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  1. idk who's funny man, idk about lady rebecca, all I want to be is aphatetic, but good luck with that perma 2 weeks after appeal blacklist dude My best advice is fight for welves and reinforce their pvp playerbase. Close bounds generally turn a ban into a verbal warning, can attest
  2. gulag! reeee hmmmm no
  3. Ooga = I'm jason torto Booga = I'm stinky too
  4. Бразильцы Гордос (God bless America)
  5. @UnBaed @joey calabreeni I don't know how to do memes, so I'll leave it to these ppl
  6. I'm a simple man, I see a dog, I +1.
  7. Eath'Lur plots to kill the queen and take over Norland
  8. Notes: A complex drug is the mixture of existing drugs, yet, with effects explained. They should be harder to make and acquire, needing proper knowledge. A simple drug is something that can be obtained by anyone, but some should be harder than others. I'll bring more drug lore with time. Patience. A goblin alchemist working for Eath'Lur With the IMPERA of drugs rising in the east and with the lack of a variety to offer to its customers, Eath'Lur has reunited his drug dealers and producers "Latz won't be dealerz for zome time, fellowz. Latz zhall be rezearchers. Yub! Rezearcherz. Duh zkahin druid hippiez am zuppozed tu gib uz great artifaktz tu upkeep deir zynthetik muzhroom additiun, agh wi wull make Courland druwn intu drugs. Azh great power rizez. Diz world iz vazt, agh wi knuw veri little about drugz, yet, if wi knuw ah lot ob diz zkah, wi will bekome rich! Pillage duh zwampz, work with alchemiztz, wi need tu dizkover zkah!" Eye Buddy Simple Drug Sniffing A plant that looks akin to grain, and it maybe would look trustable if it weren't purple and brown. . . found in the bottom of swamp ponds, yuck! Eath'Lur knew that he would never manage to find quality stuff unless he sent orcs or goblins to places that an elf would never dare to enter. His excuse? "The elves and their fancy robes. I doubt they'd ever swim on a swamp pond to look for something that could be of great use. They can't accept smelly clothes, and they want to be out of weird places as soon as possible so they don't break their fingernails!" And it was based of this that the few goblins and orcs assigned to the swamp dared to swim. And they found all kinds of plants, yet, the only one that was managed to be used was the weird grain. Carried over to the orcish /legal production room/, the plant was put to all kinds of tests, and its use was found quickly. After a sample was put out in the sun so it could dry for a couple of days, Eath'Lur had the great idea of telling the slave volunteer to sniff a little bit. The slave volunteer rose his head and began to cringe before he felt more energetic. The orcs were assured that nothing had happened until the volunteer stood awake through the entire night on his cell room. His eyes were dilated, and he rose his head at even the walk of a rat or the flap of wings of a hummingbird. The eye buddy allows someone to stay awake through extended periods of time. What the eye buddy does is to delay the supply of melatonin to the brain, meaning that once the effects of the eye buddy pass, everything that was delayed will go up and the user will feel like sleeping on the rock if needed. This drug is supposed to be used in small to average amounts, where the smaller the dose is, the less time it'll be on effect, as so will the impact be weaker, yet, when used on average amounts, the drug can be used to stay awake through the whole night without mentally feeling the effects. The name "eye buddy" is specially because it's normally used by guards that have to do two periods The overdosage can delay the hormone even further, but the user will be unaware of such. This will lead into serious problems of insomnia and unknown exhaustion by the user, making his body feel more tired while taking away the feeling of the need to sleep. Pure Alchemist Quartz PAQ Complex Drug Sniffing The alchemist quartz is actually quite common between alchemists. Originally, alchemist quartz is made in order to allow them to stay awake for long as they brew stoneskin potions and alchemist fire while avoiding them to die of boredom and the brew goes terribly wrong before a long war, so, generally, it's made onto a hurry. Yet, Eath'Lur was a drug genius and thought about of what if it was done with concern. A lot of researching was done into alchemist quartz, and the illegal alchemists discovered that the best alchemist quartz isn't the one that takes questionable things in, but instead, a few of the ingredients can be found into the land of halflings. The halfling grass is the first base for the alchemist quartz. Firstly, the halfling grass is processed into its liquid form, then habgosnits are also made as a liquid. While the liquid is left at rest, some coca is put into a mortar and pestle to become a powder. Afterwards, large amounts of the pulverized coca is thrown into the mixture, then its heated up, making some sort of beige powder. Albeit the original alchemist quartz is white, the one that was researched by Eath'Lur's Crew is, de facto, much more pure and better. Black Cactus Green Simple Drug Smoking The black cactus green is of no biological surging, yet, there is a fact that has to be taken into consideration. The myth of "the darker a cactus is, the better the green will be" has made more intelligent uruks, specially those of Lur that take cactus green as an important tool into shamanistic rituals made them to breed the darkest cactus plants with one another. There was a point that the cactus green became so dark that you could barely see the dark spines. By seeing this, the Gorkils decided to breed the dark cactus green even further, and use it far more often than the Lur's did. The act of comsuption of black cactus green became extinct around the year of 1438, but it became popular after the orcs saw Orgoth consuming some of this black cactus green. Farmers that used to plant these made a great fortune in a short spam of time, and that's exactly what Eath thought of. With some knowledge of the fact that there's a plant rumoured to bring clarity to its user, Eath'Lur went to the blessed land of the halflings himself, harvested some of this plant also known as "thornweed bushes" and mixed the powder with the black cactus green. The result aided orcs to reach some sort of shamanistical way of thinking. The black cactus green is made like any other; in the form of a paste. Fumemix Complex Drug Inhalation "This is the fumemix, its MY mix!" - Fumemix addict to a poor child Circa 1597 The fumemix is named as fumemix because that's exactly what goes into your head after the very start of the comsumption. The fumemix is, at first glance, a simple bottle with