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  1. "Why, talk about nostalgia," As the recollection flooded her memory, a contented smile curled across her lips, "We all saw how that went last time," Luthien would comment to her companion, her eyes flitting over the parchment one last time, before she sought to simply continue her day.
  2. "Growth, what a beautiful thing," Luthien's lips curled to a smile as these words were whispered under her breath, lowering the quill that occupied her fingers just moments prior. Finally, glancing down at her signature, the elf nodded, "May we all continue to prosper"
  3. Setting Rancor Aside In pursuit of a common cause. 14th of The Amber Cold, Year 123 of The Second Age "To fight against destruction may seem hypocrisy, however the validity of this does not penetrate the surface - reasoning in mortal affairs is of horrid complexity. In striving to affirm themselves, commit to identifying their values, and how best they may be served. Should they be threatened, one cannot hesitate in their defense." - Malaurir Dio Astóre PRELUDE This last elven day, many were witness to a moment in our history where differences were aside. Pride abandons the forefront in pursuit of a common cause; to extinguish the flame of corruption that has for long marred the land. For too long, it has been neglected. Now, standing united, fear shall not overrule justice. FROM THIS DAY ONWARD The Silver State of Haelun’or hereby denounces The Principality of Celia’nor as portrayed in the vision of a tyrant, Valyris, and all who endorse her. The Silver State of Haelun’or decries the unforgivable crimes devised by Valyris and her followers, they are recognized as follows; - The ‘ata who made an attempt against Idril Sylvaeri’s life, the High Princess of Amaethea, and a valued ally to the silver bastion. - The ‘ata who sought to divide the realm through the instigation of conflict. - The ‘ata who knowingly harbored Darkspawn, and by extension endorsed their malicious practices against descendant-kind. - The ‘ata who time and time again neglected their sworn duty, as signed in the Atrus Covenant, to aid in the protection of Almaris, and by extension descendant-kind. - The ‘ata who in their cowardice abandoned their post during the battle for Dawnhold. - The ‘ata who in their neglect and recklessness, provoked a voidal tear in the west, further deteriorating the realm during dire times. - The kinslayers who once sought to erase our history, heritage, and the very idea of true High Elven purity. Those who now deflect all due blame. TO THE RANALETH The Silver State of Haelun’or has elected to endorse the movement incited by her allies and The Ranaleth Bloodline. Though a striking conflict stands between our ideals, we have set aside our differences in the pursuit of one common goal; to promulgate a phony. The Silver State of Haelun’or hereby acknowledges the efforts of The Ranaleth Bloodline against the Darkspawn plague and their adherence to pledges made. In contrast to Valyris and her council, they are acknowledged to represent the Celia’nor population at large and the society that has over-time developed their respective ideals. The Ranaleth Bloodline pledges to acknowledge Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and offer their efforts in making Larihei’s teachings known to those that seek it, cementing this ideal in the form of an educational monument in the lands where they settle. In acceptance, we find neutrality, and promote longevity and peace throughout the realm. Tyrants poison the minds of the unsuspecting; those entrapped in this cycle are not yet beyond helping. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Sohaer of The Silver State of Haelun’or, Luthien Maeyr'onn [!] A few additional missives would be issued alongside this decree.
  4. Luthien's smile that day was unwavering, laughing as she departed from Balian to celebrate, "Perhaps we ought to open a bottle of aged wine."
  5. From within the comfort of her office, Luthien would inspect the parchment over a cup of tea. Upon savoring a portion of the drink, the Sohaer lifted her gaze, a brow raised towards Idril, "Well, I believe this a victory," A smile spread across her lips, "Should we celebrate your triumph over another cup of tea?" With this, she gestured to the kettle, welcoming The High Princess of Amaethea to another serving.
  6. From the perspective of a settlement leader, this is a bit unfeasible. These are communities that NEED a place to roleplay, and will NEED a place to settle without drastic changes every few days and loads of pesky moving around. Not the mention the influx of older players who make a return every new map. Having such a drastic time-crunch is borderline debilitating and will lead to only half-assed or half-finished cities (it will not be pretty). It's easy to say "Hey, just paste it, or build/expand it in once the map starts", but keep in mind that ASSUMING pastes are still an option next map, they still cost funds no one will have or be able to afford from the beginning. Lets say we just grind the materials and build things in by hand. With either of these options, it will at BEST take months to see it through. Why is this necessary? Rather spending time having fun and roleplaying, not to mention getting things together as made necessary by the beginning of the map, your playerbase would be spending it gathering materials; when they could very easily be given the opportunity to relax. Consider that all this building and all this work that is put forward is through the hard work of several people; volunteering their TIME into realizing all these things you suggest. I get the concept of immersion, and trying to stay true to realism. But sometimes that simply does more harm than good. Trust me, camp roleplay gets old real fast, and while nice in concept - it is incredibly inconvenient when put into practice.
