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  1. Eyeboila da uglii heard of the coming war while on his travels. He hadn’t been to the goi for a few years now, and he hadn’t interacted with anyone since that time. A war was one of the few things he deemed worthy to return to Krugmar for, and a war against the suticans pleased him even more. He immedietely set off for the Goi, letting out a warcry more enthusiastic and ferocious than any he’d ever done before. “Wagh.”
  2. IGN of those involved: Ave_Victorium, Porkgasm, Fraevy, ninjaclimb1, MinaGobbler, Rec0, crow_scar RP name: Eyeboila da Uglii What you hunted: An elf Screenshot of kill: https://gyazo.com/40c060cdc28e939e3349fd57ae1629ee https://gyazo.com/78f32ac32495dc79886bc8359a361289
  3. ninjaclimb1

    Vice City

    eyeboila wept at the news
  4. again, you weren’t there for the start when we actually put effort into the rp. you’ve got no room to talk on the rp, as you were there for less than half
  5. the rp was **** at the end, you missed when we put effort it into. it was **** because you acted somewhat aggressively ooc, you were revived instantly after downed and only downed because you were being a prick
  6. wasn’t pugsy, when did we powegame, only 2 of us engaged in combat(3 at a push) so that negates the claims of a raid. We gave up on trying with the rp when u acted like a *****
  7. ok I know know which one u r. ur the prick who I said was getting agressive. don’t act like you were there for most of it, u joined when we’d been debating pvp. the actually good rp had already passed. u were there for less than half u ******* shithouse
  8. yeah, no. **** off. it wasn’t random killing, it was sacrifices before the war which we couldn’t of made clearer if we tried. we didn’t force pvp at all, we just crp would of took too long in that scenario and would of been boring and uneventful. pvp would of got it over with quickly and we would of continued with the rp afterwards. we held up decent rp standards throughout, and didn’t get too aggressive ooc, despite one of your members starting to become so towards us
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