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  1. nickrocky why do u avoid my question about whether the player or the devs experience matters more its a valid quesiton but u just blocked me and banned me from tech discord wtf

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      Internet Villain

      wow. the tech team has silenced the incredibly clever ninjaclimb1

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      Sounds like censorship 

  2. PLAYER NAME : ninjaclimb CURRENT POSITION : c SUGGESTED POSITION : idk higher REASON FOR CHANGE : i only ratted my own alt out twice this is bullshit + offensive to put me with twodiks. literally in tears https://gyazo.com/53339312f3eee1646578c4b8406331d2 also i was once called pkdon but brave, and he was called me but scard.
  3. A LAKS DEPARTURE Kolaz’Lak had been a part of orcish leadership since he was 10 years old after he became a warchief under Skalpboila while he was still targoth, and only a year later effectively becoming targoth in all but title. He hosted the training sessions, and led the fights, while Skalpboila was off dealing with his own issues. At the age of 15, he officially became Targoth under Akrukils rexdom, and remained as such under the following two Rexdoms, those being Korgahks and Gadgets extremely brief one. He himself became Rex at the age of 18 after defeating Gadget in a klomp. However, as he found less and less time free to do as he pleased and enjoyed himself, he began to come to the conclusion that leadership just wasn’t something he held interest in anymore. He’d been part of it too long without experiencing anything outside of orcish culture, so in that moment, while sitting alone in his house, he decided to relinquish any and all titles that he held. He grabbed the staff of Shreck’Lak, and a small bag with basic necessities in it, before walking off towards the swamp. The only thing he left behind was a note, nailed onto his door: “To the people of Krugmar, I apologise for such an abrupt leave, but it could not be helped. Swampgoth goes to Murdok, should be willing to accept this title and also based on the assumption that eventually he will in fact toughen up and stop being so soft. As for the title of Rex, this is something that I will leave for you all to decide what to do with. One of you will either have to step up, and claim it for yourself, or you should establish some kind of title based around the various Goths. Whoever it is who takes the title next, please try and fulfill my wish of the modernisation of the orcish kind, as we truly are in an awful state at the moment. Kolaz’Lak. “
  4. ninjaclimb1


    ANOTHER REX RISES Rex Kolaz’Lak In recent times Krugmar’s leadership and general populace has been extremely volatile and subject to much change. With Korgahk defeating Akrukil, and then only a few days later Korgahk was defeated by Gadget’Ox. While Korgahk had not been a popular Rex, and had lacked much support, Gadget was even worse. She was a murderous and dishonorable goblin, who had somehow managed to become the Rex. Kolaz did not think this was the kind of image a Rex should hold, and such set about gaining support. While he initially had planned to gain more support, he thought action was the best thing he could do, so he went and fought the goblin Rex, and he prevailed victor. Within 3 days there had been 3 seperate Rexes, but he hoped he’d be the end of this volatile cycle. Shortly after becoming Rex, Kolaz found a random goblin and sent them about Arcas with his first announcement of Rexdom. All Orcs were to come to Krugmar's throne room in the next Cactus day in order to hear the Rex’s direction for his rexdom, and provide any complaints and suggestions to the Rex. tl;dr: [On Saturday at 3PM EST and 8PM BST, there will be a meeting at krugmar for the leadership and members of the nation. Come bring any complaints/suggestions for Rex and leadership of the nation, as well as listen to the Rexs ideas and direction for the nation.]
  5. “diz ahm dumb and ztupid.” kolaz’lak said.
  6. kolaz thinks this is very cool and enjoyed the klomping. “mi ahm beacon of urukz it zeemz.. loved by all.”
  7. charles really wants christ punchsteel back
  8. ninjaclimb1

    A New Snagagoth

    “znawt doez nub klomp, hi ahm koward.” kolaz said, still bitter that he has never been able to fight the goblin.
  9. Application IGN : ninjaclimb1 RP NAME : baldwin Skills you can bring to the table : incredibly intelligent
  10. “sutika amh bad.” kolaz said
  11. ninjaclimb1

