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  1. Will there be a command to clear an item’s description? Or will it simply be /edit info to make the base description, which can than be added onto with /edit moreinfo, but will reset if one does /edit info again? Also, is that 1,000 + the /edit info, or 1,000 altogether? Given we can currently hit around 850 characters comfortably.
  2. *A somewhat excessively large poster is nailed to the notice board of Sutica, The Cloud Temple, and Aegrothond, with a blue sigil painted on the top of the poser.* Dear denizen of Arcas, I bear wretched news. Horrible magical creatures walk amongst us, magical creatures with power even to rival the entirety of Sutica combined. My last missive was a lie, I was forced to write out at the point of a knife, and threats on my life. These beings are evil, and tricked me into their abode in the swamps east of the sutican lands. A borrowed place I am told. There they demanded I write a missive of falsehoods, to clear their friend Dael’ran’s name, a folly they shall now regret. They did not aim to bribe me, or appeal to my sensibilities of goodness, but rather threatened me, wearing masks, and donning blades. (One even had a cat that barked) They’re shapeshifters, capable of changing their form and voice to whatever they wish, whenever they wish. I dont take well to threats, and as such, I shall reveal them all, and they shall know the weight of truth. The one known as Dael’ran is among the ranks of these creatures. The one known as Alfius (or atleast as im heard him called by Ozyais) is among the ranks of these creatures. The one known as Auriel is a violent lacky of these creatures, and serves them for some apparent gain, perhaps to join them. The one known as Vexalia Lothryne is a lacky to these creatures, if not directly a a member. The Izkuthi are magical shapeshifting creatures, as I have been told by others, whom bear the ability to change their shape and body at will with some form of illusion. The head of these Izkuthi, a man donned in green and bronze armor, with a 3rd eye in the center of his helmet, he frequents Sutica, explained his followers bear great power, and they even bear the blood of aenguls in their veins. Very well, aengul halfbreeds, you started this, and I sure as the nether will keep this going. I may be forced to leave Aegrothond, I may be forced to go into hiding for a time, but I will not be forced to spread untruths. You provoked my hand. And to your continued threats, I will simply respond with ‘screw off.’ For any who doubt the validity of these claims, ask me, with the rune upon my brow I cannot lie without it disappearing. I speak truth. -Quavinir. P.S: Auriel didnt save me, that story is a fake. He He threatened my life if I didnt write that. He’s a downright villain, and a violent scoundrel. May the nether take him. *On the bottom of the document is a tan wax seal from a cylinder seal.*
  3. It has come to my attention, I was wrong about Dael’ran. Dael’ran despite my initial thoughts was not a creature of darkness, or illussionary powers, infact, I had discovered that he was using an enchanted amulet. Ask me, if you do not believe such. I will confirm for you this tale, for it was a mighty bizarre one. One day, whilst I was out on the roads, when an identical man attacked me. Gladly, I was saved by a man by the named of Auriel, who fought back the brigand. I cried out that I thought Dael had come to kill me, when the heroic mister Auriel came to my aid, and removed the unseen amulet from the man’s body, and he transformed into a odd man with large teeth. He revealed to me some mage in fenn had been mass producing the amulets, and selling them for a premium. As such, deal was simply using a bought trinket to disguise himself, not any sort’ve magical ability. As such, and given my nature for the truth, I must amend my previous statement. I urge those, genuinely, who doubt this. Ask me of such and I shall recount this tale to you verbatim. -Quavinir.
  4. [!]A somewhat small note is pinned to the cloud temple notice board with a small nail. The recently disconnected ascended Dael’ran has been donning a disguise as of late, and it is troublesome to deal with, hence I am making a public notice to alert others of such, both to save others the same headache, and to atleast vaguely inconvenience Dael for his poor conduct in dealing with others whilst in his disguise. He has disguised himself as a tan skinned mali, with aqua eyes, black hair, and a scar over his left eye, alongside a blue coat with a white trim. His proficiency in which to make a disguise, including bearing an apparently functioning right eye, and elven ears leads me to believe he may very well be one of the illusory disguising creatures, such as Cheza Sterling, (Izkuzi?) given I bear no knowledge of him ever using the void. Treat with caution. -Quavinir.
  5. ((Sack of Luminaire, Malinor still existed, for a good time after. Luminaire was abandoned after the scourge corrupted it, and though after that they made a new city called ‘New Malinor’ dumbly enough, thought the exact same leaders of Malinor reigned. and at the time, everyone simply referred to the nation as malinor, and the ‘city’ New Malinor, unless there is another group called the Lumi’drim out there, im thinking the Anthosian guardforce.))
  6. As the last lumi’drim of Malinor remembers how Malinor actually fell, he cant realy remember any big burning of the main city of the elves from the White Rose.
  7. @FlamboyantTyrantYou keep moving the date for the vault thread ; – ;

    Atleast keep the dates consistent, or note you’re unsure if you’re gonna

    make deadlines ; – ;.

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  9. You’ll need to have them applied to an account, and than added to the headshop. Might need a devoted account-name, though im not sure. Had crab pot added a wee bit ago, had an alt called ‘crap_pot’ for ages, before giving the account to a buddy. Buddy changed the skin, yet the head is still there.
  10. [!] A bounty is posted on the Cloud Temple Bounty Board [!] 2500 Mina for the capture, and subsequent blinding of the Belvitz Blood Mage Description: Pale, grey eyed male of highland features, bears a scraggly black beard. The man bears a hairstyle by which the sides of his head are shaved, whilst the top of his head still bears much hair. The man is apparently a blood mage, and through means unknown, able to cause intense bleeding from bodilly extremities at will, or through the use of some magic flexio words. Last seen wearing a tattered reddish tunic, alongside a green cloak, tan pants, and dark black or brown boots. Payment Requirements: Those seeking the bounty payment must both capture this mage alive, and remove his eyes without killing him. If required, confirmation can be given to hunters before blinding of whether captured man is infact the mage described before any form of blinding. Bounty Reasoning: The blood mage described attacked me, Quavinir, the issuer of the bounty in a bout of religeous fanaticism when I offered him a new shirt, or to repair his current one, given his current shirt at the time bore a large tear down the armpit. After he asked about the rune on my brow, began casting a foul magic that nearly ruined my eyes, and had I not been prudent in dealing with the wounds, and seeking medical attention, could well have left me permanent blind. Even as I write this my eyes are in great pain. These actions are unacceptable in the highest regards, both in the unprovoked maiming, the near ruination of my life, profession, and general quality of existence, the vile fanaticism, and worst yet, the dissuading of charitable acts. Such shall not be taken lightly.
  11. Streaming some LOTC shenanigans 😄  click on the status to view the link.




  12. If anyone got the ‘green tunic outfit’ and didnt get the skin for it- PM me for the skinfile. (I forgot last second to add the [PM AURIC_SAINT FOR SKIN FILE] sorry.

  13. Streaming again LOTC! (Click on my profile to view the link) 


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