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  1. Pls stop asking for nexus back, its about the worst thing that ever happened to lotc.

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      @ShIXTank sorry, I don’t speak latin 

    3. Dtrik


      11 minutes ago, ShIXTank said:

      Dici cosi perché sei un nabbo

      Ew Italian is disgusting

    4. Heero


      The worst thing that happened to this server was when it switched gears from a community-lead platform to a pseudo-bureaucratic Fortune 500 (failing) company

  2. Fimlin

    [Community Review] Raids

    All these restrictions and micro-managing for every little thing makes it extremely hard to follow, lacking the ability for creativity and generally boring and not worth the time. I for one haven't lead a raid or even suggested a raid as something to do because of the heap of dull rules and easy possibility of getting banned for doing something minor.
  3. Fimlin

    [ Rules Amendment ] PvP Traps

    yea lets just keep piling on restrictions, actually while were at it why don't we give everyone the same fort design, on flat ground with no gates and no redstone; actually we should ban redstone altogether and actually mineaswell ban forts in general as well lets just have field battles on a superflat world on another server where you can't roleplay on.
  4. Fimlin

    Dwarf familial lore

    The Azaghuls have been dead forever so there's nothing stopping you, you'd probably want to post it in dwarven roleplay but make a clan post with history culture and information on it in the clan subforum. There's also definitely not any relics left but you're definitely allowed to make them and say there were old relics, its something we've all done.
  5. #Craftpunk 2077

    1. Wulfery


      I can sign up under that. Let's do it, we'll just have to make boats fly, and turn horses into cars.

  6. Fimlin prepares his Dwarven Rune Panzer
  7. Minecraft Name Fimlino Discord Fimlino#8087 What can you bring to the World Dev Team that is Unique? I have experience in building cities, forts and event sites, I've done a lot of terraforming and I am skilled with world edit (NOT voxel however). I've helped with developing the dwarven cities for each map Athera-Axios, for which I was on the build server for. I've also done a lot when it came to concepts and physical design of the dwarven areas of each map Athera-Axios. I've been an ET Builder three times, once in Vailor twice in Axios. I indirectly helped the map design for Atlas through submitting a map design concept to Kilgrim_. What do you think the most important decisions are when it comes to designing a world? Diversity of biomes, creative terraforming. Creating explorable locations for both events and just simple exploration, as it helps give the world a more complete and detailed feeling. How nations are given land / activity monitored is extremely important, though one of the hardest concepts to actualize. Distance from spawn should be equidistant for all sides (atleast those intended to be settled upon) Allowing groups to have their corners as well as creating an inter-server community is very important to balance When working on smaller projects such as a village, a cave or a ruin; what is your aim? To create a detailed and uniquely designed area that conveys a certain feel for the area and augments a players sense of wonder and mystery. My approach to such areas includes creating a specific structure design, creating depth and altitude, and general shape, rock formations and foliage is also important to consider assuming the build requires it. A large part of the World Developers job is finding new ideas for environments. Give a brief synopsis of an idea that you have had in that regard. Stonewood forest ; petrified trees, petrified village Mangroove forest ; obviously more of a marsh / wetlands with a large amount of mangroove trees Italian highlands ; hilly terrain, cypress trees, grasslands, grapes, lemons Boulder fields ; jagged terrain littered with boulders of varying sizes Crater lands ; area that is littered with craters caused from meteors Pillar fields ; plains littered with natural stone pillars (kinda like a scaled up Giant's Causeway) Dwarven foothills ; forest with various pine-like trees, littered with boulders and peat bogs, this was made in Athera Roots cave ; massive subterranean area that is dominated by giant tree roots Dark forest ; evil looking area mostly made up of leaveless trees Mushroom forest ; just a small forest entirely made out of mushrooms would be pretty sick Black forest (Germany) based terrain. Bogs / wetlands (self-explanatory) Literally ******* Nepal with unbearably huge mountains area of really really high plateaus the jungle the Hou-Zi had in Axios was pretty ******* sick and would be cool to remake Atheran North terrain Rocky beach terrain Beach / Tidepool ; beachy area with many pools of water with aquatic life Drylands ; similar to Spanish terrain and or a drier version based off Mexican / Southwest US terrain Lake biome Misty biome ; perhaps just part of another biome but with thick clouds of mist perhaps made with glass panes bring back Ice Spikes / thanium pits biome from Athera If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? Create more explorable areas because it gives a fuller feel to the world. The biomes of Atlas while not wild, are still very well-made so it is not worth changing except maybe in a few pocketed areas I'd make the corners of the map more equi-distant from cloud temple, but its not possible to actually make that change to the map Atlas is a good map, it is not right to blame the map for whatever problems LotC is facing because unlike in the past few maps Atlas itself is well designed and does not cause the same issues that Vailor and Axios did, but rather the map has been rather uneventful for whatever its reasons are. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? I may have varying degrees of activity in game, though I can contribute much of my thoughts and opinions to the concepts and systems of the world on lotc. I am not going to college for another year, so I do have free time. The World Developers Team is a diverse group with a wide array of opinions, meaning disagreements often happen. Discuss how you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs. Explain my opinions and why I hold them, and if a disagreement persist I am more than willing to compromise. I take criticism to heart and try to use it to improve upon the areas being criticized Please include any examples of your design work below! Concept map I submitted for what would before Atlas was made I actually have way too many screenshots to sort through so I'm gonna just hold off on that, I've done a lot of builds the only one actually on Atlas is Kal'Bogrin. Other Comments (Not Required)
  8. -={}=- Gathered around the meeting table in their new home of Kal'Bogrin, the fiery-haired dwarves cast their ballots for a new Clan Father. As a result, Borin Grandaxe was elected into the seat of Clan Father unanimously by his kin. His efforts for, and devotion to his clan has not been overlooked, he will make a fine Clan Father capable of leading his kin. Furthermore Svardin Grandaxe has been voted into the position of Azakvel, and will be in charge of managing and training the Akvelmar of Kal'Bogrin. *A portrait of Borin Grandaxe is attached* Narvak oz Bogrin!
  9. Rhewen is the best frostbeard

