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  1. can't believe you told heero about it too

  2. FMs are real staff in the same way the programming team listen to feedback. That is to say, not.

    1. iMattyz


      Leave mitto alone....

    2. overlord2305


      I will hurt you like a spoon like I hurt kowaman's feelings with a 16 year old meme

    3. Hero_


      F*ck off shill

  3. it really do be like that sometimes 

    1. Hero_


      They say wisdom often comes from the mouth of babes 😂😂😂👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🅱️🅱️🍆💦

  4. This man needs to be mercy killed

  5. This man is a memer memers can't be fms badbadbadbadbad get him out of here TURN THOSE LIGHTS OFF

    1. mitto


      don't listen to him.

  6. ngl u always have the best profile pictures 

  7. who's looking to be bullied today?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. mitto


      awh shucks : ( i gotta warn myself *holds calbreeni killer to temple

    3. Hero_


      Hey that's implied suicide! Not cool! Got to keep it pg5 in this safe space !!

    4. mitto


      *a tear rolls down cheek


      rebecca was right... denied

  8. No more status' on buffs, they're on immediate takedown. The official FM response as issued on iMattyz status is here:


    We're not staying on this topic as a status, it's clear both parties for and against have a lot to say on the topic. What I not suggest is to continue to fight eachother on status'. Nothing at all will be achieved this way and it's come to the point of pettiness. What I do suggest and recommend is a constructive and sensible feedback thread to be made on the matter where people can kindly talk about the topic at hand. The discussion on this status will stay up as a lot of good points were made but a continuation of status' will be removed.

    1. mitto


      The last sentence is irrelevant but i c/p'd it cause i'm lazy

  9. no dwarves
  10. lmfao you cant ban me over th@

  11. leak that stuff about me one more time and im banning you 

  12. 2016s.jpg

    Thought of you

    1. mitto


      thanks! x -mitto

  13. y'all mind if i hit that yeet?

  14. Can you stop doxxing me please? I saw that status update.

    1. Hero_


      It's harder to take mitto srs more and more bc of that profile picture he has