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  1. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  2. Heya, I gave this a read over, and am a good bit... confused. This material isn’t bad at all, but its comparisons leave me confused, and it seems to contradict itself in a few places, given the equivalencies are done with bronze and copper. I will try to phrase these questions and critiques in a legible manner. - Things need to be more defined. Something being very light should be given a comparison (For example, half the weight of iron, etc) or how great a ‘great amount of force’ is and how that would apply for ‘shattering’ it. (would a hammer strike shatter the metal? Yet its specifically not supposed to shatter and specifically written it couldnt???) -Ductility directly translates into durability and edge retention. So persay, if something was as ductile as copper, it would loose its edge as fast as a blade made out of copper. Durability is the same, if something is as easy to bend into shape as copper, it would be just as easy to bend out of shape as copper. Though I understand wanting to make something easier to repair, it makes the lore confusing. If it as easy to bend as copper, it would be as durable as copper, thats what ductility means. -Bronze itself is very ductile, and depending on the mixture, can be even more ductile than copper, however, where copper can be deformed alot with little change, bronze bears a greater capacity to be work hardened. What does that mean? Effectively, bronze can be bent and beat to be harder than it would be when its cast, yet if this is done too much at a single point, that point can become brittle and that section will snap. However, bronze as a general rule is very ductile, even after being work hardened, and its bending the thing back and forth over and over and over again that would cause it to break. As such. unless you’re using a extremely nonstandard bronze alloy (Such as speculum bronze, which was used for observatory mirrors), bronze never shatters. Making comparisons to bronze in that degree makes it a wee bit silly. -Theres a dozen or so different types of bronze, with differing strengths, rigidity, and brittleness. Finding a good equivalency (for example, 12% tin bronze, etc) would be very advantageous, given one could one day claim their blade is as bendable and unaffected as mild bronze, but than another claim it can flex like phosphor bronze. -The refining method leaves me confused. It seems to sound like one needs to beat and and fold it akin to a bloom of bog iron, however previously its remarked that beating the ore effectively ‘kills it’ making it loose all of its color and use- does heat nullify this effect? But also it mentions a great amount of force would shatter the metal so wouldn’t this shatter it? -How is Saldorsite worked? Is it beat into shape like iron and steel? Or cast like bronze and silver? -Is this material alive? What does dead saldorsite do? How do you avoid killing it while working with it? -This is probably my most flaccid of critiques, and the one you should feel more free to entirely disregard- but I feel its sorta... silly making this form the exact same, and with green and oceanic kuila. While I can understand the chlorophyte inspiration, it makes it a wee bit silly with this just randomly popping up and having nothing to do with druids or the aspects, given kuila is specifically a crystal formed from nature energies to hold and use that same energy- it is a bit nonsensical. If you want it to be something that grows- I advise trying to find a niche of making it grow somewhere there isnt already a fringe use sometimes glowing material.
  3. Nexus was adertised initially as a system of buffs to encourage specialization and economy- however the end product was moreso a set of restrictions and far off buffs that, coupled with pvp default, created an economy heavilly dependant on grinding, combat buffs, and bizarre recipes only obtainable through grinding "caskets" (effectively lootboxes). Instead of creating wide-scale interdependence as a means of pushing for rp, it created wide scale cloistering, grinding, rp decisions revolving entirely on ingame mechanics, the wide-scale devalueing of crafting rp, mass afking (both for crafting times, and for reaching the playtime limits to gain profession slots.) and infinite frustrations for new, and old players alike. Nexus crafting never encouraged roleplay, it encouraged skype requests for stacks of haybales and boasts of one-shot bows and studded leather armor. Nexus didnt create notable smiths who could tell you how they work a metal, it created endles treadmills of more and more made up metals used by people who couldnt tell a doming hammer from a rasp- that only served as another gateway to have an extra damage percent on a sword or armor piece. Nexus didnt create woodshops and mills , run by astute wood workers and carpenters who did such as a job- it created random wood elf soldiers in all nations (selected due to the exp increase with woodworker and increased bow damage) who