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  1. stop reserving posts you'll never go back to them

  2. 100 on shady guy please message me in discord in case i win Koka#1008
  3. why is everyone reserving if its not even sure that there'll be something at all
  4. Applewood tree, most basic wood, has apples on it, easy to identify found in teleport hub on the way to orcs White Sand, found on mine on teleport hub that leads to orcs
  5. Was a hell of a long map, nice post
  6. draw daleka she has no art but do your best
  7. give me a pokemon im expecting at least an arceus to fill my ego
  8. i hope the status arent taken over by diamond vips

  9. after all the things that have been said, all the evidence was given and everything that happened, i must admit i’ve never been so impressed... Nothing personal but i think that if there’s going to be no bans since staff has a “get out of jail card” called staff blacklist, but I dont think Muffins should be in ANY leadership position at all, its nothing really personal cos my interactions with muffins before i stopped playing on the server were “hmmmm ok¿” You know, I’ve come to realise across the years that you dont necessarily need to be in a leadership position to do
  10. very funny fm wand.........


    i like

  11. what year is it already

  12. are you dewlox???? i dont know anyone else from lithuania with ender vip that isnt dewlox praises the legend that if you’re lithuaninan you’re either dewlox or lithuanian
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