  7. Barrowlands - Haelun’or Non-Aggression Pact 5th of The Deep Cold, 119 S.A. PRELUDE With the signing of this document, The Silver State of Haelun’or and The Kingdom of the Barrowlands, henceforth referred to as ‘signatories’, pledge adherence to the following articles: ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY The implementation of this article entails the following: I. Both signatories hereby recognize each other’s claims to sovereignty and their right to the lands under their jurisdiction. II. Both signatories agree to respect and acknowledge the individual laws, culture and religion of their counterparts while within the borders of their lands respectively. III. Both signatories pledge to acknowledge that subjects from either domain are not exempt from the laws and regulations in effect during visitation. Should a subject from either party violate this clause, the signatories hereby agree to their counterpart’s right to detain but pledge to deliberate before taking further action in order to attain an agreeable consensus. Refer to ARTICLE IV for exceptions to this clause. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION The signatories agree that any and all forces under their jurisdiction will not engage in military action against the other party. In the case that this clause is violated, the agreement will be benign until further action is deliberated upon and the agreement re-implemented through proper diplomatic means. I. All non-hostile military exploits concerning the opposing signatory must first be deliberated upon by both parties. ARTICLE III: FREE TRADE The signatories agree to allow a designated representative from each respective party to trade in the other's lands free of burden. In the pursuit of this, the following will be permitted; I. An official stall within the border of their divergent domains will be assigned by either signatory. II. To facilitate the management of goods, merchants assigned to manage their respective stalls will be allowed free access into both cities respectively. ARTICLE IV: DARKSPAWN The signatories pledge to disclose all information concerning darkspawn that is made available to them. I. Should a member of either respective citizenry be revealed to - without a doubt - be affiliated with darkspawn, either signatory may take further action against the accused without first consulting the opposing signatory. All citizens who fall under this clause are exempt from ARTICLE I, section III. II. Frost Witches will be burnt at the stake without trial. ARTICLE V: BENCH The signatories agree that a bench shall be erected somewhere in the square of Haelun’or, dedicated to Tar-Uriel and in extension the kingdom of Barrowton. In kind, a bench shall be erected somewhere in the square of Barrowton, dedicated to the students of Larihei and in extension The Silver State of Haelun’or. ARTICLE VI: DURATION This assent will be in effect indefinitely. In the case that leadership from either side undergoes change, the involved parties retain the ability to reconsider this agreement at their discretion. All articles of this agreement may be amended upon the unanimous approval of all signatories. Signed, ito Sohaer Haelun’or, Luthien Maeyr'onn His Majesty by the Grace of God Tar-Uriel, King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Barrowlands, Chieftain of the Faithful Harren’hil, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm
  8. Upon reviewing the contents of the missive, Luthien dipped her quill in ink. Pausing, she glanced to elOkarir'nor, then subsequently signed the parchment, "That should be all, ne?" She concluded.
  9. ASSENT OF THE HIGH-FOLK 4th of Sun's Smile, 116 S.A. PRELUDE With ink and quill, the lengthy deliberation and subsequent agreement between The Silver State of Haelun’or and The Kingdom of Norland will hereupon be immortalized on parchment. May it serve as a testament to the beginnings of a lasting friendship. With the signing of this document, The Silver State of Haelun’or and The Kingdom of Norland, henceforth referred to as ‘signatories’, pledge adherence to the following articles: ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY The implementation of this article entails the following: I. Both signatories hereby recognize each other’s claims to sovereignty and their right to the lands under their jurisdiction. II. Both signatories agree to respect and acknowledge the individual laws, culture and religion of their counterparts while within their jurisdiction of their lands respectively. They acknowledge that subjects from either domain are not exempt from the laws in effect during visitation. Should a subject from either party violate this clause, the signatories hereby agree to their counterpart’s right to detain but pledge to deliberate before taking further action in order to attain an agreeable consensus. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION The signatories agree that any forces under their jurisdiction will not engage in military action against the other party. In the case that this clause is violated, the agreement will be benign until further action is deliberated upon and the agreement re-implemented. ARTICLE III: FREE TRADE The signatories agree to allow a designated representative from each respective party to trade in the other's lands free of burden. In the pursuit of this, an official stall within the border of their divergent domains will be provided to either signatory. Subjects outside of this must adhere to the respective regulations of each domain unless otherwise unanimously agreed upon by both signatories. ARTICLE IV: DARKSPAWN The signatories vow to lend all resources disposable to them in their attempts against Darkspawn. They pledge to work together in the pursuit of this mutual goal. ARTICLE V: DURATION This assent will be in effect for the duration of twenty years before it is to be deliberated upon and renewed once more. In the case that leadership from either side undergoes change, the involved parties retain the ability to reconsider this agreement at their discretion. Signed, SOHAER of The Silver State of Haelun’or, Luthien Maeyr’onn. MAHERAL of The Silver State of Haelun’or, Seth Calith. His Royal Majesty, Odin Freysson Ruric, by the Blood of the Herald, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm and Alisgrad, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Chieftain of the Freyssons
  10. With a final look at the officialized missive, Luthien could not help but sigh with relief, a hint of uncertainty lingering in her voice, "Alas, better than the last. May it continue to improve from here onwards," She paused, her head turning to her daughter as a brow rose, "It looks like you learned how to pronounce it now, ayla."
