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  1. I am looking for March Ash books. If you appear to have any March Ash books, do not reply directly to this paper. Send a bird straight to the War Uzg adressed to "Lur Klompmark" containing all the volumes you have that you are interested in trading. I am willing to either pay minas or trade important volumes, such as the first ones of every region; which are the introduction books. We probably have some rare books that you probably won't find anywhere else. We'll do BIG trade ((If you happen to have any March Ash books, send me a forum message)) ((I can trade either with minas, or we can trade book copies aswell on a one-to-one ratio))
  2. Dev team and ET?
  3. I think you're making this post to increase your ego due to the fact that you have a shortsword, lowering your self-esteem as a knight, so maybe you can attempt with the act of polishing a shield or learning martial arts with the monks on LatzTube, the orcish Youtube of the old times.
  4. I voted LotC staff click here
  5. hmm...
  6. weird people going to weird places hmmm
  7. Still getting problemns with the auth servers... HELP

  8. I WANT CROWNS ^that guy wants crowns ^^^he wants crowns.