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  2. Upirs are the feral vampires of the server and are unable to hide or control their bloodlust. They're different from striga and can't hide, easily discernable by the public. I'd give their lore a read, they can be found in the Striga lore post. So technically this would be the fourth "race" of vampires on LoTC that's my real issue with it my above statement was not meant to relate to Striga/Siliti but Upir. Which are already available to CA given proper rp on the server. I'll leave the link to them here. Summary below:
  3. It's a cool concept, but in the end there's already two groups that are vampiric. Not only do I think this would possibly hinder rp for both those groups, the niche this goes for has already been filled by the Striga Upir. I understand that it would be to "blame" it on them but creatures like this technically already exist in LoTC on all fronts. As for more accessible, vampires in general are not supposed to be accessible, they're meant to be elusive, cunning, elite, at the top of the food chain, and able to hide in plain sight, without that this server would be like a twilight fan
  4. "Naming the State after the Legacy of the Hou and Jade Empire. What a way to pay homage to those who birthed the culture in this realm." A man nodded a few times. "Long live Hou-Shen. Long live the Hou."
  5. As the writer of original chi. I stamp this. Good Job.
  6. ((This post is strictly OOC documentation of a journey. Do not meta this information.)) Warm was the breeze upon the furrowed visages of two men as they embarked onwards towards the volcanic hellscape of the Northwest. The temperature of the realm became more arid and heavy as they progressed on their pilgrimage, stopping from hamlet to city in order to gear themselves for a most forlorn journey into the unknown. As grass gave way to ash and magma, did the spirits of the duo waver within their hearts but determination grew within their righteous minds. Many had been lost on previou
  7. I remember we had a chat in one of the nation discords about how busy your schedule was between work and in-game projects and the sort, albeit it was in brief. So, just curious as to how you plan to balance all aspects since you seem fairly busy and I'm sure many in the community don't wanna see you burnt out like so many other LT Admins in the past that come and go like a breeze. Aside from that, just sayin wassup. Try not to fry your brain too much. (If you do, make sure its over-easy with a side of bacon)
  8. Nice! Just remove that whole thing about laws on the clerics to avoid what happened to the shades and other magics with ooc restrictions and you'll be gucci. +1
  9. To Those Wicked Enough to Find Interest In This Item, First, allow me to begin with introductions. I am a man creatin of the Old Times, one who once walked the realms of Athera as something not living nor truly dead, servant to the Deceiver or Betrayer as he has come to be known within the current times and vocabulary. While many of you are not old enough to remember nor believe in his existence, I am one of the last few whom have had conversation and spent time with the Dark One for now he remains dormant within his abyssal cage. I can attest to you, the reader of this message, that
  10. A young man somewhere, sips his 'shine and ashes his cigarette eager to see great change invoked within the realms of man.
  11. i am joanofarc and this is my favorite profile on lotc

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