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  1. i cant believe pyro killed oren

    1. ChumpChump


      false @Cracker killed oren

    2. mitto


      do you have a problem with my boyfriend @Cracker? (friend who is a boy )

    3. Alterazgohg
  2. One of the best GMs of his time, not many GMs could maintain their GM ticket quota consistently and still manage a team which work efficiently. +1
  3. As a player you are free to submit lore at your own discretion, however it's a very hard sell to the lore team. And you'd be really hard pressed to find someone to help with this. I can give you some links for research though, if you do plan on spearheading it. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Bryophites I would just like to add if you would like to gauge the servers opinion on Bryophites, the comments on these threads can be fruity.
  4. On sort of a scale of races/magic that are extremely easy to abuse, I'd rate a Bryophite a 1 on a 1 - 10
  5. As a player who witnesses the rise and fall of Bryophites, and played one myself. I can honestly whole heatedly say that it is an extremely bad idea to re-implement Bryophites. In simple terms, it always seems like a good idea for sort of the small nice maybe 6 players that ever play them at a time, but you honestly would just be RPly bullied left right and centre because you're considered the equivalent of a ghoul. It seems like a good idea until you have one and the RP is just extremely boring and bitter. There are honestly a lot of alternatives, for instance becoming a Druid in RP has a similar sort of feel in a nature-y way. Or even races like Satyr, etc. There are lots of exotic races that are well merged into the server, however I know for a fact that Bryophites will never be.
  6. 4ef82f04178be1722166ad8962abb275.png

    i've made it boys.

    1. The Squirrel

      The Squirrel

      look at little ole' me with my 1/8 rep to post ratio. pity me

  7. please add me to your most premium circle chats

  8. Valor is hopeful, yet not optimistic.
  9. this made me side with oren
  10. I'd (fairly) fight for joey


  11. Minecraft Username:Mittosaurus, mitt0 Age: 18 Time Zone: GMT 0 Skype: Mittosaurus Have you been previously banned or warned, and if so how many times and for what?: Never banned. Warned quite a few times about 4+ for being excessively aggressive or inappropriate however never as a mod except on a single occasion leading up to me quitting GM How much time a week can you dedicate to Forum Moderation?: Easily 4+ hours a day What experience do you have using forums, or as a staff member on this server?: Quite a lot from being a GM Why should you be a Forum Moderator?: I have complained about the forums since Raptor yet I've never done anything really to help, even with my poor past I could put it aside like I did when I was a GM and be professional and the change I want to see. Anything else you'd like to mention?: