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  1. I'd love hemorroid treatment medication, my hemorroids came out after i took a poop and they've been there for 5 days already, I'm taking meds and using ointment, the ointment got this little head you got to use to reach further parts and it makes me very uncomfortable every time i use it but i have no other choice. Fortunately I wont need surgery (i hope), but i need to take good care of my roids.
  2. hi weren't you the halfling guy that lived in Anthos and there were some flying islands at this map and we built a house ontop of one of these?

    1. HogoBojo


      Howdy. Unfortunately, you have me mistaken. I joined in Arcas and my first persona was a Chef. 

    2. Man of Respect
    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Wait didn’t Dalek do the anthos floating island stuff? Or at least like, something with a beanstalk.

  3. show pizza

    1. Salvo


      next time I get one

  4. i have a feeling that while i was innactive i got 100 rep points

    im still innactive btw but mmmmmmm sus

    1. Dyl
    2. 1_Language_1


      you are a Rep Farm Business Owner..

  5. stop reserving posts you'll never go back to them

  6. 100 on shady guy please message me in discord in case i win Koka#1008
  7. why is everyone reserving if its not even sure that there'll be something at all
  8. Was a hell of a long map, nice post
  9. draw daleka she has no art but do your best
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