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  1. [✓] Doug's Ban Appeal

    Unbanned and put on content moderation. You're still on 9 points so further offenses will get you a longer forum ban.
  2. MC Name: Mitt0 Discord: mitto#3919 Timezone: GMT 0 Age: 19 Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: Yeah I've been an AT before for over a year and I feel I understand the lore required to review apps. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I believe I can contribute more to the server in my free time forums wise. Therefore I feel as if I can provide support as both an AT Member anf am FM. As for working with others, I believe holding many managerial and leadership roles is evidence to support. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I like talking to new players and making sure they're going in the right direction. I already provide support on the forums where I can but it'd be fun to go further. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: I've never personally believed in forcing new players to know like 3 niche bits of lore that they'd more than likely forget just to pass. I've always believed an understanding of lore comes with time. I've always thought the application process should focus on teaching the values of the server. I feel it could've always been an emphasis on understanding how to roleplay, not the server, most players learn the server by playing and experiencing. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: I'm a large animal. Tell me a joke: bepis
  3. Farryn's AT Application

    overqualified is an understatement
  4. [✓] Doug's Ban Appeal

    Hold tight I'll get to this later in the day
  5. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    tell me im wrong tho !
  6. FM August Update Log

    blocked, reported, called the police
  7. New Management New Team Director Following the departure of Dreek for the academic year, the role of Director was again up for grabs. This time the succession was a far longer one, however eventually the role was finally landed on me. Now, I could go into detail on why this was a terrible idea but I’ll leave it up to this. ((Shoutout to @Rat Hat for this)) My Mission Statement/Direction for the FM Team in the future Here I will be releasing a snippet of my view on the forums and the direction it’ll be taken, this is of course open for scrutinization. Feel free to ask what did he mean by this at any time. New FM Managers Filling in for the promotion of myself to Director and Kowaman stepping down from manager to focus on development, two new managers have been chosen: Paleo and Rukio13. I wouldn’t like to talk on their behalf nor did I think far enough into the future to realize I probably should’ve got a statement from them, but now I’m writing this it’s too late therefore they’ll likely talk about themselves in the replies. Whatever who reads this far in anyway. New Forum Moderators It doesn’t matter who many times you say who cares I’m gonna put it in anyway. Clubs Hello there denizens of Lord of the Craft! Paleo here, to have a word or two about clubs. It was decided by the FM management that I was to be in charge of handling Clubs on LoTC. As you have all noticed, applications have been put in place and the system that we have envisioned for this recently added feature are slowly rolling out. The Current plan is to develop upon the application (Which will make them slightly harder) and to develop upon the Exemption system. Expect changes within the next week or so. So, instantly when I was appointed Club Director, I decided to recruit some of the FMs into a sub-branch that we are referring to as the Club Moderators. They will be the ones that are going to be looking over your applications and they can be hit up to create your very own club. That will be all for now! In case you have questions about or troubles with the Clubs on the LOTC Forums, hit me up! Plans for the Future Roleplay Rules Revamp Following a lot of justified complaints of the current roleplay post rules we’re going to be doing some very justified changes. This is mainly and issue with ‘anonymous posts.’ This rule initially meant well, however it’s come to just hold back good roleplay posts and is easily bypassable for someone to meme on a meaningless character. A lot of rules will go from being strictly black and white rights and wrongs. We want Forum Moderation to be more intuitive. For posts to be judged on a contextual basis. This won't mean the life of a post will be dictated by a FM that doesn’t like you, we also want to move away from a censorship mindset as outlined in my mission statement. Overall we want to see a rise in the quality of posts on the forums rather than a crackdown on players who just forgot to put a name to a good post. Communication > Censorship The FM team collaboratively came to the conclusion that the Forums as a platform are way stricter than the server. This is how it’s been for many years, however this strictness is a completely artificial self fulfilling prophecy in the succession of FM leads. In reality the forums don’t have to be as strict as they have been, it’s only through the succession of leads have they inherited the idea that the forums should be moderated 10 times harsher than anything done in game. This may be a direct result of my past and maybe in some people's opinion my current behaviour as an avid shitposter. However I believe from the majority of opinion expressed from the team that we want to focus more on letting people speak their mind, abrasive or not they have their opinions. Now, this isn’t a flag to start posting things like derogatory terms towards other players, it’s leniency towards being able to express your opinion without fear of repercussion. We as an FM team want to encourage communication over censorship, as the latter has never worked. It only makes people more angry. Now, things will always be hidden, that’s not because it was a post that was a player saying something to stick it to the man. Most of the time content gets hidden because it’s just downright crude and adds nothing, sorry lads the forums are never gonna be your minecraft /pol/.
  8. Forum Ranks and Reputation

    I'm additionally handling this situation so if you cannot get in contact with Harold please contact me. Mitto#3919 Discord Mittosaurus Skype
  9. if youre nothing without reputation then u dont deserve it.

  10. i removed +1s because im a manlet who was mad i didn't have a 1:1

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      El Ricktador

      can you just give your account to heero you're unbearable

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      Return +1s and gain 6 inches 

      That'll barely bring him into the positive though.

  11. The Rumour Come Out: Does Rukio13 is Guy?

    id still hit tho
  12. this is my favourite fm