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  1. 'daily' >5 day raid cool down if you lose I'm going to assume you're with welves here leo, correct me if I'm wrong. Y'all have one of the most defendable settlements in Axios, even against grappling hooks because only 1 person can grapple over now. Perhaps if raid rules were more lax I'd agree with you but I find 4 people shouting outside your city every 5 days isn't really that disruptive to your rp.
  2. man sporadic is really good at editing numbers in a config file
  3. except you can't camp fast travels so your point is invalid?????? Raids are already choked by only allowed 4 people every 2-5 days, people don't need 2 hours to call even more reinforcements than they usually do.
  4. For how long? The caps just going to keep being raised up more and more until you implement full RP default. I said this back when Defender Default was first introduced.
  5. I've had my experiences with rp combat lately, and they weren't the best Had a 4+ hour rp fight with @Ended with barely any progress made Witnessed @DPM be in a 2+ hour rp fight that ended with ooc bickering Numerous other fights that only involve ooc bitching and complaints for literal hours on end and I can't remember an rp fight that lasted less than 30 minutes.
  6. road to rp default calling it now
  7. seems alright except for the big trees
  8. man why the trees so fkn big
  9. it is not in this occasion but this man has harassed me before
  10. im a witness to this harassment pls add as witness <333
  11. ((????????
  12. spooked ya
  13. "wasn't us." says Anth'Rax.
  14. anth'rax before brutally decapitating beta midget droid
  15. where'd ur vid of barrowyk go