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  1. do you fw it?

  2. ah yes, the warning point generator

    1. Gucko


      moonman moonman cant ya see

  3. 4/10
  4. "Wrow" Says Ezure.
  5. 7/10 gay
  6. "it is quite likely that I will have no option or ability to argue my defense. Even then it will be in a much less formal setting that'll likely involve personal messages where it is much more easily to be ignored." if not publicly, and not through PMs due to being ignored. how else will a report be contested? how can you guarantee it wont be ignored still. it doesn't state it on the thread but it shows how a private system doesnt work. nor does that invalidate the rest of my arguement
  7. i support this notion because it means i could post someone cyber logs directly onto the forums and publicly humiliate them i dislike this because my leaks will have to be publically called out and will be personally attacked, as a snake this offends me next time someone starts mass pugsying or hacking during a warclaim i hope the gms put up a ban report in order to make sure they have adequate time to defend themselves!
  8. Wulfghang Caiman signs!
  9. no more cracking joke we're cracking skulls now
  10. ok
  11. shut up Old Man
  12. lets get this out the way, if **** jaeden. im extreme mad i didnt get @'d, but rregardless +1
  13. this is good +1