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  1. he was hitting me with a pike lol @Marijuanaology unfortunate... gf everyone
  2. cool
  3. @Nazdus leaker
  4. Petyr "The Goldfish" Vanir sends a bird to Jacque "? me" the letter would read
  5. Ooc: MC Name: Syfy Do you have skype?: ya Do you have Teamspeak?: ya Are you a GM alt spying on us? ya IC: Name: Gavin Place of Residence: n/a How many fruit carts do you squat?: n/a Do you have battle experience?: n/a Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: ya
  6. peep this out

    1. erikur


      lets peep this out

    2. Esry


      tuo siht peep

  7. Hey are you guys fighting on that minecraft game again
  8. fun cav fight, gf all!

  9. Gavin would notify the commanders that Azdrazi and Harbingers are aiding the Hansetic forces in combat.
  10. You were also using weightless iron armor in the warzone. Denied.