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  1. Spooks, alchemy (based), or void, pick your poison since theres nothing else. 

  2. I too remember when LoTC was LoTC... Now there's no magic, no high fantasy mix, no huge rp politics and back room decision making rp, nada... Shame really.
  3. Format Skin Name: Masked Crow Skinner's Username/Discord: You have it bb ;) Bid: $20 USD
  4. What if we drank beers and listened to Luke Combs in a Walmart parking lot?

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Lotc covention 2022

  5. "Around, around the merry-go-round...." Sung a farmer and Poor-Fellow in the Acrean fields as he toiled away at herding his cattle. "A foolish venture, necromancers of politics it seems... Yet, GOD LIVES IN ACRE"
  6. ☨ Do you fear GOD, ye' mortal man? ☨ Music: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ☨ Wicked, foul, and forlorn winds howled upon a stormy night through the Acrean woods. There loomed a creature upon hind legs, standing tall upon hinged canine-like extremities with a maw agape, dripping blood and entrails that oozed forth guttural bile and liquid-mixed crimson upon the damp grass. For it was surrounded by gently burning red candles of sacrament about a horrid display which caused the mortal stomach to quiver. It was a beast, poised and practiced in its murder- nay, it’s slaughter. It was that night that fell upon Acre, that a beast had given into its desires for flesh. The hangman’s tree was not for this creature upon that eve, for it held onto another in its clutches. The unrecognizable and mangled corpse, unidentifiable as male nor female as its chest was cleaved open in one beautiful slice and hung ajar with ribcage open for all those to see, licked clean of tendons and fat. Two arms outstretched upon bark were nailed by the palms by golden tools which kept the corpse upright in a crucifixion. The sinner, headless, skull consumed to rot within the beast's stomach, and legs missing was suspended, swaying with the winds as rain slammed into its body. ☨ Time dawned forwards as the storm raged on and where the beast once stood, remained a lone man covered in blood that streamed down his skin, a cloak protecting his bare shoulders from being seen as he faced that beautiful display of sin. A hand clutched at nothing by his side as tears streamed with the coming rains. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked overhead. It was turmoil, a sign perhaps yet perhaps naught but coincidence the heavens cried at this display. That lone creature thus, continued to wipe at his face over and over in repentance, cleansing himself of that which soaked his face and soul. ☨ He was alone that night. Alone in all but the company of mangled corpse. For he was the very thing that he feared in the night as a child. Perhaps it was fable or fantasy for children, yet now he knew all too well, he was a servant of salvation and he would live on for eternity, slave to ritual and rite such as this, to show those beautiful mortals… REPENTANCE. Acre was guarded, yet haunted for it was the wicked winds that carried a tune of wary men and women and so it was sung through the Acrean storm: "Are you, are you?..." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Athera sized map was incredible for roleplay. There were always people everywhere and the community felt a lot closer back then in terms of interaction with different groups. Dynamic terrain is cool and all but we're primarily here for player interaction. Just some things to consider, but I have faith y'all will do well with it and better than the last 4ish maps which have been absolute disasters. : )
  8. You take care of yourself brother. Wherever you venture, keep your head up.
  9. Does LoTC offer retirement benefits?
  10. Love me some Kani. Big +1, run on that water fellas.
  11. Somewhere, a Nephilim took the day to mourn the passing of a brother.
  12. Athera sized map is required for roadside rp and taverns. Thank you. Give me upvotes.
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