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  1. Make an Orc for 6.0 - Here's Why!

    make an orc because orcs have sandk1ng no one else has sandk1ng
  2. Stop "Thinking" On Roleplay Threads

    sandk1ng rolls his eyes
  3. [Dark Arts] [TA] Valor Caerme'onn

    Nice one Heero
  4. Atlas Q&A Stream

    Are ERP brothels returning? What are the current plans for quality of life plugins?
  5. Quality of life plugins are the best dude #bringbackbreweryplugin
  6. [Feat] [MA] Ethel Serene is a Thrall now. . .

    What's Jokulthrall? where do i find the rules for it?
  7. The Drinking Dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah

    Eath'Lur wishes he came since he's on his favourite dress
  8. [Plugin] Extended Signs

    I made it, it was the iSign. There was some progress on it and someone linked my name on a status update showing the message that is displayed on a gif. Idk why it got dropped
  9. "Im an orc and Erolas is my <extremely rude word that starts with a N and ends with an A that refers to a very specific group of people and this specific word shouldn't be mentioned in any case or in any circunstances> and he's my friend"
  10. [GM] Oblige people to talk and notify before a ban report

    I don't have plenty to add, but people should talk with one another with in game messages or the forums instead of having the situation resolved in the scene with LOOC and using it as evidence
  11. The title's pretty simple and self-explanatory. Ban reports bring only headaches and drama and they can be easily avoided if both parties come to a consent. Sometimes, people don't even know that there's an utterly disgusting and stupid ban report on them. A good way to solve a ban report is to refund armor if its PvP and someone did something wrong. People need more dialogue between one another to save time for everyone involved in the ban report that have the intention of punishing the player with a ban report. The topic of this post is pretty much that people are obliged to man up and post a screenshot of their dialogue before the ban report; message in discord, forums, in game, anything, but its an obligation before posting trash in the forums for amusement and drama.
  12. [Renatus 6.0 Dev Blog] Part 1: Getting Started!

    This looks ******* amazing, not gonna lie
  13. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    JESUS LUCAS edit: I'll be leaving my feedback about santegian military here in this post, idc you read it or not or agree or disagree, sorry, but they should copy suticans and exploit defender default so they can have a 7 men RP unbeatable raid defense