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  1. Patchnotes 6.1e

    Hello everyone, There have been a few minor changes made to the live server. Showhealth, MC/RPnames and Nameplates now persist over logouts and restarts. To configure what you'd like as the default login settings for your account, simply run the commands you normally play with after the restart. - German Polling no longer reminds you on multiple accounts. - German Staff lists have gone an overhaul. They display similar to /modlist and you may hover over an online member's name to see their role. - Llir Fixed voting bugs, and improved reminders and reward system. - Awe and Tofuus Improvements to Hawkeye logging. - Llir Other bugfixes. - Tofuus, Awe, Llir Thanks, The Game Development Team
  2. The loss of rescue raids

    instead of ******* with raid rules how about you change the halt rule so we don’t have to write out a paragraph to attempt to stop somebody who sprint jumps past me with speed 2 on
  3. Interested in learning what's the best Chinese city? Shanghai!

    1. WuHanXianShi14
    2. Fimlin


      Not gonna lie I liked Shanghai the least of Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an

  4. No keeps - Dewper

  5. Defending Curon | For Luke Dunamis

    ok we’ll call a truce
  6. Defending Curon | For Luke Dunamis

    look that was not a game i want to relive
  7. Defending Curon | For Luke Dunamis

    imagine being baited into letting ubergoobie kill you face it you were outsmarted by a 200 iq play..
  8. Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App


  9. vikings raid paris circa. 845

    1. seannie


      >20+ hiding in a tavern
      who do i need to strangle for this shitty display

    2. Harrison


      freezes every 5 seconds omega lul

    3. InfamousGerman


      ah look it’s the aspiring trial gm oh wait you can’t hahaha

  10. trial gm app

    y do we not play r6
  11. oh boy oh boy what lotc raid drama happened today

    1. Hyena


      new rule xd

  12. Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    after some thinking, VAs are the only way conflict can return to an enjoyable state
  13. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    orcs just chill w/ the raiding a bit yeah no need for these rule changes ngl except for the pvp forts
  14. winless no longer