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  1. Sigmar Eirik Baruch welcomed his father into the seven skies, a broad smile stretching across his face. “Welcome father.. Took your time didn’t you?”
  2. ninjaclimb1


    Sigmar looked down from the seven skies, grinning proudly at his fathers loyalty. If only he lived long enough to see this war, it would of proved interesting.
  3. How much did you offer to buy the server
  4. was good talking to you for the short while i did, should probably talk again sometime. anyway, best of luck to you with whatever you do next.
  5. I’m off, nine month ban and lotc won’t be active enough in nine months to make it worth my while returning. Whole situation is stupid, was effectively a joke with a few offensive things said in the midst of it. I’ve considered leaving for a while, and this seems a good time to do so. Community is stale, staff aren’t great, overall it isn’t the same community I joined when I was a kid. Few of the orc lads and frostbeards made this last little while bearable, but overall, recently it hasn’t been fun. I’m sticking around in discords, you can add me if you want to talk or play for honor, ck2 or something, idk. Discord name is ninjaclimb#7199. Anyway, bye.
  6. Name ((and Username)): Morvuhk _Ninjaaa Giveaway Item #1: Giveaway Item #2: Giveaway Item #3:
  7. _Ninjaaa (Morvuhk persona if it makes a difference)
  8. Minecraft Username: ninjacimb1, _Ninjaaa Discord Tag: ninjaclimb#7199 Character Name: Claudius Character Age: 13 Character Social Class: (Rich | Middle | Poor | Slave) Mid Character Profession: (A non-combatant profession, like carpentry) Child
  9. ninjaclimb1


    OOC APPLICATION: MC Name: ninjaclimb1 Discord: you have it Do you currently have an orc: not yet
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