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  1. Incorrect, guards are needed for standard upkeep of a nation, both for the upholdence of the law and for any exterior threats, whether event related, random players, or invaders from other nations. Mayhaps, yet bandits themselves are not dealt with in a realistic fashion. This may be due to the roleplay quality that bandits do, or it may simply be due to how the world of LOTC is an acts, given death is by no means permanent. If a bandit was killed in the real world- they’d be dead, and dead for good, the same for the victims. Brigandry did exist in the middle ages, dark ages, and rennaissance, however, it was not so common that nearly every single person in the world had dealt with atleast one bandit. Banditry consists of threatening, stealing, and killing if the other 2 dont necessarily work out. It is literally arming yourself, and taking the possessions of others. If you’re under the impression banditry, especially on a server by which everyone you meet is another player, should be easy, than you’re gravely mistaken. I am simply going to let those 2 quotes sit right next to eachother. Mayhaps you should make ban reports if there is very blatant and provable evidence of meta-gaming. There is unfathomable amount of things to roleplay about on this server, banditry can be one of them, a catalyst for conflict , yes, but far from the only thing. The issue is example #2 is probably the most ideal for the victim, which would seemingly be increasingly rare. Its been noted in quite a few comments above how commonly a character is killed from banditry, which would simply have it end : “So I complied with their demands--“ JUMPCUT “I’m going to travel to Sutica, bu I dont have anything I had earlier and im at the cloud temple. Huh, must’ve been murdered randomly.” The problem with that analogy is that the bandits in Skyrim are meant to be beaten. There would be far greater complaints if those random encounters comprised not of maybe a few low level, easilly killable bandits, but a half dozen bandits above your level, who would than kill you if you didnt give every single item of value, and every single gold coin (rather than the standard ‘pay up 50 septims’), and than have a 50/50 chance to still be hostile, kill you, and than send you back to riverwood with completely nothing on you. I’d urge you to consider that perhaps the topic of banditry may be well included within said conflict rules, and that the opinions of people who roleplay on LOTC (commonly dubbed: Rpers) may infact be needed to inform these new conflict rules? If you think such, make a player report or such, though it would seem that your banned status speaks for itself to the validity of that claim . However, its a wee bit rude to only say that when replying to a comment and not discuss a single point brought up from such.
  2. Loot based banditry has been my bane on my time on LOTC. It is not looked at with fear, or as a challenge to be overcome, but as a chore, a tedious mess. It is a pain to fight with bandits, it is a pain to circumnavigate around with bandits, even capitulating to bandits and letting your things be taken, its a coinflip whether they shall decide to murder your character or let them go. Even moreso, the vast majority of bandits arnt random rag-tag brigands hiding away from society in the woods-... They’re people in full order uniforms, acting the will of some militairy or religeous order. I have had interactions with bandits roughly about 13 times within the past 2 months, of those times, only 2 of those 13 were not comprised of many members of one established order in matching uniforms. These arnt in-character bandits banditting- these’re just random joes who already have a 9-to-5 deciding to go attack the travelling townies for loot... It doesnt help that these bandits do their best to bend the rules to try and have things go in their favor. (Claiming defender default if someone attacks first to a raised weapon) This is so common, I even managed to catch it on stream a good bit ago.
  3. Favorite and least favorite period/location's history? (For example, 12th century england, etc)
  4. A poster is nailed onto the cloud temple trade board. BRONZE COMMISSIONS: Due to a upcoming project requiring a rather extreme sum of mina to complete, I am opening up commissions. Send a letter to the ‘Very Good Bronze’ cart infront of Sutica to make a commission inquiry, and get a quote. WARNING: If you ask for something that is unwieldy or unusable, I will request exact specifications and make the item to meet such. I will not be denying commissions for stupid useless items. The burden of design is on the head of the commissioner. [Send a forum PM to Quavinir_Twiceborn to send a letter, discord and ingame inquiries will go largely unanswered.] [Useable ingame tools and weapons, given enchantment glow, named, and descriptioned.] Weapons and hafted tools: The carving a of a new mold will cost 1,000 mina, there after, every single item made with said mold will cost between 15-40 mina. There is no upward limit on how many items can be made with said mold. If the mold breaks or cracks, a replacement mold shall be made, with no additional charge to the customer. Items made with already present molds shall only require the fee of production. Weapons and tools may be made of: Tin Bronze: Standard bronze, work hardened. Kuila Bronze: Tin bronze mixed with kuila dust. Glows dimly when held by a casting druid. Bismuth Bronze: Bronze mixed with bismuth crystals, is notably resistant to environmental wear. Arsenical Bronze: Bronze mixed with arsenic, superior work-hardening, yet a chore to make. (5% additional cost for items made of arsenical bronze.) Red Bronze: Low tin bronze, notable ruddy color, inferior hardness and increased bendibility. The wood used for the handles and hafts of the weapons and tools will be to the bronzesmith’s discretion, unless specifically requested otherwise by the customer. Should the customer request a notably difficult to obtain, or difficult to work wood, additional fees may be charged. [Wearable custom playerheads, named, and described] Masks and Helmets: The Carving of a new mold for cast helmets and masks will cost 1,000 mina, there after, every single item made will cost between 35-40 mina. For the creation of beat bronze helmets and masks, there shall be no mold carving fee, yet every item shall cost between 150-200 mina. Masks and Helmets may be made of: Tin Bronze: Standard bronze, work hardened. Kuila Bronze: Tin bronze mixed with kuila dust. Glows dimly when held by a casting druid. Bismuth Bronze: Bronze mixed with bismuth crystals, is notably resistant to environmental wear. Arsenical Bronze: Bronze mixed with arsenic, superior work-hardening, yet a chore to make. (5% additional cost for items made of arsenical bronze.) Red Bronze: Low tin bronze, notable ruddy color, inferior hardness and increased bendibility. [Place-able, and unplacable items, can do custom player-heads on request.] Daily Items, Idols, Ornaments, and Un-hafted Tools: The carving of a new mold for cast daily items, idols, ornaments, and un-hafted tools, will cost 1,000 mina, and depending on size and complexity, will cost between 5-100 mina for each item. Beat bronze items shall forgo the carving price, yet cost between 10-200 mina, depending upon the complexity. Notes and terms: Commissions involving rare or precious stones or metals shall require the commissioner to provide such. Half the mina fee shall be payed upfront to the bronzesmith, and upon completion of the item the other half of the fee shall be required. One may cancel their order at any time, yet depending upon how far along the work is, the customer may only recieve a partial refund. The carving fee, once the mold is complete, is nonrefundable. [Should one wish for an album of the RP item’s creation to be made, I would be more than willing to provide such.] -Bronzesmith Quavinir.
  5. I can only forsee these war rules failing to an extreme degree. Standards are an important thing, and being vague with said standards leaves such to individual interpretation, and inconsistancies.

