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  1. This is actually due to metal elementalism (and/or any future iterations of magic that may try something similar.) which can apparently circumvent all of that and magically refine things perfectly. Not actually due to transfiguration.
  2. Magegold Ore/Arcaurum Ore (Raw Form) Magegold, otherwise known as Arcaurum, is a notably magical, gold-like metalloid that exists in the realms of Eos and Aos with a notable prolificness. Found both deep below the earth, and in highish crags and cliff-faces, Arcaurum veins can be found nearly anywhere, though found most commonly in veins of quartz in its native form. Mining it out of the earth is no more easy or difficult than mining anything else out. Magegold ‘ore’ standardly looks identical to veins of native gold, or aurum. In truth, seemingly exactly like gold to those not specifically trained to notice its differences. The main tell-tale difference of mage-gold ore and native-gold is its strikingly light-weight in comparison to standard gold. When separated from its rock, unrefined magegold nuggets weigh only two-thirds of that which a gold nugget of the same size would weigh. Likewise, magegold ore, if put above a flame, would begin to heat up far quicker than standard gold, and is capable of being melted down completely in under half a minute by a low forge flame into a vividly red molten liquid. Likewise, unlike standard aurum, magegold ore will naturally resist any form of magical purification or inspection, wether through transfiguration, or shamanism, magegold ore will resist such completely. A transfigurationist being unable to either feel the component parts of the ore, nor separate it apart, hence demanding the ore be refined through more mundane means. It is notably not resistant to magic which aims to heat, or shape it,or otherwise, only identify or separate it. These qualities are actually not due to the mage-gold itself, but due to the unique chemical structure of the ore it is contained in. Magegold ore is a unique combination of elemental Arcaurum, and lithium, being comprised of roughly 40% lithium, and 60% Arcaurum. This chemical structure gives the magegold an identical appearance to gold, however grants it its bizarre qualities in ore form. Applications (Raw Form) Magegold ore is relatively useless. Though it looks pretty, and is somewhat light, it is little more than a chunk metally rock. Though it can be melted quicker than normal gold, this melted ore is not particularly insulative, nor able to radiate heat well, making it less effective than even burning oil as thermal weaponry. Likewise, mage-gold ore lacks the anti-undead effects of standard aurum chunks. Red Lines (Raw Form) -Magegold ore looks identical to native gold, and other than its weight, quick melting time, and magical differences, is visually indiscernible from gold. -Magegold ore cannot be sensed, refined, or separated magically, (Mainly to keep people from getting hunks of elemental lithium.) though is susceptible to any other magic stimuli like anything else. -Magegold ore is not receptive to enchantments, nor particularly effective against undead. -Magegold, and its ore, does not require a node, nor ST oversight to be gathered, refined, nor worked. However, enchanted items made with magegold does require ST oversight and signatures where applicable. Magegold/Arcaurum (Refined Form) Refined Magegold, dubbed simply Magegold, or Arcaurum, is distinctly different from gold both in appearance, strength, and qualities. First and foremost, magegold bears a ever so slightly darker coloration than standard aurum, however, it bears a slight, yet clearly notable translucence, with most bright lights vaguely passing through its surface, and shining a dim yellow light out its opposite side, even refracting the light if faceted like a gem to do so . Despite its significantly differing appearance, magegold weighs the exact same as standard gold, to the point that if one were to cast 2 of the same object, one out of aurum, and one out of Arcaurum, they would have the exact same weight and distribution of weight. The softness and malleability of magegold is extreme, to the extent that a medium sized coin of magegold could be bent, and broken apart by hand with notable effort. A dagger blade of magegold would be so weak that one could snap the blade over one’s knee with little difficulty, and a firm mace strike would immediately snap- or even shatter such a blade. This combined with its weight makes it nigh useless for functional weapons or armor. Magegold is exceptionally soft and malleable, and does not require any