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  1. NecroDot

    Curonia Prints. 5th Edition

    “What the...” James grumbles in annoyance, briefly stopping to look at the headlines before going to butcher another cow.
  2. NecroDot

    Curonia Prints, 3rd Edition

    James would furrow his brows upon reading the news. He would soon consult his Lord Father how to deal with this disgrace without leaving any trace behind.
  3. James would study the agreement briefly then sign it with his delicate wrist moves. He smiled as he looked down at his beautiful handwriting. “All is set, now.” he uttered.
  4. NecroDot

    From Man to Mad

    “I didn’t like the name Draskovits anyway” says James, walking up to his father, receiving the news from him.
  5. NecroDot

    The Loyalist Party

    “For the Empire!” a loyalist party member shouted from afar.
  6. NecroDot

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] The Lion

    That man's a relic...