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  1. Desires

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    Freaking awesome, love the style.
  2. Desires

    Anime/Manga Artist?

    I'm dead
  3. Desires

    Anime/Manga Artist?

    Since my status update was bumped down because of 501's resignation ! Any anime/manga artist out there that are willing to share their technique and talk about it? Thanks
  4. Desires

    Fitermon's Art Shop

    Thank you Fiter, you made me complete by drawing my weeb dragon girl
  5. Desires

    lackless's drawing shop (O P E N)

    plz master, do art trade?
  6. Desires

    [✓] Alras Awakens

    Charis Forseth, of course following her husband, would sign the charter! -Charis. (Desires)
  7. Desires

    (4/27/18) A Cow's Art Dump

    Your art is amazing, holy crap. ENVYYYY
  8. Desires

    [Complete][Bounty] The Greepy Griffin

    Upon passing the message boat, she'd suddenly stop after seeing the bounties had returned. She gasps with a grin on her expression and ripping the paper free from the board, she'd read over the message in excitement only to return the paper to it's place with the pin. Taking a quill of her own from her golden adorned robes, she writes on the bottom. "Healer willing to help with the slaying of this beast. Contact Charis Forseth through bird." (Desires)
  9. Desires

    [WT Application] Adasinio

    This probably doesn't mean much because I don't read. But I can vouch that she is a dedicated and hard worker. Gets along with people very well and is a quick learner! +1
  10. Desires

    The Adventurers Of Jolly Cooperation

    Character Name: Charis Alyssum Character Age: 115 IGN: Desires Timezone: -5 EST
  11. Desires

    [Accepted] Not Another One Of These - A Gm App Story

    +1 I desire this.
  12. Desires

    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    Glad to see you return. Hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the feeeeeeeeeesh.
  13. Desires

    Conclave Of Magi

    OOC Minecraft Username: Desires Skype Username: Liliem.Engineer IC Name: Charis Alyssum Age: 149 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: Being Taught What affinity of magic are you skilled in?: Clerical Magic Do you agree to submit to Orenian Law?: I do agree.
  14. Not much needs to be said. He was ahead of the game when he was App team, and wants to come back. Everyone takes breaks, but he had the heart to tell people before he left. Goodjob , mate. +1