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  1. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Whoever is still waiting on these, I apologize. I had some IRL stuff happen, but I am still working on the art... Just slowly.
  2. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    If you're wondering why you're pictures are taking so long, I'm going to dump a few of them at a time tomorrow, so I don't spam the thread.
  3. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    @gab kiillllmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    @Nekkore okay m8 *** off with love.
  5. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Throwing out my own compliment! @501warhead You're my favorite hubby and thank you for supporting me in every aspect for the two to three years we've been friends. You work so hard, and you try your best which is something I really appreciate and find admirable. Keep fresh, darling. @Heero 阴 You frustrate me, I want to punch you in the face 80% of the time, but you mean well in some aspects. It makes me cringe while I say this, you're a good friend and thanks for being one of my closer ones. @Rella101 You have been incredible help since I met you, I'm glad you came back to say hi to me and you'll always be an amazing friend which I hope to return the favor to. BE AMAZING ALWAYS.
  6. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    you fokin wot.
  7. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Go fer it.
  8. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Go for it bae. I'm not the original makers of them, but I can wing it.
  9. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Hey, I'll take the compliments without the art requests. That's cool too.
  10. Free Chibi Art! With a COST!

    Good evening, and yes I am coming to tap the community to show some love. I feel like there isn't enough appreciation for your peers, or even the Admins or staff so... Here's some free art, IF YOU COMPLIMENT SOMEONE AT RANDOM. More points if you give the admins some appreciation. They get a lot of flack, come on y'all. What you're gettin'
  11. [✓] Alras Awakens

    Charis Forseth, of course following her husband, would sign the charter! -Charis. (Desires)
  12. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Looking to buy fishing rods.

  14. I'm making a deviantart. Anyone want to throw me username suggestions? I usually go by Desires, Silkywhip or Snackbox.

  15. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Your art is amazing, holy crap. ENVYYYY