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  1. "Sons of Varon fallen to Courland puppets, unfortunate." comments John.
  2. John signs. ((lem117
  3. 1.9 doesnt stop hacking, there's still triggerbots, reach etc that are perfectly compatible and used w/ 1.9
  4. cool story i guess
  5. https://gyazo.com/d0ab86a6e16c9eb6c71ae4561c30efb9
  6. We did.
  7. ((D A I L Y R E M I N D E R "And now it begins." remarks John, bannerman of Kasimir.
  8. kill all staff members wait shi-
  9. Fiske watches as Tobias' spirit ascended to the Seven. "An enemy of my kin, but a respectable one."
  10. ******* brutal
  11. caused lag iirc
  12. Perhaps the longer the distance that the bridge needs to span, the greater chance for it to fail?