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  1. Man of Respect

    Is this a roleplay server?

    lets go spill some blood ⚔️
  2. The pvpers are an extremely toxic community and we need to ban and chase them out of the server

    1. tenredux


      roleplayers rise up!

  3. Man of Respect

    Arcane Incantations

    @Tox your profile gif is so funny lol
  4. Man of Respect

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    don't treat ologs as creatures, they might have a body of stone but their heart is made of paper... never hurt an olog so much 😞
  5. Man of Respect

    Magic of the Oblivion

    I like it! +1
  6. Man of Respect

    [Feedback] I hate the forums

    To remove the bold, you select the entire message you want to de-bold and click on the B button, which should be highlited Such as this message wowo this is bold, white people.
  7. Man of Respect

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    I had only negative experiences with Chorale, and this got even worse when I killed him in roleplay and he removed both my profile picture and my signature pictures that had a wood elf leak chat of people being toxic to orcs that took place after a humiliating defeat on the elven side. On the day I killed him, he was roleplaying and was associating with wood elves. I honestly think it's still the same person and the only difference is that he has both a red and cyan tag and can enact his own will and power upon other players by removing things he disagrees with. Such as this reply.
  8. Man of Respect


    who's that guy i still don't get what's this meme
  9. Man of Respect


    Bobby Williams greets his kadarsi fellows
  10. Man of Respect

    Seeking Martial Artists

    "Your momma's so fat you can dress her on red and use her as a punching bag! This is the first step on learning krug-fu"
  11. Man of Respect

    [Pending]Porkour's Event Team Actor application

    Pleasant guy, roleplays as walking bacon, +1
  12. Man of Respect

    AT Update Log- June

    The chart's the only thing I read I don't even read the introduction 👺
  13. Man of Respect

    Abusing Hunting

    You just lack the glitching spirit I can glitch all of them, no exception