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  1. To His Excellency, Mr. Halcourt, I graciously accept the opportunity to revive and deliberate this tradition. Send a time and place for our assembly. Regards, Simon Basrid KCS PL
  2. Cracker


    (Simon Basrid KCS PL, painted c. 1744) Forty-four years had passed since Simon Basrid turned over his officer reds to take upon the highest office in his country. Statecraft was an unclean profession then, staffed by mercenaries and mudlarkers, the sort of opportunistic bunch that came and went with the weather. Around him was the crumbling infrastructure of an orphaned red city still reeling from its great war, with dozens of plots both foreign and national to undo what weak bonds that kept the state together. It was the miserable sort of condition where exiles, sorcerers, and the disgraced could thrive, and it was some providence that Simon Basrid was of all three backgrounds. Under the watchful eye of his grim monarch and comrade-at-arms, Peter III, Simon served as the first captain of the great Helena experiment and modern ministry, opening the country toward golden liberties and reforming the old feudal order that strangled Orenian administration and unity time and time again. Bound by the mystic ideal of Providence, the old Rhenyari demanded a sense of excellence among his cabinet that elevated and restored the dignity of mankind’s homeland. Yet while the work of an Orenian statesmen is never quite complete, Simon soon realized that he was quickly administering a population increasingly removed from his own background. The sort of apolitical technocracy he fostered in the 1740s began to wane in face of new philosophies born from generations raised on the Imperial Diet. With higher pursuits in mind and the blessings of his compatriots, on his 44th anniversary of ministry - a landmark date to the superstitious mage, given the numerology of four in the Canonist faith and his role in overseeing both the 400th year of empire and 40th year of his emperor - he elected to retire, parting from his station with the below address. “To friends and countrymen, I came to this country a disgraced scion of an ancient realm, with ill-else other than my wits and good humor aside me. She, in turn, gave me station, ambition, and such a platform to work for great change in the condition of man - and for that, I will always love and serve my empire. Our Oren is unique among all realms as the living legacy of the Exalted Horen, a land of prophets, the keeper of all man’s apostolic traditions. Each of us are custodians to the great Tapestry of Man, gifted to us by our ancestors, passed onto our children, that serves as the chronicle of being. So long as every fellow is committed to protecting this state, so will our histories, culture, and way of life endure. In that way, a man ought to know when he should retire to pass his service unto the next, and I feel good and well to relinquish this post unto the next political generation to cut their teeth and add unto our legacies. I ask the Orenian people to forgive me for any failures that may have occurred during these years of service, and to accept them as personal failings – not intrinsic faults in our young state. In this final address, I would name those who served as close personal friends and allies in my progress, so that they may be known for their service, diligence and good nature. I had the unforgettable and distinguished honor to serve aside them in cultivating a new model Oren - and I thank my maker every day for that distinct opportunity. They include… Urrigon Drumm, my first personal friend in the foreign continent of Arcas. Cyrus Basrid, my beloved brother who need not have joined me in my exile, the Lion of Senate. Jasper Carrington, my trusted confidante and brother at arms in the young ISA. Derik Brashton, the lost son of Sutica who came to embody the new Orenian patriot in my mind’s eye. Douglas Denims, for relentless service to the physical construction and upkeep of the imperial demense. Vitaly Valic, who brought revelry to empire and became one of her young martyrs. Yuliya Styrne, for blessing this country with a score of literary treasures. Otto the Tarcharman PL, a fellow scholar and luminary to our budding academic traditions. Jasper de Sarkozy, an unsung scholar, academic, and hero among imperial chroniclers. Alexandra Carrington, the delight of Helena. Siguine Ruthern, a trusted advisor and personal friend who invited me to the ways and traditions of Haense. Peter de Sarkozy, for his pivotal service in building the imperial economic miracle of the 1740s. The brothers Galbraith, for tirelessly exemplifying the young new bureaucrat corps of empire. Edward Napier, curator of the Napier Collection – a seminal work that defined new imperial art. Sir Octavian Vimmark KL, the namesake to our Drazimann warriors. Sir Rylan Swint KHE, the model of Orenian military service. Dame Franziska Vimmark KHE, for trampling evil with black powder and reclaiming both Damehood and our Holy Canon. Sir Joseph Adler KM, the founder of the modern Constabulary. Sir Lauritz Christiansen KM, a dear protégé and imperial legislator of legend. Sir Terrence May GCM, the Haeseni maestro of state who bound Oren in a common law. Sir Darius Sabari GCL, the daring scorpion of our great war, who defied all odds to reclaim the empire’s honor. My assorted Vice-Chancellors: Haas, Wright, de Falstaff, and Stahl-Elendil, for giving counter-weight to my ministries and resolving deliberate crises foreign and national. The 1st Baron Carrington, George Carrington, for his enduring service in matters of commerce and economy, and the prodigious family he gave to his country. The 1s Viscount Rillsworth, my beloved foil, chief architect to modern Orenian political life. The 1st Count Harlingen, Leonard de Ruyter, who chanced upon a young officer’s vision to build a professional army. The 1st Count Mordskov, Alren DeNurem, the Generalissimo of our time. The 3rd Count Susa, Jahan Basrid, for a distinguished service and patriotism to state mirroring my own. The 1st Duke Sundholt, John d’Arkent, my predecessor, advisor, and cherished friend. Her Highness, the Princess Pruvia, a protege of the state and dear personal friend taken too early. His Highness, Nicholas Barbanov, for resolving a myriad of classified crises and proving a dear friend to cabinet and empire. Her Highness, the Princess Elizabeth Anne, for her enduring wonder, zeal, and sponsorship of our imperial heritage. Her Highness, the Princess Imperial, Anne Augusta, for a geniality and candor unmatched in all Orenian society. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of Haense, for her friendship and fraternity in face of modern crises and prowess as a model consort. His Majesty, King Andrew IV, for his detente and patriotism to empire in face of invasion. His Majesty, King Corwinn von Alstreim, for fraternity built and old scores settled in the archives of the Cloudlands. The High Pontiff Daniel VI, my first benefactor and patron in this country. The High Pontiff James II, for having faith in the imperial experiment despite black tensions and collaborating with the state as a dear and trusted academic. And to His Imperial Majesty, Peter III, for seeking fortune in the stars and granting charge to my person. With such a cabal of heroes, and so many more, who could doubt our empire’s success? Here is to our future - I look forward to joining my countrymen as a private citizen in the state we’ve created over sixty years, and advising the crown and future Stahl-Elendil Ministry in whatever capacity they may need. To Providence, Simon Basrid KCS PL” With his missive written and ready to print, the sorcerer resigned his post in Peterhof and took to a drink aside old Drumm at Peridot’s dice den, to wager, smoke, and muse on all that could come next for the storied son of Ba’as.
  3. His Imperial Excellency, Simon Basrid KCS, Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire, signs the treaty.
  4. Excellent. When we did the return to Athera eventline and allowed for black powder cannon roleplayer it creates a great burst option in CRP events that expanded the strategy of conflict beyond soldiers against soldiers and allowed the protagonists to fight monsters at another level. Hope to see this lore approved and capture some of that spirit again!
  5. Cracker


