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  1. norland playerbase is just the tech teams PR department at this point
  2. decline began when teegah left

    1. _pr0fit


      Agree, bring back the secret flay whitelist

    2. rukio


      I miss the flays

  3. InfamousGerman

    Vortex Memes

    me after waiting an irl week to get enough energy to craft one(1) suit of armor
  4. your character cant be mean on my minecraft server

  5. the story team are the true lords of the craft
  6. are rune cannons still in the game or were they purged during the lore games
  7. put warclaims on bannerlord pls

  8. war rules don’t mean **** if you dont have the balls to enforce what you put on the paper
  9. please do not make another professions system i just want to play minecraft
  10. honestly just push to 1.15 now and see what happens
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