notable heat to be shaped. Though it is able to be both hot, and cold forged (though with some matter of delicateness given its fragility), it is still able to be melted down and cast just as easily. Likewise, unlike its ore form, magegold is notably extra receptive to being shaped via magical means, those with magical abilities able to shape or change the metal finding it far less fatiguing than most any other substance to work with. However, magegold lacks the anti-undead burn of aurum, and is completely useless for such a task. If enchanted, (and the relevant magic does not have its own description of enchanted mage-gold, which would apply instead of this one), items made of magegold will have a vague, swirling glow in their center, looking akin to glowing, flowing water, swirling inconsistently on itself. This glow is only noticeable up close, with the light, nor the movement within the item noticeable unless holding the item up to one’s eye, or in complete and total darkness. Applications (Refined Form) Magegold, other than its use for jewelery or baubles due to its visible beauty, is exceptionally receptive to enchantments, more than nearly any other substance in existence. Though a small gem of magegold may be made for use as a mana-gem for enchantments, its ability to be used for enchantment scales with the size of the magegold item itself, allowing for objects made entirely of mage-gold to be used for some of the most powerful enchantments known to the descendants.* Red Lines (Refined Form) -Magegold has no notable anti-undead qualities. -The glow of enchanted magegold, unless stated otherwise with specific enchantment lore, is barely noticeable. -Magegold is notably fragile, with most magegold items able to be destroyed or significantly damaged with strikes from most weapons. -*Magegold does not empower enchantments, though it has the capacity for greater enchantments than any other material (at the time of writing). These enchantments, or requirement for magegold in said enchantments must be written down in their own respective lore-pieces. -Magegold bears a melting temperature of roughly 1,000 degrees celsius, Refining Technique Magegold ore is laughably easy to refine. Given it is standardly found in its native form, all ‘refining’ magegold requires is its separation from whatever stone it was found on, and melting it down. Magegold ore, due to its high lithium content, bears a melting temperature of 700 degrees celsius. If heated to 700 degrees celsius or higher for 30 seconds, the ore shall catch fire in a brilliant red flame, and instantaneously melt. The magegold must be continually heated, and kept in its liquid form for a minimum of 4 minutes, in which all the lithium shall be burnt away. Should the metal be cooled before the lithium has burnt away, it shall create an impure alloy, which will be functionally identical to the ore, both magic rejecting and weak. Once the lithium is burnt away, the melted metal can be cooled, and cast into ingots or whatever shape one pleases with little issue. Refining Red Lines -The lithium component of magegold ore is irrecoverable, and unable to be either isolated, nor gathered up. -Magegold ore must have all its lithium burnt away to be properly refined. -Alloys with magegold, though well possible, are by no means advantageous. If mixed with ferrous metals, it would make the alloy yellowish, weak akin to gold, yet not have any notable capacity for holding enchantments. If mixed with aurum, it would weaken aurum's undead harming capabilities, make an alloy ever so slightly weaker than gold, yet not have any special capacity for enchantment. Though certain high magegold content alloys could be made as to make a colored, vaguely translucent metal, none will be strong at all, nor have any special capacity for enchantment. -At the initial refinement of magegold ore, the melting temperature is 700 degrees celsius due to its lithium content. After being refined, and all its lithium content removed, magegold bears a melting temperature of roughly 1,000 degrees celsius. Purpose (OOC) Magegold has been a part of LOTC for years and years and years, and despite a post being made specifically saying magegold isnt required anymore as a material, or a distinction between materials, its been very specifically mentioned as part of a half dozen lore-posts (including one by the person who wrote that magegold wasn’t a thing anymore???) and also written to be a required part of certain enchantments. This piece was written both to re-interpret magegold in a fun and flavorful way, and to actually define the stuff for all the magics and lore-stuffs using it.
