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  12. The County of Cantal.
  13. https://gyazo.com/ae3cbc0cef7e5351a43611271f51fb47 The Duke Hunoald stirs from his chambers to the tune of unsightly flatulence. Nearing the age of eighty-four, his countenance reflects that of a spotted sow past her prime, mired with white warts and lesser fungi. The Duke, in effort to conceal these deformities, took upon himself to grow a beard in Theodosian fashion, but alas, just as his balding brow, his withered cheeks find themselves half-naked, the hair misshapen and misgrown. With a deep and inappropriate moan, he emerges to his study where he is greeted by none other than his lord steward, the genteel esquire William Pig. "Greetings to you, my Duke. We've enjoyed splendid weather of seventy radians. Oh, tally-hoo! Have you heard of the Kingdom of Mardon?" "Ah the Kingdom of Mardon!" Hunoald replied, with a cheery gusto unfit his typical mannerism. "Shall I fetch you the miller's daughter, sire?" inquired Mr. Pig "Yes. Wash her and bring her to my bedstead. That will be all for the day." said the Duke. From thenceforth the Duke spent a great deal of time with the miller's daughter, from dawn till dusk, enjoying her company. However, by the next day, Hunoald soon fancied himself a Mardonese wencher at his disposable. It was up to Pig to supply.
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