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  1. told you you wouldnt make it champ

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    2. Harold


      Okay boomer 

    3. Crowbill
    4. Harold


      Dab on the haters, kill the fakers srkt skrt

  2. Wishing you the best my dude


    Had hoped you were the one to save us 

  3. Looking for potential Mods who are active during the downtime.

  4. @Heero hahaha something about sharing accounts (´・ω・`)

    1. Heero


      sorry i’m retired. it’s just cappy doing the graveyard shift now

  5. heerozeero be like 😮

  6. Be like @Telanir, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Edited by L0rdLawyer
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    2. L0rdLawyer


      You realize there are posted logs of me and Karimir notifying the administration of this that were completely ignored?

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    3. Heero
    4. gamer_guy
  7. worst admin choice ever i hate you

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    2. Harrison


      god i hate u MAN now gotta flame u

    3. mitto


      this was just banter idk what you’re on about it’s not that serious

    4. Harrison


      need ur discord pls

  8. please be nice to me in sensitive (´・ω・`)

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    2. mitto


      maybe (´・ω・`)

    3. D4NNA


      May the community treat you well!

    4. howard
  9. mitto

    We Have A Crisis

    You guys are really playing the victim card by finding yourselves as a target in one of the addressed issues in this thread. Even before anything has even been acted upon. Perhaps if you're super anti-Semitic against players they will email of harrassment, I highly doubt people are going to be banned for jokes. Half of you are claiming nothing will be done, half of you are claiming it'll be me. How about you give the system time to actually come into effect, or propose better systems instead of ripping on something prematurely. Things are being addressed one at a time, why do you expect a cure all thread to come up. Be patient, it's not even been a week yet
  10. mitto

    We Have A Crisis

    I highly recommend reading the thread before jumping to a conclusion for fast rep and the first comment Edit: @TrendE Then i kinda expect better than a strawman response of 'Oh so this means you're going do this now'. This thread does tackle the issue, it's going to be used to do more than that too. I know you're pissed at Telanir but instantly pushing back as soon as he opens his mouth isn't going to help. If you have a better idea, make one.
  11. Can't even call you bros no more youse move like opps LOL
  12. gimme the ******* money

    1. mitto


      youve seen my dna no chance...

  13. I'm looking into this. However due to a request from the admins we can't ban them unless you spin them on a wicked verse. Diss track or no ban. If you have any further questions hit my line
  14. Pun has resigned.

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