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  1. Dobroslav smiles upon the new Alliance “We shall see how Suffonians will work with us.”
  2. (( I hoped that you will let me PK you this time :D ))
  3. The Curonian Guilds Issued and Confirmed on the 11th of the Amber Cold, 1722 _______________________________________________________________________ Copies of this document have been hung up in every town and city in The Kingdom of Curonia. 1. Background The Kingdom of Curonia is a well populated and fertile land. Most of the peasants strive to find a better way to gain income. Although the Kingdom already offers many different job opportunities, some are still not satisfied. Therefore the new Mayor of Avalain, Ser Everette Landes has promised the citizens of Avalain to create guilds where everyone will be fairly rewarded for the amount of work they will commit themselves to do. 2. List of Guilds Farming Guild - The Farming Guild will provide the citizens with all types of food, such as; bread, baked potatoes, carrots, pumpkin pie and all kinds of meat. This guild is also selling horses with different breeds at a reasonable price. Although only the Mayor, guild master, and the representative of the guild master can sell the horses. Mining Guild - The Mining Guild will provide the citizens with all types of minerals, such as gold, diamond and iron. All products will be displayed and sold at our stall beside the Clinic in the city square. 3. Agreement with the King At the time of peace Ten percent of the earnings will be given to the treasury and the rest will be shared amongst the workers of each guild based on the amount of work they have done. Those calculations will only be made by the Mayor and the guild master. At the time of war All guilds will be obliged to fund everything to the Royal army of the Kingdom of Curonia. When the war will come to an end. All guilds will be given a period of two years to replenish their stocks, and will be revoked from the ten percent agreement. 4. Rights & Responsibilities Each guild will have their own guild master which he or she will be responsible for all the products, reputation, recruitment, management and the contact between themselves and the Mayor. Every guild master can appoint one representative which will be treated as a substitute at times when the guild master will not be available. Workers are responsible for taking care of all the animals and keeping the storage of all products to its fullest. Every citizen has a right to join a guild with the permission of the Mayor or the guild master of the desired guild. Although children are not allowed to join. Every member of the guild is paid weekly by the Mayor based on the amount of work they have done for their guild. If you would like to join any of our guilds mentioned above please contact the Mayor of Avalain, Ser Everette Landes ((Discord: Renoks#5846)). Signed by, His Lordship Ser Everette Landes Baron of the Barmount Isle, Knight in the Order of the Ursus Alcalde of Avalain
  4. Ser Everette Landes signs the document, with a smile on his face before whispering “Ave Curon.”
  5. RP Name: Ser Everette Landes Username: Renoks_ Discord: Renoks#5846
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