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  1. boom boom boom boom i want you in my room lets spend the night together from now until forever boom boom boom boom :thinkplant:

  2. mordring was cool, he was built over time while being an antagonist to players
  3. Spend whatever time that is needed is the best option. Look behind and see all the complaints, but keep in mind that players will never be satisfied with map sizes. The best fix we had tbh was in CT, where roleplay couldn't really progress, but there's still some people roleplaying at the docks... nothing that we can really complain about. If we have a large map, have actual lore to fill the void instead of vanity lore. I classify them like this: Actual lore: Serves a purpouse Gives the region an unique characteristic Lore as a backstory to some sort of civilization that can be used for roleplay Vanity lore: Flora, animals and geography information. Uneeded. COOL LORE: THIS PLACE IS FILLED WITH MAGIC AND DRAGONS AND FIREBLASTS, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, ITS OPEN FOR EVERYONE INSTEAD OF ******* ****** ****** ****** CIRCLEJERKS! On this cool place, you can explore **** and it's really cool, magical events that makes everyone happy, magical places that makes stuff more immersible... its not about how much time someone has on the server to access, lets say, the Fifth Dimension of The Dragon God Zadurf (if it existed)... man, I mean, like, everything, if not, most stuff, should be open for exploration or interaction by other people... just imagine, having a place that is clearly some sort of black portal of evilness and doom to the void, which you can't enter, but still, it exists, leaking evil powers something something? Lets go further beyond. To reach the veil or something, you have to play for long and talk with the right people in OOC. Why don't we cut these biases, make slightly less but very relevant new places and open them for the world? I mean, these are just suggestions. Make important stuff for unimportant people because this isn't about who's the best protagonist or the best group of tightly close magical friends that are bound to change the destiny of the world. Side quests for "side characters" are bad.
  4. Hamilton is bad, this is a good song AHA HUHUHU
  5. naruto is the ninja of the konoha village something something and he's blonde

  6. can i make more than 420$ a day?
  7. Any faction, guild or anything looking to do COMMERCE¿

  8. i discovered something cool, press your left alt button, then, while holding it, press 1 or 2 or 3... or whatever combination.


    ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♀♂♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶§§↨→¢é╚┼─├Æ☼ this is amazing


    i like a lot alt 168 ¿

    1. Areon


      Can also do others if you have a numpad (windows), such as german characters like ß

    2. Esry


      alt codes :D

    3. Space


      using alt + the function keys gives you different icons too

  9. why is everyone saying weak



  10. "hes baldin frostaxe, a bald guy" says green orc eathlur
  11. "Bearded elf" comments green orc eathlur
  12. This guy is fire
  13. it'd be cool if they became playable, but i honestly think the same that happened to the hou-zi would happen to them, and we'd just have yet another empty race...