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  1. Desires

    [✓] Alras Awakens

    Charis Forseth, of course following her husband, would sign the charter! -Charis. (Desires)
  2. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Looking to buy fishing rods.

  4. I'm making a deviantart. Anyone want to throw me username suggestions? I usually go by Desires, Silkywhip or Snackbox.

  5. Desires

    (4/27/18) A Cow's Art Dump

    Your art is amazing, holy crap. ENVYYYY
  6. "Dont make fun of my art" I... I think everone would be thankful of having something being drawed. 


    Your art is amazing... remember that...

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Is someone actually making jokes about your art? Omg. Dude, they can't even use paint lol

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      Amen, well said Madgead!

    4. MadYeAd


      It's not Madgead... what an insult... It's MadYeAd

  7. Great, I got a name. Now is anyone looking for an in-house servant?

  8. Anyone looking for a part-time maid? Looking to start a new character.

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    2. Asleep


      I believe @AllegedlyBored / @Haribo / @NordLord (all the same person) is looking for a maid.

    3. Harrison


      I'm gonna need a maid/tavern assistant soon enough.

    4. B3ast_mod


      Same, i've been looking for someone who needed an old butler too ;-;

  9. Time for some LO- ... *Sees it burning and salt everywhere.* Maybe next month...

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    2. Desires



    3. Joe_Blackman


      oh i see how it is ;^)

    4. Freya 


      this chat is an abortion of everything we know and love

  10. Desires

    [Complete][Bounty] The Greepy Griffin

    Upon passing the message boat, she'd suddenly stop after seeing the bounties had returned. She gasps with a grin on her expression and ripping the paper free from the board, she'd read over the message in excitement only to return the paper to it's place with the pin. Taking a quill of her own from her golden adorned robes, she writes on the bottom. "Healer willing to help with the slaying of this beast. Contact Charis Forseth through bird." (Desires)
  11. Desires

    [WT Application] Adasinio

    This probably doesn't mean much because I don't read. But I can vouch that she is a dedicated and hard worker. Gets along with people very well and is a quick learner! +1
  12. MC name: Desires Character's name and age: Charis Forseth [136] Character’s Race: Wood Elf What magic will you be learning?: Ascended [Gold Sect] Who will be teaching you?: Grungron Irongut [James27049] / Kalen Forseth [501Warhead] Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: N/A
  13. Why?

    Why does your profile header look like a earthshaker is ******* a globe?

  14. Grrr... Grr Wraith. Grr

  15. grr, cleric bum

    1. Harrison


      clerics are evil -.-

    2. Drunken Mutt

      Drunken Mutt

      She got hacked awhile ago.