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  1. @haense where my discord invite

  2. Poll: Bring nexus back

    Gl, put some muscle on troll
  3. what even are rescue raids? jst remove all the lawful lawbreaking lawabiding lawless and all the other types of raids and have a standard definition of a raid. This server is too hard to understand 

    1. Freischarler


      wait a minute didnt you make them up

  4. Declaration of the Czena Confederation

    jan kovachev, king of akovia sigh petyr vanir, duke of akovia sigh
  5. AT Update Log- February

    dont be sad
  6. God Would Be Ashamed

    “fake kovachev” says jan kovachev, king of akovia
  7. God Would Be Ashamed

    jan kovachev, king of akovia watches from the skies
  8. [Tech Support] MC Errors

    avast lmfao
  9. Paleo is a wizard

  10. [Tech Support] MC Errors

    switch the vbos setting to opposite of what u have it at now
  11. [Accepted] put me in coach

  12. was given aether, just want to clear that up
  13. Hey everyone! Good morning :^) Still fighting on that MineCraft game I see?