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  4. Serinus takes out the piece of fine parchment from his coat pocket and slid it into the box, the letter reads: "I have left this note in regards to the position opening at your tavern. I am a businessman who is a tailor by trade however I have ran a tavern before, in fact it was the Viridian Tavern in Johannesburg before it came to its end. I am well experienced and educated in trade and business. If you wish to talk more come find me in Karlsburg. Kind regards - Serinus Vagan" Skype: xgamersxtv IGN: llyrios
  5. Conquest Pack as well as a shader mod.
  6. [!] *You find a small note on the floor, below it reads:* I am selling my home. It is located in Krakow, which is in Pasnia, near Ostwick. I am selling it for 500 Minas but the price is negotiable. It is currently serving as my traders and tailor as well as a workshop and home. So it is pretty cramped, however with appropriate simple work it can be made spacious. It is based in a lovely expanding town, that is filled with wonderful people and has cheap tax. It has an attic space - which is currently serving as a bedroom, a ground floor and a second floor along with a spacious kitchen with a large basement area and a big area for storage as well as another big bedroom and an en suite washroom with a working shower and bath. Contact me Serinus Vagan for anymore information, I can be found in Pasnia or Ostwick. *Below you can see detailed sketches* ((Click on the images to expand))
  7. Holy **** look who it is...
  8. When I saw war By Serinus Vagran the II I saw children, i saw women, people lacking weapons and armour, horses that were bound to die. I saw what no man should of. The nights turned grey with smoke, and screams filled my ears, waters ran red and all men bled. People calling for gods, calling for their brothers, their loved ones. For themselves. They could not get up. When the trumpets called, the men came running, at each other, running back home, running left and right. But there was nowhere to go! When the arrows came raining down onto them, when life stopped for a moment. The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. It became clear to me, the older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. But it was too late for only the dead have seen the end of war. I am just a tailor, i stitch fabrics, but what I saw on that day, it was nothing like any other war. My father told me of times he saw the undead devour an entire island. If only he saw this, there was no undead, no monsters, only men who killed each other over power, something that does not exist in reality, in a physical form. I saw what no man should of. I saw war.
  9. [!] Fliers are posted around various Capitals and settlements. Let it be known that just because a service is not listed does not mean it is possible. Anybody is welcome! Contact Serinus Vagran II (llyrios) for any further information! Prices are negotiable and I am willing to barter! The very best in Pasnian fashion! Dirt-cheap prices for only the best quality! Why go anywhere else? Prices Alterations Minor alteration: 5m Repair of fabric: 5m Fancy/Expensive alteration: 8m Fancy/Expensive repair: 10m Fitted clothing Per Piece: 20m Per Outfit: 45m Per Fancy/Expensive Piece: 40m Per Fancy/Expensive Outfit: 80m Other services New buttons or buckles: 5m Hat fit or repair: 5m Clothing wash: 3m Shoe shine: 2m Haircut: 4m Beard trim: 2m *((A new skin is usually 200m, an alteration would be like 50m)) Offers Clothing wash and repair: 12m Hair and beard: 5m Full Monty (outfit and haircut): 50m I'll create a skin for you regarding those prices. Contact my skype: xgamersxtv or message me in game (llyrios) for a custom skin. My store is in the Pasnian city of Krakow.