  3. Eh. Homophobia is sorta just something I’ve come to expect from the bulk of the nations of LOTC, coming from someone who primarily plays gay characters, its been gratingly bog-standard for years. Whether this is purely IC, or OOCly motivated, is probably above my paygrade. LOTC is, oddly enough, one of the more excessively evil and violent fantasy worlds, where there is a constant stream of violent bigots and racial purists, blindly loyal and moralless soldiers willing to commit heinous atrocities by the whim of a superior, murderous 100% greed driven bandits, sadistic torturous psychopaths who take great joy from pain, and hyper-psychotic killers and dark mages. By comparison, homophobia seems a bit tame. However, its in that same vein that the world of LOTC has shockingly large amount of freedom of movement. If one’s character is persecuted for X-Y and Z, they can just... go elsewhere at the drop of a hat, and be able to integrate into a more accommodating society. Most characters and creatures are not physically nor mechanically bound to a community, and it is in this way that if a character doesn’t want to be persecuted by an oppressive and bigoted people- they can take a 5 minute walk to a settlement filled with people that will accept them more or less as they are. Despite what people may initially think, there are relatively safe places in LOTC where divergent and non-neurotypical characters will be accepted pretty easily. As vexing and annoying as fantasy homophobia is, its not something you have to deal with.
  4. Added a few more facts to the thread. Theres some weirdy ones.

  5. Added a few more fun facts, decently happy at the growing length of this thread. Ehh, the issue is that LOTC has had many different periods that different people may claim to be the ‘dark days’ of LOTC. I may say I view mid-late Anthos, or late Vailor as the darkest times of LOTC, but I know a good swath of people who claim those as their favorite. Heck, some view the present as the worst LOTC has been.
  6. Added some new facts to the bizarre and fun facts thread.

  7. I added a few more fun facts that hopefully some people will enjoy. Im glad people are liking this post so far. Not especially, but I just have been wanting to make something like this for a good while, so I put a good bit of effort into it. My memory is notoriously bad with alot of things, but stupid LOTC facts with no outside use I remember surprisingly well. Makes sense. Though would south be directly below Atlas? Or is the map not necessarilly aligned with the cardinal directions? Type in <https://www.lordofthecraft.net:80/wiki/wikka.php?wakka> into the wayback machine. Direct links don’t seem to be working with this unfortunately. The anthos temp wiki however is still accessible. https://lotc-wiki.wikidot.com/
  8. Aloha! Given LOTC has had such a bizarre history, I thought it’d be fun to write down some of the more crazy and fun things I’ve seen. This is both lore-wise, and OOC, but hopefully this will let some people learn some things, or atleast have a decent chuckle. (The “You’re Banned Game” post by Watyll) #1: The longest thread on the forums is a forum game. Made in mid 2012 and running until mid 2016, the “You’re Banned Game” on the forums boasts a whopping 927 pages. Originally, before the forums updated and changed how comment pages were calculated, it had well 1,000 pages. The “You’re Banned” game was simple. all one did was find a reason to ‘ban’ the person who commented above them, and simply say ‘banned for ‘x’. Given the forums ran differently back than, and featured most recently updated content rather than most recently posted content, the You’re Banned Game, and other forum games were constantly featured. The You’re Banned Game was favored due to its simplicity and lack of any real competition, and many renamed themselves or gave themselves custom forum titles specifically referencing this game. It was really pretty nice. (An excerpt from the application of Ghonnereabag12 #2: The most Repped Post on the Forums is an Application Made on March 25th, 2012, the most repped thread on the forums was made. The application of “Ghonnereabag12”. A vulgar, vaguely racist, comedic application telling the story of the Jamaican, Jewish, Detroit-born gangster and criminal Tyrone. Applying once and never applying again, our dear friend made one post, and that was that, the king of joke