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  1. "I saw this coming." Anwyn Izalith would muse. She glossed over the papers, there had seemed an urgency in the script, no doubt a sign of recent events. "Hopefully this is will bring clarity to Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya." She murmured in an optimistic tone.
  2. roleplaying with minors to cope 😔 thats my emotional support egirl

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    2. Excitedly


      also YES i cheated yes i **** yes **** you **** you **** you *****


      coming for that mineman coochieimage.png.464f434196e16c07f7e755da5ac838e8.png

    3. mitto


      *my weak and frail ame is thrown across the forums by the superior alder elf* Gu-guh! pleade dont **** my wife sir!!

    4. Zarsies
  3. Gammas the only chad on the server for this one
  4. who got a working link for vailor map download

  5. mitto i need another pocket admin i’ll paypal you however much my tipout is in pounds if you make it to mod admin again

    1. mitto


      im tired of u mfs u didnt pay me last time

  6. you know the drill

    log on for 1 week

    apply n get staff 1 month

    dip for 1 year

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    2. Telanir


      cheers Mr. Bald

    3. Rat Hat

      Rat Hat

      Miss you sexy

      Edited by rathat
    4. rukio


      xoxo former FM pal

  7. Heff

    looked at ur old status updates. my name in ur mouth constantly. watch urself ?

    1. Zacho


      is this THE ryanheff?

    2. Heff


      yeah wahts it to ya @Zacho

    3. Zacho


      @Heffi think we were in The Coin back in Vailor together, or you ran it.

  8. he can't keep getting away with it!
  9. told you you wouldnt make it champ

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    2. Harold


      Okay boomer 

    3. Crowbill
    4. Harold


      Dab on the haters, kill the fakers srkt skrt

  10. Wishing you the best my dude


    Had hoped you were the one to save us 

  11. Looking for potential Mods who are active during the downtime.

  12. @Heero hahaha something about sharing accounts (´・ω・`)

    1. Heero


      sorry i’m retired. it’s just cappy doing the graveyard shift now

  13. heerozeero be like ?

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