    Clan Lak

    Lak clan The Lak clan is a clan known for their devotion to the Spirit of the swamp, Laklul. The members of Clan Lak are very identifiable due to their blue skin, a trait which is very rare to be seen outside of the clan. The Laks typically favour their clan hall to be located in the swamps and marshes around Krugmar. History of the clan. The clan was founded by the well respected shaman and former Rex Shreck’Lak back in Athera after the Dom clan saw a mass of emigration due to the dishonorable actions of Rusk’Dom "the Liberator''. Once the clan arrived in Vailor, the Laks constructed their own home; Fort Duloc, at the southern part of Shreck's swamp. The fort was a massive plateau with a palisade poking out on the right flank. To get to the capital from the Fort, it would take a long and treacherous walk. The clan has dwindled in numbers since Vailor, with very few of their members being seen around the different Goi’s since then. The most notable and big event of the Lak clan since the clans gradual decrease in number occurred very recently, on the 2nd of Malins Welcome, 1770. Shreck’Lak returned to the city after not being seen for decades upon decades. He returned with a mission from Laklul, demanding an audience with the Rex. The reason for this sudden meeting was to proposition the Rex with an important task, to fight Shreck to the death as Shreck could not think of a more honorable or worthy death than at the hands of the Rex. His old age had left him weak and frail, no position an orc of renown should reach and he could no longer serve Laklul to the best of his abilities. With a decisive fight, the founder of the Lak clan was dead. Mandates of Laklul. The members of the Lak clan are expected to follow the Laklul Mandates, as they believe this is how any righteous orks should live, especially a Lak. I: Laks are expected to follow Krugs code. II: Laks are to respect swamps as they are sacred in the eyes of Laklul. III: Laks are expected to revere Laklul and hold it in high regard. However, it is encouraged to praise and follow other spirits, keeping Laklul as the priority, an example of a second spirit often praised by Lak is Anrkus, the spirit of the Sea and marine life. IV: Laks are expected to remain loyal to the clan until their death. V: Laks must respect fellow Laks and their property. VI: Half-Orcs are animals, and don’t deserve respect. VII: An offense to a Lak or the Swampgoth is an offense to Laklul himself. VIII: Freygoth is an enemy to Lak, as he is Laklas tyrannical master. IX: If a Toalak dies while under the care of an orc, they will get beaten and have purple dots painted onto their face for one cactus week. The punishments possible for breaking these codes are: Luk - No Lak respects these orcs, and are encouraged to beat them. Branding - For some of the lesser offences, they are branded and are treated with much less respect. Beatings - Either individually or by a group, it has been decided that this person must bear their responsibility by being beaten. Being left to die - As simple as it sounds, this person will be brought to the brink of death (often with broken knees, and large cuts littering the entirety of the body) before being abandoned and left to die. Culture and traditions. Trials: Any possible Lak clan recruit must prove their dedication to both the Swampgoth and Laklul through a series of three trials: The recruit must find a suitable sacrifice to Laklul, and under the Swampgoth or an elders supervision, you must sacrifice them under a shrine to Laklul. Educate one non-orc of any Immortal Spirit, or even convince them to build a spirit shrine in anty or their home. You must record their name and bring suitable proof of teaching them to an elder or the Swampgoth. Swear your allegiance to Laklul and the clan under the shrine of Laklul. There is one overlaying trial with both born Laks, and those who are initiated into the clan: You must travel into the nearest swamp and retrieve something which you believe you could both make a weapon and a piece of clothing out of. For example: wood for a club or seaweed for a necklace. However, for those born into the clan there is a very different set of trials: You must choose your Toalak from a tadpole, rather than a juvenile. Build a small totem or shrine to Laklul. Clan Hierarchy: Swampgoth. The Wargoth and head of the clan. Chieftain. Second in command of the clan, and will fill in if the Swampgoth is absent. They are personally chosen by the Swampgoth. Berzerker. Warriors who have proven their dedication to the clan, proven