applications, and arguably the most well liked of all memes, it goes to show you dont need to stick around to make an impact. #3: LOTC has a Dinosaur Land Yes you read correctly, dinosaurs arnt just still alive in the world of LOTC, there is an entire country far off on the world LOTC takes place on that is inhabited not just by large dinosurs such as Trexes and Sauropods, but man eating plants and animals. Inhabited by wandering clans of desperate hunter-gathers, elves in cities on trees, and even a thriving human port city. Vectra, LOTC’s own Dinotopia, is a implemented and canon land in the world of LOTC where one can claim their character was born and raised before immigrating to Arcas, or whatever previous or subsequent land you choose. Speaking of lands... (A screenshot of Telarith, a town owned by Telanir) #4 There has been a Played Map that is NOT CANON. In late 2012, LOTC’s 2nd major continent, Asulon, became physically unplayable due to a myriad of reasons, with the backup of the map file being difficult to obtain. Though a tempoary-map was planned between the move from Asulon to Anthos, the corruption of Asulon made the transition inexplicable in-character. To remedy this issue, the administration decided to create a temporary, non-canon map for the players of LOTC to RP on. Set in an alternate universe where the descendants failed to travel from Aegis to Asulon, and instead crashed on a few islands, this map was fully freebuild with little to no regioned areas. Given the freedom to build wherever one pleases, the apathy of the lore team, and the freedom to temporarilly play a completely new character, many chose to play extreme and outlandish characters, such as 10 foot tall high elves, or flourescent pink orcs. (A basic graph of the world LOTC takes place on, shared by Zarsies) #5: LOTC’s World is a Giant Frisbee The world LOTC takes place on isn’t a sphere, a square, or even a box. LOTC’s world is a double-sided disc, with each side being generally inaccessible from the other, to the point that they’re viewed as separate dimensions. The ‘origin’ side, where the bulk of the 4 brother’s history takes place is called ‘Aos’, whilst the opposite side, which was home to both Anthos and Asulon, is referred to as Eos. (Excerpt from the earliest lore-post of the Khrarjyr, made by Xerdun.) #6: Kharajyr were originally made by Iblees. Kharajyr, LOTC’s troubled aztec cat people weren’t always the creation of a now giant skeleton, infact, in of the earliest drafts of the lore still on the forums, Kharajyr are specifically Iblees tainted animals with vague intelligence, that were blessed by a variety of aenguls simultaneously with sentience, bipedal legs, and opposable thumbs, kharajyr were made to be weapons of Iblees turned against their initial creator. (Excerpt from the Asulon Wiki) #7: Dwarves had an entire official language that was so unpopular it was forgotten. In modern day LOTC, most races atleast have a decent history with another language. The Valois (or auvergnians depending on who you ask) introduced French to humans in Aegis, Elven has been used since near the server’s beginning, orcish blah has become nearly synonymous with orcish culture, yet, the dwarves have only begun using a unique language recently- or so one might think. A decently long list of words and substitutions can be found on the Asulon wiki, originally posted by Kirrekith in early 2012, yet barely any forum posts can be found using any of the unique dwarven words. It wouldn’t be until Anthos that the first speckles of the modern ‘ancient dwarves’ would begin being used. After the Asulon wiki became defunct, asulonic dwarven has scant ben heard from ever again. (Excerpt from ‘The Abyss’ By Swgrclan) #8: The Starting land of Aegis got New Londo’d. The starting land of Aegis is quite literally infused with a consuming evil darkness and is also in a giant pit, filled with cancerous mutants with dark magic, undead, and ruled by a eternally undead armored telepathic philomath. Made so due to a big battle between Aeriel and Iblees (and a few lore-writers’ penchant for dark souls-esque writing), it was used as a source for dark magic, and for possible events. (Archive Screenshot of the Game Team in early 2019.) #9: There have been nearly twice as many defunct staff teams than current ones. The history of LOTC’s staff has been a rocky one, however, it has been worse believe it or not. Currently