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  1. Daleka cries very hard but so hard she cries a lot. “Who’s going to buy my bath water now 😭
  2. Daleka, Donaldus Dapper High Advisor (on his own mind) looks at him with a cannonist smile
  3. The army of Dalekas support all kinds of drugs and narcotics because they’re healthy for your insanity
  4. Is Life is Feudal still populated?

    1. soul_master85
    2. Nero_Roman


      Your own seems to be doing pretty aight, for the mmo, dont even bother.

  5. Hello, I am looking to buy ink sacs for a price cheaper than Cloud Temple Daleka Kastrovat
  6. Nexus is a good system

    1. JokerLow


      This man deserves our respect.

  7. @TarreBear I demand a battle of arts for this July.................

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Winners of June will be posted soon as with the next months theme!

  8. Food for thought: Investing time on Nexus is the same thing that investing time on Roleplay. If you don’t have time for Nexus, you should also not have time to Roleplay, meaning you don’t have time to play online games. Investing a hour doing roleplay is exactly the same thing as spending a hour doing Nexus, the only difference is the way its spent. If you don’t have a hour to do exercises, you also don’t have a hour to roleplay...


    Nexus isn’t obligatory unless you want to PvP. Here’s why:

    You can make bread as anyone, most high tier foods were focused on PvP

    All potions were focused on PvP

    All relevant weapons were focused on PvP (anyone can buy 2 iron ingots from voting money and make themselves a sword with Promising Blacksmith if they want to use that for RP).

    If you don’t want to PvP, then you don’t need to do Nexus. It’s somewhat hardcore roleplayer friendly


    So if you were investing time on Nexus, you’d also be investing time on PvP. An exception would be building blocks such as cobblestone and wood but we had LC back then.


    Items create value because of the grind wall behind them. If everyone can make everything, there’s no reason you’d buy resources from someone else to craft something since you can just go ahead and get it by yourself. There are some people that are the exception to the rule such as Potts that got Aengulic but they can only focus on one or two tasks which is gathering while crafting (or use multiple alts to craft)


    Resource nodes won’t work for a RP friendly enviroment because people would be constantly ganking these places to steal from other players.


    Scarce resources to make actual gear as a grind replacement aren’t good. There’d be people hoarding too many of these scarce resources, and on times of need they’d raise the price or hoard all of it for themselves.

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    2. iMattyz


      Well, yeah, but PvP is a big determinant of RP because PvP is combat, and just ‘people who want pvp’ shouldn’t just be able to steamroll everyone else in a 1v20 manner because they grind instead or rping.


      flawed argument on that basis alone

    3. Jentos


      maybe i want to have a life lmfao

    4. rukio


      Or maybe people who want to waste time roleplaying all day should join groups with people who waste time grinding all day and people shouldn’t be able to do everything solo and Nexus forced you to, to some extent, be part of a community to get what you needed, Matt. . . .

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