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  1. The Ichor Way

  2. The Ichor Way

    The Ichor Way “Aspects guide me, I have ichor in my veins, passion in my heart. I do not wait to be given, I take.” Teachings of Koi Oracle Valor Caerme’onn. 21st of the Grand Harvest, 1660. For millennia druii have seen with a blind eye. Simply examining nature on its most basic level. Those who have dared look deeper have been respected poorly, even on the formation of el’Naelurir I remember being respected as a shun amongst other druii alongside Salhassan and Artimec. In simple actualities, people are afraid of the true behaviour of nature on its deepest levels. Druii can be content with the minimal practices, even among el’Naelurir some believe in the most passive solutions. There is no democracy in nature, only absolutes. It’s the blood and passion which lives in our veins which brings us closer to the Aspects, the fear for survival and the willingness to go to extremes for the balance. Many of my kin would shun violence, murder, however in times these things are the true solutions, for the passiveness of your kin could be your demise. I have seen it many times, to give haven or forgiveness to monsters has been an invitation for a dagger to the back. Through the gifts we are awarded by the Aspects comes with a great burden, but an every greater honour. To find yourself in passiveness in these times is a sign of cowardice, find strength and passion as you walk amongst nature. For only this will unlock your true potential. The balance is a cycle of extremes, and a druii who is not prepared to work in extreme absolutes is unprepared to stand up for the balance. Nature is in which what bind binds us together, and it's priority is higher. Our lives are less significant in the grand scheme as we choose to give it credit for. Our lives can be expendable, and we can be lost in the cycle. Although the preservation of nature and the future of our kin is what it means to dominate the survival. There is no such thing as good and evil, only work towards what you must. If you need it, take it. Be prepared to defend before it's taken from you. Aspectism is a simple belief system which I have found myself in from a young age, however in my time I have begun to sprout my own set of beliefs from them. My honour is always to the Aspects, my kin and my tradition, but the methods in which I choose to uphold them are different from my fellow Naelurir. In my time I have also taught many Naelurir to walk as I have. So I choose to put my teaching finally in a time to pass onto the future of el'Naelurir. The Ichor Way is a collection of my teachings, my thoughts, the way I feel el'Naelurir should uphold themselves. To fear the extremes is to fear the very nature of the balance. Embrace your emotions, embrace it's potential, never let yourself before passive. “Aspects guide me, ichor runs through my veins.” As long as you have blood to spill, you will find your strength. This the beliefs of the Ichor Way, and those who follow it. It's a difficult oath to pledge yourself to, but those who do can hold themselves in high regard, I pledge myself to these blood tenants and to this oath, and I will die before I break them, as well as anyone who sha'll pledge their blood to them too. “Harmony doesn’t exist, there is only the rage of survival, a never-ending chaos for supremacy.” To live towards your true self is what it means to walk perfectly alongside nature, not until you have suffered like nature shall you understand what it means to walk like it. Nature is a never-ending fight for survival, and the pain and chaos it continuously lives it can be echoed in yourself. Only then when you look past the serene nature of a forest, or a grove and look deeper at some plants struggle for sunlight, or a fly’s final flight will you understand that even if you cannot see it, or choose to ignore it nature is always wrought with survival and chaos. Harmony is a simple word that we use to describe things that we do not truly understand, for there is never peace nor harmony in nature. We are always hungry, always tired, always emotional. We act often out of someone else expense. To try to live your life passively, to hide from the extremities of nature is pure cowardice. A simple sign that you lack the fortitude to accept how nature truly behaves, and what out instinct brings us to achieve. “In the passion of nature, my emotions bring me strength, to go beyond convention.” We mustn’t ever stagnate, for our passiveness can lead us to rest upon our laurels. To stop striving for greater. We should always be prepared to evolve, adapt and overcome. There is no end, for if we slow down eventually we will be overtaken. No matter the title you hold, it will mean nothing in chaos, or to nature. Passion is what keeps creatures alive, to continue to strive for survival. Should they ever begin to slow down marks the end of their life. To believe that as descendants we are without the need of our simple passions and conventions alongside the creatures we live amongst is a lie. What you have