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  1. _Sug


    Within a deep grotto sat a few elves, all laughing and intoxicated. They seemed jovial, unlike the serious tone that had taken over Aegrothond and her surrounding allies. The warrior beasts remained in their cavern, their gear piled into a corner as they simply enjoyed the company of one another. For they were Druii who were used to conflict and the slaughter, ones who welcomed the coming days, not prepared for it with stern visages and worried minds. They all continued their festivities and hallucinations, as if it were their last time together. From this the Father Druids would heed the call, awaiting for the first poor beasts that sought to breach their shores, for those beasts knew not the creatures of whom they provoked.
  2. “Come, son. Let’s be off.” Said an individual dressed in a Illatian suit. As he began towards a beautiful ship docked at port.
  3. _Sug

    An Old Purpose

    [!] Within the cold tundra, stalked a being who was cloaked and worn in both posture and depiction. With crisp licks of air that pervaded his nostrils, small huffs of vapor made their escape from beneath his veiled presentation with every passing breeze of snow and draft that whistled through the thistle. Long had it been since this personage had ventured to barren land, yet with his movements the songs of nature that once surrounded him fell silent and within his hand rested an old staff, crafted through beastialized arts of yore which it’s very presence caused the scarce flora to retreat below the snow which layered the coarse and frozen ground like icing on a celebratory cake. Something had changed within the man, not sinister nor with the intent of malice in his heart, but a new purpose given to him by a Crow in prior years. The being came into the realization that he had continued the mission given to him but became complacent in his enforcement. “The wheel shall continue to turn, we Widu shall act as the spokes supporting it as the cycle turns eternally through time. Those who do nothing for its restoration are as good as dirt beneath beaten boots.” The man huffed out through the cold to five or six others who followed him through the badlands of the northern landscape. Eventually they would move into a clearing where there stood many similar groups to their own, then departing into the opposite tree-line. A new task had begun, the wheel that had once remained dormant, began to creak again, the cycle beginning anew. Thur' sna brikas, al' new zubguglar ordek. Yofuul undere kknotos, du' cycle muz kuram restorurk'
  4. If guns get added, stop pushing for flintlocks guys, start with matchlock rifles and go from there.

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    2. NozLSD


      3 hours ago, Sorcerio said:

      Guns? That’s so last month! I’m already pushing for nuclear warfare! 

      facts bro alchemical nuclear warfare is so based

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      could always make a magic ever-lit match or something and have a matchlock anyway epic style


      or dont get rained on 5head

    4. lev


      okay boomer

  5. If this was a modded server, yeah I think we could benefit from firearms however LoTC is vanilla server with not even a custom texture pack or tech manpower/plugins to accommodate firearms on the server. Rp’ly I think it would be awesome to have matchlock (PLEASE IF THIS HAPPENS NO FLINTLOCK) rifles but unfortunately this is vanilla MC and not modded or Hytale so it wouldn’t work mechanically for the server. Also, the argument for Mages/Magic vs firearms, there’s no reason why a magic couldn’t obliterate a small pellet aside from Druidism and a few others but Druidism for example is really more flavor stuff than anything. @Archipelego try it out, see what happens, avoid all the problems Arcane Regulators (Arcane Pistols) had in the past, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and can always be removed 🙂 best of luck homie.
  6. St. Jude offers a smile and a blessing upon the man from the skies residing in his villa located on the countryside.
  7. What Malaise said.

    1. lev


      What sug said

  8. Ryoichi sat upon a simple wooden stool, his hands hanging without care between his legs whilst his forearms rested upon the blue stained armor gifted to him at his coming of age. The second eldest of the wise Fujiwara Musashi looked to his elder brother with a face that lacked expression but conveyed the emotion in which he felt, his duty. One stern and unwavering drive and constant within his life, only able to end with his final breath being released for the preservation of the Shōgunate. He dwelled upon the life he once had whilst the ship rocked to and fro within the vast and unforgiving waves of the sea, the comfort he had in his home, the battles both lost and won, the struggles and high points, all gone now, replaced with a new yet ever present purpose. One thing, his duty. A few times his hands would meet his face, rubbing it for either comfort or stress, for which one he had not a clue. On to new lands, guided by his kin did Fujiwara Ryoichi venture, his past now placed in the back of his mind and his oath in the forefront.
  9. I feel attacked..... But this is hilarious, well done.
  10. Not sure how you pump out quality lore like this, be it creativity or crack. Stellar job as usual +1
  11. St. Jude smiles down upon the work of his fellow men of the cloth.
  12. “I’m creating a new bird system called ‘Timber’, you should check it out to meet hot singles in the realm.” Says an innovator and entrepreneur.
  13. Took the words right out of my mouth. ^ Go roks yes +1
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