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  1. ((MC Name: )) ninjaclimb1 Name: Cassian Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  2. [[RP]] First Name: Leofric Surname: Age: 18 Reason for Interest: : D [[OOC]] Username: ninjaclimb1 Discord: ninjaclimb#7199
  3. nickrocky why do u avoid my question about whether the player or the devs experience matters more its a valid quesiton but u just blocked me and banned me from tech discord wtf

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    2. pkdon


      wow. the tech team has silenced the incredibly clever ninjaclimb1

    3. 6xdestroyer
    4. Elite Snipes

      Elite Snipes

      Sounds like censorship 

  4. PLAYER NAME : ninjaclimb CURRENT POSITION : c SUGGESTED POSITION : idk higher REASON FOR CHANGE : i only ratted my own alt out twice this is bullshit + offensive to put me with twodiks. literally in tears https://gyazo.com/53339312f3eee1646578c4b8406331d2 also i was once called pkdon but brave, and he was called me but scard.
  5. charles really wants christ punchsteel back
  6. someone makes a similar post every like 6 motnhs and nothings ever mae of it
  7. deletes everything once minagobbler mentions him literally posting pictures off his kids. very trustworthy yes
  8. People do help, new players get a lot of leniency with rules and people are much more patient with them typically. If you want to role play your character as being shy, that’s on you, not other people for choosing not to approach you
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