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  1. Fimlin

    Brynaelda's Brathmordakin Songbook

    Fimlin smiles the suns smile after reading through the songbook “Vereh well done indeed, t’is will bring maneh songs to our ‘alls!”
  2. Fimlin

    Faction Forum Section Management Form

    In-Game Name: Fimlino Request: rename “nation of Agnarum” to “The Kingdom of Agnarum” and include the “the” per favore Link to relevant forum sections: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/940-nation-of-agnarum/
  3. Following the Council meeting in Agnarum Fimlin wrapped his aged and callused hands around the edges of the podium before him, and with a snort-like grunt he cleared his throat to speak; “What does ah King mean, If yer ask me, it means onleh wot ye make it. Teh toitle of King ‘as been shared by warmongers, gold-seekers, leaders an’ followers aloike. An’ wit nothin behind it, King is jus’ ah hollow toitle wit’ ah hollow throne, an’ hollow thrones make hollow Kingdoms.” “Ah don’t care about teh toitle ‘King’, when ahm asked who I am ah will respond “I am Fimlin Grandaxe.” Nae “I am the King of the Dwarves”. Ah was ah Grand King once, an’ ah will never betray w’o ah am fer that toitle again. Ah King that doesnae know wot’ ‘ey is there for, stands for, cannae stand against anehthin. An’ tha’ is what ‘appened when ah was Grand King, our Kingdom was overrun by teh Ironborn invasion. Ah failed teh dwedmar an’ ah will regre’ tha’ until mah dying day. After that, ah swore to mehself never to do tha’ again an’ to never seek out Kingship.” “Ah learned from mah failures in me yout’, ah’ve learned wot it really means to lead dwed. An’ when teh toime came, when Urguan was losin’ its way, an’ the Grandaxes were divoided ah walked away. I’ve ignored my destiny once, an’ ah will not do so again. Ah accept the responsibiliteh that is to lead the dwarves, ah will not shy away from it, Kingship is nae wot ah want, but the duty that ‘as fallen to me. All ah can ask of ye younger lads today is to strive to be the dwed ye’d want yer King to be.” “Ah know wot its loike to lose, to be uprooted wit’ everehthin’ that tied ye to this world cast away. Wit’ that, ah’ve learned wot really matters in t’is world, wot matters to me. An’ wit’ that ah am prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to keep wot matters aloive.” “Ah care deeply fer meh clan, an’ kin, an’ I have given tha’ up before to keep the foire of the dwedmar aloive, an’ would do so again if ah had to. Because tha’ is wot ah care about, it is the foire, teh spirit of the Dwarves tha’ matters most to meh in this world.” “The Spirit of teh Dwarves is to look after each other, to ‘ave another dwed’s back nae matter wot we face. It is to fierce resistance against ‘aving our flame be snuffed out, an’ the will’ness to risk tha’ for the survival of our world. T’ose who dunnae embody t’is spirit, dunnae deserve its benefits, because by turn’n t’eir backs on it t’ey turn their backs on their dwarven kin.” “‘Ah will live to keep t’is spirit aloive, an ye can choose to do the same, to ignore it, or to go against it. Whatever ye choose, Yemekar guide you.”
  4. Fimlin

    [I] Burnsy__'s Game Moderator Application

    “FRANCIS!” +1
  5. Fimlin turns to his kin in Agnarum “Kaz’Ulrah seems ter beh nothin’ but poorleh written parchment now. All ‘ail teh Paper King.”
  6. Fimlin

    Leaving Bogrin Behind

    Fimlin steps upon a precipice overlooking the bustling gathering of dwarves moving carts of belongings and supplies to the gates of Kal’Bogrin. He paused gazing upon his kin who are preparing to move to the new nation of Agnarum. Fimlin breathed deeply before shouting to his kin to gather up. “Weh ‘ave only recently established our ‘ome ‘ere in Kal’Bogrin, an’ ahm sorreh to be move’n out so soon.” “Some of ye may ‘ave many questions over t’is, though ah know ye are all follow’n faithfully.” “To answer yer questions, we must turn to why Bogrin was founded.” “Aye it was founded ter beh ah ‘ome for the Grandaxes to stand unoited, an’ ter show that ah clan divided can beh united again.” “But our mission was always more than tha’, Bogrin was never founded so tha’ weh could die off alone, an’ cut off from the world.” Fimlin paused for a moment to take a breath before continuing; “As Bogrin was founded tu bring teh Grandaxes together, its mission was also tu bring the dwarves together.” “Bogrin was meant fer ah third path, ah light to bring the dwarves home.” “Weh wished to establish Bogrin as ah true ‘ome fer the dwarves, but weh will nae sit idely an’ stubbornly in our corner an’ watch our kin stay divoided whoile there beh other ‘omes jus’ as true as our own. We cannae ask o’ other dwed that of which weh are nae will’n to do ourselves, an’ so weh will make our ‘ome in Agnarum.” “By leavin’ Bogrin behind, weh are nae abandon’n our mission, bu’ continuing ter follow it.” “In Agnarum, weh will pursue this mission wit’ the same vigor, but we will ‘ave more of our kin to drink an’ battle with!” Finally Fimlin concludes his speech by shouting; “Narvak oz Agnarum!” “Narvak oz da Dwedmar!”
  7. Fimlin reads over the document “W’ere did they get t’is copy of Urguan’s government system?” ”Ah wish them luck wit’ that.”
  8. Fimlin

    7.0 Annoucement!

    @SeventhCircle can we get a 3D version of that dynamap image?
  9. Fimlin

    Announcing High King Candidates

    Fimlin extends his endorsement to cobblestone for High King of Kaz’Ulrah. Cobblestone is in clear majority of Kaz'Ulrah, outnumbering both stonebrick and red brick, thus it would be a true representation of the people for Cobblestone to become king.
  10. Fimlin

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    oh my god my city's alive praise be.
  11. Fimlin

    The Grandaxe Clan

    Accepted! Welcome to the Clan!
  12. Fimlin

    Here's a thing

    Do you get the feeling that someone is calling your name anytime you hear the word "anyway" after playing Vosirk?
  13. Fimlin

    [Community Review] Raids

    All these restrictions and micro-managing for every little thing makes it extremely hard to follow, lacking the ability for creativity and generally boring and not worth the time. I for one haven't lead a raid or even suggested a raid as something to do because of the heap of dull rules and easy possibility of getting banned for doing something minor.
  14. Fimlin

    Dwarf familial lore

    The Azaghuls have been dead forever so there's nothing stopping you, you'd probably want to post it in dwarven roleplay but make a clan post with history culture and information on it in the clan subforum. There's also definitely not any relics left but you're definitely allowed to make them and say there were old relics, its something we've all done.
  15. Fimlin prepares his Dwarven Rune Panzer