there is 6 separate teams, Story, Community, Moderation, Technical, World, and Admin. However, there have been far more separate staff teams, with even more members. Not including rebranded, or merged teams, the list of defunct teams is as follows: 1. Wiki Team – Volunteers for wiki updating and maintenance, this team saw 3 separate iterations over the course of a decade. Though many times very useful, each iteration seemingly fell to having large swaths of its member group do very little, causing the decision making teams at the time to can them, favoring to put their duties to the Application Team (now Community Team) or even Lore Team (now Story Team). 2. Villain Application Team - The team incharge of reviewing and judging villain applications (applications required for one to play a villainous character) had 2 separate iterations, one in Asulon and Anthos, and another in Axios. The Villain Application team (or VAT) was useful so long as villain applications were a thing. When villain applications were removed, so were the VAT. 3. Server Moderator - One of the most shortlived staff teams in the server’s history, the server moderator (or SM) was made as to be a non-decision making counterpart to the Moderator Team. This team was simply to deal with basic conflict and the ever-constant stream of modreqs for various game issies. 4. Game Moderator - A bizarre separation, a Game moderators, separate both from standard moderation, or forum moderation, is a team I know very little of admittedly. From what I can tell, it was a similar team in early 2019 to server moderator. 5. Magic Moderator - A team technically separate from both the Lore Team, GM, and ET, the Magic Moderator was a staff member specifically capable for dealing with issues and lore to do with magic and magical creatures, places, and items, and took a more proactive role ingame than the LT of the day. 6. Magic Application Team - Separate both from Magic Moderator, Lore Master (Later changed to Lore Team, and than Story Team) and either of the other application teams, the Magic Application Team was a team specifically for reviewing, judging, and keeping track of all users of magic on the server. In times past, magic applications were some of the most difficult applications to finish on the server (with things such as ORQs, RP scenarios, full character backstory, personality, etc.) with the MAT reviewing each and every one. 7. Mentors - Going from a standardly player run team, to a staff team, to a player run team again, the mentor team was made to help new players become integrated to the server, as well as educate willing players of lore, proper RP etiquette, and overall provide information as needed. 8. Guides - Similar to the mentor team, but being distinct as their own team, and even existing parallel to the mentor’s team, the guide team was made to educate the playerbase, create guides on the forums, assist with the wiki, and generally be a good example for other players on the server. 9. Media Team - A team with a couple iterations, the media team was a group whose entire focus was providing media (whether be it music, skins, srt, renders, screenshots, videos, etc)for both use by member of LOTC, or to promote and advertise LOTC to the outside world. The team was commonly plagued by long swaths of little to no activity in both iterations, leading to their disbanding. The ‘Content Creator’ rank in Community Team is somewhat similar to the Media Team of old. 10. Forum Moderator - The bane of trolls and the patron saints of the You’re Banned Game, forum moderators were a team whose entire prerogative was ensuring the forums were organized and orderly. Before the advent of discord, the forums were used far more frequently, and for a more wide variety of reasons. When the forums started to be used less and less, with laxer standards and with less consistency, the forum moderation team was disbanded, with a few GMs given the reigns to keep the forums in check. 