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  1. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    New head shop items

    You’ll need to have them applied to an account, and than added to the headshop. Might need a devoted account-name, though im not sure. Had crab pot added a wee bit ago, had an alt called ‘crap_pot’ for ages, before giving the account to a buddy. Buddy changed the skin, yet the head is still there.
  2. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    Bug Megathread

    Shops vending any sort’ve renamed tool (such as swords) will reset after every restart, and claim there there are non such instock. Maps seem to bizarrely copy eachother and even overwrite eachother in one’s inventory.
  3. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    Attention Artists!

    Please explain what the hay is for one to win, whats at stake, and what are the requirements. Are you saying someone is going to have art featured? Ones art placed onto a map item? What is actually being offered???
  4. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    [BOUNTY] 2,500 for the Belvitz Blood Mage

    [!] A bounty is posted on the Cloud Temple Bounty Board [!] 2500 Mina for the capture, and subsequent blinding of the Belvitz Blood Mage Description: Pale, grey eyed male of highland features, bears a scraggly black beard. The man bears a hairstyle by which the sides of his head are shaved, whilst the top of his head still bears much hair. The man is apparently a blood mage, and through means unknown, able to cause intense bleeding from bodilly extremities at will, or through the use of some magic flexio words. Last seen wearing a tattered reddish tunic, alongside a green cloak, tan pants, and dark black or brown boots. Payment Requirements: Those seeking the bounty payment must both capture this mage alive, and remove his eyes without killing him. If required, confirmation can be given to hunters before blinding of whether captured man is infact the mage described before any form of blinding. Bounty Reasoning: The blood mage described attacked me, Quavinir, the issuer of the bounty in a bout of religeous fanaticism when I offered him a new shirt, or to repair his current one, given his current shirt at the time bore a large tear down the armpit. After he asked about the rune on my brow, began casting a foul magic that nearly ruined my eyes, and had I not been prudent in dealing with the wounds, and seeking medical attention, could well have left me permanent blind. Even as I write this my eyes are in great pain. These actions are unacceptable in the highest regards, both in the unprovoked maiming, the near ruination of my life, profession, and general quality of existence, the vile fanaticism, and worst yet, the dissuading of charitable acts. Such shall not be taken lightly.
  5. Streaming some LOTC shenanigans 😄  click on the status to view the link.




  6. If anyone got the ‘green tunic outfit’ and didnt get the skin for it- PM me for the skinfile. (I forgot last second to add the [PM AURIC_SAINT FOR SKIN FILE] sorry.

  7. Streaming again LOTC! (Click on my profile to view the link) 


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      Don’t forget to vote

  8. Streaming some LOTC! Come join ‘n say hi! 


  9. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    A Message to The Vaeyl of Atlas

    On the evening of 13th of The First Seed, A message is sent to the Vaeyl Order. 2 balls of light, together, float down the southern roads of Atlas, delivering to the Vaeyl a single brown baked clay tablet. alongside a somewhat small, boxish wrapped bundle. The tablet is somewhat rectangular with curved edges. It is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and 3 inches thick. It bears writing etched into it. The tablet is left by the balls of light, whom promptly disappear into nothingness, their task completed. The message is as follows. To the Bronze-Casters of The Vaeyl Order: I have seen your bronze, and it is good. I wish to meet with you, and see how you do bronze. And likewise show you how I do bronze. So that if either of us are better than the other, we may learn from such. Atlas is not our home as it is yours, and our time here is coming to a close. Let us meet with eachother and teach eachother. I am no fool. I know you of the Vaeyl would not be with a trespasser simply upon request, and I am not a fool to feel entitled to meet with you as a trespasser upon your lands. So I give you a peace offering, a token of well intentions. A metal unseen in all lands until recently. Starbronze, made between copper, and a fallen star, it is hardy, strong, and bright. You may send a reply to one of the stalls that bear my name within the neutral cloud temple, or if you bear a messenger bird with a keen enough eye, a letter to myself. Quavinir Bronzesmith [!] The clay tablet is indented with the mark from a cylinder seal Inside the cloth wrapped bundle, is a single ingot of starbronze. It is semi-transluscent, with arcs of light throughout its body. It seems to bear bronze shaded celestial bodies inside of it. It glows dimly.
  10. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    When Malinor Burned

  11. Heavy squints were had that day, by good ‘ol Quavinir he had nearly lost his life, his death had felt quite near. From the cloud temple, he had time to hear it. He felt confusion in his soul, and well existant spirit. He read the note, and saw the boat, that Gladewyn had tried to steal. He saw the clinic, and felt a cynic, that there might be too much to heal. But brigands be, as one may see, forsight is that they lack. For Quavinir knew, that it was true. ‘King’ Kairn, was just a hack. As all could see, that it may be, Quav was an afterthought They bore no reason, just acts of treason, and a useless battle was fought. For when they worked, no qualms had lurked, and no complaints had Kairn raised. But now requiring a blame, they sought a source to defame, yet Quavinir was rather unfazed. For this trap he would not fall, he would not answer this stupid call, Quavinir would be no sucker. Retribution would come, not as quick as for some, but someday for Kairn, that motherf!@#er
  12. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    [Denied][I] TheDragonsRoost, HellfireOfficial's Game Moderator Application

    I am... somewhat leery reading this application. I do not wish to come off as hostile, as I genuinely believe at some point you may well be fit to be a prim and proper GM, but as of right now I have not seen any qualifying qualities for being a GM; Rather, I have seen qualities that would be directly detrimental to one’s performance as a GM. From what I have observed in my own personal interactions with you, you seem to be somewhat emotional, and easily provoked to harsh actions or words. In my conversations with you, you may times rejected critique, even after asking for such. You bear a complex internal logic that you bear severe trouble communicating properly, and many times grow very frustrated and angry in your lack of ability to communicate such. I have observed you yelling and raising your voice, both at people within chats, and to your apparent family in your background. When issues were brought against work you wished critique for, you claimed that many of the issues pertaining to things not being thought through, or explained were due to a mental subnormality. You have been provided quite a bit of feedback in your past applications, and heavily advised to takeyour time, and wait a bit before applying for a significant staff position, and with such advice, I must agree. Take time to become more used to the server get involved with more diverse communities, learn to temper your emotions and disposition, and do away with many of the critiques leveled against you. Such takes time, and making a GM application rather shortly after a leaving post is somewhat silly. I advise you to take some time, wait a month or a few, and than re-apply once you think most of the critiques leveled against you are no longer accurate. -1
  13. Quavinir_Twiceborn

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    First In all seriousness, looks good. Hope Drone does good as AT director!
  14. Its a wee bit annoying that the LOTC twitter hasnt been used since late May.