  11. "Misunderstanding and ignorance births wars. They that detest conflict show wisdom in their disposition, however to permit truths to be hidden behind falsehoods or to deprive them opportunity to be free of dissent and violence is an affront to wisdom." - Malaurir Dio Astóre ito maehr elthilln annilerih ’May the silver be guided to wisdom’ 12th of Snow's Maiden, Year 113 of The Second Age BLESSED CITIZENRY OF HAELUN’OR, This is a step I’ve long deliberated, and as the cogs that have since faltered begin moving anew, it is time that the first stride is taken. Throughout the years, decades, I have watched our home evolve through many stages; I watched it thrive, crumble, and ultimately resurface into the beautiful Cihi we call home to this day. I witnessed our people beneath the thumb of violence and tyranny, and through it all persisted alongside them. For too long, did this dark period of our history last, and for too long have we fallen victim to stagnation - a congruence conceived from the very peace we fought for. The title of Sohaer has traded hands from the moment we first stepped into this very land, unable to find an adequate place of rest. The responsibility that leading our people and their council entails was never meant for a single ‘thill, and it is time the burden is once again shared between two as was meant to be. I, Luthien Maeyr’onn, announce my intention to challenge the mantle of Sohaer. And though I cannot possibly address all the possibilities, with this missive I intend to shed transparency on my most urgent intentions. To Maintain: It is the very foundation of our history that legitimizes our purity as Mali’thill, something that for long we have neglected. In the pursuit of empty progress, we have forgotten the importance of maintaining those very ideals that fuel our desire for knowledge and longevity. For the sake of betterment - of progress - we must first conserve the ground on which these pillars stand. [I] Education has from the beginning been a vital piece of our pursuit for progress. In order to maintain the integrity of Larihei’s teachings, all who seek citizenship within our silver walls - regardless of race, gender, or species - will be under obligation to attend a lecture before being granted permanent residency. During this disquisition, they will be educated in the way we function as a society; our laws, social culture and etiquette, as well as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. The purpose behind this decision lies in the idea that we cannot expect one to respect and understand - let alone adhere to - our societal standards without first being taught. This will otherwise serve as a reminder to returning Mali’thill. [II] Just as preserving our history is of utmost importance, we must not forget to ensure the present and future well-being of our citizenry. An open ear must be extended in light of their concerns, for we cannot thrive in the misery of our people. In order to address this matter, public meetings with the mandatory attendance of all members of elHeial’thilln will be held once every elven month. At present, such gatherings are few to none, and so we will strive for an organized and consistent schedule. During this assembly, the concerns of any and all citizens will be addressed and deliberated upon. Should one wish to remain anonymous in their complaints, steps will be taken so that they may be submitted privately. To Reform: In reformation lies progress. One must take that which no longer functions and mold it into something new. It would be dishonest to deny that we as a community have disregarded change when established systems were shown to malfunction. From the beginning, we have held onto discrepancies which have served as the catalyst to long neglected issues. In adapting our policies, we find ways to lead a fluent life as a community. Rather than ignoring hurdles, we shall address them as they beckon for our attention. [I] During my tenure in the council, I observed many ways with which we could improve; ways in which we could strive for a more efficient conclave, one that works with clarity and in collaboration with the Mali’thill that form its very structure. A change that I find imperative, is nothing other than the redesign of our council, something long overdue. Addressing each fragment of its skeleton, I seek to condense, redistribute and redefine each role that composes its anatomy. By clarifying and reassigning responsibilities, we will procure a composition that will harmoniously function. In the process, it is my intention to extend more opportunities to the common citizenry, so that they may involve themselves in the pursuit of progress. [II] There have been times, even recently, where a lack of clarity within our Silver Laws has been the cause of toil. Not only our laws, but the very policies that comprise our government. By dissecting each article, each constitution and system, I seek to expand upon and make additions to the legislations that protect us, and in addition define what their violation entails. In flexibility, we will find the possibilities of addressing what deters us from the adherence to progress and health. To Progress: Progress is one of the two legs on which our ideals stand, never has it failed us, only the way we interpret and choose to pursue it. This is where we have failed; for long we have looked only to a superficial idea of progress, and in the process have neglected a bigger picture. At last, we must finally take a glimpse past our hunger for only knowledge and utilize our tools to forge a legacy, a strong, reliable structure that will ensure the longevity of our society. To seek true progress and see to its success, we must not account only for the present, but most importantly the future and what it might presuppose. [I] It is imperative that we no longer ignore the urgent need to clarify and establish our relations with foreign nations. Holding grudges, regardless of how warranted, will only weigh down any attempts to move past the margins that bind us. Henceforth, Haelun’or will seek to establish its neutrality and resolve long unidentified bonds. With urgency, we will officialize alliances and at all costs refrain ourselves from being involved with adventitious conflict, lest it entails a collective threat. [II] In maintaining collaboration and order within elHeial’thilln, will we find productivity and thus subsequent progress. As a collective, we will not stop seeking ways to improve and move forward without the regression we have often faced in recent years. I seek to create a community that is perpetually evolving, offering a bounty of opportunities to those that seek them. It is here that I choose to conclude my missive. Having offered a glimpse into my mind and the most pressing foundations, all that is left is to await as time unfolds the steps to its conclusion. To my opponents and those that may come in the future, I look forward to our debate. Signed, Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  12. Good catch, going to clarify that in the redlines. All recipes are T3 alchemy recipes, worm included. Although you also NEED a TA to make functioning worm regardless.