11. Safety Team - A ill fated, and vestigial team that in the end may not have even been originally assembled, the Safety Team was intended to work against moral degradation and sexual predators on the server. Due to its vagueness, early announcing, and lack of planning, the Safety Team was removed as quickly as it was made. The top of the Lord of The Craft Planetminecraft Thread #10: Voting didn’t use to be rewarded, it was mandatory. Due to the popularity and consistent use of websites such as Planetminecraft, Lord of The Craft’s promotion on these sites was extremely important to its growth. Hence, for a period of time around late 2011 to early 2013, to be accepted to the server, it was mandatory for a player both to copy and paste their application in its entirety onto LOTC’s planetminecraft thread, but also to vote for the server on planetminecraft, and write down one’s voter number. This voter number would be cross-referenced, and one could have their application denied for not voting. Donations listed on the previous Kharajyr Thread #11: Some of the most influential changes have been due to server donations. Whether done in back ally deals or official donations, money has a way of getting things done on LOTC. Both the ascended, and kharajyr were added as official ‘races’ due to donations of only around 2-300$ USD (Im an aether donator, where is my race?) Though there are dozens of unconfirmed rumors of other large changes due to ‘donations’ or money changing hands. (An excerpt from ‘(4.0) Ghouls by Druinsbane) #12: There has been almost 20 separate varieties of playable undead on LOTC Talk about a rough crowd, there has been many separate versions of undead non-ET/ST members could play regularly on Lord of The Craft, whether sourced from some kind of god, one’s own internal darkness, or a fancy set of evil runes and binding magic, there has been loads of different kind of undead. The list is as follows: Ghouls, ghosts, gravens, liches, wraiths, wights, Harbingers, Ibleesian Undead, Burzdukutotaz Intelligent Undead, zombies, dopplegangers, pale knights, dread knights, death knights, abyssal knights (But only half undead???), darkstalkers, dreygur, and drowned. Also, for this fact SPECIFICALLY, I was asked to ding in a disclaimer, even if I do find it a bit silly. #13: There has been 2 accepted playable frog men on LOTC, that isn’t alot but its weird that its happened twice. Wonks, through some bizarre turn of events, were somehow not the first playable frog people on LOTC. The Man-Frogs of Lenfarthing, a race so complex they had atleast 8 known words, 4 of which were written down, encompassed their entire spoken language. With a complex hormonal system and limited intelligence, the man-frog was the original frog men on LOTC, unfortunately leaving little lasting impact on the server as a whole. #14: Aeldin exists due to a server exodus In mid 2013, many were extremely unhappy with the way the server was being ran. Not just bandits or a couple unhappy players, but moderators, admins, and many prominent members of the community. At the time, LOTC was the only largescale RP community bringing in large numbers. High-school RP hadn’t taken off, and LOTC had very few competitors. Hence, it was a big deal when a large group of prominent LOTC players announced their departure for a new startup server made by a former LOTC player. This departure, at the time, was referred to as the mass exodus, and in character, was a large amount of characters hopping on boats, and sailing the heck off Anthos. However, a good few months later, this competing server was beginning to fall apart, causing most of the players who left LOTC to return. However, given it hadn’t been that long, most people wanted to play their previous characters, or descendants of their previous characters- but they had all sailed off into the great unknown, where did they go?... The answer: Aeldin. A mystical land now ruled by the Oren empire with its own history and societies and people groups, extremely similar to the Oren of the day, but better and more stable in almost every way. Initially, a large amount of LOTC staff rejected Aeldin, however, whether through genuine acceptance, erosion of resistant, or simply writing it in and not taking no crap, Aeldin became accepted into LOTC cannon. Its also argueable that orcish horns stem from the same origin, as the orc-like race on this competing server (referred to as Hobgoblins, but were just as large as orcs, spoke orcish, had tusks, and were basically just LOTC orcs) had horns, and horns only started popping up on orcs after the fall of the competing server. Thats all I have for now. I might edit in some other fun or interesting facts I find, or forgot to put in. I hope you guys enjoy! Lemme know if there is anything I missed, or simply whether you liked something like this.
