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  1. The Trash Gobo's Emporium

    eath'lur grabs some parfum and spills it all over himself hmmm eath'lur goes around aaaaaaaaaaah he keeps doing it ooooooooooooooooooooh
  2. Help plz.

    Clans can be interpretated in two ways, which are the orcish clans and the dwarven clans, yet, both of them represent some sort of family thing, where one another is loyal to each other. The building rules are pretty simple. Normally, some might be specified by the person that might recruit you, such as "Don't build here", or "Don't change the city", and almost always people will have a house ready for you to live at. Minas is the name for the server's currency. Do /money to check your minas. The Frostbeards are a dwarven clan that left Urguan and made their own kingdom after other dwarven clans gave them support and joined them, creating Kaz'Ulrah. The Urguan dwarves are the dwarves that currently live under Oren's Reign (Humans). The original place that all the dwarves came from is at Urguan. If you need anything else, have any questions or ANYTHING else, I can message you my discord and we can talk. kaz'ulrah > urguan
  3. can someone move this to off-topic or somewhere where I can write a reply to this guy?



  4. Why on every TA, the student is gagging?

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    2. SuperDuckyGamer
    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i can make you gag without a MA


    4. LeoRabbit99


      A trend I've noticed in TAs is that their lessons almost always use an abusive, harsh teaching style to make themselves look like "badasses."

  6. [MArt] Muyakelg of CELEBRATION

    A T1 dark shaman can make a muyakelg?
  7. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

    not if i downvote you first
  8. Put a lock on the orcish race

    very original, you must be unique
  9. I mean, you can offer RP items
  10. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

    sorry i don't dislike waffles, i dislike waffles with pepsi, eugh!!
  11. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

    where's the downvote button
  12. excuse me, can i get unbanned earlier since we'll have a warclaim this saturday, thanks in advance


    im not sure who banned me again, was it you @Nate1450

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    2. Dewlox™


      Wtf did you do this time?

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      @Dewlox™ I played black jesus then swapped over to green jesus

      btw, i'm pretty sure you'll love this song: 


    4. Dewlox™


      No, i do not like it.

  13. Lotdu'Octeva Land Charter

    I'll sign to help Eath'Lur
  14. Fury_Fire Player Report

    this is the kind of time i wish there was a downvote button...
  15. [Bounty] Thou Shalt Not Sleep [Hard]