    Simon Basrid reviews the missive with a bitter distaste. “Salamander skinchangers defiling names from their sacred grave. It’s as some bloody children’s fable.”
  6. Cracker


    His suspicions confirmed, the livid minister brewed in a quiet ire, fists clenched till they turned pale as the waves of melancholy set in like the tide. ”He calls the path he was set on crooked, but hasn’t even the stones to name the one who led him on that course.” After gnawing the end of a long cigar, Simon spat out an ugly rasp. “And to think I claimed to raise a warrior.”
  7. Cracker

    Lacies music.

  8. The Archchancellor grips the missive between a closed fist, gritting his teeth. “Something here is not right. Svjetlast.”
  9. “To end a half century of farce...” the Archchancellor remarks in a quiet contemplation.
  10. After the cursory sweep of the Pompourelian heir’s belongings, the Archchancellor suspicions are heightened. He begins to send out for some of the youth’s companions to question his motives prior his disappearance and death.
  11. Underneath Helena’s printing houses’ text on imperial history of the era laid a copy of La Fleur’s script. The Archchancellor mulled quietly over the text, having no knowledge of the author or her background. Yet in moments, the statesman and sorcerer was enchanted, spirited away to the time of the Prophets – thoroughly lost in the saga of Lorin + Augustus. As he finished, he immediately penned a missive to the son of his personal friend Jasper,. @Heff “To the Master Peridot, We have a debut performance to the new opera house. Lorin + Augustus. My favorite – ensure me a front row seat to this story.”
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