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  1. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  2. OOC MC NAME: HolidayChicken DISCORD: Blue Budgie#9655 RP NAME: Erendiel AGE: 62 ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? In progress
  3. As of late, my friend and I have been scouting for someone to play her character's child; a half elf born to Aleksandra (High Elf) and Faust (Human). The child, Lucina Ruze Oxenstierna, is eight years old with a speech problem from the mother's side, and a fear of birds caused by the sudden arrival of a letter whilst her grandmother, Nenar Terin, took care of her. Certain things that will be trouble to pronounce include the following: 1. Letters she can’t pronounce: V, N, H, T, Z 2. Sounds she can’t pronounce K, Z, , -er, -ir, (This doesnt have to be followed in uniform manner, but must be kept into consideration throughout the character's early years) Extra details include: °The character has an extensive liking to water °She has been educated to read and write °And is aware of how to utilize sign language. Lastly, there is no need to worry about a skin - as one has already been created. ! If you wish to make any changes to the skin please discuss it with Gamma Rose#0258 ! For further information, or if you have an interest for the character, please contact either me (Blue Budgie#9655). Or my friend, the mother of the character (Gamma Rose#0258) Thank you!
  4. [!] As her gaze drifted over the parchment, the blindfolded elfess released a sigh, "here we go again...can't I be part of a nation without war?" The woman grumbled, lifting a hand to rub the bridge of her nose whilst the other pushed the parchment away in disgust.
  5. MC-Name: Pupuzlee Character Name: Alva Age: 92 Race: Wood Elf Hometown: Sutica Possible Goals to achieve: To further advance in both Conjuration studies and personal interest in Fauna/Flora. Wanted Role/Job: Herbalist, someone who with harbour information on any herb, whether it be medical or for other purposes. Discord: Blue Budgie#9655
  6. Day 9999999999 of scouting for herbs, haven't found ****. Someone send help.
  7. As her silver eyes scanned over the upcoming events of Haelun'or, Faelithir exhaled a deep breath- contemplating if she should attend the masquerade, and where she would even find the wear for such an event.
  8. BlueBudgie

    Words of Peace

    With a sigh, Safhara sat down and began to tailor a warm winter coat for Lady Vesna.
  9. BlueBudgie


    Safhara was born on the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1669. She grew up in the arid north of Atlas, selling unique items upon the road. At the age of fourteen, she went into the Savannah , collecting relics from times of old. Safhara had a peaceful life, until the Atlas Coalition war began... Orcish and Norlandic raiders slaughtered her family whilst she was out collecting relics. When she returned to their roadside camp, she was met with the sight of nothing but blood and the putrid stench of gore. She then fled to the south, taking all the relics and belongings she could gather. And there, she stumbled upon the imperial city of Carolustadt, a place where she would not be harmed.
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