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  1. I love reading ban reports, everyone is right and the drama is public

    1. Ayoou


      An entertaining reality show. Literally

  2. I never said this before because i was making money out of it but i don’t really care anymore. You shouldn’t buy slaves or pay for ransoms unless the person runs the risk of being PK’ed. They can just be killed and shrug it off like any other day.


    I mean, it might not be immersive to not PK or just shrug the RP off because you know it won’t end anywhere at the end of the day and be just yet another thing.


    People buying slaves is the only reason that people are caught to be sold as slaves, or else people would never capture people to sell them as slaves or ask for ransom money. Like, I legit used to make so much money out of enslavery back in Anthos that I was surprised of how stupid people were.


    Just my opinion tho, that even your best in game friend isn’t worth paying even 100 minas unless at the risk of PK, it'll be just a short experience of 1-2 hours and you can go back to RP after the enslavers eventually get bored and decide to kill you. If no one bought slaves, no one would be bothering getting slaves for selling and this would reduce banditry, think about it

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Banner


      don’t u realize ur literally encouraging metagaming?? lmao
      maybe people just like roleplaying. i don’t know. maybe.

    3. Lsuvsfar


      1. I’d listen to SandK1ng. I don’t know him well, but he has dank memes and seems to be one of the more intelligent people on the server.

      2. I feel as though telling people not to purchase the same elf that’s been sold 5 times this week from the bandits that have been killed 7 times this week is not quite metagaming. Metagaming is when a bandit stops you on the road, and then the Two bandits ask you for your minas, so you give all Four bandits your gear, and then the Nine of them call PvP on you. Or when Metasquad 6 comes flying over your walls and mercs you.

    4. Stargush


      i dont think pk should be enforced by slavery itself unless its the slaves choice obviously. in all honesty I think the selling of slaves is unfortunately too common. Though i feel it usually comes to this choice because otherwise you might be putting the slave to some kind of work or labor, but most people when captured would rather just die and be resurrected by Monks than step outside of their comfort zone. It’s worthless to pay for anything other than a noble or king though of course there are will always be instances of selling a common-tier slave regardless.

  3. Name: buttblaster christianboy Gender Identity: christian How much anime do you watch: yes Are you an epic gamer: whats an epic gamer Please write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you are a disappointment to your parents: no What mental maturity do you possess?: yes
  4. Name suggestion is Daleka Street or Daleka Avenue – says Daleka Kastrovat goddess of beauty
  5. “War war war war!” chants Daleka with an immense amount of happiness regardless of who wins or loses. Truth be told , Daleka just wants the world to burn.
  6. why would ro’s and pros agree with coups this would make no sense and isn’t dynamic to RP
  7. no racist allowed

  8. i hate memes, why do they even exist? i think memes should be banned from our serious roleplay community of lord of the craft memes shouldn’t exist
  9. wiki team should be an actual staff team since the wiki does needs a good amount of work
  10. korvic is hard carrying all devs

  11. please watch you’re mouth you’re not oren to have the n word pass be more discrete you half human chimera

    1. The_Protagonist_of_Lotc


      thank you for the advice mr sandking

    2. Travista


      He is very wise

  12. if you already applied with your Minecraft Name and everything, you should play with the account you’ve done it on because you should still be whitelisted if you don’t remember any data of the old account you should make a new application
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