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  1. [MA] katsumi learns druidism

  2. LT Application

    /arzota/ i can testify he's a great staff member, he trained me as a GM and made me run a command which crashed the server
  4. Seen wandering across the streets of the Dominion is a lone man with far too many tools strapped to his body than appears to be healthy, measuring the proportions of any unlucky passer-by. Should you find this man, he will try and coax you into new attire for a set price. Portfolio: Base prices: 1000 Full design 800 part design 250 head Negotiation, trade and barter welcomed. OOC: I won't take requests via the thread you'll have to find Elenion in RP in order to haggle, roleplay people.
  5. Put simply there are some plugins on the Invision community page which can allow for secondary groups to display the secondary groups of a user if there are images attached to the group, this would be handy for staff member who hold multiple positions and want to have their VIP to also display for instance.
  6. watch this: * whips * dabs

  7. its true rephrase: Before Valor got a blood gem he picked up on Kairns Druidism training since he was exiled from Linandria, he taught him with the intent that the Shadow Druid would connect him. Therefore he completed his thulean trials months ago along with a few others that may pop up, however Shadow went inactive so I'm connecting him so soon because it's actually overdue (The only evidence I have is the Shadow Circle logs)
  8. Hatchet Without The Hatchet

    Valor would emerge from the depths of the Naelurir grove, gripping the wood of the entrance as he peered out at the moon. His left hand would raise to stroke the scarring on his cheek. "Passion." He would state, a long pause before proceeding towards the city centre.
  9. Beardmancy

    i love it
  10. Beardmancy

    not again
  11. 501's BR

    youre really good