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  1. 5 Years on the AT finally has some use. Most of the applications posted are actually decently good comparatively to the badstuff I've seen, though this one is the most blatantly terrible.
  2. Runesmithing's previously accepted iteration was a exceedingly powerful and freeform, with almost unlimited potential, yet it was used only by a select few, who were careful and choosy with their use of Runesmithing. It is hard to understate how powerful old runesmithing was, and many bear a bad taste in their mouth due to previous interactions with it. When lore-games standards were set in place a rewrite was required, both limiting the power and effects of magics, and requiring what is possible being fully written out and quantified. The first official rewrite of the magic did not follow the
  3. The Rune of Darkness is always activated, and cannot be turned off. The darkness effect shall still comtinue even if you have it stuffed in a bag.
  4. "Truth is, lore was rewritten from the start."
  5. New runes I'd assume could be added either through an amendment (like making a post saying 'lets add these runes!) after the lore goes through, or through making a MArt for a special rune technique your character, or those around your character know. Also ofcourse, I'd be mad as heck if something I used for years was suddenly stolen up by other people and I was locked outta it.
  6. Background/Origin The magic of Runesmithing bears a storied, and somewhat convoluted history. Said to have been created - or better yet ‘discovered’ by one of the sons of Urguan, and passed to both his kin and heralded by the Scribefolk of old Asulon, its true origins, or mayhaps, simply its original ‘discoverer’ has been a subject of debate and conjecture for centuries. In truth, its discovery was humble, accidental, and many times by those who knew not its worth. Though clearly most prolific amongst the dwarven folk, its origins in truth don’t stem from Urguan’s brood. the sacred rune
  7. Material Name and Description A Lumber Juice Cactus is a squat, or ‘barrel’ cactus which grows in sandy, coastal locations. The cacti is standardly orbular in shape, and can grow up to 2 and a half feet tall, with small short needles extending from 15-19 ribs along its pine green body. The cactus can live for roughly 12 years, and blooms bright magenta flowers in the early spring every year. If properly fertilized, the cactus shall produce a small bundle of 2-3 red ‘fruits’. These fruits are small, red and thorny and roughly the size of a plumb, akin to a rounder prickly pear. Th
  8. [Common, un-noded not requiring ST signature.] Material Name and Description Almari Effervescent Spring Water, as the name implies, is naturally occurring, cold bubbly spring water that appears in founts around Almaris, standardly in temperatures varying between 16-19 degrees celsius. This water bears a vague blue shade, is vaguely pleasant to drink, and bears a slight chalky taste, yet consumption wise is unremarkable. This liquid can be bottled up, and will still remain effervescent and fizzy indefinitely. However, the spring water bears remarkable reactive capabilities. D
  9. Category: Material (Noded, Rare (T3) Material Name and Description A Quietus crystal is a non naturally formed hollow biconical red crystal, which contains in its center a glowing red ‘core’ suspended in a murky red fluid.Created by some past intelligent denizens of Almaris, Quietus crystals can be found buried or implanted into the earth in piles, clusters, and even hidden in caches in ruins, and bear many bizarre properties. First and foremost, if a quietus crystal is punctured or broken open, its ‘core’ shall spring out and dissipate into nothingness, while the rest of the crystal ev
  10. Mushnooman (Noded ST Approved Herb) Sign(s): Aether Symbol(s): 2x Rigidity 2x Curtailment 2x Sound Appearance: A mushnooman is a seemingly semi-sentient walking mushroom. It appears akin to a rotund, bipedal Fly Amanita mushroom, with 2 stubby white legs, 2 stubby white arms, and a small face, comprising of 2 black eyes, and a small mouth. The cap of the mushroom looking almost akin to a hat atop the small white body of the plant. These mushrooms measure at roughly 5 centimeters tall, and wander the forest floor, picking up various detritus and dead bug parts, such as cicada ca
  11. Day 1 of requesting Vortex Professions' immediate removal.

  12. This is actually due to metal elementalism (and/or any future iterations of magic that may try something similar.) which can apparently circumvent all of that and magically refine things perfectly. Not actually due to transfiguration.
  13. Magegold Ore/Arcaurum Ore (Raw Form) Magegold, otherwise known as Arcaurum, is a notably magical, gold-like metalloid that exists in the realms of Eos and Aos with a notable prolificness. Found both deep below the earth, and in highish crags and cliff-faces, Arcaurum veins can be found nearly anywhere, though found most commonly in veins of quartz in its native form. Mining it out of the earth is no more easy or difficult than mining anything else out. Magegold ‘ore’ standardly looks identical to veins of native gold, or aurum. In truth, seemingly exactly like gold to those not specific
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