  13. This a heavy rework of the original Afflicted lore; should this iteration be implemented, players will have the option to drop Affliction or continue using it according to this new piece. In addition, Teacher Applications will be wiped, and those who once held active TA’s will have to seek out the recipe and method of obtaining a TA again. This version of Afflicted will occupy 2 out of five magic slots. PREFACE The voidal hollow plumed outward from the area that was once Ando Alur, spreading the corruption that was held within the tear far along the East of Almaris. From this day forth, afflicted were barred from a great deal of interaction with this side of the map; specifically, the events. Should a descendent blessed with the now defective symbiote have stepped too deep into voidal soil, they’d find themselves trembling - shaking with unease, before seizing up and locking at their joints. Should they not be dragged away, the host would choke on their own foaming bile and die, or suffer from a great deal of brain damage. This proved the symbiotes inability to provide what it was originally crafted for in the first place - to mimic the abilities of a voidal horror, and to combat them directly. The symbiote began to sink into its own depression after this discovery, screaming at its host not to find themselves even near the voidal taint - and when the corruption lifted, the thing fell into its own hibernation… to prepare and evolve, for when this thing would inevitably happen again. The host would find themselves growing accustomed to its newly awakened, and newly empowered symbiote upon those gifts being granted again. A refined power rose within them then, no longer so loose and thrown about… the host would be more knowledgeable of their own feats. The void would not be something for the afflicted to fear any longer - no longer debilitating, but empowering in the face of voidal casters and beasts. Upon the shrill talk of moon speech, the beholder of that symbiote would find themselves enraged. Their blood would nearly boil with that innate anger that rose within, and the idea to handle the voidal being as hostile would become far too present to ignore. Whether to kill, or drain them of their liquid mana, the symbiote must be quelled in one way or another. A show of how far the thing had grown. A show of force. Those known as the afflicted are those granted with gifts of alchemical make, oftentimes being viewed as the epitome of their work. To warp themselves at will, as akin to portions to their gifts that could take hours or even days to perfect. They are imbued with another lifeform known only as the symbiote, warping the perception and prowess of the host over time, ‘til they are no longer the meagre descendent they once were. To warp flesh and bone to harbor talons, to hear their way through the dark… Another hand, or three, for their crafts; the afflicted usher in a new era for their ilk. ART CREDIT THE SYMBIOTE Following the needed recipe and know-how to create the symbiote, one would find it growing as would any other descendant fetus - though now, with the estranged looks that the symbiote would harbor. It is often compared to a slug, or a worm, in even its earliest stages. As it manifests, the fluids and herbs in its tank would be devoured, or absorbed into its scaly flesh. At its final stages, the symbiote reflects a gradient of colorless flecks. Black, to white, sometimes entirely gray, white, or black. Only on rare occasions does it bear the color brown. Once grown and implanted into the body of a descendant, it will transfer its own knowledge of all things alchemical into the mind of the beholder. CREATION Only TA holders are able to clone their symbiotes into transferable replicas, With this ability, alongside the steps that follow, they are able to turn eligible descendants into afflicted. The process of replication for a treated symbiote takes time [1 OOC WEEK]. During this time, the symbiote goes into a state of stasis and is unable to act according to the host's wishes, essentially leaving the afflicted vulnerable, and unable to use their usual abilities. The afflicted will find themselves - for the duration of this process - in a perpetual state of starvation, as they will be unable to satisfy the Symbiote’s demand for nutrition no matter what and how much they eat. They will experience the typical symptoms of any starving descendant; Delirium, a notable lack of strength and energy, as well as a lack of balance and coordination, amongst other symptoms, effectively leaving the afflicted defenseless. The process does not end here, however. The newly formulated symbiote, though strong enough to live, will be unable to adapt to a foreign host without prior treatment to condition it. As such, throughout the duration of a narrative month [24 Hours], the cloned symbiote must be soaked and maintained in a specifically designed formula - then contained in an airtight jar. RECIPE First the alchemist is to prepare a base solution; a mixture of the recipient’s blood as well as their own. It is to then be distilled alongside a bottle of liquid mana and a singular measure of the recipient's yellow bile. This will complete the base necessary for creating the symbiote. The core ingredients are as follows, all grounded into fine dust, dried, and distilled as necessary to acquire a consistency similar to ash or flour: - Strength x2 - Growth x5 - Endurance x2 - Connection x3 - Life x3 Once the symbols are refined into a soluble powder, it is to be unified with the distillate prepared prior; boiled and stirred in a pot until a perfectly unified liquid is procured. The final product would present itself as a tenebrous, dense yellow-tinted concoction. Within this liquid, is where the cloned symbiote will be housed for the length of a narrative month [24 Hours]. With this treatment, it will adapt to the conditions faced once they are introduced to its host. And with that, the symbiote is ready to place within the selected descendant. REDLINES ART CREDIT AESTHETICS The merging of two bodies soon mesh minds. The thoughts of the symbiote and the personality of the wielder usher forth a gift often used as mere demonstration to prove that any claim of their power is legitimate. Skin could peel, crack, chisel, in gory displays… Ripple as if the tides of the sea, or chime with the slither of snakes that emanate loud hisses to those in the area. Those wrought with their affliction manifest great gifts, metamorphosing thereafter a magnificent display of their own, unique aesthetic. An aesthetic can compose of… anything, really. Mundane flames, frost of the arctic… Chiseling rock, waterfalls of sand… Usually, it depicts the personality or motives of the caster. These cloak