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  1. war rules don’t mean **** if you dont have the balls to enforce what you put on the paper
  2. give us warclaims back
  3. please do not make another professions system i just want to play minecraft
  4. honestly just push to 1.15 now and see what happens
  5. more proof of the inherent danger and decadency of letting egirls into ur nation

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. InfamousGerman
    3. axelu


      incel shih!

    4. InfamousGerman


      that’d be an insult if you werent larping as a girl on the internet

  6. no i will destroy you and your loved ones for your transgressions against me on block game
  7. give me the blöcks brøther

  8. it was a lot better when reports were private tbh

  9. easy victory morsgrad mad

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    2. Maga_The_Puffer


      You succeeded in your objective.... because the server crashed? Dunno how that is a victory, merely delaying the inevitable.

    3. InfamousGerman


      you’re gonna have a heart attack calm down ok?

    4. jdesarno


      First Renatus, now defending Nordengrad 3.0, tut tut.

  10. live by the craft, perish by the craft
  11. do you have a blood feud with keaton or something
  12. cant believe i didnt get admin

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