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  1. I think what he is saying is that the house is going to be attacked whilst the party goes on. He spoke to me earlier and was thinking someone like Iblees will turn up.
  2. Lord Gregory Winchester places his pen to his paper and inscribes upon it the following message: The former commander of the Watch has stepped down, thus falling to myself to take charge of the watch. In the recent years, the Watch has dwindled and lost its former prowess and organisation. It falls to myself to implement this back into it. We are currently undergoing a reformation, as of now. We will be changing the following: The Rank list. The Uniform. Holding meetings. Introduction of Squads. New ranks, thus far (those who have completed the census) Commander - Lord Gregory Winchester Captain - Thomas, Barth Overseer - Bruce, Charles Quartermaster - Matthew Senior Warden - Richard Warden - Cordo, Alexander, Gregory Aram Inductee - none thus far All members of the watch are hereby ordered to hand in their census sheet containing their: Name: Rank: Time in the Watch: Any people wishing to join the watch should send a bird to Lord Gregory Winchester.
  3. All Accepted Please message me through the forums your Skype names
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