achieved, what you have done will mean nothing in time. Those of the future will forget, or they will not care. Never stop, continue to drive. It’s our passion that will keep us on top. “In the heat of my passion, I have achieved something that I could not describe to you in words.” To work, to strive to earn your apex status on the land you walk through, is what it means to move together with nature. The strength I have found in my search for development is unspeakable. Although I have not shared it much, its potential brings fear to many. Although I rarely use it, it’s simple presence can intimidate many. It shouldn’t however, for those who strive for their own development should be confident in themselves, to live in fear and not let it shape you is cowardice. I have known many druii in my time who are confident with their passiveness, their inability to fight. Yet when they’re faced with conflict simply shy away, how can you claim to be a patron of the Aspects when you claim harmony in the best of times, but let your fear cripple you in your worst times? There is nothing wrong with fear, another emotion. However, my students and I have been faced with many fears over the years, but in them we find strength. “It’s this power I have gained in my time away which has earned me my titles, but worth more than my titles are the lengths I win for the Aspects.” Words are worth a lot in theory to many in this day. I have seen many moots in my time, it almost childish how many among me believe we can solve our issues with words. Perhaps they are right, but it hasn’t been right yet. They simply hold their small victories up as a sign and brush aside ten failures for every diplomatic victory. It’s an ignorant approach to believe that things can always be sorted passively, trials and such. Why is it that we call our self-guardian of nature yet refuse to go to extremes, we simply heal some blight and consider that our work done? What happened to the days where we would kill the source? Druii can be cowards, we are afraid to stand against the horrors of the lands, the magii and others determined to destroy our home, and we simply watch and clean up the aftermath. We continue to leave our lands in destruction and do not feel and guilt. “I will continue to stack my victories, until nature and I are free from this burden.” The vices of civilization make us weak, soft. Many burden themselves behind walls, with a keyhole look to the world around them. While the mass production of magii continues to grow, whilst atrocities go untested. The haven of the walls around you make you weak, we used to fight for our survival yet no we no longer need to we’ve lost our touch with nature. Many druii look at the strife of nature from their high horse, it’s one thing to recognize the true face of nature, but do you live among it? I forfeit my vices, I do not need a weapon to hunt. I do not need to rely on my eyes to see. As I have shown my students, you rely of the things most precious to you too much. The constructs of civilization, they have made you weak. You are used to the read supply of food, these comforts keep you from experiencing nature. It’s only when you break away from your old comforts can you really be free, to walk among nature as if it were your own. He who has achieved victory whilst shattering all restrictions has walked closest with perfection. “The Aspects guide me, but nature shows me the way.” The Aspects are ambiguous, but there is much more to nature than what people can see, or choose to. I implore those to look deeper, to accept that extremes are necessary in dire times, to give up passivity and learn to accept your duties. Let the passion in your heart drive you towards absolution. For its only through this that you can truly see what it means to walk with nature. I have already accepted many will choose not to accept my teaching, for as outlandish as they can be. However, their potential is unmatched. In my teaching I have seen greatness out of my students, as my mentors have seen greatness out of me. It’s no longer time to swear secrecy to these views, as they have been passed down for millennia, those who choose to look will find the way. The Ichor Way: Passivity is a sign of cowardice. To refuse to act is a refusal to perform your duties. Refusing violence is an ultimate sign of cowardice, not all things can be resolved in words, nor should they be. Always be prepared to fight for what’s just.Allowing yourself to stagnate is allowing yourself to fall victim to the cycle of redundancy. Regardless of your old achievements, you will be forgotten. Allowing fear to control your actions, or preventing you from making a decision is cowardice, let fear make you stronger. Release yourself from your passivity. Civilization breeds weakness in the hearts of our kin, learn what it means to survive. Always be prepared to give up your vices, what is closest to you. To become dependent is weakness. If you want something always be prepared to fight for it. To not be able to hunt or fight is pure weakness, these are completely necessary in finding strength. If