  10. My friends, my kin, my clan. The Grandaxes have always prided themselves on honor a trait that seems to be lost in such tumultuous times. We have always carried the morals of the Dwarven people, though the Grandaxes have always held back until it mattered most. When the dwarves have been in their most dire states the Grandaxe clan awoke and leant everything it had to offer to the dwarven people. No longer can we stand idly by while our leaders and kinsmen curse, damn, and kill each other. The time for talking and waiting is over, it is time once again for Bogrin’s children, the favored and bravest line of Urguan, to act. It is our duty to ourselves, to our kin, and to the gods to create a new path for the Dwarven people. When our brothers saw fit to squabble for selfish gain, it was always the Grandaxes who brought them in line. So it is once again, that the Dwarven people stand fractured, disunited, at the brink of war, extinction, and damnation. To this present conflict the Grandaxes have lost the most, divided between sides of a conflict indifferent towards the Grandaxe’s survival. The Grandaxe clan can no longer suffer the consequences of others chosen paths and will instead claim our destiny for ourselves. To this end the Kingdom of Bogrin shall rise and claim a new path for the dwarven people. The last time such kingdom was formed was to take down the selfish and corrupt Runelord Lori Ireheart and his accomplices. Now we shall make our stand once again against slaying of kin, against kingdoms lead from the shadows, and against the corruption of truth. Here we offer the dwarven people the path that so few have followed; the path to true unity through abstinence from this madness plaguing our people. We shall discriminate against none of our kin, all who follow the path will be our brothers and sisters, as Yemekar intended. And once our sacred task is finished, we may dissolve our state and enter the fold of a united Dwarfdom once again. Until that day comes, my kin; Narvak oz da Dwedmar, Narvak oz Bogrin! *The announcement would be spread by paper amongst the dwarven settlements of Atlas*
  11. Fimlin

    The Pre-Diet Verdict on the Irongrinder Clan

    "Erasin' historeh and claiming freedom, ah guess that doesnae include freedom of 'istoreh an' thought." Fimlin says
  12. Fimlin

    Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

    Fimlin wishes his brother good fortune.
  13. Fimlin

    Reconcilations & the Diet of Kal'Tarak

    Fimlin grumbles in his beard ”Nae dwed can claim another dwed false.” ”Regardless this diet is relative progress.” Fimlin plans to attend.