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  1. OOF my it's been so long I've almost forgotten what it was like to play LOTC! 


    I guess you can say I'm back...? Hopefully less toxic of course! SMH angsty 13 yr old me back then.


    But I is now here! And I'm ready to get back into the groove! And enjoy rping once more! :D


    (I was def out of control back then. lol, never give a person with a child brain access to the internet! xD)

  2. Rivorneth looks at the paper as she signs it rather carefully before walking off. ((IGN: ItzEllieTzu
  3. ...Day 10294850, it's dark..I tried teleporting from the cloud docks to the high elves..but i'm stuck..there's no hope...RIP 

    1. Vamoose


      Do /modreq Requesting GM to assist, I got stuck after I SSed.

    2. Jack0Jack


      Thank you Son Goku, but Salamandra saved me. xD

  4. i give up on trying to do these applications.. it's just so frustrating for me.. i try to do research to understand more... but in the end, nothing.

    1. Cyndikate


      Send a PM if you need some help.

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