the afflicted with effects that do not aid in combat, or provide any strategic advantage whatsoever in any scenario. This is merely a means to display that the afflicted is undergoing bodily change at the behest of their alteration abilities. REDLINES ART CREDIT THE PROCESS OF ASSIMILATION When a symbiote is introduced to a foreign host, they do not immediately settle into its new environment. An afflicted person will not be able to tap into their full potential until the symbiote has entirely settled, effectively becoming akin to another organ within the host’s body. The process comes in multiple stages, throughout which the host will go through a multitude of changes; both drastic, and minor. STAGE ONE (T1) As soon as the symbiote is introduced to the new environment, the recipient will feel the effects of its demands almost instantly. It will begin drawing in the body’s nutrients without measure, constantly requisitioning nourishment the host did not previously require or seek out. The afflicted will begin to starve, their fat steadily dwindling as it is consumed by the symbiote - leaving the host in a perpetually malnourished state. Any attempt by the host to meet these demands will prove difficult as no amount of consumption will quell the destructive hunger. During this time, the afflicted will be especially susceptible to disease, injury, and a failure to eat and drink in excess may ultimately lead to their death. The symbiote, still unable to moderate its demands, will absorb all nutrients made available until there are none left to seek, or until it has adapted to the new environment and begun to feed from the host in moderation. Their teeth and stomachs will ache, as they would with a cavity, or mundane stomach ache. Duration - One OOC Week REDLINES STAGE TWO (T2) During the second stage, the symbiote has learned restraint. Though the caloric intake required daily will be significantly more - now tripled, the afflicted will find themselves fulfilled as usual if they successfully meet their new diet. This period of assimilation will consist mostly of their body’s recovery from the devastating decline of the previous stage. Their teeth and stomachs have lost their constant pains and now harbor much more durable properties, allowing them to devour and digest foreign materials. Duration - One OOC Month REDLINES STAGE THREE (T3) The Afflicted’s health has reached its peak. No longer are they wrought with feebleness, hunger, or sickness. Their muscles will strengthen and their bond to their symbiote has become unparalleled. They are now one, in both body and mind. They will bear the strength, stamina, and fortitude of those at the peak of their race, capable of learning to use their gifts to the height that their symbiote will allow. At the end of the three month duration, the Afflicted will be eligible for a TA - assuming all additional requirements have been met. Duration - Three OOC Months REDLINES ART CREDIT WEAR ON THE MIND An Afflicted by no means views the world in the same way as a descendant. Instead it is seen in a calculative way. The world is perceived in its most literal sense, as an afflicted mind will always occupy itself with analyses. Instead of perceiving a stone wall as a mere structure, the symbiote will force the beholder to see it for what it really is. In this case, a wall meant to give those behind it sanctuary. Creatures such as cattle will be seen for their parts and what uses each may carry. Their prior personality traits will be left behind at worst, morphing the person into a shell of a person. Or, at best, the more mundane bits of emotion will be muffled, restrained by thoughts of logic. A fear of harm to their bodies will always be present, giving those imbued with the symbiote a strong sense of self-preservation at almost any cost. Fears of losing limbs, sight, or even more looming things such as aging will constantly haunt the hosts thoughts, despite their healthy forms, and their elongated lifespans. In their writing, those bearing the symbiote will find themselves writing in the material alphabet, dotting their works with these markings without care or likely even the knowledge that they had done so. An Afflicted will no longer see satisfaction in most former carnal desires. Most notably, upon being merged entirely with their symbiote, they will no longer feel physical attraction - even if they once did. The Afflicted will have grown asexual, and will no longer find the inclination to partake in intimacy for any self-indulgent purpose. Though they may still reproduce or participate in the activity, the Symbiote will be dormant throughout. ON THE BODY A siphoning malady. The symbiote leeches off of the host to a horrible, strenuous degree until they are sickly and feeble. It demands upwards of 6000 calories per day, though even when met, the host will hardly feel any better than they had prior. Very little of this nourishment is given to themselves, causing them to lose weight until the symbiote learns to adapt to spreading its resources about its new home. This hunger will cause the host to do unspeakable things, even when they are entirely adapted to housing the symbiote within their bodies. Some afflicted are sighted tearing into an opponent during battle to keep themselves nourished long enough to continue utilizing their gifts for the next batch of enemies to come. While others, will only be able to sate their hunger through the use of alchemical nutrients. All afflicted will crave liquid mana, which sates their hunger for a time, as well as diminishes the urge to lash out without the substance. However, over the course of their assimilation, the afflicted will find their teeth strengthening to the degree of steel, allowing them to mash up materials such as wood, metals, or rubber. Their bite strength is also increased to a large degree when in use of replication. Their stomachs now harbor an intense strength, which allows for it to digest these odd, foreign materials. At later stages of their metamorphosis, the host will be as coordinated as they once were, if not to a greater extent. They know precisely what goes on within their forms and how everything has been designed to function. ART CREDIT TEAR ABILITIES - Alteration (Combative / Non-Combative) (3 Emotes) To those without an eye for change, an abominable freak is seen. A shape capable of growing or diminishing their mass. With different shades, builds, and formations to demonstrate a new face or form. An afflicted is capable of sculpting themselves a new appearance - something to mask themselves from scrutiny, or from those that would do them harm Focusing upon a place of their body, the host may will their symbiote to gather its gifts into that particular place. In the