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  1. how it all changes, right? :)
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  3. you were always good at keeping records
  4. I don't know what Jistuma is saying, but from my memory Aruzond is still alive.
  5. You beautiful man you. I miss you.

  6. I love you all.

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  7. You don't seem to understand. The Monolith is stationary and has a very limited radius, it's not like they're going to go on a bloody rampage and take over Athera. They will most likely keep to their island and let others come to them, at least that's what I initially anticipated to happen. Currently Ogres are nothing, when you RP a stupid character there's barely any depth to it, this gives people an incentive to make an Olog / Ogre and actively play one. People argue they can't become Shamans, they can't become anything, they're there to just stand in a corner and be stupid, which is not fun at all. It's very simple, if you want to keep the Ogre player base as is, which is pretty much non existent, you deny this lore. If you want to add some depth to a dead sub-race so people may enjoy playing them, you accept it. The choice is yours.
  8. Thanks, although I don't want to tie it in with Shamanism. For now I like it's origins to be unknown and for theories to pop up through roleplay, knowing where it's from and what power it holds kind of ruins the surprise. I hope that I can keep it just an ancient artifact for now, any further discoveries regarding the Monolith will be documented for the Lore Team to review.
  9. Preface An Ogre of large stature is seen emerging from a mud-hut on an island behind the Orcish mainland. He scouts the horizon with a grunt in search of any animals. With a weary sigh he whips out a jabbernak leg from his simple hut, it appears to be rotten, but edible. He takes a crunching bite, spraying white webs of fat all over the place. The leg half-gone, meat and bone alike, he immediately pursed his lips for another bite, a proven means to elicit taste. Not soon after he finished the ‘delicacy’ his tummy would rumble once again, he had no other choice but to go search for some delicious berries. He soon got lost on the rather small island, his lower lip quivering in fear of the oncoming dark. While searching back for his hut he stubbed his knee against a average sized, oddly shaped monolith. In pain he rolls over on his side and releases a groan that would shake the very foundation of Athera.. or not. In the midst of his childlike tantrum a soothing hum emanates from the mysterious monolith. His whining quickly came to a stop, his mind tingling. The world around him suddenly became that more colorful and intricate. He quickly rose to his feet, with a silken voice and a determined look in his eyes he uttered a chant. If you'd listen closely; “Age of Ogre am upon us..“ The Monolith of Mir’dlog The Monolith is a mystical tablet that emits magical energy. Only ogres, however, are susceptible to this energy. When an ogre comes within the tablet's radius its senses are heightened and its brain capacity will greatly increase. The ogre will be able to think faster and logically superior to perhaps even other species. An ogre’s brain acts as a charger. If an ogre spends ample time within the tablet’s vicinity some of the magical essence is stored within the ogre. After leaving the tablet's circle of influence the effect persists for a mediocre amount of time after which it eventually wears off, returning the ogre to its previous feeble minded state. Final thoughts. I made this to add some flavor to the Ogre sub-race, this idea has an obvious benefit and drawback, which could lead to some very interesting RP scenarios. I may expand upon the Monolith at a later point in time, but it all depends on how Ogres and other participants will act on it in roleplay. Happy roleplaying peeps.
  10. Why can't I post in the Lore section of the forums?

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  11. gg was mad fun, too bad for the lagg

  12. The Grand King Hodir Doomforge drops his watchful gaze down on a large map of Athera, with a firm nod he’d pinch a little Dwarven figure between his index finger and thumb, slowly dragging it across the map as he suddenly comes to a halt at Drakenburg. “We will liberate tha’ entoire Norf ‘o Orenian scum, we’re goin’ on tha’ offensive.” The Grand Marshal would simply nod in unison with his fellow commanders. “Let us mobilize, fortify an’ inform ‘oor allies ‘o tha’ upcomin’ siege.” Hodir would quickly slam down his fist on the table, with a frown he’d exclaim. “Enuff toyin’ ‘roond, toime t’ey taste tha soles ‘o ‘oor boots, ye be dismissed.” WARCLAIM Type of Battle: Conquest Time & Date: 5PM EST, 7th of March Attacking Forces: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan + Allies Defending Forces: Drakenburg inhabitants + Allies Location and Boundaries: n_savannaplot3 (Known as Drakenburg) + canyonmain Red square is borders for the WC, black area is where the Alliance's / Dwarven fortifications will be built. Terms of Victory: Victory for attacking team: If the defenders are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Victory for the defending team: If the attackers are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Rewards: Victory for the attackers means n_savannaplot3 ownership will be transferred to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, so they may use it as they please. Victory for the defenders means the region may not be war claimed for a time based off the suggestions of non affiliated Game Moderators with the consent of both sides. Rules: Server rules No team killing No fake statuses No returning to battle No meta-gaming No underground fort modifications prior to this post. All additional fortifications must be on ground level or above. All items in this location may not be transferred to another, starting now.
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