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  1. [Developers] NoCheat

    have your ever been dabbing and suddenly stuck your pinky on your bum? Thats nocheat
  2. In need of a job (again)

    don't recruit high elves away from their playerbase, they're an already dying specimen, ik they're looking for house, but we should point them out to Haelun'or if they're high elves, or caras eldar if they're welves. If its a human, its ok to recruit because that's idk, 60% of the server applicants
  3. Condemnation of the terrorist attack at Human summit

    ALLAHU AKBAR! screams Chlupaty Varlata "Reginald" Kastrovat
  4. [!] a flier hangs on everything even from your wall and all that blablabla... "I AM BUYING YOUR COBBLESTONE, STONE, BONES OR BONEMEAL. AND ALSO ALMOST BREAKING TOOLS MADE OF IRON OR CARBARUM; LOW OR HIGH DURABILITY, PAYING PER DURABILITY LEFT. SELL ME YOUR ****, THANK YOU, **** YOU." -CHLUPATY VARLATA "REGINALD" KASTROVAT" OOC: buying bonemeal, cobblestone, tools close to breaking made of either iron or diamond and all your bones (if you want to visit a doctor to get your bones out just to sell them to me; that'd also be very appreciated). message me in forums, in game or on discord so we can discuss prices.
  5. Buying bonemeal! Message me in the forums or in game so we can work out a deal!!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Sadly, bones are pretty heckin’ rare these days. 

  6. I'll set up a flower shop you boys wait it!! will come up today
  7. Diorite, andesite and granite have all been added to the game at one time, but like regular bricks are to nether bricks, all of them are different in one way or another despiste the concept being the same. I need one, but I don't need the other two, just like someone looking for dirt maybe doesn't needs soulsand; gravel was split from sand, why can't we also implement common sense and seperate diorite, andesite and granite? Because I only need one material out of all these three, yet, I have to get renundant things to get what I essentially need? I am trying to save as much time as possible, and a pit like this is bad. Can we either add an option for moderators to change the pit freely or make three different pits before I go open world exploring to a place I can find solely the resources I actually need? I mean, isn't that the point of the resource island?
  8. Clay pit or air pit?

    i mean we dug out an entire clay pit im never doing this again
  9. Clay pit or air pit?

    hello me and dj found a clay pit but we can't see it now, whats happening is it made of air¿ what is this mods pls fix?? #alphamaleperformance

    Deus vult!
  11. [Bounty] Henry Kobyla

    Eath'Lur drinks Klompa Kola and dabs as he eats Klompitos
  12. Thulean Feat Update

    flamboyant dropping bombs what a madman
  13. The Unseen Once-Was

    "Fear the old dab" Eath'Lur makes a joke out of what he believes to be a joke and laughs as he looks to Shreck @Travista
  14. Aether VIP giveaway

  15. hey girl do u have a boyfriend