coming moments, the afflicted will find their aesthetic overwhelming the area in question, lashing out and shaping something to be birthed anew. Thereafter, this veil of change is lifted, and something brand new rises from beneath. This may be interrupted if done during a combat scenario, thus reverting the Afflicted’s aesthetic to nothingness, and displaying what was once within that location prior. The host may prepare combative alterations ahead of time, such as sculpting natural armor or the like. This process must be screenshotted, and set aside should combat arise. If this is not done, it will be considered powergaming and misuse of the CA. REDLINES - Attachment (Combative / Non-Combative) (3 Emotes) A host may garner their focus upon their bodies to gain the desired effect. In the second phase, a metamorphosis of the hosts own unique aesthetic will be garnered over the desired area, chiming with whatever mundane effects for the next two emotes. At the third mark of this transformation, the aesthetic will fade, and a new appendage, such as a bladed tail, additional limbs, or even spikes, may erupt from the very form of the afflicted. With lack of disruption, such as being forced to move more than two blocks, this will falter inside a combat scenario. The effects of attachments may be utilized outside of combat, but must be done with screenshotting and saving the emotes in mind. If this is not done, it will be considered powergaming, and misuse of the magic. REDLINES - Replication (Combative / Non-Combative) (2+ Emotes) To devour something of another material, an afflicted will find themselves digesting it as if typical food one would prepare at home. This will allow them to understand its material makeup, thus granting them the ability to morph their attachments or alterations to harbor the same effects of the material. One emote, at least, is taken to consume the desired material. From then on, the symbiote may replicate its abilities. This does not allow for the host to consume things such as thanhium, boomsteel, or other ST-Node materials. In order to chew through these durable materials, the afflicted harbors great durability and strength in their jaws, though only with the idea of replication in mind. REDLINES - Funneling (Non-Combative) (6 Emotes) Addicted to liquid mana, an afflicted will always crave the satisfaction its consumption procures. As they were once unable to draw this nectar for themselves, scratching this itch was oftentimes an impossible venture. With its evolution, those who wield the symbiote have concocted a viable way to reap liquid mana from a magi without the magi having to strain themselves to any degree. Binding the magi with a specially altered attachment, they will find themselves sapped of one count of liquid mana, fed directly into the afflicted to sate their biologically evolved desires. As any other ability, the wielder must first urge an order to their symbiote with the idea in mind to create a funnel of an attachment. Think of a worm. Another emote is spent to focus upon the area, beginning the transformation, with the next providing the attachment to the user. The next three emotes are spent attaching to the target, funneling, then disconnecting after being sated. This will effectively dispel the afflicted’s yearn for liquid mana for up to two OOC weeks, with their hunger for it returning between one week and the end of the second. Despite the construction time required for the tendril, it will slip off of the target if they make any sort of sudden movement away from it. REDLINES - Churning (Combative) (4 Emotes) As the epitome of alchemical make, the afflicted has learned to provide themselves with on the fly means to utilize minor alchemical properties. A one by one meter of sap after mashing and churning up jailor’s moss… or a precise amount of frost after willingly regurgitating up Athin. A few narrative seconds are taken to devour the herb, the next to swallow. Another is taken to strip the signs from the herb, before finally, the effects are expelled from the body. REDLINES - Basking (Non-Combative) (4-5 Emotes) To strip, is to take away… to displace what once was there, to somewhere entirely new; foreign. Akin to churning, the afflicted is able to strip reagents from the devoured herb. If allowed to settle within their bodies for a period longer, volatile effects will not be produced, but pure forms of the desired reagents, directly from their own bodies. They devour the herb, mashing their powerful teeth over even the sturdiest of herbs, swallowing it down, and allowing it to simmer. It basks within the creature's body for another narrative moment, before being dispelled outward - the desired reagents stripped, and procured into the world from their bodies. REDLINES - Amelioration (Combative / Non-Combative) (5 Emotes) The advancement of one's body does not merely limit one to bolstering the strength and stamina at the heights of their race. It ends beyond, where one may influence their senses to be momentarily heightened to those of other beings. To focus on altering their sensory parts, whether nostrils, tongue, eyes, ears, or their flesh to briefly swell their capabilities, one would change themselves as any other alteration… at least at first. To focus, then afflict change… before it is unveiled by the dissipation of the host's aesthetic. For two emotes following, the afflicted will be able to utilize these senses to benefit themselves as they see fit. This could range from tasting iron on the tongue while hunting a meal, to hearing their way about a room through the use of mock echolocation. Due to the heightened state that the afflicted will undergo for these few moments, they will be susceptible to greater amounts of pain should they be attacked. Should they be stunned by a deafening clap to the ear, or flash of blinding light to the eye, they will experience a horrible pain that keeps them disoriented for a full emote longer than one typically would. REDLINES - Reconstruct (Non-Combative / Passive) (6+ Emotes) A symbiote will always seek to maintain its host's health. To safeguard the condition of its husk, it will inadvertently attempt to prioritize the regeneration of wounds and dedicate nutrients to quicken the healing process. As long as an afflicted is fed, it will always passively regenerate all wounds in order of priority; a bleed will stop on its own accord, lest it grow fatal, wounds would expel contaminants before beginning to slowly seal. Healing notable wounds would take a toll out of the Afflicted’s resources, however, and the Symbiote as a result will begin demanding added nutrients, giving the afflicted the urgent need for nourishment - whether through means of real food, or alchemically induced