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  1. very masculine
  2. i do not trust this man at all. I don't even trust him with the gold vip he already has much less any sort of pex
  3. should be fixed there were multiple votes and polls in the past year, this was the latest one there are still 1.9 weapons available read the post sorry for being a biased haense dev lol
  4. Thank you to everyone that helped test this in the warzone and filled out the feedback form! The Combat Update is now available across the server, the full changelog and important information is below. Changelog: + Weapons represented by diamond items will remain with a swing timer(bluesteel, carbarum). + Carbarum weapons are now capped at 60%. + Bluesteel weapons are now capped at 32%. + Bluesteel Sword base damage increased to 7. + Bluesteel Warhammer base damage increased to 7.5. + Made Bluesteel weapon crafting significantly more easier and worthwhile with the addition of diamond studs in order to craft the Bluesteel alloy. + All standard iron weapons are now capped at 14%. + All Steel weapons are now capped at 28%. + All Black Ferrum weapons are now capped at 42%. + Weapons represented by Iron, Gold, Stone, and Wood have had their swing timers removed and damage adjusted to resemble 1.8 damage values. + Knockback has been adjusted to resemble 1.8. + Shields now block most of the damage inflicted on them, but not all. - Knockback resistance on armor has been removed. - Shield disable has been removed from non-diamond axes. - Hit delay on entities has been adjusted to resemble 1.8. - Armor slowness (weight) has been reduced by 35%. - Extra damage from crits have been adjusted to resemble 1.8. * Fixed being able to push people in no pvp areas by punching them. * Fixed wandering souls being able to move people by punching them. IMPORTANT - READ THIS: - You will need to run /convert on any existing weapons you have and the following types of armor : All Iron pieces, All Diamond pieces and chainmail chestplates + leggings in order to use them. You will not be able to wear the listed types of armor until converted and weapons that have not been converted will deal no damage. Thanks to @Nazdus and @InfamousGerman for working on final balancing and to everyone else that tested this in the warzone. Have fun and enjoy ! - Dev team P.S Server has been unblacklisted, full thread here
  5. nice profile pic
  6. thoughts on profile pic?

    1. Gucko


      thats so hot

    2. Teegah


      qaulity but it got removed by fms (lol)

  7. there really isn't like a main antagonist at the moment if you're not counting mordring and the stuff in the westerlands though i'd be down for bringing back the North from 3.0
  8. wow nathanbarnett is featured onthe front page image gratz @Nathan_Barnett36

  9. hey hb that u?


    1. Harrison


      lmao sadly not NA is a scuffed server

  10. onslaughted