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  1. the craft giveth. the craft taketh. Woe is the craft.

    1. InfamousGerman


      sounds kinda reddit


  2. let he among us that has not abused for their lotc gf cast the first stone
  3. battle of the dreadfort is now 10 years old

    1. Your Favorite Impure
    2. DahStalker


      its also been 8 years since you accepted me to lotc 

  4. the craft giveth. the craft taketh away

  5. i've seen a lot of the people outraged on this thread previously hang around with historical sex pests and other questionable figures
  6. LOTC..2023...ROFL

    1. InfamousGerman


      i could say the same, t man

    2. Shontohun



  7. i got the diamond sword,

    you got the rulebook.

    its all in the craft though right?

  8. if it isn't warclaims on bannerlord don't post it
  9. this was obviously gonna happen considering his past behavior
  10. live by the craft perish by the craft
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