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  1. it was a lot better when reports were private tbh

  2. easy victory morsgrad mad

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Maga_The_Puffer


      You succeeded in your objective.... because the server crashed? Dunno how that is a victory, merely delaying the inevitable.

    3. InfamousGerman


      you’re gonna have a heart attack calm down ok?

    4. jdesarno


      First Renatus, now defending Nordengrad 3.0, tut tut.

  3. live by the craft, perish by the craft
  4. do you have a blood feud with keaton or something
  5. cant believe i didnt get admin

  6. presentation of the completed powerpoint is at 3:00 or so remember to smash that like button, subscribe and hit that notification bell for more epic content
  7. yeah but 3 parking tickets don't upgrade misdemeanor assault to first-degree murder
  8. you dont need to redo war rules you just need to actually enforce the current ones

  9. ^^ trebs cut through builds with far too much ease
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