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  1. Nolan never dissapoints +1
  2. i stand for equality
  3. Does this mean FMs will be forced to stop using Gifs as it's copyrighted material? (Good post btw, been needing something like this for a while)
  4. orcs needed a buff? what about halflings you monsters?
  5. i-i didnt think youd respond s-sorry youre my favourite g-gm
  6. jesus christ youre stupid
  7. @Alterazgohg how do you feel?
  8. hmmmmm........ hm........
  9. i, for one, welcome our knoxian overlord
  10. x
  11. :(

    In these last days, we will find out who truly is... the lord of the craft
  12. 7/10 attractive yet small
  13. I can vouch for Aerial. Near the end of his GM career he got a bit edgy, but he had been teasing the idea for a while before so I think he was just tired. I've seen him now that he's had a break, he's a lot more clear minded and knows what he wants to see. Aerial was a machine when he first became and GM and he knew how to conduct himself. I think with his refreshed mindset and now experience he can be a very good GM.