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  1. #FreeWolfdwg #FreeGressy

    1. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      Gressy did nothing wrong

  2. google bonzi buddy if you don't know what's this
  3. I went through all the posts to see if I could formulate something with good criticism, but I'm quite impressed that there are people that support RP default. I've done roleplay fights, and they were mostly terrible. Honestly. Raising defender default to 10 is bad because it offers your enemy a chance to RP, aka, metastall until reinforcements arrive. RP fighting is mostly bad, even with your powerful mage friends that can counter every single attack you have, or grow trees in one emote, or summon a meteor. I'd love the return of PvP default and the end of defender default.
  4. I know it takes up all the magic slots as it balances the magic, which, at the same time, when you remove the need of taking one's soul away, it also makes so that it takes up all your magic slots. But this makes it feel just like a different evocation that takes away other people's evocations. In the other hand, it also opens room for some sort of "guild of mages" or forces them to be in a circlejerk with other people, where they rely completely on them. I am, yes, refering to different people. You know, that classes thing, where you have a fire mage, an ice mage, an arcane mage and an anti-magic mage? The second part was a joke meant to poke at people, but the first sentence, from my point of view, is true new type of voidal magic because people can't stand taking the RP consequences of having to PK someone This rewrite just makes them be... mages. This is my point of view though.
  5. To be honest, even if this plugin enhances the experience for high rank VIP's, it, in one war or another, gives you a better roleplaying experience in some sort of way. And plugins that make a good experience are my favourite. AKA drug plugin, alcohol plugin, music plugin, stuff that people would love to see but still, gives people something to do when not roleplaying like idk who said once
  6. brewery plugin when
  7. new type of voidal magic because people can't stand taking the RP consequences of having to PK someone to empower his own character (since magic is all around making yourself stronger in lord of the craft)
  8. 9 the number of the beast oh wait
  9. Have you ever killed someone that is carrying an item with a MArt? When he died, did he give the item to you?

    1. Aelsioln


      Pretty sure if someone has one they soulbind it.

      Or enderchest it but rp it anyways.

    2. Freischarler


      people dont even want to hand over non rp items when they die, no way in hell someone is gunna cough up an rp item with extensive lore and some hidden pixie bullshit power

    3. DrakeHaze.


      How can you tell if someone is carrying a MArt anyway? If you kill them in pvp most likely it is soulbound, if you kill them in RP then maybe?

  10. Actually, I'd like to add that making the north feel bland will make it better. AKA no stacked snow, only normal snow.
  11. Hey guys, idk, i was just feeling like making this status update, thanks

  12. Actually, yeah. It looks pretty in theory, but it feels a bit too... untravelable... The island looks lit tho... Also, to look into this: This doesn't feels like something exactly new overall... just reminds me a lot of Sutica's island, like its an expansion or branch. Maybe you could alter a bit the terrain so we're not stuck with a single terrain.exe file or something... I mean, I know its a new map and all, I think that the Build Team is very well capable of making it good looking. Just add a block or two in the ground with some sort of //replace command then percentages. Personally, I like new things and experiences, a single block might make some good difference. This is a picture without shading, so we get a better view. This looks new, I like it. As long as there aren't too many of these clay hills, this would be a good terrain for travelling by horse. The trees give off a nice texture and feeling. #MordringStrikesBack Personally, I'm not a big fan of these weird terrains and mountains when you stack snow upon snow. They're a pain to walk in and through. The trees... don't make much sense. Its on sorta a rocky terrain, and the fort has a feeling it came out of the ground, look at the rocks close to the second tree. There's ice all around the fort, but the leaves are fine, just a bit of snow in them. Personally, I think the picture feels just like another expansion for the current snow we have right now; a lot of mountains, and a pain to walk through. In other words, I'd very well, personally, like to see new stuff, not just some expansions that makes Axios feel bigger... such as the snow biome picture. Btw, the map looks fine in size(as you can see in the picture of the orcs)... seems like we won't need to use fast travels TL;DR I want new fresh prince of bel air stuff also try making orc ruins, orcs are cool, they deserve a map AEOEAOEAAAAAAAAAEOAAAAAA
  13. Is this minecraft?
  14. if he called you whiteman51, would it be racism?
  15. mada mada i need healing