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  1. I don't know what Jistuma is saying, but from my memory Aruzond is still alive.
  2. You beautiful man you. I miss you.

  3. I love you all.

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      You're coming on too hot, Goldrim. Watch yourself.

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      (´◉◞౪◟◉) pbbbbblttt

  4. You don't seem to understand. The Monolith is stationary and has a very limited radius, it's not like they're going to go on a bloody rampage and take over Athera. They will most likely keep to their island and let others come to them, at least that's what I initially anticipated to happen. Currently Ogres are nothing, when you RP a stupid character there's barely any depth to it, this gives people an incentive to make an Olog / Ogre and actively play one. People argue they can't become Shamans, they can't become anything, they're there to just stand in a corner and be stupid, which is not
  5. Thanks, although I don't want to tie it in with Shamanism. For now I like it's origins to be unknown and for theories to pop up through roleplay, knowing where it's from and what power it holds kind of ruins the surprise. I hope that I can keep it just an ancient artifact for now, any further discoveries regarding the Monolith will be documented for the Lore Team to review.
  6. Preface An Ogre of large stature is seen emerging from a mud-hut on an island behind the Orcish mainland. He scouts the horizon with a grunt in search of any animals. With a weary sigh he whips out a jabbernak leg from his simple hut, it appears to be rotten, but edible. He takes a crunching bite, spraying white webs of fat all over the place. The leg half-gone, meat and bone alike, he immediately pursed his lips for another bite, a proven means to elicit taste. Not soon after he finished the ‘delicacy’ his tummy would rumble once again, he had no other choice but to go search for some del
  7. Why can't I post in the Lore section of the forums?

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    2. Goldrim


      Thanks bud.

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      Roleplay ideas is for general ideas. Lore is for Lore posts, but it seems Raptor fugged it up. We'll have to wait for him to get up to fix it.

    4. Raptorious


      It's fixed. I just forgot one or two permissions.

  8. gg was mad fun, too bad for the lagg

  9. The Grand King Hodir Doomforge drops his watchful gaze down on a large map of Athera, with a firm nod he’d pinch a little Dwarven figure between his index finger and thumb, slowly dragging it across the map as he suddenly comes to a halt at Drakenburg. “We will liberate tha’ entoire Norf ‘o Orenian scum, we’re goin’ on tha’ offensive.” The Grand Marshal would simply nod in unison with his fellow commanders. “Let us mobilize, fortify an’ inform ‘oor allies ‘o tha’ upcomin’ siege.” Hodir would quickly slam down his fist on the table, with a frown he’d exclaim. “Enuff toy
  10. February has 28 days. :^) I'll give my reply tommorow, I'm personally fine with the terms and date, but I still need to talk to others. Besides, we most likely already have a warclaim on Hiebenhall this Sunday.
  11. We don't really have a GM lol. Besides, we're not looking for items, we're looking for land.
  12. Don't really think it needs a lock. Would like a GM to either accept, or deny this warclaim. :)
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