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  1. End of Map Warzone

    wtf?? i code my own own hacked clients
  2. End of Map Warzone

    No hacking
  3. End of Map Warzone

    End of Map Warzone An end of map warzone to use up all the gear you've stored over the course of this map is now open! This warzone is entirely ooc and will last for the next few days where you can enjoy nexus pvp for the last time ever Warzone Info: There are three preset statuses, warps to the bases for each respective status can be found at the center of the human hub. They are marked with 3 different wool colors, however feel free to switch your status once inside. Warzone Rules: No rules for this warzone, feel free to: Invade bases status switch + teamkill Use cav or any other mount Use glitched gear Dont hack The map is the area around the Peremont battlefield from the Dukes war. Have fun!
  4. It'll be fixed before 6.0, vanilla spawning doesn't check for air pockets or underground farms/rooms when spawning a mob, which is something that will be fixed so they're only spawning outside not in peoples houses
  5. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Chasing harbs into the forest below greatest times on lotc
  6. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Conclave high elves were fine with having their city being raided frequently, they dealt with it in rp and hired guards and added defences to the city. Being a soldier in Conclave was actually fun despite elf roleplay usually being boring af because we were raided every other day. Most fun Ive ever had on lotc was defending black scourge raids on conclave that had rp-buildup but the actual combat was pvp
  7. Defender default and capped raids are hurting player retention :/
  8. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    Agreed, caps should be increased.
  9. [plugin] post-nexus breeding

    You can kite forever with a 300% horse. Horse archery never been balanced on lotc due to archer sets and horses with stats that exceed vanilla cap
  10. Warzone Update

    They'll be allowed for the warclaim not this warzone, but they'll be allowed in end of map warzone + next map warzones
  11. Oren v Norland warclaim still happening tomorrow 3 est

  12. Warzone Update

    Norland vs Oren warclaim is on for tomorrow, 3 est
  13. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    +1 amazimg lore phil is the best lore master
  14. Warzone Update

    i woke up this morning and sat down and decided to finish the war server. I kept discord closed so I wouldn't get distracted by the usual angry messages or "help me!!" pings. I opened discord after finishing and found out the warclaim was cancelled