themselves to be competent in leading raids and battles should they need to. Zealot. Slightly above Devoted, the higher ups of the main force. Devoted. The main force of the clan, the generic and base rank. Initiate. Those who show interest in joining the clan, or have only just done so. Traditions: The Wargoth of the Lak clan is referred to as the Swampgoth, rather than Wargoth, to stress the importance of Laklul within the clan. The Swampgoth is only the leader of the clan because the Spirit of the Swamp deems it so. Laklul was pleased at the Lak clan’s devotion to him, and his cause; it is not known whether he created the Toalaks in his image, or he took on the image of a Toalak. Regardless, Toalaks are giant colossal toad-like creatures which are a staple of the Lak clan and are used commonly as mounts within the swamps. Laks are given a juvenile Toalak upon entering the clan. They are expected to raise the Toalak until it’s an adult, which they can use as a messenger or even a mount if it’s big enough. Clan born Laks however do not receive a grown Toalak, instead an infant Lak is expected to venture into the blessed swamps and find a Toalak tadpole to claim as their own. Once named a tadpole is the sole responsibility of the Lak kub to raise and protect. Should the tadpole die on the watch of the cub the cub is to be punished harshly for they have not only failed the clan but failed Laklul himself as Toalak’s share the appearance of the great Laklul. The punishment fitting this failure is branding, specifically a Toalak will be branded onto the back of the hand to not only make the neglect of their duty obvious to all but to also serve as a constant reminder of what that tadpole should have become. Laks favour the swamp to any other environment, if one is close enough to Krugmar they’ll often choose to live there rather than in the main city. If they choose to live in the main city, they may choose to live underground and choose to decorate their houses in a fashion which would resemble the swamp. Laks are encouraged to travel about and preach about Laklul to both orcs and non-orcs. While they are mainly encouraged to preach of Laklul, they are also meant to preach about other respectable spirits. While Laklul must always remain as a Laks favoured spirit, they are encouraged to also praise Akathro, Greater Elemental Spirit of Water, and Bregthar, Greater Elemental Spirit of Earth. Laks who choose to take the path of shamanism are encouraged to do so by learning elementalism, specifically water and earth. Activities: Swamp based games, e.g. mud wrestling, spear fishing, crocodile hunting and anything else which could bring enjoyment. While hunting is not a big focus for the clan, they typically hunt lizards and other swamp predators for fear that their toads may get eaten. Festivals in the name and in dedication of Laklul. These are hosted somewhat infrequently, but when they do, the Laks put a lot of effort into it and try to make it a big spectacle. Spiritual Crusaders: While not a core component of the clan, there were those within the clan who decided to take their dedication a step further than all others. These are Laks who wish to fight to prove their dedication to the spirits and Laklul. To some they could be viewed as the enforcers for the shamans, using their might and strength against those who do not believe in the spirits. They are handpicked by the Swampgoth and directly overseen by them. These are individuals with extensive knowledge of the spirits, and have devoted their lives to them and the task of spreading spiritualism. They spread the belief to those outside of the goi, resorting to force if they believe necessary. In their eyes, people who follow other religions like canonism and aspectism are heathens, especially those of aspectist belief, as the aspects stole the power that Laklul deserves. The spiritual crusaders often walk around in very light armour, carrying a club which they use to beat the belief into non-believers, and a small scripture with lists of spirits’ names and their domains alongside prayers for them. ((Lak clan’s now looking for new members, and looking to grow back to what it once was. Add me on discord or respond if you’re interested, ninjaclimb#7199))
  12. “klomp!” kolaz said excitedly, before remembering that his chest was cut open and wouldn’t be allowed to fight.
  13. “praize laklul.” kolaz’lak said upon reading the post.
  14. someone makes a similar post every like 6 motnhs and nothings ever mae of it
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