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  1. Sling is A tier man. Fast shooting, breaking bones with proper bullets. Blowgun is D tier- even lower if that was a possibility. Do little more than stick into people a bit. Shortbow is under-used, though outdone by most other bows, its still viable. solid B+. Crank crossbows are mostly hunting weapons, though are somewhat viable. Solid C tier.
  2. I can only express how much I appreciate this guide, and empathized with certain examples. (Accents are a ***** aint they). Great job on this.
  3. [!] Various bounty posters are set about in applicable realms and lands that allow such. BOUNTY: MAYOR PHILIP 2,000 Mina for the removal of eyes, and thence blinding of the current mayor of Helena, Philip Louis, or the live presentation of such for blinding. Money shall be given upon proof of blinding being brought to the goblin, Anethryn Arinenur, or Philip being presented, alive, bound, and restrained. Bounty issued on reason of treachary. The seizure of funds, the vandalism of property, and the corruption of intentionally wrongfully framing one as to cause harm to the individual of Anethryn Arinenur. Kindness shall earn you an ally and a friend, yet treachery shall earn you an enemy for life. Seek out Anethryn Arinenur for additional details, or for price negotiation for such job.
  4. I am... conflicted on the notion of guns in LOTC. I feel that it would be best to have a publicly viewable concrete proposal first, given there is extremely varied discussions for all sorts of things- as many of the arguements in this thread hinge upon certain expectations of what said guns would be like. I have a level of apprehension with guns (though I have that apprehension with most new combat related magics, critters, feats, etc.) but LOTC has implemented far more extreme things. If accepted guns are different in capabilities from IRL ones, I hope that such differences are something that are pasted on half everything LOTC-gun related, as to keep from wide-spread misunderstanding.
  5. **MC Names of all involved** Auric_Saint **Description** If you turn the pages of a book and quill item too fast it crashes your game. **Date of occurance** 3/23/20 10:44 PM EST **In game specifications** On Quavinir Persona, in Sutica. **Steps to Reproduce** Step 1: Have a book and quill with a decent amount of writing in it. Step 2: Turn pages- Step 3: After turning around 10 pages it will crash your game. **Expected Behavior** You should be able to turn pages without your game crashing. **Actual Behavior** Your game crashes. **Additional Information** This has been happening for a bit, though seemingly has gotten alot worse as of late. **Error Message** Here is the crash log.
  6. Selling foodstuffs for cheap on auction, finding and selling to buy-shops for wood, and voting are a good way to get some money to begin investing in better supplies. After such, selling large amounts of bulk goods in shulker boxes, funding RP item creation (whether having others make it, or making them yourself), or filling certain niches by selling commonly used, yet undersold items (book-cases, maps, etc) can be extremely lucrative, but takes a bit of mina investment to get the needed items. If you write good enough, books can be unfathomably lucrative, especially if priced well. Furthermore, multi-part series (that actually fill the books entirely) will ensure that every new addition gets bought up by those whom had bought the previous, and those wishing to fill their libraries will do their best to gain the entire set. (Just remember to sell copies of copies so that the books you sell cant be rescribed.)
  7. MC Username: Auric_Saint, Hireling, and Slaves_To_Armok Discord: Quavinir#1445 Which Category you wish to work on: Metallurgy Why you wish to work on that Category: Most of my time on the server is spent with things atleast vaguely related to metallurgy. My main character is a bronzesmith who works cuprous alloys, and I m messaged quite frequently regarding things to do with smithing and metallurgy What you want to see from that Category: I would like to see defined limits. I would like to see what materials we have access to, and what things we’re able to use and experiment with. Given the magical nature of Lordofthecraft, the discovery, isolation, and processing of materials would happen differently than IRL, as such, I would like to see materials used that our characters would reasonably be able to use, yet have our characters’ knowledge restricted on things they’d have no ability to understand given our technological and magical prowesses.
  8. I guess this more comes as confusion as to how magnetus works. I’ve done a good hunk of research on lodestones (naturally magnetically charged hunks of iron ore) and I am a bit confused. How is magnetus ore refined, and not somehow loose its charge? I assume the ore would be /melted down/ in temperatures above that acceptable for its refined state to maintain its magnetic charge, yet somehow retain its magnetic charge? How is this metal refined if not in that method? Is Magnetus ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic or diamagnetic? How strong is this metal? Is it very rigid? malleable? ductile? How magnetic is this metal? If it pulls at something than to what extent- would it yank something out of a sheath? Would having a magnetus sheathe undo the effects of a magnetus pillar pulling at the weapon?