sustenance. Through reconstruction may occur passively to all non-fatal wounds, an Afflicted may dedicate their focus into quickening the process and may do so through assigned emotes. While the time both minor and major wounds will take to heal passively is largely freeform, they will recover as if naturally - though swift. Limbs, however, are another story; with their regeneration being inherently unnatural, the process will generally unfold over the course of a year (1 OOC week). REDLINES DISCONNECTION A secondary symbiote may be crafted and grown with the express purpose of disconnecting another afflicted. This serves as purpose to rid someone of their CA should they break lore to a degree that requires a magic blacklisting, or merely dropping of the CA from express roleplay purpose, such as providing problems within a guild, or becoming detrimental to the inner workings of alchemy. Through wound or maw, A TA holder may craft this second symbiote to then insert it into another host, causing the two symbiote within them to fight to the death for rights over the host. In the process, the pairing will effectively perish, and rid the afflicted of their gifts. For an OOC week after disconnection, the once host will become sickly and ill, hardly capable of moving without some sluggish pace. This halves combat speed, and reduces their total stamina for this time. It is important to avoid combat during this time, should you be unfortunate enough to be disconnected from your symbiote. As only TA holders can successfully produce an innately functioning symbiote, only a TA holder can instigate this process. REDLINES REVIVAL An Afflicted can die just as any other. However, as they neglect nature through their very existence, they are not protected from permanent death, nor do they have the comfort of an afterlife. With nowhere to go, their soul evaporates, and simply ceases to exist. In their desire to thrive, afflicted found a way that this misfortune may be mitigated. Through the detachment of a limb, housed in a formula that allows for it to fester and procure a host, a new shelter for their psyche can be created. While the symbiote most afflicted innately created cannot be planted in foreign bodies, it remains useful to its creator and may strengthen and thrive in a replicated environment. Given the right ingredients and conditions, a clone of the host may develop over time; akin to an embryo growing in its mother’s belly, the twin host will age until it is prepared to take the burden of housing its creator’s consciousness. Upon dying, the soul of an afflicted will immediately search for their dormant twin, and will find themselves awakened within once unoccupied carcass and may then break away from the confines of its birthplace. Outside of the vat, the afflicted will find itself in a state of crisis, unable to recognize surroundings outside of the chemicals that housed it; as such, it will be weak, and will find itself needing to adapt to the once familiar world. If no clone is available for the afflicted to filter into after their death, their soul will eventually dissipate, permanently killing them. While at first it will struggle to walk, its legs may gather the strength within a day, and it will from there be able to navigate the land as its predecessor once did. Similarly, it will need to familiarize itself with other such functions. This alone will take a narrative month to muster. The next two narrative months, the afflicted will spend undergoing a quickened version of the assimilation process, as the symbiote will need to relearn what it once knew. In total, this endeavor will take a narrative year [1 OOC WEEK]. Afterward, the afflicted may function as it once did. Should the afflicted die during this period of recovery, it will be rendered far too weak to once again seek a new clone, even if it had been prepared prior. This will result in that Afflicted’s permanent death. REDLINES RECIPE First, a vat of appropriate size must be procured; airtight and with plentiful room for a carcass of the Afflicted’s size to comfortably grow. The following recipe must then fill the vat: A gelatin texture is to be made from animal collagen. After ridding several parts; such as bones, ligaments and hides from their fat, these are boiled in water to procure a gelatinous substance. This product is filtered from the water and parts, dehydrated and then ground into a fine powder. With a base of Blood Lotus and distilled water, the core ingredients will be boiled into a thin liquid, stirred in a cauldron until all are evenly unified. To facilitate this process, mix in one alchemical reagent at a time; Base: Blood Lotus x10 Distilled Water - Growth x10 - Connection x8 - Life x4 After their preparation, the product is subsequently poured into the vat - adjusting its volume with distilled water as necessary until it fills the container. Finally, a piece of the afflicted is placed within, allowing it to grow itself a husk within the airtight environment; this can be anything from a finger to a hand. The process will unfold as follows: From the limb of the afflicted, nerves and veins would begin to grow, soon to be encapsulated in muscles and flesh. Within that day, it will have replicated an embryo, who will by the next sunrise have grown into a newborn child. After the first day, the husk will begin to grow just as any descendant, except quicker. This process would suddenly slow when the husk reflects the age of eighteen. From there, they will age at a nearly unnoticeable pace. This means the husk has finally matured, and the symbiote within has awakened; now conscious, it will begin drawing nutrients from the surrounding material that preserved it, nurturing the soulless husk until the day it is occupied. REDLINES TEACHING Afflicted cannot simply create other symbiotes with the knowledge of a recipe. First, their own symbiote must be conditioned to withstand the process. Untreated symbiotes/afflicted (In other words someone without a TA), would be unable to replicate their symbiote - as any attempt would end in a product that would promptly die upon entering a foreign host, rendering it useless to anyone other than the afflicted who created it. To condition a symbiote, the afflicted will undergo a specific treatment; With a recipe, the afflicted is to feed an already assimilated symbiote over time [1 OOC WEEK]. Through these specific sets of steps, the afflicted can essentially "strengthen" their symbiote in a way that allows for their replication. Once evolved, the symbiote retains the ability to make a transferable replica of themselves successfully. As such, making the afflicted eligible for a TA. RECIPE A tea forged from three measures of blood lotus will serve as a base. After