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  1. i have some concerns with freebuild... 1st, can you make your own plot there?


    2nd is the staff well aware of all of the current issues with free build


    And if yes, 3rd why is freebuild being implemented... even if its restricted, people are going to use it to make their own tiny super secret evil necromancer coven where they can never be purged from...

    1. Hero_Prodigal


      dont play and u will never have to have concern again my friend...

  2. Man of Respect


    dalek kastrovat waves the head of the masterful and experienced fighter ex-king kairn from his prison “yeaaaa...”
  3. isn’t increasing the size of GMs while cutting off FMs kinda ironic lol

    1. Fireheart_


      if only there was a gm team left around still to make that an accurate statement q.q


      Though really with jokes aside overall size has decreased by five members and there is also a reason why we aren’t bringing on more at the moment. Our understanding is that with 7.0 we will need less moderators since a big burden at the moment is free build and we won’t be having nearly as much of that on the new map!


  4. Man of Respect

    New Player Guide Ideas

    How am I going to employ people if there’s nothing to pay them for? How am I going to promote a situation in RP without needing constant moderator or outside intervention that creates an enormous amount of bureaucracy... you can make a flower pot and sell it but at the end of the day, its still a flower pot, everyone can make one. No one is going to pay for something they wouldn’t get for, I mean, would you pay money for something that you get no return for? If you can create a system like this and support it without running a deficit or an enormous amount of staff intervention whilst creating something that has an actual value, grats... also, creating shitty RP items and selling them overpriced is also known as scamming.
  5. Man of Respect

    New Player Guide Ideas

    I’ve helped a lot of new players to get on the server, here’s some of the most common things that new players find trouble with upon joining the server... I can flex the fact that I have experience with this because I actually do - How to find a place to RP at - What is the server about - How to get a work (YOU NEED NEXUS FOR THIS IM SORRY... if someone wants to tell me why you don’t need nexus, just quote this with arguments against this statement... I’ll burn you.) - How to get a house - Where to go - Basic chat commands - What is there to do on the server - Who do I talk with to get a house in X place (could really use a plugin) - How to use and what’s a soulstone also, don’t make the guide too long or some of the people won’t read it. Keep it short, simple, straight and objective.
  6. It finally happened boys!


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. _Jandy_




      I’ve seen admins have lewder forum profile pictures.

    3. Elennanore


      not enough ass tbh

    4. Travista


      At least fae rings weren’t involved 

  7. why was GM merged with FM? What’s even the point? It’s just throwing more responsibility to certain people that already have some responsibility

    1. rukio


      Because god forbid they remove inactive people and keep forums and in-game separate. Two very different moderation styles zzz

    2. L0rdLawyer


      The Administration currently oversees 135 or so staff members. They want to drastically cut numbers.

      GM’s were merged with FM’s.

      Wiki Team will be merged with Lore Team.

      And depending on the state of the Event Team, the ET will be merged with the LT.


      During a conversation with an Administrator, it was stated that they wanted to cut the entire staff by up to 50%.


      Why? I will never understand. LOTC is scraping by at this point and for the last few years. A few things have gotten better on the server, staff wise, and behind the scenes wise but LOTC is coming to another recession soon enough. 🤷‍♂️

  8. Man of Respect

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    What’s the point of having 18 items if people will get alts to move their items regardless?
  9. Man of Respect

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I saw your race on the forums and assumed it since it’s displaying Wraithlord and I didn’t pay attention to this because wraiths are diplomatically irrelevant, but I doubt that if you were apart of any nation or player group that was going to get booted you’d let yourself “suffer the consequences” specially if you were target of staff bias and injustice. It’s neigh impossible to regain activity once you lose your nation plot since you can’t have an influx of new players or a place for your people to roleplay at. You can’t just expect people to “stick around” if they’re not willing to. You see, you’re so out of touch with the faction aspect of the server that you don’t even know what the entire situation is, the points of view, the events that happened, the posts that were made, you’re not even apart of the entire ordeal and not even affected by it neither as a wood elf or an orc, but you’re still giving your opinion on it. To address the highlighted words... Welcome to Lord of the Craft (and any other type of gaming that involves actual gaming politics, not Forum Roleplay). Smaller scale groups (such as wraiths? for example) have a much easier time to have a more solidified playerbase, but it’ll eventually die out if it has no sort of variation, “HQ” or “Chill Lounge”. These consequences were things that should have never happened because they had an outside influence also known as bullshit. The orcs would never lose their plot if DPM wasn’t in Veist account. There would be no consequences since that it’s impossible for Veist to win twice on a best of 3 match because he’s a bad pvper.
  10. Man of Respect

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I’m in for a nation plot for orcs, but what defines a nation plot if everything’s so split? Dominion got booted as so did Gladewynn, where did all elf activity go to? You can’t just leave elves without a nation plot since they’re the 2nd most applied playerbase, and people will continue to do it so they can keep to fullfill their lusty blonde elf brunette erotic roleplay fetish hormonal fantasy, or also their insane lust for magic and extra pixel power to be the God of Mages and King of the Void... this is okay. There are some issues aswell with “reuniting all elves in one plot” because this didn’t work and won’t work. One of the three cultures would end up absorbing the other two cultures. You can’t also shove all of them into the druids/humans simply because you can’t. I don’t see any elven representativity lately on the forums or anything but for staff and magic applications. I’m very anti-elf specially because I don’t like the majority of their playerbase, but I think that people will still apply for longer-eared big boobed humans eventually and will have nowhere to go to show off their culture, eventually being integrated into other larger groups.
  11. Man of Respect

    Redemption for Incompetence

    lets start by booting wraiths @FlamboyantNewEra
  12. Man of Respect

    😢 guys i need help 😭

    even better
  13. Man of Respect

    😢 guys i need help 😭

  14. Man of Respect

    😢 guys i need help 😭

    australians ride kangaroos
  15. Wtf bro why u stalkin me? Gonna ban u for harassment !