a brittle and messy, solid content, yet, this solid content was made for burning. The fumemix can also be used on a hooka h, but the most primitive (and effective) way of taking it in is by smelling the burning contents directly. Inside the bottle, one can see thornbark splinters, black cactus green and petals in two colours: red and blue. All of the content also seems to also contain some eye buddy, because, to take in an entire bottle of fumemix, it can take up to a hour, and such an action can be exhaustive. The eye buddy can aid them into a great deal, making them somewhat more focused on the task at matter. For some reason, when burnt, these petals will exhale a smoke of their respective colours, and some will get along, making some sort of rainbow as it mixes into a purple smoke that is otherworldy aromatic. The fumemix smells so good that, on almost all the cases, people have strong shivers every time they take a sniff of an uncoorked bottle while its contents burn over a campfire. The fumemix is extremly addictive, yet, it corrodes the nose and the respiratory system on an average pace. In order to consume the fumemix, one must heat the bottle up, which is traditionally made by heating the bottom with some fire while you hold it with some cloth. Then, when it gains enough heat, the fumemix will begin to release some fumes, which is when you uncork the bottle and place your nose right above the fumes so they go all in. They give a slight nausea, and it's never something enough to knock someone out or stop him from using the fumemix. Due to the use of Eye Buddy raw form on the fumemix, the user will get drowsy right after the use of the fumemix. If he decides to sleep, the user is destined to soon be bothered by the image of the fumemix on his brain and how much of a good experience it brought to him. No matter what, any dreams after the fumemix will be related to great aromas that bring good memories. The fumes release large amounts of dopamine into the brain aswell, which makes the fumemix user fall in love with the bottle, making it superb in the matter of addiction. --- The following drugs: habgosnits, thornweed bushes can all be found on the Plant Index The black cactus green and eye buddy are both drugs that are surging now
  9. Shaman healing is best healing, witch doctor gives you a potion and you can either grow your hand back or get it worse with 3 days. For a single of these brews, the witch doctor already gets exhausted and can't make another potion for quite some time But yeah, insta-healing feels actually dumb now that you mentioned it
  10. Eath'Lur cries
  11. Eath'Lur hands 'eadstompa'Azog a drawing of great quality depicting what's happening
  12. Lore Competition Event Team 2.0 Yes, it has been a long time. The results of the lore competition were never announced during the time that it was supposed to, but now, it was. I swear, it was not my delay. I had to go around whole LotC to look for people who could do it within time and fill all of them, it was a hard fight. But, do not worry, I've got the best people across Axios to finally do this. Firstly, I'd like to thank all the participants to contribute. The first three winners will NOT have their lore accepted automatically, yet, they'll still get their rewards. Submissions will have to be put as a submission on the forums with the [Lore Competition Piece] on the title. I will be announcing the three winners here. Once the server is up, the money will be transfered to your currently active persona, and you will receive a notification on the forums of your total score Read the bottom of the page Score Each judge has a rate of 0 to 100 to give, and, with a total of 4 judges, we have a maximum of 400 points. Keep in mind that there's no extra reward for the notable submission The writers of the lore will be communicated about any possible issues with their lore before it's fully accepted. Shall issues arouse, it might not even be accepted, yet, you'll still get your prize. The other submissions will be left to be approved individually. Prizes All smaller submissions will be given the mina reward first put into the currently active persona of the person before going as a normal submission. The Golden Compass will come in later after the lore is either denied or accepted, where it will be decided wheter or not if the Golden Compass is broken. If it's not broken, the compass will contain coordinates of a treasure awaiting for you. If it's broken, its broken. The lore was denied. The first place winners will be notified in roleplay, as so will their rewards. It'll be an exciting thing to do. Apologies. I was planning on giving out all the rewards once the winners could fix their lore pieces. I had written messages for every single winner notifying them of their ponctuaction and my Mozilla crashed, which had killed me inside of any will of doing this. But I can't let you guys down, specially if I let this slip. All the effort would go into a deep sinkhole. I was originally planning on writing this post once the Server Blacklist was over, but, noticing that it'll take far too long, I've simply decided to post it now and today. I will be personally giving the prizes to the winners when I see them in game alongside notifying them of their score, or you can also hit me on the forums, and I'll hook you up. Even the first three places will have to go as normal submissions. Here's a few hints that I managed to gather from the judges of things that could favour the submissions of the three first places (Yet, I managed to get only two. It's always good to review your lore before posting it, guys!) (Remember that these are hints, they'll improve your chances of getting your lore actually accepted) Shady_Tales Remove all of Runescape similiarities on your lore. As an uncultured swine, I've never played Runescape, so I'll trust you to do so. Aesopian The clay warriors need further explanation, specially because the idea of "trapping spirits" doesn't exactly goes with the server lore (unless you can prove me otherwise). This could be expanded on, even if it's cultural if you so wish to have the clay golems on existance. The beast that plagues dreams sounds a bit too strong. Maybe you could give to it more and better characteristics while keeping it related to the special sand? @The Squirrel @Farryn @Taketheshot @Trenchist @HB_ @Lsuvsfar
  13. @Tofuus
  14. I just checked it personally and noticed no extra elements that could, in any way, empower a shaman except for the part of "elementalist shamans can harness the power of any existing elemental spirit". There are like, thousands of spirits, and under these spirits, other more thousands. These cannot be made a pact with, because, afaik, they're not known of or something.