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  1. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    +1 good guy has helped me a lot
  2. [Denied]Nevermind :(

  3. Reimbursement

    Modreq for your gear back, if you had a diamond set request for a diamond set. Potions and horses being refunded too, don't lie about what you had, we'll be checking. Rolling back isnt possible. Also just a public apology to everyone - I know you guys put a lot of time and effort into getting ready for warclaims and it sucks when it ends up being like how today was since people clear irl stuff to come to these... nation leaders have been talked to and they'll decide on something to sort out this war @seannie pm me what you lost if you haven't already been refunded
  4. Hi all, Today's warclaim at 3 EST will happen on the war server. Here's some information you should read if you plan on participating. Inventories Inventories are now completely sent back and forth between the main and war server to maintain a single set of your items, we no longer "copy" your inventory like we did during the test sessions. You can connect with the same command, /warsend when it gets close to the start of the warclaim, your inventory will be sent over however you'll have to wait in a queue before you are actually switched over to the war server, any items you put in your inventory after running the command wont be transferred. If you die or disconnect/leave during the warclaim, you wont be able to join the war server again for the duration of the warclaim. If the warclaim ends and you're still alive, you'll be able to run /mainsend which will transfer you and your inventory back to the main server, if you disconnect and connect to the main server via ip, your items won't transfer, you must run the command if you wish for your items to transfer. The system is kind of clunky but it'll be made better. If you do end up losing your inventory/items, pm me afterwards. Your status will also be transferred, please put the status of your respective side on before you join the war server queue so you will be teleported to your teammates. Enderchests do NOT transfer here, this will be working soon. Horses Right before the warclaim, a command will be turned on which will allow you to turn your horse into an egg. It's stats and armor will be saved to the egg, keep the egg in your inventory when you connect to the war server. On the war server, you'll be able to spawn the horse back in with the same stats + armor + owner by simply right clicking the egg. Donkey's and Mules can also be transferred, but items stored in the donkey/mule won't be transferred for this warclaim, it will be fixed for future warclaims. Right now only donkeys, mules and horses can be transferred, other pets will soon be transferable soon. The command is /warpet <pet id> Almost all pvp mechanics are the same on the war server, though a few minor things are still missing such as grappling hooks etc. These will be added in soon. Thanks, Dev + War Team
  5. orenians fleeing wtf 50 health??
  6. Kaz'Ulrah Urguan Warzone A warzone between Kaz'Ulrah + allies and Urguan + allies is now open, the portal for Kaz'Ulrah side can be found outside Kaz'Ulrah and the portal for the Urguan side can be found outside Kal'Omith. P.S. the portals are signs, not carts, There are no scheduled events or rewards for this warzone, the post will be updated if any events are agreed upon. Warzone rules agreed upon: Kaz'Ulrah side must use status Fighting in the warzone, and Urguan side must use status Casting. If you're fighting in the Warzone without a status or a different status you will be teleported out. If you would like to switch sides/status you must leave the warzone and go the opposites side portal. Bases are NOT allowed to be invaded. Grappling hooks are NOT allowed to be used to enter a base, please maintain a balance of roleplay when using them elsewhere. Horses and other mounts are NOT allowed. As always, maintain other server rules while in the warzone. You may not enter the warzone without armor. That's all -- go have fun. -The GM War Team
  7. Warclaim test tomorrow movedto 4 est tomorrow, lmk what map you want( skirmish )

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Teegah


      Ye its just stone rubble right now, mught end up using white mountain/avar

    3. Freischarler


      redo one of the really old fights, i hear people talk about dreadfort and mount augustus a lot!

    4. Nathan_Barnett36


      I don't know what the dunamis fort was but u should do a siege on that.

  8. War Server Test Session #4

    I'll spawn some for people, you wont be able to transfer your actual horse over though. they wont be very good though
  9. Hi all, We're having the 4th war server test sessions tomorrow(Saturday), 9/23/2017 at 3 EST. We need as many people as possible to help us stress test the server by participating in a for-fun warclaim that will last about an hour. Many things have been toned down or outright removed, however several new features we're testing are available for use exclusively during these sessions so the pvp mechanics experienced here will not be exactly parallel to the mechanics on the main server, however most of the core pvp mechanics have been transferred. If you'd like to try out the new stuff, be sure to come! Inventories + Personas Inventories won't transfer this time, however personas will. There will be gear chests at the spawns for both teams and they'll be constantly refilled during the test. Siege weapon bugs were fixed including people not taking arrow damage. There may be a few placed this time for people to use. Thanks, The Development Team + @Defy
  10. energy regens while ur offline
  11. War Server Test Session #2 Report

    The bow thing was caused by a bug that prevented people from taking arrow damage not latency, will be resolved for next time They'll most definitely last longer, since it was just a test session with infinite respawns there were really no tactics or waiting for a breach etc. People will obviously be more careful with how they play when its an actual siege
  12. Hope everyone enjoyed today's war server test!

    1. Archipelego
    2. Jakesimonson


      yeah teegah it was great!

    3. Teegah


      haha thanks dude! hope u had fun!

  13. need suggestions for what keep/map area to use for todays siege

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    2. DPM


      do felsen without the buildings in it, just get the walls and copy paste em around

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Pendlemere is my suggestion 


      We've never seen any combat in a halfling village before 

    4. Nathan_Barnett36


      teegah do kova keep from athera