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  1. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** Sandk1ng **Description** When I try to make baby’s brain, it doesn’t identifies the mushroom stew **Date of occurance** 09/08 **In game specifications** Sandk1ng, Eath’Lur, 22:30 BRA **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Open hookah 2. place the correct recipe 3. combine ingredients 4. Have your stew not detected **Expected Behavior** You get Baby’s Brain and the mushroom stew bowl empties **Actual Behavior** The hookah can’t identify the stew, nothing happens to it, its just ignored **Additional Information** Works with grass but stew is completely ignored **Error Message** none EDIT Same happens with black cactus green, but instead, the other two ingredients are completely ignored
  2. My baby’s brain recipe is not working, did it change?


  3. Daleka cries but then realises it wasn’t matthias then daleka stops crying.
  4. btw my tag shines and yours don’t ur is boring pink u can’t level up to my level L0OL What software you use to create songs btw?
  5. my tag is shiny finally im better than u all.......................................................

  6. can i have a third go pls :pepehands:
  7. best minecraft name ever
  8. Most of my cousins are alcohol addicts since their 14’s or 15’s, but since their youngest years their biggest objective was to get older to have alcohol since it’s pretty normal between my uncles and aunts to drink beer. I had alcohol once, got drunk and it was cool, but then I began to crave for alcohol again for some time and it was like “What the ****, I gotta stop with this right now”
  9. Bought all the expansions for wow classic, ready to bang

    1. Malgonious


      Let's play I'm on STAlAgG

  10. Applying for: Vibeo and Daleka Reason: daleka needs to get married Feats: marriage Extra: will marry
  11. You have a good point, but I also had a different view of the scenario in my head. The picture I had in my head was, lets say for example, someone robs you and you go to the police station make a complaint, the robbers find out that you filled a police complaint and go after you. This happens on Brazil. I’ll give you constructive criticism then. I believe, in my eyes, that you’re toxic and you need to improve on that. Sounding friendly and going “bro” and “bruh” with people that clearly dislike you makes you sound toxic. On top of all of that, you’ve doxxed a player. I know this post looks like it’s meant to harrass you, but it was something I had thought about while outside and decided to share my thoughts. I don’t think you’re a big deal, its probably just me that makes a big deal out of you, but, you know, I think that we both could move past this and go on our ways, you’re stressed and upset due to the fact that you’ve got denied on your application, but this is natural, and I don’t want to breed more hostility past this point and so on between us, I’d rather have some time out or something. But you know, every toxic player can change if they’re good people and believe that they can change, I just think you need to stop acting friendly and be more honest... bro, lol! Even if you’re trying to be friendly, it implies that you’re doing it with second intentions and you end up being passive agressive. And I’m partially also to blame regarding this “bruh” and “bro” and etc since I do it sometimes, but not with people that dislike me or something, since I think that’d be flat out toxicity. I hope this was the answer you’ve been expecting all along from me, and if you want to build a base or something out of this feedback I’m giving, its completely up to you.
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