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  1. "Some new blood could do some good" exclaims an old dwed to himself staring at a stone wall in a basement somewhere.
  2. There is nothing we can do...


  3. peace in our time

  4. "Thank you Father, for all that you've built for us." Azrubêl says before congratulating her sister.
  5. Peace in our time

  6. Fimlin Grandaxe reads the missive, cursing as he reads the words "ancient ally" "It's moi fockin' Oisland!" yells the old dwarven Jarl of Avar.
  7. rip Kowaman, I'm so sorry man.

  8. Veran lounges by the sea in the beach town of Minas Ordae "So begins the Coconut Crusade." she'd comment to those nearby.
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