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  1. yeah I was a little stafyr levyman during the siege of schattenburg decterum forever(i also have no idea how to edit my signature now)
  2. peace out and good luck gamer fighting you and the waldenians from the rebellion until the end of the schism war was probably the most fun i've ever had on this server
  3. just ban elves imo
  4. if it isn't warclaims on bannerlord don't post it
  5. this was obviously gonna happen considering his past behavior
  6. live by the craft perish by the craft
  7. real enlightenment is knowing war rules don't matter because it lags to hell anyway and 1.9 isnt fun

    1. Peralien


      That is words.

    2. Laeonathan


      this didn't age well

  8. I never had a bad or unfriendly experience with him. I hope he Rests in Peace.
  9. you haven't lived until your existence has been defined by a series of 1's and 0's on a block game let me out
  10. and if you play the craft long enough,

    the craft also plays you.

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    2. Nozgoth


      such is an unparalleled truth in all things, not only in the craft; for we are slaves to the machine

    3. AnonymousAlexa


      indubitably so

    4. snoopie12


      This realisation is too heavy for me to get this early in the morning

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