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  1. Fimlin

    Winter is Coming

    “Very cool” says Fimlin.
  2. Fimlin

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    The Frostbeard Removal Act 8th of The Amber Cold, 1698 The War of Beards, otherwise known as the 4th Frostbeard Rebellion, was one that devastated the Dwarven Populace. With the Dwarves ununited, the Frostbeard Clan of Kaz’Ulrah caused mass deaths of their kin, either by killing them themselves, or by attempting to use outside support from other nations, the same thing they used in the Rebellion. Remaining Frostbeards after the fall of Kaz’Ulrah have continued their legacy of kinslaying and launch repeat attacks upon their kin. Recognizing how the clan can never adapt back into the Dwarven Populace, The Dwarves of Agnarum, Holm, and both Elder and Regular Clans, have decided to follow the banishment of the clan as stated by Azkel Frostbeard, the True Clan Father of The Frostbeard Clan. Alongside their removal from the name, The Dwarven Populace also has decided through The Frostbeard Removal Act to: -={}=- - All Frostbeards (not including Azkel Frostbeard or his Direct Line) are hereby banished from The Dwarven Lands of Agnarum, Az’adar, Holm, or any Signatories Holds. If any are to be found in the listed places, they shall be killed on sight or forced to leave, and the Hold’s owners shall face punishment. - An Exception from the Decision above, A Frostbeard may reenter the listed areas if they give up their Frostbeard name, and go under a Loyal Dwarven Clan. They are NOT allowed to become a Clan Elder nor Clan Father/Mother of such Clan, and if such is attempted, they shall be banished once more. - All Signatories and their respective clans shall show no support to any Frostbeards (not including Azkel Frostbeard or his Direct Line) in any way, shape, or form. If support is given to such Frostbeards, the members who attempted to support them shall face charges of Treason. - All citizens of Agnarum, Holm, and any other signatories holds must cooperate with the terms of this act. Any who fails to abide by the statements above shall be tried for treason. Those who signed below and the groups/clans they represent agree to follow the terms of Azkel Frostbeards announcement, and The Frostbeard Removal Act alike. -={}=- ~Azkel Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, Lord of Kal’Novlar, High Remembrancer of the Remembrance Guild, Headmaster of the Holm Academy, The Last of the True Frostbeard Line, Scholar of The Dwarven People. ~Ulhart Grandaxe, Clan Father of The Grandaxe Clan, Noble of the Consulary Republic of Holm, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Darek Hammerfist, Son of Duren Hammerfist Clan Father of Clan Hammerfist, Lord of Kal’Nuram and Kal’Khron, Collector of Frostbeard Beards ~Bianca Ireheart, Clan Mother of The Ireheart Clan, Daughter of Danella Ireheart, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Bjor Cottonwood, Chief of The Cottonwood clan, High Chief and Founder of Hefrumm, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Gimli Metalfist, Clan Father and Founder of the Metalfist Clan, Son of Norkai ‘of the High Tower’, Steelheart, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum, Commander of Dungrimm’s Legion of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~ Egoi Stormfist, Elected Clan Father of the Stormfists, grandson of Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe, fifth patriarch of the redeemed order, Captain of the Unbrokenstorm, Lord of Stormkeep and Bailestrun, liberator of the Stormfist Clan. ~ Zahrer ‘The Merciful’ Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord of the Temple of Az’adar, Lord of Kal’Az’adar, The Citadel, Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz’Varekan, and the Westmarch, Master of the Kal’Varak, Hero of the Brathmordakin, Father of Clan Irongrinder, Arbiter of The Age of Industry, Slayer of Setherian and The Dharok. Dwarger Silvervein, Clan Father of The Silvervein clan, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum.
  3. Fimlin

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    +1 Build person, good fine look.
  4. Fimlin