  9. As of current, there is the precedent of mounted crossbows, those being high powered crossbows just under the size of a ballista, which though requiring permanent or semi-permanent emplacements, bear the strongest power of any regularly used non-siege based weaponry. They require a team of two, and take 6 emotes to fire between the two users (3 emotes from each person manning the crossbow.) Though this is quicker than an arbalest, and punches significantly harder, it requires 2 devoted characters manning it. Though there is historical examples of certain forms of mounted crossbow being manned by a single individual, both for larger historical precedent, and for balancing purposes, it was elected that mounted crossbows take 6 emotes total. Likewise, they’re relatively unmovable in certain circumstances, requiring a proper cart (of which there is large amounts of historical depictions of siege-crossbows on carts with 2 men manning them.) With that explained, something like this is extremely powerful. Given the 3 emotes needing to fire split between 2 people, the mobility of this crossbow, and its power equating to a ballistae, this would dominate any and all engagements (both sieges, and daily use) it would be brought into. Given its able to fire faster than a shortbow, is more maneuverable than a mounted crossbow, and punches as hard as a weapon used for siege warfare. While I dont think something like this would cause issue in events, the moment it is taken out of such I worry greatly. As for the writeup of the item itself, I have a few critiques. If a bow is able to be set in place and strung in two emotes in the heat of battle, it is not likely that it will be able to hold much tension (especially not ballistae level tension), given neither the rope, nor limbs would likely be very secured. 99% of bows and bow-based siege equipment have relatively permanent limb placement. Black ferrum is seemingly a more brittle form of steel, given it can apparently shatter if struck in a worn place, as such, I dont think bows made with black ferrum would be suitable for many tension based weapons. Quantifying things would be helpful. A bracket is something usually used to attach something to a wall, yet I assume you mean that this is something akin to a tripod set-up? Likewise, defining its accuracy or lack there of would be advantageous, what quantifies as ‘low number of shots (3? 9? 80???) alongside the item’s average weight and size given its specifically made to be carried around. There are a good few ways for one to mobilize their siege force, whether through carts, siege towers, boats, and pre-set out minecart tracks. Outside of this, I worry for the GM, ET, or just general players who have to keep watch for players moving ballistae around in the middle of warfare with no designated build, given a relatively permanent emplacement is far easier to deal with for anyone moderating.
  10. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  11. Heya, I gave this a read over, and am a good bit... confused. This material isn’t bad at all, but its comparisons leave me confused, and it seems to contradict itself in a few places, given the equivalencies are done with bronze and copper. I will try to phrase these questions and critiques in a legible manner. - Things need to be more defined. Something being very light should be given a comparison (For example, half the weight of iron, etc) or how great a ‘great amount of force’ is and how that would apply for ‘shattering’ it. (would a hammer strike shatter the metal? Yet its specifically not supposed to shatter and specifically written it couldnt???) -Ductility directly translates into durability and edge retention. So persay, if something was as ductile as copper, it would loose its edge as fast as a blade made out of copper. Durability is the same, if something is as easy to bend into shape as copper, it would be just as easy to bend out of shape as copper. Though I understand wanting to make something easier to repair, it makes the lore confusing. If it as easy to bend as copper, it would be as durable as copper, thats what ductility means. -Bronze itself is very ductile, and depending on the mixture, can be even more ductile than copper, however, where copper can be deformed alot with little change, bronze bears a greater capacity to be work hardened. What does that mean? Effectively, bronze can be bent and beat to be harder than it would be when its cast, yet if this is done too much at a single point, that point can become brittle and that section will snap. However, bronze as a general rule is very ductile, even after being work hardened, and its bending the thing back and forth over and over and over again that would cause it to break. As such. unless you’re using a extremely nonstandard bronze alloy (Such as speculum bronze, which was used for observatory mirrors), bronze never shatters. Making comparisons to bronze in that degree makes it a wee bit silly. -Theres a dozen or so different types of bronze, with differing strengths, rigidity, and brittleness. Finding a good equivalency (for example, 12% tin bronze, etc) would be very advantageous, given one could one day claim their blade is as bendable and unaffected as mild bronze, but than another claim it can flex like phosphor bronze. -The refining method leaves me confused. It seems to sound like one needs to beat and and fold it akin to a bloom of bog iron, however previously its remarked that beating the ore effectively ‘kills it’ making it loose all of its color and use- does heat nullify this effect? But also it mentions a great amount of force would shatter the metal so wouldn’t this shatter it? -How is Saldorsite worked? Is it beat into shape like iron and steel? Or cast like bronze and silver? -Is this material alive? What does dead saldorsite do? How do you avoid killing it while working with it? -This is probably my most flaccid of critiques, and the one you should feel more free to entirely disregard- but I feel its sorta... silly making this form the exact same, and with green and oceanic kuila. While I can understand the chlorophyte inspiration, it makes it a wee bit silly with this just randomly popping up and having nothing to do with druids or the aspects, given kuila is specifically a crystal formed from nature energies to hold and use that same energy- it is a bit nonsensical. If you want it to be something that grows- I advise trying to find a niche of making it grow somewhere there isnt already a fringe use sometimes glowing material.
