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  1. The Jornheim Defensive

    mr bones, in his signature top hat, cackles upon seeing the result of the battle "spooked ya!"
  2. Warclaim postponed for 4 months

    why the **** does this keep happening
  3. The Green Tide

    "it's like 70 years idiot" says old historian benjamin
  4. rip john dunsworth

  5. Santegia Memes

  6. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    if you're going to say its surrounded, arcadia doesn't count since its ******* floating 25 miles above the ground, if you want to contest supply lines from there then you're going to have to come down
  7. [GM] Reduce the Defender Default limit back to 8 instead of 10

    courland did this in like 2015 dude
  8. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

  9. [Denied]Nevermind :(

    absolutely, not a better candidate out there! +1 gl!
  10. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    "It was going to be that until the false midgets started calling in Oren to win their war for them since they're too lethargic themselves" says John
  11. No WC's For Two Weeks? REEEEEEEEE~

    50v50 kit iron cage match
  12. RNC 2: Racial Bonuses

    pvp buffs != activity pvp buffs == pvp personas