crushing the cloves and leaving them to seep in boiling water, a measure of blood from two separate afflicted teachers - alongside the designated student must be added in before one may begin working on core ingredients. Strength x5 Growth x5 Aether x1 Upon being crushed and sifted together, these regents are boiled into the tea to procure a thin liquid. This product, the afflicted will drink a serving of each month for the following night. The flavor will be rancid, leaving an uncomfortably metallic aftertaste. In total, the final product will have seven servings. REDLINES COMPATIBILITY This CA will be compatible with all feats, barring those of voidal origin, as well as more deific feats such as Heralds of Azdromoth, or Singing Trees. Things such as Corcitură will not be compatible for the reason of inflicting the afflicted with a weakness otherwise able to be avoided without. For this example in particular, the lesser vampyr’s weakness to salt would not be something the symbiote would allow. For a more direct masterlist see: Feats: - Alchemy - Animatii - Anthroparion Crafting - Tawkin (Barred from mutating themselves, as the afflicted are already able to augment themselves on the fly) - Smoggers - Arcane Displacement - Golemancy - Sorvian Crafting - Vivification Magics: - Blood Magic - Kani CAs: - Klones (The Klone CA will be dropped upon becoming an afflicted.) - Kha - Musin - Hou’Zi - Wonks Creatures such as anthroparions or homunculi are barred from becoming afflicted due to their lack of souls, as well as their own built in revival mechanics. While Kloning can supervent these clauses through means of dropping the CA with connection to afflicted, the character themselves, whether anthroparion or homunculi, would likely cease to exist if their own respective CAs were dropped. Afflicted Relationship with Blood Magic Harboring great amounts of genus - five in total - the afflicted are very capable of utilizing the gifts of blood magic to a nearly perfect degree - aside from the Siliti that reside above them with their additional count. A blood mage would typically succumb to fatigue, and eventual death at the hands of the blood magic they harbor, though with the intervention of the symbiote, the host will no longer succumb to the same ailments that physically burden them. The death they would typically face at the end of two out of character years would not be something to worry about, as the symbiote forces the host to remain healthy at all costs. Should their heart wish to give out, or they fall ill due to exhaustion, the blood mage will find themselves rejuvenated and left well instead of facing the death those of their ilk often do. Afflicted Relationship with Kani One bound by the symbiote, as well as the physical prowess of kani. Any afflicted that is capable of utilizing kani will find themselves quickly exhausted should they swap between using either gift on a whim. Kani will not be allowed to function so long as a combative mutation is in use and will only be able to be used after three emotes of diminishing said mutations. The afflicted must have intact lungs, spanning wide enough to not intrude upon the need for proper airflow that kani requires. GENERAL REDLINES - Affliction requires an accepted CA in order to be played. - Obtaining a TA requires both the recipe to create additional symbiotes, as well as knowledge on how each of the afflicted’s abilities work. - A symbiote, once crafted, must be ST signed in order to be considered valid. - Each tier, or stage, must be roleplayed in its entirety before proceeding onto the next stage. One week is spent at T1, while a month is spent in T2. You will passively progress in tiers regardless of what you have learned. - Afflicted inherently understand alchemical signs and symbols, thus granting them an Alchemy FA upon acceptance of their Afflicted CA. They will begin at T1, and will still require a teacher to advance. - An accepted Afflicted CA acts as an active Alchemy FA, as does Siliti with Blood Magic. - A TA may be acquired after 16 weeks (4 Months) of having an accepted afflicted CA. - Afflicted do not harbor additional strength, durability, or speed passively. They must abide by their racial lore for these aspects. - Eating, while not requiring screenshot proof, is crucial to an afflicted being able to use their abilities. - Wings will not allow the afflicted to fly, but gliding is allowed. - Grievous wounds, such as losing the heart, or a destroyed artery, will not be able to be recovered through heightened regeneration. - The strength of attachments lessens with each additional limb attached after the first. Two additional appendages will share the strength of one true limb, while three will share the same strength in thirds. - Unless stated otherwise, afflicted abilities are inherently learned. - The symbiote and its abilities cannot be used for lewd purposes. (Please be tasteful) - Afflicted harbor 5 genus total. - They ignore the PK clause that comes with blood magic, as would a klone. - Kani cannot be used in tandem with afflicted abilities, or vice versa. - While an Afflicted knows the material alphabet, they do not know how each potion functions or how they are made until they've reached T3 in alchemy. All rare potions must still be taught through roleplay. - An afflicted must remain humanoid in their forms. - All Afflicted Lore potions can be learned through roleplay only after reaching T3 in Alchemy. Some potions will require an approved TA in Affliction to execute. - With some discrepancies, an Afflicted may replicate the physical characteristics of another player-character so long as the player provides OOC consent. Refer to the Alteration Ability Redlines for further stipulations. - Afflicted occupies 2 magic slots. - Afflicted cannot use voidal enchants of any sort. CLOSING The purpose of this write is to reintroduce afflicted back into the server after its shelving some months back. The end goal is to have the lore be more spread out to avoid issues with inactivity, as well as to provide more reason to introduce said activity into afflicted roleplay. CREDITS WRITING GlassySkies - Writing BluestBudgie - Writing Bonito_ - Writing Agentkhov - Formatting Benjiota - Reviewing & Emotional Support Lockages - Reviewing sluggobuggo - Reviewing Gundam_Engineer - Reviewing RaiderBlue - Reviewing BobBox - Blood Magic Section SquakHawk - Kani Section ART WEAR (Miles Johnston) TEAR (damie-m) AESTHETICS (eikoweb) THE SYMBIOTE (enipnion) THE PROCESS OF ASSIMILATION (didok80art) LORE REFERENCED BLOOD MAGIC ALCHEMY || 1 || 2 || 3 TAWKIN KANI VIVIFICATION ARCANE DISPLACEMENT SMOGGERS ANIMATII CRAFTING ANTHROPARION GOLEMANCY SORVIAN CRAFTING AFFLICTION (2020)
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