    The last acts of the Lord of Mynebor

    Fimlin looks over the document before turning towards his own paper to write an official pardon.
  5. -= Terms of Pardoning =- To Balrog ‘Khazad Dreng’ After reviewing the pleas against your banishment, it is seems you are somewhat repentant for your transgressions, and thus I offer you one last chance to follow a better path to redemption. To be pardoned of your banishment and welcomed once more as kin into our halls, the following terms must be met. The hold of Mynebor must be sealed and abandoned, the land it is built upon must be returned to its rightful owners, the Consulary Republic of Holm who have suffered much from it’s unlawful construction. Balrog must return to Agnarum and swear an oath of allegiance to the Kingdom so that he may be bound from committing further misdeeds. Any other attempts to establish holds or other divisive settlements must be approved by the King. Any association with Ironborn or other banished Dwarves must cease, this includes renouncing any ties with the Frostbeard Clan. Any slaves that are being held within the walls of Mynebor must be freed. The debt declared by the clergy must be agreed to be paid for Balrogs absolution before the gods, though the specifics of that debt shall remain between Balrog and the Clergy. If all of these terms are met then you shall be pardoned of the misdeeds you have committed, and you shall be welcome once more among your kin in Agnarum. It is true, you have made mistakes, and have done wrongs against your kin. What matters now though, is making right on those mistakes, and doing what the Brathmordakin demand of us. Please consider these terms and accept them, or else additional action will need to be taken.
  6. Fimlin ur profile picture shows u hugging Raomir yet u denounce him wtf?

    1. Josh3738


      That’s not raomir, that’s the infamous Thorin Grandaxe, conqueror of humanity

    2. James


      Fimlin is a race traitor 

    3. Josh3738


      that’s a lie spread by the free masons to control the flat earthers

  7. Fimlin

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    *A piece of parchment is posted around the hall of Kal’Azgaryum. upon gazing towards them you would read;* “As per decisions agreed upon by the Rikkin’s Council of Agnarum, the following clans and individuals are banished from the Dwarven Kingdom of Agnarum for their crimes against their own people.” The Frostbeard Clan -For repeated unrepentant acts of kinslaying upon dwarves of numerous clans. -For the repeated warring upon other dwarven people. -For repeated attempts to enforce a Frostbeard hegemony over the dwarven race. -For the murder of Bastion Ireheart and Dwifur Goldhand. -For repeatedly breaking from the Brathmordakin faith. Exemptions: -Azkel Frostbeard, Pereus Frostbeard, and Rhewen Frostbeard for their dissociation of their hateful and vengeful kin. The Onyxheart Clan -For their contribution to the acts of the Frostbeard clan (listed above). The pretender Balrog and his followers -For the continuous failed attempts to further divide the dwarven race. -For the enslavement of Elves and Humans to expand his workforce. -For extending his hand out to the Khorvad and Undead aligned Ironborn clan. -For dealing with and supporting known promoters of kinslaying. -For the kinslaying of Boldrumir Cottonwood. “Any dwarves who wish to break away from their barbaric kin may return without harm if they wish to redeem themselves and make a new life in Agnarum. Members of the exiled clans must abandon the respective clan in order to be unbanished. Garrond, Hamnil, Nerak Frostbeard, and Koralon Onyxheart are to never be given passage into Agnarum for their role in these crimes listed above.”
  8. “Ah don’ think the wroiter ‘ere ‘as ever set foot in Agnarum, nor does ‘ey ‘ave ah clue wots ‘appenin.” says Fimlin
  9. Fimlin

    Grudges Settled

    “**** off, leave us alone, t’ere are better things to do.” says Fimlin
  10. Fimlin

    Returning to Stone

    Fimlin amidst traveling home stops in his tracks as a breeze tugs at his beard, sensing a disturbance “Farewell.”
  11. “Last stand of the Dwed”

    Isn’t even the dwarf nation that made next maps activity checks, but that’s okay

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    2. Harrison


      i dont agree with it either but thats what i assume the problem is

    3. Juststan147


      Because the base invasion will never end and the defending side doesn’t get a chance to fight back

    4. Elennanore


      Vailor warzones when?

  12. Fimlin

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    “Wyvrun killed Kjell, fock ‘im” grumbles Fimlin
  13. Fimlin

    [Denied] lucasking321's Application Team Application

    +1 helps new players all the time.
  14. Fimlin

    Brynaelda's Brathmordakin Songbook

    Fimlin smiles the suns smile after reading through the songbook “Vereh well done indeed, t’is will bring maneh songs to our ‘alls!”