  12. Nexus was adertised initially as a system of buffs to encourage specialization and economy- however the end product was moreso a set of restrictions and far off buffs that, coupled with pvp default, created an economy heavilly dependant on grinding, combat buffs, and bizarre recipes only obtainable through grinding "caskets" (effectively lootboxes). Instead of creating wide-scale interdependence as a means of pushing for rp, it created wide scale cloistering, grinding, rp decisions revolving entirely on ingame mechanics, the wide-scale devalueing of crafting rp, mass afking (both for crafting times, and for reaching the playtime limits to gain profession slots.) and infinite frustrations for new, and old players alike. Nexus crafting never encouraged roleplay, it encouraged skype requests for stacks of haybales and boasts of one-shot bows and studded leather armor. Nexus didnt create notable smiths who could tell you how they work a metal, it created endles treadmills of more and more made up metals used by people who couldnt tell a doming hammer from a rasp- that only served as another gateway to have an extra damage percent on a sword or armor piece. Nexus didnt create woodshops and mills , run by astute wood workers and carpenters who did such as a job- it created random wood elf soldiers in all nations (selected due to the exp increase with woodworker and increased bow damage) who spent most of their time doing guard or soldier stuff but would crap out a few thousand compost boxes every once in a while. Nexus didnt create skilled leather workers who tanned fine leather, and worked it into plenty of viable and interesting crafts, it bred leather burning guards and randos who torched leather like a coalflame in pursuit of nothing meaningful but higher bow damage bonuses. Nexus didnt create astute stonemasons, who crafted fine works of stone or intrestingly cut gems- it created... stone bricks and stone stairs, and... useles copy-paste gems that every other stonemason could make. But hey- atleast they got to mes with armor later down the line... Nexus didnt breed rp community and a sense of worth for every player, it created ooc competitions of time investment for top profession XP, where dozens of players would forgo any sort of rp interaction just to keep up the grind and keep climbing the ladder. Nexus didnt create personable chefs and bakers, toiling away at their bakery to make their honest coin- it created random food boxes in every city, refreshed with food daily by city leaders or guards, that would inevitably expire whether it was used or not, forcing players to waste time clicking away wheat than clicking away at spreadsheet crafting menus, and spend their sweet time clicking food into existence to be stuck in a box, repeat- ad infinitum, with the main gain of progression with interacting with this system- was getting longer expiry times. If a reward for a system is to interact with the system less, something screwed up. Nexus didnt create worthwhile shepherds and breeders, with specialized tools, farms, techniques, and facilities to manage their modest flocks and packs, it created sprawling underground farms and towers, filled with lag inducingly large numbers of animals, killed and bred at the daily to get as much as possible, with the only deciding factors of success and progression being time investment, and not having your farm massacred by disgruntled mods and techs trying to keep the server from lagging to death. The magic plugin- the plugin that was hyped for 5 actual years, had multiple nexus mechanics and crafting recipes, and was teased as the ultimate merging of rp and mechanics- that never came, was the cherry ontop the evergrowing pile of BS that was nexus. Likewise, dont forget how the economy became so fucked up that in vailor- actual buyshops were made at the cloud temple as to stabilize the constantly diminishing price of every single good, and grant value to the 2 dozen useless items who only served as potential magic plugin pieces. As of current, i feel the economy is relatively fine. In most established cities, you can find shops selling massive varieties of items (both rp items, and standard mc ones) for variety of prices. There exists rarer materials and items that are very sought after, and specialists with know how on things are commonly consulted and commissioned for goods and/or services. If this suggested plugin is anything vaguely like Nexus, I can whole heartedly say it will severely detract from the mission of this server to provide a fun avenue for creative storytelling. And before there is even a vague note of it only being for pvp- take a looksy here. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166343-on-the-state-of-pvpnexus/?tab=comments#comment-1572243
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