spent most of their time doing guard or soldier stuff but would crap out a few thousand compost boxes every once in a while. Nexus didnt create skilled leather workers who tanned fine leather, and worked it into plenty of viable and interesting crafts, it bred leather burning guards and randos who torched leather like a coalflame in pursuit of nothing meaningful but higher bow damage bonuses. Nexus didnt create astute stonemasons, who crafted fine works of stone or intrestingly cut gems- it created... stone bricks and stone stairs, and... useles copy-paste gems that every other stonemason could make. But hey- atleast they got to mes with armor later down the line... Nexus didnt breed rp community and a sense of worth for every player, it created ooc competitions of time investment for top profession XP, where dozens of players would forgo any sort of rp interaction just to keep up the grind and keep climbing the ladder. Nexus didnt create personable chefs and bakers, toiling away at their bakery to make their honest coin- it created random food boxes in every city, refreshed with food daily by city leaders or guards, that would inevitably expire whether it was used or not, forcing players to waste time clicking away wheat than clicking away at spreadsheet crafting menus, and spend their sweet time clicking food into existence to be stuck in a box, repeat- ad infinitum, with the main gain of progression with interacting with this system- was getting longer expiry times. If a reward for a system is to interact with the system less, something screwed up. Nexus didnt create worthwhile shepherds and breeders, with specialized tools, farms, techniques, and facilities to manage their modest flocks and packs, it created sprawling underground farms and towers, filled with lag inducingly large numbers of animals, killed and bred at the daily to get as much as possible, with the only deciding factors of success and progression being time investment, and not having your farm massacred by disgruntled mods and techs trying to keep the server from lagging to death. The magic plugin- the plugin that was hyped for 5 actual years, had multiple nexus mechanics and crafting recipes, and was teased as the ultimate merging of rp and mechanics- that never came, was the cherry ontop the evergrowing pile of BS that was nexus. Likewise, dont forget how the economy became so fucked up that in vailor- actual buyshops were made at the cloud temple as to stabilize the constantly diminishing price of every single good, and grant value to the 2 dozen useless items who only served as potential magic plugin pieces. As of current, i feel the economy is relatively fine. In most established cities, you can find shops selling massive varieties of items (both rp items, and standard mc ones) for variety of prices. There exists rarer materials and items that are very sought after, and specialists with know how on things are commonly consulted and commissioned for goods and/or services. If this suggested plugin is anything vaguely like Nexus, I can whole heartedly say it will severely detract from the mission of this server to provide a fun avenue for creative storytelling. And before there is even a vague note of it only being for pvp- take a looksy here. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166343-on-the-state-of-pvpnexus/?tab=comments#comment-1572243
  4. I am leery with many of the supposed changes, though-... namely with the realm of Yeu Rthulu being re-written. I am somewhat annoyed that not a messge was sent my way with a rewriting of a very important part, and even more annoyed that in the end its-... you again, doing it. I can well understand if no issue or offense was meant, but this would not be the 3rd time I’ve had to find out you specifically are messing with Yeu lore stuffs without saying a word to me. It is very vexxing. Atleast a forum message saying ‘Hey, im messing with your crap again’ would be sufficient. On one hand, yes, I can entirely understand wishing to make something standardized, and to lessen something seeming over-powered, or over done, where a character has abilities trumping others, and with the whole ‘planar warfare’ narrative you want to do, I understand the wish to put everything on an equal playing field and homogenize stuff. I also understand if you don’t like a just ‘happy ending’ place, an actual heaven or place where a soul can just chill out and have a good time, as I can see you wish for a more gray, or even grimdark mood. On the other, every single suggested change is done with not a shred of care of any of the actual roleplay done, any thematic intent, precendent, or even asking. And the amount of space spent rewriting Yeu’s realm specifically as compared to others is annoyingly telling. If need be, I can provide an explaination for every part that is supposed being changed, explain why it was put there and its justifications, and why I believe the supposed changes are not good. If you’d like to converse or debate about it- sure, im open to such. Though I’d overall prefer it simply not be messed with.
