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  1. As her silver eyes scanned over the upcoming events of Haelun'or, Faelithir exhaled a deep breath- contemplating if she should attend the masquerade, and where she would even find the wear for such an event.
  2. [!] Alva peered down for a moment of thought before bringing the pen down upon the paper and thus scribbling her signature.
  3. BlueBudgie

    Words of Peace

    With a sigh, Safhara sat down and began to tailor a warm winter coat for Lady Vesna.
  4. BlueBudgie


    Safhara was born on the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1669. She grew up in the arid north of Atlas, selling unique items upon the road. At the age of fourteen, she went into the Savannah , collecting relics from times of old. Safhara had a peaceful life, until the Atlas Coalition war began... Orcish and Norlandic raiders slaughtered her family whilst she was out collecting relics. When she returned to their roadside camp, she was met with the sight of nothing but blood and the putrid stench of gore. She then fled to the south, taking all the relics and belongings she could gather. And there, she stumbled upon the imperial city of Carolustadt, a place where she would not be harmed.
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