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  1. i hate you

    1. mitto


      please step down as a news broadcaster or whatever you do and be a mineman gm again

    2. Gusano
  2. reply if you're good at pvp i promise i wont hide the replies i just want to know

    1. mitto


      why arent you replying..?

  3. why dont we remove MAs again and have players self moderate magic like in Athera again? :3

    1. Luv


      pew pew 

    2. rotund_man


      unironically yes

    3. Mojo


      I would love to see that lmao, remove MAs, remove resource pits, remove raid rules, make everything freebuild. Nations enforcing these things rather than staff. Could be cool, could destroy everything, either way fun to watch.

  4. the demi gay is back boys its already too late for me my pics are already out there @Zarsies
  5. smh england how we gonna go up in 5 mins and lose the lead in 5 more

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      oh **** look its heerozeero

    2. mitto


      its actually chase now heero retired

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      don’t need to place it on others, we all know its heero.................

  6. skin shop still open 


  7. what’s been happening

    1. mitto


      They put me on meds and released me back into the wild. Add me on Discord bro mitto#1235

  8. The return of the wandering tailor! He can usually be found wandering the merchant streets of Sutica trying to call out for customers. On display would be a load of elven fashion, it’s clear he has a specialty. “Please browse my wares...” https://imgur.com/a/bg1Vs A detailed list of prices is tied to the pieces. Base prices: 5000 Full design 2000 part design 1000 head [OOC] To order a skin please send the details to: mitto#1235 on Discord mitto on the Forums Mitt0 in game
  9. come leeds 1pm for an ass kicking

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mumkey
    3. Farryn


      wait... Leeds.
      ....you need your ass whooped there, buddy? Cause I can give ya one!

    4. Apostate


      i'm on my way

  10. namaste



      आह हैलो मिट्टो

  11. who's sending my polyamorous husband elicit pictures?

    1. Anumidium
    2. James


      don’t lie to protect me 

    3. Zarsies
  12. lesser at member

  13. making beans on toast u want some?

  14. ill be tracer 

    1. Lumii


      im already tracer

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