  5. Stay awesome, my Bronzesmithing brother.


  6. Allow me to dismantle this piece by piece. Firstly, it is noted that any means of working such a metal is both difficult to find out, yet known by a select few who know how to work it, alongside it being very difficult to find. The fact a group would already have any knowledge on it puts them significantly higher in the rungs with this metal. The implication that they can even make fancy specially made bowls with the stuff displays that they both know how to both work, and find it, again, lending credency to the ideathat this is a piece made to give legitimacy to your new clan, especially given the lack of existence of the clan (and the metl) untill recently As for the 2nd rebuttal: As stated initially, I’m fine with something being broadly used. However, you do explicitly mention in the lore its specific ability for making discs with pre-recorded sounds on such, as such, it can only be understood that that is something specifically you wish for such to be done with this. As for the 3rd point, I am going to be plain here and ask that you actually look into what you’re saying. The image you linked is for CPVC pipes, and is strictly being used with relation to PSI and water pressure and their adjustments in different temperature. For the love of God please actually click the link before you start using something from google images as reference. Though even so, it is listing those in terms of /thickness for a pipe and the contained water pressure. If the limits set for this lore are mainly in relation to piping and water pressure- that link graph might actually be applicable. Heck, on the same website, there is actually a table of the types of steel piping and their capabilities. Pretty dang high numbers, yeah? Certainly higher than what you linked. The issue is that these numbers are not for ‘external’ force, but internal PSI, or ‘pound force per square inch’, specifically in the context of piping, given instead of dealing with a object hitting an object by force, it is dealing with its ability to stay together through inward pressure pushing outward. Though one can say this is used as a testament of strength, much of it has to do more with the bindings of the metal than its physical ‘strength’ persay. Heck, just take a look at the numbers for this copper piping. Though now that this is cleared up- lets take a look at the lore. The lore piece isnt concerned about how much force these can take, but how much they can return. As in- transmit the force back into the one striking it. The 2,000 pounds is not listed as a limit for the steel, it is listed as a baseline, noting it can go past such. A defined thickness isn’t given, implying such abilities could be used for things such as armor, weapons, shields, at any thickness. To put this into perspective, the image you have linked is in relation to pipes bursting at 2,000 pounds of force while having an internal radius of 1/2 inches. However, most of the pipes we’ve both linked themselves are usually arround 5/8ths of an inch thick What this means is roughly ½ an inch cylinder of water is pressing outward at a single section with 2,000 pounds of force on a 5/8ths of an inch thick wall of metal around it. Most plate armor in medieval times was between 1-3 millimeters, less a 3rd of the thickness at the absolute maximum. Given its being used in the context of arms and armor, something like that not just absorbing- but returning 2,000 lbs of force, no less absorb, or block more than 2,000 lbs or more is insane. Likewise, the point by which the reverberation can damage the tool/weapon being used is not defined, making such very wishy washy. Now, if any of this was defined- sure, I might not be so worried about it. Likewise, dissipation of the energy isn’t defined, leaving me worried either that such has an alternative use, such has not been thought of, or that a specific means has been through of yet not divulged. As for the 4th point: Make it. Theres so much you can do. Everything in any expansive cave is deep caverns. But you can do lods of stuff, start underground horticulture, solve issues of ventilation/overuse of underground flame. Make some hidden mines or winding tunnels. Develope breeds of common animals exclusive to underground lifestyle and get sunsickness whenever above ground. Saying that adding a harvestable node will somehow assuage a lack of something underground is just silly. As a side note, the concept of being able to fold a metal that physically resists and returns the force by which that is applied to it would make it seem that once it is refined it is nigh unworkable, given it would simply take to returning a great deal of the force applied in shaping it, such as hammering or prying it into place.
  7. No. No! Take a moment to think about making something that is not the be-all end for metals. Take a moment. If ya' want to make something with multiple uses- power to ya. I understand. If you want to make something pretty, go for it. If you want to develop RP technology for a version of records or sound-catchers that allow for proper record players, go for it. If you want to write out a special metal or alloy for your character’s family, go for it- or HECK- make an alloy in character of existing metals. It’ be badass. If you want to write out something flavorful and special with limited capacity and uses meant to be cloistered/special- all good, go for it.. All these things are fine and dandy, there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these things. So why am I so vastly opposed to this lore? This lore is almost the epitome of poorly written. It is vague in many areas of its exact uses, levels, harvesting, refining, separations, etc. Its limits are so vastly insane in capabilities that it is comparable with something like vibranium or adamantine from Marvel. The means of balance are ill-defined and allow a massive amount of room for powergaming. Mining, blacksmithing, crafting, caverns- are some of the most rich and interesting types of things to interact with, so the idea that this is made to fill those ‘niches’ sounds laughable. Its extreme beauty, extreme power, technological prowess, alongside being specifically being associated with your specific dwarven clan seems almost moreso as if its a specific metal to curate respect/power for your group. Im more than fine if you’re wanting to try and make some cultural, or clan based interesting materials, but this is the worst way physically possible.
  8. Sling is A tier man. Fast shooting, breaking bones with proper bullets. Blowgun is D tier- even lower if that was a possibility. Do little more than stick into people a bit. Shortbow is under-used, though outdone by most other bows, its still viable. solid B+. Crank crossbows are mostly hunting weapons, though are somewhat viable. Solid C tier.
  9. I can only express how much I appreciate this guide, and empathized with certain examples. (Accents are a ***** aint they). Great job on this.
  10. [!] Various bounty posters are set about in applicable realms and lands that allow such. BOUNTY: MAYOR PHILIP 2,000 Mina for the removal of eyes, and thence blinding of the current mayor of Helena, Philip Louis, or the live presentation of such for blinding. Money shall be given upon proof of blinding being brought to the goblin, Anethryn Arinenur, or Philip being presented, alive, bound, and restrained. Bounty issued on reason of treachary. The seizure of funds, the vandalism of property, and the corruption of intentionally wrongfully framing one as to cause harm to the individual of Anethryn Arinenur. Kindness shall earn you an ally and a friend, yet treachery shall earn you an enemy for life. Seek out Anethryn Arinenur for additional details, or for price negotiation for such job.
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