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  1. ((et literally worledited and voxeled all the chests out smh at least i got cracker's and cruzs ashes from the crypts before those were removed
  2. Caused by server lag
  3. Peace my dude, you and the orcs were actually some of the most reasonable and understanding players I've talked to. I haven't forgotten about you guys
  4. -1
  5. ??
  6. you can still craft it and rp with it
  7. Quick notice here, The Sword of Thorns(woodworker craft) is not allowed in pvp until further notice. If you are caught using it in pvp, you will be banned for two weeks and the item will be taken away. There will be a new post when they are allowed in pvp once more. To avoid suspicion, I would suggest not using wood swords at all in pvp. P.S - Renaming the sword to hide it's name does not keep you from being caught -Dev team
  8. Instead of not letting banned players join the server we should keep all banned players confined to a prison in the sky so at least they can do prison rp with each other
  9. "but i too, drink milk" says a northerner
  10. YOOOO TEEGAH IS DOWN YOOO gf was fun! (even tho it was kinda laggy)
  11. Yes. @Jistuma
  12. hitting a mounted archer speeding around on the roadhogs people have for horses isn't like you said something you can do with your eyes closed. If you're standing still on your horse and you get hit with a dismounting arrow, well that's your fault that's why you have to position yourself correctly by either being behind melee fighters on your side or way out of reach from enemy melee fighters. If your playstyle is right you wont ever get caught out by people
  13. i mean those would have been -5%...
  14. Greetings A small update for bows was released a few hours ago which lowered the arrow velocity on all newly crafted bows, and any pre-existing bows will be scaled down upon being used. Since people have been asking, here's the official changes: Current bows will have their arrow velocity lowered by 25% upon use. Bows with an arrow velocity stat lower than 25%, will be set to 1%. Bows made after this update will have their arrow velocity capped at 45%. The previous cap on arrow velocity was 70%. The new arrow velocity ranges are as follows: Oak: 1% - 10% Redwood: 10% - 20% Dark Oak: 20% - 30% Thornbark: 30% - 45% These numbers are by no means final and can be easily changed if archery is still potent or turns out to be underpowered. Also note that future archery changes may not be limited to just bows. Thanks to @HB_ and @InfamousGerman for helping test and put this update together. ~Dev team