  6. Please... dear god- if you’re going to remove so much actively played stuff in the server- please provide a suitable replacement. You’ve asked communities to make rewrites, and when that didnt happen instead of /making some form of interim rewrite for the substantial communities- it was decided to simply do away with them./ You’re the story team, but so many of the changes made have the world of LOTC significantly less coherent, and thus a less believable story. Hard shelving of so many creatures, instead of some form of nerfing or rewrite was done insanely. I am probably extremely lucky to be least affected by it, but so many people I know werent. With the upcoming lore games, I am left not hopeful for things finally being kept to a consistent standard- but simply anxious, expecting more shelvings and retcons, and worrying that such might severely affect my- or the roleplay of close friends. Give us these standards A S A P. This mystery isnt fun, its anxiety inducing. P.S: (sorry for being a bit rambly but I’ve just a wee bit more to express) The sheer amount of insanely powerful things on this server is baffling. MArts, creatures, and magics with the capabilities to be properly undefeatable in most circumstances. While I can be fine with such existing, it makes the shelving of so many lesser, and more feeble things seem downright stupid. Actual soul-bearing robots with the abilities to shoot actual star wars esque lasers capable of blasting through plate mail, flesh, and stone in 1-2 emotes is ok... but gibberish speaking faeries arnt...
  7. There gonna be any update to the charter post?

  8. Auric_Saint/Quavinir **Description** Spectral arrows appear to disappear in inventory. **Date of occurance** 6/3/2019 5:45pm EST **In game specifications** Auric_Saint, on the Quavinir persona. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Step 1:Take Spectral arrows out of chest 2. Step 2 Put Spectral Arrows in inventory. 3. Step 3 Watch them disappear 4. Step 4 **Expected Behavior** Arrows be deposited into ones inventory for standard use. **Actual Behavior** Disappearing into nothingness. **Additional Information** Had this just happen. Was putting 2 stacks into my inventory for selling use, and they both visibly disappeared in my inventory. modreq’d, and was told to make a bug report. **Error Message** Nop
  9. Will we finally be able to have forum profile backgrounds???
  10. Will there be a command to clear an item’s description? Or will it simply be /edit info to make the base description, which can than be added onto with /edit moreinfo, but will reset if one does /edit info again? Also, is that 1,000 + the /edit info, or 1,000 altogether? Given we can currently hit around 850 characters comfortably.
  11. @FlamboyantTyrantYou keep moving the date for the vault thread ; – ;

    Atleast keep the dates consistent, or note you’re unsure if you’re gonna

    make deadlines ; – ;.

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      @Flamelynx That attitude isn’t going to help anyone.



      Also, @Archbishop Surely there should be a good reason for further delays, we’re sorry for the unexpected wait.


      Though, as a reminder – this wouldn’t of happened if everyone actually followed vault conduct, regardless:


       I’ve hate to admit that we all must remain patient, apologies. 

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      @jdesarno cool dude : )

  13. You’ll need to have them applied to an account, and than added to the headshop. Might need a devoted account-name, though im not sure. Had crab pot added a wee bit ago, had an alt called ‘crap_pot’ for ages, before giving the account to a buddy. Buddy changed the skin, yet the head is still there.
  14. [!] A bounty is posted on the Cloud Temple Bounty Board [!] 2500 Mina for the capture, and subsequent blinding of the Belvitz Blood Mage Description: Pale, grey eyed male of highland features, bears a scraggly black beard. The man bears a hairstyle by which the sides of his head are shaved, whilst the top of his head still bears much hair. The man is apparently a blood mage, and through means unknown, able to cause intense bleeding from bodilly extremities at will, or through the use of some magic flexio words. Last seen wearing a tattered reddish tunic, alongside a green cloak, tan pants, and dark black or brown boots. Payment Requirements: Those seeking the bounty payment must both capture this mage alive, and remove his eyes without killing him. If required, confirmation can be given to hunters before blinding of whether captured man is infact the mage described before any form of blinding. Bounty Reasoning: The blood mage described attacked me, Quavinir, the issuer of the bounty in a bout of religeous fanaticism when I offered him a new shirt, or to repair his current one, given his current shirt at the time bore a large tear down the armpit. After he asked about the rune on my brow, began casting a foul magic that nearly ruined my eyes, and had I not been prudent in dealing with the wounds, and seeking medical attention, could well have left me permanent blind. Even as I write this my eyes are in great pain. These actions are unacceptable in the highest regards, both in the unprovoked maiming, the near ruination of my life, profession, and general quality of existence, the vile fanaticism, and worst yet, the dissuading of charitable acts. Such shall not be taken lightly.
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