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  1. Name - Simon Basrid Age - 105 Association Member? - Yes. Describe your level of ability and experience playing badminton - An amateur!
  2. RP Name: dibbo9MC Name: Orlo SilverstoneVoted: Yes :)
  3. This is a different perspective
  4. In a distant realm known for its dancing dunes and brilliant skies, an old sorcerer in red smokes aside a stout dark dwarf to the honor of the great James II, an undisputed colossus of faith and reason and eminent figure in the chronicles of man. Recollecting their friendship was a fond mental voyage for the man, who reminisced over how the pious glazier brought unity and stability to a faith and people long in discord - a saint in life, and hero for humanity.
  5. The Courtship of Sarai is my new favorite!

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    2. Urara


      well, lemme know when you're back into it cuz I love RPing with ur chars man


      need to get simon b back onstage one of these days

    3. Cracker


      Will do boss o7 

    4. MunaZaldrizoti


      we miss you 😢 @Cracker

  6. To His Excellency, Mr. Halcourt, I graciously accept the opportunity to revive and deliberate this tradition. Send a time and place for our assembly. Regards, Simon Basrid KCS PL
  7. Cracker


    (Simon Basrid KCS PL, painted c. 1744) Forty-four years had passed since Simon Basrid turned over his officer reds to take upon the highest office in his country. Statecraft was an unclean profession then, staffed by mercenaries and mudlarkers, the sort of opportunistic bunch that came and went with the weather. Around him was the crumbling infrastructure of an orphaned red city still reeling from its great war, with dozens of plots both foreign and national to undo what weak bonds that kept the state together. It was the miserable sort of condition where exiles, sorce
  8. His Imperial Excellency, Simon Basrid KCS, Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire, signs the treaty.
  9. Excellent. When we did the return to Athera eventline and allowed for black powder cannon roleplayer it creates a great burst option in CRP events that expanded the strategy of conflict beyond soldiers against soldiers and allowed the protagonists to fight monsters at another level. Hope to see this lore approved and capture some of that spirit again!
  10. Simon Basrid reviews the missive with a bitter distaste. “Salamander skinchangers defiling names from their sacred grave. It’s as some bloody children’s fable.”
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