you need weapons and armour to fight or hunt, then learn to act without them. Always be prepared at the worst of times. To rely on only one of your senses is naive, learn to act with your ears, with your smell. Utilize what the Aspects have given you fully. Strive for greatness, never let yourself fall off. Regardless of your titles and achievements, you can always continue to press yourself towards greater. As they can mean nothing in time. Don’t allow yourself to become passive, don’t let fear or your position stop you from gaining more. Regardless of the beliefs of others, you can take what you deserve with a heavy hand. But always be prepared to face the consequences. Protect to teach but teach those to stand on their own. The young ones among us are impressionable, but eventually they cannot become passive and dependent, protect them as I have my student but to give them strength to fight their own battles. Make your kin strong, only by inciting these teaching can as a nation, seed, family we begin to show true excellence. Walk with the Aspects, and none else. Only the Aspects will show you the way, even I do not bare the same teachings as my mentors. Let the Aspects guide you as they have me. Pass on your knowledge of the Aspects, let those know of their excellence and continue to demonstrate the potential of the Aspects through your strength and victories. Learn from your history, your ancestors. Honour tradition, for they walked closer to nature. Examine the legends of the past, the Oracles and ancestors who shaped your kin to how they are. There are many lessons to be learned from them. Inherit their strength, for they survived in strife for you, do not pass on your weakness, pass on the strength that flows through you. Honour your oaths. There’s no greater sign of weakness then unloyalty. Whether it’s to the Aspects, to nation or to seed. Your oaths are binding, to disregard them is an absolute sign of failure. Bring honour and victory to them, you have the potential to bring greatness to your kin in the name of the Aspects, use it well. Making an oath is not a passive task, always make them with a clear conscious, don’t forget what you stand for. Achieve what you must by any means necessary. Never be afraid of extremes, but do not make them lightly. Many big extremes have caused my kin greatness. My old mentor turned student Kairn and I have learned a lot from each other in this. Phaedrus liberated the elven people from persecution, yet he went to extremes to achieve it. Regardless of the status quo, always be prepared to contest it for the greater good of you and your kin. Artimec contested the isolated rule of a circle order over the druii, through his efforts el’Naelurir have thrived. Regardless of the stigma of the time, in the end it’s brought us much respect. Rites of Absolution To hold yourself to these tenants would be no greater burden, but to uphold them would bring no greater honour, no greater power. To forever pledge yourself to the Aspects, to your kin and your tradition. To be uplifted in your emotions, to let them strive you towards greatness. There are many who wish to hold us back, to make us feeble, rise and show them what it truly means to stand with pride. Walk with nothing, not because you don't deserve it, but because you don't need it. Cleanse yourself of your weaknesses, dependencies and vices. Find strength without them, then you'll know what it means to wield them. You do not run before you can walk, so never wield a bow before you can throw a rock. Find your true inner strength, suffer as nature has then you can walk among it too. To take this rite is to fully pledge yourself, even in the darkest times, the hardest decisions, you will take them with a heavy heart but you will make them with a steady hand. To hesitate will release your cowardice, always be prepared to deal in absolutes, there is no place for hesitation when you walk amongst nature, to hesitate is to die. Find yourself in nature, detach yourself for a week and learn to survive in the wild with nothing but the linen on your back. Only when you have suffered in nothingness will you deserve the tools you depend on. Blind yourself and hunt, show that you are not held down by your dependencies, that you don't need your gifts or the tools civilization has catered you on. Only when you have shown your dedication to these tenants may you recite the oath: In Common "Nature is but the chaos for survival, serenity is false, The chaos will bring me strength, The strength will lead me to victory, Through these victories I am free from my vices, Aspects guide me, ichor runs through my veins." Sigil of Passion Once a Naelurir has had their oaths and dedicated themselves to this path shall their bear the sigil of this path. To be tattooed by a priest who walks the same path. This is a sign of your oath, and your dedication, therefore a Naelurir who bares it should wear it proudly. “Aspects guide me, ichor runs through my veins.” [!] The tome can be found around the dominion and the groves.
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