  9. OK. I am going to try and be coherent with this- but this needs some heavy work. Writing lore for a god who acts as an origin story for behaviors that are downright intrinsic to humanity is a heavy enough proposition, and while I can appreciate the more traditional approach to such (such as how Odin revisited the mortal world as to create society) it is an extremely finnicky thing to write an origin story for /art and music/ and birdsongs nearly 10 years into this server’s lifespan. It is a heavy thing to retcon the origin of the arts (basic bird behaviour) to be from an aengul whose name has never been uttered on the server previous, and than even further, posit that the most common symbol, both IRL and OOCly for the arts, is sourced from this same aengul. While conceptually, a aengul of arts and emotions is cool and interesting, making it the origin story for so many things is something I cannot agree with, especially purely to justify the creation of a magic. ONTO specifics: Aenguls are not formed based on a response to descendental happenings or emotions akin to the warp of Warhammer. There is creation lore on the forums that explains where the aenguls came from. This lore posits that there was no such thing as music, dancing, art, or birdsongs before the battle of iblees and the curses, likewise, it ties the origins of the ‘birdsong’ a basic animal behaviour tied to the perview of the aspects, to this aengul... Furthermore, it posits that every land has had this aengul’s magical auditorium, which while I understand we have to BS things a little bit to write anything happening in the past, that would claim that there is a physical place in every single land (including our current one, in Arcas) created by this aengul-... which there hasnt been, ever.
  10. [Emblem done as a commission by https://twitter.com/AatsChronicles ] The Metal-Workers Guild The Metal-Workers Guild is an guild for both the teaching, employing, and fostering of skill for smiths and workers of metals. The guild-house is located in Sutica, however, the guild is open to people of all races, creeds, and nationalities; so long as they bear the skill or wish to gain the skill to work metal, and the ability to work together with others in a civilized manner. Within the guild exists 3 ranks. Member, Journeyman, and Guildmaster, the last of which is filled by Quavinir Twiceborn. A Standard Guild Member is the starting rank of any whom join the guild. They’re expected to either have the know-how of how to work their metal of choice, or the initiative to be taught how to work said metal. A Standard Guild Member is afforded the following: The ability to receive and fill orders and assignments issued by the guild for payment. The allowance to use guild supplies, and make use of the forge in the guild house. The ability to request both supplies, aid, and teaching from the guild/guild members. A Guild Journeyman is a standard guild member whom has proven their competence and consistency in their craft through the filling of orders and guild assignments, and has proven a asset to the guild. A Journeyman has a higher bar of expectations, yet a greater amount of boons from the guild. A guild journeyman is expected to display their alignment to the guild on his commercial property, and is expected to maintain the consistency of their work. A Guild Journeyman, in addition to the privileges of a standard member, is afforded the following: First pick of any orders submitted to the guild within the perview of one’s specializations. Free drinks from the tavern in the main square of Sutica. If the smith does not have one already, and wishes for one- the guild shall act as to attain for the smith a shop, or stall, in the smith’s city of choice The guild is searching both for able smiths, those looking to learn to be smiths. To join the guild as a standard member, please send a letter [Forum PM] addressed to Quavinir Twiceborn at our guild house in Sutica. (address- Old Town 1). General Rules: Do not steal from, or harm another guild member. We rise and fall together. If you pickup an order, follow through, as one member’s failure is the guild’s failure. We rise and fall together. Treat your fellow guild member well, a bad smith is simply a good smith who does not know good techniques. We rise and fall together. Represent the guild well, and tarnish not its name. We rise and fall together. We’re a team, and one member’s prosperity is the guild’s prosperity. We rise and fall together.
  11. Renamed shulker boxes are not place-able (as with most renamed blocks), HOWEVER, hold down shift and right click and you can still access it and its contents.
  12. OK. I am left a bit confused by this. I understand the basis of this, one basically turns sand into some form of metal though a magical process. Ok, cool. But what is this metal? What is its properties? Whats its rigidness, its density, its melting point, (etc)? How does the differing compositions of sand affect the end product? How can a metal be embroidered? How can a bow be made of this metal? Do seashells in sea-sand have any affect- or is this only able to be used with desert sand? How was this magic discovered? Whats it based from? How are these weapons honed? How do you work this ‘sand-metal’? How much sand can someone affect at once? How much does imbue strengthen something? Can imbue be used over and over again to strengthen a single item to being insanely strong? You do realize that the sharper something is- the less ragged or inconsistent the cuts will be? How does this magic make things sharper or lighter? Is this sand harder than steel or just normal iron? If these items are superior to iron items, and acn be further strengthened even moreso- how does it not give someone a signifiacnt advantage over someone just using iron? Purpose wise: Currently, special or magical items are on hold, given none may be made during the lore-games. Likewise, examples of specifics of what exactly ‘diverse’ weapons would be would be extremely helpful. Metallurgy and smithing is something that is really fun, and has an insane amount of depth, yet I am left confused reading this rather than excited to see something unique and interesting being added into the item creation department.
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