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  1. Oh really powers up my pooper!
  2. Hm.... might eat me a fish
  3. Real jazzy kid...real fresh. You keep this up, you're going places.
  4. Why would you make a feedback thread about yourself...
  5. "Just sitting here in my bed...smoking a whole lotta weed. It's in a joint" - Chumpchump
  6. Not bad...not half bad....
  7. Heh, pixel girlfriends... *smokes cigar* yea. lotta fish in the sea buddy...don't be afraid to deep sea dive... just be sure to wear your bucket hat
  8. People always blame me for everything.. glad to see the immaculate Goldman knocked down a peg, or as some might say, a leg. Haha... thanks youngie... you did good kid... did real good
  9. So much more...in so little time...
  10. Did I win?
  11. 220!
  12. 180 mina!
  13. Basically if savoy rebels the dwarves will aid Wont back down this time
  14. The thesis has to be at least three times bigger than this.
  15. Just because your player group consists of 20 friends of yours and you can’t fight a nation of 200 doesn’t mean you don’t have every much of a right to play the server. If you pick fights with a nation of 200, you don't deserve OOC protection! Form a new group or face the consequences.