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  1. i am joanofarc and this is my favorite profile on lotc

  2. A missive is thereafter sent out by the Father Circle. "With addition to the missive from our Governing Officials, we would like to publicly declare that the illegal use of unnatural magics within the city and the crownlands without permit will result with the swift removal of the magi from this life through either the piking of their persons upon a spike driven into the mouth and exiting through the lower body, crucifixion, or the swift removal of their head from the rest of their person, methods of torture may be employed for further investigative efforts requiring approval from
  3. Yo, nations who might struggle with the new mina stuff and not wanna just grind heavy so you can rp later... Just make a few lair applications next to each other! All solved.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      "Hello staff. We are not actually one community, but instead 16 different magic cliques that happen to be associated with one another. We wish to create 16 separate 50x50 lairs right next to each other in a grid pattern. Thank you and have a good day."

    2. _Sug


      @NotEvilAtAll Exactly what I was thinking!

  4. @yandeer I see you out here rep farming and shiii. Great post.
  5. _Sug

    Mina and YOU!

    @Hiebe Will mina now be physical currency or is it just gonna be like how it was before? If it's physical I look forward to banking rp!
  6. So possible language plugin addition for 8.0? Maybe? Please?

    1. MiniMuffinNinja
    2. altiar1011


      I vibe with this... I vibe with it a lot.

  7. I see the community advice has finally been taken for smaller maps.... alas.... if only this was not a temp. (nice work with 8.0 though lads )
  8. Beast where is the Chizuru Ichinose art? Jk looks amazing, might have to drop you a commission or two soon for the Christmas season ole pal
  9. A father smiles at the thought of his daughter returning home.
  10. Can't wait to drive my Model T around the streets of Oren. Hopefully we get a new union of traffic cops.
  11. _Sug

    neo's commissions

    Hey Neo, on behalf of one of the unfortunate souls who skins in this community lacking of skinners. Welcome! Amped to see your future works! Guys and Gals, please do show support for these skins by commissioning them! Quality work.
  12. Love a good man of the faith.
  13. A druid sits with his fellow kinsmen in their grotto, laughing at the fact that mortal squabbles mean nothing as they feasted about a warm hearth. [!] "Right, business as usual lads. We've still some demons and the sort to clean up. Our duty is to continue work in the thistle, not be involved in the lives of the city folk."
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