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  1. @Priceflash is the lord of the craft
  2. Fimlin Grandaxe studies the document with great interest, with feelings of nostalgia and regret mulling over the history of the one of the most tumultuous times in dwarven history. But beside that the document brought forth to Fimlin’s mind his high regard towards the Confederation, and how it was them that made the reunion of the Dwedmar possible. “The Confederation was in aneh sense an organic Kingdom o’ dwed, they were much alike ‘ow we were ‘fore toime and greed ‘ad aged the ol’ Grand Kingdom. They were ah nation out of toime, more innocent o’ the their forbearer’s transgressi
  3. I’ve played for some time now, during every big war since Thorin and Godfrey and well and I’ve seen a lot of these posts and its great but as you might imagine my faith in anything substantially changing for the better has long been worn out. LotC has trended towards increased regulation as time goes on, the obvious reason is because its more time for problems to come up and be solved. All the salt and OOC conflicts that often accompanied big world wars have been a big source of this. Nobody really wants the hateful conflicts in both RP and OOC, but they are inseparable as unfortun
  4. “Goodboi, old friend, ye ‘ave lived a long life, and I was ‘appeh to share in par’ of it.” Fimlin sighs as one of his oldest friends now rests in Khaz’A’Dentrumm.
  5. “oh no, our plans and secrets have been exposed!” exclaims Fimlin Document of the Old Guard’s plans and secrets, recovered from the residence of Fimlin Grandaxe;
  6. Kings of the Old Realm Recorded herein are the transcribed oral traditions and histories of the dwarves that lived under the first sky, uncovered first by my grandfather, Valen Grandaxe, and now completed and issued for public scholarship. While its record likely remains incomplete, it preserves extensive knowledge of the old Aegian kings, the details of which were previously thought lost. May it act as a chronicle to future generations on the tales of our forebears and of the struggles they overcame to carry on the legacy of Urguan’s folk. Through the knowledg
  7. “T’is new clan book opens ah new era fer our Clan, may our future days beh broighter than tha’ last. Ah am proud o’ ye Dhaen. Exclaims Fimlin upon reading through the new iteration.
  8. “Ye will do well lad, ah’ve faith in ye.” says Fimlin.
  9. IGN: Fimlin_ RP Name: Fimlin Grandaxe Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  10. “Aengot’, fer the toime weh’ve known eachother, ah woul’ say ah’ve grown familiar wit’ ye, and ah’d consider ye ah friend in the end. Yer’ve gone far from t’eh days of Asuloun, far from teh Fringe an’ Athera, far from our toime in Avar. Ahm glad to ‘ave ‘ad ye in the clan, if even jus’ for our short toime on Avar in Vailor, ye ‘ad done us well. Our memories are long bu’ t’ey too can fade. Ah will do ye the justice o’ keepin yer in memoreh, tha’ much ye ‘ave earned.” Fimlin enters into his own journal and submits to the local DNN newspaper.
  11. “Regrettable, though Thumrilgrad was meant to beh teh first loine of defense in teh nort’. Bu’ all ‘olds fall eventualleh.” grumbles Fimlin over hearing the news.
  12. “Ah, wot a differen’ toime it was fer us all” remarks an old dwed “Though to say, that Athera had but six nation states vastly under-estimates the complex history o’ tha’ continent. The tides o’ war an’ politics were far more tumultuous t’an t’ey are nuw, Athera changed vereh much w’oile weh dwelled there.”
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