EST Terms: - No enchanted weapons, except for power 1 bows. - No golden apples. - No potions. Rewards: - In the case of a victory for the Dwarves, region ownership will be given to Mystronghold and the Goldhands. - All loot and chests are property of the Goldhands, as well as any riches or resources in the region. RP: The dust has settled, the battle for the outer city of Alras has been won. The dwarven warriors celebrate for the victory that has been claimed for the Goldhands. But not all dwarves celebrated that night. The two military commanders, Hodor and Morgrim, look over the edge of the crumbling fortress to the old Alrasian farms. Scattered across the waves of grain, orcs roam about, disorganised. “T’is battle beh nay be over ‘till t’ese bluddeh greenskinsbeh off our lands. Nut befur t’at can weh begin tae launch our own attacks un Uruk territory.” says Morgrim in a slightly war weary voice. “T’ere nay beh many, weh mus’ beh quick about gitten ‘em out ov ‘ere. Oi suggest ye call t’e ‘olds fer battle once again... T’e quicker t’is be done, t’e better.” Hodor nods to Morgrim in agreement, “Dere beh nay sense in waitin’, ah will begin ter rally th’ troops n’ we will march upon t’e Alrasian farmland wit’in’ t’e mont’ T’ese greenskin bastards will see wut use t’eir little invasion wus wort’. We will crush ‘em unce again, just loike we did in t’e West! T’is’ll be just tae beginnin’ uv our counter attacks on ‘em!” Morgrim glances back at Hodor, nodding, a slight grin appearing across his face. The two war weary veterans smile at each other, and walk to join the festivities in the Dwarven Empire.
  5. Back for Oren 😈

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  6. Cracker

    regarding the techlock

    I have seen a Turkish player known as donchomirzakhan run about with a firearm in tow. He ought to be lawfully executed alongside his peers Yoppl and Maly.
  7. honest opinion of 21 savage

  8. Cracker

    [Denied]Yoppl's GM Application

  9. Cracker

    [Denied]Aetosion's GM Re-Application